Here We Go: True the Vote Delivers the Goods on Georgia Ballot Trafficking

An investigation is finally being launched in Georgia related to an election integrity group’s damning evidence from the 2020 election. True the Vote has been very tightlipped about its investigation into ballot trafficking in six states, but we are finally starting to see just how consequential its investigation has been.

The evidence from True the Vote is so compelling that it has forced Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to launch an investigation. And because of the strict nature of Georgia’s anti-ballot harvesting laws, it could invalidate hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots in a state that Joe Biden supposedly “won” by 11,779 votes.

The big news about this update is that True the Vote has flipped one of the ballot traffickers. True the Vote is not releasing the identity of this individual to Raffensperger, and I think that’s a wise choice on the part of True the Vote’s legal. Brad Raffensperger is not a friend to this movement, after all. He certified dirty, fraudulent election results in 2020 and claimed there was no evidence of election fraud. If he intentionally botches this investigation into ballot trafficking, True the Vote can then bring out the whistleblower who will nuke Raffensperger from orbit. Good play!

For those who don’t remember the ballot trafficking investigation of True the Vote, which we wrote about a few months ago, here’s a quick recap.

The ballot drop boxes that were distributed for the 2020 election (often by Mark Zuckerberg’s NGOs) had cameras pointed at them 24 hours a day. That video footage was public record, so True the Vote was able to obtain the videos from six different states, including Georgia. They noticed that in all of the affected states, people were showing up between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. every morning and stuffing the drop boxes full of ballots. The reason this was carried out in the dead of night is because the perpetrators knew full well that their actions were illegal.


True the Vote also purchased publicly available cell phone geospatial data. By comparing the data from the cell phones to the times when the ballot boxes were being stuffed, they identified 242 of these ballot traffickers in Georgia and 200 in Arizona, where this also happened. One of those individuals is the whistleblower who is cooperating with True the Vote.

The ballot traffickers would empty backpacks full of ballots into the drop boxes and then drive back to Democrat Party NGOs to pick up more harvested (or just completely fraudulent) ballots. Some of these ballot traffickers made as many as 24 trips to drop boxes in the week before the 2020 election, and each time they dumped dozens of ballots in the boxes.

Ballot harvesting is strictly illegal in Georgia, so this is a clear-cut case of election fraud that impacted the outcome of the 2020 election.

What’s the ballot trafficker saying? So far, we know that he says he was paid $45,000 to stuff the drop boxes in Atlanta where he primarily worked. He says the ballot traffickers were paid $10 per ballot to commit this crime. He also says that this was the average payout ($45,000) that all of the ballot traffickers made for carrying out this scheme. At $10 per ballot, that means the whistleblower stuffed 4,500 ballots into the drop boxes for the election.

And since True the Vote has identified 242 of these individuals in Georgia, that means we’re potentially looking at 1,089,000 ballots that were stuffed in the drop boxes by the traffickers. A million illegal ballots… in a state that Joe Biden allegedly carried by 11,779 votes.

With 242 ballot traffickers each being paid around $45,000, this means that someone paid $11 million out-of-pocket to carry out this massive, felonious operation. I can’t wait to find out who shelled out all that money to steal the 2020 election.

That’s all that True the Vote is telling us about the investigation so far. They’re not saying anything else, because they want to let the process run in Georgia now. Katherine Engelbrecht, the founder of True the Vote, says, “Shockingly similar findings will soon be released to the authorities in five additional states.”

We’ve all been wondering for the past year which state would be the first to revoke their electoral college votes for Joe Biden. Now that Brad Raffensperger has been backed into a corner and forced to launch this investigation, maybe it will be Georgia?

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63 thoughts on “Here We Go: True the Vote Delivers the Goods on Georgia Ballot Trafficking”

  1. Whoever the rat is, he better hope that the government doesn’t ID him because he will never get to testify, and as we know, they can find anybody, any time. But if this thing actually goes any farther, can you imagine what it means? What they hope to prove is undoubtedly true but is only the tip of the iceberg. If it results in the election results in one or two states being nullified, and ultimately the whole election being nullified, what happens then? The greatest legal battle and perhaps physical battle of all time. I think you can say that nobody would be thrown out of the White House because it probably will take longer than the rest of Biden’s term to settle it in court. The probability of outright hostilities from both sides is very high too. Well, as they say, ‘May you live in interesting times.’

    1. The US Supreme Court was founded to hear cases of Election Fraud and unseat fraudulent presidents, they unseated 2 The fact that they refused to hear Trumps case of Election Fraud without looking at any evidence at all is absolutely astounding! In their arrogance they stated without looking at anything I don’t think that there is enough fraud to sway the election! They should have just shut up and did their job and hear Trump (the President’s) case! Then ordered a complete redo of the 2020 election without all of the CoronaSCAM requirements and followed actual voter law!

      1. that is the reason i feel that jan 6th happened.when angry voices are refused to be heard,mor anger ensues

    2. biden is not in the white house- this is all about we the people taking back our country- a necessity, so that we prove we are willing also to hold it. thousands and thousands have been arrested tried and incarcerated or worse. President Trump and the white hats are at work…this movie ends with American winning and then the world. the underground is destroyed, and now we fight on the ground….patriots are paying the price of corruption by incarceration of the corrupt “pretend” corrupt confederation of the US and they will be heroes. soon the new Republic will arise! pray!

      1. I agree. Trump is working hard to back Patriot Republicans and calling out the RINO’s he endorsed and said, “I’ll never endorse him again”.
        These anti-Trumpers crash & burn on there own. The larger point: Take back the House, fire Pelosi. Take back the Senate, replace both Chuck Schumer & Mitch McConnell, then expose all the corruption and replace untrustworthy Justices on the Supreme Court.
        So far, that’s my take.

    3. I pray to God the whistleblower is being protected by more than one person 24 hours a day. He/she will disappear.

    4. I heard that if found to be an illegitimate election, the Military may have to step in to run the country until another election is done. Probably for a few months or so. (This also means that not only the Presidential election would be redone…but also all across the board – senate seats and Rep. seats – also anyone running in Governor races. Imagine that!) I believe audits need to be done for history’s sake…for truthful recording of the outcome of the 2020 election. Recording the truth is very important to future generations. They need to learn that cheaters never win…..for long, anyway! They eventually get caught and the consequences need to be severe.

    5. How many people made cold, hard cash for the crimes that threw our election. And we, the people, owe that money w/ usary fees. The animals are truly in charge of this zoo.

    6. Mark Zuckerman shelled out 430 million dollars for operations like this. They used fake charities as shell companies to function as stash houses – so that ballot stuffer operatives would go back and forth dumping the fixed up ballots processed at the stash house.

  2. The Damage has been done, there’s no undoing that.
    We can put the SOB’S in prison for this crime against our Election Process. Make them pay like we the people have paid for the crape going on now and in the Future to come,our children and grandchildren will be paying for years in their Future’s!!
    While I was writing this Biden was on national TV doing what he does best telling Lies.

    1. While the ballot harvesters may be prosecuted and be held criminally liable for violating Georgia’s anti-ballot harvesting law, there will be no effect on the election result. First, and most importantly, it’s not possible to identify exactly which ballots were submitted by the harvesters, so how can any ballots be invalidated? Also, just because some ballots were harvested doesn’t mean the ballots themselves were fraudulent. Indeed, all mail-in ballots were subject to verification procedures such as signature matching, so there is no basis on invalidating any ballots just because they were harvested. Also, deadlines for invalidating elections have long since passed so election results will be undisturbed. Better luck next time.

      1. Signature Verification for one thing. Matching envelope with a sig on the Registration, it’s good. Bad match or no envelope and the ballot is trashed.
        But then Fulton County had the Shredder out back shredding election ballots. Care to guess who’s ballots?

        1. Voter IDs. No more illegal alien votes. No more dead votes. No ID no vote, and cancel all future mail-in ballots. Also deadlines are statutes and MUSt be implimented. If a state or district is late, all votes after the deadline are discarded. We all know that President Trump won the election in 2020, and that the dirty old man is a collasal fraud. No way he got 81-million votes without he and his party cheating.
          Let’s go Brandon!

          1. I agree Trump won Biden cheated and had the election stolen from Trump Biden must be impeached and bring Trump back in the whitehouse

      2. These ballot harvesters are only minions. If they want to stop this type of election fraud, they need to go after the cheats and liars at the top of the movement. And you are right, we keep hearing about how much evidence of voter fraud that is being uncovered, but just what is being done about it? If it is finally proved that there was enough fraud to change the results of the election, will we still have to suffer with the remaining 3 years of this illegitimate liar in chief and his equally corrupt staff?

        1. Get the identified ballot harvesters in custody.treat them to interrogation and get the criminals to roll over on the people that paid them.get them in custody and repeat the process.until they get to the bottom. Come on prosecutors do your job

          1. I think all the prosecutors are directed to apply all efforts to the Jan 6th Protest arrests and conviction. Keep all actions plus media news away from this ballot harvesters scam. Key is who paid them???

      3. You talk like a man with a paper a-hole. The whole election in GA and other states can be COMPLETELY INVALIDATED. That means all down ballot offices also. GA would have to rerun their state elections if they want to ensure that THEIR representatives were legally elected. FJB would lose the electoral votes that were awarded to him fraudulently. If enough states recall their electoral votes, a decision will have to be made on how to proceed. Mike Pence was a cog in the corruption because he certified a highly questionable Electoral College. We will never trust Pence again, ever. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      4. The law was broken and that alone is enough to prosecute! If the whistleblower says who paid the $$$45,000$$$, then you have your prosecutee!

      5. ballot harvesting on a partisan basis, when the other party has no such mechanism in place is tantamount to ballot stuffing. Also, as soon as the ballots touch the harvesters hand, they become illegal and the chain of legal custody broken. They cannot be counted or trusted.

        ballot harvesting in this manner is illegal in all 50 states. Its not some victimless crime that did not effect the election.

        in 2014, in North Carolina, one county had to completely revote because the count was so screwed up from illegal harvesting. Republicans were the culprits. Many states report widespread problems with illegal harvesting. Usually its democrats responsible, but not always.

      6. Sound like a leftie with a a mask and a phone bigger than their face sportin a poopie venti Laffy taffy bucks.It is painful to watch what whoever is pulling off,but it may be a good thing as it is exposing itself for what it is.

    2. Since the unravelling has begun I’d be surprised if the drop box perpetrators haven’t already started to disappear. We just dont know who they are.

      1. They can identify these people as seen with the jan6th protests.people are not doing there job plain and simple.

    3. No matter what we can’t let this crime go. We don’t have much time Biden and his corrupt family has already sold
      us out to China, China is ready to take us. We all will go to death camps or become slaves to them. You don’t really believe China gave the Biden family all that money because they liked them do you?

      1. All this in reality is WWIII without bullets, along with the decrease in population that the NWO wants to impose on us. The only one that will be left with bullets is killary and poof another suicide.

    4. and those indoctrinated leftist sopclothes,will still be indoctrinated when all is said and done,they should be put in guantanamo- 23 hr isolation.

    5. Yes but we have to limit the damage by getting the democrats (95%) of them out of office as well as the RINO’s who are in love with Chinese money.

  3. All this evidence simply means the shit sucking democrats KNOW they can cheat and get away with it.
    Which tells me it’s time for democrat assassinations to commence.


    1. Stacey Abrams family reunion burned the ballots at the bomb fire in the back yard that night,no wood all ballots !!!!! I heard?

    2. rinosand repented whites are the worst,they are usa traitors,as well as traitors to themselves and all thats righteous. them first to the sharks,closely followed by demonrats.

  5. The past cannot be changed ,but the future could be saved. I would also like the voter registration cleaned up /updated or at the least looked at in ALL STATES

  6. This will never get anywhere. Our justice system is completely corrupt. The courts are corrupted by liberal justices everywhere. The judge here in Arizona has already taken sides against the company that did our audit; fining them $50K a day for refusing to turn over private emails… Remember when Hillary deleted 30K emails? Did she have to answer for that? No… Corruption lives in our government. The only choice is revolution.

      1. being with bill is more than enough punishment.. i did not have sex with that woman—-she had sex with me.

  7. These UNDEMOCRATIC “demo-hypocrits” have made Votes and Citizens Voices a “cheap and cheat pantomime”.
    And when others really vote, as on Crimea or in Donetsk, they call that “fraud” – which their Maidan-Murder was!

  8. I feel the people that cheated during the election need to be put behind bars for many years .. Not only did they steal the election they also help destroy America by putting no Brains Joe Biden in our White House.

    1. Joe Biden needs to be impeached, but that won’t happen until Conservatives take the majority. It was so easy to impeach President Trump two and a half times (but those died in the Senate). Liars like Schiff and Swalwell have lied on the floor of the House, and suffered no consequences. If Biden is finally impeached, it won’t happen until he’s halfway through his failed first term (if he makes it that far).

      1. If Biden is impeached Harris is next in line, impeach her also and Pelosi is next. It was a brilliant plan executed to perfection. He reversed four years of America 1st in 2 days. Millions of illegals, energy independence gone, gas up over $1, Taliban in charge, Shift & Swalwell on intelligence committee, can’t make this up.

        1. that idea of continues fraudsters in government is false- no fear planted in that idea, it won’t ever happen

  9. If this is true, (and there have been calls to make even considering that there was fraud in the 2020 election a crime), nothing will be done about it. Unless the Conservatives take back control of the House AND Senate in the mid-term elections this year, the courts will say it is too late to even consider it. We have RINOs like Liz Chaney and Adam Kinsinger, who hate Donald Trump so much that they will say or do anything to stop him. They need to be primaried out of the 2022 midterms. Nancy Pelosi conspired with General Milley to usurp the power of the President, and collaborate with the Chinese. Biden is in the pocket of the Chinese for the sake of his son Hunter’s drug habit. Polosi needs to be imprisoned, and Milley needs to be tried for treason.
    The Democrats are poised again to do whatever it takes to steal another election, and I question whether we have enough power to keep that from happening. Right now the Dems are trying to push through Congress rules that would make mail-in ballots the norm (ripe for ballot harvesting and fraud), and deny states the right to require voter ID. Everything they want to make voting law nation-wide) would make our elections more insecure.

  10. If they manage to ever pass the “for the crooked politicians” act federalizing US elections which eliminates ALL election integrity laws, makes vote by mail and mass mailed ballots to every “registered” voter even those who have been dead for decades and the illegals who were automatically registered when they applied for and received a DL in their state of residence. The act eliminates voter ID in the states that have passed such laws and legalizes ballot harvesting in all fifty states. If anyone questions the true motives of this bill. You’ve consumed too much of the Dems blueberry punch. If this bill passes. The US is finished we will be on the fast track to being the latest victim of socialism. Just look at Venezuela if you want a clue to m our fate, assuming of course that American patriots don’t step up and intercede to prevent that result and break the cycle.

  11. Leftists who hear these findings are whistling past the graveyard when they discount them.
    I agree nothing–no level of further conclusive evidence of voter fraud–short of Joe Biden confessing (though factually he certainly had no personal involvement beyond getting the wink-wink from someone on his staff, Joe just being just another minion of minions)–will undo the inertia and cowardice of the judiciary in changing the election results of 2020. But so much truth can be published and disseminated, and this administration and the completely subverted and compromised Democrat party so thoroughly exposed and discredited, that not only 2022 but 2024 will change forever the national landscape. The backlash will be so intense that RINOs along with dedicated Leftists and Globalists that populate the Democrat body politic will get primaried out of existence. Voter ID laws and safeguards will be credibly instituted, since the new boss (America First types) will have no qualms in overhauling genuinely honest standards, confident that the opposition has been shot in the foot for election cycles to come. So, yes, we’re stuck with Biden and his globalist crew. Unfortunately like any dying criminal cult his administration will almost certainly work to create enough chaos to obscure the truth, a la January 6th obsession, endless boosters with the coming national mandates, further implosion of the economy–but more and more Biden and company are lame ducks, as is their Economic Forum Great Reset (read totalitarian) agenda, as more and more RINOs see the writing on the wall and out of desperation reach down and search for the cankerous little kernels that were once testicles and pretend to be on the team. But the pretense will be enough to change the balance of power in the swamp. So we all owe a debt to True the Vote, in Georgia and wherever else they work. The work is factually breathtaking in scope and results–and should be acknowledged!

  12. I saw a picture of gallows in Nuremberg. Had twelve people on it with nooses. Hung everyone who lied about Nazi’s and every Dr who performed experiments on people, hello experimental drug. Why did they feel need to make it 12 at a time unless they hung lots of people. I was not alive then but it’s a goal we can aim for. I failed to mention they were public. I like that. It need to be shown to others consequences of their actions. Let’s get rid of the private drug overdose of method of execution and bring back public hangings

  13. Graft machines now fighting each other, Another democrat fxxx up, the democrat Chicago teachers union strike.When the Chicago policemen wanted more safety Mayor lightheaded, fired them yet the Chicago teachers “both receives and gets tons of money” from the democrats, why are they not fired? Their contract does not allow strikes, Yet again, Mayor lightheaded does nothing. When are the tax payors, people of Chicago going to step forward, and take back control of their city from democrats, who allow murder, crimes, riots, reduce police safety, and now the teachers union to run all over the tax payor who pays their salary. Say it again just another Democrat fxxx up. Democrats can’t govern, are you not tired of being told to go fxxx yourself from the democrats???

      1. Unfortunately, the persons being jailed and tried for treasons, are treasond against the Demoncrat coup. The only people dieing are being executed by the Demoncrat/Chinese virus attack called SARS-Covid. Executed by Demoncrat despots forcing Corona patients into grandma’s nursing home for the purpose of increasing the death rates and amplifying panic to more easily control the masses.

  14. Next election maybe we the people should patrol the voting districts from the time the polls open until they close? We can watch for suspicious actions such as ballet harvesting going on and stop it right there we will have the minion, evidence and all right there.

  15. LOCK UP these BALLOT stuffers and INVALIDATE Joe Biden as so called “president” (?!?) and put POTUS Trump in as RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT. IMPEACH and CONVICT the BIDEN Administration! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    1. Legally, Fraud eviscerates everything… do your research. Fraud is fraud…it doesn’t need 100% revealed to be proven. Illegally stuffing over 1 million ballots…is fraud. Indictments are not needed to prove Fraud. It is indictments that will take an eternity to accomplish.

  16. My bet is on Barak Obama with the money of George Soros. After all, didn’t Barak say, “This is my 3rd term!”

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