Intel Officer Admits They All Lied About the Hunter Biden Laptop

One of the 50 “former intelligence officers” who signed the infamous letter claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation” has now admitted it was all a lie. It was a lie, and they all knew it was a lie. And the reason they told the lie was that they believed it would hurt Joe Biden in the 2020 election if people found out about the laptop. These people just can’t stop bragging about everything they did to keep Donald Trump out of the White House for his second term, can they?

Just a few months after the stolen 2020 election, Time magazine wrote that big article about the shadowy “cabal” of billionaires, weapons contractors, trial lawyers and labor unions had been working behind the scenes for years to “fortify” the election against Trump. It’s taken awhile, but now the spooks are finally starting to admit they played their part, too.


Speaking to The Australian, former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director Douglas Wise now admits the letter signed by 50 spooks was BS.

“All of us figured that a significant portion of that content [on Hunter’s laptop] had to be real to make any Russian disinformation credible,” Wise now casually admits.

The intel agencies swooped in and had social media companies and the leftwing media completely censor or downplay the Laptop from Hell. The New York Post – one of the oldest and most prestigious newspapers still in existence in America – was locked out of its Twitter account for weeks, so its exclusive reporting on the laptop would remain unseen.

The media loved it. The letter signed by 50 former spooks, including the usual liars like John Brennan and Leon Panetta, gave them all the cover they needed to shout down anyone asking questions about the laptop.

How’s that for logic?

“The laptop is Russian disinformation, and to prove it, we won’t talk about the laptop and we’ll censor reporting on it.”

Polling of independent or non-affiliated voters indicates that a lot of people would have voted against Joe Biden if they had only known about the laptop, and its contents. Not Hunter Biden’s crack smoking or romping around with trafficked Ukrainian girls. Nobody cared about that. But lots of people cared about the fact that the laptop proved that the Biden family was trading on Joe’s name and paying him for it, in exchange for foreign policy favors while he was the vice president.

Joe Biden is a crook, as proven by the recent stolen classified documents scandal. We should have seen this coming when the media started “worrying” that Trump was trying sell the nuclear codes on Craigslist. They’re always guilty of exactly what they accuse Trump of doing, so I’m just going to call this one early:

Joe Biden and his crackhead son were selling access to the stolen classified documents that Biden had stashed at his house. For all we know, Biden literally sold stolen classified documents to foreign governments. How would anyone know if he didn’t? They don’t even know how many documents he stole in the first place. There’s no way to know if they’ve all been accounted for and recovered.

But back to the “Russian disinformation” Big Lie about the laptop.

Many people in rightwing media – including Tucker Carlson and Breitbart – have said that the intel agencies’ meddling in the election, which they absolutely did, was the real 2020 election rigging. I’ve never really bought that.

Yes, it probably would have flipped a few votes away from Biden. But it wouldn’t have swayed a single Democrat to vote against Biden. When have Democrat voters ever been bothered by a corrupt Democrat politician? Has anyone ever heard of Nancy Pelosi? Hello?

The real determining factor in the 2020 election was an always will be the fraudulent ballots that the Democrats stuffed the drop boxes with. Yes, the intel apparatus lied about Trump, but we all knew they were lying at the time. It’s annoying, but that’s not what generated (LOL) 81 million votes out of thin air for Joe Biden. Cheating in the 2020 election is what generated 81 million votes for Biden.

The good news about this admission from the former spook is that House Republicans are (allegedly) going to be investigating the weaponization of the spook agencies against the American people. Maybe this is another thread they can pull on, if that committee is actually courageous enough to do a real investigation.

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23 thoughts on “Intel Officer Admits They All Lied About the Hunter Biden Laptop”

  1. It will either be very interesting to see the results of a true investigation, or frustrating to see absolutely nothing done at all.

    1. Amen they need to give we the proplr back our Voted in President after all the Crimes that blocked us and TRUMP from being our Voted in Presdient! He deserves 8 years after what they have done!

      1. Its the whole administration and the deep state, and the congress that refused to launch an investigation about fraud in the 2020 election. and now the D.O.J. and the F.B.I. that refuses to come clean on these stolen classifed docs. The chinese had total acess to that building. They had enough time to go there and take pictures of all that!….That is TREASON!

  2. Everyone knew they were lying and have been lying about the laptop, and many other illegal things.
    So, let’s see what happens.
    If we know it, but nothing is done about it, then it’s up to the voters.
    If nothing is ever done about the lying and the illegal behavior, that means we have decided to accept it, and sink further and further down, and “done”.

    1. The problem is ..the Voters have no voice. And that is clear very clear. The thick of the crooks sitting in cabinet have pushed the President out of his Whitehouse and have held it hostage basically in layman’s terms. No one saw numbers from machines calculating votes but what we did see was suitcases and dumpsters and other crooked see elimination of Trump votes. That right there should of been enough to move to the house seize the machines and freeze the election and do something to resolve it but President Trump was not being heard, no one like Pence backed him. Everyone left him standing like the lone duck and they walked. But good support like me carried on looking for faults in the system to have enough strong arm to prove the election demise, but no matter what evidence has been offered the Courts have dismay and tossed out President and the claims right outside the door. And a situation like this should not of even been Court savvy this should have been corrected by powers meaning the President and Vice President team that were officially the world power but no support was there, he literally was forced to leave and we all need to be proud of him for holding his classes composer, and moving out of the way, and handling it with the highest levels of dignity and now through all the insults and barriers they have dragged him through he’s still standing and that’s because he knows in his heart what transpired, this is his self inclination and he’s point on. And good for him for calling out the crooked chapters he has traveled during these times. It is his personal experiences bringing these stories to face front, he’s sharing what he’s encumbered and we should all respect and acknowledge he’s this transparent it only can dissolve the corruption and bring more awareness to the people who reside under the corrupt umbrellas of the different entities. This is an amazing movement, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it only gets them fired, it’s a financial loss the free ride ended. Face it they will not charge or indict their own. Look at Biden with the documents , he’s in power , scary situation, especially after signing the US checkbook over to Ukraine . There’s a skunk in that woodpile.

    1. Exactly what has been happening, Snickers eating crew that only care about the gossip and padding their pockets. It’s beginning to look like they go to work and play the stock market and create lies and gossip stories via media then go vacationing. It’s a circus and not one item assisting US citizens have been implemented since Trump resided behind those walls. All us people has seen is gossip, lies and each and every one of the uglies roar their horns. And us taxepayers are funding this zoo. What has Biden and Kamela done? They have given away the once awesome Constitution to all persons of color leaving the white people out, even placing a worse segregation in society being bias and the free money they gave out to only persons of color for small business grants had a run off through Amazon in which that Company assisted women of color in building a small business, they offered their services to assist the women developing such. Bias. Very. And, the rest of the people were limited through poe loans that had different contingency and the institutions had no clear rules and some did charge backs trying to retrieve the money back from those business a year after given. And get what about PA? It looked like they were given their residents only up to $100k non qualifying loans via their home mortgages possibly placing second seeds in such and bearing interest. What was clear was instead of grant money to those residents they were using the grant funds to manifest profits and disbursing the grant money via loans and tagging mortgage liens basic math. I saw no offer for $100k small business grants like other States offered, something tells me they developed their own program and stuck it to their citizens to make financial gains, I could be wrong but I think I am right, and I believe that State is a major Allie to cash app and their headquarters is over seas near cuban terrain, could be wrong but don’t believe I am. You’ll notice that cash app operates notoriously around the US, and in some States they only hold a non financial institution business license so if you sustain a loss via them you really have no recourse, such as Nevada. That company need to be regulated by Banking Commissioner is all operating States and it is not. And, I believe I tied cash app to State of Sacramento, which intelligence tells me possibly the independent States own their little side hustle cash app which intern classifies some as business accounts and porks you as such if your receiving odd and end momeies from as sales and then they calculate your sales and guide you into filing taxes from that app. which influence I.R S. ties so it now is government operated at this point. I could be completely off base and wrong but I don’t believe so.

    1. And it’s never to late to pull out the information proving what happened. What is going to happen is President Trump’s family will be compensated for their injuries and loss and their will be no new election he will be reinstated and the Biden family will be given some uhauls along with the Kamela clan.

  3. It doesn’t take a genius to know that trumps drawing 60,000 fans was more popular than Biden who might have a dozen fans at his rallies

    1. Cheyenne , what about the certified birth certificates that were being sold on line out of California Capital Vital Statistics website without requirements of identity proof? I WAS ABLE TO OBTAIN A CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE THIS WAY AND SHOW NO PROOF OF WHO I WAS , JUST BEFORE THE Presidential election. That would explain dead people votes and could wager on the identity theft playing us al, and could explain why people went to vote and their vote was already used. Also, you could then get your I.D. and move to another State and turn it in for the State I.D. you moved to. Sadly. There is not a huge budget for running N.C.I.C.’s on every person obtaining a driver’s lic. So technically you could patronize a DMV with just a birth certificate and achieve a DMV I.D.. My research can vouch for what I am speaking. I can back up my information I have disclosed on here, and I have more election demise information, I researched without hacking anyone back in 2020 and came up with more than this. Call me, I’ll provide more information. This type of cheating is considered election infrastructure demise because it’s rooted and no one knows the duration of time nor how many issues were in fact made. Hope this helps.

  4. NOTHING WILL GET DONE NO MATTER WHO IS PROVEN TO BE THE LIAR IN CHIEF!!LIKE BEGETS MORE OF THE SAME ? Many of the voting districts had more reported votes than people living in them but no government enforcement to prosecute the crime or crooks. More book deals coming ?? Somebody else getting PAY OFF. Big bucks for the Politicians charged to the common man. ?.

    1. Hi Larry, very good point read my comment if you would this will answer some of the mystery your mentioning. Thanks for supporting the best President in the his tory of America. It’s nice to see others that paid attention to all the details that have all contributed to this stolen election. Pretty much the Whitehouse was HEISTED. And, when has the media been the ones to call election results? Like in 2020. There’s a click that is boots on the ground are slowly segregating and once this tangle web is unraveled I hope our President is compensated on every level and all the US citizens are given a few thousand each for their efforts in uncovering this mess. It’s a long haul.

  5. I’m curious as to where all these politicians can accumulate such vast amounts of money during their term in congress. If you follow the money and tax returns, you may see some of the dealings as the Biden return recently. I keep preaching term limits, but no politician will follow that statement as you may know that some politicians were in Congress for 50 years accumulating vast sums of money. Two of whom I will not name, were in congress over 50 years and did not do much for their constituents. we apparently have become a banana republic and what’s next. The US supreme court has the ability to remove members of congress, these undesirables, through a current case before it. Maybe the court will use the right power, common sense and remove these undesirables in congress. Maybe. I doubt it.

    1. Point on! Dominican Republic! All the Islands in between the Atlantic and let me share this. A San Francisco State disability office (Peloskis home town) was giving away disability money to all of the Islanders by filling out a short form on line and receiving the funds in less than 30 days at their embassy. I traced all this and it was very clear which islands was receiving they had about 20 listed, such as Prince of Wahl’s, etc.. Be interesting for you to share what you know about the situation if you would. Your point on with your comment. Did you see the mid term election travels? I believe I am accurate just not positive because I did not further my reach once I had noticed what appeared to be voting coming from the Dominican Republic as absentee ballots, do you know if my information is accurate? I saw this and traced it, but failed at reaching anyone that would have taken a stand, but I believe they are considered US to a degree otherwise why was disability checks issued during the Biden Administration Emergency Pandemic Act?

  6. there will be nothing done until we impose term limits on all of government officials. From cities to the president. And all new laws voted on by the people.

  7. The whole world knows Trump won. The CHEATING was captured on video.
    Epstein didn’t kill himself


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