It’s Illegal to Make the COVID Vaccine Mandatory & Here’s the Proof

A lot of people are worried about medical tyranny right now, based on the fact that so many freedom-killing proposals are being floated in relation to the COVID vaccines. More than 100 universities have announced that students can’t come to campus this fall unless they have the shot. Airlines and social media companies are talking about COVID passports; they want to restrict your right to travel unless you get the jab. It’s illegal for any school, employer or other entity to make the COVID shot mandatory, and I’m going to prove it in this article.

A few months ago, famed attorney Allen Dershowitz was running around on Fox News claiming that it’s perfectly fine for COVID vaccines to be mandatory. He stated that there’s even precedent for this, after the Supreme Court authorized some mandatory smallpox vaccines more than a hundred years ago. Dershowitz is wrong.

The laws governing coerced medical experimentation changed dramatically after this little thing we had called “World War 2.” Being Jewish, Mr. Dershowitz should know about that event. These people called “the Nazis” conducted medical experiments on unwilling Jewish prisoners. Ring a bell?

The Nazi war crimes resulted in the Nuremburg trials, which in turn produced a set of international laws called the Nuremberg Code – which states that no individual can be coerced to participate in a medical experiment. (And a medical experiment is exactly what the COVID vaccine is.) In addition to international law, the US Congress has passed the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which states basically the same thing: It is against federal law to coerce anyone to participate in an experimental medicine trial against their will.

The consent of the individual is absolutely essential.

Here’s the problem that the mandatory vaxx tyrants keep running into: The COVID vaccines are EUAs.

EUA stands for “Emergency Use Authorization.” All of the normal FDA regulations, safety trials and so forth were waived for the COVID vaccines, for COVID PCR tests, and even for masks. This means that by definition, under federal law, these are all experimental in nature.

There haven’t been any long-term studies about the effects, side effects, potential problems, long-term efficacy or safety of these vaccines, tests or masks. They are all Emergency Use Authorizations and therefore experimental.


The federal law governing the use of experimental EUAs like the COVID vaccine is Title 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(I-III). You can read the full text there if you wish, but I’ll just summarize the main point here: You must be given the option to accept or refuse the administration of any EUA product under federal law. You must also be provided with either an exemption or other alternative. That’s the law – and you cannot be fired or punished for refusing an EUA like the COVID vaccine. Period.

Any school, employer or other entity that tries to make the COVID vaccine mandatory for you or your child is violating settled, black-letter federal law. Vaccine passports are also illegal for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that they reveal your private medical information to third parties that demand to see your vaccination status.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tried to make an EUA vaccine mandatory for the military during the George W. Bush administration – and Rumsfeld got his butt handed to him in federal court! (Doe #1 v. Rumsfeld, 2003) If the US military can’t force enlisted soldiers to take an experimental vaccine, do you really think a school can force it on your kids? No court at any level has ever approved the mandatory application of an experimental vaccine. Dershowitz is wrong.

What can you do about this if your employer, your child’s school or university, or any other entity tries to force you to get the jab?

Attorneys at the Children’s Health Defense in Georgia have published three legal notices that you can send to an employer or school if it tries to force you or your loved ones to take the vaccine, take a COVID PCR test, or wear a mask.

You can download those legal notices HERE.

Print the appropriate one out and send it to the entity that is trying to force you to get the shot. This puts them on notice that they are in violation of federal law by trying to force you to take an experimental vaccine. If they don’t back down, you have a STRONG legal case against them, and civil attorneys are already lining up and salivating at all the potential cases that we’re going to be seeing over the next year.

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38 thoughts on “It’s Illegal to Make the COVID Vaccine Mandatory & Here’s the Proof”

  1. Hopping this stands also for we the older Americans as this wild Governmet were now seeing will try any and all things to pull on us.I’m stuck with COPD, Had blood clots and heart problems so the weighting on the wall ,at least for me keeps blinking BE CAREFUL LOOK OUT DUCK AND DODGE AS THIS COULD BE THE DEATH SHOT YOU DO NOT NEED. Sounds odd as when I grew up my parents drilled into me stand with the elderly help them keep them going be their best friends, but not today as we’re classified as a drag we get SS and Medicare so we’re not high dollar people so get back there on th3 bus of life you old ass. We’re old but we brought this country up even better that what is now happening to America now. No Scoalism just good old American Patriotism and freedoms.

    1. Go onto a good quality CBD oil/Capsule. It doesnt improve overnight but steadily you will start to feel much better. Dont fall for Big Pharma’s so called meds (all have serious side effects)

    2. My 90 year old Father in law says no and when it’s my time God will be the one in charge. I will not get one.

  2. Heck, nobody can force me to take the vaccine.
    I choose to believe the doctors who are against it.

    1. For sure! Now if something can be done about the mandatory addition of sodium fluoride (an industrial by-product) into the drinking water of every city’s public water system then that would be great. It does not help anyone’s teeth after 14 y.o. and can cause health problems.

    2. good point, also religious exception. if you took your shot,what are you worried about??? i choose to wait till the end and see how many complications are found out about the4 vax. gvnmt control is always bad.remember the 666 antichrist will MANDATE a chip on right hand or forehead in order to buy and sell,its in the bible. i dont believe anything that demonrats mouths churn out. sorrry.

  3. There was NO testing on people with compromised immune systems. I am one of those people. I have decided AGAINST taking the vaccine after talking to my Immunologist & doing some research. The government under President Biden accuses me of not being patriotic! I have always been a Patriot. According to the Constitution I have the RIGHT to decide against being forced to be vaccinated.

    1. I hear ya! I have a heart condition that can produce blood clots and take a blood thinner for it. The absolute LAST thing I would need or take would any drug that INCREASES the likelihood of more blood clots! Adolf Biden mus NOT be allowed to force this on anyone!!

  4. The real question is because now OSHA Pulls Guidance Stating Employers May Be Held Liable For ‘Adverse Reactions’ and Death related to the Experimental Gene Therapy shots who else will give in? Would any courts reverse being fined not wearing a mask and now refusing to take the shots even though is on EUA.
    I do know massive Nuremberg Trial in progress with 1k Lawyers and 10k Doctors just will never see the light of day on Main News Networks.
    What about states in America who brings in the Digital Vaccine Passport then be impossible to escape it unless move into a state that has no Digital Vaccine Passport or even Mandatory Covid 19 shots.

  5. I REFUSE to take a vaccine for an illness that has a 99.5% recovery rate. A vaccine for a virus that is destroyed by 15 minutes of UV from sunshine!!! I refuse to take a vaccine for a virus that Fauci convinced Obama to make Americans bankroll Chinese scientists. I want to know why the world is ignoring a Nobel Laureate virologist and a Nobel Laureate epidemiologist concur has man made genetic links. I want to know why, for the first time in human history, have there been no flu or pneumonia fatalities in an entire year?!?!?

    1. Thomas… about a month ago FOX news posted this:

      2019-2020……..38,000,000+ confirmed cases of influenza in the US

      2020-2021………1,822 confirmed cases of the flu in the US

      A physician told me that number difference is because everybody was masking up and social distancing. REALLY?!!! Over 37,000,000 less cases in 12 months….. you’d HAVE to be a Democrat to even BEGIN to believe this crock of shit!! I’ve not believed for one minute any of the numbers the media throws at us regarding Covid. From day one, these “numbers” never seemed to “add up” as it were. One has to think, or believe that anyone with the actual flu was diagnosed with Covid, or a good percentage of people anyway.

      Let’s talk about children. In the beginning, children were pretty much immune to the Covid, or at least that’s what the media and health organizations were professing. Children aren’t at risk they said, yet now, kids all over the place are getting Covid.

      Again…. I have to call bullshit!!

      Covid is a “coronavirus”…… the common cold is a coronavirus as well. I’d be willing to wager money that these kids coming down with the Vid are testing positive, but they’ve got nothing more than a COMMON COLD!! These lying reprobate sons o’ bitches running this country are ( in my humble opinion ) telling anyone with a cold that they’ve contracted Covid. This entire 14 months, I only know 5 people in my existence who tested positive for Covid…. and each of them said it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as some colds, or flus, that they had experienced in there lives.

      Bottom line, again, my opinion only, and it might be way off base, but I don’t believe so, “they” are telling common cold sufferers that they’ve been diagnosed with covid. This administration who stole this election and are now bringing this nation to it proverbial knees, are freakin liars pulling the biggest hoax in the history of mankind!!!

      Let’s not forget also, and we’ve all heard this (our entire lives) there is NO CURE for the common cold. So procuring a vaccine in 9 months to cure an incurable cold …..well….again, Bullshit!!
      I saw where many folks have come down with tinnitus as an adverse side effect of these “vaccines”. After going round and round with a doctor in 2008, the man talked me into my first ( and LAST ) flu shot. I pulled up my sleeve against my better judgement and lo and behold, I have screaming tinnitus in my ears from that very day in 2008 til now. What an idiot I was to take that vaccine. I’ve paid dearly now for 13 yrs because of my bad decision. I really have to wonder, if these damn vaccines they’re handing out, aren’t just flu shots. Again, this administration has pulled the wool over our eyes for 14 months now but I think it’s the biggest farce ever perpetuated on this country. I mean, Gavin Newsom goes out to the French Laundry and has dinner with health officials from California. Nobody social distanced, nobody wore a mask. Pelosi in the hair shop, no mask. What do these assholes know that we don’t?! It literally begs the question, does it not?

      I’m not getting a shot for a cold that can’t be cured…..

      Now, I’m not doubting for a minute that a real strain of bad juju is killing people …. especially the elderly, and it might just be Covid, or it might not be.

    2. dear sir,so right. so many good points- where have all other diseases gone???? alsowant to know what size particulates does the covid test search for., and at what size do the particulates no longer cause a danger???? if you dig deep enough,even a recovering covid person with asymptomatic conditions will show some degree of the disease even thogh no longer a danger. always follow the money….. the hosp get paid gvnmt money for treatment of covid patients. FACT., you can clear someonewith 5% remnants of covid and get nothing or you can keep him as infected and get money.

    3. i bought a uv machine for the home- note nothing alive can be inside while in operation,then for 30 min or so thereafter you have to air out the house,follow instructions….it does kill ALL viruses, we also wash hands,mop with bleach 2-3 times daily, lysol the handles,cabinets,etc…careful where we go, wear masks, but at this point it looks like its all aboutcontrol and wanting to use it as a political tool to tell others that yopu are a compliant sheep.

    4. just a guess that if you get a pnumonia and die,but have a small amt of virus, ching ching….. you officiallydied because of covid complications. who the hell can disprove that,or argue with a dr???? my doctor told me that yo have a heart attack and you have asymptomatic small amt of covid, the covid could have precipitated complications which caused your death, so i guess if yo get run over by a train and have covid,the covid had a part. who the hell knows????? but follow the moolahhh

  6. I had all the shots I’m ever going to get when I was in the Army. Now that we have a lying, dementia, addled brained mental midget pretending he’s the president of the United States, I say, empathically, NO! We have no idea what the hell is in this sh_t this idiot and his minions are peddling, as far as I’m concerned, it could be a tracking device; hell NO! If this idiot can let MILLIONS of ILLEGAL wetbacks into this country, and not give a damn if they are carriers of God knows what communicable diseases, then I’ll be damned if I’ll obey ANYTHING he wants to say. It’s time we take back this country from the illegal socialist domestic terrorists in control of this government; starting with sleepy Joe, his bitch Camel face, AOC, the Islamic terrorists Omar and Tilibe, Pillousy, shifty Shift, Maxine, scheming Schumer, BLM/antifa and don’t forget Lizzy and Romney! Hell no, we aren’t going to take this anymore!

  7. Alot of these politicians, Governors need to be charged along with any other do called officials who have pushed this covid communist hysteria!

    1. could it be a prerun to the acceptance of the chip on the forehead or wrist of the antichrist????????? there seems to be hispanic channels putting out the word ignorante, ignorant- to be used against the anti vaxers, since when has questioning something intelligently been ignorant>>>> seems to me that the ranting old senile hispanic ladies are the ignorantes. the gvnmt could tell them to stick a bottle of hersheys up their Butt and they will gladly do it. how much more foolish can you get?? especially in light that many drs and scientists have been canceled because they dont follow the media and gvnmt lines.

  8. Aside from never going to let them put that crap into my body, has anyone wondered why this nut case in our White House is trying to make it mandatory? With a great recovery rate, and very few passing away from covid-19 lately why are they calling for everyone to be vaccinated? There is more to this whole thing than just “immunity” from covid.. What is their underlying reason to make everyone get this? I sure wish these companies would stop caving to our socialist/communist in our White House.. THIS IS AMERICA..

        1. It was coming a long time before that, but yes, Obama put it on steroids. See Pilgrim Society. See the Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal. See Freemasons (above 33 degrees.) They’ve been telling us for CENTURIES that what is happening right now was planned. Covid pandemic was planned before 2005, see Fauci’s secret patents on tests, the virus itself and the vaccine. Funny he didn’t invest in any ‘cures.’

    1. Arline, the underlying reason is nothing more than CONTROL ….. TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL! Just wait until we go “cashless”…… we ain’t seen nuthin yet!! Oh, and Jonny, great post dude!, lots of food for thought there.

  9. We’re talking about a Federal Government that has no compunction against violating Federal Law!! Just take a look at that massive crime scene on our southern border! Our Federal Government is inviting them in in violation of every existing Immigration laws and flying them all over the country and dumping them in our bigger cities. Untested for Covid or anything else. Are they criminal? Terrorist? ALLOWED IN IN VIOLATION OF DOZENS OF FEDERAL LAWS. OVER 100,000 already!

    You think these Federal CRIMINALS won’t mandate forced inoculations? Dream on! They will do anything, break any laws, violate every precept of the Constitution to get their way!

    Think of it this way, the US Constitution stated clearly that the citizen’s RIGHT to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed. Now count the number of laws at every level that infringe that RIGHT. The Feds are now OPENLY talking about completely taking that RIGHT away without changing the Constitution.

    So what do you think will stop them from forcing us to get potentially LETHAL shots!??

  10. People will eventually hear the truth but will not be able to get financial compensation once the understand how they been duped by those involved in the COVID scamdemic. President Trump never took the vaccine, free will, but he couldn’t say don’t take it because the Democrats would continue the rhetoric he is killing people. Doctors tried to tell people the truth about effective medication already available, but no money in those medications and were out casts who were forced to leave there positions. Now Doctors telling people what’s in those vaccines and no one knows the potential long term side effects. Get a shot, still wear a mask, get a booster when the next variant arrives. Cha-Ching Cha-Ching

  11. This is great information. But… what happens when the vaccine manufacturers apply for and get the vaccine changed from EUA to an approved one? I’m a nurse, and have almost lost a job because they REQUIRED flu shots. I’m allergic – full anaphylaxis to both types, and had medical proof and had to contact an attorney to retain my job. Their compromise? I had to wear a mask throughout flu season, so six months each year. This push to make mandatory vaccinations (or “get vaccinated if you want a job”) as a basis of employment has created an en-masse exit out of the medical field by many talented, experienced nurses, technicians, and other medical employees. Of course my first concern is for my patients, but if I’m allergic to the shots (I’m allergic to almost ALL injectibles now, so it’s probably a stabilizing agent or some kind of preservative), I’m not allowed to work?!? It’s a shame. 🙁


    2. It will NEVER GAIN APPROVAL. See the studies done previously on the animals. The future looks quite bleak. The animals tested with the same RNA spike transmission ‘vaccine,’ did not make it.

  12. The Georgia Guidestones state that they want to get the population of the earth down to 500 million people. It was put up around 1980, so the deep state globalists have been warning us for 40years what they are doing and I think that they are using this so-called vaccine to do this. Bill Gates stated that everyone on the planet needs to get this injection. That’s what I think this whole scamdemic is about Look up Georgia guide stones – population and check it out

  13. thank you, I am glad to see more people thinking the same things that I have been thinking and saying for the past 14 months. Perfectly well said.

  14. Just to give you heads up, employers had us sign a waiver for any liability in case anything happened us from the testing.

    when employers receive such forms, that might lead to us being fired!!

    it’s a catch 22

  15. Watch the episode of staff are. A vaccine for cancer is found 5 years later it is found to cause sterilization. The whole planet’s race DIES OFF.
    Fiction is becoming fact

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