Leaked Emails Reveal Arizona’s New Governor Partnered with Twitter to Censor Political Opponents

Arizona Governor Elect Katie Hobbs has been exposed as a full-blown communist who is willing to do whatever it takes to secure power for her and her fellow Democrats.

Internal Twitter documents released by Elon Musk revealed that Arizona’s Katie Hobbs worked with the social media platform to silence political enemies under the guise of “election misinformation.”

Hobbs is in charge of elections in the state of Arizona, and was just supposedly elected as the state’s new governor but these shady communist tactics may have had something to do with it.


On January 7, 2021, the communications director for Hobbs’ Secretary of State office emailed the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a 501 nonprofit cybersecurity organization, saying they are “flagging” an unidentified Twitter profile for review under the subject line titled “Election Related Misinformation.”

The email also was also sent to an unknown employee at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a branch under the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security.

A CIS employee then forwarded the message to a Twitter employee, saying, “Please see this report below from the Arizona SOS office. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

The Twitter employee then sent another email saying, “Thank you … both tweets have been removed from the service.”

Essentially, Hobbs was contacting Twitter to have election-related tweets removed.

Hobbs was recently declared victorious in her race against Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake by a miniscule margin, but Lake has yet to concede amid concerns that there may have been major fraud in the election.

Lake categorized the evidence that Hobbs directly worked to censor election-related tweets as proof of a “Conflict of Interest, Coercion, Corruption.”

She has teased plans to sue Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest, for the potentially intentional disaster that took place on election day.

In a video she posted on social media, Lake said, “stay tuned,” adding her lawsuit includes “at least one smoking gun” whistleblower and a “team of patriotic, talented lawyers on a legal case to challenge the botched elections.”

“And you’ll want to stay tuned for this one,” she said. “Trust me.”

With the Twitter documents exposing how blatantly corrupt Hobbs and the federal government are, Lake may have a few more allies in her fight as several lawmakers have since demanded investigations into the governor-elect.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote on Twitter, “SOS of AZ and Gov candidate, Katie Hobbs, used the power of the AZ SOS to collude w/ Twitter to unconstitutionally violate 1st Amendment rights of Americans for her own political gain.”

“This is communism and Hobbs can not be governor. I’m calling for a Federal investigation,” she added.

Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls also called on Musk to expose the names of the government officials who were involved in the censorship tactics. “Investigations are coming,” Nehls said.

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42 thoughts on “Leaked Emails Reveal Arizona’s New Governor Partnered with Twitter to Censor Political Opponents”

  1. Everyone, please look up the Brunson Brothers
    Supreme Court case now wending its way through the system.
    There may be hope for America afterall, and Katie will be in our rearview mirror!

    1. I pray daily that these traitors are removed and exposed for their corruption and treason and spend years and years behind bars!!

    2. There should be a law against allowing anyone who is responsible for counting votes to run for election. It is like hiring the fox to guard the henhouse. At the very least Hobbs should be indicted for criminal activities. Lake ran a campaign that showed an obvious grass roots support while Hobbs hardly campaigned at all. The whole thing is as rotten as something in Denmark. We get the government we deserve. If Trump, Lake, and other election corruptions are allowed to stand then we will surely begin to get the government we deserve. God let the US of A rest in peace.

      1. Your intentions are good, but this is no time for the US of A to rest. We who believe in the values of the founders of our country must become engaged in the fight for our freedoms.

      2. Hobbs was an agent of the Government being Secretary of State and running as a candidate at the same time. Her actions, operating the election and vote counting, the actions of which will benefit her financially and future financial conditions and thus is a conflict of interest.

      3. As Joseph Stalin stated during his reign of terror as “Leader of the Soviet Union” for twenty-five years, and repeated by joke biden after he declared that the amerikan democrat/socialist/”progressive” political party “has put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” “it’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes!”… “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE ABILITY OF JOKE BIDEN TO FVCK THINGS UP!” – barak h. 0bama, 2019

      4. We DON’T get the government we deserve, we get the government the so-called elites force on us. I am 77 years old, and during my life time, I cannot remember a single time when the government (town, city, county, state and federal) ever passed any laws, legislation, or instituted any policy or project that the people actually had a say-so in. Did you vote to have your taxes raised? Did you vote to have the government completely take over either the education or healthcare system? Did you vote to have closed circuit cameras installed every where to spy on you 24/7? Did you vote to have America’s children exposed to and indoctrinated in all of the perverted LGBTQ agenda? When did you vote YES to allow transgender story time in our public libraries, schools and even some churches? Where I live, every time they held public hearings on whether some “big box” store or other large project was or should be built in an area, even though the public voted against it, the powers that be ALWAYS went ahead and did it anyway. I could go on, but I think you get my point. And if anyone tries to stop any of this, good luck with that. Every true PATRIOTIC citizen in the USA today only lives under the illusion of FREEDOM. EVERY aspect of our government and every government in the world has been bought, paid for and taken over by worldwide cabal of cold hearted, treasonous sociopaths who could care less about us. They wish to kill off most of us just so they can have power and money, believing themselves to be gods.

      1. There are other States that need to be investigated along with Crooked Political Parties. Most Definitely the Entire Administration in office today. They have done nothing for the American People and need to be held accountable for their crimes against America

    3. I just watched Loy Brunson on Rumble. Incredible! If this can get thru the likes of K. Hobbs, and man in the swamp will be drowned by their own corruption. I do believe this will require massive military assistance as those on the left will likely be intentionally triggered by the media before they are replaced or shown the exit door.

      1. What makes you think that the military isn’t also a captured institution? Every member of the military has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and to protect and defend the country against ALL enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. So why haven’t they done so by now, what exactly are they waiting for? I keep hearing people like Juan O Savin, David Nino Rodriquez, and many others, keep saying that the “White hats” – the military – are waiting for the “right time” to act. What is the “right time”, is when the communists have taken complete control and it is too late? Personally, I don’t believe that Juan O Savin, David Nino Rodriquez, the Ghost, and all the rest have any inside “connections” that they claim to have, they are Bull Sh’ting the rest of us with their own opinions. Believe me, if the “White hats” were going to honor their oaths, to save our Constitutional Republic, they would have done so by now. Also, all of their talk about newly built extra court rooms and detention facilities at Gitmo, supposedly for the Military Tribunals to try all the cases brought against the traitors in our government, if they are true, how do we know that they aren’t meant for us, the citizens who refuse to go along with their One World Government?

    4. YES! I have been praying for the Supreme Court to rule according to the law. If so, Brunsons (and all of us) will see justice. This is the court case of the century and the MSM news is mum on it. (Not surprisingly…most are criminals also!)

    5. All Americans need to wake up and see how Corrupt Politicians really are. They dont care about We The People they only care about Power, Money and how much money they can make off the Stock Market. They have the inside track because they put through Bill’s that they know can make them money. You and I did that we would be in Prison. This Entire Administration should be removed from all offices a d charged with treason a d crimes against America and the American People.

  2. This back and forth about the Arizona midterm elections is unbelievable
    Either the Arizona people are brain deficient or they don’t care at all about their future. This midterm election in Arizona was stolen again pure and simple and for the people to stay idle and hope or put their faith in the Arizona goverment made out of thieves to bring justice in this case is unbelievable. Kary has all my sympathy for the great fight to unveil the truth but she will not succeed
    She will not succeed in a milion years as long as the thives and their loyalists are in charge with the state and the elections.
    Kary will sue and this will go nowhere. It is just a waist of money. Forger about talented loyalists hired by Kary. The thieves own Tha state and the judiciary system therefore , as in 2020 elections, once they proclaimed themselves winners they are there to stay. The justice system in Arizona will work for the thieves therefore the people in Arizona must fond other ways to solve this stolen election business

    1. Evil never wins in the end, I pray daily that these traitors spend their lives in jail and God always answers my prayers one way or another, have faith!

      1. I agree with what you wrote; however there is something you may not have thought of. If you understand much about Bible prophecy we are now in the time of the 6th head of the 7-headed beast. Although the 6th head is atheistic, humanistic, communistic, and working on the side of all evil, the 7th head will be worse. The 6th head is also called the King of the South in Daniel Chapter 11. It is also called the beast from the bottomless pit in Revelation Chapter 11.

        So, although the evil traitors should be dealt with in proper justice, the sooner that happens then the sooner the 7th head will be upon us. That is the one that will bring the mark of the beast on the whole world.

      2. Amen! I am with you and pray daily for Kari and for AZ to wake up!!! I’ve lived here for 30 years and never seen such corruption and lies! Everyone reading this; I pray that you ask God our Father, Jehovah Sabaoth, the God who fights our battles to keep revealing the truth about this election fraud and Kati Hobbs! She is a simpleton and a fake, she will not get away with her lies and evil schemes! There are more God-fearing, honest people in AZ than her ilk! Keep praying that she is exposed and sent to prison where she belongs!! God is for us, she can not succeed against us!!!

      3. I agree, but waiting for these vile and despicable RINOs and demorats to off themselves first is gonna be a long wait. Those are the people who bought and paid for the DOJ and it’s shred outs, therefore the laws are what they say they are and they aren’t guilty.

  3. If Arizona’s democrats get away with this crime against the republic. It will serve a major milestone not unlike the SURRENDER by the people of Venezuela. It reminds one of the catastrophic collapse of the Weimar Republic.

  4. Richard,Ala.,Hobbs should be in jail for life,but I doubt AZ. Has what it takes to punish her or anyone else!

  5. Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor. A song, not a threat. Treasonist actions. Start the trials. On live TV. Not behind closed doors. BS, to that. We the people have the right to see the truth.

  6. Time and again an election is won by foul means under the direct supervision of a democrat.
    Republicans will win their races fairly once this practice is put to an end.
    You can’t have the rat looking after the cheese.
    This is an addiction with the Left. They have to control the election process and through cheating they win. Conservatives have to make sure this monopoly is ended.

  7. We hv been suffering now for two years with these two idots in the WH and these left wing Traitors.Elections are stolen,the border is wide open,blm and antfa still exist,and these rotten demo-rats are still calling the shots. I pray every night that God wl turn all this around bk the way it ws when Trump ws in charge. This is the greatest country in the world by far and its being torn apart from within.GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HEAVEN HELP US

  8. The demoncrats really don’t even realize what having this power will also bring on them in the end. As much as I detest the lying to achieve,I know that these kind of things will happen to bring on the RAPTURE. They will all have the opportunity (if you can call it that) to accept the mark of the beast or die a very crutial death.Christ will not let such things go unpunished, however I still prefer for things to be done honestly.

  9. Hobbs declared herself the “ dictator” of Arizona ! No way did she win! She has abused the power of the sos office and rigged the election in her favor. We Arizonans must demand a re do of our election without Hobbs overseeing it, and disqualify Gates and richer as well.

  10. The Democrats have this voting thing down like a well oiled machine. Since they have pulled off the biggest election fraud ever with brain dead Biden….all they have to do is say “do it again”…and their minions go into action. I have no doubt that there were shananigans in many of the midterms…I think that’s a big reason we didn’t see any “red wave”…and if something doesn’t change….we will continue to lose. “Thanks”..Kari Lake for taking a stand and fighting back…..I wish we had more people with your courage and fortitude. A candidate running the election….that’s insane!

  11. The Arizona election shows how sick Americais. If this would have happened in the fifties the thieves would have been exposed in 24 hours and removed from power or whatever seat they hold.
    Now, they walk free and enjoy the fruits of their crime. What happened with the saying CRIME DOSE NOT PAY? It pays these days big times

  12. With cowardly politicians in charge and ignorant children who vote according to Twitter, Facebook, et al., the nation is in free fall. Before the next election, entitlements will break the bank. Citizens will be taxed in unparalleled ways and amounts. Illegal aliens must be given housing, food, education, transportation, medical care, legal advice, etc.

    Who has such colossal amounts of money to fund all these things? The democrat cabal of oligarchs has the money but they never spend money that benefits others. Soon enough, the an unbridled government will tax the working class and spend it for the good of everyone, including ten million illegal aliens and uncounted millions of homeless people.

    Who’s in charge of all these things? It’s the afflicted octogenarian now dozing in the oval office provided by the democrat party.

  13. To remove the traitors in this 2020 rerun we must begin at the top and work down the line of criminals called Democrats

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