Libs Soil Themselves as Healthy, Lean, Mean Donald Trump Emerges

Uh oh! Someone is certainly looking fit these days! Donald Trump sat down for a full hour with Sean Hannity earlier this week. There was nothing particularly interesting or unexpected said during the interview. It was on Fox, after all, and Hannity was a good little doggie who didn’t ask any questions that his bosses had not pre-approved. Trump was very calm and measured. “Presidential,” you might say. The thing that has the liberal media and Democrat Party insiders soiling their dungarees, however, is the fact that Donald Trump looks spectacular and healthy.

Trump has shed about 15 pounds since leaving office. Other than a few wrinkles that he added in office, he looks about the same as he did six years ago when he descended the golden escalator and captured America’s heart!

Aides say that Trump is watching what he eats (no more M&Ms) and subjecting himself to a daily regimen of golf in the healthy COVID-killing Florida sunshine. After they failed to impeach him a second time and couldn’t quite manage to execute him for “treason,” the New and Improved Trump must be giving The Establishment nightmares.


Business Insider reports:

“A slimmer Trump has Republicans wondering if the former president is already plotting a serious run for the White House again in 2024 — something he and his advisers continue to mull, with little impetus to make a firm decision before the 2022 elections. ‘I think there’s an extra 10% to 15% chance he runs if he lost 20 pounds.’”

Oh, really?

The GOP establishment is “wondering” if Trump is “plotting” a run, are they? Sounds more like they’re terrified that he’s planning to run over them with a bulldozer again, the way that he did to 16 viable candidates in 2016.

And do you notice how Trump’s enemies always move the goalposts in that quote from an anonymous GOP insider? Trump has lost 15 pounds the anonymous source sniffs, “Well, he hasn’t lost 20!”

Give me a break! Trump looks like Rocky Balboa ascending the mountaintop in preparation for his biggest fight. He looks great!

Just admit that you’re afraid of him and what he’s going to do next, liberals. You saw him emerge from the shadows in this interview (like a NINJA) and it caused you to do the Jerrold Nadler two-step in your non-gender-specific underpants. It’s okay. Admitting your terror in the face of Trump’s masculinity is the first step in submitting to the power of the MAGA.

Something called Vanity Fair, which used to actually be a fashion magazine, wrote:

“Good news for Donald Trump’s waistline is bad news for America.”

As the kids say: LOL!

Okay, enough kidding around. Trump hinted that he’s “strongly” looking at running again in 2024. No surprise there. None at all. He’s a guy who punches back and if anything could ever make someone like Donald Trump go “Old Testament” on his enemies, it’s the travesty of the 2020 farce election.

Barring any significant health challenges, he’s going to run. It’s not like Donald Trump is Joe Biden or something. Trump’s family loves him and they’re not going to let him embarrass himself on a national stage just for power, like a certain someone’s family did last year.

I know it’s way early, but the battle lines are already being drawn for the 2024 GOP primary race, with several figures planning to run for the nomination – whether Trump runs again or not.

Nikki Haley has announced that she is not going to run against Trump. A little bird tells me that behind the scenes, she’s actually angling to run as Trump’s vice president.

Interesting: That means Trump and Pence really are on the outs after Pence’s January 6th betrayal – and it probably means Pence is running as the GOP’s anti-Trump in 2024.

Chris Christie is planning to run as well. Why is everyone laughing suddenly?

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem are two additional figures who are organizing their “exploratory” committees right now. Noem’s stock sank considerably after Tucker Carlson torpedoed her for vetoing a bill to ban chemical castration of children in her state. Cotton could be a good president for the military, but his domestic policies are all over the flipping place.

That’s how the 2024 primary is shaping up so far: It’s a lean and mean Trump against a short list of “frenemies” so far. Looks like one way or another, America’s next duly elected president will be from the state of Florida (Wink!).

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56 thoughts on “Libs Soil Themselves as Healthy, Lean, Mean Donald Trump Emerges”

  1. I bet Democrats are Praying that
    Donald J Trump doesn’t, if he does he’s a Sure Bet!! He’s got my vote and 75 million more !!
    That’s just what we need, someone with Common Sense.
    Go for it President Trump my money’s on you!!

    1. You mean the fake Biden’s presidency? Trump is and will be An outsider. That is why we like him. Now for us to clean house.

      1. Wonderful! He’s got my vote but can’t help wondering if the rads won’t just steal the election AGAIN?

    2. I can’t just blame everything on government or Dems and weak Republicans ! I blame it also on everyday Americans that watch liberal media and get brainwashed easily. They won’t even listen to other media’s and compare the news . Where did common sense go ? I guess it’s easier to let others make decisions for people! God forgive these brainless people that won’t stand up for their Country !!! It’s about your Country not you alone. Use your brain!!

    3. Amen, amen, and amen, again, to all of that!! President Trump is the very BEST president this country has EVER had, as far as I’m concerned!! I know for a fact he’s the best in my lifetime, and, I’m 70 years old!!

      1. I agree – and I’m 75. The only challenger might be President Kennedy, and of course they killed him. I am not constrained by party – but rather by truth and common sense.

    4. Joe & Kamala are serial arsonists starting dumpster fires every day. Do I miss my President ?? Every morning, as I drink my coffee before joining GOP Patriots rushing off to battle Joe Biden’s latest Five Alarm blaze I sigh to myself…. THIS is what mediocrity and corruption looks like— because in fact, Joe’s propensity to kick off crises is a mark of FAILURE. President Trump would NEVER be so stupid. Trump always saw five steps ahead to the consequences of decisionmaking. Yes, he’s brash & tough talking like any New Yorker. But by God, Trump is BRILLIANT. Every day America sees the contrast of Trump’s gift for policy innovation versus Joe Biden’s bottomless capacity for failure.

    1. In order to do that effectively, we need to ban the Dominion machines!! Tighter regulations at our voting offices and better supervision during the ‘counting’ process. Then, and only then, can we believe we have a ‘somewhat’ FAIR election.


          1. I truly believe that, Bert. Go to the polls. If you don’t have a car, walk. If you can’t walk, someone will take you. If you are a legal registered voter, then make your voice and your vote count! There is no excuse for any of you to stay home and waste your precious right to vote! NO INTERNET VOTING PERIOD !!!

    2. America should have removed George Soros in the late 60’s when I warned EVERYONE about him but did anyone
      listen? NO….you reap what you allow to be sowed!

  2. First the 2022 elections!! Let’s get some ‘genuine’ Republicans with solid backgrounds into office! We need to ‘weed out’ the RINO’s and the Dems. We are finding some ‘decent’ candidates now, finally. We need to support them. Meanwhile, I’m praying Biden/Harris don’t totally ‘trash’ this country past repair by 2024!! As it is, Pres Trump will have another ‘mess’ to clean up once in office–even worse than the one Obama left behind!! We can always hope Pelosi is out of office by then, too. She is obstructive, obsessive and not very ‘bright’! Her own ambitions take first place and by any means–fair or foul!! She’s the ‘last’ thing we need in Congress. We DO need people who will ‘work with’ our president for the GOOD of our country not for personal ambitions!!

    1. You’re hoping is wishful thinking. They have already trashed the Country! Got my doubts of it ever being the same!!
      Changed by Democrats for ever.
      These stupid idiots are now going to do away with 90% of Red meat!
      Good luck with that.

  3. If not DJT then has to be DeSantis. Nikki Haley has shown common sense to at least set herself up for VP nomination by saying she will not challenge Trump. Let’s hope DeSantis stays put in Fla cause doing a great job and Trump gets reelected. Time to show the Demturds that America is still the greatest nation and that their schemes have all been brought to light and time for them to go.

    1. We Floridians want to keep DeSantis right here. The Dem who ran against him was found in a motel full of drugs with a gay guy passed out and the police arrived and allowed him to drive himself home. We had a narrow escape. Hence we want DeSantis to remain Florida’s Governor, even the Dems in office are in step with him.

    1. We have to help him!!
      He can’t do it Alone.
      We can start in 2022!!
      Put the Democrats where they belong in the Trash! We can take care of that.

      1. For God’s sake – save us from KamalaBama. What a complete joke. She should move to Russia where Communists are liked and actually idolized! And take Joke Joe with you!

  4. The vile Democrats already have their Democrat-owned warehouses stuffed to the ceilings with 2022 and 2024 fraudulent ballots, all ready to be pulled out under cover of darkness and delivered to any polling place where a Dem candidate appears to be losing. Deja vu. It will be 2020 again. And the Dems know they’ll get away with it again. They’ll roll over any Republican opposition to the results (which won’t be much, just like 2020), and laugh at the thoroughly cowardly and intimidated Supreme Court.

    1. I agree.Until cheating is stopped they will do it again.I hate to say it but there is going to be war.You cannot reason with the unreasonable.Talk will not sweep clean the entire government.This will be necessary to restore the USA to what it was intended by the founders.Does anyone have the courage to do what is necessary?It will be difficult.

      1. You speak the truth. We need honest people who don’t promote laws that encourage illegal votes by not requiring picture IDs; and, don’t encourage illegals pouring into the US to get their votes.

    1. Admitted communists are at least honest about who they are and what they want. Democrats are infinitely more sinister, and much more corrupt. Trump won in 2020. Anyone not acknowledging that is bullshiting themselves. But work should be being done to refine the voting process, and vigilance will be needed to avoid its corruption once again in 2024.

  5. Afraid the DemocRATS will steal the election again They have already got away with the 2020 elections with no one doing a thing to right the wrong!

  6. Why not a 3rd term because he is still the President of our Republic. Corporation President Biden is presiding over a bankrupt company of corruption. The chaos we are witnessing is to wake people up and show patriotic people the direction he would have taken this country if legitimately voted in as President. Vaccinated people will always get some type of virus and have compromised the immune system God gave each of us. People have gone from never taken a vaccine for a virus to taking two and now being told a booster is necessary. How many more boosters after that until you drop for good? Wake Up.

  7. Trump was the greatest President in my lifetime. I am not sure if the best thing for him is to run again. The Republican’s are a sorry bunch. They attacked Donald and failed to support him when most needed. They stood on the sidelines and sniped at him. He should now do the same and weed out the Rhino’s and support the new Trump party. A monumental task and maybe a impossible task. Continued spineless same old same old will have tragic results for the America we once knew and loved.

  8. I’m unsure about the two-term Presidential limit. Since Me. Trump has had one term, does that mean he would be limited to only one term, assuming that he runs and is elected? Or does it mean that he can serve for two terms since there was a break in his Presidency? I‘ve been unsuccessful trying to find the answer.
    If elected (hopefully), he’ll have to spend precious time repairing the damage created by Sleepy Creepy Joe and his Leftie cohorts. He’ll have to dig us out of a hole just to get back to January 19, 2021. I pray that our beloved country will not have been destroyed by 2024; we’re well on the way!

    1. Unfortunately, if he runs and wins, that will be considered his second (and last) term. To date, Grover Cleveland is the only president who was able to win reelection after losing his original bid for reelection. He was the 22nd and the 24th president. If successful, Trump would be the 45th and 47th president.

    1. It’s not America now, pal. It hasn’t been America for thirty-five years or thereabouts. Trump was revealing the corruption that brought it to its knees at the end of the Reagan admn. That was due to the virtually entirely corrupt democrat party and the reticence on the part of the republicans to combat it. The Obama administration was so abysmally corrupt that hadn’t Trump taken the reins we could very well have experienced a depression prior to covid. If you’re going to fight, get some information. FInd out why Obama was so corrupt and the damage his administration and he personally did. Trump was exposing the “swamp” in that party which is why they threw the collusion and impeachment monkey wrenches into the works.

      1. Put a picture of Malcolm X next to Obama and especially his daughter Malia and tell me X is not his father.
        Everything then will fall into place. O’s mother worked with X but he couldn’t let it be known he knocked up a white girl. She had two sons who both look just like X. That’s where all the money came from for O to travel the world as a penniless student. The Kenyan was only a stooge who wanted into the U.S. That’s why there was all that fuss over O’s birth certificate. O paid millions trying to keep that hidden. Pelosi helped him there too.

  9. If we survive Joe Biden . President Trump will need all the help ALL the people can give him . Follow the laws of the people by the people . We need to educate our children from day one, rite from wrong . If you don’t put them on the rite path from day one , they will be lost to kayos .

  10. he was the greatest president I have known and Iv’e been to a rodeo or two how can the American people stand by while these incompetents take over one of the greatest countries in the world with their lies and corrupt politics what do we want to be communist that is what they want. God help America.

    1. 100% Totally AGREE WITH YOU And We The People Need To Do Everything We Can For OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP To Be Back In The Wh In 2024 And Kick That MF Out Of Office For Doing Nothing

      1. He does nothing because he has no brain. KamalaBama is running the show. You know it and I know it.

    2. You’re right Kathy – Biden is not your president. KamalaBama is your president. Joe is hiding under his bed.

  11. The swing states will no longer exist after Biden’s reign of failure as a president they will definitely become pro conservatives states.

  12. We better stick to everything we are saying in our posts or the Communist Democrats will steal the election again. These politics are no longer afraid of losing their seat. They already have those that are brainwashed and they attack, insult, and threaten the rest of us. We need to decide now how we are going to stand up to them. We all saw what they did in January, I have a friend now that is nothing more then a political prisoner being held for things he did not do. They are physically abusing people being held in DC jails and denying bail while letting violent street thugs go in NYC. We are up against powerful, violent elitism and it is time to band together, use our brain and figure out how to defeat the communist Democrats. They are here in every corner of our countries being we have a hell of a struggle ahead of us.

  13. Why do you think not only Democrats but also the Rinos that cheated on the election they knew what was coming down the pike with Trump in.Not surprising to hear what Barrett did on the Supreme Court followed Roberts request then you have the Judas in Barr,Peace and company-the old saying what goes around comes around

  14. yes, Trump should run again…country Needs him…by then it will be a mess with the crazies in the white house

  15. I surely am hoping that we have Donald Trump as our president again! His speech can be crude at times [ we all hear worse everyday in the media…music, TV, movies, & language out of Hollywood!]. BUT I did not vote for him based on his language. I voted for him TWICE because he has a brilliant business mind & is more than capable of getting the job done. Democrats hated him from the beginning because THEY could NOT BUY HIM, AND their corruption was about to be exposed. As far as the question about corrupt voting, we all know [as does the world] that Trump IS our legal President. I believe the easiest way [maybe!] to have legitimate voting is to have ONLY voting by paper ballot, have RED ballots for Republican, BLUE ballots for Democrats….look of ballots to be kept secret till Election Day, AND picture voter ID with fingerprinting. AND plenty of people watching while votes are counted [maybe Judges could volunteer for that duty]. Might take a little longer, but would be worth it. BUT, I’m sure someone [??] would find corruption with that also!!

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