Pennsylvania in Play Again as Delegation Visits Maricopa County

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) is kind of a slippery little worm, ain’t he? The conservative rockstars in the Arizona legislature sent him a big pile of awesome bills recently, and Ducey vetoed every single one of them on the Friday before Memorial Day. One of the bills would have banned teaching anti-white critical race theory in Arizona classrooms. The other would have banned the mass mailing of ballots to people who didn’t request them in the state. No wonder the Arizona Senate had to find a way to go it alone on auditing the Maricopa County results. With friends like Ducey… Anyway, in a surprising and encouraging bit of news, a Pennsylvania Senate delegation paid a surprise visit to Arizona this Wednesday.

It’s surprising because there hasn’t been a hint of Pennsylvania jumping on board the audit train to date. The state hasn’t been part of an overarching strategy thus far. As I wrote previously, there are enough electoral votes in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin to snatch Joe Biden’s false victory out from under him. In fact, with those three states’ votes overturned, we would have a historic 269-269 tie in the Electoral College (which would default to a Trump victory in a House of Representatives run-off vote).

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would bring the result of the 2020 election to a 289-249 Trump victory. And that’s without checking the results of other states that I know Donald Trump won in 2020, such as Nevada, Virginia, Oregon and Maine.


The Pennsylvania delegation visited with the Arizona state senate to see how the audit has been conducted and seems to be signaling that we’ll be seeing a similar audit in their state very soon. The heroes in the Arizona operations were extremely smart in the way they carried out the audit. The Maricopa County audit is being conducted by the Arizona Senate (which subcontracted out to Cyber Ninjas, the firm doing the actual audit). The Senate paid for it with already-existing funds.

This was smart, because the Arizona Senate didn’t have to worry about shepherding a bill through the state House and then sit there dumbfounded as their “Republican” Governor vetoed it. Ducey may be playing for the other team, but the Arizona Senate found a way to sidestep him entirely and still conduct an audit of the 2020 election results.

Pennsylvania is saddled with another piece of work for a governor – Tom Wolf. There’s no way that Wolf would sign off on legislation to do an audit of the Pennsylvania results, so the PA Senate can hopefully use similar legislative tricks to authorize their own audit. Nicely done!

The Pennsylvania delegation is also checking out the audit because this has never been done before. We’ve never had a forensic audit of a presidential election. This first-of-its-kind event is being done in four stages: A comparison of registrations versus votes cast; a hand count and vote tally audit (being done right now); an audit of the voting systems and machines; and an audit of the reported results versus the actual numbers the auditors will find.

The Pennsylvania delegation was encouraged by what they’re seeing, and Senator Doug Mastriano noted that this looks like it should be gold standard for presidential audits going forward. The auditors are leaving nothing to chance and no stone unturned (hopefully).

You probably saw this past week that one of President Trump’s former attorneys was trying to throw cold water on the idea of Donald Trump being reinstated to the office that he rightfully won. Jenna Ellis noted that the constitutional process to put Joe Biden in office has played out, so there’s “nothing” else that can be done. This is naïve at best and gaslighting at worst.

If the series of audits proves that Joe Biden never got 270 electoral votes in the first place, there are and there will be remedies. Joe Biden lost by a lot. When that is proven conclusively, there will be a flurry of emergency lawsuits, and that will only be the beginning. If it’s proven that Joe Biden stole the presidency with a minority of Electoral College votes, he’s not going to be staying in office, regardless of “process.”

I think we can expect a big announcement about another audit from the Pennsylvania legislature very soon.

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36 thoughts on “Pennsylvania in Play Again as Delegation Visits Maricopa County”

  1. Oh, I do hope so!!! The ‘pressure’ needs to be kept on if we’re ever to get to the ‘truth’ about this past election. Thank you for mentioning Maine!! I KNOW Pres Trump won here, as well. Having RINO’s as a Governor and a representative is not in our favor. Having an audit is very unlikely. Most likely, we don’t carry enough ‘points’ as a state to matter very much. However, the more I talk with Maine citizens, the more I’m convinced that our votes were compromised!! I’ve had to hire several people for home repairs, etc, as well as talking with employees in several stores—they were ALL ‘Trump’ supporters!!! Every one!!

    1. Other states that have started or are planning to audit: Wisconsin, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia?, New Hampshire had an “off” election AND Republican Senators only showed 28% of the votes they had won. That was one county. Arizona is leading the way to victory. It is fast becoming a big deal.

  2. If it turns out that the election was stollen that would mean that the shutting down the pipeline was an illegal order and I would hope that everyone that lost their job or was effect by that action would sue the hell out of Biden and anyone else involved in this treason.

    1. I totally agree and Sue Biden and everyone else with the border crisis. Stop letting the illegals in

  3. If there was a “wrong” then it MUST be set right no matter what process might be required including the military to throw the usurpers out . If a wrong is allowed to stand then it will damn the country and the constitution.

  4. To the people of these state with RINO as governor. It time to ask the hard questions! Or force these people unto a POLYGRAPH TEST for all to see! POLITICAN WILL SAY ONE THING AND DO THE OTHER! Can’t be TRUSTED! TRUMP WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO FOLLOW WHAT HE RAN ON HIS CAMPAIGN! BIDEN HAS BACK TRACK WITH LIES! We know these politicians are only looking out for THEMSELVES NOT THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THEM. Biden is trying to finish what was started by OBAMA! That why he put OBAMA TEAM BACK IN PLACE! NONE ARE BIDEN TEAM!

  5. Yaaawwwnnnnn….. . More false hope. As long as there are back-stabbing, two-faced LIARS like RINO Douche bag in power nothing will change.

    These phony two-bit political hacks were seeded all over the country by the US Communist Party, better known as Democrats.

    AND THE GOP KNEW IT ALL ALONG. Now that those Communists OWN the federal bureaucracy, the Communist Congress, the “no standing” – Big Red Courts, the Lying Media, and the New Woke military, what’s left?

    Where was the useless GOP for all those years this was coming on? Every time there was a chance to stop some of it the YELLOW COWARDS folded up and sneaked away whimpering.

    I want to see some action! Tired of reading meaningless words for the past SIX MONTHS while Beijing tightens its grip on the country.

    GET IT DONE AND DONE HONESTLY or just start passing out The Thoughts of Mao.

  6. This has to start snowballing and I believe it will eventually spread through MANY states. There was just far too much BLATANT-IN YOUR FACE-WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT- voter fraud and corruption by the democrats to ignore. There is NOOOOOO way the pedophile and the tramp received the most votes in our history — JUST NO WAY !!!!! Many kudos to the Arizona Senate and good luck to the Pennsylvania Senate when they start their audit. They will face an uphill battle with their communist/anti-American governor but the 2020 election MUST be overturned. Before the election I drove through Pennsylvania,Maryland,West Virginia and Virginia and there were Trump signs everywhere we looked. Yes — even Maryland — we were amazed and happy at the support for Trump. There is just no way that biden & harris(being nice) received more “LEGAL” votes than Trump. This is NOT over !!!!!! I keep getting requests for donations to help prevent this voter fraud from happening again but I won’t donate a dime until the 2020 election is overturned.

    1. I too, will not donate a dime until Republicans stand up and fight for what’s right. Promises, promises and more promises have been followed by requests for money for years… no more money til we get results for the money already donated.

  7. False hope is better than nothing !
    (Bird’s of a feather flock together)
    What is it with all the negative thinking? All these states get together including George and pull their resources just may get things done. At least people are trying!! Someone keeps poking at a Bear sooner or later he’s coming after you. Looks like we’ve had enough!
    TRUMP 2024

    1. They have got to get rid of Tom the Wolf governor!! It would be better to have a real wolf installed than
      that communist.
      We as Americans need to launch an all out effort such as what happened after Pearl Harbor was attacked! It awaken “The Sleeping Giant”, the U.S. rose up and fought and won. Our battle at this time is not with bombs and guns, we need to work taking back all offices starting at the bottom level of local government. Funds from the globalist groups, (big tech, and old Soros$$$) need to be traced and legally stopped. In fact he needs to be barred from the United States, just like he’s barred from several countries across the World. There are still more of us than the local Bolsheviks and Marxists.

  8. I think Pres. Trump likely won almost a sweep of the entire country. No way Basement Biden and chuckles Harris won. Throw out everything they’ve done. Biden thinks he’ll be the most famous president in history…be careful what you wish for in a band of Democrat and Soros thieves.

  9. I would love to see the money trails that are within our congress, senate, DOJ, FBI, Police Unions, and the white house. Why In the hell would you protect the same people that punish you and want to defund you? Are people really that dumb to realize that the democratic party hates police, blacks, and all deplorables that can’t funnel money, drugs and children into their multi million dollar mansions and their exclusive secret parties. They have no problem spending Thousands of our tax paying dollars on their alcohol, vacations, flights with all them deplorables protecting them and waiting on them like slaves. Then letting them sleep on parking garage floors!

  10. Biden is slowly destroying the country with his illegal orders. We hav eto do all we can to show that he is a fake president. He never won a thing, and we know it.

    1. Slowly? It’s done. So much damage to be undone that it’s going to take decades. I’ll be dead by then and my kids will be working senior citizens. OUR country was NEVER meant to be run down like this. You’re right, he never won anything, but could win WORST fake President and hold that title. Probably for eternity, though he’s not all there calling all the shots due to his mental incapacity, he was never capable anyway.
      Let’s hope .

  11. I’ll bet Trump won Oregon we had so much violence,looting,burning police stations,Federal Bldg psyco left tried burning people alive in the building by boarding up exits . Only a moron would vote for a party who condones that.
    I met Democrats who voted for Trump because of it!

  12. I think he might just be the most famous President in history. He will be famous for rigging an election, and dying in GITMO.

  13. Thank God that we live in the USA , a nation where unintended mistakes can be corrected and intended wrongdoings can be righted under existing law rather than being dependent upon the whims and moods of the autocrats and slave masters leeching off the Third World! Regardless of the outcome, a precedent is being set that will heretofore be a historic reference point for all future elections in this country!

  14. For everyone in AZ, send Ducey a love letter as I did. He deserves a blow back from all his legal Trump supporters in no uncertain terms. Bury him in notices of your total discontent for his actions. Not only did he hurt the legal children in the state of AZ but he has undermined in every way he could the security of this state. He is on his last term and will be replaced in 2022, but anyone that wants to start a recall is likely going to catch enough signatures in this state to sink this weasel early AND QUICKLY. Why wait? Kick him out now, he is a snake in the grass and just bit us all. And I guarantee there are enough NO DUCEY people to load up the kick him out of office now necessary votes extremely. It was done to another lousy governor a few decades back. DO IT AGAIN AND QUICKLY. WE HAVE A PROCEDURE for it already in the footprint of recent history.

  15. Now if only MI WI along with all other states that fudged elections would get their acts together w just might save the America we grew up to live

  16. The above article about “Gov” Tom Wolf being “another piece of work for a governor” is right on! The guy is a disgrace to the state of Pennsylvania…..and we have Philadelphia and Pittsburgh voters to thank for that! (And I’m a Philly native!).

  17. My hope is everyone that had anything to do with this election fraud goes to prison and tried for treason, which is punishable by execution in times of war. These treasonous tards need to be made an example of. If not made an example of then you can expect democRATS to cheat by any means available. Republicans need to grow a backbone and go for the throats of these COMMUNIST Unamerican TRAITORS!

  18. I so agree with everyone that spoke out an stated the truth about the dems. Trump won not Biden. How do you win an election sitting in your basement. We have to fix this now, or america will never survive.

  19. I lived in AZ from 2011 to 2017. Without asking I’d receive 5 ballots in the mail. AZ has ballot harvesting. True abomination of secure voting
    Ducey is not his real name. Comes from Ohio with a family connected to Mafia. Wow! What a surprise.

  20. If a pipeline’s computer control system can be hacked, our elections could easily have been hacked as well! There should be an audit of the votes comparing the paper ballots that should be saved I would say for at least 4 years, until the next election takes place. Our voter’s rolls should be audited often to remove those on the voter lists that have not voted for years, if there were good reasons to explain why a person has not voted, it should not be that hard to reinstate them. I have posted this before, but will repeat a battle I have been waging for years about cleaning the voter list. My youngest son has not lived in the state he was first registered in for well over a decade, and has lived in two states since he left the state he was first registered in. I am on the local board of adjustment and was appointed by the late mayor, who knew my family well as I built his daughter’s house and both first my daughter and then my son were his paperboy. I have told the mayor’s widow my son no longer lives in this state and hasn’t for years and that his name should be removed from the book, it just falls on deaf ears! Even when I signed on the wrong line in the register by mistake, since his name is right above mine his name was never removed from the list! This last election I received mail-in-ballots for both of us and I easily could have mailed both of them in! If this is happening to me, I would bet there are thousands if not possibly millions of cases like mine!

  21. I’m keeping the pressure on my PA Legislature to DO THE RIGHT THING and audit our 2020 election votes. I am sure our big cities is where the most cheating was done! I have said it all along that an illegimate President is sitting in the Peoples’ House now along with Obama’s boys and girls running our country into the ground. The whole lot of them should be rounded up for TREASON against the USA, tried and executed by a firing squad. GOD Save America!

  22. I agree that there were too many proven discrepancies in the election and that Trump won, hands down. The left and the fake media never allowed the truth to be verified openly. Unfortunately this has been happening for the past few elections and they accomplished their goal with the 2nd Obama election and now Biden’s atrocity. I don’t know how the left and the fake media can openly say that the election was honest when they have video and polling observers/verifiers saying that they were told that the ballot count had closed at midnight and when they come in in the morning they find out that there were ballot counters working all night counting ballots and photos of ballots being delivered overnight and this was not an isolated incident.
    While I didn’t always agree with everything that Trump said or did he at least held to his promises and vastly improved our FREE COUNTRY. What bothered me most, and I think was his undoing, was his constant tweeting. I realize that was the only way he could get his message and his side of the story out to the general public, the left wing media surely wasn’t going to support him like they kissed Obama’s backside, but a little more forethought and moderation would have helped.
    With this stolen election we now have lawlessness, riots, looting, murders and countless other atrocities taking place and supported by our President, fake media, Democrat’s and RINOS. The final straw is that they want to defund our police, the men and women that, along with our military, put their lives on the line to protect us. Then they have the audacity to build 9 foot fences around their place and cry and whine because the police didn’t help them when something happens to them.
    I pray that my grandchildren will have some semblance of a free country to live in. May the Lord protect, the Democrat’s and our President won’t.

  23. Mainstream Media is totally controled by the Communists (Soros and his rich cronies),and,unfortunately, there are a lot of “dummies” who still read and listen to their propaganda. The Marxists/Democrats have one goal—get control of everybody. But, how do we educate the “dummies”?

  24. well pennsylvania would sure be the key to restore trump to his rightful place as president-
    just one problem -pennsylvania is so corrupt the battle that the criminal arizonans put up to
    stop the audit will be nothing compared to pennsy-they seem to have invented corruption -and
    have taken it to new levels-would not surprise me if they illegally destroyed all the records and ballots-

  25. people-please –honestly -biden had nothing to do with the rigging -this has the stink of
    obama-pelosi-and other dems-biden sat out the election in his basement so no one could find out just how
    far gone he was-
    the machines and the mail in ballots were the actual votes-they only pranced joe out now and then to prove he was still alive–the soros improvised dominion machines were a major force in the fraudulent election-
    but the phony mail in ballots put the dems over the top -as we saw in florida and georgia in 2018 –
    fake ballots just kept coming and coming -and they did that again in 2020-

  26. if they can get an audit of pennsylvania- there should be at least a million fake ballots for biden in just the overnight vote count -trump was ahead by over 750,000 votes going overnight-there is no way biden voters picked up that number without trump getting at least enough to keep pace with any legal votes- unless of course they added fake ballots for biden-
    I still stand by the philly bakery that had trump as the winner and had picked the previous elections correctly
    by the number of a certain product sales-I think they had trump leading 3 to 1 –

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