Petty: Democrats Introduce Legislation to Prevent Trump from Receiving Arlington Cemetery Burial

In a move that sounds more like Babylon Bee than headline news, House Democrats have introduced their new “No Glory for Hate” bill that seeks to prevent former president Donald Trump from an honorable burial in Arlington Cemetery.

Though the bill does not specifically name Donald Trump, the measure clearly targets the former president. It seeks restrictions on “any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives.” The legislation would also prevent federal funds for statues, monuments, street names, or park bench dedicated to Trump or his presidential efforts.

The bill, H.R. 484, was introduction by Democrat Congresswoman Linda Sanchez of California, co-sponsored by 13 Democrats. In a statement, the Congresswoman noted:

“For years, Donald Trump poured gasoline on lies, encouraging racism and hatred, then lit the match on January 6th. A president who has been impeached twice does not deserve the honors bestowed on a former president. We should never glorify the hatred Donald Trump personified as President. This bill ensures that there is no glory for hate, not a building, statue, or even a park bench.”

Of course, this is the same Democrat who was “proud” of the 57 Senators who voted to impeach Trump. Her personal attacks have argued for holding the former president accountable for his “attack on democracy” and to convict him for his actions.


What’s next? Unsatisfied with impeaching Trump and holding a Senate trial after he is out of office, the left can’t stop their ongoing hatefest. Instead of working on legislation to help America bounce back following a pandemic, Democrats are investing time and resources into laws to ban Trump’s name from a park bench.

At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Congress vote to ban MAGA hats or exile Trump to a deserted island. Maybe they will even convince Biden to sign an executive order to remove Trump books from federal libraries.

Perhaps Democrats have forgotten we live in this little thing called a democracy. Citizens vote for their representative leaders, including president. If you don’t like it, you choose another one in four years.

By the way, the same is true for Congress, except it’s every two years. Sanchez and friends might want to keep this in mind, as she’ll soon have to answer to her voters why she chose to pursue banning Trump from Arlington Cemetery instead of getting students back in schools and reopening businesses.

Democrats can play games with legislation, but only for so long. The midterm elections will be here before we know it and Americans are going to be ready for some leadership focused on something besides hating Trump.

If the House can’t figure that out, conservatives may be able to help shift the power to leaders who care about the nation and those they represent. We’ll need all hands on deck to rebound from a regime consumed by hate that more closely resembles the Empire from Star Wars than the patriots who founded our nation.


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115 thoughts on “Petty: Democrats Introduce Legislation to Prevent Trump from Receiving Arlington Cemetery Burial”

  1. Sanchez and the rest of the idiot Democrats need to be black listed, Rejected and canceled OUT, just like their trying to do to Trump!
    The first one to Cancel Out is Biden, the second, Harris and so on down the line!

      1. The Democratic party is the most evil, hate filled, poisonous snake f*****s I have ever seen. They all belong in Iran with those retards.

        1. Absolutely true. I was thinking more of Gitmo since they let out all the terrorists under a democratic president. We may as well get something for our money. Maybe waterboard or deprogramming.

      2. You are right. They are eat up with jealously. Afraid of Mr. Trump mercy. If Plesosi and Kamala are taking time about saying thing and add Biden’s name. Silly people

      3. The Democrats are so obsessed with destroying the 1st President who couldn’t be bought because he’s not a corrupt politician. You can bet the mid-terms in Congress and Senate will have a whole new outcome from when Biden was placed in the White House.

        1. right n but how do we stop the faud of voting with dead people and people puting in balots that have no name but a false one. Pelso is the wicked witch of the wset and Hillery is the wicked witch of the east. Harris just doesnt care about americans just herself and maybe who she can sleep with to go higher then and climate change. we just have to vote and make sure the votes are counted right and no one to put in illegal and dead people and cats and dogs names and be paid to put in extra votes when people are not looking. we will get our country back the right way not by cheating the way the other side just did..

      1. The Constant hate I see and hear is from the Democrats, starting with Biden, Harris, Pelosi. SCHUMET AND Schiff and on. I’ve never heard so much Racism as I’m hearing now. It’s everyday

        1. After the lack of not stopping those riots in the summer, DUE TO DEMS, IT MAKES ME SICK. HARRIS ENCOURAGED THE RIOTS. THOSE DEMS CITIES REFUSED HELP FROM THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. What is that message sending ? I can’t believe those idiot dems.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as a democrat anymore. They are socialist… As far as everyone calling our form of government a democracy, that’s a crock also! Apparently you all need to find a good HISTORY book and try to read it. We used to teach history about 50 or 60 years ago but these socialist have taken the truth out of most everything. These brilliant ungodly professors and teachers and government officials are well on their way to destroying this nation. We need to be on our knees to our creator for we ALL will answer to him, A-men………….

    2. I wish I was a lawyer, I would show you just how evil the democrats are. I know they conspired with China to start this pandemic. It conveniently started final year of Trump’s term, it was the only topic Biden had for his campaign. It was the democrats only hope, and they weren’t even sure that would work, so with help from China they rigged the election. They sold out our country!

      1. The Time Life Article confirms that. It’s sad that even Our Supreme Court is not hearing any cases. Our Election System needs to be changed. Must had ID, be Registered and Vote in person. The only mail in votes should be with an excuse and verified as originally intended. Bill Gates donates over 300 Million and did those Drop Boxes which is against every Election Law out there. It’s ok since he’s boughten and paid these people off. Weird that he’s promoting vaccines, friends with Fauci and is suddenly so involved in Our Country.

    3. Democrats have no good ideas, so they attack Trump. They are like a teenage gang who can’t do anything good, so they do something bad. Poor things!!!

      1. I can’t believe just how DEEP their Hatred goes for this man! For a long time we have suffered at their hands, the Left has no care about the citizens of this country at all! WE ELECTED Donald Trump because He genuinely CARES about this country and it’s people!! THEY weren’t satisfied with the choice WE MADE and had to sink so low to steal it from We the People! He left office and submitted to their claims and yet THEY can’t stop! Their HATRED which is totally Demonic in nature, compels them to continue their actions against him? WHAT DO THEY FEAR? WHAT IS THE REASON TO CONTINUE THEIR HATRED?

        1. You know Trump uncovered lots of their corruption they HAD to make sure he wouldn’t win. That should tell everyone something. Their continued Hatred is more proof. There’s a lot we the people will not be told.

        2. How can there be so much hatred for one man? I don’t understand. It makes me sick, quite honestly. And what frustrates me is, I don’t know what to do about it. This man worked his tail off, with a House who has hated him since he first got elected, to make this country a better place, struggling to keep his promises, and keeping as any as he could in four years, regardless of the opposition. He was the President who acknowledged Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, and even moved our embassy there. He put Americans back to work, and once the virus came, he managed to get thousands of ventilators that saved more lives than most of us can count. He sent a hospital ship to each coast. The fact that they were not even used is not Mr. Trump’s fault. A friend of mine pointed out that the word pandemic is actually
          pan-DEM-ic. and in this case, she is right. The panic was designed to close down the country, control the populace, and undo all the good Mr. Trump had done. I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!

          This country owes Mr. Trump a heartfelt apology and a huge debt of gratitude for all he tried to do to restore our deeply broken country to her former glory. I can’t wait till the evil is exposed, and we end up going hat-in-hand to Mr. Trump, begging him to take his old job back. I hope he says no first and makes us squirm before finally saying yes. It would be no less than we deserve.

      2. It’s kind of like a Disney Movie with Pelosi and the other Wicked Witches who come up with these Really Stupid, Damaging and Hateful Idea’s, they pass the word to their Trained Flying Monkeys, who can’t think for themselves, to carry them out!

    4. This is awful. He has the right to be buried at Arlington. How can so many people be so hateful. How would
      they feel if the Republicans did the same to them?

      1. I agree Dolores, what will these stupid dems come up with next? To let those riots go on all summer and Biden and Harris called them peaceful. WHAT MESSAGE IS THAT SENDING ? I am shocked that Harris is vice president . They couldn’t do better than her.

    5. All democrats since and including Clinton should be scrutinized. Very very blue democrats left. Most have been replaced by communists/ socialists.

    6. Amen to that! Bunch of snotty brats being playground bullies because we had a president that allowed us to see them for who they were. Pathetic and incompetent fools

    7. Amazing, if the people of FL do not remove these Deep State Marxists from office, they have not learned the lessons from the DNC/CCP states from which they fled! When they elect dogmatic tyrants petty morons that do not recognize the American identity that was preserved by Rush Limbaugh. This Ms. Fred is the epitome of the mental illness that is the Bolshevik demonization and polarization of Americans that do not happen to subscribe to the Globalist agenda. It is the rising of totalitarianism that will make and join in Mao Zedong’s Red Guard ‘culture ‘revolution’ that was based on the brainwash ignorance of the ‘new’ left the tactical hivemind that killed millions in CCP censored thought and like today’s DNC/CCP & ilk media targets America First and President Trump’s supporters as it exposes the Deep State corruptions of those that steal and profit from their self-dealing like the Beijing O’Biden Clinton cabal.
      We are seeing right now that is unfolding in the Beijing O’Biden appointments of some of the most corruptible despots that have ever ‘served’ in US government. But whose self-serving loyalties are in support of the CCP & Chinese advancement based on bribery of those in the DNC America’s CCP. Of course, there are several rinos in their mix. Their sickness is on full display, they are so brainwashed they cannot see how SICK they are, they cannot see, as their obsession even transcends after death as they seek and are all about silencing voices like Rush even posthumously! If “you” cannot see how dangerously brainwashed these DNC/CCP bolsheviks & supporters really are you are a victim of the brainwashing of America.

    8. Dems are the haters!! They took the election and try to slander him! I hope God’s wrath comes down on them. They are scumb under Trump’s fingernails. Dems idea of winning is ” win anyway you can” I’m sick that they are tearing at him like a pack of wolves never letting up even before his win in 2016. I don’t think the have a sole They don’t seem to have any morals and all they care about is insisting violence. Hold on! All those illegals are going to cause all hell to break lose. They want to distroy American & its people.

    9. Right on. I don’t want to think what harm Biden & the dems could do to this country in the next four years.

    10. If only it could be that simple; wouldn’t life in this country be grand? As soon as we can unit on this issue, I am all for enforcing it; along with removing their right to be citizens of the United States and we can send each one of them south of the border with all their ILLEGAL ALIEN friends!!!

    11. It is such a bad commentary from the far left with the wire around the peoples capital that the entire free world has to be astounded at the picture. Biden don’t know where he is half the time and is a feeble minded old man who is in the early stages of dementia who is entrusted with the brief case that has the nuclear codes (VERY SCARY). This country is
      headed in the wrong direction

  2. Sanchez and the 13 listed on the bill will be our first target to go after. We must get people like this out of public office. We have greater things to do for the countty

  3. It’s so good to be able to carry on a intelligent conversation with people like you & Most of the people that comment here !!

    1. But they haven’t the faintest idea about how to do good for America. The only thing that brings Democrats together is their hatred of President Trump, part of which is based on jealousy of his successes as POTUS in all those areas – domestic and foreign – where Saint Obama failed.

      President Trump showed the world what a shallow, ignorant, self-centred, egotistical and feckless individual Obama was and still is. The only different between 2008-2016 and now is that Obama is hiding behind China Joke who appears to be quite happy to act as his mouthpiece in return for being called president (by some) and being allowed to live in the White House. It probably hasn’t occurred to Resident China Joke that he will carry the can when Obama’s policies fail America and Americans once again because he’s the person that signed the Executive Orders. But why should he care? His lifetime dream has been fulfilled and he’s managed to become a multi-millionaire from working as a public servant for 47 years. This is the person that 160 million people living and dead voted for in 2020. They deserve him but it’s such a shame that those who didn’t vote for him have to suffer also. Roll on 2022 when we have the chance to win back both the House and the Senate and stop Obama’s destruction of America.

      1. It’s not just their hatred for Trump. It is an all out hatred for America’s roots and principles, anything that doesn’t fit their agenda.

    2. DOT: The democrats have done nothIng for America in the last 4 yeaars, other than generate hate because their sweet puke didn’t win 2016. The one that shoould be the first one to go to jail. If it wasn’t the fact they are destroying America, it would make for a good horror movie. If they keep going we wouold be arrested for our remarks. Biden does NOT make decisions, he is a puppet. with Nancy, schumer. schift etc…pulling the strings.

  4. These A-holes are unbelievable. THEY ARE the ones that traded in hatred for more than FOUR YEARS. THEY ARE the ones who twisted the truth and flat out LIED for more than FOUR YEARS. The entire demoncrap party should be disbanded for the disgraceful way they have vilified President Trump, his family, and his supporters. They are the party of lies, corruption, hatred and complete unprofessionalism.

      1. Remember when Hillary Clinton called the people voting for trump diplurable. It is going to take a miracle for this country to go in the right direction. The Republicans to step up, I don’t think they will, because they are scared and want to keep their job with all the GREAT PERKS.

        1. I think Killery is behing all of this hate. After her job? as Sect of State, gleaning all the money from other countries for promising something when she is elected President.

          1. Hmmm, she holds some blame but Obama gets a big share of the blame as do the folks who back them. Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein , Boxer…etc

    1. Thank you! No truer words hae been put to paper! I hae watched for 73 years how the socialists & neo-Nazis hae been trying to invade our politics & government, to destroy our capitalist ways so they can set selves up as bosses or Fidel or Putin! Wake up people! We need to stop this tearing down Trump it does no one any good! It’s time the younger generation realizes just what socialism/communism really is. Look at our Jewish population, certain things need to STOP!
      Obama did us no good just like Beijing Biden is doing us no good. & why put people out of work, vindictiveness! That’s why! 13-16 year old crap but that is what the democrats are doing! Young people stand up…. understand what you’re doing & big tech don’t hae any right to censor anyone ! This is how Hitler got started!!!!

      1. Most of our younger generation is not being taught about the Holocaust or much of Our History that’s one of the reasons they tend to lean left. They don’t know what we know. And the Democrats are trying hard to make sure they don’t. Give them some crumbs here while they take Billions for Stupid Special interests in other Countries!

    2. Totally agree with your comments. These are truly the saddest days for our country and those minions still have no clue as to what they have allowed.

  5. Donald Trump exposed the fraud the Democrats are. Democrats, it’s about power, Republicans, it’s about country. Democrats are angry and want revenge, even fabricated revenge. Like the election results.

  6. Who are the nutcases they vote these people in? Nevermind most of them probably came in on rigged elections. Too bad, the once-proud USA has been reduced to another socialist dump that is fast deteriorating.

    1. Young people need to wake up! All that is happening right now is what Hitler did to ge started & it’s devastating to see it happen again but here in America . I don’t want to see people getting tattooed like the Jewish were because of Hitler but I see it happening. People in America need to wake up & stop being sheep. It’s all over the internet the democrats bragging about how they pulled off stealing the election, videos proof! But yes, rigged! Thing is are we going to let it happen again. Pelosi is at the heart of hate & corruption!! I hae watched for 73 years of democrats going to the “dark side”! Republicans need to stand up & do whatever is right! If elected people don’t do what we want, they need to go!
      For the people
      By the people
      Of the people
      Whatever happened to this concept?
      The heart of the Constitution!

      1. We were aghast that Biden got elected and terrified about the future of our country. His first days in office proved with so many executive orders, which many of were unconstitutionally illegal according to the Constitution which bars the president from cancelling anything that was approved by Congress, without congressional approval. We should adopt a favorite tactic of Nancy Pelosi (most despised woman on earth) and impeach Joseph R, Biden as soon as possible. Let the good Americans stand up and get rid of those vengeful cohorts at the earliest possible time. How can so many Americans be Democrats? Maybe droves of them may change parties as they wake up to the creeping Socialism invading our elected officials! GO REPUBLICAN!!!!!

  7. We need to impeach these Senators who are NOT working for America but insist on decrying wolf. This Republic has had enough of this gossip. Do your job we are paying you to do or get the heck out of OUR house and go home and play in the dirt.

    1. They are already in the dirt problem is they don’t try to hide it anymore! Problem is republicans are cowed anymore. When are republicans going to stand up ? We had a good man at the helm & republicans let him get stabbed in back by people like Liz Cheney & mitt Romney. When are we going to get it together? I didna pick the man to be my moral compass…
      I picked him cause he’s a good businessman but most of all you don’t bully him & I was born in Army so I know about being bullied but he stands up & was working for us…. Beijing Biden is doing for the people pushing him cause he ain’t all there! What does China hae on Biden????

  8. Biden and all democrats should be charged with treason. They are destroying this country and do nothing but breed hate. They belong in prison. They are nothing less than SATAN! They are a bunch of crooks who would do anything to destroy our country.

  9. Their whole statement is full of lies… If anyone is glorifying hate, its them. The bill, H.R. 484 is the bill of hate. Let’s please remember this and the people who signed it. There is no place for this kind of unreasonable hate based on lies.

  10. Trump has taken up permanent residency in their empty heads. I believe they fear him even more than they hate him. I hope those who voted for her and the other 13 appreciate that they waste time being petty rather than try and fix the real issues.

  11. The demonic force all needs to be GONE ! However God feels it should be done . But it’s time for God , Trump to take our country BACK FROM EVIL ! We’re not the haters THEY ARE ! My God they know they didn’t win FAIRLY THAT IS , so why so SCARED OF TRUMP ? You all should be , BC he has the force of GOD on his side not the devil . GOOD ALWSYS BEATS THE DEVIL. Remember Sanchez be careful what you guys all TRIED to do to PRESIDENT TRUMP . Impeach impeach and GOD said NAY !!!!!! God bless our country and that of the haters too ❤️. God and Trump will prevail . The voting will be proven and BIDEN WILL BE GONE AS WELL AS THE REST OF THE SWAMP !!!! Bye haters !!!!! Hello man of GOD . President TRUMP ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I am mad as Hell.Reported Dec. 21,2020 Deep State Swamp Tried to Assignated Pres.Trump & his Family Told to do as they say or else they would KILL THEM!! All Democrats,Mark Short,Mike Pence,Mitch,Pelosi,Romney’s,Ronna Romeney Mittens Niece RNC Chair.Obamas,Harris,Clinton’s,Bushes,Chenney.COUP COUP PRESIDENT WON IN A LANDSLIDE.SCOTUS LET AMERICA DOWN.WE have Fallen.Biden & Swamp say Death to America their Campaign Slogan.EVIL People. NOT Voting Ever Again. Not paying TAXES,No Mask,No Gates Vac,No CHYNNA OLPPICS.DEVIL ENTITIES.

  13. Despicable
    Treacherous Why, oh Why, did they go so WRONG???

  14. The hate for trump from dems and so.e Republicans is so clear. Why do you think he got elected over Hillary? THOSE DEMS AND SOME REPUBLICANS ARE SO JEALOUS OF TRUMP. THEY WANTED TO MAKE SURE HE DIDN’T GET REALECTED. Why don’t these dems stop antifa.

  15. Sanchez and the rest of the Dems have been acting like spoiled, bratty little children ever since Trump got elected. They’ve accused him of racism, xenophobia and other things that they’ve done for years.
    It’s a shame that they can be so petty and vengeful to a person is no longer in office.
    Richard Nixon was treated better by the Dems after he resigned, and he was plainly guilty.
    They are more interested in punishing Donald Trump than doing what they’ve been elected to do, running the country. But now all they’re doing is ruining the country, ignoring their Oaths of Office to protect the Constitution and the American people that elected them.

  16. Its a sad day in this country when a person wins an election that hardly anyone visited his rallies and voted for him in the election, this shit we as Americans must stop today right this minute , this deal cannot be accepted we have to ban together and get this so.b. out if office

  17. Time to ‘let it go ” the demoncrats need to forget Donald and do the job they were elected to do they are the ones tearing the country apart with their hatred towards Donald.
    No shut up and get to Work

  18. Ms. Sanchez can stuff that bill where burritos come out. I don’t know how they can use the word hate when applying it to others. Democrats are the party of hate, they hate America, hate history, hate white people, hate work, hate honesty, hate civility, hate republicans, hate red states, hate fossil fuel, hate airplanes, hate police, hate cows, hate babies, hate religion, hate family union, hate free speech, hate guns, hate elections, hate seniors, hate Jews, ect., etc. They simply fear anything and everything they can’t control but that is the definition of the Lenin and Marxist manifesto.

    1. heard on the radio that many Roman and Welsh relics are being found in the Ohio River Valley, but none found west of the Rockies. These relics are from the second century. also being found foundations of Roman military buildings.

      This could mean that the original settlers were WHITES from Europe! “America” even had tribes of “white Indians.” who spoke Welsh. A book of historical fiction has been written about this. …sounds very interesting…..probably will be called “racist” by the fairy tale tellers (think: dossier hoax, lawbreakers, deceivers, liars, yours if the price is right, celebrators in the fun House, haters of God and We the People, etc.). Ms. Sanchez who wants to deny federal money being used for anything for Pres. Trump’s honor, seems to be overlooking what the country did for Ted Kennedy when he left a young girl to die while he went home to sleep off his alcohol. Remember, Ms. Sanchez, The Donald helped develop peace between the Jews and the Arabs, and streets and lands are now being named after him in Israel. So, Ms. Sanchez, what have you done for good will? Pres. Trump may have been impeached twice, but he was found not guilty and had been accused with false charges. Dump that in the same garbage with people falsely executed for crimes they did not commit….very unlike Ted Kennedy who was never tried for manslaughter, but was re-elected instead. Very Demo, like paying strangers to murder babies.

  19. They stacked the deck against Trump from the beginning, long before he secured the nomination, and it only got worse from there. They would stop at nothing to denigrate him, and they did not stop during his entire 4 year tenure. Doubled down in fact, to make up reasons to charge him with various malfeasance, even by his own DOJ, his FBI, his CIA, and some within the DHS. Both of his so called “impeachment” processes were scams, with no substantiated charges, all filled with false accusations, media rhetoric, and of course the usual hateful rhetoric of the left. The media supported frenzy and attacks continued daily, and the left sucked it up like their favorite drink or milkshake, bending their straws to get every drop. Never in our history has a president had to endure the unbelievable lies and unsupported accusations he faced on a daily basis. The left are a sick bunch, and judging by the events following the election, an abomination in and of itself, it is quite clear there is no limit to their desire to disregard our constitutional republic, sweep our bill of rights out the door, and allow socialism/communism to become the new norm. New World Order, here we come…but only if we the citizenry allow this crap to continue…Is our country worth fighting for? It is indeed…

  20. Sorry, but you are wrong! Twice they have attempted impeachment, but twice he was exempted, found innocent, by the Senate. You could be arrested for a hundred crimes, and indicted, but if not found guilty you have no convictions, no reason to feel guilty. The sorry bunch who tried to impeach him used bogus stories, and lies, but failed to prove he had really done anything worthy of impeachment. They are the ones who should be punished for their Kangaroo courts with all their lies.

  21. Linda, you are an IDIOT,LIAR, MURDERER, THIEF and Clown who has no brains because you go long with your fellow IDIOTIC POLITICIANS who have BRAINWASHED YOU ALL.

    SWEETIE PIE, GET A REAL LIFE and move to a MUSLIM country and see how long you can survive there.

  22. Remember all the STUPIDITY that is going on when you vote next time, IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME, We used to be the land of the free.

  23. Call your Senator & Congress person & let them know how you feel, you all have great comments & should be telling them, If we want our country back we need to start telling the people who are saying these stupid things! Although I do not live in Calif., I will call Linda & tell her what I think in a way that isn’t offensive but make she she knows my taxes are paying her salary & I do not appreciate the vile, evil hate she is spreading, Call Mitch the idiot & tell him to shut up he is done! Pelosi, Schumer etc. believe me you feel better cause you actually went to the source to vent your disapproval!!
    1-202-225-3121 you just keep calling until you have left a message for every one you need to. Please be polite but firm if you have to write down what you want to say before you call! Lets start hitting the phone lines & letting them know how we feel!!

  24. This is totally apprehensible, the legal process ran its course as it should be the Untied States Constitution. It is so appalling and childish the way these so called leaders are acting. Their one bill is a play on words. It is however discriminatory and full of hate on the side of those who back this bill. If you don’t like the person or the legal process, to leave this country and stop trying to screw it up. The pettiness of these so called leaders who are acting like spoiled children is appalling and disgraceful. This is why more and more countries are turning away from the USA and laughing at us. This just goes to support the fact that the entire establishment needs to be cleaned completely out and term limits put in place. Then a totally new bunch of people voted in. There should be checks and balances put into place that forces those in office to do what they say they will do and in a timely manner. If they fail and there is not factual justification for said failure, they should be fired and a new election for that position be ran.

  25. Deflection and projection of their own sins is something that those Globalist controlled loyal marionette politicians excel at, divisiveness and inciting hatred of Negroes towards Whites, towards Law Enforcement and the military while indoctrinating White children to loath themselves, Law Enforcement and the Military and just 1 other category, hating all who are biologically sex and sexuality aware people.

  26. If those opposed to President Trump are trying to erase him and all he accomplished with little to no help from the Democrat’s – the same rule/ bill needs to be applied to their actions including but not limited to Nancy Pelosi, on national television destroying her copy of the State of the Union speech , Maxcine Water screaming to “get in their face” , Kamala Harris for bailing out rioters who are responsible for millions in property lose & deaths , Shumer for being in on the scam to impeach and the list goes on……………….

    1. So True! But it will never happen b/c the Demo-rats are running everything! Not to mention the media and Hollywood support their insanity.

  27. These subhuman creatures are soooooo absolutely stupid, they fail to see the irony of THEM, of all creatures, coming up with a “No Glory for Hate” bill. Don’t they realize that THEY are the only ones this bill applies to when it comes to HATE? They are masters of hate. So of course they can’t see it. THEY are vicious, vile, soulless pieces of sh*t riding high on their stolen power and intending to bring America to its knees with them being the rulers of “the little people.”


  29. There is only one way to stop theses swamp people. The good the bad the ugly , had it right, we need to clean up the media as well . ABC ,CBS, CNBC, all the leftist news asshole ugly, the house & senate Democrats are the bad

  30. Question Senator Schumer Mocks Texas Amid Winter Storm Outages and President or not can criminal charges be filed against Joe Biden for being the cause of any illegal entry or American deaths from our border either directly or indirectly, since Biden’s AG Pick Just Refused To say whether Illegal Border Crossings Are A Crime and yet people are being allow in without proper medical releases or exams?

    1. Guess what? The reason puppet biden has been instruccted to let over 11 million ILLEGALS to cross the boarder into America. and give them what they want. Us tax payers are supportiing this. Guess what? Puppet biden has been instructed to let eleven million ILEAGLES to cross the border into America and give them what ever thhey want. Us tax payers are paying for this. If we have another honest?? election the dems willl tell them “Look what we did for you, vote for us, no one will do anything

  31. Maybe more thinking Americans will come to their senses for the 2022 elections; let’s hope so. If not, it may be over. Even in Russia there is widespread Anti-Putinism now but consider how long it’s taken for communism there to have had it’s effect on the populace. We can’t afford to wait that long.

    1. My question is; what can we do NOW to stop what is happening right now and reverse course? We all talk a big stick and nothing gets done. Yes, there are elections but they are years in-between the election cycles. Much damage can be and is done in that time frame. We are losing our country at such a rapid pace that it is frightening and we stand here waiting for someone to do something . We need a leader who can gather the American-freedom loving citizens to come together cohesively and take back our freedom. Who and where is that person and how quickly can action be taken? My fervent prayer is God is waiting to put His hand on that person and give them the strength to fight this battle for our nation and our souls.

      1. He gave us Trump. The Dems did their best to silence him. The Media twisted his words. They corrupted the system to keep him silent. They also kept the truth about the corrupt Dems from being heard.
        Now they want to silence the only truthful cable stations on air.
        Their fear of Trump and the people who believe in a free country have them terrified.
        Have know idea how we can stop the Dems. from destroying our country.
        Our only hope is that their are enough freedom loving people in congress.

  32. Love your comments, fellow patriotic Americans. I believe we must do three things to overcome these evils: Organize, organize, organize, and do so locally! Perhaps others of like mind will come to realize the purposes of this evil regime and join US, if they have been made aware. Word of mouth can be a force for good as others learn how to arm themselves with the true history of this country, the origin of evils that have beset us, and the real power of a united people!!!

  33. Please realize that this is all SMOKESCREENING. These buttkicker bits are designed so ridiculously in order to immediately arrest and confine the public’s attention, while the real damage is being done above these clouds and off the radar. Please keep this in mind and focus your attention to beyond this childish but dangerous game.

  34. Donald Trump must be silenced by the Dems, Because of what he knows about the corrupt Dems.
    The reason most Dems and some Rep. want him out is the fact they all have financial interests in China.
    They promote companies in China to make our masks, our drugs, car motor. Just to name a few because they are making money by doing so. They sell us out to fill their pockets. How else did they become millionaires & billionaires. Not on their salaries.
    They are trying to make us all out to be racists. The biggest racists of all are the ones screaming it. They are racist against white people. Most of us live side by side with colored. They are trying to divide us to promote
    their cause.
    To dictate over us.

  35. I can’t wait for all the Democrats that are trying to do all these things to find out what the public thinks of them when they come up for election.! I know I won’t be voting Democratic under any set of circumstances!

  36. Why is it that the Democrap’s can instantly get together and support one another to attack and obliterate Republicans by any means and the Republicans don’t mirror that….WHY ????

  37. Okay we all agree Democrats are liars and cheats! I am a FL resident (Republican, proud of it!)and have relatives (Democrats) who are blind and deaf sheep, baa,baa, baa! Like so many Democrats who have turned a blind eye to what is happening. And as far as the Dem acting community in CA. I hope God smites them and sends them to hell for their hate mongering!

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