Political Earthquake: Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News

The last remaining reason to ever watch Fox News has left the building. The word broke on Monday morning that Tucker Carlson’s final show was last Friday, April 21st. Carlson has not spoken on the matter yet, and even when he does eventually, we will probably never know the whole truth.

It’s tough to view this as anything other than Deep State/Swamp election interference. We’re sorry to see him go, since Carlson remained one of the most articulate voices in the country for the MAGA movement.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but Tucker Carlson was the best thing to happen at Fox News in the past two decades. He had the most watched, #1 rated show in primetime, and single-handedly helped keep Fox afloat after Brett Baier’s disastrous early call of Arizona for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Fox News was the highest-rated cable news channel of the past 20 years and owed it entirely to Tucker Carlson.

Seriously, what else was worth watching on Fox News at this point? Gregg Gutfeld is funny, but I can only handle him for about 10 minutes at a time. I still haven’t forgiven Gutfeld for throwing Nick Sandmann and the Covington Catholic MAGA kids under the bus before all the facts were in, either.

Sean Hannity has been unwatchable since he went off the deep end, cheated on his wife with some ditzy Fox News blonde, and got divorced. Yeah, yeah. John Durham is closing in on Hillary Clinton, right Sean? Any day now? And what’s the latest from Lindsay Graham?

So, what else is left worth watching on Fox News? Laura Ingraham? Yawn.

Anyway, goodbye Fox News. It was nice knowing you. (But not really.)


Why? Why was Tucker Carlson fired by Fox News is the big question. This is about as foolish as Anheuser-Busch putting a transgender on a can of Bud Light. Talk about shooting your own brand in the foot. And make no mistake about it – he was FIRED. He doesn’t even get to do a farewell show or say goodbye to his fans on the network that he singlehandedly revived from the cable news doldrums starting in 2016.

Just last week, Fox News paid an enormous $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, which may or may not be a CIA front and which may or may not have played a major role in allegedly stealing the 2020 election. The details of the settlement are undisclosed, other than the dollar amount. We have to wonder if one of Dominion’s conditions under the settlement was that Fox News take Tucker Carlson off the air.

Tucker certainly had no shortage of enemies, either. Among the major stories that he’s broken in recent months are the fact that the CIA killed John F. Kennedy, and that the Capitol Police acted as tour guides for the supposed January 6th “insurrectionists.” He has also relentlessly pushed back against the permanent war party in Washington, pointing out the utter stupidity America supporting Ukraine against Russia.

Over the weekend, the Democrat Party’s leading dingbat and future Speaker of the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was blathering that the government needs to take Tucker Carlson off the air. The reason was the usual one: Tucker’s speech is somehow violence to trans people.

Tucker has also infuriated a lot of the most worthless politicians in Washington, DC, from Mitch McConnell to Chuck Schumer. He wasn’t afraid to challenge anyone on the air if they were wrong. He did a very respectful interview with President Trump just a few days ago (which surely infuriated the left and the Deep State).

He made all the right enemies during his seven-year stint at Fox News. Despite my deep and abiding hatred for the network, Tucker Carlson was the only program that I watched on a regular basis. He was and is one of the best in the dying media industry. I hope Joe Biden hasn’t thrown him in a gulag.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing from Tucker soon and will have more details on why the idiot Deep State/Democrat Party leftists at Fox News fired him. In the meantime, Tucker gave a great speech at the Heritage Foundation over the weekend, in which he gave no indication that he had just been fired the day before. Enjoy it, because this may be the last time that we hear from him in a long time:


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67 thoughts on “Political Earthquake: Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News”

  1. This “Poll” request is pretty stupid, isn’t it? If you have a “First Choice for President now in 2024, when we don’t really know who’s going to be in the race yet, you must be as biased as the Pope, or you must believe voters are nothing but sheep-voters. Are you winnowing to find them? If you believe a 3.5 Trillion dollar spending bill will cost you “$0”, You are as dumb as they think you are! They GOTCHA! “We send our troops to foreign countries to defend their borders, but our politicians refuse to defend OUR borders”! Donald Trump–Democrats voted to penalize CIITZENS if they didn’t buy insurance, and now they offer it free to illegals…USING TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO DO IT! In hopes this eventually gets them more votes from illegals! And they called TRUMP a crook! HAH! I prefer to believe there was fraud rather that there are so many sheep-like voters! When people rob banks they go to prison. When they rob the taxpayer they get re-elected. Is anyone better off today than they were before Obama and Joe? etc.

    1. It appears to me this situation is beyond human cognitive skills. The situation must have Higher Power help; above sheep-wisdom; above sheeps’ votes. Perhaps the warriors will sing ‘The Battle Hymn of the ‘Republic’ as they march together to fight for Freedom. The Constitution evolved from Republican’ hearts. The infrastructure of our Republic must rise up…

    2. You hit it right on the nose! You and I have the same beliefs. The government is getting really frightening and we need a huge change now.

  2. Well Fox has gone the way of CNN, just another democrat propaganda media. Did the Murdoch boys finally cave to their rabid liberal wives?

  3. Proudly cancelled all subscriptions, ties, and links to Fox News. I stand with Tucker proudly and once he has a new place will follow him there.

    1. I hope Carlson gets a new position. Boycott FOX and CNN. In my opinion, Carlson told the truth and the Democrats/RINO’s can’t stand the truth.

    2. I really like Tucker. The only reason they had to fire him was he was telling the truth. That made them very uncomfortable. He will just go somewhere else where he can tell the truth. They can’t keep him down. Well, unless he suicides himself!

    3. Absolutely! I hope Fox is smart enough to realize they just shot themselves in the foot!! He’ll turn up somewhere and we’ll follow him!

  4. All this was planned out! There nothing these democrats will do to get whatever they want done! It the fool who go to vote for them at the polls! Who think they will gain something but END UP WITH NOTHING! That the America people! Just fool who show every time it time to vote in an election. THEY BELIEVE anything a Democrat say or a RINO SAYS! BUT IN RETURN THESE PEOPLE ARE SUCKER! Tucker got FIRED because he SPOKEN THE TRUTH! Something 75% of America people CAN NOT DO OR ACCEPT! Just like these politicians who depend upon their DONOR MONEY TO LIVE HIGH CLASS AND WEALTHY LIFESTYLE! AGAIN YOU GOT NOTHING IN RETURN! But you will REGRET BEING THAT FOOLS IN 2024 IF DEMOCRAT STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION! Best you can do is commit suicide or buy your own balls and chain! You voted for this to happen since 2008!


  6. I will no longer watch or subscribe to Fox again! I’m furious that they fired Tucker Carlson, and quite franky, anyone who does not believe there was and is a huge conspiracy against Donald J. Trump which included interference to make certain he was cheated in 2020, is a complete idiot!!

    1. i would like to mention that in 2016, even though donald trump won the electoral college and therefore the election, hillary clinton did win the popular vote by around 3 million votes. feel free to fact check this.

        1. think of each coast (huge population density) as coyotes ,and the central US (lower population density) as sheep ….so without the electoral college ,you have two coyotes and one sheep voting on what’s for lunch .

          1. I’m not saying that Hillary should have one, I just want to mention that I don’t see how people think the democrats rigged the 2020 election even though trump won in 2016. Wouldn’t they just rig the 2016 election as well? Also I am in support of the electoral college, I’m just stating a fact about the 2016 election.

      1. Popular vote removes the rural population of their input concerning government affairs. That is the reason that the electoral college was created, to give equal representation to the rural communities. Fact check this.

        1. I’m very aware of the reason why the electoral college was created, but a problem with your point is why should a group of 30 rural communities with a sixth of the population of a major city like New York City have the same voting power as nyc? The numbers i used are most likely wrong but the example still stands.

      2. Yes… thanks to the left and right coasts, and exactly WHY the framers provided the electoral college… so densely populated yet relatively small areas of the country could not dictate the rules for the entire country. Reference: The Hunger Games.

      3. that is why the founders created the electoral college: to prevent the big populations from winning through thug bully pulpit tactics and never being fair. And that is exactly why Demoncrats want to get rid of same.

        1. It’s not that I want to remove the electoral college, I just don’t like it in its current form. When our founding fathers created the electoral college, the population was much smaller and uneducated. But now with a greater access to education and a vastly larger population the electoral college needs to change to match these changes. I think that more states should use the district method, it’s currently being used by Maine and Nebraska. This is where a State’s electoral votes can be split among two or more candidates. I like this because it allows for a more impactful vote and also allows less populated areas have more of an impact. Also I believe that it gets republicans and democrats to both have a compromise with republicans wanting to keep the electoral college and the democrats wanting for an individual vote to not be void because a slightly larger majority won that state.

  7. i disagree with fox being correct. if fox news was confident in their claim of dominion voting machines manipulating votes they would have challenged the $1.6 billion lawsuit instead of settling to pay $787.5 million.

    1. not how litigation works ,noble but not realistic, plus you can’t make money while fighting law suits, the fact is .there is no predicting juries .they’re a 12 slot roulette wheel and some civil courts have fewer jurors in civil court, and the lawyers are playing monopoly behind the scenes ,so things change ,and fox is supposed to be 4 billion liquid ….so $787 million looks pretty good to make it go away

    2. Settlements are usually agreed to by attys and insurance companies that have to pay. It is very rarely that the defendant in a law suite gets to pick whether to go to court and fight or accept the settlement.

  8. The leader of the next movement is not going to be someone that can get pushed around and is not afraid of the deep state or any other complimentary political vice lord. And this leader will be successful when no others will. The fools are the ones running to DeSantis who is clearly unknown to problems. For the better share of his short-lived career so far, someone else at every turn has already made the way for him. He may someday be a strong and powerful leader but right now he is nothing more than the average brand leader that can only go so far. As for Tucker, he is one of the generals that keeps stuff happening. Another one is Musk, who also is not fully on board but doing what needs to be done. To this point, there is only one person that has all of the action and has the mantle of authority to lead and that is still Trump. Like him or not he is the one who has been called upon to do the job and he has the anointing on him. That trumps everyone else for that position. He has obviously been dedicated to the calling because if he were not, he would not still be standing.

    1. ABSOLUTELY. He is the proven warrior we need. To other women, I say: no one is asking you to marry the guy: but if you want the protection of your Constitutional rights and to see our country restored to the full-blown republic it was designed to be instead of another Chinese Communist possession Biden has been purchased to deliver up—-Trump is the hero in waiting and you should vote for the strong executive that he is and overlook the fringe that has been obsessively highlighted as your easy smoke screen detraction from the obvious.

  9. I can guarantee you Tucker wasnt fired… Since Fox has to pay 800 Million now to Dominion the probably made Tucker an offer he could refuse and he said, “See ya wouldnt wanna be ya”…Fox news needs Tucker Carleson ALOT MORE that Tucker Carleson needs Fox news!!

    1. I thought that as well is possible. His contract was up for renewal and that can not be a coincidence.

  10. Well Tucker wants truth and God loves people who speak truth.He has something great for Tucker.FOX will get the end they deserve for their lies and stupidity

  11. I agree! Tucker has really gone deep on the Evils of the SWAMP, the Left dont like it so EVIL Dominion decided to make a deal with Fox, rid of Bongino, Rid of Tucker and maybe even Hannity, Levin and Laura down the road in exchange for, yup $784M!!!

    1. The fact that the owner’s sons want to sell can not be discounted. The younger members of that family are Leftists and their father is ready to call it quits. It may be that the best offer(s) come(s) from a leftist entity with contingency requests pre-paperwork and delivery.

      1. Be specific, itemize and include proof(s).
        usually when one makes such statements they are the result of not knowing what the hell one is talking about and only operating as a hateful echo chamber for a sicko.

  12. The rich and powerful can’t allow the truth that Tucker reports to continue. Down through the ages all strong civilizations have been destroyed from within. It has almost always been caused by the destruction of the family. The woke movement in the United States is a direct attack on the family and the ideals that made this country great and unique. Why do men think they know better than God and will not give him credit for their prosperity. God is not going to continue to allow his children to be aborted and distorted for much longer. Scripture describes our time and the lasciviousness that will evolve. Scripture also predicts the manner of destruction that will take place. The earth will be destroyed by fire. With nuclear weapons 500 times more powerful than Fat Man and Little Boy it can easily be accomplished.

  13. God Bless Mr Carlson
    Suggest Fox hire McConnell or Romney for Carlson replacement
    I view FOX NEWS Traders, and becoming woke.
    SO WRONG !

  14. with the loss of Tucker, our correct reporting of the issues is not gone… why doesnt everyone protest and yearn for the truth. We will miss Tucker and his infectious laugh and smile. he is the most bright, capable and articulate person ever to be on the air. he ONLY speaks the truth and with the Murdock son soon to take his father’s role, we will no longer have FOX as we know it. i understand that Maria B and Judge Jeannine are also on the block for consideration… wherever he lands, i will be there. i am cancelling my subscription to FOX NATION as there is not more Nation… best to Tucker and i pray they handed him a huge check as he went out the door.

  15. Firing Tucker was not right. But, I will still watch Trey Gowdy and Mike Levin, as long as they are with Fox.

  16. I hate that Tucker is gone! What a freakin shame how much one person can get under the deep states skin! People watch out for who’s next! FJB

    1. There was a time when the deep state was hidden from view. They are highlighted now and show themselves more vividly with every strike. That is clarification of the state of the nation and a beacon call for patriots to prepare for what seems inevitable. To overcome an enemy, it must be clearly defined. It now clearly is.

  17. If Fox let Tucker go because of pressure from the woke mob, you’re completely wrong and you have sold your soul to the devil. I respected Fox News for their integrity just like I did Tucker but now Fox has failed. You lost a good man.

  18. NEWS AT 6:00…. Tucker Carlson joins Trump in next battle against the ORGANIZED CRIME RADICAL SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY in the 2024 Republican party election cycle!!!

  19. I am a 88 yr old widow & Tucker Carlson was the BEST He will be missed…Hope he & Elon can help Trump get our country back from evil. God Bless them both. I will look for Turcker soon. We NEED them.

  20. Who’s next Hanndy; the woke mob wants him gone to. I am suprised that Mark Levin hasn’t been axed, if Tucker is gone. Yet we have to put up with the inflammatory remarks made on the View.


  21. Tucker Carlson was the ONLY program i ever watched on Fox news! If he’s gone, then “bye bye” Fox. I’ll never tune in to fox again!

  22. Tucker’s show was the absolute BEST on Fox News. I hated having to miss one episode. He told it like it is and without fear. God bless him! I’m afraid my favorite news channel is no longer on my list of things to watch. I have better things to do with my time. I might watch Gutfeld once in a while, and Mark Levin on Sunday. Also, my Saturday evening is ruined now that Bongino left… what a SHOCK to have to recover from these disgusting decisions by a rich gang of controllers who don’t understand America or our right to free speech.

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