Proud Boys Being Framed for January 6 – More Evidence of Fed Set-Up Emerges

Five “Proud Boys” were charged with seditious conspiracy in relation to the January 6 election justice protest. In their trial, which has been ongoing for several weeks now, more solid evidence has emerged that the “insurrection” was completely, 100% fabricated, orchestrated and carried out by the feds. The Proud Boys members were framed, and President Donald Trump is obviously an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

But as the “suspects’” attorneys have revealed, they were set up by an intelligence officer well before January 6 ever happened.

This week, a treasonous Trump-appointed District Court judge named Timothy Kelly allowed prosecutors in the Proud Boys case to play a clip from one of the debates between President Trump and accused sex criminal Joe Biden in 2020. The prosecutors are arguing that President Trump used a secret code in that debate to tell the Proud Boys to try to overthrow the government months later.

In that debate (video clip below), President Trump stated, “Proud boys, stand back and stand by.”


Think about that timeline for just a second.

Trump said that in a debate in September of 2020. It was two months before the election would take place. It was two months before any of us realized that the Democrats would steal the 2020 election from us, using a multi-faceted attack that involved voting machines, manipulation of voter rolls, phantom votes from people who died up to 2,000 years ago (seriously), rampant stuffing of ballot boxes, and even the head of the Philadelphia Mafia using sweat shops filled with illegal aliens to fill out stolen ballots for Joe Biden.

The prosecutors are arguing that Donald Trump was sending a secret coded message to the Proud Boys to attack the government on January 6th of the following year before any of those subsequent things were discovered. Right.

That’s almost as dumb as actress Alyssa Milano claiming that Trump was controlling his supporters into backing Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, by using special Trump “mind rays” on us.

But that’s what the DOJ is arguing in the most serious of all the January 6 cases. While most peaceful Trump supporters arrested for that day have been charged with misdemeanor trespassing, these five Proud Boys are charged with seditious conspiracy. That’s a crime that carries a 20-year prison sentence.

And now we know that they were set up.

Enrique Tarrio is the leader of the Proud Boys and a defendant in this case, despite the fact that he wasn’t even in Washington, DC on January 6th. Tarrio himself is a fed and has been outed as an FBI informant. But the main piece of evidence that the government is using against the Proud Boys is a document on Tarrio’s hard drive titled, “1776 Returns.” The government says that the presence of this document on Tarrio’s hard drive is proof that there was an advance plan to attack the Capitol on J6.

The 1776 document outlines a plan for Proud Boys members to go into government buildings all across DC on that day and pull the fire alarms at the same time. This would distract law enforcement and emergency services, and then pull them away from the Capitol so the Proud Boys could overthrow the government for Trump.

But guess how that document was emailed to Enrique Tarrio!

The 1776 document was email to Tarrio by a man named Samuel Armes. Mr. Armes is a former State Department employee, and he also worked for Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Which is a polite way of saying Armes is a CIA spook.

The federal government WROTE the 1776 documents, and then Armes emailed it Enrique Tarrio. And now the DOJ is using that document to frame the Proud Boys.

The vandalism and minor violence that was carried out on January 6th was planned in advance and carried out by paid FBI agitators. The existence of this document, sent to the Proud Boys’ leader by a CIA spook, is proof that the government planned to cause the J6 turmoil ahead of time.

The defense attorneys are asking for a mistrial, because this is such a clear case of entrapment. Here’s hoping they get one, because whatever you think of the Proud Boys, they absolutely were not conducting an “insurrection” on January 6th. And the goofy “plan” that the feds wrote and sent to them prove this.

Sorry to ruin your day with a video that has Chris Wallace in it, but here is the debate that the DOJ is claiming Donald Trump used to plan January 6th several months in advance with the Proud Boys:

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37 thoughts on “Proud Boys Being Framed for January 6 – More Evidence of Fed Set-Up Emerges”

    1. Sources don’t prove or disprove what they said. The Russian hoax perpetrators told us fake/unverifiable sources. You can always find someone to “verify” what you want to tell people.

    2. “… no proof ….” Hmmmm…. Well, just because you are too short-sighted to see it doesn’t make it disappear (or not exist in the first place). Get real and learn to read whole documents together with what backs them up whether that backup is there or in some other piece of work.

      1. The Jan 6 Committee stated at the very begonning that Pelosi would NOT be testifying and they would not allow her to be questioned. As they stated, “She is OFF LIMITS”. They also said her phone call records, tests, emails, and notes were ALSO “OFF LIMITS”. That alone shows a corrupt Committee trying to hide facts that show a set up. We heard that Gen Milley was asked by Pelosi if he could prevent Trump having access to nuclear codes as he was likely to start WW3. Gen Milley testified for the Committee and it was disturbing, too. Stated HE (totally our of bounds of his military duty range) arranged a meeting with (MSM) network CEOS and their main hosts to prepare to cover a huge, violent riot expected to occur on Jan 6, 2021, to try to block election certification that day. He stated he held that meeting the DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION ON NOVEMBER! He shared this during his testimony! How he ever got to be a general, and remain one, is astonishing. What idiotic actions. The election hadn’t even taken place then, and he and others (like Pelosi) had known Pres Trump was going to lose, was slated to lose, with no doubt of it. Simply inplying there was a treasonous coup being planned to commit election fraud and use it to get Biden elected, and did not want the election certification delayed and time allowed for the election to have more time allotted for investigation gor fraud, legally and with precedence even by two members of the Committee.. .. including the Committee CHAIRMAN. Absolutely a treasonous coup planned and Milley’s testimony almost stated it outright. More Jan 6 videos were only recently obtained through legal demands for it. It also shows the rally attendees that walked to the Capitol were manipulated by the FBI and Capitol Police. Some attendees were shoved into the Capitol as they stood outside. Others were waved in with gestures and smiles of “welcoming”. One woman was grabbed and pulled into the “tunnel” entrance, where a woman Capitol police member got her on the floor and used her baton and fists to beat her into unconsciousness, and she died from her injuries. Rally attendees intervened on her behalf and pulled her out and started doing CPR. They were pulled from that attempt and forced away. Ashley Babbitt was not the only attendee who died that day at the hands of the Capitol police and FBI
        who helped pull this victim into that tunnel site that day and beat her that day. NO CHARGES to the police staff who killed them.

        Another set up by FBI and the Dems was the “BOMB” found outside the DNC building. All kinds of photos were taken of the person carrying the “BOMB”, walking, resting on a bench, even facing security camera once, but the FBI could never find them, but arrested over a thousand attendees. News reported the FBI searched around and inside the DNC for more “BOMBS”. The FBI and other coup participants that day did not realize brilliant VP HARRIS would later announce she was not in the Capitol during the riot that day, stating she’d been in the DNC BUILDING ALL DAY, ATTENDING MEETINGS. So her statement uncovered the lie about the “BOMB”, that it was a fake set up and no real bomb existed. Because even us lay people know you evacuate a building if you suspect a bomb might be inside and you’re going to search for one. And a building with the VICE PRESIDENT INSIDE IT, as the Secret Service knew and were there on her guard assignment as usual. NO ONE WAS EVACUATED, INCLUDING THE VP. Standard protocol ignored re a bomb? ONLY BECAUSE THEY KNEW THERE WAS NO BOMB. They couldn’t even declare they found another one there, as they might of planned to say.. to blame rally attendees… because Harris’ statement to the press blew that lie into the light. Remember how the “BOMB ” panic just faded away into silence? No further news on it as they COULD NOT LET THAT BE DIVULGED AS FRAUD SET UP. Things were adding up, pointing to the set up and coup. Of course Pelosi didn’t want to testify or be questioned or her communications trail known. It was a treasonous situation she wanted to slip away from and avoid charges. But it needs to be brought out and acted upon, and innocent people pulled into the tangle of that setup need to be free and cleared. And all participants in thr treasonous coup, then and continued on to present cover up, charged and convicted.

        1. Well put Vic! You said it just as I would had! Just were the charge against Obama? We all know in the CONSTITUTION LAWS ARTICLE it state a president can be charge and remove from office if he “AIDING” the enemy! Which Obama did with ISIS! Then were the charges on HILLARY AND KERRY? BOTH WERE “AIDING” THE ENEMY —-IRAN WITH CASH, RUSSIA WITH bomb material for nuclear bomb! All this happened under PELOSI AND DEMOCRAT WATCH! And why nobody was arrested in ANTIFA AND BLM FOR SUMMER OF RIOT! All was planned by FBI AND CIA FOR DEMOCRAT!

    3. Not really, Guilt has to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. And… they don’t have that. So you see their “sources’ are fraudulent!!!

  1. Everybody and his brother knows the FBI and CIA with the full support of Nancy Pelosi entrapped many Americans!! Maliciously! I’d love to hear Nancy Pelosi questioned by the J6 committee and then I’d love to attend, or pay-per-view her execution for treason! That piece of pompous should hang for her crimes against Americans! Followed by George Soros, Mitch McConnell, Adam Schiff, Barack Obama and last but certainly not least, the feeble lying hypocrite in the WH!

    1. Well said Debi. Let not forget the CLINTON! Hillary was pay 1 million dollars by Russia leader RIGHT AFTER THE ELECTION IN 2016! Then she when on the news with the media and claim IT WAS RUSSIA WHO RIGGED OUR ELECTION! People need to start waking the hell up! It their lives getting destroyed by democrats and FBI , CIA. AND DOJ! And this has all been planned by DEMOCRAT AND GLOBALISM!

  2. she (nanci) blew out russia russia russia and used the commie democrat marxist fascist racist woke pedophile fbi to break windows and stir up this crp.

  3. I usually ignore leftist propaganda but I watched how Wallace moderated this presidential debate. He didn’t cause the uncountable interruptions. He WAS the uncountable interruptions. Without Wallace as the heavyweight, the other guy had no effective argument and limply stammered and whined.

    With the CIC (Coprolite in Chief) in the Oval Office, China, Russia and North Korea, et al., build their military forces and humiliate America. Regarding the worst moderator ever, Wallace has been rehired to the new HBO Max, CNN show, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.” The ratings continue to tank.

    Under the current election process, we face a possibility that socialist lackeys will continue to rule America in the foreseeable future. Perhaps we’ll soon be forced to refresh Thomas Jefferson’s tree of liberty and be done with dopes like Wallace and his dopey followers.

  4. Democrats, with the help from tainted law enforcement entities, are ruining this country, this is the epitome of lows and we have people in government, such as, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Erik Swalwell, many more including The MSM at fault! The People of The U.S. want accountability, but will never get it, due to our 2-teired Justice System.
    Our Founding Fore Fathers were already intelligent wealthy men, but they had more in common, their desire for freedom. That was their goal, then provide a government that worked for The People! Today, many of our elected work diligently for themselves, getting wealthy through scams and dishonesty that would inprison the common man. Accountability is just a dream.

    1. AND, therein lies the problem, these elected officials do not pay any price for their corruption or their TREASON.
      This most stop they need to pay a very heavy price, then the next politician may think twice before they try to screw over the American people like the democRATS did.

      1. People need to wake up and stop talking. You can not talk your way out of this. Biden and his flat headed flunkies need to be stopped before this country is totally turned to dictatorship. Our official need to stop flapping their trap and take ACTION! THIS COUNTRY CAN’T TAKE NO MORE BIDEN AND HIS BUMBLING BIMBOS!!

  5. When there someone who in needs of money or the love of money. Like Pelosi! Who only see herself as the riches woman in the world! By corrupt not earning it! She will do anything as long as she was sitting in the third in line for president seat! Lot of us forget that HOUSE SPEAKERS IS VERY POWERFUL SEAT! Pelosi knew what she did was against the CONSTITUTION LAWS! Remember her telling her daughter she didn’t care about going to jail! Just as long as Trump was removed! But she also forgot about people walking around with video cameras and cellphone filming everywhere! These were the ones she order the FBI TO ARRESTED! Because if those videos got out, she was screwed!

    1. I believe this happened once before in history. It was called the Revolution! I am almost certain I will see one in my lifetime. The REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE HAD ENOUGH! IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY!

    1. The only conspiracy is the one this rag of a reporter put together. Democrat puppets!

      Keep up the lying and lose the war.
      Like Democrats lost on slavery, Jim Crow and Civil Rights. Democrats have always been stupid and out of touch. My God Joe Biden is their best?

  6. Don’t know about you guys, but I hate listening to Chris Wallace & was happy to see him leave Fox. Can’t stand him or his personality.

  7. Wallace hated Trump anyway so we all know how it was going to go. Next coming presidential debate should be by UNBIASED moderators…I saw this debate and it sickened me how the moderators treated Trump

    1. ONE moderator that evening; only Wallace, totally focused on taking jabs at Trump, preventing some of his commentary or ridiculing it while protecting and bolstering Biden.
      Absolutely unprofessional, biased, and harmful. He wanted to do all he could to destroy Trump’s chance of reelection. A lot of people watch debates who have not really followed news well beforehand, so he had an audience there and a cross the nation to try and turn against Trump.

      As Trump correctly said to Wallace that evening, “I have TWO PEOPLE I’m debating tonight!” Ezcept Wallace’s words and actions were even beyond that. Despicable.

  8. when the video feeds of the “insurrection” are released, it will become quite clear the demoncrats set up the whole affair. ray epps was typical of the worst of the instigators and is nowhere to be found now. babbitt was murdered and another woman beat. none of the police was seriously injured and the “rioters” were not armed.

    1. A third woman at the rally was attacked. Police pulled her into the tunnel like entrance on side, and a female Capitol police officer hot her down on the floor and wad filmed viciously beating her with her baton and fists. The woman was actually beaten to DEATH. RALLY attendees outside pulled her out and started doing CPR, but were forced back and away. Y the police and FBI, and the body pulled partially into tunnel again. Why rgat didn’t and still doesn’t get on the. Ews is shocking. Another hidden fact. Neither officer that each killed an attendee were ever charged.


  10. I know it was rigged because Biden couldn’t and wouldn’t have gotten 81 million votes. I watched those democrat debates and Biden couldn’t debate anyone let alone be president, his age stood out so much it shocked me that he was chosen to be the democrat nominee and that told me our elections are rigged, I’m just not sure how long have our elections been rigged. I think for quite some time maybe centuries. We have lost our freedoms and everyone in this world better choose who they are going to follow, Jesus Christ who tells truth and loves you or satan who tells lies and hates you. We only get one or the other. I’m praying for the world because it seems to me a lot are choosing the lier and hater I pray not. Love and blessings to all.

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