Psaki Announces “We Don’t Know” When Life Will Return to Normal After Pandemic

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed this week the Biden administration has no timeline for returning the nation to normal life. In her words, “We want to be straight with the American public, though, it is — we are not in a place where we can predict exactly when everybody will feel normal again.”

Despite vaccine rollout increases and dropping COVID-19 hospitalizations, the White House remains hesitant to make any definite plans regarding America’s future. As the country nears the one year anniversary of 15 days to stop the spread, there appears to be no end in sight under the lackluster leadership of the left.

Meanwhile, Florida has held public school classes in-person since September, with tourism on the rise across the nation’s beaches. Whether Democrats propose wearing two masks or remaining locked up until next year, conservative-led states are rolling back regulations to bring back jobs, help small businesses and restart their economies.


As of January, studies comparing Florida’s “open for business” approach to California’s prolonged shutdown revealed nearly identical case rates, hospitalizations, and deaths. Americans paying attention to these and related studies are now arguing it’s not the virus shutting down the nation; it’s the government.

But Florida’s success seems to matter little to President Biden. The president recently talked of limiting travel to the Sunshine State when a COVID-19 variant spread within Florida, leading to quick and strong backlash from Governor DeSantis and other conservatives. Florida Senator Marco Rubio called the idea “unconstitutional.”

In contrast, California’s Governor Newsom has recently reached the unpleasant milestone of a 1.5 million signature ballot petition supporting his recall. Instead of leading his state through the pandemic, he has faced harsh attacks for his strict coronavirus lockdowns. From school shutdowns to bars, indoor dining, churches, and workplaces, many parts of the West Coast are becoming a ghost town.

However, the Biden administration claims life cannot return to normal unless vaccinations are readily available to nearly all citizens. Some school districts, such as Chicago’s teachers’ union, have refused to return to in-person learning until all teachers can receive vaccinations.

Though claiming to “follow the science,” the administration appears to only follow the science that invests the most in their campaign or fits their progressive bias. America has been locked down far too long. “We don’t know” is no longer a sufficient response.

Instead, more Americans are taking matters into their own hands. As mentioned, in California voters are pursuing a recall of the governor. Others are voting with their feet, as Americans flee California, New York, and other restrictive states for conservative havens like Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Schools are also shifting to more Americans homeschooling their children than any time in recent history. In fall 2020, numbers of official homeschoolers rose more than 10 percent, not including virtual learning from public schools. The number may be higher now, as parents refuse to allow their children to become what some are calling “Zoom-bies.”

Psaki says the nation may not know when things will change, but Americans may decide for themselves. The 2022 midterm elections will allow the nation the opportunity to vote for those who will lead during hard times and truly serve the American people.

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98 thoughts on “Psaki Announces “We Don’t Know” When Life Will Return to Normal After Pandemic”

  1. It’s up to us. It is “We the People”. The stupid politicians work for us. WE decide when this charade is over. When we are all sick of “going along to get along”, we will break our chains of slavery. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We don’t need to wait for some official to tell us it is OK to go out. I can feel the disgust of “Covid fatigue”. More and more people are done with this pandemic. It’s time to move on. Most Americans are not known to sit idly by doing nothing. That’s not how this country was built, nor how it runs. The numbers are dropping like a rock. Get out there and enjoy life. You don’t need anyone’s permission.

    1. Agreed 100%! I for one was never onboard for this treasonous charade. It’s time we come together and physically take out the trash! I wish it would not have come to this but they are not going to simply go away and they have earned their destiny to be ripped from their duties and physically removed from our country permanently!!! Fuck you liberal left treasonous bastards!

      1. When you rely on the government for everything, that is called communism, and that is exactly what the Democrats & the RINO’s want. They want to control ever aspect of your life. They enjoy being in charge and living like kings. It is past time for the citizens of this country to take back control, one way or the other, hopefully peaceful but by force if necessary.

    2. Depends on how long it takes Mr. Biden and his handlers to figure out how to take credit for what President Trump accomplished. They have a start (and got rid of some of the really good ones) but he accomished so much that they are having trouble. Especially with the ones they aren’t smart enough to understand.

        1. This poor gurl is an embarrassment !!!! No class, no style and no personality and is more ill informed than a 4th grade school kiddo. She either needs help or replaced, cause most of us are wondering if this is as good as you can do ?

    3. This charade is over for me I will not wear that stupid good for nothing mask unless I am forced to
      Everyone else should do the same!

      1. I am already ahead of you. Anyone who listens to that moron FRAUDci deserves to look like an idiot like those driving in their cars, by themselves, with a face diaper.

      2. Jeanne, I am 80 years old, in excellent health and do not wear the face diaper (Mask) unless I have to in order to get something important done, or I sit in the car while my wife goes inside and takes care of the business. At my age, shouldn’t I have been dead some time last year if this really is a pandemic and not a plandemic ?

    4. We the people
      This is what this nation was formed on
      We the people can return this nation back to the freedom nation it was meant to be
      Please people do not sell your soul for the promise of some free handout

      Nothing is free
      Your choice is what you will have to live with
      This nation was blessed because we were a nation formed Under GOD
      If you let them remove GOD from the bases of our country
      We will be a nation that will fall
      Stand up fir America
      Vote these people who are against America out of office
      They have no time line when we will return to normal Because they have no attention of our country returning to normal!!!
      Please Please look at what is happening to our country
      Our people do not care to help others come to America
      But it must be done it a way that protects our people
      Our ancestors came to this country through legal means
      Pray that we the people remain free in this America

    5. Time for change from top to bottom!
      Schools in Texas have been in session since August with some Covid outbreaks, but quickly handled and some schools have had more flu and strep than Covid-19. Get our children back to learning and breathing good outside air! Just be smart about it!!!

    6. pretty sad government led by such geniuses as BIDEN, PILOSI, CUOMO, HOUSE DUMBOCRATS, AND CHUCKIE SCHUMER…..SWAMP CREATURES

    7. I have been outside enjoying life but staying on our property. We have 6 acres some trails in the woods. Have horses and chickens dogs plenty to keep me busy and my 2 grandsons who live on the property with their mom and Dad. I haven’t been depressed, just tired of snow. Waiting for Spring.

      1. I envy you!! I had acreage but. had to sell due to health reasons. oh, how I miss going outside and just walking with no destination in sight. listening to nature, birds, squirrels, raccoons, foxes. had horses and cows too when younger. now am cooped up in subdivision where am told what and when I can do something. my state is republican, and we have been open since May 2020. life, such as it is for me, I guess, is good. weather is good, no snow!!!! enjoy yourself while you can. God bless.

    8. GREG,

    9. I don’t quite agree with when we’re returning back to normal, but the real answer is in our train of thought.

      Here’s my solution…
      The best way to figure out when to come back to normal is when there are large gatherings.
      Place medical helpers at major events, like for example…
      Concerts, Sports Games, Flights, Entertainment Events, etc.,… and make sure the helpers are equipped with temperature gauges that can see normal readings and to make sure they wear gloves, gowns and masks.

      This will help catch the people who the virus and from that point a medic or driver will take as many people as possible to a location that will serve them with medical attention and keep them isolated.

      Afterwards, the slowdown process will speed up a lot faster than trying to catch every single person who has COVID-19 by spotting them single handedly and the world can easily rest assured that all of those who have COVID-19 will no doubt be found and caught.

      That’s my reply and this solution will help speed up the process so much faster and…
      It’s better than setting up a mobile tent w/ vaccines. This process will bring us back to normal much faster and in a safer manner. The time span for this solution to work can take up to 3 months at most.

      Thank You & Have A Great Day!
      J. M. Bargas

    10. This is because the people are being played. They constantly move the carrot stick bacward teasing us that its possible we can get back to normal only to pull it backward telling us its too soon or that it will be some time in the future. THE TRUTH IS THAT THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF LETTING US GO BACK TO NORAM UNLESS WE DEMAND IT AND FIGHT BACK TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! There are more of us who still want to kppe our Constituioon then there are of those who want to trash it. I say BREAK FREE of their Buillshit! We have been lied to about everything including the vaccine. The Deep State members in our Government called the swamp creatures have harnessed and use this Pandemic to achieve their goals. People were in a silentwar and the Pandemic and vaccine are a part of that war. Bill Gates told it all during a CIA seminar he gave. He said that the first shot is the “control system” and the next shot is the software. Software is used in a computer to change a program or alter it so now ask yourself what will that do to you? Its being creasted using KRISPR (Gene altering/editing) technology and the first time used on people. We are their guinea pigs those who get the shot are givne a vaccine card and they are monitored for 2 years time because they dont know what the effects of that vaccine will be on you.

    11. Does anyone in this administration know how to govern? Now we are going to let the same illegals that were deported back in. I think all of them need a mental fitness exam. RVN 68-69

    12. We concur. This is a political strategy of the Democrats to tank our economy and usher in their SOCIALIST AGENDA. We the people still have the power if we open our eyes and mind to see where the Demoncrats are really taking us.

  2. This government of ours has obviously been stolen ! Their draconian plans have been in place and there’s no changing them now. They want us locked down and confused so they can begin removing our rights through rammed through legislation ! Biden is flooding the country illegally with people who will follow Democrats , while reducing our white population to ruin. He’s killing the Caucasian class for better control of the nations people, less educated and being filled with hatred over falsely labeling racism among whites. This virus just adds a measure of additional control to pursue separation of people’s ability to freely interact.

  3. We just need to step out of our confinement’s and not be afraid be cautious and live life. We are here today and gone tomorrow. There is worse things out there than Covid. Now they are looking at a 3rd vaccine. Will it end? Yes it will when Jesus comes

      1. I am sorry I watch this country under the left with dipshit in charge not going to be something I can be proud of any longer. The only change I see is open borders and that is a reason to take our country back! Biden will never be my president and it isint my fault he is. We need to take our country back now!!!

  4. Biden is only a false face for the demoscum elites. Pelosi is the real president in all but name and I believe she will change that as soon as she can. It has been her plan all along.

    1. Nah!! Marlene obama is pulling the strings and I want to know what he is doing there in the white house. He should go back to kenya where he was born..(not Hawaii like the lie says) Nazi Piglosi is too drunk and I believe she is on her way to having dementia too!… We need Trump back in office, a real man who loved America and would not sell it off to communist who want to destroy our beloved country.

      1. No on her way about it, she has dementia and California should replace her immediately alone with her nephew Gavin Newsom. The usurper-in-chief should be hung from the nearest high tree as a lesson for all the other Dems to see and (hopefully) learn from. Stop this garbage!

        1. You can throw the Cuomo brothers into that mix of deplorables These clowns are about to turn our country into a nation worse than the USSR and China. Maybe China is Joe and Hunters goal. This way they can leave office and set up in their own little anarchy. RV 68-69

  5. Wake up white people…CRACKHEAD DADDY is trying to make the USA into a 3rd world country. He is impowering the minorites to take over. All the great things our forefathers did & invented Obiden wants to crush. What are these non educated, cant speak english & carring who knows what kind of disease? Its time to close the boarder for good! We have enough assholes in this country now We dont need & we dont want more murderers,&drug smugglers, roaming our country. Now we have to fight to save everything our forefathers,died for! Fight for freedom, or learn Chianeeze.

    1. It was only last year that this country looked like some other nation that you see on the news. I couldn’t believe that it was in our country! It reminded me of stories on the news where chaos and violence were happening in countries that have no rights. HORRIFYING!
      Has anyone noticed that NO ONE protested/fought the orders to stay at home??? WTF? When did Americans comply without a fight?
      “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin, January 1775

  6. Biden is on a systematic path to destroying America! We need to stand up and fight for our freedom before it’s too late. The government under Biden is not our friend.

  7. This FOOLl and the rest of the socialist assholes , are pushing the real American people into a corner….when we have had enough, we will push back hard, and it won’t be pretty it won’t be with words…….that is why you can’t find ammunition anywhere it used to be easy find………….there s a problem coming , created by the left.

  8. How much more proofs that American people have
    to see that the constituents of Socialist Democrats are
    really all out to destroy this country turn it into a
    third world banana country from the moment the
    Pres.Trump administration all they did turn against all
    He accomplished and now destroying adding more
    of spiral facilitate to finish the job. Days past Texas
    needs help haven’t heard from him for any help.
    The media talk about the illigal immigrants how much he wants to help them and all promises. How about
    the citizens of Texas they need help first.

  9. Things will get back to normal when we arrest Biden and the Democrats for all of their corruption, cheating in the election, and most of all for paying China for releasing COVID-19 into the world.

  10. The plan obviously is to keep the lockdowns going until the 2022 elections, and to repeat and even expand the voter fraud operation that stole the 2020 election. In addition, there is a desperate effort to flood the country with a brown Third World non-American un-American anti-American lumpenproletariat that will begin infecting Americans immediately, thereby causing another “surge” and maybe a variant or two of the virus which will justify travel restrictions, domestic passports and forcible injection with the gene-altering operating system being billed as a “vaccine”. The tsunami of illegals, garnished with a few thousand jihadis who will resume the daily terrorist attacks that characterized the years of Biteme and The Mongrel, will all be registered to vote (probably multiple times) by the midterm elections, the suitcases filled with fraudulent ballots will be stashed under the furniture and the trucks filled with middle-of-the-night votes will be ready to roll. The result could be a landslide for the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico, leaving only a tiny Republican rump presided over by Chicom agent McConnell and double agent Liz Cheney, just so people don’t think this is a one-party dictatorship. Biden delendum est!

    1. What the Biden “administration” is ultimately after is the death of all elders….(white elders preferably, but they’ll take what comes their way.

      Enter Bill Gates, my new choice for the Anti-Christ. All of a sudden he’s buying up farmland everywhere, my guess to keep the cows off. He thinks we should all be eating fake meat. These people are lunatics!! Valid fucking lunatics! Who does this man think he is with this insane crap. personally, I don’t want meat grown in a lab. Give me a New York steak from a real cow that has flatulence all over the place. We’ve been living with her entire lives, and I’m good with it. Message Bill Gates …….. is the third richest man in the world, take your money and dissappear please. NOBODY in this country… and i do mean NOBODY, gives a flying fuck what you want Mr Climate Change. You’re an extremely sick individual, like your political cohorts. Stay out of it Mr. Gates, you got no business here. You and Looney Tunes Jay Inslee. I for one was shot last summer when all that crap was happening in Seattle, and the great governor of Washington state didn’t make a peep. You didn’t hear from the man during the whole incident. Do you know when you did hear from him, when the dictator Newsom from California spewed out the reason the fires were happening was because of climate change. Then you heard Big Jay talk. Go to hell, the lot of you

      1. Amen, they want to cancel the beef industry, and keep you from eating steaks, burgers, even drinking milk, all in the name of Climate Change, which is a hoax…

      2. He is buying up farmland because China needs someplace to grow food. Thats why China wants the US. Way more chinese people than Americans and they dont have the land to produce enough food.

  11. Biden craves attention! If you look at his fake grin, always, you know he has practiced it many times in front of a mirror! He loves himself and thinks he’s something special. Well he is! He’s an overgrown goon who is so stupid! That’s who the Demo’s elected, because birds of a feather flock together!

  12. The Biden regime and its sycophantic “woke” progressive minions don’t appear to “know much” about anything, if the truth be known! Socialist dystopia with its starry-eyed ideological fantasy seems to be the order of the day! Dream on, slaves (Biden voters)!

  13. Come on man! I am the president. And he and Harris can’t wipe the smiles off their faces. Neither can believe they stole the election and got away with it. They are so thrilled all they do is sell the country out and practice socialism. We are going to have to take it back ourselves before there’s isn’t anything left.

  14. It is apparent that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer it should be removed from office it is also a park that President John Biden and the vice president be removed from office if they are truly for the people let the people speak

  15. It is apparent that the people need to take action the action but I condone and only condone his peaceful this is not the 1700s.What I feel is needed is that Senate or Congress do not have the right to vote for themselves the people should vote for term limits it is a parrot anyone possessing power for such a long time becomes too greedy.

  16. Now that they feel they have really won, a standard reply of a Democratic Marxist to a question asked based on one of ‘The Big Guy’s’ promises; “Psaki Announces “We Don’t Know” When Life Will Return to Normal After Pandemic”., one promise closed. Just some he has already worked on though that will devastate these United States of America: Keystone XL Pipeline, Boarder security/Wall, No Fracking/No Leases on Government lands, and wait for it, Coming soon, your rights granted to you under Articles 1 & 2 of our US Constitution.

    1. Whoops Sorry, I have to “Circle Back” to say I should have posted; 1st & 2nd Amendment to our US Constitution! Not Articles.

  17. Like all of the draconian systems recently released on our BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY by people of FAR GREATER intelligence than ours ( my family and I ) we shall bow to their WISDOM AND COMPASSION to help we the mere dirt trash folks that walk the streets trying to earn enough money ( to purchase food and heat ) may GOD in his infinite wisdom place those who have lived only by THE TEN COMMNANDMENTS and the TEACHING OF CHRIST JESUS in important places of Government to lead us back to LOVE, HAPPINESS AND FRIENDSHIP for ever more AMEN GOD please forgive me for trying to awaken your followers.

    1. The Bible says not one person is perfect. The only one was Jesus. And yes we should follow the 10 commandments, but if we were judge on the 10 commandments then every person would be stoned. Then the New Testament comes into play, cause nobody could live to the Old Testament. Jesus is coming soon. Listen people, the Bible talks about this world coming to a end, and all of the events that have to take place before he comes. Doesn’t matter what we do the wording is already in place for this world to be destroyed. God allowed obiden to be appointed, even if it was election fraud, god could’ve showed us the scandal of the voting fraud, so we have to take Biden as being part of the puzzle for the tragic events to take place for us to get ready for what’s fixing to happen. Go to church, hear the word let god into your hearts, get saved, have your name in the book of life, or you will go through the tribulations, and suffer when you can do this one easy thing with no suffering.

  18. Guys the left has already killed thousands of jobs. Fixing to bring in a caravan of thousands to a million illegals, that will bring our population to being overpopulated, not only that but will also bring sex trafficking gangs, thief’s, drugs and stone cold killers, and the w working class will have to take care of them at our tax paying dollars, and we’re just gonna set on our behinds, and do nothing.
    Obiden is reading a book on hitler right now. Our guns is what they are coming for next. They already suppressed our voices, with liberal social platforms. Like someone said above there is more of us than them, the time is now to push and run these swamp creatures to another country. We don’t have to kill them, but make sure as hell to press them to leave the country to never return. Stand at the border and fight.

  19. There is an extremely short version to this, for any answer to any problem, that the Biteme ‘administration’ could use. It’s the opening phrase – ‘we don’t know’.

    The Pop Warner football team is in ‘control’ of our government. Heaven help all of us.

  20. They cannot be voted out. They will lie, cheat and bribe to stay in power just like they did in the 2020 election. You can vote in communism but you have to shoot your way out.

  21. Demand state Governor to open schools and businesses! We will file tax returns but but not pay any money if we find owe them any….. do not pay Town or City any taxes as we didn’t get anything but aggravation from them for nearly a year! Then we shall see how they make out ….. we don’t get anything but illegal aliens get everything…. sorry,… that’s not what we are gonna go by anymore … there is no Constitution to refer to anymore as SCOTUS is out to lunch and so are most of the members of our Congress …. the Government is not doing it’s job so they get nothing from us…. let them chew on this for a while! There ain’t any jail big enough to imprison us all….. we are imprisoned anyway….they showed us this by putting a barrier up for themselves….. and we the peasants are outside their boundary……and now they want us to know-tow to them…those bits of human garbage that has shown us nothing but injustice…..perhaps the ‘illegal aliens’ will take care of them and their Precious Capitol, which some of them are occupying illegally,

  22. Why is it that when a person acquires great wealth they become sooooo smart?
    Bill Gates thinks that everyone should being eating fake meat, I think if he wants to eat that crap he can or he can eat his cash, I don’t care but I prefer beef or pork.
    The problems we have in this country all revolve around people with great wealth thinking that they can be in charge of everything. Soros, Gates, Bezos, Clinton’s, Zuckerberg and the rest of the elite turds.
    They all need to be taken down a few notches and refrained from buying our election process. It’s a shame that there is uncontrolled spending allowed in the purchasing of our government.

  23. But, Biden said he had a plain when he was running for the Presidents office. Where is this Plain he said he had? Was this another plain just to get our vote . I, am starting to think that Biden just told us lies in order to get our vote. So far i dont see any plain for anything. the only plain i can see is Biden is out to destroy America . What has he done to help America, We are going down hill fast, their are no PLAINS, just LIES

  24. This is all bullshit there is no virus 90% of the people that have died would have died anyway from health issues.
    This was all planned by the left to stop Trumps re-election along with excuse for people sending in 30 million mail in votes that was credited to Dumb Joe

  25. The only “plan of attack” the bejing administration has is to see how long they can keep us under control and acting like sheep. They are/have been lying to us from the very onset of this intentional destruction of our economy and the “will” of the American citizens. They will keep this so-called pandemic going as long as we will allow them to do so with the media,law enfrocement,major unions jumping on their band wagon — it is going to be very hard for us to put an end to this communist BS BUT WE MUST !!!!!!!

    1. Many Unions have nothing to do with wishing the economy to remain stagnant my younger brother is an Industrial Electrician and they do not even receive paid vacation.
      After High School he enlisted in the Army received MP training fell in love with and e eventually married 1 of his subordinates, yes I know that it is as taboo to fraternize with a subordinate in the military as it is in civilian life, well any way her family being from NM and ours from WI he spent 7 years living in the Albuquerque area, for 7 years he was back twice, 1st time when the baby in the family graduated from High school and 2nd when our mother suddenly passed away.

      Unions other than those in the Entertainment Industry, government and the Indoctrination system are actually of value but just like the government they need to be subject to extreme oversight.

  26. I hope those who die from what in reality a poison R&D of all funded by Genocidal maniacs like Bill and Melinda Gates and Anthony Fauci far exceeds that of those who were infected by Covid-19, damn mindless fools is the only way to define those who voluntarily received any of those vaccines.

  27. I saw a video of Zuckerberg saying he wouldn’t take the vaccine, as it changes somethings in dna and rna. dont know if this is true, but I am not taking the vaccine. I dont think the beijing demented one took it either, I think it was a placebo. faucci can’t make up his mind, one mask, no mask, two masks, the virus is deadly, the virus isn’t that bad. wtf? what should we believe? when the cdc says 90% of the Covid tests are false positive, I tend to believe them. I take precautions, but I am not going insane, like the people who wear a mask in their cars. what idiots!!! I guess they think the virus is coming in through the air conditioning??? oh well, educated idiots. this is just a way for the pelosis of the world to control us. do what you want, within reason of course. live while you can,

  28. But, but, but, “Uncle Joe promised he had a plan that would stop the Virus dead in its tracks,” all that was needed was for him to be elected. Well, where’s the “plan?” Other than mucking up a reasonably successful vaccination program, there’s no plan. OMG, did Uncle Joe LIE to America?
    He sure did, and it’s his history to Lie. He’s a Pathological Liar. He’s incapable of telling the truth without embellishing it or his role in it, and SOB has done that for nearly 50 years.

    To the 81,000,000 alleged and unverified Imbeciles that voted for this 20 lbs of Shite in a 10 lb bag. Piss off.

  29. I don’t know if anyone is still interested but I’m going to bring it up anyway. We are trusting politicians that have lied to us for a year and also stole their way into office. It started when we were told their was no election fraud. This came from an FBI that did everything they could to get rid of the president that was then in office. We know they stole their way into office and now we’re supposed to follow them and all their lies. We have been lied to about covid deaths. At every turn if you check into what they say, you will see it’s all lies. I’m just afraid we have gone too far and they have enough of the population too scared not to follow along. Now they’re onto Climate change and the way we eat. If Americans don’t wake up it’s going to be too late!

  30. Greg, I totally agree with you. I will say when the revolt comes EVERY DEMOCRAT better look over their shoulders. Karma is a bit tc h. You might feel safe with fencing and national guard around you all but it only takes a few of the guards to let mobs in to go after you all. When it happens, and it will you better get on your f ing knees and pay restitution to every legal citizen in the U.S. You All are a disgrace to the world. Everyone of you should be exhaled to horrific place and suffer.That includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google. And every left sided media outlet on the face of this earth. You are destroying this country but all that matters to you is the almighty dollar. Karma will get all of you.

  31. The train is coming for “”Bidet” ,his kid & rest of all Socialists that hate AmericaiGOT NEWA FORTHEM.i SERVED THIS GREAT COUNTRY(4) YEARS @COST OF MY PARENTS & I’M NOT ABOUT TO GIve IT TO BUNCH OF “cOMMIE,sOCIALISTS!! I’m guessing Bidet never served nor did his embezzling kid,”Cunter”!! God bless america & “trumpster is about to pounce,take PEEEEEEELOsie & rest of non-Patriototic’s down u all!!
    Marty Gannon Spec. op’s,Nam’67-70

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