Putin Sticks up for January 6 Protesters Rotting in Jail over Misdemeanors

About 440 Trump supporters have been arrested by the FBI for trespassing in the US Capitol during the peaceful January 6 protests. The FBI is still distributing ‘Wanted’ posters to try to track down additional trespassers.

If you’ve been following the news, then you know that dozens of the arrested Trump supporters are being held in despicable conditions without bail. Very few Republicans in Congress have had enough courage to speak out against this obvious political persecution of everyday people. But at least world leaders are noticing and are starting to condemn the criminal Biden-Harris regime. One example is noted human rights advocate Vladimir Putin of Russia!

The White House is claiming that they are going to allow Joe Biden out of the basement in two weeks to travel all the way to Switzerland. The White House also alleges that Biden will have a sit-down meeting with Vladimir Putin. I don’t know about you, but… I’ll believe that when I actually see it and Biden’s hands and hair don’t glitch out of the video in another one of the White House’s greenscreen fakeries. Based on Biden’s grueling track record of going down for a nap every day at 1:30 p.m. EST, I’d say there’s about a zero percent chance of this trip and/or meeting actually happening.

Another part of me hopes that it actually does happen, because Putin positively hates Joe Biden and plans to wipe the floor with him in epic Trumpian fashion. And Biden deserves to be used as Putin’s floor polisher, as far as I’m concerned.


The Russian Foreign Minister (sort of like their version of our Secretary of State) Sergey Lavrov says that Putin is prepared to get in Biden’s face about the human rights abuses of Donald Trump’s supporters. Lavrov told reporters this week:

“We are following with interest the persecution of those persons who are accused of the riots on January 6 this year… A lot of really interesting things are happening from the point of view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights.”

Many of the Trump supporters still being housed in the DC jail are still in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day. It’s been that way for almost six months now, for most of them. Each cell has a concrete slab for a bed, a toilet and a drinking fountain (no chairs or anything else). They’re not allowed to have blankets. There’s one pair of nail clippers in the entire jail that they all share, which the guards refuse to clean or sanitize between uses. No soap or toilet paper is allowed.

The jail guards hurls racial epithets at the Trump supporters. They’re periodically beaten. They’re not allowed to attend church services or to even have a Bible in their cells. Even during the one hour per day when they’re allowed out of their cells, they’re not allowed to have contact with anyone other than the guards. The Capitol trespasser aren’t even allowed to talk to their attorneys alone in a room – a violation of attorney-client privilege.

We haven’t seen prisoners treated this badly in an American jail since the early 1960s, when Southern Democrats would lock up peaceful black protesters and persecute them for participating in civil rights marches. This is deplorable. And it’s disgusting that many of the most recognizable Republicans in Congress don’t have the guts to stand up and speak out against it.

These people trespassed in a public building. Even that is questionable in many cases, since Capitol police officers greeted them at the doors and allowed them to come in.

Think of any Third World banana republic elsewhere in the world, where the treatment of political opponents is handled similarly. What do we all say about the leaders of those countries? They’re thugs. Bullies. Dictators. Murderers. War criminals. Human rights abusers.

The GOP leadership is always quick to say these things about foreign leaders who treat political prisoners this way. Why can’t they say the same thing about Joe Biden – especially since it’s true?

In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to hold out hope that Vladimir Putin and other world leaders will continue to pressure the Biden regime into respecting human rights.

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69 thoughts on “Putin Sticks up for January 6 Protesters Rotting in Jail over Misdemeanors”

  1. How about justice for the veteran Ashley Abbott, one that got killed because she was in the wrong place at the right time. When are we going to hear what really happened Ashley’s family deserves more than just a dead
    family member, what’s fair about that? No one is talking about her death. Not even news media
    It’s so quite It’s scary!!

    1. It wasn’t the trumpet supporters who storm the capital, they were all a mile away still listening to trump speak because he hadn’t finished when the real culprits were the ones who were let in. How can it be an insurrection when someone let them in the capital????? It was antifi and BLM who were let in the capital building who were dressed up as trump supporters. There is video proof that someone recorded of these thugs being caught putting on trump shirts and hats and when they realized they had been caught they try to attack the person who was video tapping them doing it and trying to take there evidence by getting hostile. The doors of the capital is locked from the inside. The doors are magnatized someone had to let them in from the inside not outside. There is always a log of someone name that is kept who opens the doors and closes it cause the doors are always locked from the inside. Whoever name was on that log that day who open the doors for these thugs should be investigated and punished. It’s not an insurrection when someone let them inside. They had this all planned to blame trump supporters when they were never near the capital that day. Nancy the hater was in all this the whole time. That’s why when trump offered to send the national guards to the capital she refused!!! Her son in law was also there. She and her culprits had this all set up to blame trump to get him out ahead of time. They are the true criminals and all should be rounded up and thrown in prison!!!

      1. I’m glad someone else knows that those weren’t Trump supporters. It was Antifa, BLM , Proud Boys, Insurrection USA, Oath Keepers. The FBI said that Trump still had 12 minutes of speech when the capitol, a mile away, was stormed into. Everyone calls them Trump supporters. Antifa had on their website, to crash the Trump speech, and wear Trump gear. Antifa got away with putting the blame on Trump….their gogal. The FBI still doesn’t know that. If they would only lock up Antifa and BLM when they burn down cities.

        1. Lets face it, the Democratic socilalist party and big business, one sided media had [am certain] planned this so-called riot and dreassed up certain people to wear pro trump t-shirts and head gear to entrap/blame Trump supporter’s. Am sure that it was staged event. In any event, if and when it may come to a show down between Joe [Peking] Biden and Vladimir Putin, am sure thart Putin will wipe his slate clean.

        2. Woooah!!!!!!!! Easy there, easy there Doris!!!! Don’t you go mixing and throwing in the same bag the Oath Keepers, who are patriots who believe in defending and upholding the Constitution, and the thugs, racists and criminals BLM, ANTIFA and Proud Boys! That’s as stuuupiiiiid as believing Trump supporters should be in jail and did anything wrong, or that Trump incited them to be violent. Your ignorance about the Oath Keepers is staggering!!! Go educate yourself! Or are you a demonrat troll?

          Doris Lautersays:
          June 4, 2021 at 3:02 pm
          I’m glad someone else knows that those weren’t Trump supporters. It was Antifa, BLM , Proud Boys, Insurrection USA, Oath Keepers. The FBI said that Trump still had 12 minutes of speech when the capitol, a mile away, was stormed into. Everyone calls them Trump supporters. Antifa had on their website, to crash the Trump speech, and wear Trump gear. Antifa got away with putting the blame on Trump….their gogal. The FBI still doesn’t know that. If they would only lock up Antifa and BLM when they burn down cities.

        3. Doris, Trump arrived late to the speech site, located 16 blocks/45 min away from Capitol. The New York Times, NOT A FRIEND of Trump, included the timeline in their write up:

          12:46pm, Capitol breeched by rioters, Trump’s speech ended at 1:11pm.

          Almost half an hour after riot started. John Sullivan, a self admitted ANTIFA leader on news broadcast that week. They arrested him in SLC and conviscated the video he admitted to sending out to ANTIFA MEMBERS all over the US. Exerpts of it were also shown on news; probably deleted newscast soon after. Video told them to meet in DC, where and when, what to wear (usual blackclad or jeans, and wear Trump accessories or at least red caps, flag prints, that riot equipment would be waiting in vans by Capitol, to be violent and “burn s*** down and try to get Trump fans into the bldg and incite them to get riled up”. They arrested Sullivan as being inside the bldg., yet as soon as known not to be Trump supporter, released. They were after Trump people; an ANTIFA guy was on the Dems side in this plan. There is big funding for ANTIFA. They can’t have other jobs as have to be able to fly around country at any moment for any riot. Plane fares paid. Legal fees, attys paid and apparently don’t get imprisoned, ever. Equipment purchased and driven to meeting place, as they can’t fly with this stuff. Big bucks evil Soros or who? And who is giving then immunity from conviction?
          Yes. Agree this was all pre-planned and paid for to create a riot they could drum into everyone’s mind that it was Trump and Trump supporters doing it all, and endangering their lives in the House. Except … not true.

          1. I would bet that Soros is flying the antifa and blm rioters in his private jet to designated riots. This way there would not be any records that they would have if flying commercial. Also with how many rioters are involved, it is probably cheaper.

          2. January 06,2021 So called riot was staged? Who was behind it besides Antifa…Make a good guess!!! the FBI. Entrapment could be the case to investigate…but by which law enforcement agency? If our national law enforcement agencies are corrupt, it is like asking pigs to clean their own stys.

        1. Its a stankin shame that the Leader of Russia has to run interference for our patriots who are in jail with out the very necessities of life by Biden and his thugs !!! But we should thank Mr Putin for his concern and to shame the Rats into at least being humane to our American citizens who have not been proven quilt of any crime and are suffering in spite of it Biden, get off the pot and try these folks in a FAIR trial and give them their freedom. PROVE them guilty or let them go !!!! Ya know Putin has no respect for Biden, his action and his treatment of these PATRIOTS, can you imagine how that has now decreased to ground zero. HOW does a man run a country if the world does not have respect for him representing our country ? MOST of us do not like it worth a flip. The Rats have no shame or guilt in anything they say or do and give it a bit more time and the worm always turns..hope its soon, or we should impeach the losers. At least give the Rats who are willing to work things out a chance to stop the shame that is occurring thru out this Administration. Impeach those who have caused short of chaos and are running us into the ground, in fact sure sounds like the goal to begin with……close, Ya’ll we are very close to losing our country and all we hold dear. When I think about the rivers of blood shed to keep this country free over the years this mess makes me ill……not the only one who feels this way, you can bet your last dollar……do it while we still have the dollars, soon that will be passe.

          1. Totally agree with your comments. Putin is not the only world leader that has no respect for Biden. Right from the get go Germany, France, India, and Australia said Biden was incompetent and did not want to deal with him. I am appalled to think those Americans are being held hostage. Why isn”t anyone rescuing them? I think January 6th was orchestrated by Pelosi and her gang.

      2. Piglosi the most evil on earth I deeply believe that’s we are living under Communist regime that I used to in VN

      3. You said it all. I agree with you 100%. I hope your letter gets thru to someone who has the GUTS to get these people out. Everyone in the white house need to be put in these conditions for 6 months. God will take care of them.

      1. Well her family would have been paid a shit ton of cash for starters just like George Floyd’s were ($27m to be exact!!)

        1. George Floyd’s family was paid $27 Million??? I hadn’t heard that, but it would figure. That accounts for their expensive clothes and all the traveling they did. I suppose all those millions were tax free also. DISGUSTING.

    2. I can’t even believe no blankets, toilet paper or soap? Solitary confinement? If this is not confirmation enough to prove a COUP attempt has taken place what will? Like many, I will NEVER recognize the current “administration”, a bunch of irrelevant, criminal, enemy of the US, people trying to convince an entire country that they know BETTER what is good for us.


    1. What about all of the businesses, police stations, court houses that were burned? Statues that were defaced and torn down.
      None of the Antifa and BLM are in jail being held for 6 months.
      The cost of the destruction was considerably higher last summer and it continues. The 30 million dollars damage was far less than what BLM and Antifa did. It was estimated at over 2 billion dollars

      1. Don’t worry, they are in jail now. Those were not Trump supporters they have jailed. The FBI said that Trump was 12 minutes from finishing his speech when the capitol was broken into. Antifa website told thugs to dress like Trump supporters and infiltrate. They went in ahead . So you see, Antifa, Blm are getting put in jail finally, while the country is thinking those are Trump supporters.

        1. Who is in jail? Antifa & BLM haven’t served time and if they did VP Harris and other liberal democrats bailed them out immediately after arrest. They have done billions of dollars damage, burned down police station a federal building, murder commited on innocent children and adults and all were African American. Where is your cry for justice? Trump supporters have been in jail for over 5 months for doing nothing. Ashley Babbitt was going thru the window UNARMED with no intent to harm anyone when a guard was pointing at her without provocation & killed her.
          These people are being tortured in our own jails, as though they were in some foreign country like communist China where they leave people maimed and destroyed for life. There is no excuse for this kind of treatment. There was no act of sedition and they know it. They have served more than enough time and its time the government let them go, recompense them for all the damage incurred and apologize to them for this treatment. I can’t believe the ignorance with which comments are made. If it were your family you’d be crying out for justice. This country will never be the same if Democrats continue in office, but hopefully people will appreciate our country and the liberty shown to us by the almighty God. Freedom is not free, but is taken for granted by those of us who NEVER took one step to help protect this freedom. Not even now when we need to come together as the people of this free nation.

        2. You are absolutely correct, and it is for a reason that they are allowing the population to believe that the Trump supporters are being treated badly! They are hoping that the Real Supporters will end up starting trouble and then give the Democrats every reason to go full on with the persecution

      2. I have said this before–whoever is responsible for the treatment of these political protestors should serve many years in jail. That includes Biden, Pelosi and the of the capitol police who beat these people regularly and keep them in despicable conditions. There is NO EXCUSE for what they have done! I must admit there were only 2 people in congress who spoke out about their criminal treatment and they were Democrats and of Course Mr.Putin. The current group of Republicans are sadly silent lacking the courage of anyone’s convictions. Frankly I am surprised! I will not commit to any money for anyone that does not speak up for these “detainees” I hope everybody else feels the same way!

      3. Don’t forget the mess in Seattle, over taking police stations, blocking off an entire section of capitol hill so ordinary people couldn’t use streets. Burning, looting, destroying–what happened to them? NOTHING Statutes destroyed? I think it was in Virginia recently where a confederate grave was dug up and removed because they didn’t want it there. Are You kidding me??? Now its ok to desicrate graves. This bs has to stop. Maybe its going to take ordinary Americans to take care of business.

    2. Russia is blessed with a VERY strong leader, there was at least mutual respect for him and President Trump. Difference sides of the fence but the respect was there… None wat so ever with Biden who has hacked off every leader including God himself !!!

    3. I agree. It’s a shame they leave Biden in office especially when he didn’t really win. I’m 75 and look back We had Kennedy, Regan, Bush senior. Those all were outstanding leaders. Trump tells it like it is a little too vocal but people trust him. I also like the governor of Florida as a candidate
      Ty for allowing me to speak my mind!

      1. Betty, Bush Sr. is a criminal and he and others associated with him,took out Kennedy. Kennedy was the last, good Democrat. They needed him gone, just like they need Trump and Reagan gone. Not all Republicans are good and not all democrats are bad. Research bilderbergs, you won’t find a single Kennedy on the list but you will find Bush, Clinton, Obama and several high ranking bureaucrats from all over the globe that want the New World Order and have been working tirelessly since WW1 for their agenda.

  2. Why aren’t more people talking about the political prisoners period? Everyday Americsns need to contact their representatives. As for trusting Putin I’m not so sure of that either.

  3. I’m not surprised at Biden and his Communist buddies who inhabit the White House right now. But I am furious at our “brave” conservative leaders (Cruz, Cornyn, Graham, etc.) who are silent!!!! It’s hard to believe this is happening and seemingly accepted in our country.

    1. Cruz has not been silent, neither has Rand Paul. Majorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and a few others have been fighting for our rights.

  4. Please contact your congress people and tell them its unacceptable that they have not argued due process and equal protection for these people. Many of whom just went with the flow and were taking pictures of the Capitol building. We didn’t elect these leaders to be cowards.

  5. I feel sick that those poor people are being treated like that…Everybody this could be you…!!! This is the Muslim obama doing this…He is the Anti Christ…..!!!!

  6. I heard this before, one guy was supposed to have been beaten so badly he had a retinal detachment and yet nothing was done. If this fella did not get surgery he lost his eyesight permanently that is how detachments work.\this is communist USSA, obama is a communist too. and now we have that back again. \this is not going away. The chickens on the right will not do anything about this. This thing was a set up. We know capitol police guards invited them in to talk to the leaders about their griefs. That was a lie too.

  7. Human rights eh? This scumbag is taking our rights one by one, those rights we have left anyway.
    The president has no mind left.
    Brain dead is the terminology.
    Dementia Joe can’t remember if he sleeps with his wife, daughter, or sister !
    Just saw the clip of him speaking where he said he’s been in office since Jan. 20th… you know, about 15 months ago.
    The imbecile said it without missing a beat. Just look at the next two in succession for the presidency. Anybody else as terrified as I am ?!!!

    1. That is why I said you can’t impeach or you get Harris and Piglosi.!! This scares the hell out of me!!!!!!!!!

    2. “Dementia Joe can’t remember if he sleeps with his wife, daughter, or sister,”


  8. Only those who believe in killing innocent babies and love Slavery voted for the Democrats and Biden. It is so to speak suicide to vote Democrat. Fuel prices are sky rocketing and along with them all commodities including food is reaching new highs. Democrats and RINOs should be outlawed. They are obstructive to freedom and prosperity.

  9. Republican Leaders and Civil Rights Leaders should be screaming from the Senate and House Floors about this travesty of injustice; American Citizens most basic Right of “innocent until proven guilty”. But unfortunately I am not surprised, the Republican Legislatures of many “battle ground” States were complacent allowing Democratic Governors to use nefarious “emergency” measures to override their States’ Constitutions on election laws. Especially in my home State of Pennsylvania where millions of unrequested mail-in ballots were sent out: to dead people, those who no longer live in districts or even the State and not registered to vote. Where signatures and identity were void of verification. Everyday the more we learn the more it becomes extremely plausible that the 2020 election was “rigged”, fraudulent and corrupt. I am confident, truth will set us free again.

  10. Hope Putin bring it up in the meeting with old Deadman Joe! People are held against their will by these democrats politicians. I for one would like to get my hands on those guards that tie the guy hands behind his back. Only a COWARD DOES THAT! Hope everyday he looking over his shoulder going home! One day that house will be empty! That what you call getting even for your violence! Eyes for an eyes!! Isnt that what gang members do? Once these people are released they need to file a class action lawsuit against Biden, PELOSI, Schumer, Mayor of DC and these jailer! Don’t settle for nothing less than 10 billion dollars! Out of these CORRUPT DEMOCRAT own pocket!

  11. LOLOL!! Putin? He’s just stirring things up more. Human rights to a former head of the COMMUNIST RUSSIAN KGB are a roaring joke!

    As far as Comrade Biden, he and his fellow COMMUNISTS are denying basic human and Constitutional Rights to millions of Americans under the guise of “security” and Covid. WHERE IS THE OPPOSITION GOP?????

    Cowering under the bed shivering in fear? Grabbing campaign money, spewing empty promises, LYING THEIR CANS OFF then abandoning us all when their Party Bosses order them to. I HATE the Democrats for what they are doing. But I LOATHE the GOP for all that they are NOT doing.

    Our FBI is spending thousands of man hours and millions of dollars hunting for people who did no more than stand on the sidewalk holding a sign. Meanwhile, MILLIONS of criminals and terrorists are pouring into the country or being released from prisons and roaming our streets. WHERE ARE OUR “BRAVE DEFENDERS” (LOL) on that!? WHERE IS THE COWARDLY SCUM-SUCKING GOP?

    The Democrats can rely on their political representatives to carry out what they say they will do. And WE have the GOP. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

  12. It is about time Republicans wake up and stand for what these people should not be treated that way in America.
    Biden has done nothing for our country .He is a determent to AMERICA
    He needs to be impeach now along with his partner and jailed.

    1. Biden will be held accountable and all the others involved for human rights crimes. His time is short.

  13. Republican leaders need to show some courage and put an end to this very shabby illegal treatment.

    1. Forget it. Those people arrested are Antifa , BLM Proud Boys,,Oath Keepers…..Antifa told them to dress like Trump supporters and infiltrate his group, and blame Trump for entering the capitol. They are getting pay back for causing so much damage elsewhere. Trump was still giving his speech, a mile away, when the capitol was broken into. We owe Antifa, BLM some serious jail time.

  14. This is an outrage and insult to the constitution and yhe American public. I fought for this country and gave blood to never lat this crap happen here, but lo and behold..here it is at our door..im still confused why the Generals haven’t stepped up and resolved this miscarriage.

      1. How much we hope you are right, Loretta !!!! The longer they stay in the drivers seat the worse our Country is going to hell in a handbasket !!!! I would not bet my last feather that not ALL in the military with clout are for Biden and his hell bent ways, Geneva……

  15. What a JOKE! Unfortunately, the punch line absolutely EVADES me! Who knows, but it would be hilarious if Joe Biden actually LISTENED to Putin and released the “trespassers.” That would be the ultimate in political irony! Of course, we all know that this will not happen (or WILL it?). By the way, it has been only FIVE months so far, but who’s counting? Not that it matters, but timing is EVERYTHING!

  16. Those demonstrators (Trump supporters) are going to become a liability for the democrats! Putin is on Biden’s case.
    The democrats will become known as a nasty and vindictive lot. i am sure this frightens them. Bad p. r.

  17. What else is Biden going to do to our own citizens? He’s definitely not a good choice for us. Dems need to I choose him and take Harris with him to experience what the January 6, 2021 arrestees are experiencing.

  18. We the people can’t get these people out by discussing it every day amongst ourselves. We can call our Senators, Rep. And let them know how unhappy we are!
    I see now that we can’t do it alone. I am not sure that our leaders even care about Trump Supporters being abused. all they care about is their next paycheck.

    1. Would be a blessing if Biden or his minions arranged for him to step due down to his advanced age ?! But its true that we would wind up out of the frying pan into the fire with Harris and Pelosi. All the laws they have broken and that have been ignored by the Press and those in places that could help remove them, we have the right to impeach if they are no doing the job correctly or AT ALL. We do need those that don’ just sit on their tushs in Congress who stand up and push back !!!! We have some fine Patriots, but they can’t do it if all don’t get with it and use the tools we have legally to get rid of the swamp dwellers………

  19. This is the most sickening and disgusting treatment of American citizens. Prayers for them and for our Senators and representatives to do something. This is unbelievable!!!!!!

  20. Putin will be wasting his time — the pedophile won’t have a clue what Putin’s talking about and the real people running this country don’t care. I saw an article saying biden is finishing what odumbo(obama) started — WRONG– odumbo is finishing what he started. Neither the pedophile or the tramp could come up with what’s going on in this country BUT odumbo and his deep state criminals are capable of it. The tramp can’t even describe what’s going on at our southern border let alone help run a country. There is a point people seem to be missing — the capitol building belongs to “we the people” not the lowly corrupt lying politicians, they are just taking up space because the American voters are ignorant enough to put them there without any research as to what they are all about. The peaceful protesters had a right to peacefully protest– it is this administration,the democrat who planned and instigated the violent part of it,the capitol police(if in fact you want to call them police) fbi,doj are the actual criminals in this fiasco. The person who shot and killed Ashley should be indicted for 2nd degree murder. It is hard to believe the repubs are just sitting by allowing this to happen– but then again there are many of them who are corrupt enough to be part of this communist gestapo activity. When election time comes — it is time to clean house with EVERY standing member of congress being ousted and new blood put in their place(new blood couldn’t do any worse). Our congress, this administration and all our alphabet agencies have turned this country into the VILLAGE IDIOT OF THE WORLD.

    1. You are pretty much right on the money, Gerry !!! Seems there are only OLD timers in the drives seat in DC, where is the new blood that might do better than they are? No one is giving them a chance, could NOT be any worse than we have now…….at times I feel real sorry for Biden…….and then he will go an demand and sign EOs that make his true self emerge, he is one vile human being !!!! He is killing our country and he is doing it with no ones approval or permission cause he does is in a sneaky manner or in the dead of night !!!!! Rats are just as guilty of letting him do these deeds as we Repubs…………

  21. Ya…& where is our SUPREME COURT on this ?
    This is probably the laziest S C I’ve ever heard of. They refuse to hear cases of & about the cases that made America, like the Constitution, or even the Bill of Rights.
    Their more interested in fighting amongst themselves. It shouldn’t take years or months to hear a case.
    Congress COULD (but won’t) put pressure on the court, but as everyone with a I Q higher than Biden knows that Congress is a clown show also.
    Can you say TERM LIMITS ??????

  22. They aren’t Trump supporters. Antifa told members to dress like Trump people to blame Trump for this, and now they are caught! Th joke is on them !!!!! It’s about time Antifa, BLM was jailed for their destruction elsewhere.

  23. No fan of Putin, but I will give him credit for bringing this up if he does. And I agree, where are our Republicans on this. Whether or not you supported what happened on January 6th, there is no reason NOT to demand justice for these protestors. They were not rioters and insurrectionists as the left tries to claim. And the Republicans are always quick to denounce any “violence”, but the “violence'” of January 6th pales in comparison to the violence we experienced for MONTHS on end in our cities. And those murdering thugs and arsonists got off scott-free! They even had there bail paid by Kamala Harris!. These Trump supporters are being treated worse than Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo. Where is Amnesty International? Where is the ACLU? Where are our Republicans?

  24. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m locked and loaded 24/7. I’m not taking any chances. Democrats have ripped this country apart with the help of China. Russia’s Vladimir is right on point. It’s a Damn shame. Never thought I’d say this but Russia is right. They know the Atrocitys Democrats have caused. Also Russia working with China just a smoke screen. Vladimir will choke hold them soon enuff. China is all mouth. China has gotten itself in a trap. That’s good because Global pushed agendas are about to put a final end to the CCP and CCP DEMOCRATS.

  25. A Leader would never ever accept any sorry we did it (RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA), wait till he ECHOE;s (CHINA PU-TANG-Erric) and his (House Toilet Plunger-Bat Lady) If he lets it go, he would not be a leader, and it just won’t happen. Hope Biden has his Zipper up, because if down, Putin will pull out the meat and ZIP it up. Can’t wait.

  26. Sorry to tell Joe Biden this but, how can anyone be trespassing on their own property? The Capitol Building as well as the White House is owned by the American Citizens. So let the people go.

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