Racist Joe Biden Builds Racist Wall to Keep Brown People Out Because He Hates Them

We all started laughing a couple of weeks ago when there were rumors that Joe Biden was going to restart construction of the Big and Beautiful Trump Wall on the southern border. But it turns out it’s true! Filthy racist Joe Biden is finishing a section of racist wall in the Rio Grande Valley to keep the brown people out because his own insecurities make him fear being replaced by brown people or something. (That’s how these rules work, right?) Not that we should trust his motives.

Only a sadist could have come up with the current child abuse system that the Biden regime is operating on our southern border, in conjunction with the drug cartels. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says that the Biden regime is admitting all child migrant arrivals into the US due to an abundance of “compassion.” Because what could be more compassionate than stuffing 20,000 kids into a tent with tinfoil blankets and forcing them to poop in plastic grocery store bags?

The Trump administration was automatically deporting all child arrivals back to their parents overseas, which seemed more compassionate in my skeptical mind. Due to Trump’s policies, child arrivals had trickled down to near zero by the time he left office. Now the unaccompanied child arrivals have skyrocketed by something like 57,000%.

There is such an incredible flood of unaccompanied minors that the regime has asked state foster care systems to kick American foster kids out, to make room for the foreign kids. There are so many foreign children being held in the Biden concentration camps now that they’ve lost track of how many there are. The government can’t count them. It’s been weeks since the last time they gave us an accurate number.


As for adult illegal alien arrivals, Mayorkas’ answer is even more hilarious. “The border is closed,” he declared this week.

From October 2020 through January 2020, the Trump administration allowed just 32,000 people to cross the border, after determining that they legitimately fit the dictionary definition of “refugees.” Between February and May 11, Mayorkas and DHS have allowed 156,000 total illegal alien adults and families into the US. That’s five times as many people – in 25% less time.

This is a “closed” border according to the Biden team of liars.

From the Darien Gap in Panama all the way up to the US-Mexico border, the drug cartels are giving birth control to little girls as young as 8 or 9. Let it sink in for a moment that Team Biden was warned by the Border Patrol that their open-border police would create a humanitarian crisis like this. After adults pay the cartels to escort them through Mexico to the border, they can buy children from the cartels in order to make it look like they are a “family unit” (and therefore won’t be deported by Joe Biden). You can buy a kid on the Mexico side of the border for as little as $84 US dollars right now, according to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-MN).

Yet Mayorkas told a Senate committee this week, “We are enforcing the laws in a smart and effective way.”

Uh huh. It’s just occurred to me that perhaps Alejandro Mayorkas is an idiot.

Meanwhile, as Team Biden publicly proclaims that the border is “closed,” they have quietly sent in the Army Corps of Engineers to finish building an uncompleted 13-mile stretch of Big and Beautiful Trump Border Wall in the Rio Grande Valley. That’s probably not going to do much in the grand scheme of things, but it will be 13 fewer miles to be built when the Trump-DeSantis administration takes over in 2025.

It’s easy to laugh and point our fingers at Joe Biden for adding a nice section to the Trump Wall, but it appears that something else is going on here. Could it be that Biden is sealing off that section simply to funnel the hordes into processing centers? If they slip through an un-walled section of the border, Biden can’t register them to vote as Democrats. That’s what it looks like he’s doing.

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62 thoughts on “Racist Joe Biden Builds Racist Wall to Keep Brown People Out Because He Hates Them”

  1. As bad as I hate Biden, from what I’ve seen on Fox Biden is starting back on the wall, but it’s to stop water from flooding the area! Not ot stop Brown people from crossing. That was something that was starting when Trump was in office. The work was being done on a Dike /Dam . The workers had not finished the Dike when Biden stopped work on the wall! I am not taking up for Biden and his bunch of idiots that’s just what happened.

    1. Brown people ? Latin x ? Wtf idiots Chicano? Non of this gringo made up bull shit exist!!!!! The rest of the world thinks we are a bunch of ignorant fucks! Latin American of Spanish or Portuguese descent of all colors not Brown!!!!! That is not in the DNA!!!! And don’t forget that 163 different countries from around the world came through that Border!!!!

    2. SO biden’s hate for POTUS Trump destroys U.S. National Security & then blows smoke up his own stupid ass to appeaar as a hero ! The vacuum between joe’s ears imploded 3 months ago & he’s still the #1 U.S. enemy ! All dem leaders since bo’s 8 years of treason proves to be the marxist Islamic, socialist assault on U.S. Freedom !

  2. How can anyone say Biden hates Brown people when he’s letting them Flood into the US Southern Border, with no limits “Just Come On!!!” Biden doesn’t hate Imerigents he hates the people of the United States that was Born and Raised in the US. Biden doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on!! He don’t care who’s Suffering, no need for him to worry he’s got all the money he needs!!

    1. You right the he does have all the money he needs, Ukrainians and the Chinese have given him all the money he wants.

    2. if you notice with all the children aboard now, that somehow some get missing oh, now there seems to be a good supply of adrenochrome and very young girls to get his pipes cleaned out. His words not mine! Remember the island? Are you awake yet?
      CUE. I. WWG1WGA!!!

      1. Why are children from the border being sent to Tennessee and other states and why are there no statistics of documentation for necessary immunization shots for children at the borders
        -like chicken pox, flu vaccines, diphtheria, mumps, T B testing, hepatitis , measles and covid.?
        Where are the media ( good media) covering those yards ,towns, and cities at the border towns asking about how this is all affecting their lives or and how many American citizens have lost something because of
        Bejing Biden? And his make “America Last” policies? With all the cell phones, security cameras, Where are pictures that come from ” The real streets of American” towns near Texas, Calif, Arizona, New Mexico ? If they are being bused and flown out-Where are they arriving and being housed, given medical care and how much is recorded for the financial impact?
        WHAT AND WHERE IS THE INFORMATION ABOUT TRAMA TO THE MENTAL STATE OVER WHAT IS AFFECTING ALL Those who live in America -The worry, fears and distrust was all the evidence needed when people emerged into the streets mask free to protest for change.
        Why was The Chinese Scientist dead, a week after he sent a warning letter to three fellow scientists about a potential possibility of a padamenic from the project he was working on. Why did the Chinese government tell him to discontinue his actions of informing others, dying only a week later in a hospital?
        TRANSPARENCY IS About as bad or worse than Biden’s Son Hunter for a corrupt business& being paid by The UKRAINE Corrupt Country and wasn’t a crime committed when Biden bribed an foreign official to fire an attorney General from a case study about corruption in in the Ukraine. Country, Not ours.
        Facebook and twitter – The people of America need their own Social Network that supports our freedom, not
        One that tries to control OUR freedom of speech. The evidence is clearly there with the call for guns to be removed from those who have them for protection and followed all rules to obtain a permit, Bail for criminals and those like congress woman who encourage people to go out and take the street back to protest even after due process has been done and the verdict might go not the way they want, Defunding police is their way to hire not cities or states but federal cops and remove the states control just like it was done to take away prayer in public schools and how private Christian school tuition can’t be tax deductible. But they let private non christian schools start tax deductions in 2020 because it was approved by Congress. look or the research yourself.
        recall BIden and rehire Trump. Look for what is added to the benefit of living in your Country
        , look at what and who wants to take it away. re elect someone to replace an instigator. Like kamala Harris and rid us of Maxine waters and others that try to override the good in our country.
        Thank you and decide for yourself while you can.

        Kamala Harris, Where are you? They could use a good laugh .
        WHAT DOES OUR AMERICAN FIRST LADY SAY ABOUT ALL THE CHILDREN / With all this mess occurring. Since Biden took office, It plain and simple to see who is the root cause of the problem and why Every American Citizen Is smart enough to realize what Biden is doing to “OUR Country, IT IS SHAMEFUL THAT OUR GOVERNMENT NOW- SHUT DOWN CHURCES AND PLACES OF FAITH BEFORE PROVIDING A PLAN OF WORSHIP TO A land that was founded by those who wanted less taxation and freedom of right of biblical belief and right to chose.
        It is not acceptable by any vision to impact damage to our Capital building but as citizens viewing this know – why they were all driven by there own desires & ( not Trump’s) needs to say” they wanted a change”——-›- A fair vote, And they wanted Trump for another four years to do the work for our country like Trump was doing.
        Those few who were powered to use illegal measures acted solely by their” emotional drive” of desire to leave their own marks.
        Trump wanted to encourage The Presidents Supporters- wanted them to join together for common cause.

        Not everyone that protests By the word “Fight” wants to burn their bras, or burn our flag, damage private businesses, shoot at innocent people, or storm into barricades , or enter private neighborhoods claim the rights and recognition for their cause to paint their labels on our streets. THE DEMONS THAT HIDE IN ALL PARTIES COME OUT WHEN THEY SUPPORT CRIMINAL ACTS THEN STAND TO BAIL OUT THE INFESTIDED SOULS OF THE DEVIL’S

    3. DOT>
      this is actually a no-brainer ….. It’s The Only Thing donkeycrates CARE ABOUT …. T H E V O T E !!
      let them in MORE apt to vote donkeycrate !
      THEY don’t CARE the COST, after ALL they Spend OUR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LIKE
      drunken sailors’ ….
      They KEEP Printing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Faster Than The Printing Presses Can Get A breather ….
      NOT to Mention …… I SEE Nothing, That the Media, has info’ on the CONTINUE THE TRUMP WALL !!
      I N T E R E S T I N G !

    4. I really believe that it’s not a question of caring or not caring , he truly is in over his head and has NO UNDERSTANDING of what’s actually going on around him!! He is signing away our freedoms and jobs etc…. with no understanding as to why he is doing what he is doing!!! Our way of life is currently being undermined by un-elected people behind the scenes who are accountable to NO ONE!!! THIS IS A TRAVESTY !!

    5. HadEnough –
      Presdent Trump, starting up Rallies Again ! starting in June 2021 … i think around the 14th ( His Birthday )
      and no doubt about 2022 ( when the house of representitives ( ( will be Replaced or NOT ) leave this to OUR
      President Trump to Hand Pick Republicians, this way, donkeycrates will lose the House..
      FYI . if you don’t know… President Trump is going back to batt for 2024 !!…on his Platform, the Watch Is OUT ! Trump 2024
      you may or may not know …. They are ( donkey’s ) to IMPRISION OUR President ! look’s Like Tax Avasion !
      the Tax-Code was set up by obama and HIS vp !! and used by them… i guess when your a Republican, it’s
      not for YOU to use !!
      they will look for ANYTHING….. President Trump scare’s them !! and he has to FALL, maybe one way or another …
      President Trump has a course he Has to follow… GOD, Be With This President !!

    6. Have you noticed the fence around the peoples house he’s afraid the American people are going after him because of what he’s doing

    7. How can anyone say Biden hates brown people? Before he was elected he said, when questioned about a running mate, he said “I will select a woman of color.” He did not mention qualifications. He did not mention accomplishments or education. Proving he does not “hate brown people.”

    8. OF course the biden, dem stench to allow illegal invasion is for more fraud votes to be dictators, not humanity !

  3. I’d prefer that Biden fire his do-nothing-Democratic VP for her exemplary work she’s done on the border crisis.
    I’d like to recommend that AOC gets put into the position of “ border czar “, as she seems to have the answer for any and everything under the sun when it comes to remedying these types of situations.
    Besides, if anything she implemented in regards to the illegals and their plight to one, cross the border, and two, get situated and employed soon after making the trek into their new home went haywire, she could always pin the blame on the Trump administration.
    You know…. the administration that caused all of this chaos in the first place!!!!
    I’m convinced that with her economic degree, and her savvy for righting all wrongs, that she’ll be a perfect fit for the job. Then, after clearing up this fiasco, maybe she’ll have earned the credibility to make a run for the White House. And she will have deserved it as well.

    Of course, part of this dilemma means having to continue the building of Mr. Trumps wall. I’m convinced, that she will have the presence of mind, to realize that the continuation of the wall building will relieve the influx of people coming across the border, making her job that much easier on this side of the border to get things in order.
    And just think if the power she will have accumulated in her quest for stardom as “ border czar”. She’ll finally reach “untouchable” status like Chuck and Nazi Nancy. It’ll be a propelling pinnacle in her illustrious career. Just imagine………….
    LaPresidenta Ocasio-Cortezio……… it even has a royal ring to it doesn’t it?!!! Perhaps with the help of her latinX moniker, she’ll have better luck than Cum’allya when meeting with the leader of Mexico. But then again, we have to factor in her anger issues into the equation, maybe some anger management criteria before turning her loose on the international circuit…. we all know that she doesn’t just laugh when confronted by situations she can’t handle.

    Ahhh, a wonderful world we’re experiencing these days.

    Anybody besides me missing Donald Trump and his robust economy as of late?!! I’d like to know the number of democratic fools who voted for Biden who are regretting the fact they cast their ballot so frivolisly.
    Don’t blame me..I voted for Donald.

    1. You must be drunk. Cortez couldn’t run a piss up at a brewery, if someone else brought the drink. The whole fascist party, did I say party? I mean pantomime should be shot for treason, and all those who voted for them should be lobotomised, not that a lobotomy would make them any less dumb, but it would stop them speaking.

      1. And who will do something about all this mess?!
        One good thing there are states.now which are coming together and taking their power which is rightful. Each state has its own government above and beyond the federal power.
        Call your reps and push to join the others in fighting the federal powers which are trying to take us into Marxism!

        1. So true! Get involved in your local and state politics. This is where it all starts. SO GLAD the states are finally WAKING UP!!!! NOT WOKE, WAKING UP! Such as DeSantis, who IMHO should run for president in 24. Much as I love and voted for DJT, someone younger could easily be in office 8 straight years. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT! WE MUST GET THE COMMUNISTS OUT!

          1. Then you need to start with our schools who are teaching our kids to hate their parents their school their country then start on the military that Biden is destroying with his BS then you need to completely clean out any government employee’s while we slept at the wheel we were invaded from within

      1. Thanks Anniedawn, glad you recognize the humor in my sarcasm…. c’mon Brian, it’s all for a laugh, something that’s harder to come by these days I’m afraid.

        1. HAD ENOUGH…first time I have had someone put into words exactly how I feel. Now if those who voted for Trump could just get some movement going to end this. I don’t know if “I” or should I say “we” can last through four years of this!

        2. AOC could stop the family’s from having to drink out of them toilets, and get them great paying jobs like she did for new Yorks at AMAZON.

    2. I heard there was human trafficking of these children, if this is true, something needs to be done to save these children! Why are they giving out birth control pills to these little girls if there isn’t human trafficking going on???She was a bartyender

    3. Hell biden doesn’t even know who harris is & barely knows his adviser shadow bo to be dictator ! He’d fire jill !

  4. Prayers for our country. These kids, girls, 14-19 will end up in human trafficking and drugs. They are working on prostitution ring and drugs.
    The mixed fake drugs are killing people.
    This doesn’t get in media news
    Especially liberal media.
    The wall will save lives on both sides.
    We need to USA our immigration laws. Everyone has to be vetted and quarantine.
    My area they are asking f o.i r volunteers to help the places they have opened for caravan people. This is not safe because they are not vetted or quarantine. To many diseases, not just virus. Criminals shouldn’t be allowed into our country.
    Recall Biden Harris.

    1. They are trafficking in younger girls than 14 years old. Demented, sick, perverted men are paying big money for much younger girls! SICKOES!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. All dictator countries these illegals came from are #1 examples of what tyranny does to world humanity ! These enslaved peons are trying to escape terrorist dictators & U.S. libtard dems try to destroy U.S. Freedom & Rights !

  5. I wonder how many the Clinton madam has shepherded to her dens of iniquity. She was one of Einstein’s pals, and her shady past when her old man was president, and trips in Airforce one with the boys, or should I say perverts, and the young kids who went out, but didn’t come back. With Jelly brain being a pervert too, I hate to think what will be built under the new wall..

  6. We all must realize China Joe is not making one decision on his own. His corrupt, evil and socialists handlers are ruining our Country, not the senile old man. They stole the 2020 election and are hell bent and using that theft to install socialism in every Segment of our Country. God Bless America.

    1. Jim Arizona is doing the leg work that we AMERICANS need to support. And then it is on to Wisconsin; Michigan; Pennsylvania Georgia! They all used Arizona’s play book to STEAL an election, America will not let it continue

      1. The vote fraud proof dem stench created is the demise for all treasonous instigators that are involved with the commie crimes to be dictators ! HOPE the proof occurs before biden & his commies do more to damage U.S. ! Hang ’em all high in public view as examples for high treason ! Start with #1 vote fraud instigators !

  7. You know this is going to destroy mostly the black and liberal dumb white people! These are the one who used drugs the most! People with a brain know that! But do these “WOKE” FOOL know that? I doubt it! Looking forward when the NBA gone under! Maybe they can take their games to CHINA! Just don’t come back! Keep scratching your head and rubbing your stomach. As you say I PLAY BASKETBALL! Just to show how uneducated you are! Now about the Illegal VP trying to get to the “root of the problem ” how stupid is she? The roof of the problem is coming to America! Like all these democrats fool are trying to do here. It already happened in those country these people left! CALL SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT! Only the RICH GOT RICHER AND POOR GOT POORER!

  8. When will this “Biden CIRCUS” . . . er – ADMINISTRATION end?!? Let’s have a REVOTE after the RECOUNT and PUT POTUS Trump back in his RIGHTFUL place as PRESIDENT elect! Let’s have a CITIZEN’S initiative to do this and VOTE the BIDEN BUM out. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    1. REMOVING ALL commie dem leaders FOR TREASON IS MANDATORY JUSTICE TO KEEP U.S. FREEDOM & RIGHTS ! Hanged in public view as treason examples is also mandatory for all dems to watch !

  9. Why is the Army Corps of Engineers working on the Wall, when construction companies have already been paid to finish it? And who’s working on this report wrote: “From October 2020 through January 2020”? That’s going backwards. Doesn’t anyone proofread anymore?

    1. The Fake News MotherF***, can’t get nothing right ( dates, color of skin) all they do is spin to fit the left side, NOT THE TRUTH ” because the left can’t handle the Truth..

    2. KenH –
      do WE really expect basement joe to USE President Trump’s Builders ? for joe it’s embarrassing Enough To continue the WALL!! as of YET, i SEE nothing that tell’s the People, this sneeky thing biden has changed
      his MIND on !! 13 Miles is Better Than NO MILES ..
      sure don’t want his handlers mad at him ….. or is it the Shadow Prez …………. ( my guess ) susan rice … donkycrat
      in the obama regime.

    3. DO you really believe biden & his crony cabinet can read ? Vacuum between dem’s ears imploded 3 months ago !

  10. If he doesn’t finish the wall, then Texas, Az, and the other border states should send some of the illegal aliens we are taking care of down there to finish the rest of it. They are already being paid, and they say they came here to find jobs. Well there you go. A job for all of them, and a wall for us. A win win.

  11. How Biden and Jill can watch those innocent
    little kids who are the victims of their irresponsible
    parents and the Cartels is beyond comprehension!
    They arrive in a country where everyone is
    a stranger and they can’t even speak our
    language. Biden and his Administration, only,
    want to defy the accomplishments of President
    Trump and in doing so, he/they are destroying
    our country. So so discouraging!

    1. Betty Rickmond –
      who say’s the closet gang watch, what is going on at the border ?
      the kid’s will be SOLD to PREDITORS’. THEIR GOAL, DESTROY the U S A … Re-Build, with ALL ILLEGAL’s and V O T E
      D E M O C R A T E !

  12. “brainless Biden” and the other Dem cronies want the voting rules changed so even undocumented illegals can cast votes. That’s why he wants to eliminate the filibuster because he knows as long as it requires a minimum of 60% of the senate vote to pass Constitutional changes, he can’t change the Supreme Court or the Constitution so the idiotic Dems can make the U.S.A. a Dictatorship! TRUE Patriotic Citizens MUST stop the Dems at ALL costs!!!

    1. Michael C –
      basement joe, pelosi, have by-passed the Senate several times already ! as WE ALL know, biden presidency, is
      illegal and EVERYTHING He’s DONE will Be be NUL & VOID !!
      those who are wondering about President Trump and the 2024 ….. HE’s Running ! on his Format his 2024 Watch
      is up for SALE !
      all we can hope for that they will not IMPRISION President Trump on TAX EVASION !! this is what they are gunning for …..the TAX CODE was overhauled in the obama admin… with vp’s help !! not to mention these and Other’s Use The Same TAX CODE !! i guess it’s ok for donkey’s but NOT Republicans !!
      TRUMP Rallies Coming In June 2021 ! at least 2 and i believe they will be who President Trump is INDORCING for
      2022, to fill in the House Of Representitives, that are vacated !! remember every 2 year’s these are filled or remain the same . in the House 430 Members – donky’s and Republicans the Senate, 100 Members every 4 Years donky’s and republican’s – total 530 –

  13. How dumb do you have be to think someone who just risked life and limb to escape a socialist dictator would ever vote to install the same in the democratic country they escaped to?

    1. Hey David: Look at that THING Omar…she is wanting to make this country into the likes of Somolia that she escaped from. Her (& the rest of “the squad” should all be sent out of this country & their citizenship revoked for being TREASONS!
      BTW…I’m being VERY kind in this writing!

    2. I guess some people are dumber than a sack of rocks how else do you explain Californians and New Yorkers moving to Texas to escape the democrat controlled states they left and then still vote for the democrats in Texas and trying to turn it into a democrat controlled state just like they left. I wonder what their thinking here is? That if they keep repeating the same mistake over and over eventually they will get a different outcome? Sounds like a dumb a*s to me. Same with these people coming to this country to get away from their socialist controlled countries. They will support the socialist democrats here thinking things will be different.

      1. Clarence E. Williams –
        being brain-washed by the media, moving to texas make’s sence sort of… just different surroundings
        moving to Florida would make a better move … beside’s you have Governor Ron DeSantis there!
        President Trump 2024 VP Ron DESantis, or even Candace Owens !!

      2. Many that left those states for red states are not voting democratic. If you noticed Texas went for Trump. But New York and California perfected cheating a long time ago and the Conservatives there have had enough. I know, I am one.

      3. Yes Get in on the action and call your reps to change our path to turn away from socialism and fed. Takeover
        it us awful to see
        I voted for Trump!
        I changed from democratic with Mc Cain to never go back.
        All Californians are not Democratic- speaking for myself. I voted for Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Biden’s not running the show folks. How can he he don’t even know he’s on planet earth anymore most of the time.

    1. Clarence E. Williams –
      basement joe, well i prefer his dog Major, who appear’s Like biting people !
      as i see it … the Shadow President ………………. susan rice ! was in the obama admin.

  15. Sorry, but I just have to laugh at all those who think Trump “saved” America during his 4 years. The Only things Trump did was play with the nation’s money.

    Sorry, but he did NOTHING about ELECTION FRAUD or the INDOCTRINATION of our young in government schools. NOTHING.

    So here we are again. With a Communist administration that stole the election, leading brainwashed fools in a crusade to wipe out the last vestiges of the Constitution and the Rights it guarantees.

    But, yeah, bring back Trump to finish the job of DOING NOTHING about ELECTION FRAUD and EDUCATION.

    Trump and the GOP made a lot of noise and promises. And that is all.

    1. Fed Up With The Sell-Out –
      do you REALLY Not SEE the Difference BETWEEN TRUMP, and biden ?
      then you must have slept through that time period !! as you react the WAY you have must HAVE Over-looked the

      donkey’s after him from day one !! before the election… and throught the 4 YEARS !! 24 / 7 even from the Media !!
      and SPYING and blaming President Trump ( and still am ) 1 – 6 – 2020 the Break-In , funny, knowing thie RALLY was going to happen …. the Capitol Police asked For additional police – pelosi denied this twice !
      knowing something could happen ….. W H Y did the WAIT ………….. To Put The FENCE Up The Day AFTER ?
      my deep suspicion , THEY KNEW this was GOING to Happen !! this way, Pelosi and gang …………. B L A M E
      TRUMP !! well
      FYI . the BALLOTS are BEING RE- COUNTED BY HAND and Camera’s shown at different Agles AND the Voting Machine’s too.. WHO OUT THERE, COULD Do,or TRY to work with pelosi and schumer, with NO avail… there madness, grew out of the FACT killery clinton L O S T !!
      2024 ….. is COMING
      2024 is coming …………… Guess Who’s Running !

  16. Who ever wrote this article, get your facts straight. Sen. Ron Johnson is from the state of Wisconsin, not from Minnesota. Although it would be good if he was senator from Minnesota instead of the two that are there now!!

  17. Biden doesn’t hate “brown people”, he and the Dems need then to come by the millions to this country, and then all the Libs need to do is find a way to give them the vote, even if they aren’t yet citizens – and the Dems are in forever.

  18. How Much longer will we tolerate `this?
    Have you not had enough yet?
    Better increase the National Guard presence in DC again liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks.

  19. the trafficking of minor children could be stopped by putting them in orphanages and rescinding parental rights. this would stop the parents from using their children to gain entrance to this country. there are plenty of childless people who would be happy to have a child and make actual Americans out of them, and it would keep them out of the hands of pedophiles and punish the irresponsible parents, and give the children a good ,loving happy home.

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