Rasmussen Reports Rise in Number of Voters who Believe Election Cheating Happened

There is too much election audit news to even get through this week, but despite a near-total media blackout on this front, here’s something you should know. Big things are now happening in 11 different US states related to audit news. And public opinion has swayed even further as the Democrat Party continues to try to tamp this information down.

We can say with certainty that these are historically “shaky” times for America, because the greatest crime in the history of our nation is being exposed little by little. And the floodgates might open very soon!

As far as public perception goes, we are winning that battle. Two weeks after the November election, Rasmussen Reports found that 47% of American voters believed that cheating had impacted the outcome of the election. Today that number is 51%. That includes 74% of Republican voters and 30% of Democrat voters.

The biggest jump in skepticism was among “Unaffiliated” voters. Back in November, Rasmussen found that 39% of Unaffiliated voters believed the election was fake. Today that number is 51% of Unaffiliated voters. A few months ago, less than half the voting-aged population believed the election was decided by cheating, and today more than half believes it. So much for the Biden team’s “mandate.” This regime is completely delegitimized in the eyes of a majority of the population.


As for the audit news, like I said, there’s just too much to get to in a single update. I’ll share what we know from two West Coast(ish) states that you may not have heard about – California and Nevada.

In California, the Santa Barbara News-Press broke a huge story last week. There were 3,000 mail-in ballots cast by students living on-campus in the dorms at UC-Santa Barbara. That seems a bit odd, since all of the dorms at UC-Santa Barbara, and the entire campus for that matter, were completely empty due to California’s COVID lockdowns. Those 3,000 ballots were mailed out to students, and someone filled them all out and returned them, undoubtedly filled out for Joe Biden.

And there’s no chance that the ballots were forwarded to students at their home addresses. It’s a federal felony to forward mail-in ballots, and the Postal Service won’t do it. Therefore, there was massive fraud taking place in California’s 2020 election. An audit needs to take place there, but that likely won’t happen short of a miracle.

Long-time readers know that I firmly believed that California was “in play” for Donald Trump last November. Apparently, the Democrats were worried about that, too. Why else would they bother mass-scale cheating in a blue state like California, which no Republican has won since 1988?

The Nevada situation is a bit complicated. I hope I can explain it adequately, since I’m no expert on Nevada’s state constitutional laws. Nevada has some of the best citizen protections written into its Constitution out of all 50 states, although those protections are rarely used. They have some very specific rights and protections when it comes to petitioning their state government for a redress of grievances.

A non-partisan group of citizens has served Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak, Democrat Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and Democrat Speaker of the House Jason Frierson with notarized Affidavits of Maladministration. If I’m understanding Nevada law correctly, these elected state officials must respond to the demands of the petitioners, otherwise they’re automatically found guilty of “Maladministration, Treason and Insurrection.” The petitioners are demanding forensic audits of the 2020 election results in five Nevada counties.

Nevada, you’ll remember, is where former Trump administration official Ric Grenell, Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter and other high-powered Trump-supporting attorneys swooped in and uncovered massive election fraud. Tons of dead people voted in Nevada’s election, as well as too many out-of-state people to even count. The case was ultimately dismissed for “lack of standing.” But the evidence that was uncovered still exists, and the Nevada petitioners are using that to serve the Governor and others with Affidavits of Maladministration.

Do the petitioners have any chance of succeeding? I’m not sure, as I’m just not familiar enough with Nevada law to make a guess on that. I do know, however, that the Nevada state officials are compelled under state law to respond to the petitioners through arbitration. They are also compelled by the accusations of Maladministration to either A) carry out a forensic audit in those five counties, or B) convince an arbitration court as to why they are not obligated to follow the Nevada Constitution in this instance. It’s an interesting tactic being deployed by the Nevada petitioners, to say the least, and we should wish them well.

Told you there was a lot of audit info to share! And that doesn’t even touch on what’s happening in Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and of course, Maricopa County in Arizona. Expect some big news to come out of Arizona very soon.

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61 thoughts on “Rasmussen Reports Rise in Number of Voters who Believe Election Cheating Happened”

  1. Lack of standing, I’ve heard of that before, seams to me that’s just what they told President Trump back in 2020.
    Trump told those bunch of idiots in 2020 Election their was Fraud, he even had evidence he gave our
    “Great Supreme Court” their Answer was, Trump had no Standing!! Now when all the Audits in all the States are finished they might just have the “Standing” that was needed in 2020. Only problem is it will be the same evidence that was offered in 2020!!
    Adding up more every day.
    Get all the evidence out of the woodwork put it all on the table.
    Everyone remember the movie
    With Clint Eastwood?
    Need I Say Any More?

      1. A double or triple header hanging held daily televised in living color is what’s needed.

        1. Said it before, dangle them from the rigging of USS Constitution.
          How’s that for IRONY?
          Added plus, we have plenty of room for more then doubles and triples!

    1. If you can honestly look at all the evidence throughout the country, including videos of balllts being delivered through the back door at 330 am, the ballots pulled from under tables, after observors were told to go home, the scanning of ballots numerous times, the hostility to all republican poll watchers, taping cardboard to windows, not to mention the statistical anomlies, or how about the absolute panic and obstruction to any inquiry of any polling place? After 4 years of the dems screaming russia influenced our election in 16′? Now crickets? The most secure election in history? If you are like most leftist, and support cheating as long as it benefits your side, you’re the one who needs to be strung up pal! You’re a communist like the reat of them! It’s ok.. Wait until this country is like Cuba!

  2. The news media has billions and billions of dollars of business in China. Trump’s hardline hurt their bottomline. ATT, Comcast, ABC/Disney, NBC/MSNBC, CBS, Washington Post (Bezos/Amazon) and the NY Times had to get rid of Trump to keep that billion person audience in China. So they create a reality with the American public that Trump is a Russian Agent, Trump had sex with prostitutes, Trump is in poor mental health, whatever the news narrative,– and they all go with it. This creates a false reality that 80 percent of the population hears and believes.

    The real news is provided by companies (Small ones) who don’t have business in China. For Example: Newsmaxx, One America News, Epoch Times, Daily Wire, Just the News and a handful of others. These small news outlets have been telling the truth for five years, about Russia Gate, The Swamp, The Wuhan Virus, and what real voter integrity laws are about. Only 20 percent of the population gets these outlets – although the number is growing. Still folks who spout CHina Virus or Russia gate, or Biden Dementia are looked upon as far right conspiracy nuts. The real conspiracy has been on the left and out country is suffering.

    1. I would have to disagree with your narrative. If they had succeeded
      in conning 80% of the population they would not have needed the
      ridiculous level of cheating they required to steal the election &
      our country.

      1. not if the pop is fully indoctrinated,which they were-they made trump into a common enemy of democracy ,which is total bs. the seed of communism was planted into the minds of the servient sheep.

      2. I, unlike Dal, would say your post is SPOT ON…. that’s JUST how they operate. Dal, my mother is a conservative without realizing it. She just doesn’t know any better than to watch CNN, MSNBC, etc and believes anything they tell her. And yes, they needed to cheat to win this heinous travesty of an election.

        Trump killed it, and look what’s “ leading” this nation.

      3. I would have to disagree with YOUR narrative. The effort on the left to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s Presidency, began on the very first day he took office. That meant….’by any means possible’…which has included, destroying careers, framing and indicting innocent people, lengthy, expensive investigations that went nowhere, (funded by American taxpayers) threats against opponents, threats against the first family, hired character assassins, shyster lawyers advising how to lie in front of a Congressional hearing, major city neigborhoods destroyed by rioting left wing thugs, Government property destroyed by Biden supporters….and we all know there’s more…much more. So, my question to you is this: Why would election fraud NOT be on their ‘by any means possible’ agenda, when was apparent DJT would most likely be re-elected?

      4. He didn’t say 80% were conned…80% don’t watch new outlets other than the MSM. It was probably 30% conned, 10% demented and at least 60% voted for Trump. Big difference!

    2. Wasn’t just loyalty to China that made them go after Trump! Every Elite Commie in the world was being blackmailed by Jeffery Epstein and it got worse once the Clintons had him murdererd in his prison cell! With Grislane Maxwell slowly releasing the sex tapes, like the 6hr tape of Bill Gates banging sex trafficked underage girls all the Elite are at risk of being exposed, so they needed to steal back power at all cost so they can tie up the loose ends. Epstein took film of every visitor to Pedophile Island, to include Hillary, Bill, Senators, Congressman, European Royalty, Bureaucrats and other Stinking Elite! All stand to lose Billions, to include Media Elites this is bigger than scam by China and why China was asked by the Elite to create and attack the world with COVID 19 and defraud our Free Elections to stop Trump from exposing them all! Read your Bible and you will find they need a global catastrophe to bring about their one worl coalition! Thanks and GOD Bless!

  3. I believe our election was definitely rigged. The left do not care who they destroy as long as they keep their power. I’m embarrassed by their actions to take over our freedoms and silence Americans from telling the truth. Scripture says the truth will set you free!
    By the way, they are crazy to think we aren’t male and female!




      2. That is an easy question. The answer is voter rolls that are not kept up. The dems that are in charge of the voter rolls do not clear them of people who have moved away or died, therefore they can vote for democrats. Q.E.D.

        I suspect that even though I voted for Trump, I also voted three times for Biden as I live in the state of Illinois, a state known for dirty voter rolls and corrupt democrat cheating. We haven’t had an equitable election in my lifetime because of Chicago’s dem machine currently run by Madigan.

  4. I think it is time to share this disastrous presidential farce of an election with the Democrat voters and the Biden /Harris team. Who in their right minds would even put those 2 in charge of a wonderful country such as the USA. Harris failed in bid for office in her own state! Biden is obviously suffering from dementia. The squad needs to move to a country they really like. But what kind of young people used any brain cells to think with in this election???

    1. The problem is that the younger people get brainwashed in colleges. And unfortunately we have people in charge in places they don’t belong example- the attorney general who doesn’t even know what the word riot means and now the ass is waisting more time and money taking on Georgia’s voting laws because they want proof of who you are to vote (so it can be a legal vote) we are now the embarrassment to the world with a president who is demented!! Unreal

  5. Had Trump used his full power and authority during the first Russia Collusion Hoax we would not be stuck with a mentally retarded cocaine Junky as president now! Trump seemed to have forgotten that as President he is the Commander in Chief of the US Military! When the first Russia collusion hoax happened we were still at war in Afghanistan! Under UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice) Law any politician or government employee can be tried for Treason under UCMJ Law! When found GUILTY of TREASON there are only 2 possible punishments 1 Death by Hanging 2 Death by Firing Squad! All 217 members of the House of representatives signed the petition knowing that the charge was a fabricated lie! He should have taken the list of the 217 members who signed to hear the impeachment case for Collusion to the pentagon and told them he wanted Treason charges filed on each and every person who signed the paper to have the impeachment case heard in court! All 217 members would be currently be dead before the 2020 election even happened! According to the Demo RATS the dead can vote, but they cannot run for office!!! Hillary, Biden, Harris, Pelosi and all of the Democrat Party would be pushing up daisies instead of making our lives a living hell and bankrupting America!!! Just like my platoons motto in Special Forces say Kill ‘EM All and Let GOD Sort ‘EM Out!

    1. Out of everything I’ve heard since November, your comment is the one I have to say AMEN to!

    2. I agree with all of the above death penalties. I would add crucifixion televised in living color.

  6. California has been rigging their elections since forever. Leading up to Nov. 3 there were 10 Trump signs to 1 anywhere you looked in CA. I don’t believe that Shiffty Schitt, Nazi Nancy, or the instigator Maxine Waters would’ve been back in office without help from the election officials of CA

      1. I live in CA below Sacramento in a nice city called Lodi which is not your usual CA city. I took my vote to Post Office hoping it would be counted and of course I have no way of knowing if it was or not. I think we should get a confirmation that our vote was received so we know.

    1. So has Illinois, Look at the economic condition of Chicago and Springfield It’s been a disaster for decades

  7. The US Democrat Party has been steadily taken over by the CPUSA, Communist Party of the United States of America. The CPUSA no longer exists, it isn’t needed, the Democrats do it all now.

    Communists have never cared how many they kill in a take-over. Stalin – 20 million. Mao – 50 million. Elsewhere about 30 million worldwide.

    The CPUSA/Democrats will start doing it here as soon they’ve solidified their power. the Power they usurped through outright criminal activities like ELECTION FRAUD.

    Bur ask yourself this: WHO IS ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTING A SOLID RESISTANCE TO THEM? The GOP? Don’t make me laugh! The Establishment Republicans and outright RINOs spend far more time bending over for the CPUSA than fighting it. We the People no longer have anyone in real power fighting for us.

    Sure, a few Republicans make speeches, write letters, shake their feeble little fists – for show!

    We the People are on our own. Our “mighty men” have totally failed us.

    1. Amen to that, but you forgot one who knows what has happened to the USA? God has a plan and you better believe that it will happen! That I know many people are lost to the evil in this world, but take note, you must believe in the power of God!

    2. Our last , and perhaps only, line of defense is our Second Amendment rights. If privately owned guns are confiscated, the America we once knew will be gone forever. When the time comes, how many of our armed citizens will actually stand up against a corrupted government controlled military to fight for freedom as did our ancestors did against Britain during the Revolution! God Help America!

  8. The election was stolen. Unless they will go back and right the wrong done to 75,000 American voters why dig up the cover up now. If the Surpreme Court had done their job we would not be living with the 2 Dummies that are in the White House now.

    1. Melinda — why bring it up now ?????? Do you want to live the rest of your life under democrat/communist rule with EVERY phase of your life dictated to you ??? Our congress, both parties, judicial system are all part of a much larger conspiracy to rid this country of Trump and everything he did BECAUSE he put a crap in their corruption, he was not one of the inner circle of career criminal politicians we have. He halted their kick-backs, perks and payoffs from large corporations and foreign dictators that was making them all millionaires at the least. The 2020 elections NEED to be declared NULL & VOID. Look at the mess the pedophile and the tramp have already made and it will get MUCH worse if they are allowed to stay in office. These 2 are puppets(who could not run a lemonaide stand let alone this country) of the deep state and communist china and we need them gone.

  9. The sad part is not that they cheated, they’ve been doing that for a long, long time now. The sad part is nobody would do a damn thing about it. The courts wouldn’t touch it, DOJ wouldn’t touch it, and the Republican led state congresses wouldn’t lift a finger. So we are stuck with an imbecile that can’t even put a sentence together as President and an idiot Vice President waiting to take over. I am sad to say this but I actually believe we would be better off with a military coup, although some of the idiots now at the highest positions there are pitiful as well.
    Only God can help us now and we’ve even abandoned him.
    Charles K. Nix
    Master Sergeant, US Army Retired

    1. Thank you for your service Sir! I totally agree with you. So much corruption and now, in military, they’re screening for belief’s and congarats to push them through to the military. A take over of military. Spies, lies and death is what I’m imagining. God is the only answer and there remains a great number that don’t and will not pray because they were not taught of him. Some will find him sooner or later. But now is the time if ever. God bless you Sir and God bless America.

    2. The General Officer core has been corrupted.
      They have effectively cut their own throats.
      The have to be dealt with.

    3. Believe me he has not abandoned his people, but you must believe in him! God has a plan for the country, it’s not going to be pretty! You must believe!!!!

    4. Master Sargent, I’m a vet and I Believe In God, I also believe our President Trump won the election with over 100 million votes I believe he even won California There was enough evidence for the Supreme Court too look at the case especially in Georgia where the two woman were seen on national television getting votes from underneath a table then running the same stacks multiple times through the counting machines and by the way those votes were not folded that means they were fake votes those two woman should be charged with Treason it’s all on tape they should be locked in a jail cell for the rest of there natural life’s this is a real mess and if the people in charge donot take care of all of this we the people will have to or it will keep happening hints the border!!!

  10. I do not believe these poll numbers either because if only 51% of Americans think the 2020 elections were fraudulent and corrupt — we are still in trouble. With ALL the evidence that is being brought to light with proof — the number should be 91%. The problem we have is what to do about it and WHO is going to right this wrong and put Trump back in the Oval Office where he should be today. When you have a congress,ALL alphabet agencies(especially the doj & fbi), a judicial system that has been either compromised or is just plain corrupt, military leaders who still seem to be obama bobble heads and prefer a transgender feminine military instead of a fighting machine, law enforcement(with some exceptions) who seem to be all too willing to be part of this communist takeover by the democrats and rinos we have ZERO in our government that can be trusted. Those who are not part of this coup are totally afraid to fight it and just shiver in a corner like mice. So if Arizona(bless them for doing this audit-if actually legitimate) finds voter fraud has occurred — what will be done about it ???? We need the 2020 elections declared Null&Void and President Trump reinstated.

    1. The officials in Arizona say that if they prove Biden cheated and did not win, that he would still stay in the white hose. They say the audit is to find fraud so next time it can be corrected. I don’t get it…. They better get Trump back in or else…

  11. Yeah, I just don’t get ‘lack of standing’. How can the actual available evidence NOT provide reasonable doubt there was fraudulent election activities. At the very least, it should be investigated. However, as has been the case, the Dems know they cheated, and therefore, need to do everything they can not to be exposed. For this country to move forward without a civil war, there will need to be proven results from the 2020 election. Most everybody I know (unless they have their head in the sand) knows there was rampant fraud throughout the 2020 election. That does not include the fake news keeping major stories (i.e. Hunter Biden) under wraps as well as Falsebook and Twatter being the judge and jury on what was ‘good’ information or not.

  12. We The People we have to see the truth of 2020 Election do we can move forward, otherwise we will end up like Cuba, Venezuela. Communist Marxist . Only China . And Russia been in charge. Let’s work in our Communities , School. Churches . Let’s Volunteer to open the eyes for the blinds. Thank a

  13. It doesn’t matter if they cheat or not. They are in control. This will be just like everything else. When the evidence comes out and it is proven it was a fraudulent election not a damn thing will happen to anyone. They will just go along controlling our government controlling us. There is only one way to resolve this and that is to send them straight to hell where they came from.

  14. There is no doubt in my mind the election was rigged and with all the evidence of fraud in several states it should be obvious to everyone not just 51% (90% of the people I know). Our courts are to blame for a lot of it, especially our federal courts which seem more often then not to rule in favor of the demorats and the doj and fbi (lower case used deliberately) and their unwillingness to investigate criminal activity by our elected politicians, I think of the Clintons and Comey’s and the AG at that time and what happened ? NOTHING and some of the activity was treasonous. Just think, the democrats had the nerve to call Trump corrupt

  15. When is the last time the U.S.A. utilized the firing squad or hanging for any treasonous acts? I’m over 65 and have seen many acts of treason (on the news), even going back to Hanoi Jane. Our nation is to civilized to kill an american for treason. If we made an example out of a few dozen of them, maybe, just maybe they would think twice before trying to destroy our wonderful country. There are plenty other countries on this globe with the same mindset, where these political commies can flee to, since they don’t like America. We need a mass exodus of their kind, or a re-indoctrination of what our great country is about. Maybe the reinstating of the firing squad would start the process.

  16. Fraud has been going on in our elections for a very long time – perhaps since the beginning of our Republic. It used to be just dead people voting or as we used to say in Chicago, “Vote Early and Vote Often.” Now we have machines changing our ballots. We’ve come a long way, Baby!

    Trump watched the cheating in ‘real time;’ he knew it was going to happen. However, he did not just want a second term for himself, which is probably why he didn’t stop what he saw happening, no, he wanted election laws changed and tightened up so this could never happen again.

    Fortunately, not only are we having ‘forensic’ audits done in Arizona and will probably have them done in other states, but we are also seeing election laws changed in several states demanding Voter ID’s. Imagine that!

    Letting Sleeping, Creepy, Senile Joe run around ‘pretending’ to be President is also a good thing to change ‘public opinion.’ It was truly embarrassing to see Biden on the world stage earlier this week. I can’t help but feel sorry for him. His wife should never have allowed him to be put in this position. One of my brothers-in-law has dementia like Biden has but he is not President of the United States. He is in an ‘assisted living’ Home where Biden should be also. So sad.

    Our Republic will survive this and be better for its happening.

  17. Excellent points! Let’s hope maximum exposure of the Left’s behavior will occurred soon and justice will be served. There has never been anything so sinister in this country as the Deep State.

  18. Red states should follow what Florida did for voting. The governor , DeSantis, said no to allowing Dominion, into his state. And look, they actually had a reasonable election! Washington State needs to get Dominion out of its election. Perhaps Governor Inslee would finally be gone. For good.
    Biden has long since been corrupted, his friendship with China more than proves that. The whore is also corrupt, so for her to be deeply corrupt was not too difficult. To have these two incompetent people on the world stage is so frightening, making America, a world power, laughable. Other countries are asking how did these two get elected. Breaks my heart .

  19. It’s a shame treason doesn’t carry the death sentence, death by firing squad, in public. If you sold tickets, and all those demonics were up there, it would go well towards helping clear the national debt. Pelosi would be a sellout, even at a thousand bucks.

  20. What shift in belief? I knew this election was fraudulent when election centers closed without declaring a winner.
    Biden is a fraud as he has been all his life. The question is how much damage have these people done to this country and voter confidence.

  21. What is Heaven? A place where there is no Decocraties. God will deal with the those who stole the election. It’s a place HELL.

  22. I hope that everyone that voted for Biden are enjoying the higher gas and food prices. Pretty soon with his crooked leadership, we will be a third world country.

  23. Blame the Republican leadership in the House and the Senate for this fiasco. Many failed to give full support to President Trump and some even blatantly stood against him when the so called “Democrats” were doing their level best to impeach him.
    All the investigations regarding voter fraud will amount to nothing, while the country is being completely destroyed during the next four years, unless divine intervention takes place.

  24. We citizens need to unite and remind politicians this is not their personal property.. America belongs to all citizens and l feel an obligation to fight for our constitution for our present and future people! Biden and company, msm, beaurecrats, corporations, corrupt politicians, entertainers, sports figures, etc are wrecking lives hand over fist and enough is enough! The framers of our great constitution had more sense in their little fingers than all but a few of our current “leaders”. Yet again in our great country it is up to the people to do the right thing! I fear they are pushing for another civil war and we must do all we can to get our country back legally not violently.

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