Reparations Bill Passes Committee (But is Fortunately Still Doomed)

As far as we can tell, the idea for paying present-day black Americans reparations for their ancestors being enslaved by Democrats in early American history first originated with sociology and psychology professors in 1989. Starting in that year, Michigan Congressman John Conyers – a Democrat most famous for asking for… a different sort of reparations from his subordinate female employees and interns, to put it mildly… introduced the first slavery reparations bill in the House of Representatives. Reparations was always considered a crazy idea until 2021, when the House Judiciary Committee (just this week) passed a reparations bill without warning.

Just to be clear: This idea is crazy and almost no living American supports it. Should people who have never been slaves be given cash payments from people who have never owned slaves? Huh? Most people who can do basic math and who don’t have to wear a helmet when they go outdoors emphatically oppose this idea.

But it’s caught on like wildfire among the woke SJW Twitter rage brigade, so here we are. The House Judiciary Committee just passed a bill to “study” reparations for black Americans by a party-line vote of 25 to 17. That’s disturbing because it means that even if this idea that is literally crazy fails this time around, elected “conservatives” will eventually cave and pass the idea into law. Probably not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually some Americans will be paying a higher tax rate based on their skin color, so that the money can be redistributed to other Americans based on a different skin color.

So please, Democrats: Tell us why voting integrity laws are a return to “Jim Crow.”


We should all probably breathe a big sigh of relief that even though Democrats now control the entire government, “politics as usual” is still momentarily saving us from the Democrat Party’s latest rush to communism. Have you noticed this?

On the one hand, the media is breathlessly neener-neenering all of us that the Democrats are going to ram through every single communist agenda item on their plate with no Republican votes. From the “infrastructure” bill that is actually a Planned Parenthood rescue bill with no infrastructure in it, to a $15 minimum wage, to packing the Supreme Court, to the Green New Deal, to permanent amnesty and instant citizenship for 50 million illegal aliens, the Biden administration is not actually accomplishing anything domestically.

Biden’s handlers are wrecking the planet in terms of foreign policy, but only because there are so many areas in which Congress cannot stop the Executive branch from wrecking things. Here at home the unelected “Biden administration” is already a catastrophic failure by any measure. Other than a COVID bill, which would have been passed anyway and would have included the $2,000 checks that the Democrats lied about and failed to deliver, if our real president was in office, what has Team Biden gotten done here at home?


We should all pat ourselves on the back and give thanks that so many of the events that happen in Washington are now scripted events. Sure, they’ll play a big game and the media will hyperventilate about reparations or any other crazy bill. But under the “politics as usual” rules in Washington, none of the most extreme legislation will actually pass. Instead, a tiny hand-picked selection of politicians who are not up for reelection in 2022 will “unexpectedly” shoot down each and every piece of crazy legislation.

The legislation is just to rile us up and scare us. It’s the show itself that permanent Washington gets such a kick out of on many of these issues.

Take the minimum wage increase. The Democrats really, really tried hard to pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage bill. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) showed up in a skirt at the last moment to give that idiotic bill a big thumbs-down. America won, the Biden regime’s tiny woke base lost. The Puritanical Twitter rage brigade howled because Sinema had broken Senate rules by showing up to vote in a skirt – a SKIRT, they told us! Hussy! Too much ankle showing! (Not gonna lie… if I was having a midlife crisis and Sinema showed up in a bar, I’d probably buy her a drink even though she’s normally a total lunatic leftwinger who has no business being in Congress. Anyway…)

How about nuking the filibuster in the Senate? Nope! That’s a no-go as well, thanks to Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema again. Manchin hasn’t budged on the filibuster at all, even after Biden tried to bribe him by giving Manchin’s wife a cushy high-paying federal job.

Amnesty? Dead.

With the filibuster in place and not going anywhere, reparations for black Americans would require 60 Senate votes to become law. Reparations is just as dead as the $15 minimum wage. And so is the rest of Biden’s agenda.

Breathe easy, folks. May 1st is on the horizon, and after that, nothing at all happens in Washington other than budget bills. We’re almost out of this nightmare, and Biden hasn’t actually accomplished anything here at home. And that’s because “politics as usual” is running normally.

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170 thoughts on “Reparations Bill Passes Committee (But is Fortunately Still Doomed)”

  1. America wake up. How disgusting is it that Racism against white people is increasing rapidly. We that are alive today had nothing to do with slavery and find it reprehensible but they do not care they think we should pay for something that has nothing to do with any living person today. They continue to try and keep us divided. a house divided cannot stand.


    1. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of I didn’t have a slave my people never owned a slave these crazy ass demorats have completely lost their minds they are destroying the United states of America but I’ll tell you what I won’t be sending them any money someone has got to put a stop to the lunacy in the demorats party before the next civil war starts and this is probably the straw to break the camel’s back

      1. As I’ve said before, the blacks WILL NOT BE HAPPY until our country is turned into The Planet Of The Apes.

        1. You are more ignorant and racist fool! Grow Up! The policies and lies being sold to people are the dividers of this blessed Republic! Use common sense and intelligence not emotional stupidity!

          1. And if the reparations begin, whose next? Native Americans, Irish (potato famines/racism), Italians, Jews,Latins/Hispanics etc etc. This country was built by both slave and immigrant! Learn your history! The Woke Communists and its minions are destroying this Republic internally through education (Kindergarten-College) Media, Corporation, Technological Industries and on and on! Wake Up, fight by right Vote the right person in! No the same old Rhino or Left wing that promises you everything but leaves you in broken dreams and poverty! Wake Up with the reality of the queens and kings (Pelosi, Schumer and the ilk) interested in themselves and not America! The Squad are both ignorant, racists and dividers! Wake Up!

          2. Also the majority of them were sold by people that were their leaders . So they need to go back and complain to them and see how far that gets them .


          1. Here’s a remark neither disparaging nor racist. Since the Dems supported slavery and the KKK at the relevant time, why not propose an amendment to this bill, so that only registered Dems have to pay the reparations. That’s fair isn’t it? (Fair, but unlikely to happen).

          1. If anyone should receive reparations, it should be the Native Americans. We massacred them, broke every promise to them, destroyed their world and way of life and stole all their land.

          2. No way! Neither I nor my parents nor my grandparents or any of my ancestors held slaves. I am not willing to pay taxes for any type of reparations to black people or any people. I do not owe anyone anything nor does anyone else at this time. What a discriminatory idea!

      2. And The Funny Thing is That a Lot Of Blacks Will Fight against These ASSHOLES , For Trying To Divide All of Us Americans , Because All Lives Matter ,And Joe Biden and His Son and Administration are Communist , Trying To EnSlave All Americans


      4. Ditto, seems to me the Democrats keep pushing and pushing as if they want something horrible to happen. One day, they will push too far, and all hell will break loose. Many people have had enough of the Democratic lunacy. Of course, these politicians will not be in any cross hairs, they will be hiding in a basement with the military to protect them from something they have caused.

      5. EXACTLY!!! If ANYONE deserves reparations, it is NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS. The Cherokee were SLAUGHTERED, and forced to move on a small reservation. African Americans have received reparations for DECADES, through housing, food stamps, jobs due to the color of their skin, and free medical and dental.

        What is really stupid is Democrat’s pushing this are the ones who started KKK, and owned slaves. I don’t want to hear they didn’t, because I am old, and was educated BEFORE LYING INDOCTRINATION.

        A Republican, Abraham Lincoln greed slaves, and thousands of men lost their lives dying to free slaves. THAT is why Democrat’s hate Republicans, LIE about the true motives of Caucasians…….Peace, and Equality.

    2. The morons in Congress forget that it was the white Union soldiers who fought and died to free the slaves. Every black recipient should be required to hand over at least 1/2 of his/her take to the descendants of the Union soldiers who fought to free them.

        1. First of l the idea of reparations for slavery is totally ridiculous. Not one penny should be paid until proof is presented for both the decendents of slaves and the decendents of slave owners. My sister was murdered by a black man. Should I be able to hold his family financially accountable for my family’s emotional trauma?
          We must stop all this blame on one race of people. Why is it all of sudden ok to prejudice the white race in America? It is exactly what we’ve been falsely accused of doing for years

      1. They also like to sweep under the rug how slaves were captured and sold by other AFRICANS and brought here on the ships of MUSLIM slave traders. But, hey – as along as they can put all the blame on WHITEY it’s all good.
        I often wonder if the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Lebron James ever give any thought at all as to where they might be if their ancestors had not made this sacrifice. Instead of honoring their ancestors they whine for what they are not entitled to. ONLY actual slaves and slave owners should be involved in restitution. Interestingly though – as seen with Lying Lizzie Warren – many white people have black blood coursing thru their veins – does this mean they are eligible for reparations too?

    3. I agree with you 100% come on people when are you going to wake up….God is testing us. The people of our beautiful cpuntry is quickly going to the devil with all of the workers pushing like crazy and forcing us into poverty/
      Stand up and stop them from taking our country over..If we don”t we will never be the country that once was..

    4. Where are the reparations for all the whites that fought & died for slaves freedom 160+ YEARS AGO ? This is the most asinine bill the dem congress HAS COME UP WITH SINCE SUPPORTING bo, hilary TREASON for12+ years ! A realistic free loading rip off of tax $$’s for lazy 160 years of using ancestors for blood money when dem’s rebels created the civil war to protect their owning of black slaves ! This dem bill is proof there is no DOJ or justice 2021 !

      1. I also want to know where they were when our ancestors were killed scalped and tortured by Indians or vice versa maybe they need to ask Africa to pay for it for their own people sold them and slavery goes back from the beginning you owe a man and can’t pay then you work for him or her until you pay your. Debt so when your ancestors were brought here. How were you going to survive they were payed for to work which the poor also had to white or black also if you are so racists and poor me and your ancestors blood can be bought shows the moral and standards you live by by the way the first slave owner was a black wealthy man so maybe you need to pay back all the money put out to house feed and cloth your ancestors n te money paid for them n pay for all the white lives that fought for you and died! When whites that were poor died from starvation while your ancestors were fed you don’t think about yourself very greedy selfish lot!

    5. The communist Democrats keep pushing the “Something for Nothing” crap onto the ignorant and that just promotes deterioration of a civil society. Unearned wealth is actually a curse! Just look at the failure of lives after winning the lottery. Every temporary success of a theft just encourages further theft until faced with law enforcement and the fight they put up ends with someone dying because of it.
      It seems 85% of people in Washington DC think like ghetto punks. Temporary satisfaction with long term consequences that kill.

    6. We are not responsible for whatever happened during this terrible time in our history. Nonetheless, I have to ask about the American Indians, the Italian immigrants (of whom I have personal knowledge), the Irish immigrants who went through a lot of mistreatment when they first arrived at Ellis Island, New York. You don’t hear any of these groups asking for reparations! The truth is, these people have too much integrity to ask for any money! I was raised to respect America, policemen and the American Flag!

    7. Before a cent is given to blacks who really don’t even know if their relatives were slaves, or if the slaves had a better life as a slave, compared to the living they had in africa. The american indians suffered more, by being slautered by the army, had their land taken away, forced to reservations, until the govt. needed it. They were treated worse than slaves, & still live in poverty.

    8. How many times do we have to dig up the long time past and how much is it worth to get it done so sad that every time there’s a group of people who want to be able to get free money from the government they just start with this crazy thing about salves and cry that they are intitiled to reparations

    9. I agree 1000%. What lunatics did the sheep vote into office? Get them out ASAP. Lord Jesus help us all that nonelected Biden‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    10. If they are going to pay slavery reparations they will have to pay them to 99% of America because Slavery was not abolished it was taken over by the Government!!! I was a soldier during Desert Storm, minimum wage was $3.65 per hour I was paid a whopping $.27 per hour, truckers are exempt as well they get around the hourly minimum wage by paying Cents per mile instead, and the ironic twist that proves that Slavery was not Abolished is that farmers the reason for the so called Prohibition of Slavery are exempt of overtime regulations! So in FACT we are all SLAVES to OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!

      1. Amen Bret! Time for a revolution and civil war, and liberate America again from the new kings and queens!

      2. Bret, your pay was great, compared to mine. I could not swim, when my friend were enlisting in Navy in 1950. So, being single, 20 years of age, HS diploma 1947, I had worked in coal mine for 2 years. Got tremendous pay as Electrician, wire hangar in mine , age 18, with 3 helpers in (ages 30, 40) Surprised now, that they accept me as leader. My pay under Coal Miners Union, John L. Lewis, was $13.05 for 8 hours (portal to portal) in slope mine. Changed clothes before shift, and after, and showered on own time. Union got us Dollar a day raised to $14.05, but I lost one helper, and coal went up $3. on the ton at the tipple. Papers said we got a large increase. .
        ——-When mine closed, I worked for A&P company, as clerk, Got $65 a week, working 6 days a week. Was at store early one day each week, to meet truck from Pittsburgh, and unload into basement, then worked that day to closing. We also had truck arrive each morning from Pittsburgh to Harrison County, Ohio , when we unloaded bakery and other products, sold as fresh daily.
        ——–Enlisted (draft notice arrived same day) Friday 13 October 1950. I enlisted to beat the draft and did.
        My pay then was $30.00 a month, free uniforms, and sleeping in 2 story, open barracks and they took $5.00 of that for my free, bald headed haircut, towel, razor, soap, and was restricted to base for first two years, unless I could get pass to go to town. Only military uniforms, first two years. But beer was quarter at club, movies quarter, and base exchange had anything we needed. I lucked out with being able to type, and had high aptitudes, and assigned to Personnel Work, Received 4 promotions from Private, to PFC, CPL, and Sergeant in 8 months. (Special Project) working for two Lieutenants, converting near 2,000 WWII Veterans from Army Air Corps or Army Air Force, into US Air Force, at Nellis AFB, Nevada. Change of Rank, Job Titles, and skill levels. (Apprentice, .skilled, or Supervisory). 2 Officers and Technical l Advisors questioned individual, and prepared pencil form. Form handed to me, seated at desk just outside the counseling room, and I completed the Administration . Typed Stencils, hand cranked printer to report new info, distributed to military unit, taught the clerks how to report on Morning Report, to to Scott AFB, Illinois. (Air Training
        Command Headquarters). By 8th month, reached grand pay of about $80.00 a month, in cash at end of each month. Paying Officer was usually a Lieutenant, and always had a revolver (usually 45 caliber Pistol, on pay table . Not too many automatics in 1950. Just saying. (note: I did stay in, reenlisting, and served 26 years 18 days. Retired 1 Nov 76. ( So times have changed, but military now gripe more than we did. All that changed during Vietnam, when draft was about eliminated, and National Guard and Reserves was used. During Cold War between Korean Conflict, and Vietnam Conflict, we had too many going AWOL, and in guard house, by working short handed, long hours, and with long, nasty demonstrations for any and all reasons). Just saying. (as Technical Sergeant, and Master Sergeant) I was supervising work sections, and with authority to contact major commands, very senior officials, which units are now commanded by Majors and Lt. Colonels. But we got the job done. Made a difference in 20th Century.

    11. No one alive today should get reparations. There were black and white slaves 100s of years ago. People today haven’t been alive that long. They just want everybody to pay for them, sit on welfare, get food stamps and rent reductions, while other working BLACK, WHITE, PINK, GREEN OR YELLOW people work to pay for them. They are not special, but these people are the racists and should not get reparations for something that happened hundreds of years ago.

    12. I think they (Dems) should pass a bill calling for the ChiComs to pay reparations, they are the ones that stirred all this craziness up to divide everybody and they have plenty of money they stole from us in one way or another.


    14. I would suggest everyone keep their cool on this. Get out your constitution, and read the very last sentence, In Amendment 14 (XIV), and find that it was ratified July 9, 1806. Read that whole section very carefully, considering those who support suppression on insurrection, versus those who performed insurrection against the United States. Pertinent to this discussion is the emancipation of any slaves, but all such debts shall held illegal, and void.
      ———If USA was to pay such claims now, then, everyone who was indentured, or arrived in colonies against their own will, would be eligible for pay. And Indian Tribes in the colonial period, all practiced slavery, and this also is world wide present today, in 21st century in sex trade, drug trade, and we see it now with emigration from entire world, through Mexico and out southern border, where children are separated from adults, until actuall family relationship can be established. Too many of those teen agers (13 – 20s) (?) are MS13 gang members, or involved with Drug cartels, or gangs. Hence difficulty of Illegal crossing. .

  2. Perhaps immigrants should receive reparation as they were also discriminated against. Yes, I know the immigrants made a choice to come to the US, but they were not welcome either.

    1. Which immigrants? Most of us are descended from immigrants who came at some point in time. How do we know they were not welcomed? Who did not welcome us, native Americans? Most did welcome us. What is the price of not being welcomed? This is all idiocy. No black people living were slaves. Slavery was an accepted practice at the time, all over the world. Many white people were brought here to work off their debts especially in the south. Do their descendants get reparations?

      1. Exactly. One of my ancestors was an indentured servant. Where are my “reparations”?

        I only have one ancestor (Benjamin Rush) whose father was a slave owner. After he died (the father), Rush freed all of the slaves. Are they going to do background checks on every white person in the country to see whose ancestors had slaves or who didn’t? We’re not responsible for their behavior. We’re responsible for ours.

    2. My Italian immigrant grandparents had nothing to do with slavery in this country. They entered legally and were grateful to be here.

    3. Good idea, add this to the slave reparation and ……..
      Slave reparation + legal immigrants =100% of legal American population -Native Americans( who already got casino reparation), so we are all even. You do the math. No one gets any reparations. Case closed

    1. America democrats are very discussing, blacks are so lazy and dunno as hell because they want to be, they have opportunities just like white Americans and anyone else that comes here does. So they can get off their asses and get off welfare and go to work like white people do every day , what a bunch of bullshit. They say they are African Americans, were they born in Africa? You are Americans first and that goes for all races who are born in America. America supports Japanese because they were in camps during war time, what about our POW’s who were beaten by japs? America doesn’t care about our veterans. Sad damn country it’s turned into with weak democrats. Dementia joe needs to be taken out and his voice puppet who is worthless as hell. All the democrats should join the military and learn about America before going into office.

      1. there are plenty of hard working black people in this country & plenty of all colors on welfare that are capable of getting a job instead of a handout

      2. lets be fair, you do have some blacks like lebron who are so poor that they need a handout from us privileged whites

    2. “Dumbass dems are now #1 U.S. enemies destroying U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom & Rights as dictators !

  3. Another way the democrats keep the black people from going to work! Just to keep the PLANTATION HAPPY! These democrats since they were the ones that support this. They should be the one opening their BANK ACCOUNT TO PAID THIS! Not taxpayers! There not a slave alive today! Unless you want to call those people doing the work at these politicians house as slave. Slavery started in AFRICA! HEAD OVER THERE TO COLLECT IT!

    1. MORE fraud votes like illegal foreigners invasion ! The dem leaders know their legal votes are “0” ! Treason !

  4. All LEE TRYING TO DO IS GET RE-ELECTION! Once this bills pass she will not be heard from til the election. She doesn’t really care about the people in her district. Just the money that come with this job 174k! Plus it for life!

    1. Great call Wyatt…..congresswoman Lee is also as racist as her sister in crime from CA. Anytime you see either Lee or Waters in the news, it’s one of them getting their “racist tone on”.

      Whiners, the bofe ‘em. If either one even speaks……….the impertinent racism seemingly “drips out dey moufs”. Disgusting to say the least

  5. Sorry, but I will not have my pocket picked once again by the democrats and their reversed discrimination against Whites agendas!! Our great nation is falling fast into oblivion, all thanks to these Socialists running our government!!Useless, dangerous traitors, the lot of them!!!

  6. I disagree with this bill and I believe America needs to wake up. How is going to work with the Vice President, her family were slave owners.

  7. I have already given a million dollars to every slave I ever owned. How much more do they want? What about paying the Indians for their land?

    1. Gary, the people of the United States of America all of the Creators people need to know that the founding for fathers wanted freedom. They did not ant to tax the People. They wanted to keep All the People ( all People of all Flesh Tones) like kings and queens in this country rich and prospers. They figured out a remedy by paying the Bills , debt and Treaty’s at No Cost to any American People. NOW! By taxing all the other countries we sell our goods to they are called tariffs. WE the People should be oppressed in the land of the Free. People instead of bitching, study learn. Look it up.

  8. We have been giving them “reparations”already for years , many Govt. Programs that have been passed years ago &some recent, have given them free housing, monthly Govt.checks, food cards, etc., etc !!! People are very aware of these items !!! We the People are VERY TIRED of Govt. TAKE OVER !!!

  9. Not every white person back in the day owned slaves. I know my ancestors didn’t. They were too poor. Also there were blacks that owned slaves themselves. If the dembulbs would study their American history they would know this. Get the money from blacks whose ancestors owned slaves. The racial tension in America was getting better until Obama became president. He is the one that started all of this.

    1. The dems are ruining Our Government no “running it” ! These acts of treason are for their own dictator regime !

  10. I have a much better idea. Introduce legislation that would allow “repatriations” back to the land of origin for those who are discontented with America. The bill would allow for a one-way plane ticket and shipment of household goods but the takers would have to renounce their American citizenship. How many takers would there be? You guessed it–none. It’s long past time to put an end to this idiocy. All Americans, minorities included, have prospered under President Trump. Now the deep state, et al, want to destroy all that and being all of us into financial ruin and slavery.

  11. There IS a God, and His Justice shall prevail, from Everlasting to Everlasting, for All Time and for all humankind!

  12. There were black slave OWNERS as well, do the decendents of those blacks owe reparations to there black brothers ?

    And what of the thousands of whites who fought against slavery In the Underground Railroad who risked their lives freeing slaves and aided there escape to free stateside Canada ?

    And what of the decendents of the blacks from Africa who sold other blacks and/or assisted the white slavers in the capture of thier black brothers ?

    My family weren’t even in America during the slave years, but if they were, they would have fought against slavery as they do against abortion today.
    THANK YOU DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Why don’t you open your party’s coffers and pay the black people for your party’s SUPPORT of slavery back in the day?

  13. The Reparation will be going to the Privilege people and its like the Mayor of Bloomingdale, Georgia posted on Facebook.

    I salute Mayor Ben Rozier of Bloomingdale, Georgia for kicking off the pushback by refusing the city council and BLM’s demand that he resign for his truthful post on Facebook. Mayor Rozier’s post is titled “Privilege.”

    “What is privilege? … Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you’ve never had a job. Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance.
    Privilege is having a Smartphone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for.

    “Privilege is living in public subsidized housing where you don’t have a water bill, where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table.

    “Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest against anything that triggers you, without worry about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior.

    “Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and be able to send them off to daycare or school you don’t pay for.

    “Privilege is sending your kids to school early for the before school programs and breakfast, and then keeping them there for the after school program… all at no cost to you… paid for by the people who DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS! …you know, us so called ‘PRIVILEGED’ the ones who pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE!”


  14. Wake up AMERICA, this was over 100yrs ago. Non of these people are affected by Slavery. This is just a ploy for free money.

  15. This group of clowns starting with Obama, intentionally set race relations back sixty years! It serves their purpose, which is to destroy this country from within, and “remake” it in their image!! Wake up America, anyone of you own any slaves, anyone of you been slaves?? I thought not.

    That’s what America owes the blacks. Why should ANYONE get reparations for an ( let’s take a modern day “phrase” and incorporate it here, shall we?! ) an IDEA?!!!!!!
    I’m considered “white”, however, my maternal grandmother was black and called a Creole. She came from slave stock on her mother’s side from Natchez, Mississippi.

    Representative Lee can kiss my black and white ass. What a POS. Hey Ms.Lee, just where in hell do I sign up for my reparations. I’m thinking I’ve got more than enough black blood running in my veins to miss out on this opportunity. It only makes sense……. having this small percentage of negro blood has been such a detrimental burden to me all of my life, and all
    I mean…… I AM entitled too, right?!!! RIGHT?!
    Perhaps our African-American loving president will draw up a 6 or 7 Trillion dollar reparations bill, divvy up all the monies, and I could finally purchase that fine home in the “ burbs”. God knows, I am owed it… for my blackness.
    Bottom line………. Reparations, the word alone is a bigger joke than the presidential administration trying to push this through.

  17. LIKE . . . THIS “reparation” bill is supposed to do -WHAT?!? It’s about as HONEST as DEAD people voting DEMOCRAT! We paid DEARLY for the MISTAKE of slavery with over 500,000 DEAD, COUNTLESS maimed, MANY went bankrupt (especially in the SOUTH), and former slaves themselves given ACREAGE and a MULE to FARM it. And WE’RE supposed to give “reparations” again? This is called REDISTRIBUTION of wealth, THIEVERY, a FAILED COMMUNIST Marxist idea. Tell the DEMOCRAT PARTY . . . NO! One Enlightened And Enraged Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  18. I am in favor for reparations:
    1 We should charge the slaves that were freed after the civil war with the cost of the civil war. This should include payment for suffering, loss of life, the reduction of the “quality of life” for the wounded. Also for the personal loss of property because of war. Interest and penalties should also be applied. Then there are all the other programs that specifically benefit people of color, the cost of these should be recouped. If things are so bad here, why haven’t you moved out of U.S.A.?

  19. If blacks want “reparations” from those responsible for selling their ancestors into slavery, I suggest they go back to Africa where it all started. Slavery was a common part of life there for over 1,000 years, still is in some places.

    Black family and clan heads selected their own for sale into slavery – for personal profit. Black village and tribal chiefs did the same – for personal profit. Blacks kidnapped other blacks for sale into slavery – for personal profit. Blacks raided each others villages to take slaves – for personal profit.

    Blacks SOLD their merchandise to the slave markets – for personal profit. BLACKS OWNED AND OPERATED THE SLAVE MARKETS – for personal profit. Black slave marketers sold their fellow blacks into slavery all over the world not just here in the US. Yup, for profit.

    And who in this country back then BOUGHT those slaves? DEMOCRATS who championed slavery and fought a bitter war partly to keep them in chains. Democrats bitterly instituted Jim Crow to keep them down after Emancipation. Emancipation, a Republican initiative. Democrats bitterly fought the Equal Rights Agenda in the 1960s. Democrats keep most blacks penned up in the big cities where they can be controlled and exploited today.

    Blacks want reparations? Go back to Africa and get it there then get it from the Democrat Party of today! My ancestors never owned or condoned slavery and neither do I nor do I know anyone who has ever been a slave. This is all about grabbing power for the Democrat Party and nothing else. And today’s IGNORANT, ill-educated youth are falling for it. Pathetic!!

  20. This is totally crazy. The government has been giving them all types of benefits. This is another gift to the afro Americans. The Democratic felons are collapsing our country. I at this time wish they would take care of the immediate problems like the boarder, national security, about time to create jobs. I fought for this country and now I see socialist coming on board. The only thing they are doing, is criminal. They just want to move forward on their agenda. This is not governing it’s playing games. It’s a sad super power we are. What about the American people I guess they don’t mean anything just what ever you want to call it.

    1. Since it was the democrats that perpetrated that slavery attrocity,only dems should pay reparations. Their hands are filthy in this regard!

  21. Malcolm X“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man”. The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros, and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have”.


  22. I guess 50 years of affirmative action, welfare, state aid, etc., isn’t enough for them? they won’t be happy until white people are wiped out and this Country is destroyed. I say, ship them back to Africa if they don’t like it here. Let’s see how many of them make it over there…….and being Irish, we want our reparations, too. Though no one ever handed me anything….I worked, and worked hard to get where I am…

  23. I hope you democrats are happy this administration is going to bankrupt the USA. Reparations, give me a break! Packing the court, c’mon man! Demos like usual are still trying to get back at Trump because they lost the 2016 election. Sleep Joe, wake up and smell the coffee. You are just a puppet and unable to use any reason. I could go on and on but that’s what the demo’s do.

  24. If we are going to start paying for slavery why don’t they give money to the real slaves who were treated worse than the black people that was the Irish’s people who also were slaves in American. Bull you don’t hear anything about it and they were treated worse than black you don’t hear anything about it because the Democrats don’t talk about it And the Irish don’t talk about it

  25. What about the white people who were brought to America as indentured servants or miners who could never pay off their transportation debts or could never break even with the “company” stores? Effectively, they were nothing but slaves. Some of my relatives were caught in those situations. Don’t they deserve something, too?

  26. Some questions:

    Will the reparations include indentured servants who were poor, white immigrants?

    Will Kamala Harris help foot the bill for her own slave-owning forebears?

  27. I’m not against reparations, only, just for those who were actually slaves here in this country and paid only by people who owned them. Likewise for the Chinese and Irish who were also slaves. Maybe Egypt should do the same thing for the Jews who were slaves there. Of course none of those people are alive today, but it makes as much sense as this crazy idea.

  28. Reparations to who from whom?Only 4% of Americans owned slaves back then.Slavery ended over 150 years ago and not one black American is a slave today.This is just a feeble attempt by the democRATS to buy back all of the black American votes they lost.If people cannot see this,they are blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other because they have been drinking the ‘Blue Koolaid’.

    1. And, will all of the reparation money be taken from white people? What of the people who have only become citizens within the last 100 years? This whole notion of giving money to individuals of a certain skin color is racist. Yet, another, means of dividing this nation. My German ancestry goes back to the late 1700’s and they didn’t own slaves; they worked their asses off to make a life in this country.

  29. This false narrative is the communist Democrat Party’s attempt of again using the blacks to push their agenda of inciting violence, division, segregation, manipulating blacks to be thieves, creating anger and hatred between people (races), and getting blacks to return to their plantation consciousness and support them. If this does pass, every black person must reject this blood money and return it with a statement on why. Tell the Democrat politicians they’re not interested in this and this is yet one more reason why they left the party. The white Democrat voters must write their congressmen/women and tell them they’re not in agreement with this injustice. Let’s put this evil agenda to rest and move up and on to a higher consciousness.

  30. Reparations ? , then it would be in order to collect from the governments of England,The Netherlands,and Portugal for their participation in the slave trade. These countries were the main movers in transporting captive blacks to the U.S. Also, equally guilty,are the tribal leaders of several African colonies who traded helpless blacks for trunk loads of near worthless glass beads, bangles, and clay pots.Come on get real ! , just one more attempt by Democrats to pander to the black population for their votes.

  31. If we are going to make reparations to black people, what about the rest of the nationalities that were discriminated against? Like the Irish, Italians, Jews, Poles, Hungarians, etc. I would agree to pay reparations when you can prove that you were forced to work without pay ! Who can prove that?

  32. My family has been in America since the 1700’s. We have had patriots who’ve fought in most major wars to protect our freedom. Those of us (in my mineage) who have owned businesses have never owned slaves, nor have any of my forefathers oppressed any black, brown, red, or yellow souls. I REFUSE TO ALLOW ANY TYRANT IN CONGRESS FORCE ME TO PAY REPARATIONS. If anything, EVERY member of Congress should receive a pay cut from their PART-TIME jobs and pay the reparations themselves. The real crime is Congress voting themselves pay raises while we take pay cuts or job loss. We get paultry stimulus stipends while they gave themselves a raise followed by $57,000 COVID stipends (per member)

  33. Yes, i know several honest, hard working black americans, as well as some i would not entrust my dog to. That being said, blacks are 100 times more racist than whites. America has done more for the black community than any other nation in an attempt to compensate for slavery. Affirmative action granted employment even for inferior abilities. Educational requirements were lowered in order to educate them, but now welfare (living off american tax payers) isn’t enough. No more welfare for african americans if reprerations are paid.PERIOD!!!!!!!! No more free abortions because of their lazy lifestyle full of drugs and illicit sex parties. After 2 abortions mandatory sterilization, males and females. Then reprerations paid.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. This reparations bill is stupid and is being pushed by Racists Black Jackson Lee . There is no way to prove who was a slave in any bodies ancestry

  35. Just another way to try to “buy” the “African-American” vote. I like to think that today’s “African-American” is smarter than to allow themselves to be bought – as the slaves of by-gone days were “bought”. I do have one question for African-Americans….when will you accept and become simply an “American”? I am proud of my eastern European heritage, but I simply call myself an American I am sure that there are descendants of the very Africans, ,who sold their own people to the slave ship owners, are living in America now. Do we reward those descendants now, just because they claim African heritage? When will the woke realize that you cannot “buy” love or loyalty?

    1. ” I am sure that there are descendants of the very Africans, ,who sold their own people to the slave ship owners, are living in America now. ” So true….. Not sure if people even know this history. Just as they conveniently forget black slave owners. It’s really all about economics instead of humanity – poor people of all races are subject to slavery in many forms.

  36. Reparations for Ancestors of Slavery in America
    (No, No Way, No Form or Fashion, No)
    Reparations, how dare Congress even consider such a miscarriage of spending tax dollars? Talk to the blacks, the African American business owners about reparation; they need and must have reparations from the ANTIFA and BLM domestic terrorists that used the death of George Floyd (and others) to carry out the injustices they dealt to those small business owners. That is the appropriate discussion concerning reparations, not for the 100 year removed ancestors of slaves. Slavery was abolished by the lives of those who fought to end it, Tens of thousands of men died to end that abomination and they did end it which was a reparation payment that cannot be undone. The Civil War Union soldiers lost their lives undoing a malignant mistreatment of men and women that was learned and carried over from the continent they were first enslaved in, Africa. African Tribes enslaved other Africans and then sold them to men who became the slave traders of the west. Africa was the “HOME” of the enslavement of the black man and woman, “NOT” the Southern States of America who accepted them as they were delivered, already enslaved men and women of Africa.
    Reparations legislation is yet another attempt by the Democrats to influence the uninformed to vote in their political party’s favor as they present an enticement of money to those that would accept it for acts against their ancestors 100 + years ago and of which today’s citizens had nothing to do with. What about reparations for the ancestors of the fallen Union soldier who cleared the path for President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation which ended slavery in our Nation forever? The Union soldier did not want the war, the slave owners of the so-called South did, so why not make the ancestors of all the slave owners also pay reparations for all the union soldiers’ ancestors’ losses?
    And the list of reparations could go on from there, it is a political ploy by a political party that has lost its way and has forgotten who they are supposed to represent (not the self-serving hypocrites they have become)! The list could include the Japanese American, the Native American and the ill-fated outcome of the Chinese railroad and mining immigrant, get real and wake up people. I would say the African American of today has become greedy and is being spurred on by and the Radical Far Left Progressive Democrats (or whatever you want to call them) merely for what they believe will be political gains. Congress and federal law enforcement, get real and do your job. Help incarcerate and demand reparations from ANTIFA and the BLM (domestic terrorists) on behalf of those they hurt, both physically and economically. “NOW” That is a Reparation Payment I can get behind, but not for the long removed ancestors of slaves.
    I am a Native American of the Chickasaw Nation; a Native American tribe who decided to create an economy mostly independent of the State of Oklahoma and the federal government. The Chickasaw Nation was one of the Five Civilized Tribes that were uprooted and moved by the federal government from their homelands (mostly in Tennessee) to the Oklahoma Territory. The Chickasaw, the Cherokee, the Choctaw, the Seminole and the Creek were those five Native American Nations that were taken on the Trail of Tears to locations in the west. Some of the Seminole would not leave Florida and moved into the swamp where there are Seminole to this day.
    My Nation, the Chickasaw Nation was settled in the Oklahoma Territory (not yet a state). Today the Chickasaw Nation is sovereign and has its own territorial boundaries within the State of Oklahoma with its own government and is prospering. The point being that the Chickasaw Nation carved an independent Nation within the United States of America and did not cry for reparations but instead assimilated while still maintaining their heritage/culture. They educated themselves and utilized the law of the land, the rule of law via the federal and state court systems to regain losses suffered by broken treaties. They did not riot, burn, loot, assault nor commit murder but rather systematically and with due diligence presented their case/s in court of which the Chickasaw Nation has been triumphant many more times than not. The Chickasaw Nation is a viable partner with the state of Oklahoma and contributes to its’ vitality and economic growth.
    There is no legitimate argument for 100+ year old slavery reparations in today’s USA. As stated above, it is a political ploy!

    1. AMEN-this has become a fight of good vs evil. they know everything you say is true, but they dont care…facts no longer matter,we are in an upside down world of parasites. wake up america we are all being taken for a ride of unadulterated bull.

  37. This is crap. I nor my family owned slaves in the US……I DO NOT want my money paying for this crap. My family were poor peasants in Ireland and sent here in servitude……WHERE IS MY MONEY! Stop the madness

  38. If you really want to see people get RACIST, just pass this piece of crap,
    Most of the people you’re talking about don’t even know their own history, I’ll give you a little lesson here, only one of many truths about slavery,
    There were more than a few black WOMEN that owned slaves, actually one of the biggest slave owners WAS a black woman. Don’t believe it ?
    Look it up if you can read.

  39. The sins of the father should not fall on the son, wake up, whites were slaves too and all should be eligible. They should have to prove their heritage.

  40. ObaMao started this Rise of The Planet Of The Apes. Utilizing BLM (Black Loser Marxists), and Antipasta, Xiden and EmbHarris are continuing on with Conquest of The Planet Of The Apes. Soon, it will be War for The Planet Of The Apes.


  41. Not happening, but the actions and inaction of Biden and congress since January 20th was necessary to wake more people before the truth is revealed. Trump is the legal President and this smoke in mirror Presidency is about to come to an abrupt end. People who have been awake don’t know the exact date or how it will be revealed to the world. The corruption is and will be handled in a military court of law and justice comes swiftly. What people need to consider while watching what is going on, is it live or is it memorex?

  42. I think the Democrats want us to focus on something else besides the Open Border between us and Mexico. If the Democrats can get us up set over some dumb thing like this. Then Biden and Harris can open up the Border and let all the People from Mexico, all of South America come in here and then decide that this is what is called Reoperations. They can flood America with all the Dependents of the Slaves. Just a thought

  43. Let the democRATS pay reparations! They are party of slave holders, KKK, Jim crow laws, voted against blacks becoming citizens, voted against blacks getting to vote, and is party of segregation!
    I owe NOTHING ! My ancestors fought in Union army ! They paid the debt !

    1. Larry I had ancestors from my moms side that fought in the Union
      Army also. Some of their parents came here as indentured servants, (slaves).
      Where would that put me. As a family that has already paid all the reparations in full.
      Maybe My family should also be included in receiving reparations as I am descended from slaves too.
      Abet my ancestors were Scots Irish who were given a choice of die or go to the Americas as indentured servants basically for life. Nice choice.

  44. They have been getting reparations for years. It is called Medicaid, public housing, food stamps, etc. This is bullshit in the highest form. So typical of what happens when we vote the dems in. If anyone has EVER used African Americans and kept them down it is the liberals. What a freaking joke. If this passes I am going to stop paying my taxes. I’m old. They can’t keep in prison very long. At least if I am there I will get 3 hots and a cot plus medical care. It will be payback to me for working my ass off all my life to provide for this BS. There is nothing worse than a freaking politician. NOTHING. Please President Trump do not leave us. WE NEED YOU!!!!

  45. Total ******* BS — every word of it. If 650-750 thousand white guys dying to abolish slavery wasn’t enough — there will NEVER be enough. This is just another demonrat scam to further divide this country and to get the black vote back that President Trump took away from them. If the demonrats can produce a person who was actually a slave – I will say he/she deserves something BUT not a living person today was ever in slavery and deserves NOTHING from this country except the right to work hard, make a life for their family just like the rest of us. This is just more division from the deep state handlers of this illegitimate corrupt administration.

    1. THE demonrats must be abolished, and reparations paid to all of us who have had to go through all this bs of the leftie commirats/ 100 days and america is already falling apart

  46. So what happens with black slave owners? They get to pay themselves? What about the white people who helped slaves escape? How do they sort out all the people who came here (all races) after the civil war that had nothing to do with slavery? This is so ridiculous ……

  47. Slavery has been here since the beginning of time. Every Conqueror carried off people as slaves. Rome carried all the Jews into the know world. Spain destroyed Native people in the Central and South Americas. African tribes conquered other African tribes and sold the people to the white traders. Native Americans raided other tribes and carried off the horses and woman as slaves. So where do you start? With Joseph of the Old Testament?

  48. To all of you Naggars from Nigeria if you want money work for it. If you want a better life educate yourselves. If you keep messing around you and Obie 2 Tone will be on a barge headed 1 way for Mombassa, Kenya. No more having to deal with your bullscheit. You poor mistreated babies. You`re going to get your pimp cane broke over your empty heads.

  49. All I can say is if the blacks get money for their ancestors being put into slavery , then white people should get money for their ancestors being put into slavery ( something schools don’t talk about ). Want to know more about white slavery ? Go to “ “ go to the bottom of the page and type in white slavery . I don’t care if you are white , black or any other color . Thanks too the leaders of today , we are all slaves now . Lets fight the government , not each other .

    1. Geez Teresa. I’m just thinking out loud here, but white peoples claiming slavery status is probably going to be considered a “ racist “ ploy at this moment in time in this Oh So Racist country. LOL. LOL

      1. That’s why they don’t want to teach children in school about white slavery . It would be racist to learn white people were slaves “ BEFORE “ or around the time blacks were . I think our children should know whites were in slavery just like the blacks were , BUT we don’t want to be racist about anything do we ?!!

        1. Want to learn more about “ White Slavery “ go to ,,,
          Go to the very bottom and type in “ White Slavery “ . See what the white people went through and how they were treated . Whites were not sold , they were TAKEN by Africans and treated worse than the blacks !!

  50. In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense. Rewarding people for what their ancestors suffered hundreds of years ago is absurd and ridiculous, would be like penalizing all white Americans for what their ancestors did during slavery. It’s obvious that this whole charade hides a sinister side: getting the vote of black Americans which is sad and very regrettable


  51. Biden should be impeached along with Harris and a Jew election held. He is mentally impaired and wasn’t even capable of selecting a VP she s been in charge of the border for 2 months and nothing. No reparations for anyone. Bull shit trying to buy votes from r 2022

  52. 350,000 Union soldiers laid down their lives and by doing so paid the reparations. As Lincoln said in his second
    inaugural address Every drop of blood drawn by the lash was repaid with blood from the sword, as he called for “malice toward none and charity for all”.
    If it is enacted, will ex President Obama, who is half black and half white, have to pay or will he be a beneficiary?
    I want an exemption. My great grandfather fought in the Union Army and was wounded at Gettysburg fighting to
    set Rep. Lee’s great grandfather free. She can send me a check.

  53. I think this is totally ridicules, with the type of congress people being elected into office this country is becoming the laughing stock of the world. We have a prescient is highly specious of being in bed with the Chinese. That refuses to stand up for the majority of the American people, and continues to break the law concerning our borders. I have no respect for man. Anyone being in office 47 years and having nothing to show for it except to raise taxes and force job creation out of the USA should not be in charge of this great nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Well if the feds are giving out reparations then all the Scots and Irish that came here as indentured servants, (slaves), should have their ancestors included in the same bill. Now all the Chinese decedents who came here as slaves should also be included. Now we are probably up to at least 200 million people receiving reparations I just want to know if we actually have the printing capacity to send all of them money. Yes I am of Scot / Irish ancestry so maybe I should receive double??

  55. If we the people of the USA are supposed to be responsible for the slave industry and the ludicrous reparations, we must start at the beginning….

    From what I understand the people who first bought slaves, the slave traders, bought them from the African tribes, the Leaders of the countries…. That is where the people who think reparations are a good idea should go for their money…….

  56. This is the highest nut proposal the Democrats have yet proposed. Don’t blame me I voted for Trump!!!

  57. Native Americans lost all their land under colonialism. Many of the immigrants coming back into America are the descendants of the first people, the Native Americans who lived in Canada, Alaska, north and south America for thousands of years. In regard to reparations, the US should have restored vast acres of land and billions back to them and whatever they got back was so insignificant.
    Africans from some nations were forced from their land, where there was untold natural resources and inhumanly treated, enslaved for almost 300 years. Europeans became wealthy from slave labor. Their wealth was passed down to their descendants who are now the modern day millionaires. In regard to reparations, freed slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule and the US govern reneged on that promise. Those having African ancestry should be given acres of land and money. Time for the wealthy to give back to those they took advantage of.

  58. Why should I pay for ANY THING I had nothing to do with?
    I helped build I16 and walked many a mile planting grass on the sides and medium from sun up to sundown. Drove a dump truck hours on end day after day. Blacks also was by my side walking every step driving every mile!!
    Sometime I feel like I was used and abused.
    This Country is beginning brought to it’s knees and their’s nothing I can do about it!!


  59. I remember the history book from my elementary school and all the way to high school. We study how this country was found. And how it growth. We also study about those who came from other countries. FRENCH was the one that sail down to AFRICA AND THE TRIBE KING WANTED TO EXCHANGE SLAVE THEY CAPTURE IN THE TRIBE WAR. ALL FOR FOOD TO FEED HIS TRIBE WARRIOR AND PEOPLE! So JACKSON LEE doesn’t know what she talking about! FIRST SLAVE OWNER WAS A BLACK FARMER FROM MISSISSIPPI! Was he her kinfolk? Can she prove it? I doubt she even knew him! Since the WHITE PEOPLE FOUGHT THE CIVIL WAR OVER STATE RIGHTS. SAME PROBLEM WE ARE HAVING TODAY! It was the DEMOCRAT WHO MADE ALL THESE LAWS SINCE THEY WERE THE POWER PARTY IN THE EARLY YEARS. AND THE POWER PARTY IN THE 1900- 2021! SYSTEMIC RACISM WAS CREATED BY THEM! Let these politicians paychecks go toward paying for their SIN! NOT THE TAXPAYER!

  60. Honestly, they should seek restorations from their own former slave country. That is where their own people sold them into slavery from.
    When I was a very young single mother, I was told many, many, many times that I could not get assisted financial support for food, rent or anything I tried to get to help raise my boys. The waiting list for a white woman with two children for housing was 9 times longer than if I were a ( minority ) because I actually worked and made about $575.00 a month. I was rejected the opportunity for so many things, I cannot even remember them all. Shame on the system that did not treat me the same as the, minority women!

  61. “This idea is crazy and almost no living American supports it.” Unless and until the congress, the legislative body, most directly and proportionately representative of the demographics of the will of the people, accurately and competently, acts to fulfill the purposes enumerated in the Preamble to the Constitution, absurd lawlessness will continue to be represented by minorities who, by virtue of minority status, enjoy the privilege of representing it.
    First, when an order or law is a violation of the constitution, no one has an obligation to obey it. When constitutionality is defined as “that which a person has the simple ability to do,” the justice of the action is determined by the person, not the law. For all intents and purposes, no living, white American citizen has ever been a slave owner and no living, black person has ever been a slave. The notion of reparations for a system of economic deprivation which does not exist and which has not existed for more than 160 years, is denied by this American citizen, regardless of what the Congress of the United States has enacted into law. For reasons supporting this decision, I will be glad to provide you with a history of great-great ancestors who, 1. never owned slaves, and 2. fought in the Civil War of the United States at the Battles of Gettysburg and the battles in and around Petersburg, Virginia. White Americans, since the end of the Civil War, have allowed the return of former slaves to Africa, (consider the country of Liberia), enacted Civil Rights laws, had policies of affirmative action to give advantage to black Americans in educational pursuit. Some African Americans have insisted on acting irrationally, in some cases, criminally, to exacerbate the issues of racial and cultural differences between us. After 160 years, it is no longer unreasonable to strongly suggest and advise that African Americans consider returning to Africa where the commonality factors which are believed to provide an equality of justice which, they believe, they can not get in the U.S., based on skin color, will favor them, overwhelmingly.

    1. They don’t teach genuine history any more in those government indoctrination camps we now call schools. Our young don’t know those things and are convinced they’re on some kind of holy mission. You can’t tell them, I’ve tried. They just call you a “racist” and dash off to brag about it to their similarly indoctrinated friends.

      It was and is now the Democrats who were and are the Racists. But now they’ve added Communism to the mix. They will happily add mass murder to all that to keep their stolen power. Are there worse kinds of USERS anywhere on the planet?

  62. Start at the beginning…..The heads of the tribes in Africa are responsible for the whole slave trade business… If you want to have reparations that is where it should begin………


  64. The Democrat/COMMUNISTS stole power with a fraudulent election. Now they intend to complete the destruction of the United States just as their Party Bosses in Beijing want.


  65. Solution: VOTE FOR NO INCUMBENT. Never, Never has there ever been a stronger reason for TERM LIMITS and throw in an IQ test also.

  66. If this bill passes every taxpayer that pays huge taxes should refuse to file their taxes. Maybe if the stupid politicians did not receive their paychecks things would change. My ancestors nor my family never owned any slaves and they could not pay me to take one. Since their ancestors sold and sent them here against their will, I think they should all be sent back to where their ancestors came from. But I know they would not accept them as they already have too many criminals of their own.

  67. Blacks have already cause a big cost to this Nation, and in fact any Nation they have occupied. Blacks do not belong in America, instead of reparations, we should give them a free trip back to Africa where they belong with their jungle mentality. They are not welcome in America and they are not welcome in most civilized Nations in the World.

  68. My ancestors were slave owners. Everything the had was destroyed on Sherman’s March to the sea. I want money from the government for the house, land, crops, slaves, and animals they lost. Still waiting…

  69. This is total BS this is over a hundred years since slavery ended and we’re suspposed to give blacks money for what happened over a hundred years ago ? if so why not give the American Indians money for all THAT THEY WERE ROBBED OF THEIR LAND ? they were way before the blacks were and their land was stolen from them by the white soldiers if any monies are to be given out it should be to the American Indians FIRST.

  70. The democratic government is responsible for reparations but they should not use the taxes we provide to support them, they should use their own money, heck they are wealthy enough. They are the ones who pushed for African’s being slaves. They caused the first separation of the United States and created their own government, just so they could own slaves. Yes, the Africans did sell their own people because they had BUYERS. Again democrats.
    All nations from the beginning of time have had slaves period. History shouts that out. There is no nation that can say they didn’t. Just my opinion…I don’t want my money used for something I had nothing to do with the problem they have created.

  71. Proof CRIMNALS are in Congress, Reparations are just another crime to give Blacks money in order to buy votes.
    We have been paying reparations since the Civil War ended. In the 1960’s we offered Black through a Civil Rights bill the opportunity to rise in our society. Then we added Affirmative action UNCONSTITUTIONAL right to be selected even though they scored lower. Great idea, don’t get the best get the black. DAH! Some Cities are giving Black people money, Whites not allowed. The Federal gave Black farmers subsidies, No Whites allowed. Who is Color Blind, NOT justice ?

  72. I just want to give my assessment of the many issues that are facing our great nation. The real problem is the lack of education from the bottom to the top. The nation abandoned education with the abortion of the draft. All persons attending college were exempt and those not attending college were given the paid opportunity to learn job skills as well as moral skills, respect, honor, trust, and allegiance to the laws of our land. So many of these young men and women today have no such availability to learn the basic skills of mankind. I would suggest in lieu of giving away money for reparations etc, the government should take over the education of these young people and place them in the so many empty bases around the country. Being as we are not at war, all of these young folks should jump at this chance.

  73. We have been paying out the wazoo for many years. It is called welfare where millions lay around on their sorry azz . make babies to get more welfare. If anything they owe us taxpayers reparations’!

  74. Well , Well as if this pour me black crap has continued on wanting people to pay them for something that they NEVER went through , things are getting even worse . Has anyone seen the report that they now want to add Obama’s FACE to Mount Rushmore ? That’s just un-American and a slap in our face . The only reason they want to do this is because he was the first black ( gay ) president . HE DOES NOT belong on Mount Rushmore !!! I hope ALL Americans STOP this stupidity from happening .

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