Salvation Army Declares Its Own Founding Christian Faith to be “White Racism”

Get woke, go broke! The Salvation Army will have its volunteer bell ringers in front of stores between now and Christmas Eve, as the charitable organization and Christian church has done for more than a century. But the Salvation Army wants more than just your spare change in the kettle this year, if you are a white donor. If you’re white, the Salvation Army demands that you also issue a “sincere apology” for being such a damn dirty racist pig, which is what the Salvation Army says all white people are by default.

Like so many other institutional fixtures in our society, the Salvation Army has now been coopted by the same communists running Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Democrat Party.

How did this happen? The Salvation Army’s board of directors includes Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Chick Fil A Foundation President Rodney Bullard. Both of those individuals are “all in” on the Black Lives Matter agenda. The NFL with guys like Jerry Jones running the teams has everyone “taking a knee” for the real national anthem, and treasonously performing something called the “Black National Anthem” before every game. And the Chick Fil A guy announced that he was going to use his privilege to help stamp out racism in America after George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose in Minneapolis in 2020.

The intrepid board of directors of the Salvation Army actually launched a group last year called the “International Social Justice Commission.” The Social Justice Commission has created new training materials and resources for all Salvation Army members, employees and volunteers. And by “created,” I mean they pretty much copied the work of race hustlers Robin DeAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi (real name Henry Rogers). The resource is called, “Let’s Talk About Racism,” which is a misleading title because it doesn’t even talk about the Democrat Party.

One of the main findings of the geniuses who put “Let’s Talk About Racism” together is that Christianity is institutionally racist. Apparently, these idiots are unaware of the thousands of black pastors and churches in America, which continue to be quite prosperous and do a lot of good works in their communities.


The racism resource demands that white donors to the Salvation Army must offer a “sincere apology” to black people. Why? Because according to the Salvation Army, all white people have been “antagonistic to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community.” (To which I sarcastically reply, “Hogwash! ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince is one of my favorite albums!”)

Here’s a choice quote from “Let’s Talk About Racism:”

“Racism is very real for our brothers and sisters who are refused jobs and housing, denied basic rights and brutalized and oppressed simply because of the color of their skin.”

What country are these people even talking about? Who is being brutalized and oppressed because of their skin color in America these days? If anything, the neo-racism of all of the social justice commies is directed toward heterosexual white males.

The Salvation Army has also issued a companion study guide for its employees to go along with their “Let’s Talk About Racism” curriculum. It’s helpfully titled, “Study Guide on Racism.” And the study guide is even worse, if that’s possible. It explains that all white people are hopelessly racist against blacks – and many of us white folks are also so stupid that we don’t even realize how racist we are against blacks.

The Salvation Army’s attack on its own founding faith continues by identifying one of the worst culprits: Sunday school curriculum. Right. Veggie Tales cartoons and stories about David and Goliath or Noah and the big fish are now declared racist, by an organization that was founded in the 1860s as a Christian church.

So, another cultural institution in America has now been completely overrun and coopted by the communists. This is why conservative and Christian organizations must begin actively discriminating against anyone who identifies themselves as a Democrat or a progressive. Some on the right will bleat, “Oh, but discrimination is wrong!” They discriminate actively against us for our political beliefs. Try wearing a MAGA hat to your interview at Disney and tell us how it goes. Why shouldn’t we treat progressives and Democrats with the same amount of political zeal that they apply to us?

Once they infest an institution, it’s only a matter of time before that institution is completely destroyed. And mark my words: The Salvation Army is toast after this. Their donations will plummet once the bell ringers start demanding that white donors apologize for their racism. And that will be the beginning of the end of another Christian organization that has done more good for the black community than BLM ever will.

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57 thoughts on “Salvation Army Declares Its Own Founding Christian Faith to be “White Racism””

  1. Sad times in a country living in the wake of destruction that is the Biden Residency.
    This holiday season could be the last for those bell ringers.

    1. They have all disappeared in my area. After this story broke — there were no longer any red kettles or bell ringers anywhere to be found. jerry jones doesn’t surprise me — as a long time Cowboys fan(me) — he has taken a once great team(winning or losing) with the most mystic in the now national felons league and turned the team into a bunch of uncontrolled subhuman acting morons. I swear I saw more civilized acting creatures in the jungle than I see(saw — quit watching after that phony kaeper-jerk and his antics) on the foolball field. I’d say the salvation army just fumbled their existence away. It is a shame that the only people who will suffer are the people who need the help because I’m sure the directors of the SA won’t give up their million dollar mansions to help out.

    2. It’s over as far as my donations of any kind, be it $ or merchandise, don’t shop their junky stores anyway.

  2. Hmmmmm – first Goodwill caved and now Salvation Army. Well, guess what – now I am up to my eyeballs in ‘stuff’ I would like to donate and nowhere to take it. Me, being white – it is obvious neither organization wants my donations, so, I guess I will just dump the ‘stuff’ along side the road……..

    1. Go to Steve Turley on YT or Rumble. Listen /watch him He gives us an alternative to shopping these wokeness corporations. Been watching him for years. You will enjoy his refreshing renditions of the world today

    2. There are local organizations, at least in our area, who’s goals are for many causes. We’ve been blessing them & can witness the results locally.

    3. TRY ST. VINCENT DE PAUL STORE, they are a Catholic GROUP, try checking into some women’s SHELTERS, call local CHURCHES, I will not order any more food from chilk FIL A, EITHER.

  3. I have Supported Salvation Army for 60 years at least. Well, no more, no mas, hasta la vista baby to SALVATION ARMY! I do not need your wokism!

  4. Sad when a ‘christian’ organization embraces unbiblical leftist ideologies rather than the truth. Racialism has existed from the time of Noah and has been and is still practiced by people of many different skin colors and ethnicity. Bigotry and racism is not limited to “whites” only but it infects human beings with any and all skin pigment.
    I’ve been supporting the Salvation Army for decades and staunchly defended them when Target stores refused to allow SA bell ringers in front of their stores several years ago. My primary reason for supporting the SA all these years is because it was birthed from the Christian faith of William and Catherine Booth, who were inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ to help the needy.
    However, since their entry into glory, the Booth’s ministry based on biblical truth has slowly but steadily eroded to where we are today, a ‘woke’ SA who has embraced lies, violence and hatred straight from the pits of HELL!!!
    Therefore, I will never ever support the SA unless they fully and completely repent of their horrible sin against the God of Love and Peace.

  5. One last point.
    While the Salvation Army has “removed for appropriate review” the ‘Let’s Talk About Racism’ guide that started this whole mess, I still believe it was done only after the backlash hit the SA in the pocketbook and not out of “Christian Conviction”.
    This guide is filled with racists attacks against “White Supremacy” which also speaks of “our Black and Brown brothers and sisters” favorably. This filthy bigoted propaganda posing as a “guide” furthermore encourages SA employees and members to “stop being colorblind” and “to have an honest awakening about race in your life” then points people to Marxist inspired books like ‘White Awake’ and ‘White Fragility’, rather than the Bible and heartfelt prayers to the only Person who can see a person’s heart then bring conviction of any lingering sin in that heart.
    Racism and bigotry is a disease that infects ALL people and races and if Jesus Christ is the God of ALL people then He and He alone is able to rid a person, regardless of skin color, of that sin without using guilt or shame. He uses conviction to bring about freedom and repentance from sin to His glory but the enemy uses guilt and shame to keep people bound to their sins.
    Unless the SA fires all those who wrote, contributed to the hatred and released the “Let’s Talk About Racism” guide then publicly condemns this horrible polarizing booklet of hatred, the SA WILL NEVER EVER receive any support from my family, friends, church or acquaintances.
    And this observation of truth and the facts expressed by a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ who just happens to not be “White” or “Awoke”.

  6. This is what white and black elites do to any and all non profit organizations. I wouldn’t be surprised that George Soros is one of their benefactors.
    It is a shame as the Salvation Army was the only organization I donated to for over 50 years. I will now donate to my area’s churches, Black and White. I will not give the SA another penny, clothing or household goods!
    Truly a shame of what have become.

    1. The Salvation Army used to do good work. I know someone who got off drugs through one of their in-house programs; because of which I’ve been giving them money for over a decade. No more. Now instead of helping the “downtrodden”, they are trying to create “downtrodden”. Progressives ruin everything.

  7. So sad to see these two supposedly Christian organizations being led but two idiots who think they are doing what a Christian should do. Whatever happened to turn the other cheek, forgive & forget, don’t tell your brother to get the speck out of his eye when you have a log in yours. Seems to me they are follow the Democrats philosophy of being big hypocrites!!!

  8. Haven’t watched football at all since the Crap ernack BS. Cowboys used to be one of my favorite teams.
    Now I hope those guys break their necks falling off their HIGH HORSES: That goes for All n f l teams.
    and applies to basketball, baseball and any other “professional” sport.
    Apparently, they are not aware that the thugs they want us to apologize to , don’t support them in the manner
    that all us racist pigs have supported them over the years.
    Hey Boys, better get your heads on straight, because you’re being used. They will be coming after you next.

    1. professional sports is out in my home. so are movies which i wouldn’t go if they were free. add disney to the watch list the biggest woke jerks in the world.

  9. The Salv. Army starts asking for donations prior to Thanksgiving. I saw this article else where. Sent the yearly request for donation they mailed me back with a reference to the Article & a demand to remove me from their lists. I am sure there will be plenty of past donors who do this. Their woke B/S has just sealed their own fate.
    Most their bell ringers are Patriot volunteers, they will have problems in the future finding help. Now they can KMA.

    1. I got news for the SA.
      Some of the other races are more prejudiced than I’ve ever been. You can tell when you cheerfully say Hello and they won’t speak back to you. Or if you try to engage them in conversation but they either won’t talk at all or converse in a very terse abrupt manner. I can be friendly with anyone (even a liberal for a minute. Lol) but I’ve discovered that there are many other-colored racists in the world who can’t be friendly with whites. In fact some of them are just downright rude to us. How does this happen? In a world where races are inter-marrying and birthing cute little brown babies? I don’t understand. And SA has received its last donation from me. Let them go preach their hate somewhere else.

  10. hi i always put money i the pot for you .but sense you made that statement i will not be putting money i your pot any more.!!!!!!!

  11. Since the SA have been taken over by the Woke crowed. Let the higher up spend their money, making up for the lost revenue. I’m done with the SA and everyone that’s against all color of people. We are one color in the eyes of God.

  12. I will never again give to the FAKE salvation army! Going the way of “Woke ” is telling other people GOD ONLY CREATED BLACK PEOPLE! When the BIBLE TELL US GOD CREATED ALL RACE! This is a disgraceful thing being done by a bunch of FOOLS! You want to denounced RACISM? THEN EVERY HUMAN BEING SHOULD DO IT AS WELL ! Even BLACKS PEOPLE NEED TO DENOUNCED THEIR HATE TOWARD PEOPLE GOD CREATED AS WELL! You are a dam “FOOL” if you think you deserve other to bow down to you! I only will bow down to the only rightful person who is my SAVIOR!

  13. They are so pathetic as to have NO bellringer at our local supermarket, but tape a sheet of paper that tells you other ways to give them money. Every company or business that decided to go woke will not get any of my business which = money.

  14. THE MOST RACIST ARE BLACKS. Anyone who denies this FACT obviously can’t see the world, BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR HEAD JAMMED UP THEIR ASS. Salvo’s will never receive another cent from me, because they are spreading racist, hatred.


    1. what makes you question this? why don’t you call the SA and ask.? afraid of the answer? everyone in this country is trying to be “HIP”, or in todays lingo, woke. woke from what? that is a word that the Kenyan stain brought to the English language, as he promoted transgenderism, (to accept Michael Lavon Robinson , aka MICHELE OBOMINATION.). look to the internet for answers, pictures of the two before big mike made the change in 1984. see pictures of big mike in its football uniform for the college it was attending at the time. viola, sex reassigned, and appears at an Ivy League college under the name Michele. what a joke on the American people. our first tranny first “lady”??????????? read further to see where the children came from. have you EVER SEEN Michele in a bathing suit? pregnant??? nope. there is a reason for that.

  16. The Salvation Army has become a “Woke”n (translation broken) “chartity”! We have unfortunately donated in the past but they will never see another donation from my husband and I and I’d bet we’re not alone in this! Not too smart to alienate all white people, just who do they think will take up the slack?!

  17. SA has become the socialist Woke so let thier followers donate but as a American Veteran they can hereafter just K M C A as that’s the true American way.

  18. I used to throw all of my spare change and sometimes more in the red kettle every time I walked by one. Never again. The salvation army has just shot themselves in the foot. Watch their numbers in $’s crumble! A real shame what they’ve done to their selves and the Great country that has given to them for all of these decades. So long salvation army!

    1. Donate instead to Samaritans Purse which is operated by Billy Graham’s son Franklin. Will put the money to good use in his own humanitarian programs. All over the world.

  19. they will never get another red cent out of me. I wanted one to ask me why so I could lay into this lame doctrine they have embraced. I guess the look on my face made them a little afraid to ask. good, it spared me from giving them a lecture. I hope they go stone cold broke. maybe the dark skins they worship will support them. however, I doubt that much.

  20. the salvation army has no right to tell white people to say that garbage !why dont they say that to the democraps that in history had slaves , i will not donate to this corupt chairity !most good donations droped off are snatch up by managment,and monitary donations snatched up by corperate big shots that somehow think they deserve it ! now i only donate to good will now ! i have seen it in bridgeview il manager was selling things a her garage sale with tags still on items!

  21. The Salvation Army can’t call themselves Christians anymore because their beliefs and attitudes point to someone else. I was came with alot of black friend in school and I refuse to call myself something that I am not. The Salvation Army looses my money.

  22. I WILLNOT buy or contribute to this TRAITOR organization again.
    They have become NOTHING but a farce of what was once a proud
    and respected organization. The present S A is not even a mere
    shadow of what it was originally founded for. It has become a
    greedy “woke” traitor to those who are in need of help.

  23. What did Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. say?? Something like: Judge not a person by the Color of their Skin, but the their Character. This is not what the Racist bias Salvation Army Leader have stated. No more will contribute to a Racist and Bias Salvation Army for they have lost their way.

  24. Salvation Army went WOKE and so now they are broke. Guess that “White” Donors are just fed up with all of the Socialistic BS and CRT ! They can now go and “CRY ME A RIVER” of tears for their stupidity !!! I always donated to the Salvation Army, but NEVER NO MORE !!! I don’t need to apologize to anyone and they now need to apologize to me !!! I go to various supermarkets at least twice a week and NOBODY DONATED TO THE SALVATION ARMY’s Red Bucket ! It was totally embarrassing for the Bell Ringer ! Guess that will show them !!! They reaped what they sowed !!!

  25. I’m SORRY FOLKS! Though I’m an active member of my Perimeter Church here in Johns Creek, Georgia, and I’m in touch with, and “Friends” with many of the Salvation Army people down in St. Petersburg, Florida every week, and for over 25 years of being in conversations and seeing their active SERVICE to ALL the people who are in need, I’ve never… THAT’S “NEVER” seen or even heard of any biases or unkind words spoken by any of the hundreds of workers or management in their movement. Now, I’ve only met the head honchos, and being among the others through the years, I’ve SEEN the humble respect they have for ALL the people they encounter. And… their FORGIVENESS for things I’ve seen happen in their world… well, I’ve been inspired by their Faith and Care for others. Now, with the notables you’re mentioning, I’d be MORE THAN HAPPY to face those suckers with some of “My INPUT”! The Salvation Army spends “””$.97″”” on EVERY dollar that comes through their stores and Christmas Santas on SERVICE to the needy! Homeless, Abandoned mothers and children, jobless, folks coming out of prison, and just ANYBODY who needs a Strong and Supporting hand in life! I think it’s a terrible thing to bad talk the organization because of some outside nuts! There’s probably an agenda in those ASS HOLES’ involvement with publisizing their affiliation. Personally, with EVERY ONE I’ve ever talked with, every one was a Conservative and knows the falicies of the government in place! Who knows? I just know “my vast experience” through the years and they are CERTAINLY more of a “SERVICE” to “ALL RACES” than I’ve EVER SEEN ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Just sayin…

  26. How very sad and disappointing this is! I have never ever been a racist and don’t appreciate being called one! Why can’t people understand that there are good and bad in Every race and culture!!!!!

  27. Has anyone noticed that most people on tv and mostly on commercials are black I have black friends and they are surprised also This veteran is not happy the way the USA is being destroyed by that garbage in the white house Shame on you democrats

    1. There are local organizations, at least in our area, who’s goals are for many causes. We’ve been blessing them & can witness the results locally.

      1. I just googled the false claims being made against the Salvation Army snd one should always question the means of the agenda that is being perpetrated against a mobile organization that has helped countless people through the decades of their work to their communities. Wake up Sheepeople, investigative before following the lies that are being directed at destroying America within! We have never been facing a greater threat in our country then the lies that are destroying our Great Nation within! Fake news needs to be exposed and investigated who is pushing this article…

        1. Wake up and smell the coffee. It is true! Unfortunate that the leadership of Salvation Army did this, no more money from me.

  28. Will no longer donate, money or items to them, it’s truly sad how they have changed and as far as that goes I wonder if white people gave them money and would not renounce would they hand them back the money!!!! We have boys and girls clubs here that we can donate to, also ones for the homeless, works for me!

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