Shinzo Abe’s Assassination: Who’s Really in Control of Our Government?

Imagine waking up tomorrow and discovering that your country is actually run by a bunch of weird foreigners. Japan is going through a crisis like that right now, in a scandal that’s received almost no Western media attention. One can’t help but ask the same question about America in 2023.

The Ukrainian “president” Volodymyr Zelensky showed up in the US again this week, rattling his tin cup to beg for more money. As expected, most of our “elected” representatives in Congress hurled themselves at his feet so they could suck his toes and worship him. Who’s really running our country?

Buckle up, because this is a truly weird story. And every word of it is true.

Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was set to deliver a speech on the morning of July 8, 2022. At 11:30 a.m., a man approached Abe from behind and shot him in the neck with a homemade shotgun.

Political assassinations are extremely rare these days, so it instantly made international headlines. What we haven’t heard about until now is the reason why 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami killed Abe. Was he just some crazy dude with an axe to grind, like the Unabomber or Adam Schiff?


Yamagami immediately confessed to the crime in front of police—and he told them the motive. But his reasons for killing Shinzo Abe certainly sounded nutty.

Yamagami told the cops he believed that Abe was involved in the Unification Church of South Korea—a cult better known as the “Moonies.” The cult was founded in the 1950s by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who claimed that he was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Yamagami said the cult had ruined his life. His mother gave all the family’s money away, and his brother committed suicide because of their impoverishment.

He had intended to assassinate the current leader of the Moonies, Moon’s widow Hak Ja Han. But since he couldn’t get to her, he decided to kill Shinzo Abe because of his deep ties to the cult, which actually dated back to when Abe’s grandfather was the prime minister, and also a member of the cult.

The cops initially breathed a sigh of relief. They were just dealing with a garden-variety lunatic, right?

Except that Yamagami’s story turned out to be completely true. Not only was Shinzo Abe deeply—and secretly—connected to the Moonies, but so was his grandfather. Elections were set to take place in Japan two days after Abe’s assassination, so the police covered up their initial findings. They couldn’t have the public finding out that one of the most popular politicians in modern Japanese history belonged to some weird foreign cult.

After the elections, the Moonies confirmed that Yamagami’s mother was a member of the cult, and the story exploded from there. It was confirmed that Shinzo Abe had been a member of the cult, and his prime minister grandfather had been a founding member of the cult with Sun Myung Moon back in the 1950s.

Oh, but it gets even weirder.

By September of last year, Shinzo Abe’s political party—the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)—also had deep connections to the Moonies. Out of the 379 seats that the LDP held in Japan’s Parliament, 190 of them were cult members. They paid membership fees to the cult, attended “church” services, and accepted help from an army of Moonie campaign volunteers in their elections.

Another 290 members of prefectural assemblies in Japan (sort of like a county or municipal government here) turned out to be Moonies, along with seven prefectural governors. Since the assassination of Shinzo Abe, the Japanese people have come to learn—much to their shock and dismay—that the political party that has been ruling their country for the past 70 years is actually run by a South Korean cult.

Which brings us full circle to America. Who is actually running our country? It’s not “we the people.” I don’t know a single person in real life who supports sending another dime to Ukraine. We have elections stolen from us, vaccine mandates, and gobs of money spent on subsidies for electric cars that no one wants or can afford. The Moonie influence in Japan was hiding in plain sight for 70 years, and they are only just now learning the truth of the matter. It was kept a secret all that time.

Who is running our country—and why do they so desperately want to stop Donald Trump from becoming president again?

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23 thoughts on “Shinzo Abe’s Assassination: Who’s Really in Control of Our Government?”

  1. For several tears, alternative news sites have said that DJT was asked to enter the lion’s den, and expose the corruption in our gov’t from top to bottom.
    Initially he and his inner circle thought The Swamp could be drained during four years.
    The plan changed after discovering that The Swamp was deeper and wider than anticipated.
    T. is not one of them, and he has dirt on them ALL.
    I have learned that the truth bomb is over the target, and hope it will be dropped very soon.
    It’s time to stop the charade and start cleaning house!

    1. Not at all what’s going on. Trump is part of the swamp and the uniparty, and you have tobeblind not to see how hard the MSM is pushing his candidacy and giving him MUCH more free publicity than any other GOP candidate. Trump is a BigPharma and WEF puppet, so the MSM and global elite are just fine with him becoming president, as he plays their game. OTOH, if their puppet Biden wins, they are fine with that, too. The one they DON’T want to win is their enemy, Ron DeSantis!

      1. You’re obviously one of the country’s moronic, brainwashed liberals who can’t see themselves for what they are even when looking in a mirror. Trump is no more part of the swamp than I am. As with the rest of the people in the demoncrapic party you are so delusional, you belong in a booby hatch!

      2. Everything you listed is all untrue, unless it’s true you are working on DeSantis campaign.. ..and I don’t think he’d appreciate your statement.

        Stop saying your lies and misinformation. Disgusting.

  2. Cult or not – As an 80year old, I have watched as the Democrat Party has transitioned from the “Party of the Poor” – into the present “Ambitious, Satanic, Power-Hungry Party of Self-Serving, Race-Baiters and Welfare-Pimps”. These people will say and do anything to steal the reigns of the world’s most powerful country. One more (owned and controlled) “Duffas Leader” like Joe Biden and America will simply Self-Destruct.

    1. I’m 70 yrs old & totally agree w/ you. I too, have seen a drastic change I in the Dem party & NOT for the good, as is proof w/the Bidden admin, but it began w/ the Obama admin.

  3. I think it’s too late already. Biden has sold us out to the one world order, finishing the job Obama started. God bless America because no one else can.

  4. The president is replacing our population, allowing the deadliest threat to cross our border . Enough to exterminate all of us, this is stomach churning treason !! These democrats in our office today or sick they are entitled they believe they are better that us and they believe we don’t have the fortitude to face them down. Biden is allowing the most dangerous of people,poisons,and perverts to cross our borders and he doesn’t care what we thank. The white house has open fire on the safety of our neighborhoods, communities and family proving the disloyalty they have for America. Biden hates our nation he has total disregard for the safety of the people. That people is why we have to get these horrable creatures out of our white house, the democrats has to go — we the people deserve and should demand a government of the people, by the people and for the people.**** God help us save America.

  5. OMG The dam “moonies” is probably running our white house old Biden is stuck up there ass !! And of course they would hate Trump cause he is for the people, not some dam cult !!. That would explain why Biden is trying to kill of the USA !!!! That’s why he want stop the border shit , he wants it to take us over . Biden is a dangerous man and should be locked up in prison. Anyone with a brain can see the treasonness stuff Biden is doing to our country. GET HIM THE HELL OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  6. The premise that someone else is running the White House is absolutely correct. Biden does not have the mental capacity to perform the duties of president. He is a puppet of an evil entity manipulating him. That puppetmaster is noneother than Obama whom I understand is the most frequent visitor to the White house. Biden seems to be following in the footsteps of what Obama started but just getting more corrupt and destructive to our country.
    At least two people need to be convicted of treason.

    1. I couldn’t agree more!!! When the DEMONICRATS brought in OBAMA and implanted his fraudulent, lying ass into the PRESIDENCY, AMERICA as the older generation of AMERICANS can attest has ceased to exist!!!!

  7. I am certain that the assumption that another entithy is running our white house is correct. Biden is merely a puppet. He lacks the mental capacity to uphold the office of the president even if he wished to do so. He obviously has a puppet master. As I understand, Obama is the most frequent visitor to the White House. T

    1. CORRECT ! And, the Puppet Master is Barack Obama. He wants to continue his ruination of America by having Wifey Michelle become the next president ! She is one of the worst and disrespected America in 2007 by saying “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country — and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.” She has been rude, she is a racist, and she also disrespected the American flag !!!! Steer clear of her … she is a danger to America !

  8. TRUMP STOPPAGE = BECAUSE ALL OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION CRIMINALS WILL BE EXPOSED ! They are criminals and fear President Trump’s punishment which would definitely be JAIL TIME for the majority of them. These elitist lunatics don’t give a damn about America, you or me … they only care about the illegal money or votes they can get ! I say “Hang Em High” President Trump !!! TRUMP 2024 !!!

  9. Nothing is going to happen to any of them, including, number one son Hunter. Look at the illegal ls already here and the Democrats wants to give them the right to vote. If, it happens, they know nothing about our country, except, their freebies (not all) how do you think they will vote? Most cannot speak or read English. Think how their lives have been and how they are crowding us every day. Mmmm I wonder whom they elect. Hard question, huh? Americans voted them in and Americans can vote them out. Obama &wife donsalut our flag, don’t wear an American flag pin, won’t sing our Anthem, have given vast amounts of money to our enemies, so they can get ready to kill our military, she admits she hates America and yet, people Dore them. Please tell me, who are the true Americans, where are they, why do so many hate a country that has had more than anywhere. Why are the Demicrats running scared of Pesident Trump, why was he betrayed in office by people he trusted and when he said what he was told, too many people blamed him, instead of, researching who were the true traitors to the W.H. it goes on and on. Too many American won’t seek the truth, they want to believe the Left news stations. What is happening to Pres. Trump can happen to any of us on a smaller scale if we don’t do and say as we are told. Come on it has been happening a long time, get your blinders off, open your brains and eyes, not everything is the way we want, look what we had under Pres. Trump and look at our nation. People stop being deaf, dumb and blind. Everyone is losing, but not the Left, Democrats, WOKE, law breakers and so on. Tax papers we are financing them, Biden said he wouldn’t raise taxes, yes he is, our oil is going to China, our jobs are gone again, so on and so on. FOR THE GOOD OF AMERICA AND ALL AMERICANS, WAKE UP, we have enough who think they Woke up,

  10. If the American people don’t stand up and take charge of our government, then America will forever be destroyed. It’s time the American people stand up and fight against this corrupt government. We the People need to try and get President Trump back in office ASAP! Only with Gods help will we ever be able to turn America back to a righteous nation again! Pray for America!

  11. Only one person can clean up the corruption and that President Trump. The swamp knows this so that is why they are making sure President Trump can’t run for office ever again. You need to understand our judicial system is on the swamps payroll. The swamp have been donating money to different things, then those who they donate to turns around and give the majority back to the swamp. How do you think they pay all their puppets who do their dirty work? We have people who are honest and do their job right. Then you have corrupt government employees and agencies that have decided money and perks are a better thing and the swamp grabs them up to lie for them. The oath all these people took they just said some words instead of what the oath really means. Swamp so corrupt that they have been making it so that no one in elected position can be fired for misconduct (corruption). In other words the swamp has made it possible no democrat or puppet can be fired so they will take orders from swamp not a republican administration. People are not paying attention to what Biden administration is actually doing. People are not paying attention to what congress is doing and bills that swamp wants passed that have more corruption in them. The swamp has enriched themselves and family and friends and left the working man flip the bill for all of them. When was the last time someone actually cared about we the people? I tell you, President Trump has been the only President who not only donated his salary but also cared about us and not the rich. Do some research on salaries for swamp and government employees and then see how much they are actually getting on the side. Pelosi has been a insider trader since day one. Pelosi also votes for bills that she or family have stock in it. Only reason that bill passes. How much of a retirement fund do they have compared to we the people? Research, research, research. Democrats can’t win unless the cheat period.

  12. There is no way Trump will be President again. They will assonate him first. The reason all the millions of illegal immigrants have been allowed in this country is to vote for Democratic’s. They are more of them than conservatives, Trump cannot win. The United States is gone. Biden and Obama sold us out years ago. The only hope we have is God. Live for Him , help all you can, pray , pray, pray. Find peace in knowing the Father Loves you. I have people who work for the Federal government and they told me about this years ago. Except God intervenes they are no United States of America.

  13. I am 81, and have closely watched our country deteriorate from what it once was to what it is now. The Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, and their ilk have practically destroyed the United States beyond repair. The people have allowed this to happen. At this time, Trump is the only possible chance to save the United States. I hope that the people wake up, see what is taking place right now, and support and re-elect Trump and Conservatives and Republicans (not RINOs) starting in 2024.

  14. Yes please wake up and get your nose out of the democrats ass there shit is not roses. We have to get “our” country back the dam money hungry power takers needs put on a train with a one way ticket to hell and burn burn burn in hell with the devil. We the true people of America need are country back and we need these invaders in are homeland out and out fast. The drug cartels, the illegal immigrants all need rounded up and send back to where they came from. We the people need to start helping Americans first , put our homeland first cause if we don’t we will be taken over. This is from the bible :** FOREIGNERS WHO LIVE IN YOUR LAND WILL GAIN MORE AND MORE POWER WHILE YOU GRADUALLY LOSE YOURS THEY WILL HAVE MONEY TO LEND YOU BUT YOU WILL HAVE NONE TO LEND THEM IN THE END THEY WELL BE YOUR RULERS. ** people be warn this is happening to us , if not stop and stopped fast we will lose “our” homeland. So please wake up and get your nose out of biden’s ass and smell whats really going on— stop the democrats and there destroying ways. We must get the borders closed off and round up what got into are nation and send tbem back to where they came from. People we have to stand and fight for our homeland you know we are losing it, we have to do something, stop these crazy left democrats get them the hell out of our white house. Stop the rottening of our neighborhoods and homes from the illegal aliens. We have to get back are control of “we the people for the people ” we can’t just gave-up and keep letting these democrats destroy us.

  15. I am 70 years old I never thought I would ever see this country in such a mess Biden is Antichrist Obama is a Muslim Antichrist all of them up there they need this country needs to be back to God that’s what this country was based on you can see the morals of this country have gone down you can see the the people in these states with woke how lawlessness has taken over this is frightening and as Christians we need to fight we need to stand up we need to go vote have a voice do something this is insanity it’s disgusting but I do believe God is in control and will destroy all these evil people and the evil in this country and this world God help us and have mercy on all their souls

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