Soros Successfully Kicks Trump-Supporting Congresswoman Off Committees

This screed is going to be a bit longer than what I normally write for you, but it is vitally important information and I hope you’ll read it through to the very end. George Soros now has such total command over the Democrat Party that he has convinced them to commit a historical first breach of ethics and decency in the US House of Representatives. For the first time in American history, the majority party in the House has kicked a member of the minority party off of her committee assignments. This is being done to try to nullify and expel all support for Donald Trump from the US Congress.

On a party line vote of 216-210, the Democrats voted to kick Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-NC) off of both of her committee assignments. This has never happened before in American history. Differing political parties are supposed to be allowed to handle committee assignments and make decisions about them on their own. The other party can make suggestions but has never before taken a vote to remove a rival party’s member from a committee assignment.

For example, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) lied to the American people for years by claiming that he personally had evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election. Rep. Adam Swalwell (D-CA) was compromised by an enemy government when he was dumb and desperate enough to sleep with a hostile foreign spy. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her own brother to violate US immigration laws and probably to commit student loan fraud.

Republicans have called for those Democrats to be removed from committee assignments, but none of them have been removed. The only thing the opposing party has historically been able to do is suggest that a member be stripped of committee assignments, but it’s up to that member’s party to make the ultimate decision.

At least, that’s how it used to be. But when a vocal, Trump-supporting freshman Congresswoman keeps speaking out about the “olen-stay election-way,” stricter measures are apparently called for.


George Soros’ Media Matters kicked off the effort to destroy Marjorie Taylor Greene with a baseless lie that she is a crazy person who believes in all sorts of insane conspiracy theories. One of the biggest of those lies is that Green hates “the Jews” and believes that the Jews are using a giant secret space laser to set forest fires in California every year.

The entire mainstream media took their marching orders from Soros and ran with that fake narrative. Brit Hume went on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News this week and called Congresswoman Greene a “loony” – twice! She’s a “real problem” for the Republicans because of all the “crazy stuff” she believes. This is what happens when our modern Fake News media runs away with a narrative, without bothering to check the receipts.

Notice the timeline: Greene ran for Congress in 2020. The Big Tech companies censored her social media channels and scrubbed everything that she wrote in past postings. Then, Soros sends out his little minions at Media Matters to smear Greene, writing “news articles” claiming that she had posted all sorts of dangerous, crazy, anti-Semitic things on social media. The rest of the media then takes Media Matters at its word (Why wouldn’t you? Or are you an anti-Semite who hates George Soros, too?!) and never bothers to actually go back and check to see what Greene wrote in her own words. Can we actually see what she wrote, so we can judge for ourselves? Well, no. It’s too dangerous for you!

Since I’m one of the last dinosaurs in America who remembers how this whole “journalism” thing is supposed to work, I checked the receipts for myself. What follows is the post that Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote on Facebook on November 17, 2018. This is what Facebook censored and what George Soros’ minions claimed prove that Greene is a crazy conspiracy theorist who believes in a giant secret Jewish space laser:

“As there are no over 70 people confirmed dead and over 1,000 missing, the fires in CA are a horrific tragedy. I’m praying for all involved!

“I’m posting this in speculation because there are too many coincidences to ignore, and just putting it all out there from some research I’ve done stemming from my curiosity over PG&E stocks, which tanked all week then rallied night after CA official announced they would not let PG&E fail. I find it very interesting that Roger Kimmel on the board of directors of PG&E is also Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc, international investment banking firm.

“I also find interesting the long history of financial contributions that PG&E has made to Jerry Brown over the years and millions spent in lobbying. What a coincidence it must be that Gov Brown signed a bill in Sept of 2018, protecting PG&E and allowing PG&E to pass off its cost of fire responsibility to its customers through rate hikes, and through bonds. It also must be just a coincidence that the fires are burning in the same projected areas that the $77 billion dollar High Speed Rail Project is to be built, which also happens to be Gov Brown’s pet project. And what are the odds that [Sen. Dianne] Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum is the contractor to the rail project! Geez with that much money, we could build 3 US southern border walls.

“Then oddly there are all those people who have said they saw what looked like lasers or blue beams of light causing the fires, and pictures and videos. I don’t know anything about that but I do find it really curious PG&E’s partnership with Solaren on space solar generators starting in 2009. They announced the launch into space in March of 2018, and maybe even put them up before that. Space solar generators collect the suns energy and then beam it back to Earth to a transmitter to convert to electricity. The idea is clean energy to replace coal and oil.

“If they are beaming the suns energy back to Earth, I’m sure they wouldn’t ever miss a transmitter receiving station right??!! I mean mistakes are never made when anything new is invented. What would that look like anyway? A laser beam or light beam coming down to Earth I guess. Could that cause a fire? Hmmm I don’t know. I hope not!

“That wouldn’t look so good for PG&E, Rothschild Inc, Solaren or Jerry Brown who sure does seem fond of PG&E. Good thing for Solaren that Michael Peevey is on their board since he is former President of California Public Utilities Commission, California’s most powerful energy regulatory agency. Great connections right there!

“Also I will say whoever was able to buy that PG&E stock at the bottom before that announcement was made when stocks rallied sure did well on their investment. I wonder how you get privy to kind of info? [Thinking emoji] You must have to know somebody right? Seems like there’s a lot of connected people in this crowd. And with these space solar generators, I really hope they have very good aim beaming the suns power down to Earth…

“But what do I know? I just like to read a lot. [Shrugging emoji].”

End quote.

That’s the post that George Soros’ Media Matters used to claim that Marjorie Taylor Greene believes in secret Jewish space lasers burning down the forests. Therefore, she’s a dangerous anti-Semite who probably wants to help Trump restart the ovens at Auschwitz.

She mentions the blue beams of light that we all saw on YouTube back when the 2018 fires took place. She found those videos “odd.” She wrote that she “doesn’t know anything” about how Solaren/PG&E’s brand-new space laser technology (which is very real, although not very effective). And she says she hopes an accident with that new technology doesn’t start a fire. Some conspiracy theorist!

It’s also kind of weird that she never uses the terms “Jewish” or “the Jews” in this post which is being used to smear her as an anti-Semite. Huh.

I do know a little bit about lasers starting fires, however, since I know someone who once burned down a foreign embassy with a laser. (In fairness, the laser was being tested as a listening device. Total accident. The idea was to bounce the laser off a window in the embassy and then back to a receiver, so that the spooks could listen to the audio of any conversations happening in the room. Way more convenient than planting a physical bug in someone’s office. But the laser was calibrated too powerfully, so instead it melted a hole in the window and set the building on fire. So, lasers really do set fires sometimes when you’re testing new technology! Oh, and, um… sorry about that, Mr. Yeltsin! At least no one was hurt!)

She does raise another good point. California’s High Speed Rail boondoggle was facing years and years of stalls and red tape due to environmental impact statements and other regulations. It sure would be convenient if a natural disaster were to wipe out the forest in the exact location where former Governor Brown wanted to build the rail. A disaster, like, say, oh I don’t know… a big forest fire.

The real reason they’re mad at her, obviously, is because she was connecting the dots about the incestuous relationship between Democrat politicians and their donor companies, and the way that they play a rigged game in the stock market that you’re obviously not invited to participate in.

That must have hit a little bit too close to home for a certain someone, since he has now turned the entire energy of his empire toward destroying Marjorie Taylor Greene. I really hope that she can withstand the storm that is coming her way, now that they are moving to boot a firm America First Trump supporter out of Congress.

If you’d like to send her a word of encouragement by email, you can do so HERE.

Oh, and by the way, there was ONE person we know of who bought an undisclosed amount of PG&E stock in August of 2018, right as the company’s value was tanking due to yet another massive deadly forest fire that the company admitted it caused. Can you guess who that one person was?

Go on! Guess!

But you have to make your guess before you click this LINK.

And… now you know who Marjorie Taylor Greene really ticked off.

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67 thoughts on “Soros Successfully Kicks Trump-Supporting Congresswoman Off Committees”

    1. All those that are evil and have wicked agenda’s should be put in a cave and closed off for a month and see how they tear each other apart. Also let them feel what it’s like without being able to go out to dinner, see a movie or have a drink with a friend, spend time with family they locked down so many. They should have no communication with the outside world including the fake news media and social media. Put a hidden camera in the cave and see how they turn on each other and how the truth of who they are is exposed. That would be the Devil and it’s cult. When you lie, steal and are corrupt to get to the top eventually you will have to pass those you did wrong to on the way down.
      KARMA IS FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Soros will never be ‘touched’ legally ! He e is protected by his own framework built thru the years – since his failure to conquer Hungary ‘n others failed – they kicked him out! – he learned his lesson well – NOW he is about to succeed ! In 2018 – I making a speech- he4 said” I” I live only to see the destruction of the United States”// “. The Democrats have given him his wish! Pres Jack Kennedy is turning in his grave – A Democrat that loved. T country more than life – the last time I voted a Democratic ticket,,,,

        1. Soros – a Jew- – after he load his parents onto a Tran going to the Gas Chambers– he had been ‘’taken over ‘ (about 11 yrs old-by a member high up in Hitlers army- after he loaded s parents ‘on the train ‘n it took. off he helped h is ‘mentors raid Jewish homes of. their treasures left behind- He is a VERY WEALTHY MAN ! He is related -by marriage – to Pelosi and Gov Newsom – – I’ve wondered how much of that was ‘arranged’ as an entrance’ to our gov?

      2. Soros should be band from any influence in Politics and that goes for all the tec heroes that want a
        “One tier World”
        The Socialists need to leave this country and go to a Socialist
        country that will have these
        Educated idiots that do not respect our Constitution.
        Doesn’t matter if they are U S CITIZENS. These Billionaires
        figure that they should be able to dictate how things go.
        Politicians have a two track mind
        Get as much money for “me”
        and sell out their position to the highest bidder.

    2. Please keep up your efforts to show the world the scum that represents the political elite. Do not let the bastards intimidate you.

      Hugh W. Greene, Jr.
      Maineville, Ohio

  1. Good for Marjorie Greene for pointing out all the coincidences. The DemoRats are the most evil with their President George Soros. I’M sorry they went after her but any Trump supporter is open season. How did she ever slip through the cracks of this illegal voting debacle that happen in Georgia. I guess they were too busy allowing underage and dead voters to be counted for Joe and the Hoe!

    1. All you have to do is take one look at the faces of EVIL in biden’s cabinet. Ministers need to open their mouths at the pulpit and denounce the heathens running the USA. I pray daily that the anti-Constitution politicians in Congress and elsewhere, their corrupt heathen financiers, and their corrupt heathen buddies in big media and big tech all suffer famine and ruin for the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD… (“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth…”)

      1. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment! Know this, that one day, and I surely HOPE that it’s SOON, they will ALL suffer at the hands of Almighty God who will punish those that call evil good, and good evil. I feel sorry for them, really, for they WILL suffer a fate FAR MORE horrible than what they are putting this country through. Maybe they will repent during the coming Tribulation, something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies! Soros and all the corrupt ones in Washington reminds me of a scripture, “For we wrestle NOT against ‘flesh and blood’, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the DARKNESS of this world, against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand!” Ephesians 6:12 KJV
        It is Satan the devil and his demons that are ruling this nation. They are in these evil peoples minds. For THEY KNOW time is short and they will see their fate. At the 2nd Return of Christ, he will put Satan in chains for 1000 years! In the 2nd resurrection the corrupt socialists will be judged and what they have and will do to America, God’s chosen people. But, It will take God and Christ to rid them of their sins. God speed that day!

      2. A think about.
        Mere mortals choose Men and Women, some, with darkness in their hearts to hold positions as Supreme Judges in the name of God. Albeit the mechanics and trued laws are founded in World Religious beliefs. The base for judgements and selection processes are established by Founding Fathers, unfortunately some mortal’s minds plainly are in darkness, consumed with evil and malice. How must God look at this?
        There is but one True Judge, Our God!
        Astronomers named constellations and star patterns by connecting mere glowing dots in the sky – the Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt, The North Star and on and on, some even Biblically professed. Yet Astronomers were not cast down for their thought and proclamations. However, today a mere mortal or groups of mortals with evil, unholy , malice in thought is able to attack, punish and cast down one who when following ‘fact’ patterns (visible to all), connects ‘the action dots’ and merely states their thoughts of their confluence – is not only cast aside but also punished, by those with dissimilar or even evil thoughts.
        Powerful evil mortals can blind truth but not God.
        That reckoning will be swift and judgement profound by our true God.

    2. God for bid, we the people “THINK”…The Demonrats must stop that. Soon there will be a law doing so, so they won’t need to censor us.


    1. Any Trump supporters will be shut, I never was in to politics but this pandemic had made me pay attention.. Demoncrat is nothing but a bully..SOROS fled his own country for being communist.. now he knows how to take over a country.. there is two things happen in life experience, when you come from bad or good situation you become better or worst . SOROS chose the worst.In this world he use his money to over power everyone.. but it will not buy his way to heaven..he sold his soul to SATAN.. GOD bless us all and the whole world

      1. Soros never knew Christ. He is playing into the hands of Satan the devil. There is a very RUDE awakening that awaits Soros, and all those that follow in Satan’s path. The Great and dreadful Day of The Lord WILL COME after the Great Tribulation! Matthew 24:21 Unless you are protected from this day, nothing will survive it. It will be God’s Righteous Anger that will defeat all those that oppose Him at the Battle of Armageddon! He will defeat those that oppose Him. From the way things are heading in this nation, from what the prophecy and scriptures say, we are NOT too far from the end. God speed that day!

      1. Actually, the only way he will escape Hell is if he turns his life over to the one who created it, become a Christian, saved only by grace , not by works. People often misquote a Bible verse saying money is the root of all evil. That is incorrect. It is “the love of money” is the root of all evil. Soros has to give up the love of his money and use it for good and not evil. I think he might have a problem there.

  2. Although he was working with the other side during the war, making his first money by pulling gold out of the teeth of his fellow Budapest Jews, archvillain Soros soon enough got in with the communists and saw the postwar Hungarian takeover up close. Crucial to this and all other communist revolutions was the systematic removal of noncommunists from what was initially a coalition government, followed by the expulsion of noncommunist members from the parliament and finally the banning of the opposition parties and establishment of a one-party state. The American affiliate of the Chinese Communist Party is doing just that, and in 48 hours will try another Stalinist trick, the trial of the “defeated” presidential candidate for treason. The American people, their economy ruined and their spirit broken by another Soros project, the release of the virus from the biological warfare laboratory that Xiden and his mongrel mentor paid for, has left far too many unable to tell tyranny when they are looking it in the face. Down with the dictatorship! Biden delendum est!

  3. individuals who are deceitful do not like to be exposed. especially when it involves making lots of money and can control others. I spent 50 yrs in law enforcement and uncovered a lot of deceit. in all levels of government and private enterprise. and as a court deputy listening to hours of court testimony on all type,s of trials. there is a world of deception . in all kinds of dealings. AND SOROS got caught.

  4. Marjorie Green,
    Please keep fighting for the American people. The Republicans that voted against you need to be out of office.

    1. Marjorie Green I pray God will come and protect you from the evil vile people that are going to try and take you down just because you stand up for the American People and Our Country. It might be more than anyone can take. I don’t understand How Our Great President Trump handled it for 5 long years! But he did for us! I’m so sorry that the Republicans have shown No backbone and let the Democrats do still to you! I wish there was something we the American people could do to stand up for you but as you can see We The People have No say any more thanks to the rigged election and George Soros! All I can do is say Thank you for all that you have done and Pray for God to help and protect you!!!! If I can do more for you Please let me know! I Will stand behind you in anyway I can, I live in Georgia!!!

    2. I agree!! We need more politicians like her. As Albert Einstein quoted ” it will not be the evil that will destroy the world; it will be those that stand back and watch and do nothing”. I hope this will give some other Republicans a little courage. Soros is out to destroy America so I am praying that Americans don’t let him.

    1. Marjorie Green
      God is behind you don’t give up!!you are much appreciated. God will take care of all that evil. Just keep up the good work The American people are behind you!! Remember good always prevails!!

  5. Who gave george soros so much control over the politics in our country? george said that the greatest achievement of his life will be the destruction of our country. So why is he allowed to pursue his goal and not deported?

  6. I love Marjorie Taylor Greene! She and Loeffler are a breath of fresh air to the Republican side of the house. I can already see that these 2 are fighters, something the Republicans aren’t! If they were, the lying Shiff, Pelosi and spy-loving liar “Eric Swallow-well” would have been gone way before now. You have to fight these anti-Americans that are only there to destroy this country. Why have you alway’s tried to appease them? They are snakes in the grass. Go after those Muslim pieces of garbage and that lying communist that thought she was in the Capitol on 6 January? She was probably on the tarmac with Hillary and Chelsea when the gunfire erupted, or with the lying Biden when he was fired at!

  7. It is hysterical that an individual can own a party that is suppose to represent their individual states and the people of their state. It is time for all those who were involve to remember that they are not to sell their votes to a higher bidder. If you believe what you did was honestly than carry yourself back to the oath that you had taken. The last point is to you represent the people who trusted you or have you lifted yourselves up on a altar declaring yourselves to represent he who bought you and not He who made you.

  8. This whole post should be read in front of Congress and see how many of those phonies dispute it……no balls, follow the leader…… justice, the end game is how much money they can make for themselves, and piss on the truth.

  9. Well I’m going to say some things that are not nice so prepare yourself. First item is that asshole George Sorrows that COMMUNIST PIECE OF SHIT should have no say so over anything that has to do with our Government. Republicans need to grow a pair and go after that BITCH Nancy Pelosi and have her recalled and removed as Speaker of the house. There’s too many of those DUMBOCRATS that are all guilty of in sighting RIOTS and more than once admitted their guilt live to the media, WHY is nothing being done about that ?. Okay folks the main objective I’m after here is eject each and every one of those COMMUNIST Democrats from our great country and take back the integrity of our nation.

    1. The vast majority of Americans today, lack the courage, will and interest to rise up in rebellion. How many times have we heard the members of the different “Patriot” groups spout off about how they are defenders of the Constitution? How many times have seen them show up at rallies waving the flag and their guns in the air? And what has been the result, NOTHING!. They have turned out to be nothing more than showoff macho men, all talk and no action. What good does it do to possess firearms and regurgitate the slogan; “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS”, if they aren’t going to use them when needed to save the nation from those in Washington, DC who are committing HIGH TREASON? If they aren’t going to act like the patriots they claim to be, then that is where their guns belong; “IN THEIR COLD DEAD HANDS”, for all the good they are doing.

  10. Wow, of course the above “what if’s” will most likely be suppressed and not stand much of a chance to see the light of day…and the “BIG DARK MONEY MECHANISM” continues to flourish, stifle, confuse, and squelch the real truth…too many coincidences and way too much greed for just “oh well, SH-T HAPPENS”

  11. we need a lot moew strong women in the republican party like rep m Greene that has the strength and ball to speak up and defend president trump and herself against the kkk socialist lieing democrates that want to destroy america and the american people that believe in America, Freedom the Constitution , God and the American Flag. and President trump. pres, Trump greatest pre, ever.
    The democrates in congress are getting rich in congress dealing with lobbist and communist countries while they look down on the American people, laugh , take our money and jobs. it is time for the american people to stand up against big tech abdelites and democrates. vote dems out an stop using big tech unless you absolutely have to. hurt big tech in their pocket book and they might not feel so big ,,, if you don< stand up they will destroy america you and your children.

  12. EVERY house & senate republican or even pretend republican better go intp ‘full scale” rebellion or you will lose every bit of influence,integrity and purpose that you may have ever had. It is WAY PAST DUE that you prove to the American citizens, that is if you you really do, care about what happens to this country. It is time to stop acting like a bunch of slave-like little minions and make some noise for a change even you rino traitors who are total PsOS !!!! That MF’er soros should have ZERO influence and ZERO say in what happens to this country — time to rid this country of that communist c*** !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Seeing that Soros is a naturalized citizen, how come, due to all of his anti-American activities and statements, hasn’t he been stripped of his citizenship and deported the hell out of this country, along with all the rest of the naturalized citizen traitors, such as Ilhan Omar?

  14. You go girl -we are all rooting for you. Thank God you have the reserve to stand up to these crooks and connivers!! Stay safe Wish there were a few more intelligent and wiser people like you !

  15. Sorors is the anti Christ, he is pulling all the strings, telling the news what to say. We need to wake up, Our government is not as it was,

  16. Marjorie Green congress has become a corrupt and dark place, but you are the light that the Lord has placed you continue to FIGHT! God is with you I’m praying for you

  17. Soros us nothing but an ass wipe that needs to be taken out behind the barn and have the stuffing kicked out of him no one voted for him for anything and he needs to keep his worthless thoughts to himself

  18. The Soros/Gates cartel is in control of America. They have their stooge Obuma shoving and pushing their communist platform. America is in big trouble and guess what? The commie democrat mob that supported the overthrow of America as a Republic will be the first to be enslaved into servitude. Wake up America, this country is falling fast.

  19. I am very proud of you. Please do not back down. The American people need to know just how evil and one-sided our government officials are. Our President Trump exposed those and they are so scared of him. I have learned more in 4 years about what has been going on in our govrnment for decades. I’m a Republican, but ashamed of some of the so-called Republicans in office. On both sides I think there are wolves in sheep’s clothing (like both Bushes). People need to wake up and pay attention to the double standard going on in our system. Republicans need to fight back instead of standing down as they have for decades. There is no Democratic party, it’s the Communist Party. I have distanced myself from anyone I know who are liberals, because they have put my children and grandchildren in what most likely will become a communist country. That’s not ok with me. NOT voting for President Trump because of his tweets, he’s not presidential, or he’s too rough around the edges and talks like most Americans is absolutely SHAMEFUL. IT’S ISSUES NOT THE PERSON. Now look who we’ve got! Someone who doesn’t know how to tweet, a person who isn’t presidential, can’t remember his speeches without a teleprompter, and definitely doesn’t relate to 74 M American people, if not more, and so boring. He is anti-American and NOT a moderate. He is in the arms of the far left progressive communist party. Our country is in BIG trouble. I hope people are watching who does what and we can regain the House in 2022. President Trump was the greatest President of all times. He just wasn’t going to commit to the swamp and they just couldn’t have that. If the Dems think their party is the same party that was back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, you’ve been sleeping at the wheel. They aren’t for America; they are for lining their pockets and lying and using the blacks, illegal immigrants, and yellow dog Democrats for their votes. I want to vote for people that have a conscious, and are
    leaders to gather others to stand tall and buck the democrates when need be. Soros made his fortune in the American market and now he wants to destroy it. Stand tall Rep Green and follow your heart and principles. I’m a Texan and thank you for being who you are and your service to your state.

  20. Soros runs Antifa with his left hand man Obama, & now the Dem. party, have you ever read how many other countries he has ruined, many! Maybe we should start looking at ourselves for being so stupid & thinking this would never happen to us & then bury out heads in the sand because we do not want to get involved. I talked to someone the other day he thought Biden was doing a great job & what is so bad with Socialism, I guess the look on my face made him think I did not agree or was going to vomit, then he said to enforce his statement I’ve always voted Democratic & my parents & grandparents did also so if it was good enough for them. I walked away shaking my head, but realized most of us do what are parents told us to do. I thank God I had parents who taught me to think for myself, I have voted Dem & Rep in the same election. I see way to many people with the attitude life is all about me, could care less about their country, they usually say what has this country done for me. People wake up all the complaining in the world is not going to change things we need to start acting, call our Senators, Congress, Governors, Mayors & even Biden telling them this is not what we want, I don’t care what you say just tell them not to do what ever you think needs to be changed or done!! Call every day if possible! Nobody is reading this stuff except you & I, we all agree we have a huge problem! We need to get to the idiots in the government & keep calling until things change! Otherwise our grandchildren will have no idea what the United States of America stood for or what it was all about!!!! I just pray we are not to late!!


  22. I certainly hope this crap with the DEMOCRATS GIVING George Sorrass Dictatorial control of our GREAT COUNTRY doesn’t bring back April 19, 1775. In my mind what the Pelosi and her den of THIEVES has done letting that Asshole run our country IS THE GREATEST ACT OF TREASON ever committed by a very large group of our CRIMANLLY ELECTED OFFICIALS IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY. Just because that murdering S.O.B. wants an elected PERSON out of office the Queen of “UGLY” kisses his rusty butt and it’s done. I for one as a taxpayer and VET DEMAND a completer revote of the last Presidential election. Also this time it should be done on a paper ballot where the individual voter MUST put their signature and RIGHT thumb print on the Ballot. Also, if ANY infraction of the rules the party of the person or persons caught and declared GUILTY will FORFIT the election PERIOD< PERIOD Also those involved and found guilty shall be imprisoned a MINIMUM OF 20 YEARS, NO PAROL AND LOSS OF ALL PENSIONS AND ALL PERKS GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER REAL CITIZENS…. ( forget the bullshit that politicians are exempt ] I AM PISSED, Your 90+ old AMERICAN fart.



  25. Hey Green, I like what you say and I am behind you 100% and more. You and a few others seem to be the only true American representatives that are fighting for the American people. KEEP IT UP! As trump said the swamp is trying to ruin this country and don’t forget the swamp runs deep and on both sides. I wish I could do more for you and like most Americans we feel our party has no ba ls. We the citizens have no representation other than those like you who have the guts to make waves. God bless you and drive on.

  26. Soros and his affiliates need to be thoroughly investigated. Unfortunately, there is no neutral third party able to do this. To go to the UN is to back-door Soros into the decision making and concede US Sovereign Rights to a less-than-dependable source, the UN. A peripheral review of Job 9:33 implies that outside of God, Himself, there is no impartial (i.e. ‘respecter of persons’) Judge capable of rendering a fair decision. The vehemency of the Left, Liberal Movement (in our country and others) concerning, and against, the acceptance of an absolute Right and Wrong and the existence of an Absolute Arbiter must, by nature, limit us only to what must be considered ‘situational ethics’. While this may align itself rather comfortably with an fully evolutionary concept that reduces us to mere consequences of an impartial, ongoing and natural process (which, as an aside, also ignores us as ‘natural’ contributors to our overall environment -but that is another issue that needs to be one day reconciled with those issues addressing ‘global warming’). I only bring this up to further emphasize the inconsistency (indeed, the intentional, deceptive implementation of variant ideologies in order to achieve the overall, desired result of civilian submission to any governmental directive.

    Too often we have scrutinized organizations, governments and movements while paying little heed to the Movers and Shapers of those constituencies. And, make no mistake, they truly are constituencies even if they are not directly involved with our political processes, and their Leaders truly are ‘Leaders’ in every definitive sense of the word. While their actual activity may be insulated by whatever layers are available (political, financial or under-the-table i.e. conspiratorial) these leaders somehow remain outside the reach of any countries jurisprudence.

    Meaning no disrespect to Marjorie Taylor Green, she is only an obstructive cog in an ongoing stratagem to push this country into a totally Socialistic form of government. It must be admitted that the United States is not the End-all of Earthly Rule. Indeed, we have made many mistakes in our past, and these mistakes need to be addressed and rectified justly, not simply arbitrarily.

    I sincerely doubt my comment will be allowed, much less considered. But to unify this country, this Nation based on a Grand Idea yet still flawed due to compromises sincerely but erroneously made, we need to consider all aspects of where we want to go, address all aspects of who we actually are. We simply MUST unite as people, as Americans, as Americans of various physiological differences but with a singular American Soul.

    Scripture has shown that all Nations possess a Spirit that exemplifies their internal beliefs, and Scripture has recorded that all will be restore to the glory that was originally intended to be theirs.

    Any movement, ANY MOVEMENT, that diverts us from this goal is counterindicative and needs to be reviewed as such. If we are to walk, rather than be dragged, into the Kingdom of Heaven, then we must all accept and embrace the fact that John 3:16 is all inclusive: WHOMOEVER embraces all Humanity, all ‘alleged’ races and all colors. We ignore this promise at our own risk.

    My prayer is that we understand, by God’s grace, what is His concept of reality, George Soros notwithstanding. And Rep. Marlorie Green should be reinstated to her Committee posts, with an appropriate apology from The House. The apology, of course, is optional as long as she is officially reinstated. Otherwise, a suit should be filed against the DNC for exceeding their authority in allowing such a thing to happen. Fines and sanctions would also be nice, but as I am no legal expert, Ican only hope that those with appropriate expertise will pursue any legal avenues available to ensure such flagrant abuse of governmental power will be better scrutinized in any future, similar cases.

    1. Joan
      I stand with you Marjorie Greene. Keep up the fight. Do not let them get to you. I hope and pray your Impeachment of now Illegal President Biden takes wings and gets him. And his VP. The Dems are so Corrupt.
      George Soros needs to be Banned from America and sent to Syberia. I mean it.

  27. Soro,s is running the show . Soros tells Pelosi, Shumer , Biden Harris what to do and how to do it. He has them all bought and paid for. The Democrats are selling out this country.

  28. I don’t even know how that lard-butt goon Soros has managed to stay in this country and gained this much power! The bozo SHOULD have been deported years ago!

  29. Republicans have called for those Democrats to be removed from committee assignments, but none of them have been removed.

    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) lied to the American people for years by claiming that he personally had evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election. Rep. Adam Swalwell (D-CA) was compromised by an enemy government when he was dumb and desperate enough to sleep with a hostile foreign spy. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her own brother to violate US immigration laws and probably to commit student loan fraud.


  30. George Soros has the least right Of all the people in this world to call someone else anti-semitic, even though he is Jewish himself. Considering what he did to his own people during the war he should keep his mouth shut and hope no one remembers.


  32. George Soros nor anyone else will live on earth forever and I suspect that Soros does not have much longer. In stead of trying to help the Democrats destroy the USA, he needs to be preparing to meet Jesus.

  33. Thanks for fighting the good fight to expose corruption in our Govt and hold people accountable! Stay the course! You will prevail!

  34. Excellent article. Thanks for the info.

    I lived in CA at that time, and indeed saw the various videos of some very suspicious stuff regarding those fires, with homes and cars massively destroyed but the trees around untouched, and including the vids of blue beams flashing down. It certainly seemed to me like a human operation. Good for MTG for attempting to put some pieces of the picture together. As for calling someone ‘anti-Semitic’ just for pointing out some of the activities of the likes of the Rothschilds, that is bollocks, simply propaganda. No one is, or should be, above criticism. End of story.


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