Stunning: Bill Barr Issued Stand-Down Order to US Attorneys in November

How many times has President Donald Trump made a statement that was universally mocked and ridiculed as a “conspiracy theory” by his enemies, only to have it turn out to be completely true later? Too many times to count, right? A few months ago, Trump asked a very pointed question as to whether US Attorney John Durham is actually a real person. Do you think Trump knows something? Maybe Durham’s not a real person. We’ve never heard the guy speak, and we’ve only ever seen the same two photographs of “Durham” on the internet.

Here’s something else from the Justice Department that we now know was completely fake: Bill Barr’s stint as US Attorney General.

Quick! Name Bill Barr’s three most significant accomplishments during the 22 months he spent as Attorney General!

We’ll wait…

Actually, we won’t wait, because most people would be hard-pressed to even name one significant accomplishment of Barr’s.

He didn’t indict a single one of the planners and co-conspirators who carried out the Russia hoax. Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, Page, Obama, Biden and others committed an actual insurrection against America by perpetrating the Russia hoax – and Bill Barr never did anything about it. One low-level attorney got probation for falsifying information on a FISA application. Barr let the rest of them walk free.


Does anyone really believe the alleged “Durham Report” is going to come out one of these days and finally lead to indictments over the Russia hoax?

Bill Barr allowed FBI Director Christopher Wray to run around all last year claiming that Antifa is an “idea.” Meanwhile, very real Antifa members were burning down buildings all across the country, assassinating Trump supporters in sophisticated hit jobs, and punching little old ladies in wheelchairs for attending Republican fundraising dinners. Bill Barr didn’t put a single Antifa cell leader or financier in jail for very real crimes against the United States. The same goes for the leaders of Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party’s other domestic terrorism group.

It was literally Bill Barr’s job to stop racial discrimination in the federal government, and yet “Critical Race Theory” oozed its way into every federal department and agency, and the US military, right under Barr’s nose. Maybe he was having a nice nap under a shade tree out back after eating too many PB&J sandwiches, but that was a pretty big thing for a supposedly sharp Attorney General to miss.

Which brings us to the latest revelation about Bill Barr sitting around like a big fat lump of goo and not doing his job. This comes by way of President Trump, who publicly released a letter that he received in June from the US Attorney in Pennsylvania, a patriot named William McSwain.

McSwain first reminded President Trump of the fact that Pennsylvania’s state Attorney General Josh Shapiro declared – just days before the 2020 election – that Donald Trump “could not win.” This was a brazenly partisan statement from a public official who is supposed to be non-partisan when carrying out their duties, obviously.

After the election, McSwain says that his office was flooded with reports of election fraud and irregularities. McSwain wanted permission to investigate those fraud claims, so he asked his boss (Bill Barr) for permission. McSwain writes:

“Attorney General Barr, however, instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities. I was also given a directive to pass along serious allegations to the State Attorney General for investigation — the same State Attorney General who had already declared that you could not win.”

Barr most likely gave that same stand-down order to every US Attorney in the country who asked permission to investigate election fraud. And then Bill Barr turned around to the American people and told us he had seen “no evidence of fraud.”

I guess it’s easier when you don’t bother to look in the first place and forbid your underlings from investigating all of the fraud claims they’ve received. Hopefully this letter from the US Attorney in Pennsylvania will give that state’s Senators the boost of confidence they may need to actually carry out a forensic audit of the 2020 election. And good for McSwain for speaking out!

Bill Barr really did sit around like a lump for two years while doing nothing.

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47 thoughts on “Stunning: Bill Barr Issued Stand-Down Order to US Attorneys in November”

    1. Why is this now not being coming out to the American people and being handled in legal was and being arrested and charged. Do we have no one that is honest and cares for our country. A bunch of crooks.


    3. Absolutely! How sad ! So many people placed their love of power ‘n money over ‘n above Honor ‘n love of Country! Our country has been given to China by Soros ‘n hilary ! We are accepting a life worse than Communism – this will be nothing we have seen before,,, a 2 class, cashless society, without ANY personal ownership- ‘they’ have already disbanded personal business ownership- ‘n killing off thousands with China’s COVID ,,, Will taking over ‘ur children be next? Or ‘ur homes ? I guess they already have the children – as children assume their parents know nothing,,, ah, well, what happened to our Military ‘n our Constitution? I’m sure Barr did his part in getting rid of the most valuable President – “ Pres. Trump” who was not afraid to fight back,,,,, how sad! WE gave up without a fight! Guess the ‘enemy’ knew we would -but they were prepared- how sad- a Civil war won’t do it this time!,,,,,,

      1. Don’t despair! President Trump is STILL working behind the scenes.
        What’s happening is worldwide, and alliances have been formed with other world leaders. We will all be getting the whole story soon. It’s been a huge mission, nearly completed. Listen to X22reportdotcom for relevant info
        We are almost to the finish line……

    4. bring out the DURHAM REPORT and have Durham read it and take questions. where is the media on this? if not the regular media how about NEWSMAXS, FOX NEWS, OR ONE AMERIA NEWS look into this.

  1. He never stepped in to help the situation in the courts with Flynn either. President Trump had to pardon him along with Stone. And others. There is a warm place for Barr in the future.

    1. Trump will return as President and should put charges against Barr and put him in Jail. Scumbags have no good in their bodies, he’s a scumbag lawyer, like most Law Enforcement Lawyers. Hope he chokes and goes to hell.

  2. Who appointed Barr to the post? Who recommended him for the job? Who was it that voted to approve his posting?

    Hmmmm ….. seems to me Barr was an inside job of both the GOP and Donald Trump. He didn’t just walk in off the street one day, sit down in that Big Office and start dictating Liberal policy. He was PLACED in that office by the Trump administration and the GOP.

    Now, author of this article, go back and rewrite it to reflect that little tid-bit of information.

    You still think Trump was god and the GOP is on your side? Trump named his own assassin and the GOP provided the ammunition.

    1. He believed that Barr was honest. Are you forgetting that Trump was NEVER part of the swamp so he did not have the insider information that the Swamp creatures have. He was an outsider and still is and believed that Barr would do his job as an American that LOVED his country not as part of the Swamp. Have you not ever made a mistake. Trump loves our country and the left only want power over we, the Americans that love our country. They are out to destroy us. Just look at what is happening even on TV ads. We people that fought for America are now being prejudiced against for our love of our country. If you do not love America then leave and go where you fit in. Stop trying to take our freedom and America away from we, the people, that love and fought for our country.

      1. Kind’’a like those two he spoke for to the Supreme Court – I still believe Hilary has led the Parade! — Hatred like hers lives on forever!,,,, she – along with all those traitors -both Dems ‘n GOP! Has chosen power over the Constitution ‘n Country,,, they believe they will live forever!

      2. Sorry, not buying it. Trump and the GOP had 4 years in power to do something useful. Instead of draining the swamp it got deeper and full of bigger alligators. Instead of addressing election fraud they IGNORED it.

        So here we are. Washington, DC is now the District of Communism and NOBODY did a thing to change that. Now the US government openly and completely ignores the established laws and does whatever it wants to clamp down even more control.


        1. Trump had a lot of people in his party fighting him. It’s a crying shame that the American workers have are slaves to the government and their massive handouts.

      3. President Trump had some lousy advisers that led him to believe barr would be a good candidate for the job, Those that advised the President to put benedict barr in this position should have to answer for their decision.

      4. President Trump relied on advice from others like he would have in business.
        Lesson learned.
        He will be back well before 2024, and he never forgets……

  3. It’s sad that there are so many down right dirty swamp rats in our government, no wonder the American people get screwed all the time. Barr will go down in history, as one of the dirtiest,low=down, AGs of all time, even worse than mr. magoo sessions, no wonder Trump had such a hard time getting things done.

  4. Bill Barr didn’t just betray Trump in the last days, he did from the beginning, Trump should have stayed with Whitaker.

  5. I remember when barr was appointed by President Trump, he was touted as an honest conservative and we all had a good feeling about him. Trump also appointed wray. What we found out the hard way was they were BOTH deep state snakes that turned on their country. They don’t care about collateral damage as long as they can screw the conservatives.

  6. Trump received some very bad advice and made some bad decisions on who to appoint and who was not corrupt. Some of these appointees were bad decisions on Trump’s part and some on his advisors but none the less — who ever thought the swamp of dirtbags ran so deep in our government. Trump learned too late NOT to trust anyone. barr, wray are both swamp dirtbags who worked and is working still to oust Trump and keep him out. There needs to be people going to Gitmo but that won’t happen until the 2020 fiasco is overturned and Trump is reinstalled in the Oval Office.

    1. Trump came from where we came from – not from Washington – He had a lot to learn about all those he could ‘n couldn’t Trust! ,, he really thought he would make changes in a second term ! They fooled him! !

  7. I haven’t forgot how people scoffed at me when I kept saying Bill Barr is Deep State. Just like so many things, what more proof does anyone actually need to know about the sheer corruption of our government and it’s criminal alphabet agencies? We need a bunch of new Super Max prisons to hold ALL the government criminals in the federal and state criminal organizations that are massive and didn’t just start with Trump! He exposed them to We The People. That’s exactly why these gargantuan governmental criminal organizations were after him 24/7 and still are…

  8. America needs to stand up and demand Justice. They need to put Donald Trump back in office he won the election if the Supreme Court judges will not do it the military needs to step in and do their job it was andirrefutably a stolen election. What’s Trump gets in, he knows what needs to be done, he now knows after going to the School of Hard Knocks who he can trust and who can not trust, and put this country back on the right track where it was heading before they stole the election.

    1. Can ‘u believe they ‘r changing our Flag ‘n our Anthem? This is what Obama ‘n big Mike said should be done when they were in office! If we don’t -can’t – get Trump back in office we ‘r d-e-a-d ! He is the only person alive that will fight for our Constitution to L I V E – yes, we have ‘some’ good people that ‘r fighting the Deep-state – However- they néed a Real Fighter! Trump’s family will fight along side of us but Trump will always be ou t there as our Leader- God bless him now ‘n forever -must be the Irish n him — Is there any doubt who is running things right now in OURWhite house. – never a doiubt – it is Obama! God help us! In six mo.s we will look like Africa!

  9. By his very actions, Bill Barr held a gun to our heads and pulled the trigger. He held us hostage to his criminal thoughts and actions. He helped the Deep State murder America. Don’t believe me? Just look around you. Listen to what is happening all over America. Barr helped BLM and ANTIFA destroy cities by his very actions. He made a fool out of Trump and Trump’s family. He made a fool out of us. I hope he ends up in prrison for his treason – for life!

    1. Just watched a video of Mark Levin. Sometimes we need to watch or listen to the BBC to find out what is going on here!

  10. Bill Barr is afraid of this cancel culture bull shit. Well fuck this cancel culture we need to turn the tables on these ass holes. They can’t cancel 80 million of us. Cortez and the rest of these fucked up bitches need to be shipped back to where ever they come from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Fumbling, Bumbling, Idiot Barr is Soros Bitch. Barr is a traitor to the USA & the people. He scammed the Justice
    system for his own gain. His new book deal funded by Soros will be full of lies, propaganda & bull shit. He was
    always part of the swamp. He was never a patriot & never for America First.

    1. What is the name of the book? thanks ! Soros financed Antifa ‘n BLM – along w/ ‘ our Gov’t . while Obam was in office,,, remembewhen Obama said he needed ‘his own’ “personal Army ? The American people would be shocked if they knew all Obama did against our country – even now! He is Pres. Right now – not Biden,,,, He can’t wait ‘til he can start loading the 3,000 camps he updated while he was in office (with ‘disobedient’ ’ American citizens). The Deep-state built them many yrs ago-yes- the NWO,,, ,

  12. The day Barr made the statement that “he had seen no evidence of election fraud” we were watching a news show and I turned to my wife and said………he hasn’t seen any evidence because he probably doesn’t want to see any evidence. The same was true for the SCOTUS, they just didn’t want to get into it. Now we know that was true.

  13. How do you combat every form of government that is owned by the Democrats. It makes me sick to see the changes to our government. There are so many that should be in jail but they don’t have to worry. The corrupt are backing up the corrupt. Be sure your sins will find you out and I can’t wait to see the end of lies and corruption.
    They will have to pay the piper one day and I hope it is soon.

    1. Sooner than most Americans think!
      Alot is going on that has not been disclosed. There is ONE shot to do what needs to be done. That is why we have had to endure 6 excruciating months of BS.
      Listen to X22reportdotcom,
      and AMGnews is another good site. We are almost to the finish line…..

  14. Trump will get even in a way that you won’t see it coming. He is good at what he does and when it comes to
    defending America and the truth he will not let up. For not having any political background (corrupt politicians) he did the best any president has in my life time and I am 65.

  15. I believe that LAW and ORDER will prevail in our country. Fraudsters such as Bill Barr, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Harris and other criminals will be tried by an honest people’s court and will never be released from prisons. And we will begin to treat our country for the terrible disease with which they have infected us.

  16. Yeah, yeah, yeah. yawwnn. Trump is a patriot, etc, etc.

    BUT FACE IT!!!!

    Trump appointed Barr. The GOP confirmed that appointment. Barr then went on to do exactly NOTHING about the Russia Hoax, the Deep State Swamp, Election Fraud and anything else he was ordered to ignore.


    NO. They did not. THAT says it all.

    We the People trusted that mass collection of SCUM and they repaid that trust by insuring that the Communists would “win” the next elections – forever!

    You can worship at the feet of Trump and the GOP that HATES him if you want. But I will “Put not my faith in Princes”. I’ll praise Trump when he deserves it. I’ll condemn him when he deserves that too!

    Bill Barr assassinated Trump and Trump put him in the position to do so.

    1. It is easy to assume that, but remember that DJT has had to hang back and allow them ALL to trap themselves. This has been happening over a long period of time. Painful, but
      necessary. Many times Trump could have said something regarding one person or another, but in order for Americans to realize the extent of the corruption and more, they had to SEE it in action.
      The mission is wrapping up,
      Justice is coming for ALL of em.

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