Surprise! Kamala Harris is a Nasty, Bitter Feminist Hag Who is No Fun to Work For

Well, I never! Who could have predicted that Kamala Harris is a caustic harridan who is totally not fun to work with! She seems like such a fun, down-to-earth person on camera. I, for one, am totally shocked at the multitude of reports coming out of the Vice President’s office claiming that it’s no fun at all to work for Kamala Harris.

I’m surprised that MSM outlets are openly saying that all of the loyal career bureaucrats serving Harris would almost rather commit ritual seppuku than show up at the office tomorrow, only to be treated like something that’s stuck in the seat of Jerrold Nadler’s trousers.

Just kidding! If you’ve been reading these pages for at least the last couple of years, then you already know exactly who and what Kamala Harris is. The thing that really surprises me is that so many mainstream media outlets are suddenly reporting on what a rhymes-with-witch Kamala Harris is to work for. She’s awful. And even loyal media lapdogs are starting to say it out loud.

To put it mildly, Democrat Party insiders are starting to express the fact that they… “have concerns”… about Kamala Harris’s temperament and ability to win over the hearts and minds of the people. And that’s not just because she is one of the worst off-the-cuff public speakers to grace the national stage in modern history. It’s because no one likes her or respects her.

Kamala Harris has her own staff in the VP office which is completely separate from Joe Biden’s staff. The situation has reportedly gotten so bad that the people in Biden’s office “are concerned about the way Harris’s staffers are treated.”

Ouch. I feel just… terrible for those folks.


One insider from Kamala Harris’s office told Politico that Kamala Harris’s office is “an abusive environment” to work in. Gasp!

That Kamala Harris staffer also notes that, “It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s**t.”

And by s**t, that insider obviously means like something that is stuck to the inside of Jerrold Nadler’s trousers.

How bad is it? Both Karly Satkowiak and Gabrielle DeFranceschi, the VP’s director and deputy director of advance, quit their jobs when it was time to arrange Kamala Harris’s travel arrangements prior to her to “trip to the southern border” which was actually a 93-days-late trip to El Paso. Their only job was to make Kamala Harris’s travel arrangements, but their lives were made so miserable by Kamala Harris that they both quit.

Keep in mind – these were not tough jobs. It’s not like Satkowiak and DeFranceschi were arguing with idiot clerks at a Delta Airlines ticket counter. They literally had a freakin’ plane called AIR FORCE TWO at their disposal. But Kamala Harris’s rhymes-with-witchy personality is just so awful to work with that they both walked away from their cushy, way-above-the-national-average salaries to get away from Kamala’s witchiness.

Look, I hate the fact that America has devolved into cult of personality politics. But it is what it is. It would be great if we could still elect leaders based on their policies and personal competency. Richard Nixon, for example, was wildly unlikeable and yet brutally competent. His reelection landslide in 1972 was the biggest in American history; he lost only Massachusetts and Washington, DC. Despite his lack of personal mojo, the American people back then knew that Nixon was effectively getting the troops out of Vietnam, so they supported him to an incredible, never-before-or-since-seen level.

Funny story: My 98-pound grandmother once shook Nixon’s hand during the ’72 reelection campaign. She said it was absolutely gross. She had been born and raised and lived her whole life on western cattle ranches, so she was actually worried that she would accidentally break Nixon’s wimpy, wholly-unmasculine little girly hands. She said it was like gripping a disgusting sweaty noodle. And yet she proudly voted for Nixon’s reelection, because he had proven himself to be competent and good at the job of being President of the United States.

Kamala Harris has no such competencies. For someone to be elected to the office of the presidency or the vice presidency in the modern age, they need to actually have likeable personalities. She lacks that as well. She can’t even fake it. Despite all the coaching from political consultants and public speaking experts, she comes across as slightly less fun than Hillary Clinton to hang out with.

Kamala Harris has only had one skill when it comes to politics, and she hit the wall on that skill years ago. (And it’s not a skill that anyone will ever respect her for.) Sure, she was mildly attractive 30 years ago when California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown used to lead her around on a dog collar and leash at ritzy orgies, where he allegedly passed her around to Hollywood moguls and other major Democrat Party donors in California (according to the incredible Crazy Days and Nights blog).

But those days are long gone. If the Democrat Party is really planning to pull off their communist Woke-topia coup against America, they need either a likeable person or at least a competent person to “lead” it when Joe Biden gets sent to the glue factory. And Kamala Harris is neither one of those.

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48 thoughts on “Surprise! Kamala Harris is a Nasty, Bitter Feminist Hag Who is No Fun to Work For”

  1. I, for one, Have never thought that Mrs. Harris was ever attractive or likable. I think that she is a snake in the grass that would stab you in the back in a heart reached for her own personal gain. She is an utter joke as A vice president. She has no business holding that office.

    1. Harris IS a snake i the grass. She used her bottom to get to the tope and now at the top it is clear she is incompetent. i think even Brown knew that but liked the action.
      if they get rid of her the next 8 in line for the Dem throne are as useless.

      1. That is right. When someone is incompetent they try to hide it by being a tyrant. The Biden administration desperately wanted a brown woman. Now, she is there and she knows absolutely nothing about leading a country. Democrats successfully brainwashed Americans. They talked them into throwing their freedoms away and violating the Constitution along the way. What did they gain? Transvestites can go and piss all over the toilet seat in the women bathroom. Congratulations, you did it! Now, the whole world looks down on the US and Americans.

      2. Pelosi, Speaker of house, is 3rd in line. This could possibly be a setup, to get rid of jb, get rid of harris & voila. . .

    2. Amen. I cannot stand women that would place their little spikey stiletto heels all the way up your back to get what they want. Back stabbing slithery snakes. When public speeches come across as snide and bossy not pulling people into the issue.

    3. Not surprised. So WHO will replace Biden when they finally have to put him down????? Could be worse.

    4. To William L. Smith: Kamala Harris is neither competent nor attractive or the least bit likable on any level. But the most frightening issue of her seat as Vice-President is the fact that she is so low IQ. That combined with all those other deficiencies, well that is a big black negative for her entirely. As those that were speaking about Nixon and the fact that “he was not personally likeable” but was obviously quite brilliant and competent, so he got the votes. It is great if a leader of the USA can be likeable, but that’s not the MOST IMPORTANT item to be considered into the #1 slot for sure. But rather, it is their ability to do an excellent job and bring forth the positive and needed results for We the People. Kamala falls extremely short in all categories of someone to lead the USA…hell, I’m sure she could not effectively lead any group no matter how small or unimportant; thus having her in such a high ranking and important governing position just completely tops all of the IRRATIONAL and DANGEROUS levels for certain. As I’ve stated many many times regarding with is going on into the USA political environment now…well I have to believe that a vast number of countries all around our planet have to be laughing or just totally shocked and perplexed at both Biden and Harris along with the IN YOUR FACE FARCE of the 2020 POTUS election.

    5. She got where where is by spending time on her knees sucking or or her back. She is a whore and should not be in our government in any capacity.

    6. Mr. Smith,

      You are so right that she has no right holding that office (or any other one for that matter.) I can’t believe the video I saw of her that she posed for. It was not mine but she appeared rather compromised at that moment.
      She is a whore from the get-go and got where she is by dating prominent men in power. When we elect a vice president the candidate has to have government experience abroad. She does know her arm from her elbow but she made it this far. We are in trouble when she takes the Presidential seat. I hope I am deceased by that time.

  2. So, this absolutely INELIGIBLE VP who screwed her way to the top turns out to be entirely incapable of actually doing her job. Wow, what a surprise, not.

    So, what did the Democrat/Communists foist on us last November? A senile old man who is the laughing stock of the entire world and an incompetent, do-nothing, unlikable slut.

    Thanks Democrats! Truly wish we could arrange it so that both of them RULED over just you but you ignorant, power drunk FOOLS dumped them on the entire country.

    Don’t you all just LOVE being RULED from China??

    1. I agree with you 200%. We had the greatest President ever in Donald Trump and a serious, very vice presidential, Vice President in Mike Pence but the Democrats could not control them so they cheated their way into the White House and now we’re stuck with a feeble, old fool for President and a harlot and giggling dope for a Vice President. Leave it to the Democrats to pick puppets they can control instead of competent , smart candidates who love America to lead us!

    2. very well put I must say. the asswipe dems should have all these illegals they are letting in dumped right on their doorstep…….starting with bidens, obamas, soros, gates, newsoms, pelosis and harris’ doorsteps. let them take care of em. if enough people start rebuking their (the dems) b.s. we will be able to save our country, otherwise, like another man just stated – I hope if any of them continue controlling our country that i will be deceased and in the arms of the Lord by then. God help us all.

  3. I am really having a very hard time with the way our country is choosing to do things. I really feel that the media is the crux of it all. People can find what they want to watch and then believe it. It is alot of peoples opinion these days, not news. You really need to do your homework if you want to find out what is truly going on in this country. As for what is going on with the Democratic party, it is only a matter of time for the truth to come out. It is really sad what the media will do to get a president elected, who cares if he/she is good for the US of A.

  4. PLEASE!!!!
    ! Print The truth!


    I want to read accurate and truthful journalism!

    1. Exactly! Our judges and the army sold out the nation. Both Biden and Harris should have been arrested a long time ago for overthrowing the government.

  5. On her knees her entire career , ahem ah praying cough cough , that she would go places . I guess she blowed that .

  6. The USA is in extreme jeopardy! Joe Biden is fading fast, and the pace appears to be accelerating! This means that sooner or later Kamala Harris will be the President! This is not a particularly desirable situation for the country to be in, to say the least! That being said, there are at least THREE viable options (upon which I will not opine) for her removal from the Presidency, none of which bode well for her, nor for the country, as Nutty Nancy is next in the line of succession to the Oval Office should Kamala depart prior to the next scheduled election! As I see it, the only alternative (and it’s a GOOD one) is the re-election/restoration of DONALD JOHN TRUMP as President!

    1. I agree that president Trump is the best president to come in and take over for these low life people of the Democratic Party!!! We should replace every single democrat that is serving now with a person who lives this country and doesn’t want to hurt this country!!! I’m ready to end this joke of an administration .

  7. this is the fault of the LOW INFORMTION BY CHOICE VOTERS.
    Democrat stupid voters did this to America.
    Joe Biden, personally, with Executive Orders made the mess at the border. He needs to be sued personally.
    the Joe Biden EOs made him the total failure he is. He is the laughing stock of the world.
    NO voter should vote for ANY Democrat in any future elections remember this in 2022 and 2024.

    1. Pelosi, Speaker of house, is 3rd in line. This could possibly be a setup, to get rid of jb, get rid of harris & voila. . .

  8. The problems in the US started years ago as the colleges and universities staffed their dean and professor level teaching positions with professional students that had been taught by professional students. I would bet that most college and university deans have never worked in the fields of employment in which they instruct. It is a problem that is going to plague us for a long time. It is time to do away with tenure in colleges and universities and more attention paid to what is being taught or what the students are being indoctrinated in while they are in college. Most students have never worked a day in their lives and have had everything handed to them by doting parents . If they want an education, let them work for it as we did and don’t hand it to them free.

  9. This is all a part of the process/plan. The MSM has been going after Biden for a while. Now they are going after Harris. They will have soon have the American people screaming for the removal of both. There has been talk – though lately it has been quiet – about Pelosi retiring. Whether or not she goes peacefully or is kicked to the curb remains to be seen. But that is the crucial part of their plan. They will replace her first – with who they really want/wanted to be president – maybe that person is unel;ectable – so they have devised a backdoor channel to get them into the oval office. Replace Pelosi – then get rid of Biden and Harris respectively – the new speaker steps in and is annointed. They do have to hurry though – because after the midterms they might not have a speaker to annoint. So look for all this bad press on the three of them to really get amped up.

  10. How’d you like it if your wife was known as an orgy tart from the daze gone by. Could you imagine being married to a woman who was literally passed around as a sperm receptacle at lavish cocaine fueled sex parties in Sodomfrancisco. And now your wife is actually refered to as the Vice President of the USA!! WHAT A WORLD we live in, a place where a wanton sex ho can move up from being passed around from man to man to achieving greatness as our second in command!!

    Truly sickening that this wretched excuse of a piece of shit of a dogged, non-sensical c——s———ing leech of a non-human whore receives VP status.

    It’s her or Nazi Nancy next in line.

    Part of my resentment that this slut is in power at all, is the fact that she’s ALMOST as intelligent as AOC. And being that the lovely Alexandria is more stupid than dumb, that reflects nothing for our “border czar” does it. If they tried to put their heads together it’d just come off as one huge blowhole anyway.
    We’re in a crisis here folks, one little push and we’re over the proverbial cliff.

    Hold on tight, Cum’allya to the rescue !

  11. Do you think any man tn him right mind would be happy to kiss her knowing he is a C ——Sucker by proxy.

  12. Cumla Harlot HO Harris her only accomplishment in life is her Dirty Knees & Elbows so callused over she can be dragged across the floor with no pain. Of course she is a Complete Embarrassment & Disgrace to the USA & humanity.

  13. ”HO’-OTUS”!

    I’d bet her skanky old ”box” resembles a well kicked trifle, and best to tie a plank to your ass before ‘diving on in” (not that you’d want to!?!)

  14. Sounds like this was written by a scared old white man who hates any woman of color…
    Ya’ll all can go get bent and grip your mypillow waiting for your dear leader

    1. Shut up stupid!! Dats right…. STFU
      Just so you know … IDIOT … All live matter you ignorant bastard, and this isn’t about black and white you nimrod, racist fuck. Your “ elected “cocksucker, is as dumb as you are LOL…………LOL

    2. You brain dead Democrats wouldn’t dare vote against Idi Amin Dada if he was still around because, you know, he was black. And of course it’s racism to vote against or criticize anyone who is black.

      The most basic definition of racism is finding race as the defining issue in everything. Get this, moron, it is YOU Democrats who drag race into everything.

      Oh, by the way, the people who push the CRT that claims ALL white people are inferior and racist – ARE ALMOST ALL WHITE.

      The new motto of the Democrat Party: “Hypocrisy Uber Alles”!

  15. People, pull yourselves up there is no need to write or think like that, the Creator made our vicepresident. He knew the choices in her life that she would make, just like the choices me make. To run her in the ground is not Good Will. We should not have to push another down so we can look taller. We need to pick her up dust her off and help her with prayer. By saying those, Ill Will, nasty words, we are no different. Polish our own star with hard work and take pride in it, do not be lazy by dirtying someone else’s star to look better.

    1. Really? Do u not find it disturbing that incompetence is dangerous? If u actually have a direct pipeline to G_D, u must have missed His memo that these idjits “in charge” are there to demonstrate the loss of our freedoms is nigh.

      1. Kayla, All we do is run our mouth or we fight for our God given rights. I am just saying we can do it right. We do not have to belittle ourselves to their playing field. Maybe it is time to shut up and do something about it. Don’t waste a lot of good energy on a bunch of B.S. Be positive on standing together and coming up with a remedy. We are better than that, we have a good thinking brain. They do not. They are just like dogs chasing their own and others tails.

    2. Oh please. You can’t be reading between the lines to know that Camel a is just what people are saying about her. Some of us have heard the facts and know the truth about her. She isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier and hasn’t proven herself to even be near a leadership position. Why Biden picked her for his running mate after her slamming him for voting against busing children to districts for a better education would have been a turn off for me, but then Biden isn’t that competent either. How many times has he gotten mad when people questioned him about pertinent issues or has been lost, forgetting what he was talking about. Wake up Berta and smell the coffee.

  16. Watch alternative media & dump the liars on cable msm! With no viewers, no $$$. Same with big tech censorship.
    Some alt news outlets:
    *sky news australia
    *epoch times
    Many more. $$$ talks

  17. CCP selected Biden and Harris as both were int eh CCP,s pocket. Fortunately both are long gone and good riddance

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