The Trump Indictment Is So Dumb and Fake It Could Make You Lose Brain Cells

The “classified documents” that President Trump supposedly took pose such a serious threat to national security that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) dumped them in the White House parking lot the day before Trump left office. If you don’t believe that statement, HERE is the photographic evidence.

Those presidential records were so vital to national security, and so NOT President Trump’s own presidential records, that they dumped them in the parking lot and told him that the docs were now his responsibility. So, Trump took the boxes to Mar a Lago and now they’re charging him with a crime for taking them, after they told him to take them.


Politico has helpfully posted the Trump “indictment” HERE if you want to read the whole thing for yourself. In the opening few pages of this fake indictment, the document clearly states that President Donald Trump absconded with hundreds of “classified documents.” That’s the accusation.

But if you read beyond the initial pages of this hot sidewalk garbage of an “indictment,” you will notice a phrase that is missing from the evidence. This is important. EVIDENCE is very different from an ACCUSATION. They’re not the same thing in legal terms.

While the ACCUSATION claims that President Trump left office with “classified documents” in his possession (which he was required to pick up from the White House driveway), the EVIDENCE states time and time again that President Trump had “documents with classification markings” in his possession that were recovered at Mar-a-Lago. Those are not the same thing.

Starting on Page 4 of the indictment, it states repeatedly, over and over again that Trump “illegally” possessed “documents with classification markings.”

This is so dumb it gives me a headache. A document with classification markings is not the same thing as a “classified document.” Let’s think back for just a second about Barack Obama’s time in the White House. During those eight interminable years, did you ever read any of the docs that were occasionally printed online about the behind-the-scenes goings-on of Eric Holder, Crooked Hillary, and Barack Obama?

Did you ever read a “Fast and Furious” document that Eric Holder tried to withhold from congressional subpoenas? Or a Benghazi document about how Hillary and Lockheed Martin lead attorney James Comey were selling weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Syria, the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Mali, and half a dozen other countries? Or about how Hezbollah and Communist China had set up training camps in Cuba?

If you read any of those documents during that hellish period of American history, then you have seen “documents with classification markings.” Once a classified document is declassified, they don’t go back and take all of the “Classified” or “Secret” stamps off of it. It just gets published, usually as a PDF, with the stamps still on it. “Documents with classification markings” are otherwise known as:


All of the documents referenced in the Trump indictment are called “documents with classification markings.” This is because witch hunter Jack Smith, along with every other judge and prosecutor in the country, knows that documents with classification markings are a very different thing than “classified documents.”

Smith also worked to obtain this indictment by indicting Trump’s personal aide Walt Nauta. During one of several eight-hour interrogations by the FBI (which, speaking from personal experience, are no fun), Nauta mumbled “I don’t know” in response to one question. Nauta was charged with “lying to the FBI” for that “I don’t know” response.

This is, of course, is very different from James Brennan and John Clapper lying under oath to Congress to protect Hussein Obama. It’s very different from Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe lying three times to federal investigators. And it’s different from that looming doofus and cornfield afficionado James Comey stating under oath 245 times, “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall.”

Remember back in 2017 when the Deep State and the media tried to tell us that Donald Trump had shared classified information with the Russian ambassador? Here’s what Idaho Senator James Risch (R), who is a nice guy when you meet him in person, said about President Trump potentially sharing classified info with the Russian ambassador:

“The minute the president speaks about it to someone, he has the ability to declassify anything at any time without any process.”

Even PolitiFact rated this statement as “true,” which you can read about HERE. The Commander in Chief of the Executive branch does not need to fill out paperwork or ask permission from ANYONE in order to declassify any document. Why not? Because he’s the CHIEF EXECUTIVE!

No other president who has ever left the White House with documents in his possession has ever been treated in such a shabby, unethical, and illegal fashion. This case needs to be thrown out of court, and anyone involved in bringing these charges against President Trump needs to be jailed in his stead.

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21 thoughts on “The Trump Indictment Is So Dumb and Fake It Could Make You Lose Brain Cells”

  1. CORRECT – President Donald J. Trump (The “True” and “Rightful” President’s) Witch Hunt continues ! Shabby and Shameful should apply to Sleepy Joe Biden along with his Crime Family (especially Hunter Biden), and Biden’s Corrupt Administration ! Never have I ever felt so ashamed of a so called Sitting President. Well, I guess you could say “Sitting” since he lands on his butt so may times ! The corruption is so rampant with this Administration that even the blind can see !!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!

    1. Totally disgusting .What disgraceful adminuistration . How can anyone in their right minds give any credit to this Government I feel for all the true Patriots to have to endure this “CORRUPT GOVERNMENT , FBI , JUDGE’S, MAYORS AND GOVENORS WHO ARE A PART OF THIS PARTY ” tHEY SHOULD ALL BE IN J.

    2. Jill Biden stated publicly that she’s “shocked”that Republicans still support Trump after the indictment. Why? It’s been proven over and over this witch hunt is fake. After 7 years of the fake Russian collusion, fake dossier, fake Mueller investigation and on and on. This indictment goes in one ear and out the other

  2. I don’t care if you hate Trump but the fact the our government lied and is extremely corrupt. Our country cannot survive.


  4. Biden should have been locked in handcuffs The day he walked into our whithouse, His ass should be sitting in a prison cell in a orange jumpsuit. But because we have so many criminals out there who helped him cheat his way into our white house. The day is on the way you morans who want to sit at home and not work to feed your family no you would rather allow the people who do work to take care of you You should have welfare written across your forehead. Telling everyone that you cheated for Biden and so he is allowing you not to work , and making the taxpayers feed your family so you can be a worthless leech

  5. Also the audio recording some news commentators say will bring Trump down? Likely made by an irate Gen Mille, war mongering in Chief. He’s the one who admits he called his counterpart IN CHINA and told him he would notify them if Trump planned to do anything against China so they could react, repell, attack. That call was an act of treason, but it comes from this general’s mindset. HE IS A PERSON who seems to dream happily about wars and death. President Trump wasn’t planning any attack on China, but Milley’s war obsessed mind seemed to create that thought to himself. Seems like he needs to be checked for mental illness. So back to the audio tape
    Milley had dreamed up an attack the US could do against Iran, with lots of bloodshed and horror. No one asked him to come up with this sick plan and Trump had no plan to attack Iran and start a war, no matter how much this sick general hoped for one. He proudly showed his plan to Trump, who had no interest in it abd re b ected it in entirity. And Milley’s hatred of him grew War is FUN to Milley and Trump didn’t want to play? Perhaps Trump talked about this crazy person’s crazy plan to start a war, in a less than approving manner. Thank God Trump is not a war mongering. So did Milley tape conversations and create an edited, spliced up tape to harm Trump with some day? I wouldn’t doubt it, and have heard the tape in question has something to do with Gen Milley. We gave learned the J6 Committee illegally altered videos from J6, adding soundtracks to videos thar had no sound, to change the whole impression of the films, to suit the Committee narrative.
    There are some deranged, evil Dems out there that take joy in trying to harm or destroy the lives of others.. that is of Republicans.

  6. Just yesterday Sen Chuck Grassley brought forward 17 actual damning recordings that Joe and Hunter did regarding their Burisma corruption e.g.!!

  7. They showed earlier this morning on Newsmax a crowd outside the Miami courthouse and a cart of fruit containers like its a big damn “party”!! Warped bastards!!

  8. What are the Republican politicians doing about all this corruption in our government by Biden and his Administration? Nothing. Why? I wish I knew. There are stacks of evidence that show the corruption of the Bidens and yet nothing has been done about it.
    Are they afraid that they will be investigated if they do? The Democrats are doing everything they can to stop Trump from running, legally and illegally and the Republicans are sitting on their rears and griping but doing nothing to stop it. Do they call that representing the people? What happened to the honest politicians we used to have? Do we not have any left?
    The people are getting fed up with the action or inactions of both parties. That old saying of “nobody is above the law” is no longer correct. It seems that all politicians are above the law. The best way to get people to obey the laws are to enforce the law. That’s a thing of the past now.
    We are losing our country as a democracy. We are getting closer znd closer to a dictatorship every day. Schools are not teaching our kids reading, writing and arithmatic anymore. it Is sex, transgender and actions of queers that they specialize in anymore. We didn’t send them to school to be taught this kind of garbage.
    It is unbelievable what has happened to this once great country. Instead of the respect we used to have from all the other countries, we are not the laughing stock of the world. They can see all the corruption that is taking place even if some of our people cannot.
    Got help us. We need him now more than we ever have before.

    1. You are right on all of it! The people need to & MUST STAND UP FOR OUR KIDS, THE RULE OF LAW, &MOST OF ALL GET INVOLVED. Young or old, do SOMETHING TO HELP.

    2. no oversight, no accountability, no consequences. sounds like free reign with nobody watching the dog house.

  9. Where Are The Republican Party In All Of This?
    WHY Are They NOT Doing More To Protect Trump?
    He Is The Only Candidate, that Can Win For The Republican Party!

  10. I want to know why we as American citizens can’t force these evil liars to be held accountable! They are the minority, so why can’t we combine efforts to take back our country? We cannot fight with money because they always use corrupt money to stay ahead! God is on our side but he doesn’t expect us to do nothing people! We have to fight to Rid ourselves of these evil people! I think we need to boycott anyone who are helping these corrupt politicians! Tell our friends and neighbors to boycott all over the world! Don’t purchase goods from any of them! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    1. unfortunately it’s sad to say that the corruption of our governments from the city, county, state, and federal levels is totally out of control. Our only recourse is at the ballot box and sadly we cannot rely on the honest integrity of our voting systems. The money trails run deep and george soros is at the top of those trails, followed by the greedy corporate ceo’s and stock holders, who can buy congressional members to enhance their wealth.

  11. Butt Crack Cracker Barrel is the latest franchise industry to be boycotted as its now a proclaimed LGBTQ queer woke participant!! They have their outside rocking chairs painted in pride rainbow colors!!

  12. Saw on footage today on Newsmax where a male TDS leftard dressed in a costume of jail stripes and having a fake ball and chain, ran out to the middle of the avenue near the courthouse to try to block the Pres Trump motorcade and then some police officers approached and arrested him! Made a bad day’s end for that Bidenite occult member lol!

  13. President is the only President that lowered taxes and made tax day easier on everyone! He kept his promises and worked for the people and NOT himself. Did you know that he did not take a salary while in office? This Country if a third World dictatorship and it has to stop. Everyone having anything to do with Jan. 6th is being persecuted to put fear into the American people. SOUNDS LIKE CHINA OR NORTH KOREA TO ME!
    Trump has the American peoples back and Americans need to have his.
    Part of Trumps’ defense should be to bring up the Documents that Biden had in his garage…..a garage that Hunter Biden had free access to.
    What about Feinstein and the other Democrats that went after Judge Kavanaugh? They should all be tried for treason, and attempting to ruin this man’s life and career!

  14. Prayers for Trump and his safety from the evil government trying to destroy him and family. I agree with everyone. The ballots were destroyed and stolen in our neighborhood. CA Newsom signed a law that all ballots will be by mail. Prayers for the CA government because Newsom and many other in government have been taking money from Soros. Prayers for our children because CA government wants complete control over kids in public schools transgender treatment. God Bless America and the world.

  15. Georgia is one of the states with major voting fraud thanks to Stacy Abrams. We watched it night after night and it was swept under the rug. Trump was accurate when reporting that.

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