Third World America: Biden Sending 3,000 Immigrant Youths to Dallas Convention Center

The Biden administration plans to move 3,000 immigrant teenage males to the Dallas Convention Center to handle overcrowded facilities along the nation’s southern border. The change comes just two months into President Joe Biden’s immigration reform policies.

“The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center will be used for up to 90 days beginning as early as this week, according to a memo obtained by The Associated Press that was sent Monday to members of the Dallas City Council,” the Associated Press released in a statement Monday. “Federal agencies will use the facility to house boys ages 15 to 17, according to the memo, which describes the soon-to-open site as a ‘decompression center.’”

In addition, more than 1,000 immigrant children and teenagers are being held 500 miles south of Dallas in Donna, Texas. Homeland Security has now brought the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on board to assist because our borders are so overrun.

As predicted, Biden’s immigration policies have now led to refugee camps within the United States. Our country is quickly deteriorating into Third World America.

A Third World country is generally defined as a nation that has high rates of poverty, economic and/or political instability, and high mortality rates. Biden has already successfully checked off items one and two.

A high mortality rate may be an overstatement for America, but an increased mortality rate could apply. Between COVID-19 deaths, the mental health fallout from long term lockdowns and increased dangers due to immigration influx, the Biden and Harris years may bring the nation down to the level of the impoverished countries the U.S. traditionally helps.


Of course, from Biden’s perspective it’s not a crisis; it’s a surge. But if 3,000 immigrant teen males showed up in your town, you might be a little concerned. Where will they sleep? What will they eat? What about school? Where will they go after 90 days? The questions continue to add up, but the answers don’t.

Instead, borders states like Texas are being forced to take on international immigration on their own because Joe Biden opened up our borders and told all of central and south America to come on in. Texas leaders were forced to launch Operation Lone Star to deal with all of the incredible immigration expenses Texas taxpayers are forced to cover.

Arizona, California and New Mexico share a smaller portion of the nation’s southern border, and are beginning to also cry out for assistance. Arizona (along with Montana) filed a lawsuit last week against the Biden administration over his 100-day moratorium on deportations.

Here’s one clear example of the differences between Trump’s immigration policies and Biden’s. Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy ensured 71,000 asylum seekers remained in Mexico until their cases were held. Biden ended this policy, allowing such immigrants to remain in America.

We’re now seeing the results of this and other changes. If the pace continues, major cities across the nation will start seeing similar refugee camp-like locations. Third World America is no longer a prediction. It is becoming reality.


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85 thoughts on “Third World America: Biden Sending 3,000 Immigrant Youths to Dallas Convention Center”

  1. That worked well with Catrina in New Orleans as they trashed it. How about using a catapult and throwing them back, after the first few come hurtling back over the border it might make them think twice before crossing.

    1. If they weren’t given everything for free they wouldn’t be coming here. We can not take care f our own let alone all this other immigrants. To help someone is just however they must come here legally & work not live off the system we have to many hungry & homeless LEGAL CITIZENS in our Country/

      1. Yes the Dems are making the US a third world country! Our ONLY hope is to win back BOTH houses of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections. However, if the Dems get House bill H.R.1 passed we are doomed…this bill is a “right” to cheat on elections for DemoRats.

        1. They are simply making all the fraud they committed in 2020 POTUS election legal, thereby creating a legal way to steal future elections. Also, if the fraud and they who committed/helped commit it is ever brought to trial their backsides are going to jail, so by making it legal is another way of protecting their backsides.

        2. Our only hope is to put a stop to this illegal influx NOW! Stop the Democrats DESTRUCTION NOW!

      2. Here’s a question. Why and how are children ages 1 to 15 showing up at our border? They can’t get jobs ( the USA has 25 million unemployed, 250,000 business have gone bankrupt), they can’t rent a apartment, so what are they doing coming up here? Ot doesn’t make any sence. I know some people say most are m 13 gang members, or the drug cartels put backpacks full of drugs on them with phone numbers to call once they get into the USA. But still, I don’t understand why children would be coming here by themselves. Where do they think they will live? Some rich people will adopt them? Yeah, right.
        These women in central America pop out babies like popcorn, some have 10 to 15 kids.

        1. James, by letting illegal children in, eventually relatives of those children then claim….”they need their parents…booo hoooo, you’ve separated me from my children…boooo hooooo”…from whatever Country….it’s a loophole whereby it allows parents free passage to America. It’s all a scam…a very well-thought out scam, but a scam nonetheless. And we get to pay for ALL of them.


      3. Your right! LA has the largest homeless population in the country. The other 49 states have their share of homeless people which has been increase because of the pandemic. Our elected leadership has no clue on how to solve the problem but they do know to how make worst by the day.

      1. I completely agree. Let’s gets buses to go to the border and start bussing everyone crossing the border, even the 4 known terrorist, to the White House, California to Nancy Pelosi’s home, Biden’s home in Delaware, Soros, Schumer and all the Democrats that want the migrants. Let the Democrats PAY OUT OF THEIR POCKETS FOR ALL THEIR NEEDS. Stop using the USA’s tax money to take care of everyone else, and TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS first. Texas was just getting where we felt more safe. I just hope one of their daughters don’t get stolen by the child traffickers

      2. Nic — best idea yet !!!!! We can put thousands in DC, thousands at beijing biden’s and harris’s home address, thousands at piglosi’s mansion, schumer’s residence — you get the idea. Then it will surely become a major crisis. I would love to see what a thousand illegals could do to piglosi’s mansion.

    2. that’s what happens when you let fraud play out and afraid to do anything maybe piglosi and sleepy joe can house the all the ones they decided to let in and hand out tax payer dollars to stupid dumb stupid dumb stupid

    3. Keep dumping kerosene in the Rio Grande and set it on fire and keeping it burning that will stop the flow of immigrants really quickly!

    4. that would work! it would only take a few to set the example. Its what they would do if North American was invading their country.

    5. This is the INSANITY of the Criminals running DC !! JUST SHIP THESE KIDS BACK to Mexico or send Troops to stop them from coming in!! The USA isn’t responsible for Foreigners Children!! Then Arrest the Public Officials in Santuary Citys that violate Federal Law and cater to Drug Dealers/ Gangs and Trafficking in children!! Or any place that harbors Illegal Children or Adults!! Also Reform the green card system to the good and BRING JOBS BACK TO THE USA! Most if not all of people with Green cards are hard working people!

  2. What a shame we fell asleep at the wheel & let these evil democrat &Rhino politicians take over slowly. They started by removing God rom everything look where that has taken us no morals , everything against the Ten Commandments . The young children being indoctrinated in schools our youth certainly have no respect for others nor themselves. Everything is about greed & power. God please come back we miss you. God you are still in my heart.

  3. HOW MANY of these “so called young boys” are HARDENED MS-13 gang members or at another worst – members of a comparable gang.

    This is their opportunity to pluck VALUE from the average citizen of the US. Do you want to get Shot or Hacked up as you lay in bed in the middle of the night.

    Once this type of violence starts to happen.

    Ole Joe will just commit to Martial Law thus SOLVING Two problems, Snuffing out all Conservatives (until his gang members irradicate us all) and showing the world that he can be “Tough on Crime”.

    Good Ole Joe, alway more SHOW than go…

      1. What do you want to do ruin the Army? When’s the last time you heard of Mexico winning a war? Then the drug cartel will have the Army to help bring their dope here.

  4. China Joe, I can help you with 3000 illegals, just get about 30 buses and load them up and send them back. That was free advice and next one will cost you. Destroying America is probably high on your list, did you come here illegally too or you have a lot of money riding on companies that use illegals.

    1. Texans will be glad to help in supplying buses. They can be put behind the fences Pelosi built.

  5. The man is simply clueless an I can’t help to keep wondering, Who the hell is running this administration. Everyday it seems there is a new role and/or job for some ‘gender studies’ person in the government. And, besides a university, the only place ‘gender studies’ majors can find a job is in government.

  6. The Dotard and his handlers have planned this transformation from the beginning. Hugo Chavez was worth billions when he died, and dictator Maduro is today the wealthiest man in Venezuela. Mobutu and Idi Amin and “Emperor” Bokassa became fabulously wealthy. The ruling elite in Cuba and Nicaragua live high while the population is in squalor. Life is good in a Third World country if you are at the top, and that is what the Inner Party of the illegitimate Xiden regime has in mind for the former First American Republic. This is why the dictatorship must be brought down. Biden delendum est!

    1. This is why Obama stayed in DC! He has been scheming for the past 4 years to plan the pandemic, cheat on the elections and use executive orders like they were chewing gum to circumvent congress! Obama’s 3rd term on steroids!
      We the people have to stop this, before it’s too late!

  7. Load em up and send the buses to Wilmington, DE. I understand that Joe and the missus are there AGAIN ( fourth time since he took the presidential oath ).

    Sounds to me like Sleepy Joe misses his own bed so much that the White House won’t cut it.

    Here’s a second bit of advice Joe, CLOSE THE BORDERS AND START TO “BUILD THE WALL BACK BETTER”……….. and while you’re at it brainiac, STOP blaming DJT for the border issues that are currently happening, he had it right….. you however have perpetuated this problem Gropin Joe, and now you have to deal with it. Oh, one other “thing”……….. Joe, you really want charges brought up on Andrew “Killer” Cuomo for rape…..after having him booked, you should turn yourself in. It’s my humble opinion, that he should be brought up on charges for killing grandparents who are innocent, not the countless women he raped. You however, should be brought up on rape charges, but, I can see the blood on your hands is forthcoming.

    This is a sick man in the White House

    1. Yeah, if you saw him get on the chopper this past Tuesday, he went to a couple hardware stores where about 6-10 people greeted him in Chester, PA. Chester is a suburb of Wilmington, and about 5 miles from the New Castle Air-Guard base. My bet is he’s n a 5-day weekend at one of his many houses, purchased from cash he and Hunter stole from his friends our enemies. We will probably see him from the “fake” basement Oval Office. Bring our President in Exile (Trump) back and put this entire bunch of criminals in Leavenworth. Set-up M-60’s on the border and get these invaders Biden brought here back across where they belong and finish our wall.

  8. It’s absolutely amazing how Democrats can manage to DESTROY everything they try to accomplish, even with the best intentions. At least when King Midas touched something, it turned into gold; when Democrats touch ANYTHING, it somehow turns into !

    1. I guess the comment section doesn’t respond to emojis, so in clarification I submit that the reader will know what the Democrat touch tends to produce!

    2. Sounds like the contract the ones in control made with Lucifer has started to come back to bite them in the butt. Thank you Lord God Almighty for showing the unholy worshipers that evil is even sneakier than the corrupt dictatorship Biden is involved in

  9. Take them to the convention center closest to Joe’s home – ley him see and feel the effects of reality instead of living in a fantasy world.

  10. Well he can just go in the shower with his Daughter and wash the blood off…My Dear God what a sick family!!!!

    1. It’s beyond “sick” Lynn !!!! Unfortunately, this just shows us where this country has brought itself to doesn’t it?!!

      The man in the White House is mentally incapacitated, not to mention guilty as hell of way too many crimes to list here.
      But as the democrats know… votes equal power, so I’m guessing these “elites” are throwing caution to the wind for votes sake!! Not to mention the money they each make, while the people who keep this country intact will be suffering from this point forward. Disease, MS-13, drug and child trafficking…….. perhaps the Biden family is cashing in on this cow as well…. America be damned!! We’re so screwed

  11. We have so many of our own citizens living in the streets and hungry and here we have a president who supposedly is for the people taking care of illegals who don’t belong here,what’s wrong with this picture

  12. Sounds like Joey’s brought home a stray cat.
    What do you intend to do with now that you have it? Let go to roam the neighborhood? Does it have its shots? Is it healthy? What do you mean that you can’t give it back? What were you thinking Joe?
    Stop leaving food out for it and it will stop coming around Joe.

  13. Not only is sniffy joe a senile old fool without a clue, he is just plain stupid, a coward, arrogant, greedy and a common thief. Oh yeah, his dopey son is a full-blown crackhead and a thief.

  14. Send bus loads of Joe’s immigrants to DC immediately. Let’s just see how well the demoscum deal with more gang members.

  15. You gotta blame the U.S. Justice System for taking the fraud election lightly. Had they investigated the election properly in the beginning, none of this crap would be going on. Trump would still be making America Great and these Circus Clowns would have no control over the American Citizens Constitutional Rights. Impeach them all now and put Trump and his Administration back in D.C. where they should’ve been in the beginning.

  16. Dems obama invasion army … Who says theyre 17? Will biden arm them? Maybe give them platoon commanders w address books of trump supporters? You Betcha! Who says they will stay? Whose counting or will know if theyre simply processed and put on Social Security Disability exactly like obama did 400,000 muslims ? Anyone doubt ms13 will be first in line for Dallas release ?

  17. Sleepy Jo Smow has no authority to take possession of property of others unless in a national emergency which he says doesn’t exist. Why isn’t the Texas Militia and Texas national guard surrounding the convention center protecting it as the law requires. Why are these republicans sitting on their butts too scared to stand up to an administration that disobeys our Constitution and attempting to destroy us? The Traitor Biden and his cronies has declared war on the U.S. and everyone needs to wake up and smell the roses even though they smell like a Biden and start acting instead of complaining..

    1. Great call Danny Lanning,

      And just where the hell are the Republicans right now ?!! They want my money again, and I don’t even know if they exist any longer. Are there a couple of Republicans that can stop something here?!! ANYTHING?!! Why is it the Dems are such fucking bullies and the GOP stands by and does nothing ?!


  19. How about using the dorms at our liberal colleges across the country to house all the immagrents. If they are not having on campus classes there must be a lot of available housing along with cafeteria facilities to feed them at these colleges too. At least this summer they will be empty of students. Probably next school year if the liberals have their way. That would be much more humane than piling them all into an auditorium in Dallas.

    1. Georgetown, Berkley, Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern, Boston University, Vassar, to name a few that might be willing to share their facilities.

  20. The United States is “becoming” a Third World nation?? LOLOL!! Got news for you, we’re there! Have been ever since the Democrat Party seized the nation with election fraud on November 3, 2020.

    But, look at all our brave defenders, the courts and the GOP scrambling to right that travesty! Ummm …. well …

  21. Biden didn’t come up with this over night! Ol Joe told everyone during his campaign just what he intended on doing at the border,
    And a lot of other goodies & tidbits if everyone paid attention!
    Biden and all the other Democrats needs to adopt a family and all the children that comes with that family. Then you will see just how quickly thing’s will change, real quick!! Joe and the hole bunch of Democrats need to be Strong up by their heels.
    Let’s all wait and see how Montana and others turn out on the Law Suit for the keystone pipe line ?
    Really it looks like Texas has bigger Kahanas than a lot of us.
    Their not Scared of trying !

  22. My question is — what does the pedophile plan on doing with all these young males ?? I wonder if he is trying to muster a little army of his own like obama tried to do or maybe did and beijing biden is trying to build on it. Texas and the other border states with the help of the other states which still believe in America–not ameriKA — and deport ALL immigrants who come to our southern border until each state has it under control. It is time to ignore the illegitimate administration and their intentional destruction of our country and take matters into our own hands. We also need to put the rightful winner of the 2020 elections in office — starting with President Trump !!!!!

  23. Talk is cheap people, time for something to happen… Rise up REAL Americans.
    Stop the total collapse of what’s left of this once great country, patriots like myself fought wars to keep socialism OUT of America, just to see the Democrats usher it in under the cover of compassion. You can thank the public school system ( unions) for what you’ve got now.

  24. I believe we all knew that Pres. Biden was going to be nothing more than someone else’s mouth piece. Its unfortunate that Donald Trump’s personality wasn’t every body’s cup of tea ; but his Heart was in the right place when it comes to America which he consider to be his home as well.

    1. Wrong….Patriotic American Citizens will start a civil war….the commies are forcing us closer and closer to that line, and the straw will be their planned destruction of Mt. Rushmore.

  25. I agree with you all,
    Especially you Nordneg ! Now is the time for all the talk to stop.
    We the people are the ones paying the Taxes and Pay Checks of Biden and his Studges! It’s time for the people to Stand up and Speak Out against all the wrong they are doing to this country. I find myself saying the same words I said two days before Jan,3 2021! Someone has got to take charge, start a Movements of the people. Once someone has it starter the People
    Will Fallow! One person can’t do it alone, it takes NUMBERS, Masses.
    People we have got to be willing to Push against People who will be willing to push back.

  26. Why does Texas have to give into the president and put these people in the Dallas Coliseum I would say get the hell out. They are all illegal there are laws against that what the hell is going on!

  27. So many things are wrong in this country. With the vice-president in charge at the border I do not see any hope for the crisis to end in any positive way. She will not bus the immigrants to the Capital. She wants Mexico to solve the problem and we all know that is not going to happen.

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