Told You So: Senile Biden is Absolutely Not Running Anything

More than 60,000 Americans have died from coronavirus during the initial weeks of the “Biden” administration. We are also on the verge of a humanitarian crisis in Texas, due to a cold snap, massive power outages and unprecedented numbers of pipes bursting in homes, apartments and municipal buildings. Not to worry, though! Joe Biden is playing Mario Kart (see picture)!

As I’ve pointed out more than once since January 20, we don’t know exactly who is running the country right now. But we do know with certainty that it is not Joe Biden.

In a quiet report that didn’t earn a lot of headlines for some reason this week, the White House announced that Kamala Harris has been taking all of the head-of-state phone calls. Joe is, um… busy, or something.

Both Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron called the White House, and the presumed “President of the United States” did not pick up the phone. Kamala answered.

Talk about an insult!

It’s considered deeply offensive in diplomatic circles to make one head-of-state talk to an underling in situations like this. It’s literally not in Kamala Harris’s job description to take phone calls from foreign leaders, when they’re expecting to talk to the President of the United States. It sends a message to our allies along the lines of, “Your crappy little country and its little leader are not worth the time of our leader, so you can just talk to the hired help instead.”


Prime Minister Trudeau was probably calling to talk to Biden about his abrupt cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The executive order that Biden signed moments after inauguration killed tens of thousands of jobs in Canada and did deep economic harm to our closest neighbor – harm that’s going to last for many years to come unless Biden reverses course. But instead of being able to talk to Joe Biden and try to work something out, Trudeau was treated to a lecture on climate change from Kamala Harris.

Newspapers in Europe, which tend to be much more honest about politics in America than our own media is, declared that Biden “brutally ignored” President Macron. The French leader had wanted to talk to Biden about the possibility of lifting President Trump’s tariffs on French wines and cheeses… but instead, Macron was treated to a lecture on climate change from Kamala Harris.

We used to complain about President Obama bowing to foreign leaders, but at least he was able to meet with them. Biden can’t even take a phone call because his team is so desperate to hide his obvious dementia from the world. And we know from the campaign that Kamala Harris is not good at speaking off-the-cuff. Do you suppose she has her little climate change lecture for world leaders written out on a series of cue cards?

They claim that Biden spoke on the phone with Dictator Xi from China, but who knows whether that’s true? China and the White House are telling different stories about the contents of the call, so who are we supposed to believe?

Even though they’re doing their level best to hide Biden’s incapacity from the world, the media is starting to get nervous. One reporter asked the White House Press Secretary this week, “Well, when is Joe Biden going to be meeting in person with a foreign leader?”

The White House says it will be at least “a couple of months.” The coronavirus is the excuse, obviously. Kind of makes you wonder who that lucky foreign leader will be. I’m guessing he or she will have a confused facial expression – wondering where Joe Biden is – as Kamala Harris escorts them around the White House before treating them to a lecture on climate change.

Team Biden has a daunting task ahead of them. The President of the United States is supposed to be one of the most visible people on the planet, but they have to keep him hidden away for the next two years. They also have to keep him alive, obviously. Under the Constitution, Kamala Harris could be president for nearly ten years if Biden makes it to the two-year mark (assuming the Democrats successfully rig the next two elections). If he doesn’t make it that long, or if the world learns just how serious his dementia is, Kamala would only be eligible to remain president for up to seven years. There’s a cheery thought.

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289 thoughts on “Told You So: Senile Biden is Absolutely Not Running Anything”

      1. Neither of them are capable of doing this important job. It make our business man President, the people’s President shine!

          1. Yes it is Obama they picked the two weakest people and pulled off the biggest voter fraud in history

          2. I agree Maria Yanas. Obama once said his favorite job would being the “shadow” President while someone else sat in the chair. Biden isn’t capable of making any decision. They are all Obama’s. So we have 4 more awful years of Obama. Republicans better get their act together, get a back bone and start fighting for our country before Obama destroys it.

          3. Of course it’s Barry running things for the Democrats from the shadows, as he has been since he left The White House. It won’t be long before he’s appointed to a position in ” Biden’s ” administration.

          4. Yes, and Obama has beeen i n the employment of George Soros for at least the last 18 years.

          5. I get a strange feeling that they’re getting their orders from Obama. However, I think Obama is getting his orders from George Soros. That guy just sits in the background and throws his money around like a drunk sailor.

          6. I agree! Obama once said his dream job was running the country as a shadow president!! Seems like he has his dream job! God help us!

        1. It scares me to think that Harris has any important duties. Heaven for bid if anyone interrupts her or she’ll shake her finger at them and snarl “Don’t interrupt me”. Between her lies, her phony “Fwedom story she plagiarized, her totally annoying cackle and that she contributed to the rioters bail out fund she is a total disgrace. I feel extremely sad for this country under the rule of these phonies.

          1. This is absolutely sickening. To think that is is happening! Obummer had got to be behind this.

          2. You got that right. Can’t believe all the fools who couldn’t see this coming and voted for them. Brain dead idiots.

          3. All four of these traitors needed to be eliminated from this planet, not just silenced but eliminated. Soros, Obama, Biden & Harris.

        2. You are correct–the democrats’/commie/socialist pigs are running our country–time we do the same thing to biden–that the democratic did to Mr. Trump for flour years. biden/harris must go–they are being controlled by the commie party and the socialist pigs of this and other countries in the world. Time to bring it to ta complete stop

          1. If Biden and Harris are gone tjat would mean Pelosi would ne prez and probably Schumer would be vice prez.
            God help us if that happens. EWWWW, PLEASE NO!

          2. you need to add warren sanders schumer pelosi aoc ohmer talib mcgowan and romney to the list of those we need to rid ourselves of

      2. I hate to say this. But if I were a enemy of the U.S. Say N. Korea ,China, whoever . And I wanted to attack this country. I would do it now. Who or what is running our beloved country. As I speak this administration is making us so vulnerable. I just can’t believe it. Sorry people, but we need Divine Intervention. God help us.

        1. We all must stand before God and answer the call if need be, to protect our beloved Country.
          God tested the people Moses was leading to the promise land. One test was to prove they could protect themselves in battle. This is our Promise Land and we must be ready to protect it from our enemies. God will be with us. We are a Christian Nation and we belong to his flock.

          1. Dearest Very well said and I agree with you before God. I tell my husband a veteran of the Marines in Nam and a Vet from Navy too. I bought up a civil war and he gets upset right away and say’s NO! But all his saying NO perhaps will not stop It. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO RECALL BIDEN and cohorts BEFORE America suffers and more of their evil Plans. It starts with a petition! Millions of America see the devastation the Dems have caused! In not even 6 weeks! Got to get biden and his cabinet ousted from power! The White house! If we all ban together under God and fast and pray we can banish evil from our Land!

          2. Yes, you are so right. In the Old Testament when the Israelites were at
            war and didn’t have enough troops (lets say they had 250) up against
            5000 enemy troops “God said, stand back, don’t do a thing, I will take
            care of this” and he did just that. I firmly believe if anything gets done
            to stop what is happening in our beautiful America that God is going to
            do it. It seems that no one knows what to do and how to solve this problem. I do know this, that if something doesn’t change soon we won’t have a Country. I also know that what is going on is in the plans of the (New World Order or “Deep State”). If we could really understand the Book of Revelation we just might be able to interpret exactly what is actually happening. I too, believe that Obama, George
            Soros and Susan Rice are definitely running the White House!!!!!


        2. Your exactly correct Larry. The tyrants of the world are watching this closely and know this is their green light to attack America and get away with it. We are so close to the end of a life we have had since the founding of the country. I honestly don’t see us getting through this without intervention of a radical extreme. The spineless Republicans will never do it. It’s going to be on us to take control. That’s why they are so intent to take our guns and end the second amendment.

          1. Don’t forget the Queen of malevolence is waiting in the wings, third in line. Now, There’s a real problem. I believe the founding fathers messed up on that one. Wonder where they keep Barack. Joe’s basement?

          2. All Americans should pray that GOD will intervene. We love our country and we will not give up.

        3. Schumer and Pelosi are the henchman. Barack Obama’s running the country. He said he was gonna have a third term and he meant it. Look, we cannot blame ourselves, that is, those folks voted for Trump. Of course he won by a landslide, and listen to the mainstream media, he was a baby Because he wouldn’t let the results go. Of course he wouldn’t, if you won the election by that big of a margin, would you want to just hand it to these imbeciles. Of course not. All the railings he did, all the preparation, everything he did for years to make this country great, and they expect him just to lay down because they say they won.

          I can’t imagine what it’s like to be Donald Trump today, knowing what you did for this country, and watching what “they” are doing to literally kill all the progress Trump made while in office.

          President Trump made this country real again. What I can’t wrap my head around, is the fact that there are so many of these people that are thinking so much alike, and that thought process is ruining this nation. Why they want socialism, borderline communism, I don’t get it. Look at these Hollywood elites, what a bunch of freaking assholes. They are in bed with China as much as the democratic party. Enter LeBron James and the NBA, Colin Kaepernick and his little canal of NFL flunkys. “Kneel for the anthem”, talk about oppression…….Colins adopted mommy and daddy were white, he never wanted for a thing.
          Mr. Oppressed.
          there’s a real problem in this country, It’s called government. The republican party might as well be part of the CCP, as the Rinos who debilitate their ranks are wreaking havoc with their institution. It’s downright shameful.

          If Donald Trump would create his own party, I believe we could quell this monster.
          It’ll be a great start regardless, the demented one, and the Babylon whore are not the answer.

          1. JonnyJ I really am blown away by the insight you and others have on this site! The ideas are all wonderful and I agree with them. People have certainly woke up now. I was hearing from almost everyone —you know if the dems win the election we all will be in for it! And a bad amazingly! It HAS happenned! We all have to bombard Officials .Big top Political people to get a petition going to take biden out of office! Him and cohorts! WE THE PEOPLE CAN GET HIM OUT AND RESTORE ALL THAT PRESIDENT HAS DONE! SOON BUT HAS TO BE SOON!

          2. I think that God is letting America see what the loud and very aggressive Left wanted, power and the Presidency, and it would do to America, and is exposing them all. Because the prophecy is that God will return the one HE anointed and appointed for such an end time as this, Donald Trump, who knew what he was doing. The Left is proving to all of America who and what they are, a demonic force that is rapidly and purposefully destroying everything good and decent and right in America. The one hour film produced by Mike Lindell, the “my pillow” guy exposes the PROOF of how the voting machines were programmed to overturn Trump votes to Biden, and everyone should see it. This is far from over. God is not going to let His America be completely destroyed and many high ranking Democrats and Leftists will be exposed, convicted, and go to prison. In the Biblical sense, this regime is preparing the way for the Anti-Christ to come to power. Donald Trump stood foursquare against all their plans, and that’s why they hated him so much.

          3. No reason the 2020 fiasco must stand as is. There’s an audit going on right now, will take about 3 months to finish, but it appears to be comprehensive. I saw its chief on the tube about 2 weeks ago. Don’t have any details, but it sounds promising. That and the great piece now floating around on RUMBLE is presenting a terrific synopsis of the whole voter fraud thing. Add to all that, the great work of MY PILLOW Mike. Only problem in nullifying our sham 2020 election is John Roberts, our weak and apparently compromised “Chief Justice” of the Supreme Court. The court is our highest and final hope for justice, and it’s run by a man who is afraid to aggravate ANTIFA and BLM. That is the saddest part of this whole matter.

        4. Any of the nation-state enemies know that the military has standing orders as to what the US military response would be. They cannot be certain that chaos in the administration = chaos in the defense arena.

      3. Exactly; its already been way too long;pretty sad when other countries see and call out what a disaster they both are not to mention just how truly racist Biden really is and always has been! What’s really scary is that somehow Harris and Pelosi end up replacing ole “Joe” Makes me sick to think anyone seeing his lack of cognition could even think of voting for him! There’s no way he WON legally.

        1. In reply to Marvin Dailey, the Chief Justice John Robert’s can be Impeached if enough people sign on to impeach him.
          He is no better than the President when it comes to retaining his position, even though his job is a lifetime appointment he can be impeached and removed.

      4. It’s like they’re “playing house”! I get the feeling they don’t know what they’re doing at all. Like little kids playing house.

    1. Maybe they don’t like Trump because they cannot control him?
      Is there someone else a little less hated who would be more accepted so Biden can be discarded?

      1. Mary, you nailed it! The Dems were terrified of Trump and that is why they spent his entire 4 years plotting and planning ways to get rid of him. The scarier part? If they impeach Biden as being unfit, impeach Harris for her acts, look at who we would have in there! Pelosi!! They are controlling Harris right now, and they shove papers in front of Biden to sign and he doesn’t have a clue – he just signs another executive order. We are in for a rough 4 years. All the lies being printed about fuel prices are a joke. The day Biden was inaugurated fuel spiked 15 cents in my town. And it has done nothing but go up – just like it did under Obama. I am surprised they are trying to sell the lies about that. We ALL know better. And I am so sick of hearing about climate change. The weather – the climate has always cycled and will continue as long as earth is here. Of course the Dems don’t believe that ultimately, God is in control and that Revelations is unfolding. We need the people in California to WAKE UP and vote Pelosi, Waters and that other one OUT. You’d think they would figure out at some point that they ALL had it better under Trump.

        1. I agree. But, I have read one comment this week on an article that Biden knows exactly what he’s signing, that Bill Barr had these orders ready for him on his first day in office. I believe he has dementia, but I’m wondering to what extent. And, I am also wondering if it’s all an act so he can become endearing and an object of sympathy to the Democrats. I continue to pray. Many of these people in the position of power are in their late 70’s and early 80’s, so I’m thinking they won’t have too many years to continue. So, they will accelerate their destruction as quickly as they can.

          1. You are so right Vicki. Biden said a country run by Executive orders is a dictatorship yet he has done nothing other than sign away. It seems that Biden has a free pass to say stupid things- the Press will cover for him – ” OH he mis-spoke” He stutters- he really meant this” OH it was a mis-communication” . If Trump had done the same they would have been all over him and he is in the same age bracket but is very cognitive and tells it like it is.

          2. Mid terms next year, but will more states cut this mailed ballot fraud out, and how many illegals will be registered? This dishonesty has to stop. When I worked at the voting precincts, all mail in absentee ballots were tallied before we left. Totally disgusting

        2. When you see Biden’s feet shuffle when he walks and that has started already then you know he is a case for the nursing home. Dr. Jill helped put this person in office as well as 70 million other people. This was Joe and Jill’s dream to become president even if it caused the destruction of the USA, what a cost….. Good luck people you get what you pay for!

        3. All of them HAVE TO BE RECALLED! They endanger our country! I am sure you know the list for the past several weeks. Pelosi is a monster and it has to go into courts ! Supreme court /congress etc. There has to be provisions our founding fathers made for RECALL of a mentally ill evil people. Ruling a country in the most terrible ways.

        4. As long as they have ballot harvesting they’ll remain until they die. How old is Finestein? They said she has Alzheimer but still there. They want to implement it nation wide. They want to infiltrate USA with illegals and give them voting rights. They know people are waking up so they need new voters. This is the reason for them give illegals and criminals more than legals and those who follow the law. They have their brown shirts Antifa and BLM. People are stupid if they believe what the fake news tells them when they could see for theirselves.
          The capital was planned by Pelosi. She’s in charge of the Sargent of arms and was notified alongside Bowser of a threat from the FBI a week in advance. Trump offered 10,000 national guard and they both refused. Let’s open a committee to investigate her and McConnell the RINO. Shame he was just re-elected. It didn’t take him long to stab Trump in the back. Let’s make it known we want to elect Hawley or Cruz for leader. McConnell can take him ungrateful CCP wife and retire. Trump gave her a job as a favor to him and he stabs him in the back. This is probably one who was giving out information. Wray and Barr slow balled everything. That’s why Wray is still FBI. Durham may as well just quit now becwe all know nothing will be found. If you can’t find anything but a small bone thrown to us, which was a joke he didn’t even get any jail time. Wonder how long before his record is wiped clean. Then they need to just quit and stop wasting more money. These people leave their honor and reputations at the back door for these criminals.
          They fought Trump became exposed them. They’re trying everything they have so he can’t run again. They know he’ll win like he did this time. They’re ruining him financially. He was worth 4.3 billion when he became president. Didn’t even take a paycheck. Something we know Joe will do. He’s now worth 2.2 billion. They have everyone canceling him so he can’t get any donations. They’re still taking him to court. They’re canceling any lawyers who help him so he won’t have any legal representation. All the while while they think 80 million people are stupid and believe it all. They want total control and I can’t believe people can’t see it.

        1. Out of the frying pan into the fire. Sad part is that there are so many voters that had to know he isn’t capable.of running this country but voted for Biden anyway and don’t care enough about this country they voted this guy into office because of HATRED and he is undoing all the good things that Pres. TRUMP put. Into place. Pres.Trump raised tariffs on the imports coming into this country cause we were being taken advantage of while we are paying top money on products coming into this country and other countries to send their stuff here. With Pres. Trump America came first but No More. Hope people will wake up before the democrats ruin it. Biden took the call from Pres. Xi cause they are buddies ya know?? How long do you think it will take other countries to realize this asylum is being run by the inmates and take advantage of it???

          1. Yes hatred of x President Trump but I think also Tradition enters in alot of people actually boast. I have heard it” I am a democratic and my fathers before me were.” I am using a example oh believe me! Patricia I am NOT a Dem! I wanted President Trump! I do think if he had stayed in the white house that we would not have these disasters and terrible goings on! Another point is alot of people do not study the potential President and their parties before voting they go in blinded and just keep up with traditions and make their pick . In this house we refuse to be led around like a dummy we study before hand.

          2. Yeah there is a lot of stupid ignorant not worth a shit people out there these days. I just do not understand it. These Biden voters should get the immigrants coming in right now taken to there cities and counties. They should have to put up with them. If I was a Republican mayor or even gov. I would not let them into my city or county. You can’t be spending your people’s resources on immigrants. Let the left wing cities and counties take care of them.

          3. Biden helped his good friend at Big Pharma and raised the insulin prices for the elderly.wonder why the fake news didn’t report it?

        2. Obummer got 8 years bought to bring us down Silck willy had 8 now now Buy Dumb, the Ho and Pig lady 20 years down the drain. All paid for by Soros the nation killer. Sure would be nice if they all died because the world waits for the news.

      2. You just figured that out? Wow! Anyone who voted for these idiots are getting exactly what they voted for. And yes, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!

      3. I think we all need to go back to DC and take back our country. And if the reserve guard decides to take back their freedom instead of being a puppet for pelosi and Schumer . So let’s take the fight to them and take back our country!!!!!

      4. Well said, Jack. This is what’s all about. Everything happening for the last four years and now are all diabolic to prepare for the coming of the Anti-Christ.
        In His own time, the one, true God will carry out His Will. Pray patriots for that day and time to come soon before this greatest country on earth is totally destroyed. God will never allow that to happen.

      5. What was wrong with a proven winner?
        President Trump won this last election but was screwed out of being allowed to contest the validity of the election and the whole world knows it, except the MSM and big tech won’t allow the truth to come out.
        WHY would you accept someone other than the BEST sit in his place?

    2. Biden and Harris will not qualify to be members of Parliament in tiny Singapore
      But gosh , they are the 46th President and VP of USA. Unbelievable!!!!


      1. Funny that the democrats ignore everything except for things they want to highlight, which is only negative things they can say about the republicans. We knew it was going to be bad if democrats got in office but republicans without backbones allowed the mail-in-ballots, and the Dominion voting machines so the democrats rigged the elections. Guess we asked for it by just letting them do it. Now there’s a price to pay.

        1. Your right Avatar666, I hate to reply to those last three digits. But yes you are so right the Republicans must get the state legislators to change all this mail in balloting for the next election. Absentee ballots are fine if they are properly administered like our state of Alabama, you request in writing an absentee ballot and your request contains a copy of your ID which is verified against the voter registration on file, and your ballot is verified before you send it in by either a notary or two witnesses. But with those I still prefer voting in person, but seems the current folks in charge are already looking for another or continued pandemic through the 2022 elections, so our Representatives must move and clear up these terrible mail in ballots or it will be a steal again.

        2. We can not allow ourselves to stoop to there level. We are Gods people as is the Jews. I believe Trump was sent to us, as was Moses to save this Country. We must be prepared to step up to answer the call to take back our Country when the time is correct and only God will know when. But we must lessen for his call and the one he will have lead us in what ever we must do. We may Be asked to fall to our knees in prayer or to take up arms and take back our land from the enemy. In the mean time prepare your pantries with food, water and medical needs for only God knows what the future may hold. Only a fool will sit back and not prepar.

        3. Margo Collins says:
          February 20, 2021 at 4:14 pm
          We can not allow ourselves to stoop to there level. We are Gods people as is the Jews. I believe Trump was sent to us, as was Moses to save this Country. We must be prepared to step up to answer the call to take back our Country when the time is correct and only God will know when. But we must lessen for his call and the one he will have lead us in what ever we must do. We may Be asked to fall to our knees in prayer or to take up arms and take back our land from the enemy. In the mean time prepare your pantries with food, water and medical needs for only God knows what the future may hold. Only a fool will sit back and not prepar.

        4. Margo Collins says:
          February 20, 2021 at 4:14 pm
          We can not allow ourselves to stoop to there level. We are Gods people as is the Jews. I believe Trump was sent to us, as was Moses to save this Country. We must be prepared to step up to answer the call to take back our Country when the time is correct and only God will know when. But we must lessen for his call and the one he will have lead us in what ever we must do. We may Be asked to fall to our knees in prayer or to take up arms and take back our land from the enemy. In the mean time prepare your pantries with food, water and medical needs for only God knows what the future may hold. Only a fool will sit back and not prepare.

      2. That is how the communists do it. They also agitate the crowds, just like we see with BLM & antfa.
        WAKE UP PEOPLE! Read Masters of Deceit if you don’t believe me.

      3. This is all true. However, the coupdetat of such magnitude cannot be accomplished without military. The proof is that the army is encircling Washinggton DC. Neither total control of social networks is possible without Pentagon, CIA, FBI.
        The question is who controls those three and to what end. The second question is whether their control extends to and over the Southern states. Since there are no news what actually is happening in Sothern future Confederacy and since all federal services like airlines are controlled clearly we have no idea what is going there except what they want us to know. On the other hand judges, senators, congressmen, etc. are so scared they they cannot tell us what they know is really happening. Anyway, Harris cannot control America without being covered up by the real rulers.

      4. We ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN sitting on our rears, letting our government representatives and RINOS cower down to these individuals and the democrat party.

      5. Yes someone did. We need to find out who did it and then put them out of the country permanently! Then we need to put the rightful winner back in office.

        1. I totally agree with you , Joan. We need to put the rightful winner back in office before it is too late !

      6. You are so right Mike. Can’t believe there are so many stupid people in this country that would vote Biden into office. Still will never believe that 80 million people voted for him. God Help Us All.

        1. Trump had about 80 million votes, not Biden. That is where the voting fraud comes in ! There needs to be a re-count by our military.

      1. One positive my dear is that u r not by yourself!!! This is the saddest time of all my 67 years and unfortunately only stand up/ get up will save us from this shear madness!!!

        1. I have a new ball cap coming out Monday or Tuesday – On the front is a likeness of President Trump – At the top of his likeness in “Patriot” – At the bottom of his likeness is – ” We the People” – If you or anyone you know would like one go to my Facebook page – smhomier/facebook – It will be in PuzzlePicsby Steve. Trump will be back.

        2. This is the worst time in my life of 86 years ! Never before have we had all the corruption, lies, censorship as we are having now.
          Maybe it IS time for a civil war to clean out the vermin and start over again !

      2. Me too! Trump is the only one who can save our country hence the reason the Demonrats are so afraid of him. They are so full of hate it is unbelievable.

      1. hopefully waking up Sir Han Sir Han. We need several more of them to deal with the Shit the dumocrats stole from us.

        1. Don’t wait arm your self the shit is going to hit the fan soon. Why do you think somebody put all them body bags FEDEX put out. Not for the Chinaman flu. No they are getting ready for the fight thats coming soon. Open the door to a trap keep jobbing a BOB CAT in it whit a sharp stick and after a while he’s going bite your ass.

    4. I think that was the plan all along and Creepy Joe knew it. The Democraps knew they could never get Kamala elected because of her extreme views and heartless stance on post birth abortion and other such atrocities. The plan was to bring Joe out of the basement and say everything he was told to say, then have him resign and then we get that disgusting excuse for a human being in the Oval Office.

      1. That’s right. Harris didn’t quit the primaries (that she could never win) because of money or any other excuse she used. The Pelosi’s gang told her to quit because they already planned to make her VP. They think we’re all stupid.

    5. Would the Governor’s of the pipeline states just sign Executive Orders and start the pipeline again, Grow a backbone
      This is the American people not what some dictator wants
      Sign the EO come on!

      1. It’s time ‘WE THE PEOPLE” grow a spine and tell this GESTAPO GOVERNMENT we will not bow down and go quietly to the furnaces as the JEWS.
        It’s also time our police and military let it be known they Support the People of this Republic and Obey the CONSTITUTION which they Swore to Uphold and Are Not
        Beholding to this Illegal Government and those listed in afore comment by Mr. Mike Cieslak.

      2. I am for that! Hope it happens! When I first heard of all those people with all their training and expertise and their devotion to working in their country just like Americans have always done! LOST THEIR LIVIHOOD! Some of them possibly pg and with small children. All their American dreams blown away with the stroke of a pen! HORRIBLE!!! I cried so hard and it makes one realize do NOT TAKE ANY THING FOR GRANTED! PRAY!!!

    6. All of you that voted Democrat should be very ashamed. Not just for voting for him but for allowing the Democrats to rigged the election.
      Joe Biden is a crook and his entire family are criminals. In fact, if you look at those leading the Democratic Party, they are corrupt also. People like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and many others make the Mafia look like choir boys.
      Wake up people, please?

      1. I felt safe and cared about when President Trump was in office. Now I wake up every day fearing for our country and ourselves as we watch our freedoms being taken away. Of course, the Democrats will keep their rights at the expense of the rest of us. Shame on them! And shame on the Republicans for letting this happen.

      2. Mike u r so right. Obama is in with that mix. The impeachment failed those Republican that said yes to impeach should hang their heads in shame. The so called evidence the dems had was changed, wording dates. Is this allowed in a court of law. BLM and antifa really need to be stopped. Those riots over the summer were out of control. The dem mayors told police to back down. What a disgrace.

        1. Obama was the worst president ever!!!! Those Republican’s are back stabbers and two faced and disloyal and traitors! We can not vote them in ever again! I point my finger at them SHAME SHAME!

        1. We all still waiting for the completed investigations of the lap tops to get the results that would be part of the RECALL ON biden! Kick him out ! Crawling! What a bunch of crooked slime! I am embarrassed they are in office! THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!

    7. But you know what, Americans voluntarily screwed them selves. The MSM ,with their constant drum beat..Trump bad…convinced the ignorant & the “Privileged” liberals. THEY didn’t really vote for Biden or Harris, they simply voted against Trump. By the time 2022 rolls around and the mid terms become all the rage, I truly hope the American voter has had enough of the swamp’s destruction of our country and votes them all out.. on both sides of the isle. 2024 will be the TELL, freedom or dictatorial socialism , recovery or zero hope of America’s return to GREATNESS. Harris is so full of her self and so convinced that she will become president ,she is already taking liberties. If that trend continues, Biden might just as well continue to play games with his grand daughter because in Harris’s eyes he no longer matters. More than likely, in the eyes of Washington D.C , Biden never mattered, he is just a means to an end…putting a woman, a socialist/communist America hating president hell bent on turning America into the next rat hole Venezuela.

      1. Less than two months in and China Joe is MIA. Don’t you all feel comfortable with a senile old man playing video games for children designed for five and above instead of taking calls from world leaders? I know if I were either Macron or Trudeau I’d love a good talking to by Dolly Round-Heels, it’s not every day you can be lectured by someone that knows nothing about anything. We’re in trouble folks people are dying, recovery from severe weather is being ignored, all the while China Joe is destroying jobs and feeding the Taliban and Iran. We’re in a world of trouble with Biden in office, Rome had Nero the fiddler, and we have, Joey the Mario addict. I wonder when he will graduate to Space Invaders, not for sometime that game is for 12 and up.

    8. Both are unqualified, incompetent and corrupt. This administration is an embarrassment. The Free World is ashamed for us.

    9. Or if neither one Biden or Kamala Harris, it could be Nancy puklosi. I think she come next after Harris.
      They all make me sick. I will never know why they voted for Biden in the first place. they knew they democrats would be doing all this sto our country. We need President Trump back!!!!

    10. First of all: More than 60,000 Americans have died from coronavirus during the initial weeks of the “Biden” administration. It does not mean a damn thing as NO one can stop this nasty flu that kills. No one can stop that, so get off that train. As for the rest I predicted that Biden wouldn’t last 4 weeks and looks like I’m right. After Biden followed his master’s orders to sign all the executive orders placed, in front of him, without reading, to “wipe out” Trump’s attempt to put America first actions, now he can sleep and let Harris and the rest of the hate filled, self-centered, lying Democrats to continue to destroy America. The world is ignoring America because of Biden reversing the Foreign policies that had America leading the allies toward a more stable peace. Then will continue but without America’s president Biden as they do not consider him a leader in any sense. If you not believe it research it yourself.


    11. This little game “BYE-DON” is playing is rapidly coming to an end. I predict by the summer Kamala will be the next POS. Get ready for another disaster!

    12. No that’s Joe and Ho. They’re the guys now and we are getting what we deserve. Welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist States of America

    13. Think we all know that Biden is incapable of making his “rational” decisions with out the help of Obama & Soros they are pulling the strings & Biden is merely repeating the actions they want.

      1. nothing more
        Soro’s is the puppet master while Obama is the thief and Susan Rice is mastering the lye to the MSM
        totally a shame
        America watch out CIVIL War is a comin!

    14. Well, Betty Compton, there are people who wanted Biden. They voted for Biden. Now they have Biden. They got their way and will have to live with what they’ve done to help destroy our free country. Obviously you don’t like it, I don’t like it and we’ll have to wait and see how well those idiots who voted for brain dead Biden like it. I’d be willing to bet they’ll be the ones who scream loudest when it’s too late and they realize they’re living in a communist dictatorship.

    15. I totally agree. He is not able to think much less make a decision about our country. Why is he still in office. I see the signs, my mother had the same problems he is having. It only gets worse.

    16. Thank you for your comments. It is an absolutely preposterous and catastrophic situation. Who would believe that the election would be rigged and a puppet would be put in place of the President of the United States?

    17. I agree with you Betty. To think that anyone would vote for either of those losers is astounding! Any person that thought that Joe Biden and LaKamala Harris would run and represent the US better than President Trump should be locked in some asylum some where. The Demoncrats rigged and stole the election but the worst part is that there are as many crooked Republicans in Washington as there are Demoncrats.

      1. So very true, Bruno !
        I think it is time to do some serious housecleaning and get rid of all the
        ” weaklings ” and start all over.

    18. They are frauds they never won by real votes by the American citizens they cheated and we should never stand for this to go on. We need to demand transparency of these voting machines and all ballots because we can’t let this go or they will keep cheating Democrats in.

    19. WE are being converted from a democratic free republic to a totalitarian dictator dominated one party rule just like Russia and China and Iran. This is happening right before our eyes DAILY! Where are the representatives that Americans elected to protect our freedoms and not allow anti-American anti-freedom dictators to take over America????? Who will fight for freedom, love of constitution and bill of rights for Americans? I voted and that is all that I legally can do. I voted for President Trump because of his America first policies that are for all Americans-against dictatorship. Help us!!!

    20. maybe the people of our country will rise up and forceably remove these communist democrats in Congress from power !! the democrats are trying to destroy our economy to install socialism and pushing us to the brink of Civil War

    21. It’s so amazing how the Democrats acted before, saying that President Trump was not fit to hold office. The Doctor who attended President Trump said that Trump wad fitted to hold office. The Democrats knew about Biden’s dementia, but they hired him in the basement and protected him, so that people wheren’t notice it. But many of us knew about it. But that didn’t stop the Democrats to put a dementia in office. He didn’t won the election, but were stolen from President Trump. They can’t denied as much as they want, but people knows and never will be forgotten. What did President Trump do to them that they hate him so much? The Democrats from the beginning start the name calling and trying to remove him enen when he was not swearing yet! Yes becareful, to much hate is like cancer that eat from the inside out.

    22. Dear Betty, Obama is pulling the strings for the pervert biden, he chose camel hair to be the vice -president and he knows the idiot will not last long in the presidential position and camel hair will be the (god forbid) president of the US. Obama hates America like his mother & grandparents did. I really believe these people are being paid by outside interest to destroy America… if not where did all their millions come from??? God help us!!!!

    23. I knew as most of you knew Biden was just a PUPPET and OBOMA is the PUPPETEEEEEEER. Dems wanted to be the first party to have a Female Pres.. Rc

    24. I think that you mean 8 years followed by at least another 8 years of Democratic leadership. The disasterous republican administrations of George HW, Little Georgie and the Donny the seditionist should be enough evidence that repuglickins are not capable, competent nor do they have the best interests of the country anywhere in their top 10.
      Say what you will about Joe Biden and I’m sure that you will, but he made a fool out of Fat Donny every time that they met and has, to date, done more to reverse the destruction of the nation under Donny the Loser and get the nation back on its feet faster than even Fat Donny could ruin it.

    25. I absolutely agree. So where are we headed is the real question. It appears Harris is just another Soros puppet as are most of the Demon-rat politicians in official status anyway. So is Soros secretly running this country after all? That would not be a surprise at all, unfortunately.

  1. Every night I say my prayers that our President Trump has a wonderful plan. Logic tells you these two idiots can’t stay in office. Between the both of them they couldn’t fry an egg. Our fate is in GODS hands, hopefully we won’t have to learn mandarin, and as I see it biden needs to be in a nursing home. Pretty sure he can’t find his ass even if he had a map. People pray frequently, our country is floundering. Thanks China for putting a jack ass in office

    1. Patti…you have stated the situation very well. I have to keep reminding myself that God is indeed in control.

        1. What is going on in Washington right now makes Qanon seem very plausible. Initially I found some of the information outrageous in idea and content but, what is happening in DC currently makes Qanon theories very logical.

    2. Can’t you get this message into the mainstream media? This is exactly what we all knew would happen.
      The US’s position on the world scene has taken a huge it. Now would be the perfect time for our enemies to strike, and it wouldn’t have to be a bomb, they could up cyberattacks, an EMP burst or increase terrorist activity on our soil.
      More people need to understand who is really I charge!!!

    3. Patti, couldn’t have said it better myself! It is becoming more and more difficult to keep my cool when the subject of the stolen election, or the shadow govt. or any of the idiots that you mentioned comes up! I also pray daily for our people and country and OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY! I PRAY THAT GOD SAVES US FROM SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM, whichever their plan is! Yes, joe china is not running anything, he is a puppet for the left, can’t even read the teleprompter correctly, etc. Disgusting, disgraceful that our election was stolen and even more scary that they plan to put a bill forth making it legal to fix elections! I’m sure I’m not saying anything that any intelligent person doesn’t know, but at least we can vent here, so far! Then there is the open boarders, illegal aliens allowed in, (btw i just read they will get china virus vaccines before the American citizens! Pulling a large scale Cuomo failure on us!)

      1. Don’t get me started on the borders. Those people trying to come into the us. They will live off the government, sell drugs to make a living, crime will go up. TO THE BUSINESS OWNETS THAT HIRE THEM AND PAY UNER THE TABLE. WHAT A DISGRACE. THE PEOPLE THAT GIVE THEM A PLACE TO LIVE WITHOUT CHECKING ON CITIZENSHIP , WHAT A DISGRACE. GOD BLESS THE POLICE. DEfund the police, what a disgrace.

    4. They put Biden in office so communists can take over completely. Remember long ago, it was said they’d never beat us in a war; they’d do it FROM THE INSIDE.


        1. It’s so amazing how the Democrats acted before, saying that President Trump was not fit to hold office. The Doctor who attended President Trump said that Trump wad fitted to hold office. The Democrats knew about Biden’s dementia, but they hid him in the basement and protected him, so that people wouldn’t notice it. But many of us knew about it. But that didn’t stop the Democrats to put a dementia in office. He didn’t won the election, but were stolen from President Trump. They can’t denied as much as they want, but people knows and never will be forgotten. What did President Trump do to them that they hate him so much? The Democrats from the beginning start the name calling and trying to remove him even when he was not swearing yet! Yes becareful, to much hate is like cancer that eat from the inside out.

    5. Patty. In prayer. Many service attended all pray for our country and say we have had Great Country and don’t know where we are going. But remember this is not our home. President Trump loved this country and american’s he protected us with a wall and closed border. economy good .Now you know thee evil side we are facing. Blessing to you. stay safe.

    6. Patti campbell i love your statement he could not find his ass with a map???.
      Just look at the senile crook looking at the pens before he signs the EO im sure treasonous Fat Barr is making them up for the kenyan citizen? HOW COULD OBUMMER HAVE 2 JOBS THE THIRD TERM PRESIDENT AND ALSO A SUPREME COURT JUDGE. IS HE GETTING PAID FOR BOTH JOBS ALSO ???

    7. All three of them, Biden, Harris and Pelosi, ( they don’t know the difference between their ASS HOLE and a HOLE IN THE GOUND ) I haven’t yet seen a SMART DEMOCRAT! Obama is trying to get out from a HOLE, is it his ASS HOLE OR A HOLE IN THE GROUND? if he is smart, it is called retirement HOLE !!!

    8. We all still waiting for the completed investigations of the lap tops to get the results that would be part of the RECALL ON biden! Kick him out ! Crawling! What a bunch of crooked slime! I am embarrassed they are in office! THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!

    9. A nursing home for Biden? I think not. He should be chased down with a couple of guys with nets and put in a rubber room somewhere.

    10. AMEN to all that , Patti !
      I agree that Biden needs to be in a nursing home !
      What a piece of work ! GRRR !

    11. Fat Donny the loser does not have a plan for the country. He never did. His plan was to promote and to profit Fat Donny. You have already proven that logic is not in your wheel house so stop trying to appeal to it. What those in contact with reality will see now is the same thing that was seen when Obama took up the near world wide catastrophe left by Little Georgie. That is a bunch of the voluntarily ignorant people screaming, crying and whining to anyone who would listen about the horrible man in the White House while enjoying the economy that he created from a near 1929 scenario to the longest running streak of prosperity in the nation’s history.
      Try not to enjoy the return to a time of prosperity, sanity and respect and without the pandemic that One Term Donny allowed to sweep across the nation that has already taken over ONE HALF MILLION fellow Americans from families and loved ones.

  2. We told you so. You sure go the USA in a big trouble.
    Biden was senile when he ran, he Dem. tell stores all the time,
    I don’t understand how he got in
    and that goes for Kamala,
    We just got to get him out, now, don’t wait until we get in more trouble.
    we don’t need a war, but he will put us in one.
    I pray every night that you Dem. say the truth and let the sick man go

    1. We Republicans knew this was going to happen. Between the stolen election and brainwashed well meaning Democrats, this is what we got!! GOD HELP US!!

      1. Every EO Biden has signed is to harm America and Americans! Not one thing positive for us! Impeach Biden/Harris, the entire Administration! God Bless America! God help us all! We need you!

          1. God will always be “in charge”. If you read Revelations, I believe everything that is going on right now has already been predicted in the Bible. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. TRUST GOD. HE is the only ONE who is trustworthy.

        1. I totally agree with everything you said. The whole country, both parties, know Biden/Harris can’t be in charge. This is technically Obama’s third term. Impeach them all!

      2. what i cannot comprehend …. i am an accountant …… is how Biden received 11,000,000MORE votes than Reagan did when he carried 49 STATES?????`

        1. in 6 VERY key States, that Biden “won” there were more votes counted than there are REGISTERED voters… is that possible, unless the voting was crooked?

          1. You must remember Biden took states That were controlled by the illegal voting machines, illegal mail in ballots. When Trump chose to challenge the votes it was with in counties in the state or mostly democratic with democratic judges. So of course they’re going to back the vote tally. Everyone was prepaid for Trump to respond with a recount. They all know he’s a very smart man. Who isn’t in the habit of Losing.
            But as I stated earlier we must all be prepared to do whatever we are asked to do when God is ready to take control of trumps followers. As I said we may be asked to fall to our knees and pray or we may be asked to take up arms and fight for what is rightfully ours and put an end to the destruction and the takeover of his country. Our country a country that is “One Nation Under God” Indivisible With Liberty and Justice for all.
            Because “We are his People”


      1. Thank God somebody gets it! What part of they all have to go does everyone not get? It’s like going to the Dr and he tells you were going to cut out the big tumer but not worrie about the other ones and we’re going to take our time . I’m more discussed with the week Republicans who can’t even point out or impeach Biden Harras for crimes against humanity. Did everyone forget what Camel said this Summer about the Riots. “That they won’t stop and should not stop!” Talk about enciting a riot in many city’s for months. That is the tip of the ice Berg ! Both parties need to go ! Any idiot can see what’s going on here! Oh the Republicans are on constant defence ? They never ever play offence if they do it’s laughable! Wake Up People the only chance we have is to physically take Washington back . Then start fresh in Kansas the center of our country ! Our military will back us ,they should areesst everyone in DC! They are ignoring the biggest threat to US! As well as there oath. Why does anyone take an oath anyway ? It’s a slap in the face knowing they have no intentions of upholding that oath . From judges on up ! They all must go !

        1. It looks like the Military is now part of the Swamp. Obama put many of his favorites in high places and it looks like they are not on the side of the American People. America is now failing fast and only God can help us.

      2. Most of the Trump supporters agree with your “throw them all out and put in Patriots” statement but it is going to take an organized effort. It would be great but I doubt it will be brought to fruition.

      3. Praise God ! You not the nail on the head.

        Hell,just make the all go to church.Demons hate God.

        Have them listen to the National Anthem .They hate that.

        Let them all sit in the middle surrounded by virus victims,since they created it.They would have no way of slithering out.

        I keep saying the Military have all the power,not the demonratz.

        What goes around comes around.
        They are more then happy to accommodate the Chinese and other of our enemies.
        Want to hear a secret?

        When those countries move in on us,the Demonratz are useless.

        I will be dancing when that happens

      4. I know a good way to get unAmerican Congressmen and women out of office: no pay, same healthcare as we the people, no perks after they leave office. Of course it will never happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

      5. Why would anyone in there right mind would have voted for Joe Biden ? You could tell he has dementia even prior to him getting elected in office.Everyone knows they cheated . Our country is turning in to a third world country with the people in office at present . Don’t people know that the Democratics are EVIL .

    3. If Mr Biden goes to the nursing home then Ms Harris takes over and that is far worse. Impeach both of them! Get the SCOTUS on voter fraud. It is all out there in the open. Get er’ done!

      1. Sounds like the greatest thing I’ve heard .
        Draining the swamp ,scrubbing it with high power germ cleaner,scrub with bleach.
        Then that might remove some of their stench.

        Scotos,president,vice president,speaker of the house, and the majority of the government stinks

    4. From the structure of your comment it would not be unrealistic for you to check yourself in for a dementia evaluation yourself.

  3. Can someone please explain why the fence at the White House and razor wire but our borders are open for all the crimes to come in oh not to mention the guard ! Looks like they are getting ready for communism to be the way of this great nation!

      1. Barbara one of my best friends dating back to our joint school days is Dominick Schiavo. We attended Our Lady of Solace school and he now lives in Florida and wonder if your related

    1. Well think about it logically.
      They rigged election results ,degraded our actual President,tried impeaching on trumped up charges,stopped the border wall.

      Hell their own party hates them.

      Now they know everyone’s out after their blood .
      Well,boo hoo hoo !
      They created the mess now go into underground bunkers,have military (they hate), fences and barbed wire fences.

      Hmmm! Could they wrap all their brains togethdr,get half a brain cell together and realize someone is coming after them. ?

      Well that cant be,cause he won by a landslide.
      “COME ON MAN” as senile Sleepy Joe says

  4. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are part of the communist regime. They could care less about the American people or what we’re going through as long as they continue to get paid. I say stop all of the politicians paychecks and give it to the people who need it. Those assholes have all the money they need and still are Brie and want more of what the people have. Get them out of office now!!

  5. Biden’s dementia has reduced him to the mental level of a child, playing Mario Cart to pass time, because he is incapable of doing the job he was elected to. So while he plays a video game, the country goes to hell, and more people die…

  6. If more people didn
    t make this election turn into a popularity contest we wouldn’t be dealing with this nonsense now. Most of the people who voted for Biden did so just because they didn’t like Trump’s personality, not because they didn’t like what he had accomplished!

    1. I agree with you. Trump called it out how it was. He was a law and order president. Harris promoted the riots over the summer. She was bailing the rioters out of jail. Obama promoted her for vice president. Those riots over the summer is showing LACK OF LAW AND ORDER


  7. Between voter fraud proven in several states and Biden hiding in basement rare
    appearances because of dementia. GOD
    is the only hope we have left. TRUMP WON THE ELECTION PUT HIM IN OFFICE

    1. Amen! Trump is the President for the People! He really won – we all know it. Deal with the fraud and put him back in office He is a business man not a politician! That’s what is best! Trumps professionalism shines brilliantly compared to Mr Biden or Ms Harris.

        1. Unfortunately, they own the house, Senate, and White House. We need to take back the house, and senate to get anything accomplished.
          Vote Patriots into office. Only then can we get our country back. 2022 cannot come soon enough. Start now vetting candidates.


    1. Amen to that !! Get our president back in office . President Trump . He is a man of God and that is what our country needs right now . President Trump will always be my president . No matter if demented Joe is in office . We need to get him out of office before the EVIL Democratics ruin our country . I will do whatever it takes to get Biden out of office .

    2. I am disgusted with a lot of Republicans. All in all most politicians want to keep their cushy jobs, great perks, great health insurance. I could go on and on. This BLM are really going overboard with their agenda. ALL LIVES MATTER.

  8. Welcome to the Criminalocracy! If you can’t even get “Law Enforcement” to look into an obviously stolen election, then this is what you get! WAKE THE F*** UP, Amerika!

  9. Conservatives have to win house and senate in 2022 so we can impeach both Biden and Harris. Hopefully we will still have a country in two years

    1. Never happen ! They have already stolen elections! They know, no matter how obvious or blatant they are the people are powerless! They devide us further every day! As free speech and all our rites go away like a snowball going down hill . They have more power every minute , do you really think we have any chance of ever winning any election!

      1. That’s why all the wire fence & barb wire topping it to protect the criminals inside the house . While our borders are opened to let all the illegals in. This is why our America is rolling down hill.
        We have REAL IDIOTS in power.

      2. When these people come over to our country, they get a court date, and then let go. Most of them don’t show up for their court date for citizenship
        It just makes me sick. Biden is changing everything president trump did with imagination. Biden is opening up the flood gates.

    2. That means EVERY Christian/conservative/Republican MUST put their money where their mouth is in 2022! Donate! WORK for the party for the GOOD of AMERICA and for YOUR own good.
      i mean for the election of US senators and US Reps and STATE reps. Work for GOP governors/AGS/S of State in your state. it is going to take a ton money but also a ton of time and work and effort. Every county in the US MUST have a GOP victory office in VISIBLE place.
      start THIS month attending the monthly GOP meetings….. asking what can I do? How do i donate? There is a limit on what you can donate to each candidate but you can donate all you can afford to the county and state parties.

  10. I pray everyday for Trump. The USA has ceased to exist under Biden. How can so many people in this nation be so stupid. so many are educated but can recognize drama when they are in the middle of it like the impeachment and each democrat speaker. God help our nation and keep Trump safe.

    1. Bottom line we need corruption cleaned out of our programs starting with Cia,Fbi,and Doj! Get rid of the top 40 in all of them and start over! Congress?? All Carrer politicians must go! Pelosi/Schumer/Nadler/Adam Shit/ and more! All the backstabbing Republicans that are demorats hiding under the Name! Mutt Romney and others now Mitch M. Only way to fix America is rid it of deep state players and all the corruption in congress!! ? the quest for money has ruined what it stands for! Obama has poisoned america with his Muslim brotherhood agendas with Soros funding the chaos!! THEY MUST GO! !! They created covid to take down Trump and cheat the election! People let them succeed! Now we have a problem!

  11. I really do not care why they voted for Biden, may those who did or took part in the fraud, “I hope all of those individuals suffer the most during this administration along with being the beneficiary of heinous crimes at the hands of the illegals that they unleash on the hard working citizens of the US”!
    If we manage to overcome the fraud in 2022, we must act as “Lions” not sheep and take immediate action to reverse everything they have done to damage and destroy our nation. Everyone must work to remove every RINO piece of scum who professes “they” will do what is right for us. Break up big tech and create a news media company that will tell all of the American people the truth not continue to brainwash the US public with lies!
    All politicians from the President on down should not receive any income as long as any US citizen financially suffers from their inaction or actions! I am so sick of this Socialist’s regime and the press that is shoving them down our throats. God Bless America.
    I truly wonder what it is going to take for people who voted for the Democratic party this last election to open their eye’s? Biden/Harris has crippled our great nation in only 3 weeks in, 2 full years means near total destruction!!

    1. Everyone knew with Obama’s covid they would convince idiots to vote with ballots from fake news pushing it on people minds while bad mouthing Trump on every move he made! Every chance the news got they took another stab! Do yourself a favor and shut that shit off! Dont even listen to it! All designed by Soros to brainwash people! Everyone knew Soros was printing ballots to cheat the election and they put people in place from post offices to old folks homes to poll workers! To make sure of it Pelosis husband with a unknown partner?? Bought majority of dominion stock who owns the computor programs in the new voting machines that were replaced in 2019. It was a planned scam starting 4 years ago and everyone knew it! People should have flooded the voting stations to vote for Trump to make it to obvious for demorats to cheat! ! On the other hand when you have corrupt CIA, FBI and DOJ along with the deep state players to moron billionairs in the tech world all going against Trump make sure Obama’s puppets could get elected it was bound to happen! To many people brainwashed by fake news and the rest got threatened with cia,fbi tactics! Even threatened electorial college women since there so easy to push over to get what you want! All you hear is no evidence and how much do you need! All 4 key states have now proved Trump won there state and electorial votes! Michigan just finished theres Friday on ballot analyst and deemed 177,000 fradulant ballot! Biden won by 155,000! So now you have Michigan, colorado,Arizona,and Nevada, deemed Trump the winner! We have no judges with balls to push it! CIA threatens all of them and controls them since Obama put most of them there to cover his crimes! Your fighting the whole dam system and only way to stop them is get together and demand they get cleaned out! This is all started back when Bush senior took head of the CIA! In the 60’s and nobody paid any attention to it! Soros and deep state been involved in this corruption since then! Only now since we got a real president in Trump that’s not a dam politician did the real people wake up and take notice! Should have woke up 4 years ago with all the fake witch hunts against Trump that there a coupe to take him down! Trump kept warning you what they were doing! Soros bought into CNN and main stream news to brainwash people and hire protestors and gave groups like BLM and Antifa 250,million each! Mee too movement got 150 million! He pays for imigrates to flood the border and gets news to blow it out of proportion! This is 3rd rate trash other countires dont want! There full of diseases 1 out of 3 have aids or covid now! And this pos Biden/obama want to let them in! They know it will cause chaos in america and drain our resources! All part of Soros and Obama’s plan to weaken or take down America!! People have to wake up and do something about it! Quit voting for these corrupt demorats and vote Republicans no matter what! Replublicans want a honest good clean America and stick to the constitution and rights put here by forefathers! Foreigners like camel jockeys dont have the right to cone here and change things! This is our America! Accept it or hit the road! Nobody owes you a dam thing! Nobody needs to take care of you! We need what America is not what Obama administration created with deep state billionairs! They want to open the doors to the world and devastate America to keep it suppressed with 70’s style income! We all know we cant feel sorry for these people flooding our borders, there paid to come here! Less trash for there own country to take care of! We need America first and make America better that ever like Trump showed you possible! Trump was fighting the whole corrupt system for YOU!! While fighting all the demorats and deep state cronies trying to take him down and kill him while he worked for free losing millions! He did it because he loves America! He wanted to show you America can thrive and you dont need other countries burdens and fake programs wasting billions of tax dollars the demorats pad there pockets from! We got jobs back! Cheap oil using our own! Makes $2 gas! Money for better things to rebuild America! A wall to keep camel jockeys and 3rd rate trash from walking in with terrorists! Borders secure and whens last time you heard of any mass shootings? When demorats control things you have shooting because they create them!! All a plan to control guns and use fake news to brainwash you! It takes you people to make the difference and not let demorat destroy America! Forget about worthless groups like antifa and BLM! We dont have time for bullshit! Whinners you cant help! We need America back and away from demorat Obama control or we wont have America! China will own it! Wake up people! Soros and Obama are destroying America with Biden and kumula as there puppets! There to stupid to stand up for America while there getting a free ride for life! These 2 monkeys didnt win the election!! It takes YOU to demand the truth and quit buying fake news created by demorats!

  12. Maybe our President should consider running for the Senate in Georgia against that communist black guy. If he got in it would help tip the balsnce and stop another commie from infiltrating our gov’t. He would run then for the Presidency in 2024 and help pick a Republican senator to replace himself.

  13. Right on, I agree with all the comments above. Because the Democrats cheated on the elections, and the system let them get away with it. It means this once great country of ours will in it’s self become the biggest SWAMP ever, lead by the Cheating Democrats. Nancy P and the rest of their team has got to go NOW. Also the really dumb people that voted for the idiot, are as much to blame as the Dumbo that did not win but still go in. God help the people and most of all America.

  14. Biden does not know what he is doing and that is a fact if anyone who has taken care of a family member with dementia. He is only the puppet for obama and camel hair. obama is NOT a born American and does not care what happens to America. He has made millions from countries who want to destroy America. That is why dementia joe signed all those papers for obama… to destroy our country. This way obama won’t get accused of destroying America…A-hole joe will, because he is the president! I hope they all rot in hell…. when they die bury them in a septic tank…. with the rest of the crap!!

  15. KS it’ll be difficult for those who voted Democratic to feel the results we do, & are feeling each new day, since so MANY are dead, senile or don’t even exist. The majority of honest voters know , and understand, election fraud. ( If you live in Chicago you grew up with it .) We can only hope & pray that the so called WOKE Dems really wake up & see what’s REALLY going on with these selfish , power hungry atheists who are running & ruining our country in the guise of EQUITY . God help us ALL wake up soon so we can do what’s best for our country & citizens.

  16. We all know that the DEMONcrat has NEVER DONE ANYTHING GOOD FOR ALL AMERICANS PEOPLE! Not even in the economy market! Their idea is to DESTORY AMERICA! If I am wrong prove it! I will prove I’m right! I will start at Jimmy Carter term in office. How many JOBS WAS CREATED BY DEMOCRAT POLITICAN? They control both the Senate and House! How many jobs were LOST DURING THAT TIME? Can we say ALL THE TEXTILE JOBS? Move next to BILL CLINTON TERM. After seeing growth under REAGAN! WHO DECIDED TO SIGN THE NAFTA ACT? This bills push MORE JOBS OUT OF AMERICA! CAN EE HOLLOW THE FURNITURE FACTORY? MORE PEOPLE ON UNEMPLOYMENT! BUT NO JOBS CREATED!!! UNLESS YOU CALL FAST FOOD AT JOB! Bush Jr didn’t do anything! Except given in to the DEMONcrat after they got control of both House and Senate! What happens here? HUD FAIL! DEMOCRAT WANTED TO PUT EVERYONE IN A HOUSE THEY COULD NOT AFFORD! Causing the HOUSING MARKET TO COLLUSION! FREDDIE MAC AND FANNIE MAE TO FILE BANKRUPTCY! Then here where the CHRIS DODDS AND BARNEY FRANK ACT GOT SIGN INTO LAWS AFTER BUSH JR VETO IT! DEMOCRAT OVERRIDE IT! This act gave the bank the power to seize your money and RETIRED PENSION! I could go on! But I’m sure some of you people get the message! American people WORST enemy is the DEMONcrat party!


  18. Republicans in office prior to the election sat on the collective butts while this election fraud was developed and did nothing except make noise. Now we find the country in the hands of incompetents and dead beats. Any action to correct this problem will have to start with those Republicans in office yet are they doing anything more than previously? No, they make noise publicly and that is all. What are we to do??? Ponder that question for a little while at least while we still have a home.

  19. Be careful what you ask for. If you get rid of sleepy joe and Kamala you get Pelosi next, according to the constitution.

    1. we have to impeach all three… biden incompetent.
      Hairy for paying for freeing rioters and paying their bails. And pelosi for inside trading. Her husband just invested 1 million dollars on the knowledge of the witch pelosi.

  20. What a joke this administration is, not only are we laughing at them but the whole world is. They are the joke of the world. Biden is a dummy sitting on Obama’s lap & says what ever he is told to say by Obama or his handlers & Harris can’t wait for Bidden to break so she can sit on his lap!!
    Someone asked why do older people dislike Biden & the Dem. party so much well here is my answer. Most of us do not like Socialism because it has never work in any country & it never improved the quality of life, nor has Marxism or Communism. Do not like dictators, liars, systemic haters, bullies, hypocrisy, bigots, racist, people who are so jealous they will kill or do vile evil things to others. These are just a few of the things we think make horrible cruel leaders. Has anyone gotten your $2000 check yet, how many have lost their jobs, how many are seeing our tax payer $$ be waisted on revenge etc. how many are paying more for gas, oil, food & supplies, how many have lost their business & LIVES to riots & BLM & hardly anyone goes to jail for any of these crimes but our V/P Harris bails them out & makes sure they are not charged for their crimes. Instead of telling them all cut the crap, go home bring up you family, get a job & live the life GOD intended for to live. No hand outs, there are as many poor brown. black, white, hispanic. oriental & native indian etc. who go to work bring up their families who are not demanding someone to hand them everything & they live next to the poverty level. Believe me the Dems. are only using you cause they really don’t care what happens to you when they are through with you they will leave you worse off than you started!

  21. Who is benefitting from Biden as president..? The USA is lost….it’s not the same…anymore. The Chinese r taking over ….zoro is taking over…our govt. is so corrupt, they would sell their mother for a buck….they wanted trump out because he was cleaning the swamp…too bad he couldn’t do it. Trump was hitting their pockets. And that was a no no for our corrupt politicians

  22. The second coming of the Savior is very near. There are only a few prophecies left to be fulfilled. The sword of justice is hanging over the heads of the Democrats and the wicked factions across the planet. The 200 MILLION man army led by Maitreya (the great false prophet) is about to be unleashed upon the world. I am not kidding on this. China is ready to bring this army on the world to destroy the Christians and the Jews. The days of the Gentiles have been fulfilled. The Democrats unknowingly are about to be annihilated. Neither root nor branch of the wicked will be spared. They will all be destroyed both man, women and child. The blood and carnage that is coming will be unimaginable. The blood of the wicked will cover the ground of the United States. This is what the Democratic Party is going to bring us. It has been prophesied. Thank God the Constitution of the United States will become our saving grace. It will withstand the test of time. If you are prepared you shall not fear.

    1. Watch all those plastic coffins that FEMA is supposed to have. It might be for the to kill all christians and jews.

  23. Put Biden, Harris and Pelosi out on 25th Amendment. Bring the rightful winner “President Trump” and his entire cabinet back to Washington. Go after all the crooks and family members involved in the coup d’Etat.

  24. Well we told them so now we all know that it coming to fruition Biden was a puppet a figurehead the person really running the U.S. is Kamala but the real persons is George Soros and China man we are f’d

  25. Do the Dems who voted for Biden/Harris understand by now that even their votes were stolen? All this demand for proof of a stolen election is right in our faces as the unlawful occupants of the Oval Office. Tell me again Biden actually got over 80 million votes. Who really placed Biden/Harris in the White House? I’ll hazard a guess that Americans who voted for them were only a small part of that. The real powers who placed them came from the Oligarchy of one world government assisted by CCP, Venezuela, Iran, Rothchilds, Russia & our own deep state & shadow government of Soros/Obama.
    Wake up people, we are all in a world of shit if we don’t unite as We the People a drive every last one of them out of the USA. We cannot be Dems vs Repubs. We must all act as United Americans to overthrow the world power cabal seeking to destroy our great nation. Every politician who does not fight for us is a traitor and ought to be thrown out of office. We cannot do nothing and expect someone will come to the rescue, not even Donald Trump could do this alone.
    300 million voices will not be ignored especially when we are armed to the teeth with firearms the oppressors would take from us.

  26. The democrats have lied, cheated, stolen, slandered and paid people off to take over our country. They knew they couldn’t win an election honestly. They knew that none of them were qualified to be president. In my opinion since they wanted the power and everything that comes with controlling all three branches of government so much that they would carry out a coup and commit treason then I say let them have it. They will fall flat on their rear ends and the whole world will see how incompetent and destructive the Democratic Party is. I trust God to keep the democrats from starting a war with another country. They have almost started one here in America with their lies and gaslighting and projecting all of their idiotic petty thoughts and emotions and even crimes onto the Conservative party. I hope that the liberals have enough sense to realize what most people have always known about democrats by the time this is all over. A presidential election is not a game you play just because you want to win. The election is about choosing the person who is best qualified to do all the things that being president entails. And a person who is obviously mentally impaired is not qualified. Legally a person who has diminished capacity can’t even sign a contract or a permit for surgery. Now we have a so called president signing orders that not only affect each and every one of us but people in other countries as well. Why is a complete mental and physical exam not required in order to run for office?

  27. The book of Revelations tells us the story that is/has been unfolding for a long time now, and I pray that people will take the time to read and study it…GOD is in COMPLETE control and always will be…I thank GOD for everything, and pray for our enemies…especially Biden, Harris, Peloski, Shumer, etc. God knows exactly what our enemies are planning and HE has the perfect plan for them.

    1. How many of you voted for Obama? Because this is his 3rd term and Biden is not running the country except for following his orders. Shame on his evil wife for allowing him to be a laughing stock as if it were in some way funny. She is as the rest of this small group that wants sole power- evil, misguided, ruthless, demented by Trump, heartless, arrogant, lawless, money grubbing but mainly power crazy. This is a group of present politicians and third tier down prominent genitori of past politicians. They look down on we the people -many of whom are remarkably more talented and more intelligent than they are. They need to be replaced with those NOT twisted by hate or false shallow values, stupid, illogical ideas, or affinities for immoral,deviant behavior but those who actually love our country the way it used to be not long ago in days of Regan. Those that share the spirit and traditions of America the beautiful. Those who cling to our constitution and uphold our previous national decorum, our respect for one another and our law and order. So what are YOU going to do about this? A famous patriot once said “let’s roll “ and they did for our beautiful maga country. It is time my fellow friends.

  28. Do everybody in Texas a big favor, do not come to Texas.
    The people in Texas do not want you here at all.
    Nobody wants to listen to a senile mindless old fool and a wh**e.
    We will do without your BS.


  30. So, basically we have no one in the White House. Biden doesn’t even know where he is, and Kamala can’t complete a thought, let alone have a discussion with foreign leaders! America is so screwed… Is anyone missing President Trump as much as I am?

  31. This old Joe could not write 1 Executive Order, let alone 40, so you KNOW THERE ARE OTHERS WRITING THEM and ALL he does is SIGN THEM! The worst ones are killing the PIPELINE, you know BERNIE or AOC wrote it, a RATIONAL person would “THINK”, “You know maybe I should create jobs before I END THEM!”. THEN THE OPEN BORDER was most likely written by AOC herself, a rational person would think “Maybe I should FIX the 20 (not 11) MILLION ILLEGAL immigrants BEFORE I OPEN THE BORDER TO MORE!” These guys don’t THINK they are DEMWITT SOCIALISTS!

    1. The last month Bill Bar was at the White House.,he was helping Joe Biden Wright those Executives Orders, That’s why he has Signed so many of them!
      Democrats had it all figured out before Biden took office.


  33. We are 50 Executive orders closer to a Marxist Government! Who is running our government? Harris seems to be talking with the heads of state? We were energy independent a month ago! I don’t think this bozo in the White House has a clue how to create jobs or run this great country.

  34. Biden is a Senile, Bobblehead with a pen, all they want is his signature.
    He was selected by the dems as a front man for their Radical Leftist policies.
    The dems are now in control of everything including the National Guard.
    They have assumed “martial law” without officially doing so.
    Most of the above is just chatter and will not move the MAGA Movement.
    Without Trump (and now Limbaugh) we are leaderless.
    To date only The Oath Keepers have taken appropriate action.
    Yes, I have joined them and will follow as they support MAGA.

  35. If either or We did not need Biden or Kamala in Washington. We needed Mr Trump. He was A Christan and America needs Our Lord in our lives.

  36. Folks!! We are gonna get hit by both Russian and Chinese missiles!! We will not defend our allies!! We will turn our back on Israel!!world war3 will be upon us and we will have to fight here!!!!! Not on foreign soil but our homeland!!! The Marxist own our country!! They own all media outlets and big tech!!! We are lied to every day!! They are the enemy within!!

  37. I think we have to start the train by emptying the DOJ as well as the FBI as not a freeking word about Hunter and the Laptop which definitely contains the proof of CORRUPTION by All The “BIDEN CRIME FAMILY” ~ How long does it take for our justice system to prove injustice to ALL Americans???
    If it were You or I that pulled this unadulterated BS, we would be in the Iron Bar Motel immediately !!
    With this being said……. Why do we need these people who refuse to do the jobs they are expected to do?? PROTECT AMERICA…… BS !!

  38. Harris just said piss on any human that depends on carbon fuel job. This man made effects on the climate is bull shit. 500 climate scientist sent a signed letter to congress. That disagreed with the claim man has an effect on the climate. Howmany media outlets even reported on this letter sent to congress. All these people who push this theory. You can guarantee this people will not suffer from this bs. Look at clay face kerry. His families private jets cause more damage to the environment.


  40. Sad that we now have a person occupying the White House that is told what to do and say, and that he running the our country by exective orders and Congress is letting him do it. So now we have a country that led by several people that tells him what do.
    The GOP so called leaders say just wait till 2022 and we will take back the Senate and the House. If the commitee that is running our country is not stopped before 2022 the America that we know and love will not recover. The Senate will not be taken back as long as McConnell is the minority leader. He needs to go and go now.

  41. Well let see. If people truly love God with all their heart, soul, and might(like he says in his word to do) then we know we don’t have any thing to worry about.. this old world is on a down hill slide and this may be the end ,no turning around, unless it is God’s will to do so! There is a better place coming , He says that he has gone to prepare a better place for those who love him ! He is sending us signs of his coming, it is all through out the Bible In Timothy,Peter just lots of places and it is real easy to understand! Just saying ,
    maybe we all should spend a little time concentrating on where we will be spending eternity!

    1. Lorena — Just maybe we should spend more time trying to take back our country than depending on our Lord to bail us out. You can sit and wait trying to convince yourself that everything will be just fine and all the while our country is being overrun by communists dirtbags who couldn’t care less about you or me but I would rather spend my time fighting to save a drowning country.

  42. Hi Flyboy 130… all this chatter isn’t going to help us …. what we need is to get organised and deal with the states we live in…. we must urge the Governors to put pens to EOs to overturn the pipeline destruction the senior man has brought to pass…. we are the ones that can take our country back from these DEVILS INCARNATE …. the DEMONRATS!!!! This has gone too far …. and I am with Patti C … we have to pray for God’s strength to have us succeed…get a hold of the local Councillors and get them to sit with the Governors and overturn the EO the man doing Devil’s Bidding … who at the moment has got on his adult “Pampers” and napping away…. while Texas freezes off the map….. remember friends, God is still on His throne and miracles can happen thru you and me….. amen

  43. The MONOPOLY that helped him achieve The BIG STEAL is running the country. Fake News, and Big Tech, and all those in the Billionaire Club. They are Lord and Master. We are their servants, peons, serfs, tenants, or simply put, SLAVES!

  44. The AHIW organization is running this country. Impeach Biden and Harris now – call your representatives to push IMPEACHMENT.

  45. Every intelligent person knew this was how it would work. Its not shocking to conservatives at all. The question is when will politically ignorant Democrats figure out they ignorant to politics the economy and what a real President is. Trump did it all for the good of Americans, even the ignorant left ones. Dummies…

  46. Biden is a VRIL CLONE. He is being handled and he is deteriorating everyday as a stinking synthetic clone. The Military is not taking orders from Biden and Biden is not flying on Air Force one or two. Biden is not allowed in the White House. Everything he is doing is on movie sets called Castle Rock., Created by Rob Reiner, who is now at Gitmo facing trial. Welcome to the real world.

  47. Me, too! But I don’t really think that Biden will be able to serve a 4-year term….by his behavior, I believe he has Alzheimer’s disease, and this form of senility tends to progress more quickly than senile dementia. (Another symptom of A.D. is the patient’s reaction to certain comments, questions, etc. that don’t agree with theirs…they tend to become irritated, temperamental, and downright mean at times.) We shouldn’t be surprised if a year from now, Kamala Harris issues this bulletin to us: “Hello! I’m the President now, folks!” I wouldn’t be surprised if that caused a hurricane immediately following that gut-twisting announcement! That would be enough to make me run to the porcelain throne in the bathroom and throw up!

    1. I wonder what might happen if all patriots simply agreed to a no confidence in our current government document. Agreeing to say no to taxes, second amendment restrictions, COVID 19 restrictions, school closings and openings, restrictions on businesses opening and closings, Etc, Etc, Etc. Why do we need idiots telling us how to live in our own country? If they do not serve we the people, whom do they serve? Just thinking !

  48. No need for Obama’s direct involvement when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Obama acolytes happy to be the puppet masters for Senile Joe and Smiling Shamala. All the retreads from the Obama Administration have come back to various government positions across the bureaucracy and will be happy to help destroy the U.S. so they can claim social justice for all.

  49. Well I have known since the start of the 2016 POTUS term, obama has been the BAD GUY, and was running the deep-state , and now with ccp-biden in office, it is proof positive her his on his 3rd term. And for this he will make a BIG MISTAKE, he will shoot of his foot all criminal corrupt politicians always make mistakes OVERCONFIDENCE is their ACHILLES HEEL . And when soros croaks, his frail system, will FAIL.

  50. What this means is that all of our so-called allies will be shunned by this worthless criminal pedophile and a former escort tramp and our enemies will be catered to. Neither is qualified to run this country which tells you who is –HINT — THE DEEP ******* STATE — with the likes of obozo the dirty racist anti-American and his savior the POS scum soros. They are without a doubt pulling the strings. We may never see or hear from bejing pedophile biden ever again(not a bad thing) and when the tramp makes a statement, it is coming from susan rice(2 of a kind) and she gets it straight from the deep state dirtbags. For those of you who actually voted for this scum administration — you ******* deserve it — the rest of us DON”T !!!!!!


  52. That team of his hiding behind the drapes, are socialist as is Biden, interested in making money but could care less what’s good for Americans, he has sold his soul to be a player in the pay for play game. Biden and his family will ever be know as traitors for personal financial enrichment. NOT MENTALLY FIT: Three Dozen House Dems Turn on Biden. (Big League Politics) – President-imposed Joe Biden is already being undermined by Democrats who want him out of the picture and replaced with an individual who does not have severe cognitive impairments. Three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter urging for the nuclear codes to be removed from Biden as they attempt to neuter the illegitimate Commander-in-Chief before his dementia leads to a potential disaster. In their letter, the disingenuous Democrats framed it as if Trump, who pulled troops out of many different countries, was the reason they were taking this order even though he was just ousted from office. “Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” states the letter, which was led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA). “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment. “Joe Biden health condition is worse than ever before. And now Secret Service agents have accidentally leaked special information about Biden’s health. According to Populist Press, Former Secret Service And Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino says that sources close to the White House have confirmed to him that Joe Biden’s condition has gotten very, very serious. Dan Bongino Drops Biden Health Bombshell Former Secret Service Agent and Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino said that secret service agents are telling him just how bad Biden’s condition is. On Fox News with Sean Hannity, Bongino revealed the following news to viewers: “It gives me absolutely no joy in saying this… He is in real significant trouble. Everyone around him, everyone knows it.”

  53. Biden had the most recognizable name out if the entire cast of fools the democrats paraded out on stage to be their candidate so that is why he got the nomination. The democrats only cared about getting in that white house and Biden only cared about being president even if in name only and they do not care if Biden can ride out his term like a vegetable taking orders from the far left as he pretends to be in charge or if he goes away for good because they own the presidency and that was their mission. It is a shame that ” doctor Jill ” would sell her fragile and frail old husband out for the good of the party instead of letting him live the rest of his life out in a rocking chair where he belongs.

  54. The election fraud cant be exposed it would cause mass pissed off citizens, and so why the courts wont hear the cases. Why you think razor wire and military protection for the corrupt politicians? False security there if the citizens found out they would be toast.

  55. all these comments need to write your state representives. As Christians we need to speak up. All check out the EQUALITY ACT this is a dangerous threat to our nation has passed in the and goes to the Senate. Biden said he is passing this first 100 days. PRAY PRAY..

  56. To every one of the stupid brain dead people who were so quick to bash and insult president Trump at every opportunity and for four years were constantly saying how bad president Trump was I hope this inept retarded person who is now in the white illegally are looking back and regretting their actions and if not they are as demented as Beijing biden is. WE HAD THE BEST PRESIDENT SINCE PRESIDENT REGAN AND YOU BLEW IT. TRUMP 2024 MAGA.

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