Trump Rocks CPAC and Then His Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CNN Shows Up

With the delivery of a rockin’ 90-minute speech on the final day of CPAC, Donald Trump has officially spoken directly to the American people more than the Hermit King in the White House has in the last six weeks. And what a speech! 31 million viewers tuned in live to watch it on social media. That’s not counting people who watched it on the news networks. CNN couldn’t have been happier. They’ve had nothing to talk about since January, and their whole reason for still existing was finally back in public.

I was thrilled that Donald Trump opened his speech by laying that third-party nonsense to rest. Why bother with starting a third party when he is in total command of the Republican Party now?

From the Washington Times Straw Poll over the weekend: 95% of CPAC attendees support ALL of Donald Trump’s policies. His job approval rating was 97% among attendees.

In case that’s not a clear enough message to the remaining Republicans who are not on board, Trump spelled it out in his speech:

“The Republican Party is united. The only division is between a handful of Washington, DC political hacks, and everybody else all over the country.”

Also good news: Trump will be highly active in fundraising for America First candidates in 2022 and speaking out against America Last loser Republicans who don’t represent “we the people.” He’s going to unleash the thunder. Get ready, RINOs and hacks!

Even better news: Trump is not backing down – and will never back down – from the provable facts that the 2020 election was embezzled from the American people. Filched. Hijacked. Poached. Misappropriated. Choose your synonym. Just don’t say the contest was “stolen” or the social media thought police will ban you.


And the best news of all: Trump is absolutely leaving the door open for a 2024 run against Kamala Harris. A lot can still happen in the next four years, but the nomination is absolutely Trump’s to keep or give away as he sees fit. Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem and Mike Pompeo were all given the rock star treatment at CPAC, and any one of them would make a great running mate for Trump.

Whether Trump will run or not is anyone’s guess right now. But letting his supporters know that he’s still here and definitely thinking about it, is exactly what they needed to hear right now. The 2020 election is an open scab that’s not going to heal anytime soon for us.

I won’t bore you with a full blow-by-blow analysis of Trump’s speech. You probably watched it live at the same time I did. Instead, I thought it would be fun to spend some time pointing and laughing at the liberal media’s reaction to Trump’s triumphant speech.

CNN has pretty much turned into Trump’s crazy ex-girlfriend. Let’s put it this way: If the Trump family had a pet rabbit, CNN would have snuck into Mar a Lago and tossed the poor bunny in the stewpot by now.

(“We hate you so much, Donald! Please pay attention to us!”)

Here are some of my favorite headlines from CNN’s website after the Trump speech:

“Fact Check: Trump delivers lie-filled CPAC speech”

“Trump unleashes new threat to US democracy”

“The former president repeated his election lies as he looks to position himself for a 2024 presidential run and maintain his role as the GOP’s kingmaker”

Yeah, that was an actual 26-word headline on CNN. They’re adopting Piers Morgan’s desperate British tabloid headline style just to get it all out there.

“Opinion: Trump and his CPAC fans lead GOP down a losing path”

And my favorite CNN headline:

“Analysis: The 50 most ridiculous lines from Trump’s speech”

Ha! Only 50, CNN? You must have stayed up all night long, watching the speech over and over again, to come up with your 50 favorite lines. Don’t worry, though, CNN. You don’t look desperate or obsessively clingy at all. Totally dignified. I’m sure he’ll call you in the morning.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t pick on MSNBC just a little bit as well. Here’s one of their headlines:

“Trump’s thirst for revenge will be the death of the GOP. His CPAC speech proves it.”

In other words, the mainstream media is now showing all the usual restraint that has caused us to totally respect and trust them.

President Trump is not going anywhere, and the movement is not about to diminish in any way. I don’t know about you, but I’m even more fired up for the 2022 midterm elections knowing that Trump will be leading the charge. Let’s rumble!

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86 thoughts on “Trump Rocks CPAC and Then His Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CNN Shows Up”

    1. Sorry, but there’s nothing to look forward to. Unless the election thievery is fixed, 2022 and 2024 will just put even more Democrats in power. Trump didn’t have a chance against the massive fraud in 2020, running against a corrupt and senile moron. With Democrats and corrupt judges eager to look the other way regarding fraud, how can anyone believe the fraud won’t get even worse in 2022 and beyond?


      2. You are so RIGHT!!! Unless we change the
        Corrupt, lying, VOTING SYSTEMS, NOTHING will change, and we’ll continue to get stolen elections!

      3. You’re right Jeff. We must insist the Republicans fix the theft problem or future elections will also be stolen,

      4. Yes Democrat moron. Keep espousing monster lies and see where that gets you or have you been locked out of kindergarten!!!

      5. America may be totally gone by 2022 .!! Biden and Harris and Obama and Pilosi have a Deep State Agenda of kill America and bring in Communist Amerika as fast as possible. Kill off the economy, bring us to our knees no family, faith or freedom left in America! If possible they will start WW3 and bring the entire World down.

      6. Jeff, pessimistic thought, but could be true. The demons will have 2 years to ramp up their strategy, starting with HR 1. If that passes, all will be lost and we will be a one party, kalifornia country.

      7. 2022 will be the test ground for all other elections for many years. If the fraud is not dealt with by true conservatives and the old Republican guard led by Senate Minority leader McConnel done away with, I am afraid the Dems will continue to destroy what our founding fathers fought and died for. Term limits, term limits, term limits.

        1. WE are the term limiters with our vote. Get rid of all the computer tabulators and replace them with machines that just count and cannot think or be programmed, not connected with internet.
          I know voting is futile if the the machines aren’t changed.
          Why are Dems always in charge of the voting places it is all wrong. Every county and state must be audited every time we vote. Republican or any third party has no chance to win without big changes.
          I am very upset with the Supreme Court especially the last two judges, they are worthless worthless cowards that don’t care if this country goes Communist.

      8. Every State needs to take a long hard look at the election laws, rules, regulations and other practices — we need to have teams of election volunteers who are fully educated on how to manage the early voting & actual election day voting at the polls, to insure fairness and deny fraud. Citizens, we step up and volunteer to work at the polls to protect our own precious right to vote and everyone else, too.

    2. Donald Trump the ultimate alpha male. He is still the American people’s president. We are so proud of you. And love you to. Let’s continue to bring the fight to them.

      1. Oh YES please we have to keep the fight going to change voting ways . Otherwise nothing will be different. The Dumbacrats will stop at nothing to prevent OUR PRESIDENT from returning

    3. Thank you Curtis Jones. I am a President Trump supporter and reading your article is up lifting. Hope many people read it. Sincerely,Winifred

    4. I love Trump too. I don’t care for another bait and switch article giving propaganda air time to Fake News networks. The photo of that scum Acosta should of had the words Fake News on his Face Diaper.

    5. It may not matter how many voters we get for the next republican nominee next time. It’s who does the counting (I believe that is a Russian saying). Also if we cannot stop Pelosi from rigging the voting laws to allow illegals and dead people to vote then that’s strike two against our country. Strike 3 is the media. Control the media and you control the people. The thought police will soon be on our doorsteps and like the Nazi did our neighbors and children will be reporting us to be arrested for any comments that do not tow the Democratic line of thought. I am scared for our future.

    6. Some of you will not agree with what I’m about to write and that’s okay but I think the elected officials have forgotten we were founded as a “Bible reading, God fearing people” and have stomped on the idea of the ten laws of the Bible especially**love your neighbor as your self***. We have legal ways to enter the USA use them. Tax payers don’t need to be funding labs in China with “the virus stimulating money” yes millions. Children need to be in schools and not live in fear. We are falling short in so many areas as humans beings..

    7. Yes, Curtis 100% with you. Look at America now, in less than 3 wks. the Liberal Communist Democrat has weakend the country. Sent men and women home and did away with their jobs. Open the borders to Illegals and disease. Allowed Criminals to come into the country. Taxpayers to cover medical, schooling, and welfare for the illegals and who is paying, yes US Taxpayer. Weakened the military. Yes, we have a Nut Job in the office now. Yes, so looking forward to 2022 and 2024.

      1. and how about this….they raised the qualifications for what Americans get stimulus checks……but are sending billions to Pakistan for gender research???

    8. What steps are being taken regarding voting without voter verification and why illegal immigrants. Is it because they will be able to vote within sanctuary cities. Anywhere in this world the have immigration laws.


    1. Some one……some how needs to get control of cnn and take them down……so bad that they can NEVER return. Please

      1. I agree, so sick of them. And they call themselves a Credible News Network….they were beside themselves that they had DJT to report BASH once again!
        The best is yet to come from Donald, stay tuned, Watch him TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK, GOD BLESS DJT & GOD BLESS THE USA

  2. My husband and I watched the entire CPAC event…….AND if President Trump decides to run in 2024, he has our support. The Best President we EVER HAVE HAD……….BAR NONE……..

  3. It was so good to see and hear President Trump again. It gives me hope for our country. And the future for my children, grandchildren, and now my great grand children.

  4. I love it when the lame stream media gets their shorts in a knot. Since their brains are so close to the back side of their shorts it just makes those puny little things get so twisted with hatred from the fact that he scares the hell out of them and they go against, gaa revert to their drug infested party days of college.

  5. We watched as Trump renewed our faith in America yet again. It’s like when your liberal neighbors poodle barks all night and runs over and shits in your yard. You know calling the cops is useless all you can do is roll over and wait for morning. Well the dawn is breaking and the American people are getting us a new dog. A pit bull (Trump) to help us protect ourselves from the constant yapping and getting shit on daily. Go get’em Trump!!!

    1. LOVE IT!! Donald J. Trump – the people’s president is fighting for us & our country!! Love you & miss you Pres. Trump! God Bless America!!!

  6. President Trump, who is still my president, made my day. He is a true American and I pray everyday for his safe return to the White House where he belongs.
    Republicans in Washington need to support him and his ideas even though the man who is in the office has dementia. Poor guy, he ought to be in a nursing home.
    We need President Trump. It is do or die time.

  7. Please God please, bring President Trump back to the White House, he is the only hope America has ,the whole world is watching what is happening to us ,and are laughing at who is supposedly in charge (AKA) Jill ,what a joke !

    1. I agree with everyone who know 2020 election was fixed before the 1st vote was caste. It continues to break my entire senses to have to watch the evil DEMON RATS have gotten away with their plans & there’s so much more going on behind what any news is reporting!!! OBOMINATION ih serving a 3rd TERM. Calling the shots Old Joe will soon be gone, & America WILL it’s 1st female, woman of color as president. They just might destroy our country before America can get our real POTUS BACK God bless President Trump, & all real citizens of our country

      1. That is what I am afraid of. The corrupt Democrats are going as fast as they can, to destroy this country, & there may not be anything left to save by 2024.

  8. “We the people” of the America we know and love…adore PRES
    IDENT DONALD J TRUMP…let that sink in….we’re not going anywhere either!

  9. Thank You LORD JESUS!!!!!!! President Trump will never stop working for America !!!!!!!!!! Restore to him this election that was completely and totally taken away from him and us!!! Reveal all the lies and lowlifes who did this horrible thing!!! Remove them from their unrightful place and YOUR WILL BE DONE with them SIR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is excitedly expecting and waiting for Americas Trump miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!!!!!

  10. No wonder CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. They need a new crew of comedy writers, because the current ones are producing the same old stale material repeatedly.
    Maybe, they should give Brian “ Mr. Potato Head” Stetler more air time. His nightly comedy routines are hilarious, because they’re so far from the truth.
    Give Jim Acosta a nightly show, where at the end of each episode, he gets hit in the face with a pie. Now I’d watch that just for the pie.
    Have Allison Camoratta dress up in a clown suit and a big, red rubber nose. That would bring in the viewers.
    Since CNN is such a big joke, that their on-the-air “personalities” should be dressed as such.

  11. It’s funny, but then it really isn’t, how the Communist left always refer to standing up for what is right, in the eyes of God, REVENGE!
    This is street talk! WE don’t get revenge because God said: “Vengeance is Mine” so we’ll just leave vengeance up to Him.
    Let’s just stay with God on this one.

  12. Trump is the only person that can take down the democrats. Any body notice he did not age in 4 years. Biden has aged 5 years in less than a month. Trump will drive the left crazy by 2024. I can’t wait

  13. To the radical left – As Taylor Swift sings: Haters gonna HATE, HATE, HATE….
    “Shake it Off”

  14. Thank you….. my President Trump!! The USA needs Donald and all peoples of like mind. The 2020 election was a shame on our country and the Justices that refuse to listen to our complaints. Some one must have lined their pockets to deny our issues. BE aware of the Bill HR 1… that really changes our elections…forever… unless we can turn some Democrats to vote against it.

  15. Our SUPER POPULAR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP endured 4 years of being BEAT UP ON, lied about, made up stories to twist the truth, and demoralized for al the great things he accomplished in his short 4 year term! They tried to impeach 2x the BEST PRESIDENT this country has seen in 80 years. God bless that man for all the BULLSHIT AND LIES that these criminally evil people of some sort put that poor PATRIOT thru! He never once backed down for the truth will always preside! I want to thank this man personally for all he has endured for this great nation! I also want to thank him for never giving up the battles that those criminals put him thru every step of the way! He’s here to stay and never backed down! We need this man to continue his Quest to drain the swamp. That is the only way to get this great country back to being civilized and to think in a NORMAL MATTER!
    GOD BLESS YOU DONALD TRUMP you are the USA’s SAVIOR. Thank you so much for not BAILING OUT IN US!

  16. The only way to describe CNN & CO is to use ‘gutter language’ and I will never stoop that low to do so …. the FAKE NEWS TV CLOWNS and NYT & WAPO need a barrage of new script writers to script their bad acting and bad writing…. I don’t watch the idiots and I don’t read the Demonrat trash that is written in what they call Newspapers… the rags at the checkout counters of Supermarkets are worthier of the Pulitzer than them ….. and that is saying it mildly!!! The ratings of CNN has dropped and so has the subscription of the Liespapers….. that’s what they should be called….. CNN needs more ‘ D rated actors and actresses’ to be in the lineup …. the ones they have now don’t do a thing for the audience…. that is if they have an audience…… the ONLY REASON their notorious audience watched them because they disliked Trump as much as them and that is what had their adrenalin rush through them…. Trump gone and they are in the gutter where they have always belonged ….. Turner’s Cable Channel is exactly what he wanted, TRASH created for wifey Jane… the bomb that belongs to AT&T who are in with the Chinese….. CNN got their former ‘GUTTER GLORY’ for a day with the B actors vying with each other to make the headlines…. the adrenaline rush…. the bad actors calling themselves journalists they are a joke….. I never watch them I get my news from Reliable Sources m, from the secondhand account from you ….. I don’t own a TV anymore …. I don’t watch anything produced in tinsel town either …. the despicable commies make me sick…. they can remain high on their over inflated egos, their drugs flowing in easily from south of border, and their cheap labor becoming in from the same south of the border….. and here is the kicker ….. getting paid by the CCP their MASTERS…. I want them as far away from my family as possible…. good luck to them all …. we should want to have nothing to do with them …. California can drift into the sea and I will truly wonder how many of us will miss Rob Reiner or Robert DeNiro or George Clooney or Matt Damon……

    1. cnn and msnbc and the people affiliated have no conscience, no honor, no self respect, and no virtue. A station which will put al brawley sharpton on the air does not deserve to be recognized as an existence. It is just trash being thrown by trashy people. People like don sour lemon etc. who is just a racist hate monger. .

  17. Joke Biden, pretty soon they will be carrying him to his bedroom for his speeches (that are written on his que cards by Pelosi and Chuckie) Also didn’t Sadam Insane have his royal guard protecting his palace because he was so hated by his people I never saw Trump hide behind the military, all these comies make me sick, remember if you want to call them up the number is 666.

  18. The black democrat controlled cities such as Atlanta , Baltimore, Chicago, etc. will not replace those controlling the election polls, nor will they comply with any laws unless it suits them. They are of the same attitude as the democrats in congress and that is ; we are the bosses and we will do things our way, and if you don’t like it then get out of the way or you will get run over.

    1. Another 4 years of the Democrats chasing imaginary demons-all the while the Democrat party is destroying itself
      with it’s immoral and evil acts of depravity starting with what will be its “Angel mof death” CUOMO-and Deblasio
      The state is bankrupt (NY) as well as the city 9 billion under the water-As well this president should be challenged with the 25th amendment as to decertify his presidency based on his being UNFIT TO SERVE amongst other conditions including sexual harassment charges his Friends in the media .Likewise Pimps and Whores” contrived
      to sweep the charges under the White House rugs along with the Democrats Top Whoremaster Billy-Bob Clinton

  19. Arizona legislators just getting started with forensic audits of 2020 election. The Board of Supervisors have been ruled against by judge. They must turn over ballots, machines and processes for examination. After the report is issued we should be seeing election reforms.

    is just ” LIVID ”

  21. States have to repeal early voting laws and get back to one day voting. That’s a good first step to honest elections. Outlaw internet connections of voting apparatus, and Dominion voting machines. Investigate software used to count votes and prosecute where laws were broken.

  22. You bet
    Fired up
    Let’s open up
    Peaceful disobedience is the answer
    With vaccines we need a badge ..

    Help others herd I’ve been shot

  23. Go Trump, Best President Ever, Thanks for never giving up. The left along with the Media, Big Tech are the most corrupt, lying and evil scumbags ever and the truth always comes out, sooner or later.

  24. This America backs President Trump 1000 per cent , in my 71 years of age I can’t remember one good thing for America or the people the democrats has done ,and to think I was a democrat at one time in my life , but with the help of God and the common sense God gave me I finally saw the truth. They are for themselves ONLY .

  25. The way the November elections were conducted is a stain on our country. More and more evidence is coming out and proving that extensive fraud DID occur. DEMOCRATS continue to deny it and courts continue to turn a deaf ear. Our government has been corrupt for years but this year, a new record has been set. There seems to be no limit to the extent Joe Biden and the swamp will reach to force their illegal actions down our throats while destroying all the good achieved in the past in spite of all the corruption that existed. Bring our PRESIDENT BACK to empty the swamp and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  26. I my self wish president trump will run again. I can honestly reply that president trump had more back bone than any other president that held office after Reagan. Now the American people are being blind folded about our future. We the people are being put on the back burner while this new administration put incoming none Americans first. My dad and dads before faught for our freedom and out rights to vote. The Biden administration is totally distroying.our American ways and right. Wake up Dems. You are putting your children and grand children at the end of the line . Thank you.

  27. How can the laws be changed when those that are the final say-so are the very ones that are the problem? Every one! From SCOTUS on down…judges, congress name it. They are all in the back pocket of the socialist regime. We must regain control of the House but do you really think ‘they’ will allow that to happen???

  28. you have to give cnn credit for being crazy each and every time President Trump’s name is mentioned. they have no one in the Whitehouse they can pick on now, so they have to let that vitriol out somewhere. they know what President Trump’s following is, and they are super jealous of it. so, each time an opportunity arises, they are there to rub salt in. they know the demon rat party is nearly done. the next election in 2022 will show a landslide of red into the house and senate. the 2024 elections will show the same. the old pResident in the whitehouse now is on his way out. his dementia is almost full circle. he cannot say anything without misspeaking, cannot read numbers, and continuously says, where am I??? I give him a month. then KA MA LA will step in, and will immediately get impeached for her role in the bail scheme for rioters in the summer. if that isn’t inciting them to continue rioting, nothing is. then, Pelosi steps up, and is impeached again under the 25th amendment for being demented like old Joe. pretty soon, it will be 2022, and here comes Trump into the congress, and he will be elected speaker of the house. two years later, here comes President Trump #47. what a glorious future!!!!!!

  29. this is way off topic, so please excuse me for a minute. I read that Sheila Jackson Lee, demon rat, Texas, has called for all Trump supporters who were in d.c. on 1-6 be arrested for the crime of “association”. I immediately tried to send her email, but she requires her zip code +4 to send. conveniently, it is unobtainable. I would like to tell her that that is a GREAT IDEA!!!! think of it!!!!!! we can arrest EVERYONE at the blm riots, and Antifa also, for the same thing!!!! we can get rid of all the undesirables with the same brush!!!!!!!! she is a genius……. what do you think???

  30. Hopefully Trump and maybe even elements of his entourage will be in jail before too long. Otherwise the Republican Party and the nation will have to deal with a bunch of delusional Neanderthals for the next four years.

  31. It’s time to set up a counting system to check every polling station, for 2022. Counting all voters in and all that voted Republican and Democrat or Other to see if the numbers match. Don’t rely on the political system to do the counting for us.

  32. Donald Trump, the GREATEST PRESIDENT ever! During his campaign, he promised so many things and made all of them come true. The first President I know who accomplished every promise he made.
    DICTATOR JOE is destroying everything Trump did. Biden is a PUPPET of COMMUNIST CHINA who, deliberately, developed the CHINA FLU.

    TRUMP 2024 OUR NEXT PRESIDENT !!!!!!!!

  33. I love Trump, but I wonder if he wins in 2024 what these morons might due to him. I definitely think he should be the backbone of the Republican. They need him. He has got some good people to work with. Cruz, Disantis, Graham, Jim Jordan, and others. I would love to see him as the 47 president, but I do worry about him. I can’t begin to think about our country if Kamalface is president.

  34. Until we the people rise and start getting publicly vocal nothing will happen and we will continue to lose. Unfortunately, conservatives, republicans, God and Country people are passive and non-confrontational. This passive attitude showed during the election when people were afraid to wear Trump hats, shirts, sticker and just openly admit it. The Democrats will continue to win because they are open, passionate, reckless and violent. The Democrats see it as war and we, conservatives, see it as civil political and governed process. It is not; the election was stolen!! Until we understand we are at war, Political Social Engineering war, we will continue to lose and make excuses. Wake up American Conservatives! Ah I feel better now

  35. To those two-faced gossip mongers from CNN, MSNBC, and the other FAKE NEWS media: I heard Trump’s speech, and can only guess what a powerful weapon his words were! And it seemed that he was aiming them directly at your BUTTS and hitting bulls’ eyes every time! Great job, Mr. PRESIDENT!

  36. President Donald J Trump, best President of our lifetime.
    CNN and MSNBC, poor ugly sisters. In spite of all your efforts t block the Presidents voice, and smear his good name. Cinderfella still went to the ball and the ugly sisters were left out! In God we trust and President Trump will serve 4 more years now, not in 2024

  37. The Republicans need to insure that they are present at each election site to insure that only valid voters are allowed to cast their votes and hopefully we will not have the mail in ballots due to the virus excuse, next election, But if we do, we need to insure that a republican is watching each ballot being opened and that there are no extra ballots being counted. Last election there were thousands of mailed in ballots, or said to have been mailed in, but the ballot had not been creased or folded. How can you mail a ballot in when it is two big to fit into the envelope that is smaller than the ballot without bending it or folding it? All handling of ballots need to be observed by both liberals and conservatives. Should the counting be stopped as was the case in the last elections, both a republican and a liberal needs to remain in the building at all times insuring that no count is going on behind closed doors while the counting has stopped. Our laws also should make it a federal crime, with a lock up period of a minimum of 10 years prison time, for anyone altering or submitting a false ballot. This might defer anyone from defrauding the legal system.

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