Tucker Carlson Gets Red-Pilled While Shopping for Food in Moscow

Vladimir Putin said something very interesting during his interview with Tucker Carlson last week. He noted that Russia cannot win a propaganda war against the US, because our federal government is the master at controlling narratives. That includes controlling the flow of information to ‘we the people’ here in America.

Many of us understand that Americans are the most heavily propagandized people in the entire world. It’s been fun this week watching Tucker Carlson discover this in real-time, as he explores Moscow.

Two years ago, Western nations rallied around Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Tony “Tough Guy” Blinken, and imposed trade sanctions against Russia. Game over, Putin!

We’ve been repeatedly assured that the Russian economy was instantly and permanently crippled by those sanctions. The opposite happened. Western nations’ religion of free trade backfired on them. It makes total sense if you think about it for a moment.


As an example, imagine that you could no longer buy soap anywhere in America due to a trade embargo. What would you do?

If you lived close enough to Mexico or Canada, you might hop across the border and try to smuggle soap back into America. But the much easier option would be to just buy the products required to make soap and then make your own.

That’s what Russia did in response to the trade sanctions. Any product that they could no longer import, they simply started making on their own. And then something amazing happened.

Once Russia started engaging in economic nationalism for the benefit of the Russian people—which is basically Donald Trump’s entire economic policy in a nutshell—the country started to prosper. The Russian economy today is stronger and more prosperous today than at any other time in any of our lifetimes. All because they have been freed from the lowest-common-denominator yoke of so-called “free trade.”

If the globalists at the World Economic Forum actually succeed in ushering in a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which will eliminate all cash transactions and give the government total control over every aspect of your life, Russia will still be free. They have no need or desire to participate. That’s what the whole BRICS alliance is about—breaking countries free from the petrodollar and the tyranny of the globalists that everyone sees coming.

Anyway, all of this is dawning on Tucker Carlson this week as he’s coming to the conclusion that our leaders and the mainstream media lie to us about EVERYTHING. The trade sanctions didn’t hurt Russia. They cut Russia loose from the thing that was crippling their economy in the first place—free trade!

One of the videos Tucker released this week is from a visit to a grocery store in Moscow. If you believe the liars in charge of America, you would think the store shelves would be bare and everything would be wildly expensive, because Russia is so crippled by Tony Blinken’s trade sanctions.

Far from it. There’s a huge variety of foods. Tucker and his four-person team loaded a grocery cart with a week’s worth of food. They tried to guess how much the food would cost, and since they’re all Americans, they guessed it would be in the range of $400 for a cart full of groceries. That’s what I would have guessed, too, since that’s what we’re paying for a cart of groceries here in the US. Not even close. The price they actually paid was $103 USD and change.

In other words, Americans are now paying four times as much for groceries as Russians are, because our leaders suck. They’ve deliberately tanked our economy and degraded our standard of living in just three years. All of this is being done to us on purpose.

In the next video that he recorded, Tucker goes to a former McDonald’s to order some food. All the McDonald’s franchises are gone in Russia because of the sanctions, so now those restaurants have been Russianized. He ordered two cheeseburgers, a large fry, a large cola, and a piece of chocolate cake.

Just for perspective, an equivalent fast-food meal where I live in Southern California costs $18 to $20 right now, thanks to Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom’s economic policies. Watch this video to see what Tucker pays for this food in Moscow. Oh, and by the way, the fast-food meal in Russia is all healthy and real food, since Russia has banned GMOs.


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35 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Gets Red-Pilled While Shopping for Food in Moscow”

  1. Great article.
    Thank you for a new perspective on what is happening in other countries. Rumor has it that Americans are in for quite a shock when the truth comes out, and they discover that they have been lied to ALL THEIR LIVES.

    1. I agree. The rest of the world is laughing at us for allowing a demented man to appear to lead our once great country straight to hell. Actually it is his puppet masters that are destroying us and many people are blindly following and believing the lies they are being fed. We are being turned into a communist country while Russia is becoming like we used to be. And another communist country is milking us dry by demanding more money and weapons. I’m glad I’m old, but have great fears for younger people. Unfortunately, they are our future leaders and have no clue what is going to happen.
      Pray! Only God can save us now.

      1. I am a 93 old widow and ready to step out of this world. BUT I have children and grandchildren. great grandchildren and great great grand children. They all believe the cool aid they have been drinking and I am just an old fool living in memories of the good old days. May God be their only hope.

      1. Why don’t you go to Russia and leave America idiot! What you said was so stupid!! Seriously, are you 10 years old? He’s telling us how we are being manipulated out the ass! And you don’t get it!!?? WOW, what a nut job! Trump 2024!! Tucker YES MAN!

      2. Your opinion only Jerry Tucker is more that welcomed back by many of us as he focuses on facts and truth not political propaganda

      3. kool-aid drinker………there is way to many in America………I call people like you Sheeple…….can’t think for yourself……….keep watching the fake news


    2. Great article is right! Everything this fake puppet administration does it simply gets backfired upon! When Trump wins this time n it gets stolen again we the people will not take it this time! It will be time to take our win by the barrels of many citizens weapons! Along the way we can shoot a bunch of Libtards n erradidicate these toxic parasites once n for all! And definitely don’t forget the crooked judges either!

  2. The USA has always been for sale to the highest bidders, Federal Reserve for example,, no more federal than federal express ,,, there just a bunch of rich assholes that rule the American Dollar, and the price of everything,, you can’t borrow your way out of debt…. It’s a scam ,,, like George Carlin said ,, There is a big Club and you ain’t in it…

    1. So do you now understand why they want you disarmed and they will do anything for nothing to get your weapons? Because they don’t care if we kill each other it’s about us coming after them when the jig is up.

      1. First, thank you for your service and all who served with you. And my thanks goes to those brave souls that are still fighting for us. I thank every vet I see as well as first responders. You are rare and wonderful patriots.
        I think we are headed for a rebellion in this country. The problem is that we are so divided that we will be fighting each other instead of our gov leaders who are responsible for this mess. And they are the ones who have divided us. Look at what our children are being taught? We are divided by color, religion, race, politics , education, wealth, and now gender choice.
        God Help Us All.

        1. That’s the way these evil globalists operate. When you take everything into consideration, the current American administration along with their puppets and globalist allies, are the most conniving, deceitful and evil anti American as well as anti free world bunch of devils that has ever existed. They have no conscience and human lives mean nothing to them when it comes to realising their evil agenda. They are sacrificing America and the free world, to empower the oligarchs in charge of their cabal.

  3. Tucker thank you! We have always known that the Biden family the news outlets and Biden’s cabinet have one thing in mind and that is to bankrupt the US economy so the nit wits like the Bidens’ Obama’s and Soros’ families can live out their lives–they have no love or consideration for anyone in the USA except themselves. They are traitors and should be put in prison for the rest of their crooked lives! Only then does the USA have a chance to stand, May God bless the USA–I hear hell is hot for those who do not believe!

  4. If this is true which I don’t want to believe well we as a nation will not be conquered from outside WHY???.as a military man told me too many guns 350 million people. Most families have a gun or access to one. Tucker,?did you get to a lot of markets or just what the Russian communist showed you
    350000 troops killed in Ukraine no people leaving Russia to not serve in military??’the rest of the world all being lied to as well.stalin never killed anyone I suppose lies?? So what .FREEDOM stupid Stay there in one of the prisons they are Quiet for a Reason, Not FREEDOM ha GLAD Fox dumped you

    1. I can’t believe people in this country are so blind. Open borders, total control of money, food, property, health, world police force, energy, weather control, the WHO UN Organization controlling disease. All pushing the United Nations 2030 agenda, signed by Obama in 2017.

  5. I think us TRUE Americans, ALL Militaries included, should join & bind together to take our Country back from ALL these traitors !!! If they think J6 was an insurrection .. they haven’t seen Nothing yet !! Enough with talk, it has gotten us nowhere but deeper in trouble. By the time they are voted out (if at all possible), our Great Country will be destroyed !!! We need to round up ALL the traitors & throw them UNDER the prison .. No trial .. no Nothing !!! We need to turn our Country back to God !!!

  6. Our country use to be free from China and Chinese owned farms and packing place in Mexico, USA and many other foreign countries we are getting fresh and frozen products from. To many jobs went to China. What’s causing all the recall on food and products.

  7. Democrats and their so call leaders today are what is called “stupid”.Blinken blinks and the world laughs,Russia is smarter and made self sufficient thanks to Biden stupid decisions.Trump is right.become self sufficient and all your problems are gone more or less.

  8. We the great united states of America ** This is all gone we are not the “great” anymore. And to thank most of this happen in three and a haft years.** Ever since Biden crawled into are white house the United States of America went to hell in a hand basket. Anyone with a thanking brain can see when Trump was in our economy was strong and the wars was not happening and the borders wad close and know millions of illegal immigrants was in are country. Just thank how better off we would be if Trump could of been aloud to have his office again ( he did win). That horrible fraudulent democrat crawl-in president that they let in * look what all he started doing on his first days in ** he open up the borders and took down all safely we had to protect us from invasion. * he just tore down everything that Trump had in place so that now – what do we have * a nation that has wars all around us * are food so high that your luckly to eat one good meal a day. * are vets that once fought for us now can’t even get in there own va hospitals cause Biden turned them into places for the illegal immigrants to have. Our states that have a democrat governor has crime so bad that business can’t stay in them. Now we have over millions of illegal aliens unchecked in our country and Biden wanted this cause he hates America and the true American people. The democrats know this, they know he hates American citizens and the dam democrats love this. We need are country back we need all democrats out of all government offices and agencies that’s the only way our country can survive.

  9. Yes once a great nation now a nation run on woke shit and lgb bullshit– this country is now a place that is going to be taken over but who would want a country of ” what the hell are you ” the people “if you can call them people ” are a bunch of transgender its !!!!. And if your not an “it” then your woke- running around looking for things to holler about like “tear that thing down it offends me” — im being talked about tear down that church– look at me im a baby who wants to change history cause it offends me. All this WOKE and TRANSGENDER SHIT is the worse thing to ever hit are nation besides old Biden who hates America and the true American people. I would love to have are old nation back- hell just go back to when Trump was president at least we could eat good and didn’t have wars all around us. And it seemed like the woke and Lgb was not running things like trying to put there shit in are schools ** LOOKS LIKE WE NEED TRUMP BACK IN OFFICE. Hell he won the 2020 election but the dam dirty democrats had to cheat like hell they are the scrum of the earth. Sure hope we can have a fair election coming up but don’t bet hour life on it.

  10. We could have in are nation everything we need to live on without getting a thing from other countries. We could be to where we didnt need know outside help. We have enough oil in our country to keep every person with oil. We have in our country away to have good food for all americans and it not cost much. In other words we all could take care of ourselves and have good jobs and families. But somewhere over time it all got tore to hell , to many people got to hollering about the oil to many people got to hollering about the coal and to many put the Farmers down and now look what A mess are country is in . And to make it worse old Biden had to crawl-in to office. Now where a nation who can’t put every true American citizen to work to having more than a million illegal immigrants to take what little we have. This once great nation is know more its gone its nothing but a shell of a once great country. And its the dam dirty lieing, stealing, cheating scrum bags democrats fault they tore down America. Now i guess Russia is a better nation that has more than us. Its a shame what the United States of America has become.

  11. The master minds behind the “free trade agreements” knew the results would become an interdependency between countries….they called this a “global economy “. Indeed, a global economy has evolved and is leading to a 1-world currency. The cost of this is complete dependence on both allies and enemies. What they seem to have ignored is that the values and standards between cultures and societies are so different that the results for the consumer are higher costs and lower quality.

  12. We need honesty and accountability in our state and national elections. All ballots should be hand counted. The voter machines were definitely fraudulent. Only same day voting allowed with 4hrs added on for convenience. Mail in ballots only for the elderly and disabled. Extention of 2weeks voting is prohibited.

  13. It’s a shame that this website under American Flag distributes a pure russian propaganda. This article is nothing, but pure putin’s narrative. The ruth is that russia is not capable to manufacture/produce on its own most of the much needed products. Most of these products are being imported through the third countries, mainly from China. The quality is terrible, everything is extremely overpriced. russia is becoming, slowly but surely, the colony of China. The only field that is “booming” at this time is the industry that makes weapons/military equipment. Russia has also become one big camp for those who disagree with putin and his regime. Is this the future that article’s author wishes for Americans? Is this website financed by putin’s regime?

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