VA Denying Disability Claims from Servicemembers Over COVID Vax Injuries

American soldier getting vaccine shot during corona virus pandemic. Military vaccination and immunization.

Many thousands of US servicemembers were injured by Joe Biden’s illegal COVID vaccine mandates in 2021 and 2022. A Turning Point USA Ambassador named Rogan O’Handley has learned that the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is now denying disability claims to soldiers and sailors who were discharged because of their vaccine injuries.

They got kicked out of the military after the shot mandates injured them, and now Biden won’t allow the VA to pay benefits to them. Six Republican Senators have launched an inquiry to try to help these veterans who were hurt by Joe Biden’s mandates.

The six Republican Senators are Marco Rubio (FL), Ted Cruz (TX), Steve Daines (MT), Tom Cotton (AR), Rick Scott (FL) and Mike Braun (IN). This all started when O’Handley, who goes by the handle @DC_Draino on Twitter/X, met a 24-year-old Navy veteran at the gym and posted about the encounter online.


The young sailor didn’t want to take the COVID shot when he was serving in the Navy. When it finally became clear that he would be kicked out if he refused the shot, he submitted. He took the Moderna vaccine to comply with Biden’s illegal mandate. He immediately developed myocarditis.

Despite the CDC’s constant lies that myocarditis from the shots is “rare and mild,” the young sailor’s heart was damaged so badly that he was discharged. When he applied for disability benefits from the VA, his claim was rejected on the grounds that the myocarditis was “not service-related.”

How is that not service-related? He was told to either take the shot or lose his career. He never would have taken the shot in the first place, if he was not coerced into it.

O’Handley wrote about the incident on Twitter/X:

“This is the most heartbreaking and infuriating story I’ve heard in a long time. Not only have thousands of soldiers been severely injured by Biden’s unnecessary vax mandates, but now the VA is playing games with their livelihoods.

“Seeing the heartbreak in this guy’s eyes changed me. I’ll make this a core issue going into 2024 and beyond. We can’t un-inject these brave Americans, but we can certainly pay them for their injuries acquired against their will in service of our country.”

Someone from Sen. Marco Rubio’s staff saw the story on Twitter and reached out to O’Handley. He put the staffers in touch with the young veteran and they took it from there. The Senators have confirmed that the story is true. The VA is denying disability claims from soldiers and sailors whose careers have been ended by vaccine injuries.

The Senators are now demanding answers from the VA about four specific questions:

What is the VA’s process for considering COVID-19 vaccine injuries for disability claims?

Does the VA consider COVID-19 vaccine injuries as service-related if the servicemember received the vaccine during service?

Has the VA investigated the health effects of COVID-19 vaccine injuries?

What resources does the VA provide servicemembers who are concerned that a COVID-19 vaccination led to their injury?

Back in March of 2022, we reported on the data that a whistleblower leaked from the military’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), which covered the first six months of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. Hundreds of thousands of servicemembers developed “nervous system diseases” in that six-month period, which ranged from mild to career-ending.

Testicular, breast, stomach, and thyroid cancers all increased by hundreds of percentage points over the five-year average. Nearly 20,000 servicemembers were sexually sterilized after they received the COVID shots. As we wrote at the time:

“11,748 women and 8,365 men became sterile after Joe Biden forced them to take these experimental shots. That’s 20,113 people who volunteered to serve their country, who will never be able to have children now. Another 4,086 female servicemembers now have ovarian dysfunction, so they may or may not be able to have children.”

Hopefully the Senate inquiry will lead to some serious changes in how the VA and the Biden regime are treating vaccine-injured servicemembers. It’s outrageous that they were forced to take these shots, and now the same government that forced them to take them denies any responsibility. But of course, Joe Biden will never admit that the shots were dangerous. That would mean that he’s liable for every injury that resulted from his mandates.

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22 thoughts on “VA Denying Disability Claims from Servicemembers Over COVID Vax Injuries”

  1. So people are forced to take Covid shots and boosters, then contract an illness or disease based on the shot mandates, then don’t want to take any responsiblity for symptoms brought on by the shots! Typical phucking government control over people without consequences. That figures!!!!

    1. Vietnam… Veterans fought and died here in the states for years because the Fed would not pay for issues dealing with Agent Orange…. Several skin diseases and forms of cancer…Proven 25 years after the fact Biden owns all of this…He force fed the military covid…Dr’s have proven myocarditis associated with the shot in healthy people…Every member of the military should have rejected the shot and be discharged if they were worried about the shot…They make a commitment to take care of those that served if there injured or suffer an illness related to the military…

    2. This seems to go along with the news that young people in this country will not enter the military . Gee we are now using the VA to service illegals to provide them health care, paying pilots $500k bonus to stay in the Air Force. Man when are folks in this country going to stand up and take our country back?

  2. Wow….This is sickening on so many levels and needs an immediate and thorough review from congress. I hope those contacted don’t fluff it off to just having a staffer make some calls. I can’t imagine how their decision making went this way. It has been long established that exposure to toxic substances, such as Agent Orange are grounds for a disability claim. From this piece I would think that Vet was eligible for 100% disability, since his multiple illnesses prevent him from being gainfully employed. Also, permanently sterility should qualify for full disability ratings. That’s a horrible life changing event.

    1. How many young people, 20 and younger, will be sterile? When they find out they cannot have children, will they connect the dots to understand the shots are responsible for them not being able to have a child.

    2. This is HISTORY repeating itself; the A-bomb testing in the 50’s, marching our men within miles from the testing sites. How many decades did it take before this TRAVISTY was addressed? AGENT ORANGE, a defoliant used to get undergrowth out of the areas; no military personal to be in the area for 24 HOURS upon spraying, SURE. The GOVERMENT dragged their feet until it was forced to admit it was CHEMICAL WARFARE, exposing our men again to terrible side effects that would plague them for DECADES. Now we have the COVID BULLSHIT and instead of years before showing symptoms it started within DAYS, WEEKS, and NOW!!! BIDEN HAS GOTTEN HIS WISH! He will be remembered as THE PRESIDENT WHO FUCKED-UP AMERICA, killed and maimed the people of AMERICA! Biden ordered, commanded our military COMPLY or UNHONORABLE DISCGARGE!!! So now our VETERNS are being spat upon because they complied to a MANDATE ORDERED BY AN IDIOT! I believe the VA is setting up a barrier to try to protect the IDIOT so he wont be held LIABLE! There is ONE THING Biden, the VA should remember Americans can be TENACIOUS when they set minds to something; History is repeating itself!! Our VETRENS will succeed and be treated with DIGNTY and it wont take DECADES.

      1. Attention Donald Trump has done a good job of pulling a lot of patriots together and he’s done a good job. Excelling in the polls. Great job now I’m understanding that he is the commander-in-chief that means he has the military command, and when did he legally become commander-in-chief and why have these traitors to our country continually?F**King up this nation, the chemical attack against this nation not only is it not been addressed, but the thousands that it has killed and maimed, it’s hard to come up. Why are these people that attacked the United States still walking around? No one has asked this question I’m wondering why it has not been addressed this nation has been attacked, and it appears our country has been overthrown where the hell is our military are law enforcement politicians, all have taken oath They’ve been paid by our tax dollars and sending of our tax dollars, billions overseas but they’re telling the people that it has had their money stole to kiss their ass. Why has this not been addressed President Trump commander-in-chief is the commander-in-chief why are the American people still being attacked I feel like if the American people stand up against these murdering sons of bitches, we will have to fight our own military it’s time for every American patriot to start raising hell and demanding answers. Why is no one raising hail or is it being kept under wraps? I say we’re close to needing to arm up, gather up, and the criminals that we know ,are criminals, we arrest their asses district attorney‘s judges. These people have forgotten this country belongs to the American people. We pay them to take care of business of day-to-day running this country, but they decided they want to rule the American people. I say they step down immediately because we have the right by law our constitution if our government becomes corrupt and tyrannical, it’s our job our duty to shut this government down and reelect new representatives by the people for the paper are we really going to have to wait and see if President Trump is elected in 2024 to take our country back I don’t trust that plan and I hear they want to do this by the book in what country and what world has any war been fought by the book and its time we are given answers to these questions you think about how many years we’ve been lied to by this government, our law enforcement agencies, even our local politicians in the small American towns and cities across this country have been field with criminal Communist. It’s easy to tell who they are. By the way they vote and run their cities. For instance, the democratic run cities have turned into shit holes in as far as I can tell the American people are sitting back and waiting. I say we should cut off the money flow as our right and they’re still trying to get thousands of IRS agents armed to make sure they get their money what does that tell you anything and where is our commander-in-chief, is he really being bog down in civil trials it’s time to gut punch these lying cheating, stealing, and murdering sons of bitches because I believe the longer we wait the more blood from American citizens will be spilled in the streets I say it’s time for some explanations the employees of the American people are telling their bosses what to do and how to do that’s the only way you can look at it specially when you’re lying cheating stealing, and murdering the American people how come, I cannot hear any angry American patriots may God continue to bless United States our America!!!

        1. Biden’s wish is to destroy America. He is working hard to that end. He’s a Globalist. Not an American who loves his country. Our nemesis, Putin, fiercely defends Russia. Too bad our current president doesn’t feel the same way about our country. or, maybe he does. Probably wants us to be like Russia. A small percentage of super rich elites, and the rest of the people starve. And himself as Dictator.
          God has blessed America, but our current “leaders” are hell-bent on destroying her.
          Hear me, I am an angry American Patriot.

  3. How appalling is this! Our servicemen and servicewomen deserve our utmost support and now they’re put through this crap when I bet 99% of them didn’t want the stupid shot but were “following orders”!!!!

  4. I am so tired of these people sending billions of dollares to foreign countrys but don’t take care of our own people and especially or soldiers who have fought and now keep us free!!

    1. And the shower text dollars they’re giving away demand discouragement step down by our rights in the constitution and reelect new representatives who are the people by the people this is our country start demanding the stealing of our money. Where is our military? No one is raising hell.

  5. I’m not in the military, already retired, and took the vaccine in Feb 2021, following what this Admin told us we should do. I developed myocardopathy, which remains and severely affects a heart, to the point that many, including previously healthy young people, now have joined the lists needing a heart transplant. I’m sure many of these soldiers got that level of damage. And it’s irreversible abd attacks the heart muscle. It usually causes heart rhythm problems, such as atrial fibrillation or worse. It can also cause rhythms that are not life sustaining, like prolonged ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation.

    These people should be getting benefits and disability.

  6. WTF?? Biden’s mandates are killing people and he doesn’t want to admit it. What a fuckin’ piece of crap. The sooner he is removed from the WH the sooner our Country can start healing. I knew the VA was bad, but never dreamed it would deny benefits to our brave soldiers for doing what was mandated or lose their career. I pray for our soldiers every day, that they are safe from harm.

  7. It’s way past time to start rounding up all of these traitors to our country. I do not understand why our country is allowing these criminal traitors to continue my understanding. According to our constitution, we have the right and the duty dismiss this government that is corrupt and tyrannical it’s time we shut these criminals down And reelect new representatives and it’s time to stop fooling around this comes up and then that comes up they’re playing us until the hammer drops, and there will be more bloodshed from the people the citizens of this country these people, our government, our law-enforcement agencies swore an oath, and now they’re telling us to kiss their ass we do what they tell us to do. This is exactly what’s going on and if we don’t make a move soon it won’t matter I see Biden being the fall guy we need to find out who’s pulling his strings and cut them sons of bitches, where is our military there is no question that this government is corrupt. They have decided to throw our constitution in the trashcan and leading us on as long as they can where is our military think about it our government our law-enforcement agencies all of them our military they have all sworn oath to our constitution. We’ve been paying these people they been taking our money and giving it to everyone except people in this nation. It’s time to put a stop to this shit who is on the side of the American people are we going to fight our own military along with our law-enforcement agencies? The question is who are we not going to have to fight? I’ve been backing up President Trump from the beginning. He did a lot the first four years but now we’re being led around like a bull with the ring in his nose. I say it’s time to stop the talking in the season results if it wasn’t for all these people lying cheating, stealing and murdering for so many years driving the American people into the ground. I would listen to them when they say they need a little more time, but I’m starting to feel like we are the last straw. The whole world knows if America falls the entire world will fall and What do you think they are willing to say and do to accomplish that you know for many years they have looked us in the eye and lied there, asses off , I say it’s time to stop funding our own demise. Why do you think they’re trying to get Biden to her 80,000 IRS agents armed so they can legally kill whoever doesn’t pay their taxes and I’m wondering how long my comments will stand how many people will read my comments , it’s time to start calling up your congressman, then your senators and now your speaker of the house and tell him we demand this government shut down so we can elect new representatives for the people by the people they’ve been putting in who the hell they want to put in our votes hadn’t meant shit for years. I say if we go down, let’s go down fighting I’d rather die on my feet, then live on my knees. I know there’s 74 million patriots that love this country is time to start calling up friends and relatives, and put together an army and demand by the law our constitution this government must cease and desist however, you say it to American people are the majority we owned this country, not these lying, cheating stealing, and murdering socialist politicians and law enforcement agencies, they swore an oath do you see anyone demanding that they honor that oath no all you’re seeing is we get the runaround and keep telling you to hold on hold on I’m coming exactly who is it that is coming and why do we have to wait to the last moment well they can pull the surprises of all surprises and is there any one else that is aware of the Euphrates river drying up. Is there anyone out there that has any idea what that means are used to say is time to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye, but now I say, prepare your hearts and minds for the coming of our king and reminder everyone that has made a promise that help was coming they took an oath, and God is watching you can lie to us, but you cannot lie to God so I say let’s put a stop to these liars cheats thieves, and murderers. Let’s get our house in order to start a great revival and maybe if we stomp out this evil will be able to change peoples minds and prepare them for the coming of the king. God bless the United States our America. He’s coming told so you can get prepared to spend an eternity with the great I am, and his son Jesus.


  9. Biden is a fraudulent crawl in president with piss for brains and his administration of democrats is a deadly virus that has to be stopped. We need a strong leader who can get rid of this deadly virus once and for all.

  10. Hey Senator Tester,where are you now?? That’s what you’re running on is how you’re there for Veterans. All talk and no action once again Democrats are DISGUSTING

  11. You all must remember it is Barry Baby Obama who is doing this. He is in his 3rd term with Valarie Jarrett as his Senior Advisor. Joe Biden has never had Common Sense and I do not think he could ever hold a common job at any level and makes a good to accept all the blame for things going on. Us American citizens must remember all the things Obama has said since George Soros ensured he has always had plenty of money.

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