Wisconsin Election Special Counsel Calls for Decertification of 2020 Contest

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman (pictured left) was appointed as a Special Counsel nearly a year ago to investigate what happened in that state in the 2020 election. Gableman issued his finalized report in a hearing before the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections on Tuesday. He recommended criminal charges for some of the players who illegally swayed the outcome of the election; called for the abolishment of the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) which carried out widespread fraud in nursing homes; accused the WEC of accepting election bribes from Mark Zuckerberg’s NGOs; and urged the legislature to decertify the state’s 2020 election results, which were clearly fraudulent.

I’ll save the mainstream media some time by writing their lead paragraph for all their articles on the hearing:

“Donald Trump’s baseless election conspiracy theories suffered yet another blow in Wisconsin after the Special Counsel failed to uncover any evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, which nameless experts say was the safest and most secure election in all of American history.”

That was fun! Maybe ABC News will hire me back after all these years. Obviously, everything in that paragraph is a total lie. But I dare you to read any article on Politico, CNN, or any other mainstream media news site in the next few days about Gableman’s report. You know there will be a paragraph like that in every article.


As to Gableman’s report, there were three main takeaways on Tuesday.

First, Gableman alleges that Mark Zuckerberg’s NGO – the Center for Tech and Civic Life – violated Wisconsin election bribery laws under Wisconsin Statute § 12.11. Zuckerberg’s team doled out $9 million to five county election clerks and then proceeded to carry out Democrat Party Get Out the Vote drives in those counties, under the guise of local government. The Wisconsin law basically states that it is illegal to give anything of value (such as $9 million) to any person to induce an elector to go to the polls.

Gableman also noted that the ballot drop boxes that Zuckerberg paid for and distributed throughout the state are illegal under Wisconsin law. There has never been a legal statute passed by the Wisconsin Assembly and signed into law that authorizes the use of drop boxes. It’s a rule that was solely made up out of thin air and implemented by the WEC.

Second, Gableman called for the WEC to be abolished. Gableman played a series of emotional video interviews for the Assembly, which were conducted with elderly dementia patients and their family members. The dementia patients somehow voted in the 2020 election, even though some of them had orders from judges that they were no longer authorized to vote due to diminished mental capacity.

Under the law, teams of WEC members (one Democrat and one Republican to keep each other honest) are supposed to help elderly voters who are cognizant to fill out their ballots. That didn’t happen. The WEC told nursing homes to just have staffers fill out ballots for elderly voters. In this illegal manner, thousands of elderly dementia patients who haven’t voted in a decade or more suddenly voted in the 2020 election.

One of the elderly ladies in the videos was not interviewed because she’s in hospice care and basically sleeps all the time, according to her family members. She’s in her 90s. How is it even vaguely possible that she could have voted in 2020, even with assistance? Other seniors that Gableman’s team interviewed clearly did not have the cognitive skills to vote, with or without help. Some didn’t even know who their current governor is, or the name of the imposter in the White House. Some didn’t even remember how elections and voting work. The videos were heart wrenching, because the Democrat Party clearly abused these elderly patients and stole their votes by casting ballots for Joe Biden.

Gableman also covered other illegalities that took place in Wisconsin, which I’ve written about previously. For example, 70,000 voters who first registered to vote in 1918 cast ballots in the 2020 election. (They’d all have to have been at least 124 years old in 2020.)

Finally, in his recommendations to the Wisconsin Assembly, Gableman stated:

“At this point, I believe the legislature ought to take a very hard look at the option of decertification of the 2020 Wisconsin Presidential Election.”

I couldn’t agree more!

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35 thoughts on “Wisconsin Election Special Counsel Calls for Decertification of 2020 Contest”

  1. Decertify NOW. Indict, Arrest & prosecute those who violated the election laws. Let them rot in the gray bar hotel
    like the Jan. 6th protesters. Free the protestors, as they have/had a valid reason to exercise their Constitutional rights. Prosecute the gestapo for the malicious prosecutions, cruel & unusual punishment, lack of a speedy trial, failure to set bail. Start stripping the scumbags of their law licenses & the ability to ever practice law.

    1. Does anyone still think the election was fair? Did you watch the SOTU? Have you had your eyes open the last year? This is NOT the most popular administration in history… Far from it.

    2. Yes they should all be arrested and punished to the full extent of the law. And not ever be allowed to vote in America ever. Voter ID is a way to make our votes a little bit more protected. Water mark all ballots to ensure the integrity of the people.

    3. I cannot believe that the supreme court is allowing such things in this country to occur. They turned a blind eye on any hint of voter fraud, yet they allow a committee to violate peoples right by arresting them just for being in Washington on Jan 6. They are using family members to spy on family to get any information about what they were doing on Jan 6. People have been in jail for over a year for Jan 6 and have not been tried or that new charges never before heard of are being used to jail these4 people.

  2. Execute them for treason, or let Zuckerberg pay the $40,000 to $50,000 annual cost to taxpayers per prisoner.
    Execution is not too harsh a sentence.

    1. No it’s not Bruce they should be punished for their crimes this would ensure they don’t ever do it or they will be hung this would make a huge point put the fear on them. Look to other countries if you get caught stealing you lose your hand my friend was born in the Catalina islands if you get caught spraying graffiti you and your family get kicked off the island and can never return. So it works now America needs to stop being politically correct and start following the LAWs of the Constitution look these idiots sworn an Oath now time to hold them too it.

    2. People with money can get away with anything. Just look at George Soros. He manipulates election by buying the candidates. He buys the Attorney Generals and judges, and everyone knows it. Zuckerberg is not the only one. Buffet, Bloomberg and many more. As long as it in the democrats favor, nothing is going to be done about it.

  3. If there is evidence towards Zuckerberg’s illegal monies action should taken to court and then attack the local personnel. A financial fine would show the seriousness of violation

    1. I agree, Zuckerberg needs to be seriously punished along with the people from the states that were involved.

        1. The people thar Hillary couldn’t buy seemed to disappear somehow or suffer health problems.

      1. I agree completely, especially the part about the other states involved. Every state should have a special council to investigate the election fraud. There’s no more serious crime than defrauding the American people; treasonous, and needs to be treated as such.

    2. Just execute that tyrant for his crimes he a pedo anyways and I myself hate pedos. See the DOJ won’t prosecute anyone on the left they are all bought off so we in America don’t have a justice department anymore it has been gone for along time. It is however time to hold all these corrupt judges accountable for their crimes of treason we need to start all over again we need to have people run the country because they believe in our GOD given rights and freedoms. And we need to keep it a small government. And we elect the people to work for us. We hold them accountable so if they don’t follow the Constitution and brake the laws there in they get hung. This corrupt government we have today needs to go. They get rich off of WeThe People time to take their pay away Nancy and the other half needs to be removed they are known as career politicians time for them to flip burgers. Get a real job. I am so sick of the left and what they have done to our once great country it is not a good thing but I tell you this I am a Man who is willing to fight for what I believe in and that is GOD, Family, Freedom and country. I would rather die on my feet then on my knees. The rich don’t control me. I live my life according to GOD and his Son my KING THE TRUE KING CHRIST JESUS.

  4. The Largest Lottery Prize in our Constitutional Elected Representative Republic goes to each US House elected representative and each US elected Senator. Since President Donald Trump as the first elected president succulent definition to We the People is located in Washington, DC as “Drain the Swamp”. Their means to their collective ends are found in “Money Bills”; defined by these insiders as “bringing home the bacon!” by their second siphoning of tax payers funds. The grandest theft of tax dollars is via the fact; congress refusal to start every federal budget cycle; “zero based”; their “IN HOUSE MOS” zero based budgeting simply ad 10% to last years budget; any cut of this automatic 10% is a budget cut! Pure Horse Feathers. This process MAGICALLY assures our FAITHFUL ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS THAT EVERY TEN YEAR CYCLE OUR FEDERAL BUDGET WILL DOUBLE. This is their inside knowledge that they will go to their graves defending.

  5. Shit Vernon Jones will have Trump speaker of house and then impeachment of both Biden and Harris then Trump is President before any corrupt sect of state decertifies. We take back the house and Senate this year Trump is been in white House way before 2024

    1. I agree w/Rebecca June Spicer above, we need to impeached the whole democrat Biden adminstration & others & get a President in office & hopefully we can get this country back on track MAGA. Biden is just a dem. pupped , full of crap, a dumb ass, & A stuppied basterd

        1. I agree with Dennis; the GOP should hold the swamp ( an apt label, considering the slimy low-lifes we’re referring to) accountable. The Dems have the judges paid off with money supplied by Zuckerberg and the other big tech moguls, but we can’t let them buy our country. It’s not for sale and neither are we.

  6. You don’t have to be a house rep. to be appointed speaker just a citizen of the United States

  7. I believe that anyone who fraudulently committed these acts should be imprisoned, fined, and sodomized to the fullest extent of the law. Disgraceful. Trump Won. The democrats are money and power-hungry. Screw the American People, Screw the democratic party!

  8. That is a great report but what for? the Liberals cheated and that is true and now will ANYTHING ever happen to ANYONE?
    Clinton restarted the the CRIME ERA and OBAMA restarted the SEGRIGTION ERA and now BIDON is destroying the USA. WHEN WILL ANY ONE PAY FOR THIS.

  9. This will never be addressed.it why democrats so anxious to use nukes. They will destroy us all to save thier plots and keep power.
    We are doomed.
    How do I know? I reported this nursing home voter fraud I observed way back in 1998. Election board not interested. That was Marshall tx

  10. Do not know who did it..but in 2020 I went across street from my home to fire station to vote..as I had done for 30 years.
    Told I was in wrong precinct.that I was in one 22 miles away
    Happens one of poll waters and other voters insisted thst wrong..and pointed to my house across road.
    I at food my ground..2 hours later (because other voters were observing) I was told to fill out a “provisional” ballot.
    I suspect a lot of republicans were also switched but by time discvered it too late to vote. Thier absentee ballots would bave been tossed
    After 30 years this was no accident. I was moved to a precinct that solid democrat.

  11. Agree 100%, our Election was Fixed.
    Now everyone can see our country is destroying itself from within. Biden truly doesn’t know what he’s doing. Incompetent, and that’s a Fact.

    1. Agreed. Biden doesn’t even know what day it is, can’t complete a sentence, much less a thought. He’s an obvious puppet, with Pelosi and the socialist squad pulling the strings. The only things that keeps him from being impeached via article 25 is Kamala Harris waiting in the wings to succeed him. We have to get rid of the whole putrid swamp.


  13. Yes really I think that they will be above the law of the United States of America because they are all a big bunch of liers and criminals who are running our country and we the people are getting very tired of the bull shit that they are pulling on us and we are going to join together and fight for our freedom and we will never forget that they have done to our great country and we will be very hard on them

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