Wow: Liar AOC Was in a Different Building During the Capitol Protest

Warning: This story is going to require a lot of sarcasm. We know it’s tough to imagine that a grown woman who staged a photo-op of herself crying in front of a fence once to protest the “kids in cages” hoax would ever tell a lie. But… it appears that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been caught telling a teensy-weensy fib in order to accumulate more power for herself and her communist party. We know! Color us all shocked!

And don’t you dare think that AOC was “lying” by staging that photo-op in front of a fence. When you’re fighting Big Orange Hitler, the end always justifies the means. Sure, you might think that the only kids that were kept in cages happened during the Obama administration. And you might be under the impression that the detained illegal alien children under the Trump administration were playing soccer and Xbox all day while enjoying modern conveniences like flush toilets and toothpaste for the first time in their young lives.

But you’d be wrong. Big Orange Hitler must have had some children in cages somewhere, so it’s perfectly normal for a grown woman to put on makeup and a virtuous white outfit before curling into a standing fetal position and weeping for the condition of those kids in cages. Wherever they were.

Anyway, if you’ve been anywhere near a television since January 6th, then you already know that AOC has told anyone who will listen about how she was nearly murdered by MAGA terrorists who breached the holy grounds of the US Capitol while wearing throwaway costumes from an old rerun of Hee-Haw. Even the cop who came to protect AOC during the protest was a bit sketchy, she says.

Just this week, AOC made the claim that she is a sexual assault survivor. This is a deeply personal secret that she doesn’t talk about much, other than to the entire mainstream media and her 9 million Instagram followers, guys. But do you know who uses the exact same tactics against AOC as her alleged abuser? Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, when he criticizes her communist policies. And Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. And also probably that cop that was protecting her.

That’s why, from this day forward, no one can ever criticize the policies of the stunning and brave Ocasio-Cortez. Otherwise, you’re a rapist, too. See how that trick works?


But now, freshman Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-NC) is spreading some sort of vicious QAnon conspiracy theory about AOC. (C’mon, man! Isn’t that what ALL Republican freshman congresswomen do? We’re pretty sure they all secretly work for this QAnon person.)

Rep. Mace has pointed out that her office is right next door to AOC’s office. Yuck! We hope that AOC doesn’t get QAnon Cooties!

And now… are you ready for the vicious lie that Nancy Mace is trying to spread about AOC? Are you sitting down? Okay, deep breaths, everyone!

Nancy Mace is making the outlandish observation that her office, and by extension AOC’s office which is right next door to hers, are in a totally different building than the one where the US Capitol protest took place. Rep. Mace also had the audacity to point out that at no point on January 6th did any protesters enter their office building. The protesters didn’t get anywhere near them.

Do you realize what this means? Seems pretty obvious to us: Congresswoman Nancy Mace is a rapist!

Okay, we’re turning off the sarcasm filter on the keyboard now…

Is anyone else starting to feel oddly terrified by this lunatic AOC? She’s been lying for weeks, claiming that she was nearly murdered by MAGA terrorist insurrectionists on January 6th, and the entire media has been playing along with it. But as Rep. Mace notes, none of the protesters ever came near them. The protest took place in a completely different building.

The dishonesty of this woman should be at least slightly frightening to everyone, considering the fact that she is the single most influential person in the entire US government right now. She may not be the most powerful, but she’s definitely the most influential.

Don’t believe us? When’s the last time you saw President Biden speak live on TV? Sure, they trot him out to sign a stack of executive orders every day. But then they quickly whisk him back to the basement before he sniffs a kid or blurts out some racist comment about the blacks. President Biden has been “in office” for two weeks now but hasn’t welcomed any foreign leader into the White House for a state dinner. As far as we know he hasn’t even taken a phone call from a foreign leader in several weeks, because they’re keeping him hidden away.

But not AOC! She’s on television every single day. And she has more uneducated millennial viewers watching her stupid little Instagram videos than the entire primetime audiences of Fox News, CNN and MSNBC combined. That’s a hell of a lot of influence for a person who is a serial liar, not to mention an outright communist who has a tremendous amount of reach to young Americans.

This woman fabricated an entire drama around herself barely escaping death during the gentle Capitol protests. She smeared the police officer who came to protect the Members of Congress… in a building where no protesters were even present.

Democrats are now demanding that any Republicans who questioned the vote certification on January 6th be expelled from Congress. How about if you clean up your own house first, Democrats? Shouldn’t honesty and not making up fanciful stories about yourself be sort of a baseline standard that we can hold politicians to? Kick out serial liar AOC first, and then we’ll talk.

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173 thoughts on “Wow: Liar AOC Was in a Different Building During the Capitol Protest”


      1. Just because she has a big mouth makes her influential? There is no brains cells involved. Sad people would follow her other then to see what stupidness comes out of her mouth! A liar to boot!! Yuck!

      2. Well what is worse that a Demneted Potus , a DING BAT CRAZY Speaker, a Deranged VP??? Oh wait a Parhetic sick Psychopath in the HOUSE…..yep that may be what the Fascist Left (D) party is all about !

        1. Her pet mouse mistreated her when she as a little tot. Then she got a bet rat who would steal he food andnever get in trouble. It was at this point that she decied to run for political office. After all there is no accountability, you lie and steal all day and no one can call you on it because your a Democratic Congress from a state where the better your lying sklls are the further yoi you go. So NY you have a lying littler twit who will stab you in your back and spit in your face. She is an expert whe it calls for her to tag a Republican as Racist & liar. But never believe that of her because she is an absolute Democratic person of honor and you are out to get me. Well for those who screwed the pooch and elected this morom should seriously consider a recall ballot and rid th halls of a big lying rat

          1. AOC tells so many different stories that one can’t possibly believe anything that goes in or comes out of her filthy lying mouth. She makes up 99.9999% of everything she says because she doesn’t know the difference between the word honest vs. a lie. Being from a different country I suppose I’m not surprised or at least I shouldn’t be at any rate. Now the only thing that burns me up about this lying little tramp is that occasionally someone actually believes what she say’s, why I have no idea. She is the laughing stock of N.Y. and the Bronx, all her neighbor’s see her and burst out laughing in her face. If people treated me like that I think I’d find a new job. AOC thinks they are laughing with her, when actually they are laughing at her. LOL, LOL, LOL

      3. this is what these people do , they can’t stand any one who holds there feet to the fire. That is why I do not believe anything they say. I can’t understand why our own Rep. congress believes that Trump is guilty of insurrection and we , their supporters, could be guilty of such garbage. that really gets me upset. They never find out the truth before they accuse. AOC and Adam Schiff and all the rest of the gang should get an academy award for their performances . How are we to be heard ? I will not give up my freedom and My God will always be my God . He is in charge.

        1. I’ll probably get booted off this site for saying this, but who cares – right? These Demonrats are God-less creatures, born without a conscience and without being able to tell the truth, because they don’t know how to tell the difference between a lie and the truth! Most of them are self-admitted homosexuals or child molesters or both, namely Gavin Christopher Newsom, the current Governors of California and the Nephew of Nancy Pelosi, if you can believe it? That is not trying to say anything bad about homosexuals or child molesters, except if the shoe fits please wear it! Just a side bar note, all past foreign world super powers, i.e., Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, England, France, yata, yata, all fell from power once the homosexual’s took over power running their governments. Therefore, it seems to me that at least we need to be watchful as to how much power we allow this new crop of homo’s, less they do the same thing to our country – right?

          1. And. Her lying surprised you? I do not know ONE Demonic DEMONCRATE politician who does not lie, case in point the illegal president that occupies the Oval Office

      4. What do you expect from AOC, (ASS OUT OF CONTROL), she is just like the rest from Calif. Only she not that bright.

      5. She filmed a “popular” porno campaign ad (several) and now says she was a victim of sexual assault ? Bollywood has distributed multiple copies of the films as she “appeals” to the young and impressionable. WOW ! That’s how to get elected with the help of MSM.

      6. Right ON is Paul and AOC is such an insane to all good bartenders in / out of the USA. She will LIE at the drop of your hat. NOT ONE WORD can or is “believed,” Even to call her garbage further insults the many “”talented / competent garbage men / women”” we all know and love for sure. New Yorkers do in fact (along with Billy Wilhelm aka Billy de Blasio the communist) DESERVE HER. And they can KEEP HER.

      7. I’m sure that election fraud is the highlight venue of every Democratic who ran for office ,and it’s horrendous that our party didn’t challenge these elections to the fullest . Let’s face it my fellow Patriots , our Republican party isn’t united, and with that the Democrats will continue their exploits of lying about our way of life which this great country was founded ,(LIFE ,LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, ). Our country is in very deep trouble and those of us (74 million strong ) need to continue to become diligent with this current administration policies and contact our officials . GOD BLESS AMERICA . SORRY FOR NOT RESPONDING SOONER., 2\10 \21 .

      1. AOC is a pathological liar. —it’s a disease and gets everyone they come in contact with hurt. We who live in the real world know this but in the world of Career Politicians, CEOs, Hollywood, all who live in the world of flattery never knowing anyone, ——most of all themselves

        1. your right in that she lied and lied about her past, Family had plenty of money, she lied and lied about where she lived in the in the city, she rented apartment to get in the race in the area, most people didn’t even know who she was, but take heart she hasn’t slept with a chincom spy like swalwell but then again who knows. Nancy likes anybody that’s a traitor so she small potatoes to her grand idea, And like most demos she uses the Constitution like toilet paper unless it suits her.

    2. Yeah, we know, AOC. The victim card and the race card. Everyone’s sick of your lies and embellishments. We see the Democrats, far left, Communists and socialists for what they really are.

      1. why should she any different than joe biden s whole family ? Don’t forget joe was shot at /beat Corn pop to a pulp was first in his class in law school and is the most honest person on earth .Harris said she thought Tara Reed should be believed meaning joe was a rapist. Willie Brown said Kamal Harris slept her way to the top does that make her a women of ill repute . LOOK WHAT WE HAVE A RAPISTIST BY HARRIS WORDS AND PROSTOTUTE AS LEADERS BY WILLIE BROWNS WORDS > CHECK OUT HARRIS’S DEBATE REMARKS AND WILLIE BROWN’S

        1. Wish we had a functioning media who would filter through her background to find ALL OF THE LIES SHE’S TOLD WITH CONSEQUENCES TO OTHERS.

    3. How can you tell she is lying? Her lips are moving. She cannot tell the truth if her life depended upon it. She makes Bill and Hillary look like saints.

    4. She needs to be going kicked out of office now not later. She lies like Pelosi does and thinks 911 was a joke she cares nothing for the American people or America.

    5. I just was unfortunate enough to see a selfie/video she made concerning the Capitol policeman who supposedly was “watching after” her during her tumultuous time on Jan 6th.

      It started with her drying here eyes as she was sobbing about the way he ( the cop ) appeared seemingly out of nowhere with an angry attitude towards her (WTF?!) then got vocal with her in “an angry way” telling her and her accomplice “G” to go to another bldg.

      Not only did she repeat herself over and over and over, she kept wiping that big scnozz of hers repeatedly to the point it was driving me crazy to watch….. and listen. What’s wrong with your nose O’Crazio, been too far up someone’s ass?!!

      She’s a lying little bitch who fabricates 99% of her rhetoric. One can only surmise, by watching these not so artfully portrayed antics, that this little whiner is like her boss Nancy in the fact that she’s CRIMINALLY INSANE!!! What an insolent little bitch!!

      A really, really DUMB bitch. What Alexandria, have you done for those who voted for you?! Seriously….. name ONE thing she’s accomplished other than driving people who DO make a difference absolutely bonkers?! She is the classic “Attention Whore”.
      And to make matters worse, she doesn’t care if the attention is bad or good, but when has it been good? All she does is instigate shit. She gets paid handsomely for that. God help this country, please

    6. Yeah these are the people that would be replacing people like that Pelosi and Schumer from bad to worse. How these people get elected I’ll never know like Aoc and Omar and Rashida. There allpigs in Moral And demonic insidious and evil they make me sick to my stomach they get elected in these communities somehow there are Muslim populations for one. And don’t get me wrong I’m not against Muslims God loves them too but I do not go along with their terrorist evil ways just read the Koran. Well God sees and knows everything and I just pray that somehow he’ll clean this mess up because man can’t clean it up obviously

  1. Soon the bandaid is going to be ripped off so everyone will be exposed to the corruption that has been going on for decades. What brainwashed people are calling conspiracy theories will see proof of the massive fraud that has been building up for decades. Grab your popcorn because the show is about to start.

    1. What about ole Maxine who called for violence against any and all Trump supporters? Why is that not the same thing? This double standard in politics has to STOP! What’s good for the goosd, should also be good for the gander! People that live in glass houses should not throw stones! However you desire to spin it, it’s the same thing!!! Conspiracy theorists and liars, in congress, should all be treated the same. If you’re going to punish one, you must punish them all! That includes, but is not limited too, Pelosi, Nader, AOC, Shiff and Waters!!! Before the Dems start punishing Republic, they should clean up their own house!!!

      1. she is a democrat only they have the right to say things like that ask the lying face book amazon twitter crow the rule all you pee on bow down to you masters.

      2. Why isn’t she taken off all committees for her lying, (America on Communism)?
        Why isn’t Tailib and Omar taken off committees for lying, (Muslims)?
        Why isn’t Adam Shiff off all committees and in Leavenworth for lying at an official meeting about our President and being involved in a coup d’Etat?
        Why is Eric Swallow-well in Leavenworth for knowingly sleeping with an enemy agent that gave him cash to run for Congress and tipping her off that the FIB was a n to her so she could escape.
        And number 1: Why do we have an agent of Chyna in our Oval Office that stole an election and his Crime Syndicate is still in operation?

      3. It does not matter to the Democrats who live in. Glass houses, They can throw as many stones as they like. Because they all live in bulletproof glass houses, Unlike all Deplorable people who cannot afford those luxuries. A spitting Cobra would make a better Thing to replace AOC, At least you know it will kill you if it gets a chance. And you will constantly need to watch it’s movements.

    2. yep…the corruption needs to be brought forth..AOC is a liar and her excuses for a blatant lie just goes to show how she cannot be trusted. This morning g on CBS This Morning she gave an excuse for lying to America. She should not say anything g and learn her first objective should be to realize she needs to stop lying and all her drama. AOC should not be allowed to co tune her bs.

        1. A habitual liar is a person that craves attention. Apparently, this is the problem with AOC ! She needs some serious mental help!

          1. AOC. Or as she is known in some. Republican circles, Any Other Candidate, is the secret offspring of HilLIARy C better known as the Lying killer of Bengazzi. Only second to the Lying SOS of the Democratic Party. No wonder AOC has learned her trade skills so well, She has been. Taught since childhood by her Father’s Obamabinupinclintonsassmowhamedwilldomucharmwongwong.

    3. Little miss AOC needs to realize she isn’t leaning over a bar fabricating drama to a drunk. She must go back to bartending where she belongs!

    4. It’s a shame!
      We have a few of woman that were elected to Congress. “the squad”.
      That are so disrespectful to are country, think only for their private want’s
      My parents and wife came here(USA) and thank G-D every day that America took them in. It’s a shame that knowledge is wasted on the young.
      G-D bless America forever.

  2. She needs to be censored and removed from office for exciting more violence on the American people with her lies.
    She lives by the mantra if you tell a lie enough people will believe it, communist!

    1. Very true and what about what Biden did when he was younger to Black Americans. He did 100% more damage to civil rights than Green.

        1. Your comments keep talking about violence and murder.
          AOC does deserve to be investigated, and probably jailed.
          I suspect YOU are you on the other side, trying to get conservatives in trouble!

  3. That bimbo wouldnt know the truth if it walked up and slapped her in the face. Shes actually the north end of a southbound ass

  4. The Dems wonder why their state has gone to hell in a hand basket. My God–look at the idiot you put in office!!

    1. Big money put this moron in congress even though she never represented her district but rather only herself. She’s doing what they pay her to do. Liar liar. Anything for attention.

      1. Impeachment isn’t good enough for traitors. Slick Willy should have been tried for treason for trading nuclear secrets to China for campaign contributions

  5. I think the REAL story that the media SHOULD be following is, AOC ACTUALLY tells the truth about something!!ANYTHING!!! But I’m not holding my breath for that miracle to happen!! She is a very dangerous person though. A LOT of people do follow her and BELIEVE ALL of her outrageous lies!!! Just like those gullible souls that voted ANY democrat into office.She and many others that are now our government, our representatives, need serious mental help!!! heaven help us, PLEASE!!!!

    1. If her mouth opens and makes noise… it’s a lie. Her parents must be swelling with pride. How…… just how did their little girl get elected to Congress?!!!
      Better question is, how did the moronic loudmouth liar get re-elected?!! I’m calling voter fraud in her district too.

      She’s just tooo freakin dumb to cut the mustard for another term of hate and lying rhetoric. So, she’s lied to us once again in an effort to seek unneeded attention she so readily desires. I guess the moral of this story is….. don’t get between her and a TV camera…. you’ll lose!!. What a dispicible whore.

  6. If she made up this story and which she most likely did to divide the American she should be removed from her job cause as the people will see she’s not the one for any political job like they always say don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house

  7. Its to the point as to which Politicians you can or can not trust, thats the key word TRUST, Politicians are all about total control of the people that put them in office, but yet they turn there backs on us. The lies , the treason, and back stabbing they do to us by letting other Foreign countries run us.

    1. Unfortunately, “u get what u vote for” is now untrue. Thanx to Dominion vote-cheating machines! Ppl in Venezuela R now woke & angry as to why maduro keeps “winning” elections! Dominion again!

    1. That’s right. She can always play one or another minority card, so any criticism of her has to be racism. It’s way past time to take PC indoctrination out of the schools (from kindergarten to PhD programs) and enable people to think for themselves. Too many times “political correctness” amounts to moral bankruptcy.

  8. These people continue to lie cheat and threatened. President Trump’s life. But I see none of them going to jail. But you lie a Republican stub there toe and there in court before it starts to bleed. What the hell has happened to our country. Now they want to kick God out. That is when all hell will break loose. I’m sorry folks but the man you put in the white house will destroy you too.

    1. Wasn’t AOC a want-to-be actress before her current role?
      I pray everyday that God will turn the stones (expose the lies and deceit) of so many Democrats.
      What is the low point is that the Big Guy and Pelosi try to portray an image to Americans that they are Catholics believers in Truth?!
      God selected Trump for our President. Fraud, lies and deceit changed God’s Plan.

    2. Well first thing is our corrupt (Justus system) for the Democratic party. It appears that 98% do not follow the Constitution but make up they’re own set of rules, with no way for them to be challenged. No political or Judicial position should be a lifelong position as that breeds contempt. Even the Supreme Court justices are not above ignoring the Constitution and making they’re own laws.


  10. It’s more than a little discouraging and destructive to think that until now AOC was believed in her totally lied-about creation of an attack on Jan. 6! Given that it’s now been shown that a fellow APARTMENT HOLDER of AOC was ALSO in the building they shared at the time of the so-called (non-existant) almost murder, makes it very difficult to credit AOC’s version of her being nearly murdered by maga terrorists! One does have to wonder though, if AOC is going to be allowed to be let off this horrific accusation without a murmer from anyone? Not even from the police, whom she so hates?

  11. Do ya think ABC or CBS or NBC or CNN or MNBC or PBS will show Rep Nancy Mace telling her TRUTH !!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  12. Mousy lying voice, donkey teeth, ping pong ball eyeballs and ever soooo stinky. Stinky, stinky, stinky. Smart as an ice cube too!!
    (Jeopardy question)….. is it AOC?!

  13. How did this person get to Congress is my only question … if this is the best her voters could do in her constituency then that is that I guess…..

  14. It is so hard to believe AOC anymore! She has gotten like these brainwashed college kids. Can’t even tell you the truth! We already know those old fart in the HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE and SENATE has been lying since they got ELECT! But the people who think they are getting something from them. Keep making FOOL OUT OF THEMSELVES! So I just take care of thing that I need to! And watch these FOOL wish they were INTELLIGENT enough to see the TRUTH!

      1. She has her own Donkey act in the German red light district. Viewed by some ASStute Mulers from ItIrandownherlegs.

  15. That’s the only kind of people that can get into congress people don’t want honest people running our country. Look at Trump when he tried to tell the truth about the pendemic,pandemic, election and global warming they made him out to be a nut case.

  16. We had better take this little Cretan a bit more seriously than this. If she has more millennials following her than CNN, Fox, and MSNBC combined, that’s a lot of influence particularly in that generation that will replace the remnants of what has gone before.


  18. You hang around Washington long enough you become a liar. Take Biden after 50 yrs he can even tell the truth how he fractured his foot.

  19. Why is it that she gets to keep her job after lying about this?
    Isn’t there a law in place or a form they sign before taking office? Won’t she be in breach of that???

    1. They are sworn to uphold the Constitution. I doubt many of the liberals have even read it. Maybe the people will learn from what happens during this administration’s first two years and hopefully cause both houses make a major correction to the right. Let’s hope that liberals don’t pack the Supreme Court, nor kill off any more conservative Justices in the meantime. Why is it that liberals get away with not only election fraud, but likely even murder. Don’t forget Vince Foster and all that coverup. What will it take for the sheeple to see that libs aren’t trying to help them, they just want their votes so they can have control. As far as I know, even Hitler didn’t have to stoop to election fraud to get in office, he was just a charismatic lying tyrant. The biggest difference now is that Congress has a lot of lying wanna-be tyrants who are now pulling the strings of a very inept, non-charismatic puppet in the WH basement. I say we sneak disappearing ink into every pen in the Oval Office, thus making one practical joke nullify a bigger, much less practical one.

  20. Has anyone noticed that no matter what “face” she has on…smiling, frowning or cursing (especially “terrorist” Republicans, she has a MEAN face. She is a nasty bar slut (you can’t rape the willing) member of the Communistic “squad”. Her and Iranian immigrant buddy should both be banned from speaking about anything concerning Americans. They both are just NASTY bitches (sorry to insult female dogs).

  21. This stupid fool should just go back to the bar where she came from she is so stupid she thinks she’s still serving drinks to her buddy’s and telling lies apparently that’s all she can do and while at it she should take Pelosi, Shumer and the rest of her drunken fool

  22. No one is asking the question. What is she doing for her constituents? She lies and she insights and no one says a thing. How did she ever get elected? Some how there is fraud in her getting elected, but no one says a thing. How or why New Yorkers voted her in I will never understand.

    1. Sam,
      She kept a zillion jobs (Amazon) out of New York. And that’s all she’s done beside’s working to destroy this country with the rest of the (D)emorats.

  23. Any time fear is used to justify a point a view, manipulation is at hand, manipulation always involves dishonest behavior as the perpetrators attempt to disguise the real intent behind the false presentations. Fear of Covid 19 is a great example of how successful this tactic can be. Yes covid is real, but billions have been manipulated by fear to give away personal freedom. More people died fighting for Freedom than covid has taken, personal freedom should be protected even at the cost of innocent lives.

    1. Those who would give up essential liberties for temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security, to paraphrase Ben Franklin.

  24. Poor little attention starved DRAMA QUEEN!!!! Too high of an office for such a little small minded biased brain!’!!!!!!

  25. Fear not America! Another Onerous Communist now has less than 12 years to keep spouting this bullshit! Why? Because the world is going to end, remember? Until then, we have The Soylent Green New Deal to look forward to!


  27. The donkey mouthed bartender has an agenda, that is to destroy America by any means necessary.

  28. WHY isn’t this LIAR removed from OFFICE yet? . . . she should be TARRED and FEATHERED and RUN out of TOWN! WE NEED REPRESENTATION, not PROPAGANDA . . . and LIES. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  29. She was not in the capitol ad she knew that Antifa was going to be there. Maybe she paid them or knew who did. She should be removed from congress. I think there are a few honest people in this country but not many that are in congress now.

  30. Of course she’s going to continue to lie. Her behavior, is due to her “playing the victim” routine every time someone who’s smarter than her, calls her out. And there are a lot of them out there. Her behavior, goes in concert with her intelligence. INFANTILE!

    1. Good explanation! No wonder she’s so adept at playing a victim. She gets plenty of practice. So you’re saying she keeps going unarmed into battles of wit , thus has no choice but to play victim. Good insight!

  31. What needs to happen cos that the truth gets out to all of America. Question is how do we do it. Because the liberal media will do anything they can to block the truth from coming out. And this insurrection is the most bogus thing. You know as well as I do that antifa and blm were the ones who got into the capital. We seen before it was removed from facebook the video of the bkack suv’s unloading the criminals at the capital. Why can’t we share it with the country so they know who really is at fault? We the people need to do something.

    1. In that case, they weren’t just accusing Trump of something bad that happened, but actually framing him for something they themselves created. That might make the timeline a very important distinction. Did the attack occur before Biden was actually sworn in? If so, they were framing Trump while he was still President, so that could be treason. Hmmmm.

  32. Since AOC has been in congress, her acquaintance with the truth has been tenuous and fleeting at best. In their hatred for any and all things Trump-related, it seems that all the dems firmly believe that the end justifies the means – Machiavelli would be so proud (although I seriously doubt that AOC would know who Machiavelli was).
    People like Congresswoman Mace need to call out AOC every time she stages one of her stunts or tells a lie. Undoubtedly, this will take a considerable amount of time. The only bright spot is that AOC’s staged dramas and repeated prevarications eventually should destroy any shred of credibility that she may have, and even her constituency will get so discouraged that they will not re-elect her.

  33. Considering the fact that AOC’s previous employment was as a bartender, it should not be surprising to anyone that she is a trained bullshitter. Bartenders can stand in front of anyone, and with a straight face, tell the most outrageous lies and without a doubt make it sound like they are telling the Hand on the Bible truth.
    Someone said in a previous comment that people in the Bronx, who elected her, are not stupid. Perhaps this may be true, but they must be some of the most gullible people in the world, or have spent far to much time in bars, to believe any of the crap that comes out of AOC’s mouth.

  34. This is like a bad dream. The Twilight Zone. What in the hell has happened to our Country. I’d like to be proud to be a Citizen of these United States of America. But I’m ashamed. This whole election, Communist Administration, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Bernie, et al is damn joke. It’s just like Bizzaro World in the Superman Comics where up is down, wrong is right, frontwards is backwards, lies are truth. How can even the Democrat citizens by this crap ? This is so horrible on so many levels. Somebody wake me up.

  35. If this person can lie to public just think what she’s saying to her followers.,and they believe her garbage what a fool.

  36. Doesn’

    Doesn’t this sound familiar to any of the senior citizens .The SS troops did the same thing to turn the people against the Jews and Stalin used this kind of lies to turn people into communists .Then the murdering started with those in office blaming the Jews or the rich for what ever violence they themselves started .They will use the weak minded to validate their lies .It has come to the full circle and the SS and the Communists are in powerful places and the American people are being sold out .

  37. Maybe Hollywood could use a third rate actress the American people surely don’t need this type of representation in government.

  38. Yet no Republican is getting this out or trying to hokd her accountable. Democrats are quick to draw the gun if that was a Republican. Republicans need to start doing the same.

  39. The ONLY fools I can see? Are the fools who Voted AOC into office. NEVER Let anyone FOOL YOU! … Your one little VOTE makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. … Never roll over and play dead. They are Counting on That! … When it comes time to VOTE AGAIN. … Make sure you Run, Walk, or Crawl. … Make sure you pull that lever for your one little VOTE. … Wipe out all the NEWS ABOUT VOTES BEING STOLEN. … All that does> … Is make Good People Like you And Me? Throw our hands up in the air? And Say? … Our VOTES do NOT COUNT ANYWAY? …. WRONG! lol … Here’s the Beautiful Part. … YES, YOU VOTE COUNTS 100%. … Your VOTE. … IS YOUR ONLY VOICE. … So when 2022 rolls around. … GO ON INTO YOUR VOTING PLACE! … PULL THE LEVER FOR A GREAT CANDIDATE. … LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. … LOUD AND CLEARLY. … May GOD Bless You! Any Continue To Be The Great Person that you are. … But, Get Your American Rear-End int here and VOTE. … That’s what you do.

  40. Wishing said violence is exactly want they want you to say, so that they can boost their stories of violent, right-wing extremists who care nothing for the rule of law, allowing them yet more opportunities to spread filth and lies…….
    And while I find their hypocritical adherence to a one-sided “rule of law” to be morally reprehensible, I also find these wishes of violence against them to be equally so….
    Rather than jumping into the mud pit with them, it is better that we stand above them, looking down on their childish and churlish behavior with as much scorn and derision as we can, refusing to wallow in their filth, letting them continue to embarrass themselves with their public displays of juvenile histrionics.
    Any time they wish to let loose a barrage of imbecilic pontification, let us laugh at them. Laugh at their desperation, as now that they are front and center, they cannot skulk through the shadows, instead being forced to stand and account for their plans a decisions.


  42. What AOC and the squad say is 50% lies.
    The other 50% they just don’t know what they are talking about. As group they are mean vindictive and unpatriotic. They are self serving racist. All AOC wants is publicity. She is all about the show.

  43. Dumb as the proverbial box of rocks, although, one might consider that an insult to rocks! What the heck were downstaters thinking when they voted for this menace?!?!?

  44. My My; The Lying ex bartender who is a product of the socialist left who bought the 1st election by canvassing and vote harvesting with monies backed by Soros and his socialist cronies and did the same in this past fraudulent election.
    The ugly ,donkey tooth, moron who thinks the left all bow to her has become a joke of the house. She was schooled just for the overthrow of our former Great Democracy and bring us to a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. She opens her mouth with the Great New Green deal and shows how shallow and ignorant she really is.
    One thing to ask, where is the $900,000 campaign that disappeared into thin air ( given to ex BF) for safe keeping? More lies. I bet the police officer is now resigned and instructed to ” shut up” about her fabricated lies and the poor freshmen Rep. next door was severely reprimanded for telling the real truth.
    Let’s IMPEACH HER and wake up the Bronx to her fraud and lies along with the ANTI American from Somali and ANTI American Muslim along with Schumer , Pelosi ,Waters and Schtiff. Run them all out of town.

  45. I agree on the fraud. She is dumber than a bag of rocks. For supposedly having a degree in economics she has no idea about business

  46. This demoncRAT shlut and tool of the socialist/communist party will never be seen as anything more than a barmaid. It was fraud that got her elected the first time and that is all we have to know about this POS.

  47. What do you expect from this barmaid! She is the lying voice of the demoncrat party… example of all they stand for along with mr. biden and his crooked family!

  48. AOC she always has story to tell she was never near the rioters it has been [proven Why does the media believe everything she says like she is some goddess maybe the tooth fairy in disguise.

  49. Very hard to vote this scum out of office when the vote is compromised by the fraud that has happened in the last election cycle all of Bribe em s votes came in special delivery in the wee hours of nov 4 th to be counted and recounted
    mail in voting must be stopped voting machines must be vetted Republicans must grow some balls and put on there big boy pants

  50. “Lying for the past week” — this POS **** has been lying since she somehow got put in office. She is a terrible waste of good oxygen and as worthless as a bent nail !!! She is a socialist/communist puppet of the communist party that exists just to put people like her in our government to do exactly what’s happening today.

  51. I can see little miss prissy pants laughing it up uproariously with a gang of her socialist elites as she recounts how she duped the people once again.

  52. All these crooked Democrats will come to their just rewards. God will only let them go so far. I hope they have accepted Christ as their savior because that is the only way they will enter Heaven, and if they keep doing what they are doing, God will get even. Vengeance belongs to God. Every time I get a message from a Democrat, Isend it to Spam.

  53. Democratic Congresswomen and men lie all the time and nothing happens. Just wait until BLM and Antifa come to your neighborhoods and then see what will happen!

  54. For the good of this country, we MUST remove that psychotic bitch from office! She has done NOTHING for the people of her alleged district! All she has done is run that foolish mouth and spread hate and dissention!!

  55. Let’s stop allowing the Democrat Party to distract us from the fact that an illegitimate president is sitting in the White House. The Electoral College vote certification needs to be reversed. There is no timetable on ensuring that an election result is beyond question. The longer we “accept” a fraudulent president, the more ensconced he becomes. The challenge is to herd the disparate Republican Party back in line, replace the many, many RINOs, and put in charge Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan. As for this Cortez woman and the Squid (a squashed squad), let her spout to the wind.


  57. Terry…… We all know she is a ding bat….. but we should not sink to the Dimocratic Level of wishing DEATH on Polititions even Lying ones………….How about making her work for a living (don’t re elect her) or better still make her go without make up for a week, that would hurt her more physically,,,,,, especially if someone was to post photos….Imagine AOC, Omah, Talib as well as their lap dog Nazi going without make up……

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