9 Months After Vaccine Campaign Began, Countries’ Birth Rates Plummeted

One of the scariest phenomena in the wake of the globalist elites’ mass COVID vaccination plot is the dramatic plummeting of birth rates 9 months after a country starts administering the Pfizer and Moderna shots. Birth rates have already been dropping badly over the past two to three decades, especially in affluent, modernized countries. But to see a 10X or more increase birth rate decline, which is happening all over the world, it’s catastrophic.

In a couple of decades, there may not be enough people left to keep the lights on in most places. You can’t have 15 to 20% birth rate declines and expect your civilization to last long. Singapore is the latest country where this scary trend has been noticed.

Singapore is the second-wealthiest country, per capita, in the world in terms of GDP. The tiny island is also notoriously strict in enforcing its laws. They’re the country that’s always in the news for caning American tourists for breaking what seems like a trivial law in other countries. If Brittney Griner had been caught smuggling weed into Singapore instead of Russia, she’d already be dead by firing squad. Singapore is strict and its citizenry doesn’t include a lot of free and independent thinkers.

So, when the tiny island nation’s government told everyone to get vaxed, they got vaxed in a hurry. Today, Singapore is one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world. Almost 90% of all Singaporeans aged 5 and up are vaxed. As soon as the vaccines were available for each age group, they lined up quickly to take the shot – because their government had told them to, and you don’t want to get on the bad side of the people in charge there.


Between June and July of 2021, 80% of Singaporeans of childbearing age, between 20 and 39, got vaxed. This is a near-perfect of a controlled experiment as we could hope for. It’s a mostly homogenous island nation with a compliant population and almost everyone got vaxed very, very quickly. If you wanted to test the hypothesis of a country’s birth rate post-vaccination, this is about as good as it gets.

Singapore’s birth rate had remained stable – although low – for the past several years leading into the pandemic. Singaporean women have an average of 1.2 children, which is really bad and about half the rate needed to replace and sustain a civilization. In 2019, there were 39,259 live births there. In 2020, the first year of COVID, there were 38,590 live births. Even in 2021, there were still 38,672 live births – and that was after the vaccine campaign started.

Keeping in mind that the mass vaccinations of childbearing-aged Singaporeans happened in June and July of 2021, all you have to do is then look at the birth rates 9 months later, in March and April of 2022. So, what happened?

In January and February of 2022, Singapore’s birthrate actually climbed by 7.5% each month. That’s great news, because babies truly are the best thing in the world. But then Singapore’s birth rate plummeted in March of 2022, exactly 9 months after the vaccine campaign started. Births dropped 8.5% below the normal range, and it has stayed that way from March through June of this summer (the most recent month we have stats available from).

Between February and March, Singapore saw a 16% drop in its birth rate. Month-to-month birth rates don’t fluctuate that much unless something happened. And exactly 9 months before birth rates fell off a cliff, Singapore had a mass vaccination campaign in which 80% of its citizens of childbearing age got the vax.

And this same phenomenon is happening in every country that mass vaccinated its people. Germany, the UK, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, the US – name a country that vaxed its population and that country’s birth rate declined dramatically 9 months later. We know from the Israeli study that men’s sperm counts and sperm motility plummet within four months of the first shot. We know from Pfizer’s own “safety trials” that 44% of pregnant women were unable to carry a baby to full term after the first shot.

Get ready for lots of “correlation is not causation” arguments from the vaccine kooks over this tragedy. As always, if you vaccine fanatics have another explanation for this dramatic decline in birthrates post-vaccination, what is it? We’re all ears.

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16 thoughts on “9 Months After Vaccine Campaign Began, Countries’ Birth Rates Plummeted”

  1. Sounds like their depopulation plan continues to go as planned. Thin out the existing masses, and prevent future births.

    WHEN on Earth is the truth finally going to be revealed to the world?

    This has gone on way too long.

    1. Did you know:
      (1) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation regularly funded the Wuhan Virology Lab in China that leaked the Covid 19 Virus into the Open Air Market a few miles away!
      (2) Did you know that Bill Gates has been seeding our skies with chemicals “supposedly” to stop global warming! But what if it was chemicals to cause low birth rates or sterility in the human race?

      He started seeding the skies last Summer! Did you see extra long chem trails going clear across the skies? And many chem trails crossed each other so the skies looked like a jigsaw puzzle? THAT was Gates doing his own DIRT AND DESTRUCTION to our Earth’s population! Has your allergies gotten worse, more sneezing and junk in your throat? Welcome to Bill Gates’ Depopulation Game!! WhaHoo! The Human Race loses!!

      (3). Did you know that Bill Gates started his “DEPOPULATING THE EARTH” statements just as Covid started killing people off? And when not enough humans died from the illness, the Vaccines were being forced on people.

      (4). Did you know that MORE PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM THE DEADLY COVID SHOTS (they are classified as shots because they do NOT PREVENT COVID — which is what vaccines are supposed to do — BUT ACTUALLY ATTRACT IT) — FROM THE SIDE AFFECTS, than people who died of the Covid illness! FACT!
      CONCLUSION: The Whole Covid Pandemic Scenario was ORCHESTRATED BY BILL GATES AND THE GLOBAL ELITES TO REDUCE THE EARTH’S POPULATION BY CREATING A VIRUS IN THE WUHAN VIROLOGY LAB AND THEN LEAKING IT TO THE OPEN AIR MARKET CLOSE BY. That infected millions of Chinese that Xi did NOT STOP from leaving China because of the Chinese New Year, but let his infected Chinese fly to all corners of the world spreading COVID fast! Xi was already trying to hide his dead countrymen by telling all the Villages throughout China to dig huge pits to burn and bury their COVID infected dead! He didn’t want the world to know he was responsible for spreading COVID throughout the world!

      I believe there are many people responsible for the deaths of our loved ones! But Bill Gates, a MEGLIOMANIAC, was determined to change our world’s population numbers — and he did!! Everyone knows he is behind all the COVID deaths, be they illness or VAXXES! So if you want to blame someone for this Lethal Pandemic, you can start with Bill Gates! Perhaps his wife divorcing him was a red flag that Gates has definitely stepped into the Cuckoos Nest! EVEN SHE CAN’T UNDERSTAND BILL’S STREAK OF INSANITY!! AND HE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE INNOCENT PEOPLE HE KILLED!!

      1. As soon as Dr Fucci got in to the Govt job we started having epidemics..check out the bird flu (78) then there was SARS, then swine flue, the Eboli,..I can’t remember all of them but the list is out there..I came across a letter from my parents in 76 & they were so scared as the Bird Flu was reported to be killing us all..that one killed zero humans but the rushed (1st) flue shot killed people & gave many Guil Barre syndrome..just an observance..

  2. One thing everyone needs to know is that Big Pharma has NOT made one drug to cure anything since the Polio vaccine, because Salk gave it to the people and Big Pharma didn’t make any money off of it.
    Dr. Fauci stood behind President Trump and shook his head NO about HCQ and Ivermectin because he wanted to make alot of money on his Big Pharma stock, which should be illegal for him or his wife to own. Bill Gates is known for wanting to de-populate the world and he should not be able to own Big Pharma stocks also, he tested different vaccines in India { a new polio vaccine that left the young with horrible autisma] , in Africa he tried another vaccine on women and they all ended up sterile.

    1. Godless men make the worst leaders and should not have any authoritative positions in any aspect of our society.

    2. Bill Gates is a monster, disguised as a human, but has horns and a pointed tail! Do not believe a word he says about anything. His brain has been compromised, he has no heart, and his soul is blackened! HE is the EVIL that walks our earth…until he walks no more! He is a: M E G L I O M A N I C And
      K A R M A will find him soon!

      1. I fully agree! He has come forth and tried to project himself as a caring person trying to use his money to help mankind, yet doing the exact opposite. Killing off people is in his blood. Eugenics are in his bloodline. He also stated to the CIA that he can give a certain shot/pill which will erase the ability to commune with God…or have any desire to do so…making sure people no longer have a conscience. That part of the brain would be numb. Where would this ability to do this, take our society? I shudder to think! It may already be happening as we speak.

      2. See if you can find a video of Gates lecturing the CIA in 2005 about spreading a virus and formulating a vaccine to change brain chemistry to make people more docile. He was talking about Islamic extremists but I doubt he would have stopped there.

  3. Yes, The Plan-Demic is working perfectly for the globalists! The United Nations ( UN), World Economic Forum ( WEF), World Health Organization (WHO) should all be defunded immediately! The proponents of this genocide should be arrested and put on trial for this mass murder of the living and those that will never be born due to their actions. A public Nuremberg trial should be conducted and televised! All of these genocidal maniacs if it were the 1930s would be working with the globalist of that time in Germany! The spokes mouth for the WEF, Klaus Schwab says “you will own nothing and be happy” that includes having a family! I’ll actually be happy when he and his conspirators assume room temperature!

    1. Gary, I read somewhere on the internet that when Gates started Moderna he purchased research records for Hitlers ” holocaust research Doctors” . If this is true God only knows what he has. Additionally while in human biology class in 1969 we were told that the ” m ” in mRNA stood for ” messenger”
      And that mRNA could be likened to the program for your computer, it tells the cells what they are supposed to do. So using that as an explanation l question, after careful thinking allows. Causes you to think about computer hacking ( to me anyway) . In messing with the ” message” has the body’s computer been hacked? It is definitely food for thought.

      1. I believe you have hit the answer! Yes! That is exactly what the “m” stands for, but the issue with those shots is the “m” is not stable and it takes the RNA to other areas of the body and creates protein spikes that injure that organ causing sickness or even death! The “Messenger” is unstable!

        The very very sad thing is that none of those shots (because they are not vaccines like they want you to think, because vaccines prevent the sickness, those shots actually attract the Covid virus!) has helped anyone, instead people are being affected long term not knowing where the damage is going to happen! What happened to Singapore is unforgivable and someone needs to be held accountable— I totally agree! All of those responsible must pay for their part in this horrendous pandemic — THIS MUST HAPPEN IN ORDER FOR OUR WORLD TO BECOME SANE AND NORMAL AGAIN! I know “Trial by Karma” WILL OCCUR because of the tragedies and evilness shown throughout the past couple years— I sincerely hope KARMA soon shows its power to those who thought so little about human life!

  4. It is a huge concern these illegal Hispanic women are popping out babies all over our country. The majority of them are not married to the Fathers of these children. They speak no English. They do not want to assimilate. We are providing food, shelter, and schools to educate them. We are paying for everything. The Catholic church is buying up all these properties all over the USA to house them. It is Sin. The church is not teaching them that it is Sin to come into our country illegally and have all these babies out of wedlock. It is a way of life for their culture. They think they are entitled. The American way of life is you don’t have children if you can’t afford them. We cannot afford them. Why isn’t the Catholic church taking care of its own American people? Because they have their own set of rules and regulations.

  5. I am appalled at the editorials that seem puzzled about low birth rates. ABORTION is simple. You have sex, get pregent with another human being and just kill them, no problem. You can choose, but your babies can’t. How about if you mothers did that?
    Stop the wonder about the low censes. You know what is going on.

  6. Sorry Mary but you have it all wrong – has nothing to do abortion! Has to do with depopulation like Bill Gates wants! He is as bad a Fauci – get rid of the people on earth and everything will be great again! Gates can tout himself as king! But he is the most evil man that is still breathing and i certainly hope that stops soon! They are all in it together Biden, Obama, Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg! Need to be burned at the stake!

  7. I just wish DJT would stop promoting this shot, I cant figure out if he is part of it or just been duped by these evil people. He should stop promoting getting shot with this garbage.

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