AFL Files Complaint Over Illegal Biden-Bragg Coordination Against Trump

The Biden White House has been illegally coordinating the lawfare attacks against President Donald Trump ever since he announced that he was running for reelection this year. This is illegal election interference, and it is infuriating to the American people that Biden is getting away with it.

America First Legal (AFL), which was founded by Trump confidant Jason Miller, threw a big wrench into Biden’s illegal actions this week. They filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission demanding an investigation into the illegal coordination between the Biden campaign and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Imagine putting this string of events together and trying to sell it to a Hollywood production company as a movie script.

On November 15, 2022, Donald Trump formally announced that he was running for reelection in 2024. Just three days later, on November 18, 2022, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that he was appointing Jack Smith as a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump over January 6th.

This was almost two full years after January 6th. Merrick Garland had nearly two years to appoint a special counsel, but he didn’t do it until Trump became a threat to Joe Biden’s reelection chances.

Trump’s speech on January 6th didn’t become an urgent matter for the Department of Justice until he announced he was running again.


We’re still on that same day, November 18, 2022. Guess who was at the White House for an eight-hour meeting with Joe Biden’s lawyers that same day.

According to the White House visitor logs and his own invoices to Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis’s loverboy Nathan Wade was at the White House all day on November 18, 2022.

What an odd coincidence! But wait, there’s more!

Also on November 18, 2022, the number three top official at the Department of Justice, Michael Colangelo, abruptly quit his job so he could go work in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office under Alvin Bragg.

Donald Trump announced that he was running for reelection on a Tuesday. By that Friday, a multi-pronged, multi-jurisdictional election interference operation to stop Donald Trump was launched by the Biden White House.

If you tried to pitch that to Hollywood, the producers would laugh you out of the room. The story is just too childishly transparent.

AFL’s complaint notes that as soon as Colangelo arrived in Manhattan, he and Alvin Bragg suddenly resurrected the “zombie case” involving Stormy Daniels that no previous federal or state agency had ever considered to be a crime. Colangelo could have stayed in Washington, DC as one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in the country. Instead, he went slumming in New York to work with Alvin Bragg, in a move that AFL notes “reeks of partisanship.”

AFL alleges that all of the man-hours, time, and money that Alvin Bragg put into prosecuting Donald Trump amounts to an in-kind contribution to Joe Biden’s campaign. And you know what? They’re right!

Bragg’s office spent gobs of time and money focusing on this case, much to the detriment of New Yorkers who are suffering through Joe Biden’s crime wave. We don’t even know the full dollar amount that Bragg spent on this case. However, we do know that New York City was forced to spend $1,750,000 on security for the seven weeks that Bragg dragged the trial out.

That’s considerably more than the $3,300 maximum individual contribution that Alvin Bragg is allowed to make to Joe Biden’s campaign. By chasing after Donald Trump in this political prosecution, Alvin Bragg violated 52 USC 30116(a)(1)(A). He made an excessive contribution to the Biden campaign in the form of a coordinated expenditure.

The Biden campaign violated the same federal law by knowingly accepting Bragg’s excessive contribution. The campaign also violated 52 USC 30104(b) and 11 CFR 104.3(a)-(b) by not disclosing the excessive in-kind donation from Bragg.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC were fined $113,500 by the FEC for committing the exact same election crime with the fake Russian potty dossier. They illegally spent just $1 million to fabricate the dossier and pawn it off as a real intelligence document, when it was just a dirty election trick. They hid the payments, but it was an election interference stunt all along.

How much do you think the Biden campaign and Alvin Bragg should be fined for breaking the same laws?

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25 thoughts on “AFL Files Complaint Over Illegal Biden-Bragg Coordination Against Trump”

  1. They deserve more than a fine! One should be disbarred and the other impeached. Just look at all the money they’ve invested, our money! We pay so much in taxes and it gets squandered away for what they want. It’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t go into securing the border. Their defund the police movement in 2020 has left us limited forces to protect our communities. Where’s the money that was supposed to keep us energy efficient? Instead,they stopped production and many lost their jobs. They’re always using our money for the wrong reasons. While they get a slap on the wrist, our country is getting our arses kicked!

    1. Neither one should be fined or impeached. Biden and Bragg shuould ne arrested, just like any other common criminal and sent to prison. No point in fining Bragg he will just use our money to pay the fine. A Biden impeachment will newvwe happen because the Dems won’t allow it once it comes to the Senate. We have a Supreme Court who refuse to offend anybody other than Republicans and support yhe Democratic agenda. The supreme court is supposed to support the Constitution and the constitution is the law, they should rule with in two weeks, they must do their job.

  2. Not only should they be fined, they should be Made accountable to the american voter For interference in having the american people choose who they would like to run this country not selected by the government. This.
    Is disgraceful and disgusting with all?That’s going on in new york , this is what they have Time and money to fund for this Kind of nonsense and the American taxpayers.And voters Are fed up
    They want answers. And accountability for this kind of nonsense that should never happen.We are not a third world’ country. Even though the democrats are pushing fundamentally changing america , who the Hell Asked. for America
    To be fundamentally changed. Mister obama , the worst president this country has Ever had.

    1. Yeah what they both just said. The American people are sick of it, sick of them, sick of the corruption, and sick of the constant lies. We’ve got to get this circus act out of the White House ASAP. Our country is the laughing stock on the world platform and our allies can’t even trust that we will stand beside them in a Time of War. This is unbelievable as far as I’m concerned the Biden Administration the Biden family the Clinton family have committed acts of treason against this country and should be prosecuted. Any and every individual who has done something to turn our country into this insane threat to our Democracy, with under the table deals with our enemies, and not enforcing the rule of law in our country, needs to be prosecuted! Plain and simple I’m so sick of it!!! An Honestly Discharged Veteran of United States Army

  3. Congress is right to ask for any and all communication between Bragg and Colangelo and their team, and the DOJ starting with Garland and his entire staff. And this needs to happen now, not days, weeks, months, or years from now. The wheels of justice are to slow in this country.

  4. I think myself since this is a blatantly attempt to break the law and to maliciously try to ruin someone over political feelings 1 million each if they can’t afford it equivalent jail time that they were seeking they should be serving that’s fair enough.

  5. Since Democrats are rewriting laws and changing statues of limitations and making excessive fines and bail and they changed what constitutes a felony and then they violated the Constitutions clause on excessive fines, due process, probable cause, witnesses credibility… On and on an on…blah blah blah… We should rewrite laws and punishments. I hereby make the punishment for election interference an act of treason punishable by stoning to death. The stoning begins immediately.

  6. It makes me so angry, I could spit nails! Should we perhaps deny all incumbents reelection? They had a chance to fix the system, but did not! A fresh look at the problems would not be amiss! A healthy dose of patriotism would go a long way toward people using their God given brain power to fix our country! Even a mandatory draft where people stand on the front lines under our flag would strengthen some backbones! ( for example, let President Biden build the pier at Gaza under sniper fire, and see if his outlook of the United States is not altered!). Call me for more details! Al Zetzl

  7. They both should go to prison for 20 years each . Or go back to the old old days and hang them both so high that the buzzers would run out of breath trying to fly up to pick their bones. Trump was the winner all along and hopefully will keep on winning.

  8. Biden is an idiot, a false storefront for Obamas unconstitutional 3rd term! Everyone who knowingly supports Communist Obama is guilty of treason, and everything that glorified hood rat did as POTUS must be reversed! Ayer’s and Dohrn belong in Gitmo with all DNC Politicians, Media, Hollywood supporters and Obamas offspring fake or not! DOJ, FBI, ATF, everyone who smiles when Barry with the big Afro speaks!

  9. It’s time for the adults in the room take over everything, we tolerate African Americans because we are Christians, Africans sold Africans to the Dutch who took them to slave brokers! Learn your history instead of believing criminals who gain from lying to you!

  10. Democrats and other domestic terrorists should be put in fields chopping cotton until they pay back taxpayers all the money they have stolen! That includes Hillary and Nancy and the dumb squad!

  11. The DNC, and their criminal friends, all over the world, should be forced to admit they have been lying about Global Warming! GOD can heat up the world HE created, and believe me, he is going to burn this earth until the filthy remains of Democrats are cleansed! We have had 4-seasons since the beginning so you atheists need to repent, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and chop that damn cotton!

  12. All you idiots out there have to get it through your skull that Ayer’s and Dohrn manufactured the Obamas! The Ayer’s family put Obama through Harvard! They groomed that Chicago hood rat into this Marxist with the gift of gab!

  13. Stanley Anne Dunham was a Communist friend of the Ayer’s family, she worked for Timothy Geitners communist father! She was Obamas mother, his father?

  14. Democrats should remember Watergate and how the rule of law was done correctly, oh, but the POTUS wasn’t a Communist! A pathological liar, Obama and the DOJ have jumped in with both feet to overthrow the Government, and to make laws that help them, why are we allowing this, it’s apparent that there is no law above the DOJ so the time for Americans, WE THE PEOPLE to accept the fact that we are under attack! We have to, as THE PEOPLE step up and fight to remain the stewards of The United States of America! IT’s The Time To Kill, there is a time for everything under the Heavens, what are we waiting for? Do you want to wait until they take our guns? It’s either put up or shut up! I’d rather die like a man, than live as a coward! I can’t do it alone!

  15. We the People no longer exist under the Biden regime! We have absolutely no voice as American’s and it is apparent that Biden thinks he is our Dictator! I am tired of no say this is my homeland and I had family migrate the right way to America, many of our wonderful American family came legally and became wonderful citizens. I am tired of Garland, a dispicable person, who thinks he is above the law, along with Christopher Wray who will never level with the reality of what our country faces, and I could name many more. This is a dispicable, money hungary administration! Biden is an embarrassment and has to be defeated in November! Out country will not servive if President Trump isn’t November. The sham trials put in by these wicked planners should all be dismissed pure and simple!

  16. The more the Democrat Communists, and progressive socialists get away with, the more empowered they feel. Make no mistake, they know they are criminals! Democrats are classless, Egotistical, filthy, sexual deviant, criminals. They are taught to blame others, for the things they do!

  17. We have to stop thinking that Biden is POTUS, Biden doesn’t do, or say, anything, without asking permission, through channels from Obama.

  18. Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn, are Domestic Terrorists, they made bombs, and blew up federal buildings, to protest the war in Vietnam, and lives were lost! Of course Bill Ayer’s father kept his punk kid out of prison, Bernadine did his time for him! Eric Holder, was a gun runner, for the SLA, another domestic terrorist group active in the late 60’s and early 70’s responsible for armed bank robberies and kidnapping Patty Hearst! These are the people Obama owes for being who, and what, he is! They’re all criminals and they hate America, which makes them, hypocrites !

  19. I love America, and I loathe these criminals, they live high on the hog, as they bash Capitalism! I have to give them credit, because they are very intelligent, and criminally savvy. Their greed, and power hunger, and ego’s, will be their downfall.

  20. I’d like to ask that phony Alvin Bragg when he plans to bring DeBlasio and his wife up on charges for that $1 billion of NYC taxpayer money that they have been unable to account for.

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