Biden Cancels All Fines for Illegal Aliens Who Refuse to Leave America

Nothing highlights Joe Biden’s Americans Last agenda more than a pair of recent policy moves. The Democrat, many believe is a mere frontman for more powerful forces, recently canceled the fines and debts of all illegal immigrants who thumb their noses our legal system. At the same time, the pro-China, pro-Iran occupant of the White House wants to beef up the IRS, so it can crack down on Americans who have fallen behind in their taxes.

“There is no indication that these penalties promoted compliance with noncitizens’ departure obligations,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reportedly said after being instructed to rescind fines. “We can enforce our immigration laws without resorting to ineffective and unnecessary punitive measures.”

Here’s the backstory on the fines: Former President Donald Trump leveled hefty fines against illegals who refused to comply with court orders to leave the country. The Trump Administration used multiple pressure points to get the U.S. border under control, and high fines were a valuable tool. Non-compliant illegal immigrants incurred penalties that started at $3,000 and could ramp up into the hundreds of thousands. Biden followed that order up by immediately wiping out any debts illegal immigrants who had refused to leave America had built up. Although the fines appeared beyond the means of illegal immigrants, they placed a seemingly insurmountable burden on them to remain in the U.S. That prompted many to return to Central America or migrate to Canada.

Canceling criminal penalties for illegal immigrants isn’t the only item on Biden’s agenda. His handlers recently ordered U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to stop calling those they apprehend “illegal immigrants.” The new criminal-neutral terms are now “undocumented individual” or “non-citizen.” Republican Senators took exception to the White House’s wordplay.

“We use the term ‘illegal alien’ because they’re here illegally,” Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, reportedly said. “This kind of weakness and obsession with political correctness is why we’re having a crisis on the border in the first place.”

Biden has made it increasingly easy for a record number of migrants to live in the lap of luxury as taxpayers fund hotel rooms, housing, health care, and give them spending cash. That’s largely why Biden is doubling down on his anti-American citizen policies by empowering the IRS to target conservatives and small businesses.

The Biden Administration plans to roll out what it calls the “American Families Plan” that will likely include benefits for every non-citizen with their hands out. The Democrat contends that giving the IRS an additional $80 billion will result in a $1 trillion return. Political insiders see echoes of Obama-era IRS abuses.

“No one has properly assessed the risks of this proposal, thinking that it’s some magical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” Pete Sepp, president of the National Taxpayers Union, reportedly said. “They’re not ready for it. The taxpayer rights protection structure is not ready for it. They have not adequately thought through how and where this money can be best spent.”

Everyday people may recall what happened when Obama leveraged the power of the IRS. The tax-collecting agency began systematically targeting conservative non-profit political organizations. Its scurrilous tactics prevented many well-funded GOP-leaning outfits from participating in elections. The Obama-era scandal rocked the country and resulted in safeguards against further abuses. Even the most naïve among us would not believe the radical Democrats holding power in Washington, D.C., would act even-handedly after putting the IRS on steroids.

It’s abundantly clear that Joe Biden’s handlers are engaged in a full-court press to flood the country with illegal immigrants. Democrats believe these new arrivals will be more easily manipulated to vote for them. This upending of the country requires billions, and the Biden Administration plans to extract every penny from the pockets of working families.

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48 thoughts on “Biden Cancels All Fines for Illegal Aliens Who Refuse to Leave America”

  1. Biden’s so called administration hasn’t thought through much of anything! Biden, Harris has forgotten the people that made this country so great! So now theirs a new crew coming on duty
    In the front door, shove the old crew out the back!! That’s what Biden thinks of us. I live in Georgia things didn’t go so well for the old man here for the Rally.
    He would have been better off keeping his ass in DC. We have nothing for Biden ,Harris and the rest of the idiots!!!

        1. Dr thats a nice thought but as u know the fbi and doj are so deep in the pockets of the commie left the only way to correct that is to elect a strong consrvative pres and totaly wipe clean the the doj and fbi and start over

  2. It is clear that the plan is to expropriate and then exterminate regular Americans, particularly caucasians, and then replace them with an obedient and dependent brown Third World lumpenproletariat that is non-American, un-American and anti-American. Once honkies and gringos are reduced to a permanent oppressed and repressed minority, “elections” will be foregone conclusions, the now-dead First American Republic can be replaced with a peoples republic and genocide on the scale of Rwanda or Armenia can begin. The Spanish people saved themselves from a tyrannical, incompetent, corrupt communist-dominated government 85 years ago this July; it is now time for American patriots to consider whether this course of action needs to be considered here. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and his doorman Majorkas) delenda est!

    1. I’ve been saying for decades that the DemoRATs hate white people and want us “eliminated”. It’s more obvious than ever now with this puppet Biden sitting in the White House and Soros behind him pulling all the strings.

      1. They hate everyone but themselves. They hate the blacks, the Asians, the Hispanics – all legal USA citizens. This new surge of millions upon millions they plan on bringing in from everywhere is once again their army – the majority of them coming in are military age young men. I believe that most of the ANTIFA and BLM are the ones they brought in during Obama/Biden era. The Democrat Party are the original plantation owners who’ve never gotten past their loss of their slaves. They continue manipulating the weak and uninformed blacks to this day, and they are working on the weak, uninformed whites to join as slaves. All this critical race theory and everything else is meant to tear down the whites self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth into a puddle of nothingness. The Al Sharpton’s, Obama’s, Joy Reid, Maxine Waters, BLM Marxists, ANTIFA, Black Panthers and the rest of the blacks who’re manipulating their people into maintaining their non-self worth are all traitors. They are like the original Africans who were traitors to their people and sold them to whoever. This is where this all began, not in America or in 1619!

        1. Well it’s time to fight fire with fire! It’s time for the AMERICAN PATRIOTS to ban together and TAKE BACK OUR AMERICA!!! It’s time to take out blm/antifa and ANYONE that stands in the way. ITS BOUT TIME FOR WAR!!!

    2. Miles — your post says everything I have been saying since the dirtbag obama was in office. The more foreigners, illegals,pro-blm/antifa type people — all who have ZERO loyalty to the United States of America, the better biden and his communist regime will like it. If we don’t rid congress of these socialist/communist treasonous demonRATs/rinos in 2022 and then rid the WH is 2024 there will be no elections after 2024.

  3. This whole fraudulent administration are treasonous criminals……their goal is “Death to America”….everything they do, confirms that. P O S’s

  4. Biden and his ilk are the worst enemies the U.S. has ever had. Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc. all were overseas. This piece of garbage, Biden, is destroying the country piece by piece. It’s going to take a full fledged revolt to fix this country.

    1. We better get started or it will be too late. We need to rid congress of the demonrats and rinos in 2022 and the WH in 2024 or we will have no more elections.

  5. I wrote to Senator Menendez asking him if he understood what the word illegal meant and my displeasure with what was going on. I received a response back and this is a direct quote

    “I was proud to work with a bipartisan group of Senators to fix our nation’s broken immigration system. The bipartisan framework included a roadmap for the estimated 11 million UNDOCUMENTED workers who are already present to come out of the shadows and earn United States permanent residency and eventually citizenship. It also included proposal to FIX OUR BROKEN LEGAL IMMIGRATION SYSTEM, create a strong but fair employment verification system, an improved migration to protect immigrants and citizens alike.”

    So he readily admits that they are breaking the law. How does he expect the 95% of us that abide by the law of the land to keep doing so?

    It is time to demand term limits, congress and senators to receive Medicare and Social Security and yearly COLA just like the rest of us instead of voting themselves raises. Lets see how fast Medicare and Social Security get funded and fixed.

    Enough is enough

    1. menendez has always been a POS and has always voted against America and for the illegals just like that other POS majorkas. Trying to get them to do the right thing is like me asking schumer,gillebrand,nadler,always obvious confused(aoc) and cuomo to do the right thing — I might better howl at the moon and pi** into the wind.

    2. I’ve gotten the same Bullsh*t from congressmen and senators.. I get the same ole form letter.. they have to do soemrthing with those who are here…. They don’t care about the laws when it comes to these illegal aliens and it’s just getting worse… they kick the American people in the teeth while they cater to and coddle the illegal aliens AT OUR EXPENSE!!! They aren’t suppose to get welfare and food stamps, etc, but many do… they simply do NOT care about what happens to the American citizen… just cater to the illegal aliens… and I’m NOT calling them undocumented non-citizens.. they ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!! PERIOD!!!!
      the illegal aliens flooding this country will NEVER END as long as our corrupt government continues to cater to them, handing them more and more of OUR rights and benefits as citizens… we pay for their medical care, their education, give them financial help… etc… WE CITIZENS PAY THE PRICE… IF THEY WOULD STOP CATERING TO THEM AND STOP HANDING THEM FREE MEDICAL, FREE SCHOOLING, AND ANYTHING ELSE FREE AND MAKE THEM PAY… WE’D STOP A LOT OF THE FLOOD THAT IS GOING ON… Until we stop taking care of them, they WILL keep coming… ALSO STOP anchor babies!! They are sucking out our tax dollars and our resources… WHAT happens when our country collapses under the strain? … I’m FED up with our tax dollars going to take care of illegal aliens who have NO Right to be here… Come legally or don’t come at all!!!!

  6. It has to be obvious to everyone by now that Biden is putting everyone first except us, the citizens of this country. He is also taking revenge on conservatives and Trump. He is not doing his job! Nor should he be in the office. The holder of that office should not be be petty and he should represent all Americans.

    1. This nightmare in the white house don’t care about Americans… he is kicking the American people in the teeth while he steals our tax dollars to cater to and coddle the illegal aliens… These illegal aliens are sucking out our tax dollars and our resources… Trump worked hard to find a solution to stop the flood of illegal aliens and to stop the fraud going on in the asylum system… They should not be allowed into the country UNTIL their claim has been heard in court… The big majority of them do NOT qualify for asylum.. coming here for a job is NOT a valid claim.. but this idiot and his cult of radical democRATS do not care that these illegal aliens lie and cheat and steal to enter our country illegally… and then we reward them for breaking our laws… This nightmare administration has destroyed the sovereignty of our country with their open borders so the world can enter freely, illegally and not be sent back…

  7. Yeah, yea, Biden this, Biden that, Democrats this, Democrats that. And the once mighty USA continues its trip down the drain and into the sewer of history.


    I’ll answer for you: NOBODY. Not out “brave defenders” (LOLOLOL!!!) who swore an Oath before God to preserve, protect and defend it or the so-called utterly cowardly sold-out GOP.


    The ENTIRE Democrat Party is made up of treasonous scum and ignorant/stupid voters. The GOP is made up of, well, you know, Mitt Romneys.

    1. Fed Up — you are exactly right !!!! It will take a lot more than “we the people” to stop this nose dive into the sewer.

  8. Well, has this action from Biden and the communist Democrat Party waken the youth up? Take a good look at just what you are supporting and how they’re only saying what you want to hear, giving you empty promises just for your vote! Please wake up now and take off those rose colored glasses – SEE REALITY and take a strong stand for America and our freedom, liberty, prosperity, and endless opportunity. Do it now!

  9. I disagree Gerry! We the People are the only ones that can stop this Rape of our country, but it’s going to take “us” we the people. We’ve got to stand UP TOGETHER
    Two or three can’t succeed!!
    It takes All of us!!
    Sounds to me from your comments mabe your not doing your part? I talk to people every day. I know what it’s going to take
    A lot of people don’t!
    Their not thinking, common sense
    NUMBERS and “VOTES” Put the people out of office that’s not doing their job’s. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!! That’s the answer.
    Many people have just given up!
    I sure hope not. We’re in deep deep trouble if that’s the fact. And more than you know. We the people need to incurrage our fellow man,women!
    Lifting up all of our spirits not tearing our spirits Down!!
    It begins in 2022 and full force 2024 . Trump 2024 !!

    1. When the democRATS cheat like they did with Pinocchio joe and the hoe through cheat-by-mail, what do we do??? Anyone with a brain knows thier was MASSIVE VOTERS FRAUD. The courts wouldn’t even listen to proof of the fraud. It’s going to take massive voting against the democRATS to do anything in 2022 IF America last that long…

  10. It is true teachers across the nation have brainwashed the youth of America! Biden, Harris, Pelosie and the squad need to be removed immediately and all socialists/democrat teachers fired! They ( the teachers in FL) are already crying about going back to work. I say fire them! Get some Republicans in who will teach American history, the Constitution and the amendments! Our forefathers wrote the Constitution to protect the people! We the people is the populace, not the government that Biden claims. He said it himself. If you don’t think so, look it up!

  11. Hey obiden, I get I’m an American Citizen and don’t matter to you or the commies, but would you cancel MY TAXES??? I sure would like to keep the MONEY I MAKE! You, et al are just wasting it anyway!

  12. Everything Biden does is illegal !why is he not being stop ! Isn’t their Federal mashshells to stop him ! Unless their bought ! What the he’ll ! AMERICA LETS GET WITH IT !my GOD good people still here.get rid of the shit people !

  13. Biden Harris have been Marxist, Socialist, and Communistic, he lied throughall the campaigning & now. Has never cared about America. Ruining the country. So glad the Catholic Church is going to restrict him from Communism. He is not a Christian, what fakes they all are. Votei all Dems out. Don’t blame us, we voted for Trump. He was the only & best president for the people, not racist, and brought God back. Biden Harris are totally incompetent, don’t know right from wrong, and are hypocrits. Everyone I talk to loves Trump, hates Biden, I’d like to know who voted for Biden, we continue to wonder. Biden Harris leave the worse legacy ever inAmerican history. I.peach bith. Pelosi Schumer + crew should have been booted out years ago. They are working for themselves, all corrupt, not the Anerican,people.

  14. Simple solution. Don’t let them stay…for any reason. Hunt them down and get them out. We have immigration laws and Biden, by virtue of his office, is obligated to enforce these laws. But then, again, Trump was the only President in the past 20+ years that attempted to do anything about illegal immigration.

  15. When do we, the American Legal people get all out fines and debts paid off? We have paid and paid, and yet they reap the benefits. I don’t want them here, but he lets them keep flooding the border. He should be put in a detention camp with them if he loves them so much. What a horrid person he is to be sitting in the WH. I live in Az, and we are being INVADED by these ILLEGALS. I would love to shoot them, but I guess I would be in big trouble. Not them though, even though they are ILLEGAL. STINKS.

  16. Comments on Biden’s so-called “address to the nation” (in lower case to represent the fact that Biden has no clue and for the utter disdain I have for him and his socialist political party).
    However, he did, in no uncertain terms let us know he has no intention of doing anything for the good of the hard working, industrious American worker, quite the contrary. Hey, do you who voted for this miscreant now realize the error of your ballot casting? Are 100+ days of his actions a nightmare enough to wake you up!
    AND, there it is, the transparency Biden promised, however in a completely different context than his campaign promises represented.
    Could the raid be any more transparent as a “Get Back” at a man that is a very real threat to Biden, his family and all the corrupt miscreants of his inner circle? The current version of DOJ and the FBI are a disgrace to law enforcement and our Nation. Both should be under federal investigation, however, until Conservatives win back the majority we will have to endure their corrupt dealings as neither will be touched by this Congress which is another matter altogether.
    WE, as a “NATION” can do something about Congress and once we have done that we can demand the new members start that investigation to include vetting any and all of their employees. If the results of that vetting deplete their manpower (as I suspect it will) then do the same for Homeland Security. Once all are vetted and the bad, politicized employees are gone (with OPM red flags stopping future federal employment) then roll what is left into a single entity with a moniker such as, “Homeland Security and National Law Enforcement Agency”. The federal budget savings will be enormous and the employee base (at least at its inception) will be comprised of persons that care about our Nation and not a political party. And, in so doing also create a calendar for review for job performance, etc. that is for all employees (top to bottom).
    How do we handle Congress, we demand, each and every one of us, that our representatives in the House and the Senate bring legislation to the floor for “Congressional Term Limits” and insist their vote is cast to pass that legislation. If not, they will not be an incumbent much longer. Our Founding Fathers never envisioned a career be made serving in Congress and if alive today they would most certainly put a stop to it. In addition, we demand their autonomy be taken away and their employment package be placed with OPM to include all of the current absurd perks they have voted for themselves be discontinued. Congress has no fear of the voter and no loyalty to their constituents as long as they control their own destinies which they do as career politicians.
    I believe that the term has to be long enough to do the job but short enough to deter a certain type of person from even running for a seat in Congress. I propose: Senate (8) years House (6)Years and now that SCOTUS has entered the political arena the justice seats must also be toppled from life-time to term limits as well. SCOTUS “Term Limits” will inherently serve two purposes; it will expedite the extraordinary amount of time now taken to hear/rule on cases and will curtail (hopefully) the current politicization of their appointments. SCOTUS a term limit of (10) years.
    Hey Governors, yes, you who have southern borders that are being overrun, what about standing up for your constituents (your state’s legal residents) and set up a secondary, interior border from the entry border that the fed’s control. Federal law enforcement officer’s hands are tied behind their backs by this so-called President because they are obligated to carry out his EX-O’s on immigration even though they conflict with our immigration laws. Lawsuits will eventually put Biden down, however, in the meantime his agenda’s goals are being fulfilled 24/7.
    So, Governors, stop the refugee/illegal flood in its tracks. Take control of your interior and deny entry, turn the buses around and let them sit idling at the border. You have the legal right and the moral obligation to protect the health and welfare of your state’s residents and Biden has no justification, legal or otherwise to blatantly jeopardize both. Biden is literally acting as a “DICTATOR” placing his “PERSONAL” agenda over state, citizen concerns for their (health and welfare) and the Governor’s obligation to protect both.
    Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the rest of their political groupies have no patriotism and certainly no care or concern for the legal citizens of the United States of America and their “open the border” policy proves that fact without equivocation. We can stop them in 2022 (make him a lame duck president by our votes) however, action “now” is mandated as they will not stop the inflow of refugees/illegals until they are made to do so!
    I am one mad “Patriot” and short of taking up arms against our fed’s I am doing all that I can to personally impact and change what is wrong with our Nation and what voter apathy, non-registration to vote and the hard to understand “what I call cattle mentality” of the public to believe the vile propaganda being spewed over our airwaves 24/7 by an anti-heritage America mass media. Come-on folks, where is your common sense, where is your desire to have the rule-of-law upheld, where is your disgust and abhorrence of BLM and ANTIFA and enemies of the state like George Soros? You who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket how do you feel now? Did you expect Biden’s campaigns promises to be carried out in the manner they are unfolding (the exact opposite of) well we did who knew better and voted for our President Trump. Did you expect refugees/illegals to be the new Administration’s top priority at the expense of the Nation and its legal citizens? Well, 2022 is your chance to make amends and vote for Conservatives who actually do “have your back” and have been proving that as fact despite the uphill battle they have had to endure to do so.
    Get smart, get mad, get payback and make his last two years in office “hell on earth” as he has done to us his first 100+ days in office and will continue to do unless stopped in 2022 by your votes for Conservatives, thus making him the “lame duck” he deserves to be.

    1. Hey David. Your comments are on it, but the whole problem is the stolen election that put this nut job in office. I’m convinced the commie dems knew they couldn’t win legitimately so the rigged the election and creates mass numbers of ballots to steal the election. I know too that many Americans are too sharp but I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    2. David you are 100% rights, lay on the line!! You put it in plain language. Every one should be able to understand all of what you put out their. Even I got it no need to explain !!
      GOOD JOB !

  17. That means, Biden is actually introducing a “Federal Sanctuary Policy” – which is clearly dangerous, considering the numbers of serious crimes committed by such “protected trespassers”. Ans often, such policies have prevented arrests of such criminals and enabled them to more crimes!

  18. I’m sure many of us say that joe Biden is an idiot and does not know what he’s doing. That could be true, but it’s for sure someone is passing him documents to sign and feeding him garbage to spew. And those corrupt and evil people know exactly what they’re doing, destroying our country. Isaiah 5:20 is here.

  19. Tom you’re right.
    Someone is handling Biden documents to sign, Someone’s pulling the ropes!! Now think, you
    don’t need to strain.
    OBAMA!! He’s been quite through all this affair! This is no doubt obama’s Third Term.

  20. That’s ridiculous. We are tax paying citizens who are legally here in the United States and most of all Americans have debts. He has done more for people in other countries then the people in the states. Wake up Biden sir. You first must take care of the people in the American nation before stepping off soil. Less jobs and more competition.

  21. Another thought. Hey! MY ancestors were immigrants too! Is Biden and the Democrat Party going to arrange it to cancel all of OUR debts and obligations too? WELL??

    Oh, wait. My ancestors were from different parts of Europe. Had they been from Africa, Asia or South America …. well, that’s different.


    It’s called RACISM. And the greatest most virulent RACISTS in this country today are the users and abusers in the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  22. IN MY OPINION: Beijing Biden and the Illegal Immigrants should all be kicked out of the United States and all assets taken from them and if they return to the USA they should go to Gitmo.

  23. NOW! It is time for all American citizens to come to the aid of our country. As the ballads of a popular country go, “You’ve got to stand for something or you will fall for anything”. Some people do not realize that they are being used as a buffer to protect and hide the illegal activity that will eventually lead to the demise of the greatest nation on earth. We must get rid of that dangling carrot and start feeding on greener pastures.

  24. Call them what they are and quit pussy footing around. Alien invaders. It’s right there in the Constitution. You know, that thing that the demokraps hate.

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