Biden Regime is so Incompetent they’re Making Jimmy Carter Look Good Again

Well, that settles it. To anyone who had doubts that Biden-Harris would be a one-term failure: Welcome to the gas lines! A cyber attack has taken out a major gas pipeline on the East Coast. You might already know that if you’re waiting in line to buy a gallon of gas and reading this out of boredom during all the free time you have from waiting in line.

Yeah, I’ll go ahead and say this now for the record: This is Joe Biden’s “Katrina!”

By the way, great job by the intelligence agencies in protecting our gas pipeline infrastructure from national security threats. At least we know the pronouns of every single woke CIA analyst in the agency’s latest promotional videos.

The Colonial Pipeline in Georgia, which supplies about 45 percent of the gasoline on the East Coast, reported that it had been hit with a ransomware attack on Friday. The company completely shut down its operations to prevent the attack from spreading, and that pretty much sealed Joe and Kamala’s fate.

As of Thursday, the pipeline was only able to restart some of its smaller operations. But the gas lines have already spread in North Carolina, Georgia and other southern states, and Twitter is filled with reports of service stations completely running out of fuel.

One lucky person tweeted: “An employee stuck the ‘out of gas’ sign on my pump while I was still filling my truck. The place quickly cleared out.”

The hackers are reportedly asking for ransom money from Colonial, but there’s no word on whether the company has or will pay them.


It’s especially ironic that “Joe Biden’s” big infrastructure bill that the Democrats have been touting doesn’t actually contain any infrastructure in it. The Democrats have been running around telling us that, actually, amnesty for illegal aliens is infrastructure; reparations for black Americans is infrastructure; gun control is infrastructure; free pre-kindergarten day care is infrastructure; free community college is infrastructure; defunding the police is infrastructure; retirement pensions for cats is infrastructure; and so on.

Hey, Democrats: Do you know what else counts as infrastructure that you might want to pay a little better attention to?


Perhaps instead of exhausting all of the FBI’s resources by trying to track down Suspect #302 in a MAGA hat who walked into the US Capitol on January 6th, the Bureau’s time would be better spent watching out for and protecting against ransomware hackers who suddenly crippled the entire US economy and assured us of blazing-hot inflation rates for the next couple of years.

But that’s just me.

Ninja Joe’s agile mind is right on top of this catastrophe, however. Biden has “directed federal agencies” to “bring their resources to bear” and so forth, “wherever shortages may appear.”

What is this?! How exactly are federal agencies supposed to help with delivering gasoline that’s supposed to be flowing through a pipeline? Does the Department of Interior have some secret supply of tanker trucks that none of us knew about? Maybe the Post Office should help, Joe!

This is an amazing display of incompetence. America just went from a net energy exporter under President Donald Trump a few months ago, with stable fuel supplies available for less than $3 a gallon nationally, to a country where they’re hanging “out of gas” signs on the pumps from Myrtle Beach to Nashville. Thank goodness there are no more mean tweets!

Biden is seeking to calm and reassure the American people right now, by telling us that the ransomware attack was not from Russia, but it was really Russia. First, Biden said that the intelligence agencies (which never saw the cyber attack coming in the first place) have no evidence that the attack originated in Russia.

Then Biden added, in his special form of halting English, that “the actors, the ransomware, is in Russia.”

Huh? Which… which is it, Joe?

I can remember the Jimmy Carter stagflation gas lines from when I was a kid in the 1970s. But I never thought that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be able to pull the same thing off in less than four months. Maybe Biden could put Dominion Voting Systems in charge of our nation’s fuel infrastructure. That way, we could just shut down all the service stations overnight and everyone will magically have 300,000 gallons of gas in the tank the next morning.

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42 thoughts on “Biden Regime is so Incompetent they’re Making Jimmy Carter Look Good Again”

  1. I smell a rat, the first thing Biden did was stoped the pipe line which killed thousands of jobs.
    All the green new deals Democrats have come up with!!
    Look where we’re at today. I would not doubt at all Biden and his bunch of idiots had a hand in this episode of the story!! They say it’s temporary, I think it’s going to last for a long time. I hope I’m wrong. This will push people deeper into the gutters.
    Some will never overcome this messy deals we’ve been handed to us by Biden’s idiots. I lay all of this disaster squarely in Biden and Harris lap!! I hope they Choke on it! Democrats have no feelings for anyone but themselves. Biden doesn’t even come out of the shadows to lift a hand for Israel. Do Democrats not understand they’re going to meet their maker one day. Israel is God’s country! Biden and his idiots need to clime out of bed with Iran and do what he told all of the people he was going to do, Unite this country Biden is Tearing this Country apart at the seams, one stich at a time.
    I hear people useing the word God ! We better be calling on God. Looks to me like With the help of God is the only way out of this mess.
    Biden, Harris has really got us in one predicament. Anyone care to tell me who and how we’re going to get out of this? We can’t do it ourselves.

    1. Potato Biden will not even be in office for the duration of this illegal stolen 4 years! However we true Americans must be prepared to fight! Scum like Pelosi, Camel-a, waters, Omar, AOC etc. must be brought to account for their treasons activity.

  2. The only choice left to the country is to put the correct President in place, Donald J. Trump. The marxist dems have made the succession of the presidency a joke. Biden is ruled incompetent, Harris, another complete incompetent takes the office. If we get rid of the second incompetent, Harris, then we put Pelosi in the office. There is no good (for the country) succession except to rule the election a hoax and either seat the real President Trump or hold another election immediately! Other than that our country is on a suicide course and if we do not take action then we will deserve what happens here. Better learn to speak and write Mandarin!

  3. Joe Biden is not qualified to be in position as he is in you see the outcome. The whole Biden administration is unqualified to be in their position. American need to impeach Joe for incompetence he is ruining America as we see it.

      1. You are right, there were the same comments but President Trump quickly proved he was qualified to run this country except for some of the dirtbags he chose as advisors. The criminal pedophile and the tramp are quickly proving they aren’t capable of running a hot dog stand let alone this country. But I can’t lay all the blame on just the 2 — the scum advising them(deep state,communist china,democrat party) who clearly want to see the destruction of our country are really the culprits. biden is clearly in over his head and harris seems that she is more comfortable on her back laughing like a hyena.

    1. And what then? Let Kamala take over? And if you impeach her guess who is next in line. Nancy Pelosi. No Bobby, I’m afraid this situation calls for more than impeachment.

      1. Dave — exactly as planned. Putting the pedophile in office knowing that in most likely less than a year he will totally incompetent and they will use the 25th to get rid of him. That is the only way the former tramp escort or piglosi could ever reach the Oval Office and they were well aware of it.

  4. Remember in the presidential debates when Joe Biden called Donald Trump a “ clown”.
    As democrats are always blaming the republicans of being guilty of what they themselves are actually doing, I’d have to say that this extremely poor excuse of a man ( let alone a president ) is exactly that!!

    Not four months into his tenure, and this pedophile and his ( not up to the call ) VP have already brought this nation to its knees. We don’t have much time to right this situation. They stole the election, and we’re already in this dire moment because our communistic CIC is hellbent on the ruination of our republic.

    We’re in trouble folks. Just over his first 100 days, and this man has fulfilled his promises to America as he said he would. I’m supposing that part of this “ takeover “ of course is to be able to install his incompetent VP as the “real” president…. and sooner than we’d prefer? With all of the diplomatic resource she’s shown us since being put in charge of the insane crisis at the border, that doesn’t lend itself much hope on our ( real God loving Americans ) quest for success.
    Joe and this lackey are dispicible excuses for leaders. Awful.

    I’m presuming all of us expected a shitshow, but thinking we’d not be cast into it this quickly. Donald Trumps economy was rolling!! His path for Americans was a well thought out and implemented success story for the ages…..but these mentally ill democrats just couldn’t stand watching a man who wasn’t “ one of them” show them how it is supposed to be done.

    I don’t care if anyone reading this is a bonafide Trump hater or not, the man had the country in the best place I’ve seen it in my lifetime and these idiots had to bring it to a screeching halt because every day that passed showed the world just how evil and twisted their agenda is.
    Proof is in the pudding.
    Joe Biden is a piece of shit!
    Kamala and the Speaker are shitholes too. These eccentricities need to be removed….. and soon. If not, we all know the unfortunate outcome of their actions. I hope it’s not too late already.

    1. well written Jonny. the RATS Led by sleepy dopey biden together with the little child CAMEL, giggling her way to stardom, which is all she ever wanted. She acts, talks and is a little girl of about 6. giggles at every difficult question for she cannot think of a decent reply. My 7 year old grandaughter has more brains than the CAMEL. she talks and loves to help her mum around the house. speaks well and isn’t shy in giving her opinion about the things she is interested in.. CAMEL isn’t interested in anything which pertains to helping people, going to the border to be active in sorting out the huge mess which she and the old dope have allowed to happen. Mean while fancy frigdgegege Pelosiis busy making out she is the greatest thing like an ash tray on a motor bike. In other words her words and actions are totally useless like the ash tray. I cannot remember the last time I heard her come out with a civil tongue, and tried to be decent with people around her. Lets hope those voters will throw her out of office 2022, mad ( lets form a crowd) Maxine as well plus, plus the list goes on and on.

    2. I agree with you. Joe Biden doesn’t have the brain smarts to hold the office of president and should be removed as soon as possible, but the giggles Harris would step I to take the reins and that is a huge non no from me. She would further run the country into the ground and if she’s found not capable the Piglosi would be the next and I feel she’s salivating for the job. Speaker of the House doesn’t hold as high a promise for her as President. In my estimation none of the demoncrats would be a true fit for the job. President Trump did have the best interests of America on his agenda but with those stolen votes he was deemed not to win. If all the states that were in question would recount the ballots like Arizona is doing, we’d have a true and accurate accounting and Mr Trump would be in office again.

  5. Anyone who believes that the placement of the Biden Regime into power, our dead economy and the wholesale take-over of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms by GLOBALIST/COMMUNISTS is just a coincidence, is either already dead or has begun to die from the top down.

    I’d ask “Where are our brave defenders” but we already know that every one of them is already a Communist or has sold out to them. Scum, all. Forget the GOP, they haven’t done a useful thing since Emancipation. ObamaCare anyone?

    Yessir, like Bible Prophesy says, “their mighty men will fail them”. We already know about “put not your faith in Princes” because let’s face it, Trump and the mighty GOP did NOTHING at all about election fraud and the creeping take-over. NOTHING at all.

  6. Loved how they said if you had an electric car this would not effect you. The democraps at their best..alltohellwithkingbiden

  7. biden stole the title of Worst president of all time from his buddy obama, dementia or not, what a Fraudulent POS!

    1. I have to give Obama credit for one thing…maybe the only honest and truthful thing he ever said:

      and I quote Barack Obama…” Never understimate Joe Biden’s ability to Fxck things up”

  8. Term limits are our only hope to get democracy back in our country.carreer politicians are not there for our best interest .greed and power is their only goal .two terms and out and no lobbing afterwards.we need to get it to the ballot .see what you can do in your state to vote it in

      1. Two terms and out… sounds great Gerry.
        As it is, Joe Biden did absolutely nothing for 47 yrs.
        Now he’s the (President) and he decided he wants now to make a difference.
        Hey Joe, the country was a much, much, better place when you did nothing.

  9. Anyone with an IQ above 75 knew this would happen and those who voted for Gropy Joe were OK with it. When there is 45% of the population who think socialism is OK, we have a problem. The GOP was never ever going to be 100% in for President Trump and were never going to fight for him. I read and hear a lot of people saying “We have to do something” but what? The election cannot be undone, there is nothing in the Constitution about it. Ole’ Uncle Joe cannot be impeached unless We the People take Congress(House and Senate) back and put in principled conservatives, not just the GOP, we must primary out every single one of the RINO’s a la Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney etc. etc. This whole thing is not going to end well for the nation I love and fought for!~

  10. The first communist puppet (dementia jo) making Jimmy Carter look like a good president! Now in my lifetime there is a worse president! This is the only accomplishment dementia jo will have!

  11. cARTER SHOULD REJOICE !! BIDEN is NOW working HARD to REplace him as the MOST CLUELESS DEMENTED IDIOT ever to reach the WH>>>>>>>>>> Did anyone see Biden’s speech Yesterday?? Unmasked nad NOT taking Questions at a podium totally BRAIN VACANT and on IFC movie at ” WEEK END AT BERNIE” totally as dead but with GOOFY sun glasses on ???

  12. Talk is not going to save our nation. A patriotic militia may be needed before it’s to late. Exterminate the current occupants of the White House. They took an oath of our constitution, broken it and are traitors. What is the penalty for being a traitor?

  13. I’m still waiting for the REAL AMERICANS to wake up & do something.
    But from what I’ve seen lately, (like people who call themselves patriots, still watching sports that take a knee, & shows & movies made by woke actors & such) I won’t be holding my breath.
    The courts won’t help, the cops are afraid to do anything, the politicians are run by the mobs of Antifa & Burn Loot & Murder, so I’ll just take care of me & mine until I see something positive happen. & if you don’t understand what that means, then YOUR part of the problem.

  14. Gasoline shortage and Biden just visited Jimmy Carter, Hmmm, remember Carters gasoline crisis while he was in office. CONSPIRACY anyone ?

    1. Isn’t it interesting the Joe ( “The Mask” ) Biden and his lovely 1st whatever, joined the Carters at their home in GA. and “The Mask” is all up in Mrs. Carters face , what is she now?, 93 or 94 yrs old. No mask on in the “ giants vs. midgets” picture, and he puts Mrs. Carter in grave danger ( in the world according to Joe ) of the Vid by NOT social distancing and unmasked!!! Perhaps when he is in private company, and he’s of course “ vaccinated”, he feels it’s ok to be that brazen.
      What a hypocritical asshole. Incompetent is an understatement, he just might be more stupid than his Vice President.

  15. I think that the Biden administration should just give up and let the real President take their place. Since he really doesn’t care about America. All the Demo crats want to do is run America in the ground. Where were they when the peaceful protestots were doing their thing last summer.

  16. Impeachment, do-over election…all of it is a waste of time until we educate the $#XXing MORONS who voted for these scumbag communists!

  17. If senial Joe Thinks, that he will run in 2024 good luck with that, he will be lucky to be alive with all the health problems he has, let alone not knowing who he just talked too, plus many other mental things….

  18. Joe Biden & company aren’t Democrats. They are looney tune, leftists, Marxist, Communists!
    Did you read that Biden is going to have a physical, be transparent, & release the findings. Every thing that has come out of Biden’s & Harris’s has been one lie after another. Review the video from the debates & everything he said has been one big lie. His new name should be liar-in-chief.

  19. I agree 100% with almost all comments here. HOWEVER, talk is cheap!! WHO is going to start doing something?? WHAT should we all be doing?? I have never been an activist and have no idea WHAT to do. I don’t feel we can wait until 2022 and the elections (which if the demonrats have their way these elections will again be “rigged” in their favor). Please someone come up with a solution and DO something other than TALK about how bad things are in our wonderful country – which, I, of course, totally agree with. Here in CA we have a recall election coming up. Is it possible to recall a sitting president?? If not, I think we need another Constitutional Amendment so that “we the people” CAN recall a President and be able to have another election. VP Kamel is in no way competent to even be a VP let alone a President and if it should go to Piglosi it would be even worse. If that should happen – who would be VP? does anyone know??

  20. That 25th amendment is still not being used!!!!!!!!!!!! You would have to use it twice, maybe three times!!!! Biden, Harris, Pelosi!!!!!!!! Pelosi is the worst of the three!!!! We need a comment from Professor Derkowitz, (sorry about the spelling Professor)

  21. Biden requires IMPEACHMENT before we lose America for the future generations.

    Marxism and blatant Socialism!!! Let’s revolt!!!

  22. “But when a long train of abuses and ursurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to establish new Guards for their future security.”
    Those words, uttered and written almost 246 years ago, mean exactly what they did under George the 3rd, as they do to our government today. Take every grievance that followed after that paragraph, and insert Congress’ and the Senile Fool’s name in place of Ol’ George’s name, and we have almost the exact same situation as those men that signed the Declaration that day in 1776.
    We’ve a Congress, upper and lower houses, that are broken beyond repair. We’ve an Executive that was Selected not elected, and we have a Judiciary, that is corrupted and broken. Our Electoral System is so broken, I seriously doubt attempts to repair it will correct the many problems in the system. We either accept that this cannot be fixed by the provisions within the Constitution, because those who swore to uphold, protect and faithfully fulfill it, have defecated on it, or we meekly submit to the Totaltarians within our government. The proverbial fork in the road is before us, and we must choose wisely which course we’ll follow. Either we stand up for Freedom and Liberty or we enslave our children’s children to the yoke this Administration and government are locking around our necks. It will be bloody, it will be awful, and many will die on both sides of the battle before us. It will make the last Rebellion and the last Civil War look pale in comparison, so we must steel our hearts to the task before us, lest we falter in our resolve.
    I’ve no illusions about surviving the conflict, but I will die in a pile of spent brass before I bend my knee to the petty Tyrants that have infiltrated and usurped our government.
    Liberty is calling. Will we defend her?

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