Biden’s Open Border Policy is Killing Children – And Sometimes Worse

If the American people knew the extent of what our wide-open southern border is doing to children of the world right now, they’d drag Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out of the White House in handcuffs, haul them to the Hague and have them tried as war criminals. You’re not seeing any of what’s happening in the American media. Not even the leaked photos from Project Veritas and other outlets reveal the extent of this human-caused horror. US Senators are prevented from taking pictures inside the Biden Concentration Camps. And further south, the inhuman cruelty is difficult to even describe.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) went with a delegation of Republican Senators to try to get video or pictures from inside the Donna, TX camp. Someone did manage to snap a photo of some Third World babies – BABIES – being held in an enclosure. One photo showed a baby that looked to be just a few months old lying on a thin mat alone. Most photos were blocked, the Biden administration staff got in front of Ted Cruz and yelled at him, claiming he was stealing the dignity of the people in the camps.

The Donna, TX concentration camp for children, operated by the criminal Biden regime, is at 1,500% capacity. Under normal circumstances, it’s supposed to be able to house 1,000 people. These not being “normal” circumstances, the camp is only supposed to have 250 kids maximum in it, to prevent COVID outbreaks from spreading among the kids. That particular Biden concentration camp has 4,000 children in it right now, and more coming every day. No wonder they don’t want Ted Cruz or anyone else taking pictures of it.


The conditions in the concentration camps are disgusting. Hoboes from San Francisco wouldn’t want to live there. Native bush villages in Alaska that don’t have running water are cleaner than the Biden Concentration Camps.

Far to the south lies a strip of jungle known as the Darien Gap. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t drive from America down to South America. There’s no road through the 60-mile stretch of thick jungle that connects Panama and Bolivia. The Darien Gap is 60 miles of bandit country, filled with rival drug cartels, communist guerrillas, cranky Indians who hate trespassers, crocodiles and other dangers. Locals call it “The Jungle of Rape.”

Thousands of migrants from the Third World jump off a boat in South America, on their way to our southern border. “Humanitarian aid groups” are assembled at the southern end of The Jungle of Rape in order to hand out bottled water and other trinkets. Hollywood celebrities and your tax dollars fund these organizations to the tune of billions of dollars, so they can push children from Asia, Africa and South America into the most dangerous stretch of jungle in the entire world.

They call it “The Jungle of Rape” because no pretty woman or girl is able to pass through it without being molested. If you survive the rape, you will lose all your possessions for the remainder of the journey. But the cartels will give you a bundle of cocaine to transport through the jungle. Good luck.

And Lord help you if you make it through and try to emerge from the jungle without that heavy bag of cocaine on your back. That bag of cocaine is your exit price if you want to live. It’s not uncommon for motorists on the Panama side of the Darien Gap to encounter someone running out of the jungle, offering to sell a baby to passersby. The parents didn’t make it through.

War correspondent Michael Yon has traveled to the southern side of the Darien Gap and started reporting on the floods of children showing up, ready to make the journey through that 60-mile stretch of hell on earth. It is absolutely heart-wrenching. If you’re unfamiliar with Mike’s reporting, he’s one of the last authentic journalists left in Western Civilization. You may not agree with his politics, but he goes to the places that the mainstream media wants you to ignore.

Here’s a link to one of Michael Yon’s reports from the south side of The Jungle of Rape.

It’s about two beautiful Christian children from Haiti. They’ve been lured to Columbia by the bloodthirsty Biden regime and the “humanitarian” groups that are pushing children into The Jungle of Rape. The kids are clueless about the dangers they are about to encounter. Fair warning: The end of the story will break your heart and strip away a piece of your humanity. But we owe it to the children being murdered by the criminal Biden cartel to not look away.

This is what your tax dollars are paying for. This is what happens when a nation replaces the humanitarian border controls that Donald Trump put in place with the open-borders policies of mass murderers and psychopaths.

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58 thoughts on “Biden’s Open Border Policy is Killing Children – And Sometimes Worse”

  1. Biden and the Democrats are Supporters of throwing children and babies over the Border walls, yes over the wall !! Biden could stop these terrible things from happening. Close off the Border.
    Biden and Harris are as good as taking those lives with their own bear hands!! They own this whole dirty deal. When is enough, enough?

    1. We need to stop this not with our tax dollars reparations over everything for ADOS instead we take care of illegal immigrants.

    2. Biden “loves”all these new kids coming.

      After all the can bounce up and down on his lap while he sniffs their hair.

      Wetting the hair on his legs and watch them dry.

      The more kids that come in this more the pedofile biden and Clinton clan has to “play” with.

      I’d say the words I’m thinking but they’re too dirty to describe these trash.

      Humanitarian is not rape,use as drug mules,beat and God only knows what else .
      All these sick SOB’S needs prison term of not less then what 1 childs life is worth.

      Bastards !

      1. i agree 100% scotus can hang their heads in shame for allowing borders to be open in hopes of votes over drugs disease rape and child molestation

        1. The Supreme Court has nothing to do with the border or the ongoing crisis there! Point your finger of guilt at the incompetent POS in the WH. All he had to do was nothing; just leave things alone-Trump policies were working! The people in the know are the overworked border agents who deal with are telling so-called reporters and Senators this. They say that they are not being political but merely stating their experience dealing with the inhumane current situation.

          1. Hmmmm. I don’t know there Masslass. Think I have to go with big Andrew on this one. Roberts and Co. had there chance to step in and save Trumps election, or at least they had the opportunity to try, and SCOTUS decided not to even take a look.
            I wasn’t there, but evidently John Roberts was heard down the hall from their chambers screaming vehemently that they not involve themselves. He supposedly was afraid of the riotous factions who would present themselves protesting “ peacefully” by burning cities and looting.. and God only knows what else.

            It’s my contention that had they done their duty to this nation ……. which they blatantly DID NOT, Donald Trump would be our President, the Wall would still be being built, and NONE of this heinous Biden brought fiasco would be happening. SCOTUS failed miserably. The high court was once a revered, integral piece of the Judicial machine. John Roberts killed that. As far as this voter is concerned, the Supreme Court has lost its entire sovereignty, every bit of dignity it once commanded. They were part of the coup. It boggles the mind that this court was actually a part of this whole takedown, but they were. I’ve absolutely no faith in our judicial system any longer.

    3. It’s time for the heads of the departments involved with this fiasco take the reins and not follow Biden’s inhumane edicts!
      From the Sheriff’s departments to the Border Patrol, go back to the right way of protecting the USA and close the border today!
      Someone AT THE TOP has to start this rebellion to save America. Time to abandon ship and let Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Shumer, etal sink. Next move would be to cut the power to these communist news agency’s.

      Like Satan, the Democrat’s just want revenge against things that work for the nation and those people who do their jobs to accomplish them.

      1. What is the limit if you murder the unborn? There is no limit! No one,nothing is safe. Only sociopaths could do this. No conscience at all,no prohibitions. Flat evil. What’s the difference between them & Joseph Mengele? No difference.

      2. Those are big words but what are YOU doing actively to prepare for the rebellion you propose? I hear brave statements like yours all day long across many websites. I’m 78 years old and disabled but I’m doing my best to express myself to: my Governor, both Senators , my Representative, and the President. I’ve also contacted the Sheriff in Milwaukee with a suggestion for crowd control.
        I’m a registered Republican (not just in name), but a paid member of the RNC, I belong to the NRA, Judicial Watch, and Mammoth Nation. I put my money where my mouth is, not paying lip service. I have voted in every Presidential election and most midterm ones.
        I’m on a fixed income and live in a small apartment but do my best to support my beliefs. What do you do besides asking others to start a rebellion?

        1. Same as you, we’re retired and on a fixed income as well. That being said, I give whatever we can afford when asked by our Republicans to donate. We’re too old to much of anything else. If those evil people could control an election where 75% of voters voted for President Trump, I’m worried that they can do just about anything now. No laws, no Police. Only God knows where we’re going to end up. God bless.

          1. Good for you! I feel that it’s important to do whatever you can to support your beliefs, whether it’s donating a couple of dollars or voting. I just get annoyed at the lunkheads who spout off about other people starting a rebellion. They’re all talk. Take care and stay safe. Regards, Diane

      3. I agree with Sad Patriot. If SCOTUS had done their job as they are paid to do, our President would still be in office and there would be no mess at the border. I wish someone could get some pics. I’d love nothing more than to run. John Roberts nose in them and make him look at what he’s done. The gutless wonder.

  2. Remember when things were going good back in 2019, unemployment was down for all races, wages were up for all Americans, the border was closed, Other foreign leaders were showing America respect and Trump was being compared to Hitler. What should they be comparing this mob like administration too. America it is time to run these idiots out of the cesspool they have created in DC.

    1. Why do people think we are responsible for these people? Why do we allow South Americans to dump their citizens here? We don’t own this problem, the parents and their governments do, we need to put the monkey back on their backs. We have the same problem s they do. We have crime, riots, homeless and drug problems also. We owe 30 trillion that we will never be able to pay back. We only have half our citizens working and less than that paying taxes. We have droughts that keep getting worse. We have power outages and water rationing. We have the biggest food lines since the last Great Recession. Our water and electric bills keep increasing. The Marxist Democrats are letting millions of illegals in this country by the millions, what do you think this will do to these problems? Also we will soon have a reset of our money. The Democrats want to digitize our dollar. If this happens it will reduce the value of our money by 30 percent. They want to get rid of the paper money so they can control everything we buy they can take taxes by the push of a button. American citizens need to wake up and start contacting their representatives and tell them to close the borders because this policy will soon destroy America. The glass is full and running over, quit adding more water!!

      1. What parent leaves a month old baby alone !!!!!!! Parents bear some responsibility for leaving their children to be cared for by strangers. ???????

        Agreed. !!!

    2. Please let the old folks be in the first wave…we are pissed and will “take no prisoners”!

    3. So, nothing the democrats do will tighten up our borders.

      GOOD GOD, Where are the REPUBLICANS?

      Seriously, where are they??! Have they acted on any legislation of any kind since this Criminal without a mind took the oath of office?!! Thank you T Cruz and the others who went down to see Biden’s Koncentration Kamps for Kids. AOC should take her stinky little self down to the border so she could figure out JUST how to handle this delicate matter. She should take the entire “squad” with her so they too can revel in the dismemberment of our nation. Anyhow, regarding the ex-bartender……she called these concentration camps when Trump was in office and things seemed “ normal?!” Hey Alexandria, what would you call these camps now?!!
      Everything this administration has touched has turned to shit. EVERYTHING. And getting weirder by the day.

  3. Both the Biden & Harris are despicable VILE human beings! I do not call President Or VP because 1st Biden doesn’t have a clue on what the hell is going on Harris is just a cackling HEN! Who also doesn’t know what & How to do anything! What they are allowing to continue to happen at the border is DISGUSTING!! In my opinion both need to be impeached from office THEY ARE KNOWINGLY destroying this country! ONLY God can help us NOW! Get someone Biden is paying the PLO to stop Trump administration deal! WHITE House is ramping up aid to Palestinians! What this administration is doing is destroying everything Trump has done to better this country by not letting America to allow every other country take advantage of us while BIDEN is GIVING AMERICA AWAY! IMPEACH< IMPEACH< IMPEACH is our only help!

    1. Like impeaching Biden and Harris, AKA sleepy and the Ho, might make matters even WORSE! Then we would have Fancy Nancy Pewlosy! How did the US get into this mess? BLM, terrorist org that wants to legalize negro criminals! AntiFa the Dems modern version of the storm troopers!

      The only hope is OUTLAWING the liberal socialist/communist DemoncRAT party of LBJ and criminalizing membership in it!

    2. Impeach is too good for the democrats, the entire party is guilty of treason for crimes against humanity. Since our own government has failed to arrest and prosecute these traitors, what is needed is a military tribunal called Nuremberg 2.0 and have the naval JAG court run the show, since they are the only govt. agency that has not been corrupted and not on the democrats payroll.

  4. Whoever is in charge of this nation right now needs to close the border again. What’s happening to these people isn’t human, and it does compare with Nazi Germany, just a different set of circumstances.

    We all realize blaming the senile old pedophile who resides in the White House is ridiculous, as I’m sure the man doesn’t have a clue about what’s really going on in his world.

    Nancy and Chucky could stop this travesty in its tracks, but guessing they don’t care either.

    We’re losing our sovereignty a a nation because of this complete lunacy. Once gone, well………….

    Guessing the border states are going to have to tell the feds FU and handle this crisis on their respective terms. If I’m a governor in any one of these states, that’s what I’d do.
    As I read daily of the atrocities happening down south, I find it reprehensible that this administration is letting this “thing” as “Brain Dead” would call it, proceed in any fashion. This whole situation is more than WRONG!

  5. Shame on Biden and Harris! What has our country become. Unfortunately, those who voted for B and H didn’t realize the ramifications of putting these two in office.

    1. This has been the seeds of disruption planted in all these people from other countries. They see the United States as the titanic: a hope where they can embark to get to the land of the free and milk and honey. Because many of them see previous family members that came and became home owners, business owners and education where the children became multitude of professional: doctor, nurse,police, and even in government office. While they see if they stay in their country they’re always the poor and their children will be the waifs digging in the garbage piles or die a young death for the lack of having sufficient medical care: they have been sold to slavery by the drug cartels and human trafficking cartels and the coyote: also by the pedophile, holywierd, and many others. These snakes in our Congress and Senate leaders to global mandate chains of anti-American values and the constitution of the United States a republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: thirst for the platform which stands for socialism, communist agendas under the democracy embrace: and for the platform which stands for abortion instead of life assault on this nation’s unborn baby in the womb deem undesirable sacrifice to the gods of convenience: but open the door for children to be processed for past, present and future abuse . Where are the parents? They’re probably dead and the one who claim them are their handlers, not their next of kin. A study needs to be done on these children and their families.

  6. Biden and Harris should be Arrested and tried for crimes. At border. It’s treasonous what they are doing. Enough is enough. Americans. And congress. They need to go. Before it’s too late. What they are doing has to be breaking the law. Let’s do something about it now not later. Impeach Biden. Harris. Pelosi. And that idiot shumer. All traitors

    1. Right on Pete Too many have died to make America great and free. Let’s stop these evil people before we don’t have a country

  7. WE ARE calling for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be arrested for crimes against humanity and taken to the Hague. Everyone should be yelling this out to everyone else! If Biden and Harris are doing this to those children and babies, what are they going to do to you in the near future? Get them! Get them good. You all must do whatever to get the arrested! Spread this around to all people. Call your Governors, Send letters if you can. Stop this travesty!

  8. I would really like to know if ANY DEMOCRATS!!! Feel this way, and if they read this site? Or is it just US???. Either way people, you got it right! they got to go before it’s way to late!!!

  9. Pelosi is running this country. Biden and Harris are her pawns. Neither of them have minds of their own. If she told them to go jump in the river they would just say which one, and he as there as fast as they could.

  10. Pelosi is running this country. Biden and Harris are her pawns. Neither of them have minds of their own. If she told them to go jump in the river they would just say which one, and go there as fast as they could.

  11. Sounds a lot different than the following:

    Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
    When a new planet swims into his ken,
    Or like stout Cortez, who with eagle eyes,
    Stared at the Pacific, and all his men,
    Looked at each other with wild surmise,
    Silent, upon a peak in Darien.

  12. Democrat/Communists do not care a whit about adults, children or human life. Was it Alinsky who said he’d be “content” with 25 MILLION dead in a Communist take over of the United States. Men, women and CHILDREN.

    Those people were invited here by Joe Biden and his Chinese/American/Globalist handlers to be used as fodder for their murderous agenda.

    If you think otherwise you’re dreaming. Mass murder is coming to America. Get used to it.

  13. So we all see our America falling apart in front of our own eyes. What can we do to change this nightmare course? I honestly don’t see any other answer other than physically taking our country back by force. As horrifying as that sounds it feels like thats what’ this situation is working up to. These money , power grabbing idiots have to be stopped.

  14. These fraud elected POS do not care about anyone but themselves. Their whole purpose is to destroy AMERICA and create a DICTATORSHIP of complete control. HUMAN lives, American or alien, are of no consequence, as seen by the condoning of the DEADLY & DESRTUCTIVE RIOTS over the past year. They are filled with HATE and are doing everything to destroy the CONSTITUTION and the RIGHTS IT AFFORDS the CITIZENS of the U.S..
    These people MUST be removed from the offices they now hold and SHOULD be prosecuted as SUBVERSIVES, and for DERILICTION of DUTY while in office and some should be tried for TREASON and TRAITORS.


  16. It is bad enough that the Republicans were duped by the Democrats during the 2020 election. The Republicans did not check the state legislatures for attempts to change election laws especially in battleground states. The R’s also appeared to not “get it” that the election was in the bag with Biden in his basement, very small rallies, and all the corruption the D’s perpetrated using drop boxes, illegal mail ballots, and fixed voting machines. Biden and Harris were the result of that corruption and neither had an iota of how to solve our country’s immigration policies. President Trump fixed the immigration problem only to have Biden cancel them. Biden and Harris own this crisis no doubt about it.

  17. Turn them around and send them back where they came from instead of allowing them in and then NOT know what to do with them. It was getting under control with President Trump — what’s wrong with these communist/libtard democrats that they can’t seem to take care of any problem, they just add to it.

  18. What can we do to stop this invasion?? Is America too deep into this corruption to turn it back? Can we the people force Biden and his crooks to finish the wall? Return to the stay in Mexico policy? What are we going to do with this many uneducated, untrained, people??

  19. What is the limit if you murder the unborn? There is no limit! No one,nothing is safe. Only sociopaths could do this. No conscience at all,no prohibitions. Flat evil. What’s the difference between them & Joseph Mengele? No difference.

  20. We already know the Demonrat party is nothing more than power mongering trash. the problem is so is the rest of our government any more.

  21. Perhaps you all missed one salient feature in this article. A duly elected US Senator was barked at and forbidden to take a photograph in a government facility by a low-life, low down, nobody/nothing of a political hack.

    See where the real power is? It’s in the hands of the “we just follow orders” nobodies who obey everything their Communist Party Bosses tell them.

    And those obedient nobodies are coming for YOU too.

  22. The following are all war criminals who should be impeached, and imprisoned.
    Joe Biden, guilty of breaking his Presidential swearing in promises or “I swear to protect America against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC ” including letting our country be over run by ILLEGAL ALIENS, FOREIGN CONVICTS, RAPISTS, COVID INFECTED NOT TO MENTION THE ILLEGALS TERRORIST COMING IN FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. AND FOR NOT CLOSING THE BORDERS TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  23. If this report by American liberty is TRUE and VERIFIABLE (and I have NO REASON to doubt that it IS), then both Joe Biden and (by extrapolation) his “proxy,” Kamala Harris, would easily qualify for indictments on charges of WAR CRIMES committed during PEACETIME, and could just as easily be CONVICTED!

  24. Democrats are the lowest form of life on the planet….. Honestly, think about that. There is not another creature on this earth as vile as a democrat… They intentionally and purposely harm other people in the name of compassion. Shameful.


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    HARRIS is guilty of violating 18US Code 2381 Treason, 18 US Code 2382 Misprision of Treason, 18US Code 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection, 18 US Code 2384 Seditious Conspiracy and 18 US CODE 2385 Advocating Overthrow of Government!

    Can you tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer? Literally destroying our country, allowing thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

    1. Call them for what? We’ve been telling our “representatives” in Congress what we think for 40 years. They have responded to that by doing exactly NOTHING. They do not represent us in either the House or the Senate. They represent themselves and their big donors for personal gain. I gave up sending messages to my “representatives”. Never once got a reply. Never.

  26. Can a recall,be used against pres.,vp,spkr.of hse.,etc..How to go about a recall.. to impeach,Rep.’s would need Dem.’s to vote for impeachment…Who can you contact,who would have the skills to organize and get votes enough to impeach….Any knowledgeable answers…worth a try?????

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