California Governor: Don’t Recall Me – My COVID Leadership Is Awesome!

The Democrat Party leadership understands that the path of least resistance to keeping power in 2024 is to prop up Kamala Harris. The only rocky part of this plan is that no one likes Kamala Harris. She dropped out of the Democrat primaries a year ago to avoid a humiliating defeat in her home state. So, it’s Kamala 2024 and that’s that.

Unfortunately for the Democrat Party leadership, other power-mad Democrats have some 2024 ambitions as well. That means the rest of us get to sit back and laugh as the leadership chops up other Democrats 2024 contenders in a meat grinder – such as California’s Governor Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew.

I realize his name is Gavin Newsom. But like many Californians, I just can’t bring myself to call him anything other than Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew. The guy is a silver-spoon dynasty doofus. If you spent 10 years and a billion dollars trying to create a smarmy politician in a laboratory vat, you couldn’t come up with a better prototype than Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew. He’s got the plastic teeth, the plastic hair, the fake tan, the smarmy I’m-pretending-I’m-one-of-you-little-people demeanor’s, and all of the earned respect and entitlement of a three-time Used Car Salesman of the Month award winner. Just look at the guy. Yeesh!

Or better yet just drive into San Francisco for five minutes with your car windows rolled down, so you can catch a whiff of the air. Yeah. San Francisco has smelled that way ever since Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew was the mayor of the city and allowed homeless people to deficate on the sidewalks and leave dirty needles laying everywhere.


Anyway, the voters of California are completely fed up with His Smarminess and enough of them have signed a petition to kick the smarmy doofus out of office in a recall election. Naturally, this is a bureaucratic nightmare of red tape and will take months to accomplish, even though plenty of signatures have been gathered to kick Pelosi’s Nephew out of office.

Now that enough signatures have been collected, the state allows 30 days for anyone who has changed their mind to withdraw their signatures from the recall petition. If that sounds insane, that’s because every law in California is written by crazy people or illegal aliens. So… yeah. 30-day waiting period in case anybody changes their minds about recalling Pelosi’s Nephew.

Once that step is complete, the state finance office will spend 30 days figuring out how much the recall election will cost and will compile a report to tell the state legislature that they spent 30 days figuring out how much the election will cost and then (hopefully) will tell the state legislature how much the recall election will cost at the end of the report.

Then, since the state could potentially be spending money on a recall election that was not authorized by the legislature, there needs to be a 30-day public comment period. This will allow the people to talk about whether or not they still want to recall the COVIDiot-in-chief. So long as there’s not some weird overwhelming majority of people that change their minds during the public comment period, the recall election process then advances to the next step.

After all of that takes place, the bureaucracy then informs Governor Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew with a message that I hope will read:

“Guess what? We’re recallin’ you!”

Yeah. The legislature is required by law to officially inform the governor – months later – that he’s being recalled. You know, in case he hasn’t been paying attention all this time. Not that the governor can do anything about it, because his job then becomes to sit there and wait until the recall election. But at least he knows.

The lieutenant governor is then supposed to set a date for the recall election, somewhere between two and two-and-a-half months after the rest of this bureaucratic nightmare ends. So, it’s gonna be a while.

Governor Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew – last seen dining at the French Laundry during his extended lockdown that is STILL GOING ON TODAY – has a message for the people of California: He says that his COVID leadership has been so awesome that we shouldn’t boot him out of office.

Now that’s hilarious! The exact reason why Californians want to kick him out of office (and hopefully replace him with a serious governor like former Trump advisor Rick Grenell) is the same reason why he argues we should keep him.

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48 thoughts on “California Governor: Don’t Recall Me – My COVID Leadership Is Awesome!”

  1. California Governor: Don’t Recall Me –
    Every Socialist’s Communist Democrat’s should be recalled and removed from the Halls of Congress, and Whitehouse including Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer and all the rest.
    For they all have VIOLATED their oath of office which states the following:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; T(democratic party has became the domestic enemy of the US) that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; ( all LIES) that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; (democrats has evasion every step since they took over the government) and that I will well and faithfully (unfaithfully) discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” (democrats do not want to say “So help me God.”

    Democrats has remove the Pledge of Allegiance from the halls of congress.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Hopefully the rest of the democratic voters are not asleep and the wheel. Just take a good look at how in just a little more than 100 hundred days theses are what’s been happening starting with the mentality Unstable and incompetent puppet president and power grabbing greed democratic leadership.
      Brain Dead Biden who’s has violated his oath of office has in affect and Oblivious to his actions and what damage his executive orders which are economic treasonous.
      (1) ending the keystone pipe line (2) ending exploration of oil killing thousands of good paying jobs and killing the oil industry. HAS ANYONE SEEN THE Rising prices at the gas pump they have increased by 40%?
      (3) OPENING OF THE BORDERS WHICH HAS BECOME NOTHING MORE THAN A MOCKERY OF JUSTICE SYSTEM AND THE IMMIGRATION LAWS. The crisis at the border is getting worse by the minute and this complete disgrace of the liberal socialist Democratic Party is unwilling to accept the the responsibility for this crisis there running out of places to house these illegals? The illegal unaccompanied children are costing taxpayers a 60 million dollars per week the fake news media circus has even been Prohibited filming at the border crisis by the President administration. (4) then theses democratic clowns are attempting to dismantle the constitution one amendment at a time (5) there attempting to stack the Supreme court with their cronies. And the list of there systematically destruction of government and the corruption within government agencies is apparently been spreading? (6) THE BIGGEST CROCK OF

    2. And now I read the “ no holds barred” Dictator is going to release 76,000 “hardened criminals” from prison ……. the Covid and all. I know liberals must just have their panties in a bunch that these murderers, ex-gang bangers, etc., etc., etc are in danger of contracting Covid-19 in prison. Hell No!!! We can’t have that. Let ‘em loose….. shit!!, why not just go ahead and empty the prisons. What the hell?!! Why not?!
      A great move with his upcoming recall moving ahead.

      This really puts the phrase “ the inmates running the asylum” into perspective. Because, that’s what the democrats are doing to this nation. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact these people want to ruin this country.

      Newsom is a dog. This smug bastard isn’t even worried about the recall. They’ll be using the same machines for that vote as they did nov3. We all remember that day. Biden accrued more votes than anyone in history. All hail the king. This country is so screwed

  2. Yep, he’s Nikita Pelosi’s nephew.

    He needs recalled badly. He is a tyrant. Glad I’m not the only one who knows he is one.

    1. Award him with the Conceit medal of the 20th century, and a bottle of Brillcreme for his mando hair?! Did he sneak into hair salon with Aunt Nancy in SF?

  3. Totally agree Gruesome Newsom needs to be recalled..He is so full of himself that he can’t see will not see all the damage he has caused his state and the people who call California their home , still!! He alone with all the swamp people have done nothing to help businesses, especially those small ones ,schools to open in order help our children who are struggling enormously and will take a long time to get back to some form of normalcy, if that will happen st all..His state with his draconian rules has lost more lives to Covid than the states that chose to reopen early on following the real science, also people suffering from depression because of being locked up , in addition to people leaving the state by the droves because they are fed up and don’t feel safe in their homes !! For those reasons and many , many more Newsome needs to Go, not to single him out NY governor Andrew Cuomo, the witch herself Gretchen Whitmire, to mention just a few. It’s going to take years to undo what he has done but under the right people, it can be done.!! Why not let a strong Republican take over the leadership of this once beautiful state and see what he or she can do!!! Keep up the fight to remove Gruesome Newsom, it’s important for your future people of California, go get him!!!

  4. Governor Newsom is as phony as a 17 dollar bill. We have a daughter and three grandsons living in California and their lives have all been negatively impacted by this aristocratic fool. Let’s get rid of him as soon as possible.

    1. We are Conservative native Californians, and are embarrassed to say where we are from! We have witnessed it all for over 60 years, and Newsom takes the cake. His hypocritical actions have been, and continue to be so abrasive, that just the sound of his voice when heard on a news segment, causes me to cringe. We are happy that the recall petitions succeeded, and can hardly wait for this debacle of a Governorship to END!

  5. The adverse economic impact that this buffoon has caused in the state of CA is going to take years to repair. I know more folks than I can mention here who have lost their livelihoods and their homes as well because of this tyrant and his disastrous draconian mandates.

    This man is a fool. CA is in desperate need of leadership……. from somebody who DOESN’T listen to his auntie Nancy for advice on how to handle his constituency.

    Mr Newsom, I pray the recall puts you on the street and that in 2022 your tyrannical relative from SF gets the damper on her insanely crazy ass too. You people do not belong in my existence, and no one should be put out by either one of you reprobates. Good Riddens

  6. Excellent entertaining writin skills adequately describe Pelosi’s nephew and San Francisco, which was once a jewel to visit. I applaud you!

  7. It wasn’t bad enough we had to endure governor charlie brown? The fools in this state supposedly elected nancy Newsom, to further run down the working class taxpaying legitimate citizens of commifornia?
    I can’t wait to get out of this rediculous state!

  8. He is piglosi’s nephew! That is all you need to know to toss this jerk out of office! He is destroying California, with piglosi’s help. Now he wants to have Adam ( shi**y) shiff as attorney general! Not no, but hell no! Recall him post haste, vote Rick Grennel in as governor and see your state rebound in record time. Anyone related to or involved with Piglosi should be an automatic NO!!!!

  9. California has the fifth highest debt of all the states and yet Newsom gave $1 billion to a China Co. to make masks. The masks were not up to U.S. standards but we got $250 million of the money back. I am hoping Ric Grenell runs for Governor. He was Trump’s Ambassador to Germany and also head of one of the Spy Depts. He released a lot of info on the ‘Obamagate blitz against Trump. To bas Obama ill never pay for his crimes.

  10. Hmmm, funny how the nut don’t fall from the tree with Pelosi and her nephew. The whole family corrupt one must wonder.

  11. Bring back the old west way if life. Thus guy need to be made an example of that! He gave china 10 million for masks!!!! When he could just purchase them here in America! Every socialism country the people need to rise up and overthrow their government! American can show the way! The fifty years these democrats had planned all this.

  12. i LOVE ALL the replies !!
    i myself, have lived in gollyfornia my whole life ! and since i started watching who was governor, mayor etc.
    this STATE NEVER did well with the Voter’s PICK !! til the movie star rode into town … Ronald Regan
    then the slippery snakes slipped back into the comfy chairs of gov. mayor ….. NOW we have that A$$, district attorney, george gascon, what is he a re-cycle fron San Francisco ?
    what the F is wrong with these Voters…. or are they illegal’s doing this? well with the open door biden policy, God
    know’s we may have one for prez. then thinking about it …. may be an improvement over dead-head biden ..
    and hated harris, who can’t seem to know in which direction the BORDER is ! such incompetence ! and YET where
    is this fake presidency going ? and WHY, Is This Nation Putting Up With This? We are Suppose to be TELLING THEM
    What WE Expect From Them ! Not The Other Way Around…
    if they could….. they’d Elect THEMSELVES …. then there is no other REASON to even talk to US !!
    which is fine with me…………..they will just have to find a Country that will believe in theit L I E S !!

  13. So how many months is it that the Dhimmicrats have to roll this thing around till they finally just outright ignore it?

    Look, MONTHS after the November election and we’re still running in circles on election fraud and recounts. The Democrat/COMMUNISTS are simply NOT going to give up power and they will do whatever it takes to keep it.

    Remember, our military and police leadership has been suborned by years of Democrat meddling and they will ALL “just follow orders”. The military swore an Oath to obey all “lawful” orders from those appointed over them. But what does that even mean anymore? If it’s on the books, it’s “lawful” and just who is it that is writing our laws now? Obama gutted the military of genuine America-loving Patriots. The police take orders from their civic leadership. Like the Mayors of New York, Chicago and Seattle. See?

    I’d bet money that even if Gabbling Newscum is voted out he won’t leave and will surround himself with police and military. Besides, the Democrats have been rigging elections for decades now. Think this one would be any different?

    1. Sadly that is the object. The Plan was to create FEAR and HAVOC, Eliminate jobs and income for the middle class, cause us to be a third world country with the very rich and the very poor and that way we are easier to manipulate and turn over to the Global Demonic Politicians, who have had this plan in effect for years. Now with Climate Change and The Faux Covid,(oh and its real but the handling of it a disgrace) has brought people to their knees.
      People should be looking at the signs of the times and if they never did before Look up and realize Who their Saviour is.
      Instead they want the government to save them – good luck with that one rich man screwing another poor man.

  14. WOW! . . . It’s about TIME to TAKE the TRASH out. The OLD HAGS Pelosi and WATERS should be next. HECK – JUST sweep them away with Pelosi’s BROOM before she rides off in the SUNSET with it! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    1. Amen and too bad the stups are too loyal to the 2 bags of trash, the Queens of the Mod and BLM and ANTIFA. Personally I’d like to see those two groups take out those two scum balls like the Mayor of Portland

    1. Amen its like a new breakfast cereal for ” Reprobate Champions” and its a 50/50% mix of those Fruits and Nuts

  15. The Phony GQ Cover Page Honky boy needs to go and I mean carried out of office. All of us are sick of seeing a taller male example of Pelosi and his reign of literal terror on the public. Letting out 70,000 hard core inmates just around voting time should tell you everything you need to know and the money isnt going for you, its going to prop up illegal aliens and Chinese take overs of whatever he can get paid to hand over.

  16. There’s word that Newsome will appoint himself to US Senate to replace slutty Harris.Another denial of the will of the people of California.

  17. If I were a Republican or Independent in California. I Would make sure every polling location had someone in there to observe the goings on! I would have the Judges at the polls run a test ballot through every machine to make sure there was nothing wrong. Watch the Counting of ballots. All in all, you need to make sure the it would be tough to cheat! Report every little thing! Look at this sycophant! He will do anything possible to win!!

  18. If you are tired of the scams that is known as California state laws such as gas taxes for road repairs, increasing registration fees for road repairs and toll roads that are built with our tax money then we are charged to use those very lanes because of the ridiculous traffic due to over population, then get rid of this clown. The democ”rats” are prepping this guy to run in 2024 for president! Do you people want this? Come on, it’s time to stand up and fight these thieves. Immigration is a serious problem here in California and not everyone should just be allowed to come in “illegally!” Ask yourself when an I going to make the difference, now is the time, NOW please vote him out or regret the future

  19. People, consider the administration wants you to show your ID to get a vaccine shot or enter a venue to show you are vaccinated. To board a plane you must show ID and on and on and on. Why don’t they want you to have to show an ID to vote?! Are we going to stand for this any longer!!!?

  20. When we moved our family to California over 30+ years ago it was a beautiful, thriving state with great schools. Now, because of the Democrat mayors and governors it is the ugliest, filthiest state with the worst schools, overrun with illegals who come here because Newsom made it a Sanctuary State and protects the illegal criminals and murderers from ICE! I would bet that no one can name one positive thing Newsom has done for this state! He has done absolutely NOTHING PRODUCTIVE for California but EVERYTHING NEGATIVE FOR CALIFORNIA! He is a blight on our state and the sooner he is gone the better! He is a tyrant like Pelosi an Biden! I bet Pelosi gave Newsom lessons on how to get rich in politics and how to seize and hold onto power! Kick them all out!

  21. He’s a tyrant who needs to go pound sand and shovel the entire beach on th Pacific side. He also needs to scrape chewing gum off sidewalks. He needs his blanket and a fresh bottle of the latest fake milk offered at the local grocery store, like oat mil, or almond milk.

    He’s another worthless Demoncrap who needs to leave office for good.

  22. I lived in california for 14 years and I escaped post haste. Whew!!! That was close. I’m never going to set foot in california again. And Pewlosi’s nephew is one of the reasons. Another is I don’t speak hispanic and soon that’s all california will be. Get out all you white suprematist racists while you can. Even President Elmer Fudd and the Laughing Hyena he calls his VP think that’s what you are. I cannot wait to vote for my President, Donald J. Trump again.

  23. I just listen to Caitlin Jenner on Hannity! Newsom, Jenner coming after you, and she’s not playing.
    Made a lot of sense! If she’d do what she promises she’ll be the one for the job, she’ll clean Newsom’s clock!!

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