Congress Moves to Sideline Biden to Make Way for Susan Rice & Gavin Newsom

Many Republicans in Congress are working hand-in-hand with the Democrats to ensure that Donald Trump does not win reelection in 2024. The events playing out in front of us right now are so heavily scripted that it’s hard not to see the invisible hand of the anti-Trump power players and billionaire donors hovering over all of it.

This week will mark the beginning of the end of Joe Biden’s time in the Oval Office. This is part of the Deep State and the Washington uni-party’s plan to make way for the Susan Rice/Gavin Newsom ticket to step in, once Biden the accused rapist is out of the way.

Republican Representatives James Comer and Nancy Mace were all over the news shows with their announcement about the Biden crime family’s foreign influence peddling! They’re going to finally release the damning Hunter Biden evidence that will lead to the Department of Justice finally indicting Hunter Biden for crimes. Finally!

These Republican Members of Congress want the American people to believe that after all this time, they have the smoking gun. This time, the DOJ will surely press charges against Hunter. Does anything sound off about that?

The FBI has had the Laptop from Hell since 2019. They’ve had direct evidence of the Biden family’s crimes in their hands for four years. There was plenty of time to indict him. Why would they suddenly charge him with something now?

Well, they’d do it if they needed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out of the way. What would the FBI/Deep State really be doing in this situation? They’re probably offering Joe Biden a deal right now.


They will charge Hunter Biden with some BS tax crime, and Joe can pardon him. This would bring Biden to the point where he’ll have to resign or at a minimum, announce that he decided not to run in 2024. Or they’ll offer to not charge Hunter in exchange for Joe dropping out of the race right now.

Kamala Harris will be damaged by the stink of association with the Bidens, even though she’s probably way too dumb to even take part in the Biden family’s childishly transparent criminal enterprises.

That’s when the DNC’s dream ticket of Governor Hair Gel from California and Barack Obama’s architect of destruction Susan Rice will announce that they’re running.

The more you think about this scenario, the more it makes sense. Gavin Newsom visited the White House a few months ago when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were both out of town. Who was he visiting with? Susan Rice, obviously—the woman who is running the White House as Barack Obama’s proxy.

Two days before Joe Biden announced that he’s running for reelection, Susan Rice up and quit. The only question at this point is whether it will be a Newsom/Rice ticket or a Rice/Newsom ticket in 2024 to face Trump.

Republicans in Congress don’t want Trump to win in 2024 any more than the Democrats or the FBI want him to. Out of all the declared and undeclared candidates so far, Donald Trump is the only America First economic nationalist in the mix.

Every Republican and Democrat in DC benefits from America Last fiscal policies. They would all be content to continue picking the carcass of America for its last riches until we are no longer a nation at all. Donald Trump has proven through his economic nationalist policies that it is possible to have a “Lazarus effect” on our faltering nation, by putting the American people’s economic interests first.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress don’t care if your family is starving. Republicans unveiled proof that Hunter Biden committed crimes. Whoopee. We’ve still got Title 42’s expiration bringing 1 million more illegal aliens, including a 100,000-strong army of fighting-aged warriors, to flood across our southern border.

Meanwhile, how are the people of East Palestine doing? Plus, Congress just passed the $200 billion mark in aid to secure Ukraine’s borders. They benefit and profit from policies that hurt our families the most. Donald Trump knows that when we benefit from America First economics, the nation benefits as a whole and not just the tiny group of elites at the top with titles like “Senator” or “Representative.”

Trump is like holy water to the vampire squid that is bleeding the American middle class dry. That’s why they’re finally taking Joe Biden out this week. The crusty old perv has outlived his usefulness to them.

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32 thoughts on “Congress Moves to Sideline Biden to Make Way for Susan Rice & Gavin Newsom”

  1. “Liar-in-Chief” and “Commander Hair-Gel” Quite the Combination! Hillaryous Infiltration? “Back Door Politics” Who’s on the “Elimination” list besides Kamala?

  2. Two people who want to destroy America! Susan Rice has blood on her hands from her lying about a VIDEO TAPE THAT RESULTED IN SIX AMERICANS LOSING THEIR LIFE! You have to be kind of STUPID AND DUMB TO EVEN THINK SHE NOT GUILTY! Gavin Newsom, REALLY? Another blood lines of PELOSI! And a LOT WORST! He already destroyed CALIFORNIA! He a fool for wealthy people ONLY! Middle class people and lower class are DEAD UNDER HIM IN CALIFORNIA! Why let him LIE LIKE HIS AUNT? BEST PLACE FOR HIM IS SIX FOOT UNDER. AND NEVER HEAR FROM AGAIN!

    1. Dear Wyatt Earp, You have hit all 4 of the nails on the head. Congratulations! Too bad the shots can’t look to be such.

    2. I totally agree with your comments!! People please get your head out of the sand & pay attention to what is happening to our country. We’re not far from the point of no return. We have to get President Trump re-elected to save us!

      1. You don’t really think that their collective heads are in the sand, do you? But, it’s so warm up there!!! hint!!!

  3. That is beyond heartbreaking, to think that our own so-called Federal government would do such a thing. Our Forfathers would have been shooting a long time ago in defense of our once great nation. Make no mistake, all those illegal aliens are our replacements. The “government” wants us to believe it is for votes and cheap labor. That’s only a fraction of the plan. And they are all in on it. Biden has already taken away a lot of our freedoms and they are out to get our money and our guns, and anything else that’s left. Look at all the mass killings, school shootings, church shootings, mall shootings, stabbings and beatings and cars plowing into crowds. No one does anything to stop it. All planned in advance. They all want this. We are collateratal damage. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!


    2. I am so very sick & disgusted with all these crooked people! There should be someone, somewhere who could get rid of them!! Donald Trump is our only hope to save our country & our freedoms♥️♥️

    3. I believe that our forefathers are rolling in their Graves and we the people should show these butthead politicians who their boss really is and do what our forefathers did when threatened by their government officials take up arms while we still have the ability to do so wipe them all out
      The time has come to take our country back is today

  4. Okay, investigate Hunter Biden, but Ivanka and Kushner’s corruption makes Hunter’s profits look like chump change. Ivanka and Kushner made $640 million while working for the White House, and Kushner used the Saudi’s to extort nearly a billion dollars from the Qataris to help him avoid bankruptcy on his New York City building. Why just look at Hunter? Oh wait, he’s the son of the Democratic President. No need to look at the children of a Republican President no matter how corrupt.

  5. The Democrats know there is no way Biden can win over Trump. That is why they have done everything they could, legally or illegally to stop Trump from running..
    The only way they could win was if the could steal the election again and they are not sure they can do that again. So Biden and Harris will br tossed out and another crook will take hia place running against Trump. I don’t think it matters who they run, if they don’t steal the election again,they will lose.
    More people all the time are coming out for Trump as they are beginning to understand the Democrats don’t give a damn about the people anymore.
    Here is a Poll put out by The American Voice Daily.
    “Are Americans fed up with Biden and the Democrats?” 2215 votes
    Yes = 100%
    no = 0%
    The Republicans had better be extra careful the next election. The Democrats stole the last one and nothing was done about it even with all the evidence they stole it, so they may try to do it again since no one was held accountable for their actions. When a crime is committed, that is the best way to assure that it will happen again.

    1. You are so right, James. That they could steal another election, is what I fear. How can we stop this ? Also, it is wrong to choose Newsom. He has already done so much damage to California. Clare in CA

    2. If they don’t get rid of those Mail in ballots they will steal again. They did the same thing to Herschal Walker! How come our Senate can’t get together and impeach the hell out of both of them? They both have done broke their OATHS OF OFFICE SO MANY TIMES ITS PATHETIC. ALL THIS BOARDER CRISIS COULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED 3 YEARS AGO! If the senate would have only worked together. Biden’s en has sold us out China, Russia, and who ever else he can sell us ot to. Politics is not about honesty no more its about who’s offering more money for the privileges of our government. Our forefathers are rolling over in the Graves from this democratic crap.

    3. The problem being congress, dead beats, they have had a million chances to get rid of these criminal democrats
      they don’t want to, they are all for newson and rice. the election steal is already in progress. People you need to pound congress and let them know you are on to their dirty tricks. I can remember 40 years back when the farmers ask for help and congress said no. I really think congress is a waste of money you cannot depend on them to be there for you when you need them most. right now we can’t depend on anyone in government they are all out for the all might buck that is all that matters to them. We get to pay all the bills for them to sit on their dead asses and quander our money. You brainless idiots who keep voting them in office better watch your backs because when the democrats are done using you you will be dumped on the shit pile along with everybody else. Our justice is worthless, our supreme court is useless. If they had done their job we wouldn’t have these scum in office now. Have as you might try a good day, because hell is right behind you with the democrats pulling all the strings.

  6. Our government needs to massively simplify itself. It’s demonstrated by all the lawsuits that take months and years to be finalized. For example a simple process such as taxation has become a colossal industry that could easily function with a tiny fraction of today’s resources.

    Those resources are skilled accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, clerks and collectors who could be used to support more productive industries. New industries would create new American products, manufacturing processes, jobs and American profits. This notion cuts across most U.S. industry.

    I doubt that Rice and Newsom would support such efforts because they lessen the funds available for entitlements that buy votes. Entitlements likely represent the biggest industry in America and without them, millions of people would starve.

  7. We need legislation that if you cross our borders illegally (premeditated crime) you will charged with a felony, you will never be able to apply or become a citizen of the USA, no more anchor babies. No drivers licenses or ID’s will be given out. It will be a federal crime to issue any type id’s to and illegal. Any one or organization or company/corporation will be subject to fines and mandatory 5 years in federal prison, E-VeryFy. Sanctuary cities/counties will be charged for harboring criminals. No voting rights at all.
    When apprehended you will be deported.
    If we have non coward true elected officials this would be number one piece of legislation they would be implementing.
    Illegals are criminals this is premeditated crime another words planned and knowingly know it’s is illegal/know they are breaking US immigration laws of the USA.

  8. This is the meaning of the phrase, “Desparate times calls for desparate measures”, it may also be interrepted as “The Blind leading the blind” again!

  9. The people that are promoting this is also breaking our immigration laws and should also be held responsible. If they are politicians, they should be thrown out of office and never allowed to run again. Something has to be done. This country cannot survive at the rate it is going now.
    The politicians passed these laws and now are breaking them. Why isn’t the laws being inforced? Why are people being procecuted for something when there is no evidence they did anything? The justice system in this country has gone to hell.
    Trump has been ordered to pay a women who claims he raped her 30 years ago in a department store, probably full of people, she never called for help, never reported it until now, 30 years later. Would it have anything to do with him being rich and running for President? One woman already tried that and ended up being ordered to pay him $700,000 . Now the crooked judge and jury has ordered him to pay this other woman $5 million for harassing her. Justice? Garbage. No proof it ever happened, just her saying it happened 30 years ago. If this is how the law works, I am glad I am not rich and running for President. She might claim it was me insread of Trump. Of course as old as I am she would probably claim it happened 50 years ago.
    I hope his lawyers appeal this garbage and throw this crooked judge out on the streets and let him sell newspapers for a living.

  10. If the congress got Biden and Harris out, that would be a dream come true. But Rice and Newson would be a nightmare as well. They are not in the chain of command either.

  11. I see a Nationwide civil war brewing and they have no idea it’s going to come sooner than later and most know it and It will only take the right lit match to start it. Unfortunately, once started, there will be no turning back until the cleansing is complete.

  12. They probably believe there could possibly be anoother civil war here. That may be the reason they are trying their best to take our guns. I wouldn’t put anything past these crooked politicians we have now.

  13. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse you are hit with susan rice/gavin Newsom….two of the LOWEST BOTTOM FEEDERS there are…..PERIOD…..

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