Cover-Up: Mueller Team Lost 59 Cellphones Used for Hoax Russia Probe

Yet another Russiagate scandal has been exposed that the liberal media will now have to cover up and hide from the American people. Robert Mueller’s cherry-picked team of Hillary Clinton bootlickers “lost” 59 cellphones that they were supposed to turn in after their Russia hoax probe ended. How exactly does a team of supposed professionals lose 59 phones? Purposefully.

This is a scandal that’s even bigger than Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails. And the only reason we know about is because Senators Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have made it public. Hillary Clinton was just a Secretary of State for the Obama regime. Robert Mueller and his team were supposed to be acting on behalf of the Justice Department, and therefore are held to a higher ethical standard. At least in theory.

It turns out the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) discovered that 59 of the 96 phones issued to Mueller’s team to carry out the Russia investigation were missing in May. The OIG just recently revealed that little detail to Grassley and Johnson, so they’re trying to get answers now.

Just like the official emails that Hillary Clinton illegally deleted, all the text messages and email messages sent from those missing phones is supposed to be a part of the public record. Even if those messages were secret or classified, they’re still supposed to be preserved so that Congress can provide oversight of the DOJ, and so that future historians will be able to tell what happened. Mueller carried out his farcical investigation on the public dime, so all of their records are supposed to be accessible for transparency and accountability.


Aside from the public records aspect of the missing phones, there’s also the issue of the very real crimes that Mueller’s team committed to smear the Trump family. Mueller’s team of Clinton cheerleaders leaked like a sieve throughout the entire Russia investigation. While they never managed to find any actual Russians or collusion in the Trump campaign, they leaked an awful lot of one-sided prosecutorial information to try to make the Trumps look bad. Leaking details of an ongoing investigation to the media is a serious violation of DOJ rules.

And I’ll bet dollars-to-donuts that those 59 missing phones would reveal who was doing the leaking. Another thing those phones likely had on them was a bunch of insane anti-Trump sniping. Mueller and Andrew Weissman, who really ran the investigation, don’t want anyone to see that most if not all of the lawyers on their team were a bunch of snowflakes with Advanced-Stage Trump Derangement Syndrome. The revelations in Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s text messages were embarrassing enough for the DOJ.

Johnson and Grassley have sent a letter asking a bunch of key questions of Attorney General Merrick Garland this week. They want the Justice Department to turn over the chain-of-custody paperwork on those phones, and the names of Mueller’s teammates who the missing 59 phones belonged to. They’re also asking for documentation of all text messages that the Inspector General was able to recover.

They’re asking to know what efforts the DOJ has taken to locate the missing phones. And most importantly, they’re asking if the existing phones have been examined to determine whether they were used to leak sensitive or classified information.

I don’t expect they’ll receive satisfactory answers from the Biden Justice Department. If history is any guide, the DOJ will drag its feet on this for another two or three years, before sheepishly admitting that they “accidentally” smashed the 59 phones with a hammer and then launched them into space. Whoopsie!

Do you think anyone in the Department of Justice, or the FBI realizes the absolute contempt that the American people now have for them? They leave no stone unturned when hunting down Roger Stone or some little old lady who walked into the US Capitol with her knitting needles on January 6th. But when their own agents commit brazen crimes in broad daylight, they just shrug as if it’s no big deal.

This is unsustainable and it’s wrecking the country. Our two-track justice system has gone on for far too long. And now that so many Americans realize what a scam the whole thing is, it’s only a matter of time before these previously vaunted “institutions” are torn down brick by brick.

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43 thoughts on “Cover-Up: Mueller Team Lost 59 Cellphones Used for Hoax Russia Probe”

  1. Yes, the fbi is a communist democrat controlled cult that uses the same tactics that hitlerly Clinton did with her illegal server in her bathroom and her phones! This communist democrat cult is pushing our country towards the same life as what is in cuba and won’t be satisfied even then!

    1. Mueller!! and his TEAM was the Numner One killer in America. Then came COMEYand HILLARY,and add OBAMA!! They are a Biggest set if Liers you can ever find anywhere in the World!!. May God Give them what is due to them for ALL the EVIL they Spit on this Country,and America still sit and listen to these Hyprocrits!!. But I say God is not mocked!!!!

    2. I read these “breaking” reports all the time about rampant violation of our laws. Why is it that no one and I mean no one ever gets indicted let alone convicted of any of these crimes?? They are all in it together! All up to their ears in the swamp. No one is ever held accountable. Don’t hold your breathe here. Why did they lose the phones, because they can!

        1. It’s time that Americans make a choice,continue on this path of government overreach or tell our elected officials enough is enough. We need congress to have term limits-one 6 year term and if you use the office for personal profits you go to jail.

      1. Makes you wonder why the Cell Phone Carrier hasn’t been asked to “ping” these phones and find what dump they’re located in. Probably all in the same garbage bag, or maybe they were borrowed “Obama Phones.”

      2. And you know as well as I do that nothing will ever be done with this information! It will be held under the desk of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer never to be seen again!

    3. Boo! That’s all that will become of this. Boo! Guaranteed not a single person will go to jail over any of this.

    4. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘War Measure Act’ against him.
      With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

  2. Mueller and his band, of democratic scumbags should be held accountable. A trail is nessessary to put theses lying,self centerted, hipocrates in jail.

    1. yes, and they know a trail is needed ,hence the lost phones. like killary’s bleachbit, hammered phones.

    2. You and I know as well as everyone else that nothing will happen to them. I agree, they should go to jail but they won’t. Look at the Clintons, they should be locked up but…..

  3. Another case of corrupt police ,policing themselves.why is it republicans go to jail and democrats walk.its not gonna get better only worse.theres so much corruption in DC on both sides of the isle it’s unbelievable.they can controll an election .they will never let trump back because he doesn’t play the game


  5. The blame for all this malfeasance belongs to one person. That’s Obama! His administration started the politicization of the FBI, CIA, NSA, the department of Justice. And the IRS. He now the person actually running our government not Biden, Biden is merely s puppet.

  6. Did we all not know what was going to happen when this mess started ? Of course we did that’s par for the course.

  7. Par for the course, Still after over $30,000,000.00 of expenditure, with NO RESULTS, ALL BEING SAID AND DONE,
    having a “VICTIM” (President Trump) in mind, Searching for a Crime (They changed the Crime several times and even invented a few) NO RECORD of the money spent was ever disclosed! How is this possible when the IRS demands accountability for individuals expenses that amount to far less but “Mueller’s Mafia” gets a “Free Pass”
    for $30,000,000.00 in expenses with NO RESULTS IG, FBI, DOJ, SPECIAL PROSECUTOR,SOMEBODY?

  8. Hillary had the FBI and DOJ in her back pocket. I wonder if the FBI went against protocol and used Blackberry Cellphones and then smashed them too!

  9. Lost???? How about destroyed, disappeared, ghosted only a few of the terms that come to mind. FBI has become a corrupt tool of the Democrat Marxist state.

  10. Welcome to the demonazis socialist states of America. They will now be busy rigging the 2022 midterm elections. Pelosi and her trained monkey Schumer are busy pushing no IDs to vote while they flood states with illegals under cover of darkness.

  11. You don’t have use the actual phone to recover data from the provider. So again, if they really wanted to recover text messages and call data, it could have been possible. After this long, maybe not now.

  12. Robert Mueller isn’t just a Criminal that led a Criminal Enterprise, the FBI, he’s a TRAITOR to The United States of America, nothing less.

    1. It is plain to see these a–hole Democrat and Obama/Clinton puppets are above the law and will remain that way until every rino and Democrat sympathizing Office holder is culled out and prosecuted as American traitors. So, looks like they will be here until they get old and die!

  13. How & when will these evil people in government be held accountable!! They break constitutional laws daily & betray America. Somethings got to give!!

  14. We have known this for at least a year. So, what is the law gonna do about it to those who had custody of the phones as evidence? When we see someone go to jail and the rest lose their jobs and go to jail of some sort, we might believe there is justice. All while the dim wits today persecute the conservatives and those who showed up at the capital to protest.

    AND NO, we do not believe this whole 1-6-21 was instigated by the protestors. Once again the whole event was a set up by old Nanc and the dim wits. If anyone is accountable it is her. She had the power to have the force to manage the crowd. But suspiciously she did not! And the rest is the dim wit story of what happened and not necessarily the truth as we all know the dim wits are liars, cheats, and thieves.

  15. “Two GOP Senators stumbled upon Mueller’s cover up…”.

    “Stumbled upon”??? May I dare to ask – WHERE HAS THE SO-CALLED OPPOSITION GOP BEEN FOR THE LAST 14 YEARS??? While Obama, Biden, Clinton and the rest were DESTROYING this Constitutional Republic from the inside the GOP has on a lo-o-ong sleepy vacation it seems.

    The instances of outright CRIMINAL fraud are manifest, they needn’t be “stumbled upon”. We’re going down at warp speed while the “opposition” and our GUTLESS, YELLOW, SOLD-OUT “BRAVE DEFENDERS” stand idly by counting their pay-off money and laughing! Yes, the MILITARY TOO.

    Now our military is materially aiding the Capitol Police to set up SPYING on law abiding US citizens across the country. A bit out of their jurisdiction wouldn’t you say? Welcome the new KGB to the USA. AND NOBODY IS DOING A THING TO STOP IT!

    EFFEMALL. They’re sold-out GARBAGE, all of them!

  16. When you live in D.C. your protected by the Brother Hood made up of retired federal worker,s or individuals that had there hand in the cookie jar an now covering for there Brother’s. If Justice was to be done in the Russian Hoax there would be on one left to run the Government, you would wonder why they don, investigate Barr proberaly find his finger print’s all over and that,s why Durham is having trouble releasing his report

  17. President Trump revealed how far the corruption went . The DOJ and FBI were as corrupt as it gets. Bill Barr was part of the swamp. His next term should scare the crap out of them . President Trump will know who to surround himself with.

  18. So gosh, they were just casually walking by a machine shredder, and whoooopsy, the cell phones accidentally fell in..
    These CROOKS know every way to deceive the public and destroy proof of evidence. I have absolutely no faith in demonrat weaponized fbi or cia. I’m starting to lose confidence in our Military..

  19. Mueller, RussiaGate Members, and Hillary Clinton all need some “POKEY TIME” in the slammer where they can be taught a lesson, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!” Average people get locked up but these Socialists get the “Get Out of Jail Free Key” ! They are all liars !!! Those cell phones are critical evidence which disappeared not mysteriously but on purpose and we all know it !!!

  20. Time to clean house they all committed TREASON revoke all there rights DEMS are all crooks start with JOE BIDEN AND PIGLOSI HANG THEM BY THERE NECKS justice must and will be served they want a war lets have one

  21. This is no surprise to anyone. CIA crooked. FBI crooked. NSA crooked. DHS crooked. Office of the President crooked. Congress crooked. Lawyers crooked. DemocRAT judges crooked. Supreme court, except thomas and alito, crooked. All voting offices in democRAT run locations crooked. DOJ super crooked. democRAT supporters crooked.

  22. When will the Republicans stop letting the dems push them around. This is total garbage. Arrest Mueller and his ilk, throw them in Prison and leave them there, FOREVER!

  23. Too funny, we knew Mueller was a scumbag from the onset of the farce investigation. Who do you think mentored comey ! Him and his band of common crooks stoled 30 million dollars from the American people.

  24. Did you notice the Richard Nixon pose? Nixon had more integrity in his finger than Mueller and his hit Squad had in their whole bodies. 30 million should be repaid to the American people. Then jail time.

  25. just imagine what it would be like for citizens of this country getting all the moneys that has been given to all the enemies of this country, all the illegals’, all the self serving politicians all that money people work for died for divided up for all the real citizens of the USA. Imagine if for a short time we quit taking care of the world and cleaned up our own back yard first before our pompous assed politicians tell other countries what they should do. Really imagine if we took care of our homeless, took care of our roads bridges, schools, got rid of this bullsht government and everybody follow the ten commandments even if they don’t believe in God, just follow the commandments for 6 months can you imagine what our USA would be like close the boarder have a country again………..CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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