Dear Democrat Conspiracy Theorists: You Go First

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably noticed that the entire DC establishment is ganging up on a freshman Georgia congresswoman for her beliefs. Spoiler alert to all Republicans: If you denounce Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Democrat/Media Complex will still never like you. If they succeed in hounding her out of office the same way that they did to Rep. Steve King (R-IA), they’ll just move on to the next target.

Democrats insist that Rep. Greene must resign from Congress for “believing conspiracy theories.” Fine. If that’s the new standard, then Democrats must lead by example.

Any Democrat who believes in the following conspiracy theories must resign from Congress immediately.

The “Very Fine People” Hoax: This confirmable and insane conspiracy theory requires you to literally rearrange a video of President Trump’s comments about the Charlottesville dust-up between Antifa and a group of supposed white supremacists. Donald Trump totally denounced white supremacists in that statement and was forced to denounce white supremacy every single day after that throughout his entire first term, because the media kept perpetuating the lie that he said white supremacists are “very fine people.” He did no such thing. This is a proven lie and anyone who believes it should not remain in Congress for one more day.

The “Inject Bleach in Your Arm” Hoax: Early on in the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump referenced a cutting-edge experimental treatment that researchers were working on at Stanford. They inserted a tube through the trachea of COVID patients and exposed the lungs to UV rays (you know, like… sunlight?). By injecting sunlight into patient’s lungs, the treatment seemed to be killing the virus and reducing the viral load, at a time when we knew very little about the disease. When Trump said this treatment “disinfects” the lungs, the Party of Science Democrats hatched an insane conspiracy theory claiming that Trump was urging people to drink bleach or inject bleach into their arms.



Russian Collusion: After a two-year investigation with limitless funding and the help of every branch of the federal government, Robert Mueller’s team of witch hunters concluded that not only was there no collusion in the 2016 election – but there weren’t even any Russians involved! Congressman Adam “Ed Buck Who?” Schiff (D-CA) said he had “concrete evidence” that Trump colluded with Russia. He stated multiple times that the evidence was “hiding in plain sight.” It was all a hoax. Any Member of Congress who ever believed this debunked conspiracy theory must resign from Congress immediately.

The Courts Ruled Against Trump’s Evidence: No court has ever looked at the evidence that Trump’s team compiled. Every case was dismissed by stating that the plaintiffs had “no standing” to sue. This is such a blatant lie that only an incredibly stupid person or a liar would repeat it. (Or a dangerous conspiracy theory kook.)

The January 6 Capitol Kerfuffle Was a Coup Attempt: As I’m typing this, members of the Biden regime are actually arguing over what to call the coup that just took place in Myanmar. Such inconvenient timing! Now the public is getting a fresh reminder of what an actual coup looks like. Gee, why aren’t any of the people participating in the coup in Myanmar wearing a Chewbacca bikini? I was informed that all members of a coup always steal their kids’ Halloween costumes and dress up for an insurrection, but I guess not.

Sorry, Democrats, but these are the new rules that you invented. People who believe in conspiracy theories should not be allowed to serve in Congress. Say… aren’t you guys the same political party that once tried to fund a military expedition to the center of the earth, so that you could claim the lands of the Hollow Earth for the US government after killing all the natives that you believed lived there? Asking for a friend.

While we’re at it, we’re also going to have to insist that any Member of Congress who has slept with an obvious Chinese honey pot spy must also resign immediately. Although, come to think of it, there’s probably a lot of overlap between that category of congressman and the conspiracy kooks who believe the Russia hoax.

I’m sure we can work out a deal on this one, Democrats. As soon as every single Democrat and/or squishy Republican who believes any of the above conspiracy theories resigns from Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) will step down. We promise. But you guys have to go first.

Oh, and for the record, Marjorie Taylor Greene never referred to “Jewish Space Lasers” in the Facebook post that everyone is up in arms about. The real reason they’re so mad at her is because she was asking pointed questions about stock market purchases that politicians made during the 2018 California wildfires. Hey, someone should look into that!

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72 thoughts on “Dear Democrat Conspiracy Theorists: You Go First”

  1. Here we go!!
    Is it me or does anyone else see what Democrats are trying? Democrats are pushing everyone who doesn’t Bowe
    down to them or in same frame of mind whatever that is.i haven’t figured out what their coming out with next.
    Their just inventing things. Tearing down anything Trump had to do with!

    1. I don’t agree with what Greene said,
      My point is the people of Georgia need to decide what happens to her not the Democrats! If we don’t stop Democrats making decisions for us where will it end?

      1. I think she is SPOT ON
        In fact I think she ought to ramp it up some more. Those IDIOTS that want her out know her state voted for her OVERWHELMINGLY!!

        1. Kevin, You are so lucky to have the state behind you. I unfortunately have Romney & Toomey, lucky me in Pennsylvania. Keep fighting MTG. You have my support from PA and we Patriots always will have your “6”.

        2. Georgia knows that they voted for Greene. They don’t know who voted for the two senators, because they didn’t.

        3. I agree Kevin! She is a credit to the people of Georgia. She speaks for them….not herself. That is something every state should have for their people – someone who listens and then acts upon the needs and wants of the people they represent. Bravo Marjorie!

      2. Oh Dot, you don’t agree with the truth? How about Nancy investing heavily in electric car stock just a week before Biden announce he was going to buy electric cars fir some Government agencies? Wake up!

      3. First : She was elected by her district to bring the voters frame of mind to Washington d.c. not your opinion.

        Second : I agree the voters decide who to elect not individuals who have spent their entire lives in Washington D.C.

      4. The Dems want all Americans to bow down to them. They are portraying Dictators who want to tell you what they want you to know and no questions or free speech.

      5. You could have stopped at the end of your first sentence. She is there because the people of Georgia believe her and want her there. They know the election was stolen.

      6. Hey Dot,
        You are absolutely right, but which end are you talking about . The dems are screwing us all. In he words of Maxine Waters ” He aint my President, he’s ill egit manet” She was known as the most corrupt politian, until the rest of them showed up.

    2. The freedom of speech is really what the Democrats are attacking. Everything Biden has done has been a job killer. The American people are seeing first-hand that Joe Biden is anti-American therefore wants to import new voters for their anti American policies. We can’t allow them to continue to try to pass all these bills to where we can never win another election.

    3. Yes they are. They accused Trump of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capital, when in fact, it was the Democrats that incited that riot by fixing the Presidential Election. It was a total fraud and they all did not live up to the oath of the office they took. To defend our Constitution. If they don’t like it. MOVE THE HELL OUT OF THE UNITED STATES. WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE..

      1. Bravo Brad!
        I will go one step further and recommend these Dem Dingdong liberal fools move to the moon… Oh wait, never mind! That’s ours to

      2. The democrats need to look up the definition of “insurrection.” An insurrection is an uprising to overthrow the sitting government. Trump was the president on January 6. He was part of the sitting government. Why would his supporters try to overthrow him?

    4. Yes. This completly an attack on the repulic of the US that has been underway ever since the greatest President of modern times DLT rocked the political elite because is not one of them and loves this country. The facts above need to be pounded in with every true news out let for which only it appears that Newsmax and OAN. All others are are not only fake news they are state controlled media!!! Yes Fakebook and Twitter are bad news as well. As this article needs to be pounded in on with every freedom loving outlet so does the rea corruption of the corruption of Biden. Recommend in that on the congressional floor as they will show the video of the capital mob scene over and over that these facts are espoused/shown and grinded in and that video and tap of Biden’s corruption and lies is shown over and over and over going back to 1984! and over!! Marjorie Greene needs to do this and DLT needs to be supported to do this. Who will be next? You? Me My neighbors? My liberal confused cousin who say China Flu regularly?

    5. As a Vietnam Veteran Bronze Star recipient and a JFK Democrat and a R Reagan Republican I am totally disgusted with the so-called people’s representatives of both houses and both parties. It seems like we don’t explore all options for the problems facing our country and we ‘assume’ the other side must be a kook and must be STFU . To me ALL of these need to be replaced. Why do you think Trump was elected originally because we the ‘silent majority’ are really really PO’d and want a change. Frankly I liked much of what he said AND acted upon; not like this group that talks things to death or does crazy actions as we have seen in the past weeks. May God have mercy on our souls!

    6. As Greene speaks the truth, this is what is
      Happening: joe biden through his ‘false
      Pretense’ win as President is decaying(crippling) the USA by not acknowledging the Constitution as he had sworn on the Bible when taken oath to uphold and not only that, he is deceiving the Role as USA President. Someone or one of his lawyers better sit him down and explain that he working for We, the People, not the other way around. Because he can easily be replaced, IMPEACHED -as the same go with All the house of Congress and the Senate. We,the People, have a heart/soul/an This is waste of taxpayers $$; for
      the Democrats, their constituents,
      big tech & social mainstream media
      for recruiting/supporting these
      ANTIFA, MOBS and RIOTERS back in
      the Spring of 2020 ! The damage to
      Many state cities, statutes and public buildings!!, are legal registered voters by/for both parties and yes – know right from wrong. We understand there are anti- Americans serving in house of congress/Senate, that alone shows and states to every person, why their household suffering. They don’t have a representative looking out for the town or city, they there by false pretense!

      1. Bertha — the ol’ dementia ladened pedophile biden’s lawyers and advisors are the ones coming up with these anti-American, anti-American citizen,job killing hair brained ideas and placing them in front of this idiot to sign. If you watch biden for any amount of time — you will see he is NOT capable of coming up with all the garbage he is signing. They will keep him around just long enough to make it look good and then they will get rid of him and the tramp will take over.

    7. We must do all that is possible to destroy the Democratic criminal party that is attempting to destroy our nation. Begin with Biden who continues to receive money from our enemy nations.

    8. DOT you are so correct in what you just said. I totally agree. The demo’s need to look at themselves first and get rid of Eric swallwell as he is the one who should be taken off the Intelligence Committee yesterday!! Here he is going to bed with a Chinese Spy and still on the committee. What a F’n joke that is. They all need to locked up and put behind bars forever!!!! I can’t wait to see them all in orange jumpsuits!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hopefully, when the republicans take back the house and senate they will impeach 0bama. Wasn’t he actually behind the Russian hoax along with Hillary? They both have a lot to answer for.

      1. Can you possibly tell me how 80 million people would vote for a man with the medical problem like his. And run him like a puppet for the Democratic agenda. I’m not a Biden fan but I wouldn’t do that to any human. That’s pretty sick that’s the way the Dems are. Just watch what happens after a hundred days you’re not going to believe your eyes or ears.

    1. I don’t understand why Trump doesn’t take Clinton and Obama and Biden to court with a lawsuit for defamation of character. Oh, and don’t forget to include the other swamp. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

  3. So they (democRATS) are trying to change the vote of the people by just ousting. These are stringent communist practices that need to be stopped.
    Remember to vote all democRATS out of all offices.

  4. democrats need to get rid of the Anti-USA (omar, aoc, tlaiban, presley) before removing this Greene gal, who maybe said some out there stuff, but she loves America, unlike the Sorryass leftists demos.

    1. That’s right. Those 3 ASSHOLES don’t belong in Congress and should have been removed a long, long, long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Maxie Waters belongs in JAIL and should shut her mouth about what she has said about our wonderful President Trump. If everyone else can be silenced, then why can’t she. She is the most nasty person on this planet and should not be allowed in Congress with many, many others!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOCK HER UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can’t believe she is being criticized for what she did when the democrats are trying to bring down democracy! The left is playing into the hands of those who want to see the demise of our country. It doesn’t take much imagination to see what we are experiencing is a part of a plan put into play decades ago.

    1. The left is not playing into anyone’s hand, it is the left that is the demise of our nation. they are the enemy of the nation and the constitution. They are attacking anyone who opposes their agenda, even moderate dems like Joe mansion. So don;t be amazed at their actions , understand who they are.

  6. They can all go straight to hell it’s because of there whinnying cowardly disgusting socialist liberial excrimate eating policies just because they hate america this country is such a disaster

  7. The people need to get rid the government officials that lie. manipulate, live lavish lives. and out of touch with the American. That will never happen because they control us though the computer. I we aren’t careful we could be a comparable to the “Matrix” , We have lost our ability to speak our thoughts and theories that question the left wing agenda. The Russian by the way and all other communist countries control the people the same way.

  8. Greene and I hold the EXACT same beliefs. Even a child can COUNT..all those, what, 80,000 votes flipped overnight??? Like, DUH!!! AND to never have been ALLOWED to be seen??? Never even read, never allowed to be heard? All that MASSIVE amount of EVIDENCE, PROOF of such enormous FRAUD!!! I no longer have ANY respect for our Courts, nor our Government for that matter!! And there’s not a Dumbocrat alive, nor any Media alive that I would pew on if they were on fire!!! As for January 6..any intelligent person would agree that a PEACEFUL rally, protest, wasn’t infiltrated into the mix!!! THEY are the ones that did all the damage and violence!! But NOOOOOO, blame it on Trump supporters!!! And don’t even get me started on Biden!!! Men in WOMEN’S sports? Men in ladies bathrooms and showers? Wholesale abortions AND the U.S. paying for abortions in FORIEGN countries? 11 ILLEGAL aliens being allowed in to take our jobs? Hello COMMUNISM!!! We are being sold down the river!! No more freedom of speech!! This “election” was a COUP any way you look at it!!!

    1. Rebecca, these people are the WEIRDEST on the planet. And say all you want, but you just can’t fix STUPID!!!

    2. If the Demo’s hadn’t cheated and committed fraud then none of this would have happened so they the demo’s are to blame and not Trump and his supporters. Let’s get to the truth here!!!!!!C’Mon Man!!!

  9. Save the world by installing air filtration systems in all government buildings, Schools, and hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, etc. Give aid to all businesses who will install air cleaners, include private family homes as well.

    The fact is many air cleaners not only kill the virus, but cold germs, flu germs, and mold spores, remove pollen and dust and make inside air healthier to breathe. Air cleaners will help to conquer the VIRUs and many other air born diseases. fjh author of SLAVES WITHOUT CHAINS, Amazon .com.

  10. Been wondering why the democrats are still after Trump when all the evidence say he won. Well maybe that is why. Not 2024 but because they know he was elected

    1. Audrey
      The dems hated Trump 19 minutes after said ” I will accept the Constitution” Do you know why He got things he promised to get done he did….That is why the dems hate him, because they COULDN’T, and never will. They have niow proved that they are anti-American. Biden is proving it now.

  11. I think that we’ll need to GET RID OF Biden, Harris, and Maxine Waters JUST for STARTERS. Pelosi, Nadler and SCHIFF need to go to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON, OPERATIONS of an ILLEGAL COUP, HIGH CRIMES against The POTUS and The American People. And, don’t forget about putting in FEDERAL PRISON the DEEP STATE (which, of course, they’ll never do!). What a MERRY BAND of CRIMINAL HYPOCRITES. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  12. How bout a constitution czar that actually punished lawmakers who even look at the constitution wrong ! That all take a oath to uphold and protect yet first thing all politicians do is try to figure out how to get re-elected .. Goes for both parties . You mess with the constitution and your out Period . No questions all b.s aside !

  13. There has never been a better time in modern history for freedom loving constitutionalist on both sides to come together to save this country from the nut job liberal arts teachers and students who are being allowed to run this country. Our elected politicians need to stop this administration from further corrupting our children and the feeble minded adults who believe the liberal left media has this country best in mind. They need to stop this so called President ,and Barrack his mentor from portraying peace loving Americans as terrorists, maybe take a better look at all the videos of the January 6th mostly peaceful demostration and stop putting us in harm’s way at home and abroad by calling the acts of a small percentage of foolish over zealous people an “insurrection”

  14. It really doesn’t matter if it was Trump or ANY President being railroaded..this was a TRAVESTY of JUSTICE!!! NO President should EVER have been treated so damn disrespcetfully!!! It gives America a black eye..totally SHAMEFUL!!! As for Dumbocrats, I feel sorry for ANY people who were so BRAINWASHED that they WILLINGLY voted for a man with IRREVERSIBLE DEMENTIA!!! NEVER in the history of America has THAT been done!!! AND, just to be clear..Biden will be stepping down MUCH sooner than anyone thought because he’s INCAPABLE of running this country!! It has ALWAYS been the HARRIS/Biden Administration. And she is being hailed as a BLACK woman??? I mean, REALLY?? She is from India and Jamica, which is hardly BLACK!! PLUS her husband is WHITE!! AND..even better, her great grandfather, Grandfather, and father were SLAVE OWNERS!!! You think Biden’s bad?? He can’t hold a candle to what Harris is going to inflict on the American people in the next 4 years!!! Oh, and Trump supporters are NOT “Domestic Terrorists”, nor are we a “CULT”!!! Put the blame where it rightly belongs..on ANTIFA and BLM fanatics and the Dumbocrats and LYING, FEARMONGERING MEDIA for CONDONING it!!! We are RAPIDLY approaching a Civil War because of it. Badly as a Civil War is would give China, Russia, and Iran the PERFECT opportunity to INVADE while our country is embroiled in a Civil War!!! Damned if we do, damned if we don’t!!! Trump may be out of the White House but he is STILL and will ALWAYS be the face of the Republican Party..he started a rare “MOVEMENT” which has spread all across America..fighting for FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF RELIGION and LAW AND ORDER…and the RIGHTS of the UNBORN!! Whether anyone likes it or not, this righteous MOVEMENT only is here to is rapidly growing STRONGER!!! Trump brought about the REbirth of a NATION and it will NEVER STOP!!! I am a PATRIOT and always will be!!!

  15. Rhesa is right on target. Stop allowing the democrats to shove you around and in turn shove 40 million people around as well. Start acting like an elected REPUBLICAN and do your jobs. SAY NO!!!!!!

  16. The first thing that a Third World dictatorship does is expel all opposition members from the parliament, ban other parties and make the ruling party the sole legal political entity. Everything that Xiden has done since the first day of the illegitimate Chinese puppet regime is straight out of the playbook from Somalia and Niger. Mogadishu Mandy and the rest of the Squad will feel right at home in the coming Peoples Republic. Eighty million of the rest of us, however, will have seceded or revolted by then, even if Xiden and Field Marshal Comrade Austin turn both the anarchist, communist and black supremacist mobs and the newly-purged American Peoples Liberation Army loose on us, as they now plan. If Marjorie Taylor Green is expelled we will re-elect her, and if they do it again we will re-elect her again. Down with the dictatorship! Biden delendum est!

  17. What troubles me the most is the double standard , finger pointing the Dems are always doing. The want to remove M.Green for her statements but Maxine Waters spews hateful “get in their face” rhetoric – nothing said. Chris Sawell involved with a chinese spy , he’s still in a seat of power with access to vital information – nothing said. Omar “some people did something” – nothing said. The list goes on and the Republicans who are suppose to be standing up for the Americans who put them in office for the most part have their tails tucked between their legs and are more worried about their pay than our country. They keep Liz Cheney & step away from M. Green. Where’s the back bone in that action? 75 million people couldn’t be wrong – we need another President Trump.

  18. She has a right to speak her mind. The Dems. stated the most hateful and vile words about President Trump, but that was ok. If Ms. Green were removed from Congress many of the Demos. in Congress, would need to be removed also.

  19. There is always a problem with the “Democrats” I’ve noticed.

    Every time they get into a political position they attempt to change the world.

    It would make more sense if they would try doing things in a more common way.

    I certainly believe that you would agree with this.

    Let me know what you think.

    Tim Spreadborough

    1. Tim:
      The problem with your reasoning, is that the Democrats are drunk with power.They have no concept of the term “working together”.
      If they were reasonable people, that weren’t intimidated, by the few outspoken leftists, there could be a chance. But, with Pelosi’s intimidation tactics and her mind slowly failing, because of her age(82), and her obsessive hatred of President Trump, that is almost impossible, even to the point of violating her oath of office, which is apparent.

  20. A third world government terrorist take over.
    1. Rule by executive order
    2. Putting a predecessor on trial.
    3. Censorship of opposition.
    4. Attacking the private sector.
    5. Exploiting identity politics.
    6. Challenging judicial independence.
    7. Purging former officials
    8. Encouraging a slavish media.
    9. Military in the streets.
    I am terrified.
    this is unconstitutional

  21. We are suppose to have freedom of for both the Dems and Rep. NOT just for Demorats only. First in first out AOC goes first.

  22. Mitch McConnell is on a scorched earth policy against Trump, I think Marjorie Green should band with other Republicans women in congress and file a class-action lawsuit against Mitch McConnell and Keven McCarthy for discrimination, harrarasment in the work place, and obuse of power, and we can through in breech of oath of office.

  23. If Pelosi wants to target Ms. Greene, then McCarthy should start targeting AOC, Presley, Talib, Stallwell, Schiff, Waters, “lard”, and Pelosi herself!

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