Did the COVID Vaccine Kill Officer Brian Sicknick?

Four people died during the “insurrection” event at the US Capitol on January 6th. They were all Trump supporters. One other person – Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick – died the next day. The media and the Democrat Party needed someone’s death to be at the hands of Trump supporters to try to credibly claim that Trump supporters in Captain America costumes had tried to overthrow the US government. So, they made up a completely fake story of Sicknick’s death. They claimed he was bashed in the head with a fire extinguisher and murdered by Trump supporters. That was a lie – and we should all be asking some serious follow-up questions now.

For the record, the medical examiner in DC has finally announced (three months later) that Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes. He was never hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. That was a lie the whole time. The media didn’t just report this in error. They lied. They made the story up out of thin air. They spread the lie relentlessly. The fake story about Sicknick’s “murder” at the hands of Trump supporters was even used in the second attempted impeachment of Donald Trump.

Wait a second… how does a young, seemingly healthy cop in his early 40s suffer back-to-back strokes? Is there something going on in America that could cause a relatively young man to have two lethal blood clots in his brain? Actually, there is…


The Biden administration has just recently suspended distribution and use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Six younger patients in one location suffered sudden blood-clotting issues. This definitely sounds like a cover-up.

Only six? 64,000 women and girls have experienced sterilization or breast disorders after getting the HPV vaccine, and they’ve never yanked that off the market. Biden yanking a COVID vaccine off the market over six adverse reactions seems like an extreme overreaction. But it’s not an overreaction if the Biden administration is lying to us and trying to cover something up. It appears that blood clotting issues related to ALL of the coronavirus vaccines (not just Johnson & Johnson) are far more widespread than we’re being told.

Here’s a lengthy Twitter thread in which dozens of unvaccinated women describe severe changes to their menstrual periods, just after coming into contact with co-workers or others who have had the vaccine. That thread is not for the weak of heart.

Most of the women report having regular periods like clockwork for years, only to have their monthly cycle severely disrupted. And it’s not just periods starting way early or late. They’re describing severe, abnormal cramping and pushing out huge blood clots. Some of the experiences sound more like miscarriages. There are even post-menopausal women whose periods have restarted after coming into contact with people who have been vaccinated.

Feminist author Naomi Wolf, who is misguided but certainly not some conspiracy theorist, has been gathering testimonials from hundreds of women experiencing rapid, severe blood clotting issues and period changes now that a large percentage of the population has been vaccinated. Something strange is going on.

Now, let’s bring this back to Brian Sicknick dying of back-to-back strokes a day after the January 6 scuffles at the peaceful protests.

Everyone in Congress had access to the coronavirus vaccine before the rest of the general public. That’s not just Representatives and Senators, but also their staffers and employees at the Capitol. That would almost certainly include the Capitol police officer force. Maybe Sicknick refused to get the vaccine when it was offered to him. To be clear: We absolutely don’t know the answer to that question. But maybe he did.  We started seeing Members of Congress (and staffers) getting first access to the vaccines in late December – just a week or two before the Capitol protests.

Between January and March of 2021, we had 1,524 Americans die from reactions to the coronavirus vaccine. Only about 25% of the US population had been vaccinated by that point. To put that in perspective, we had 3,679 firearm deaths during that same period (out of a population of 330 million). That means that as of today, you are about 64% more likely to die from the coronavirus vaccine than you are to die of a gunshot wound. (And please do the math yourself before attacking me in the comments. It’s not that hard.)

We now know that Brian Sicknick did not die at that hands of Trump supporters, which is a good thing. But his sudden blood-clot death raises questions that no one in the media seems willing to ask.

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53 thoughts on “Did the COVID Vaccine Kill Officer Brian Sicknick?”

  1. Will the number of people who died from the vaccine be as many who actually died “FROM” the virus. People who had no underlying illness that may have killed them? People who died from suicides, murders, accidents that were listed as COVID deaths because they tested positive for the virus and the virus had nothing to do with the death? Here’s what this article said:
    “Between January and March of 2021, we had 1,524 Americans die from reactions to the coronavirus vaccine. Only about 25% of the US population had been vaccinated by that point. To put that in perspective, we had 3,679 firearm deaths during that same period (out of a population of 330 million). That means that as of today, you are about 64% more likely to die from the coronavirus vaccine than you are to die of a gunshot wound”
    When is this going to end? People are dyng every day , not because of the virus, but because of the politicians who are doing everything posible to keep it going. They don’t want to give up the control over the people they have from this virus.

    1. James — it will end when “WE” end it and not before. As long as we keep acting like a flock of sheep and keep putting these criminals in office and listening to the lying media– communism will continue to take over. The media has been outright lying to us since the early 60s that I know of — they are just more blatant about it now. We need to S T O P watching any news networks and S T O P reading or buying any newspapers. Impossible — not really — we need to put these criminal organizations out of business and the only way is to stop being viewers and buyers. The fact that the media fabricates a story out of thin air — the demonRATS and rinos promote it to the point of some uninformed naive people believe it — is criminal.

      1. You are absolutely correct.
        Truth is no longer told which proves how Evil the world has become.
        We know who the great Deceiver is and most of the world follows him.
        Read your BIBLE and understand the world we now live in.
        GOD is Truth; you can understand why it is not told. PRAY and trust HIM.
        We are seeing more of the Signs of the Times. Choose who you will Serve.

        1. Amen. GOD IS TRUTH. The world no longer likes truth. Satan is the father of lies and his day is coming along with all those who reject GOD.

      2. How sad. And with bidumb admin in charge it’s going to get worse. Like my plumber said the other day, “you ain;t seen nothing yet”.

    2. 2019-2020 Flu Season 38,000,000 cases reported in the USA

      2020-2021 Flu Season 1,822 cases reported in the USA


      Why isn’t the entire country, HELL!!!, the entire planet, not asking the obvious question?

      A Liberal Asshole let me know that the flu has pretty much dissappeared because we’ve been masking up and social distancing.
      I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!!

      This whole pandemic has been blown out of context since day one. The govt wants control, why do you think the moron Fauci can’t seem to get his story straight?! They’re still using the covid thing as a control mechanism.
      Is anybody beside myself sick of this? I’ve been to 5 events in the last two months, at least 50 to 60 people at each event….. folks from eight months old to eighty years old, no one wore masks and we didn’t social distance. NO ONE got sick after any one of these events. What the hell am I supposed to believe any longer.
      Even my doctor has told me that I might as well wear a piece of chain link fence on my face…. that’s how functional these masks really are.

      So…… where’s the flu?!! Seems to me it’s now called the Vid !! This media, and this illegitimate regime, have the media lying to you about everything. They want to control us with this propaganda, and this lie of lies.

      I read it again just the other day. Five people killed on January 6 at the Trump interaction. See, that’s where the media gets you. It was actually four people died from natural causes, and one person was murdered in cold blood by the capital police. That’s how that worked. The poor Sicknick family has been dragged though the mud of the media all this time! My heart goes out to the Sicknick family.

      1. I’m so glad others see this BS. What we are seeing is all the Big Money Grab! It’s profits for all the medical facilities, etc., not the actual workers. All the money for claimed deaths and cases do to supposed Covid!
        You have stage 4 Cancer you passed from Covid! Heart failure at 90 Covid. Untreated curable sickness that went untreated do to fear, Covid! Shame on all who turned their backs and went along with it. They will live to see the sufferings of their own. And if Covid was so real, why let infected illegals in and scatter them all over 50 states! BC you want their votes?! Pathetic! Puss is in the White House. Swamp is too kind a word. Nothings for free!

    3. prior to the “pandemic” the way deaths are now listed allowed for Covid to be the cause… in the past, the cause of death was listed as the chronic illness or severe injury.. and then were pneumonia or flu a secondary issue that was listed as a secondary attribute listed on a different line…. I just heard about this a short while back on Prager show I think… so the plan to purpurate this was long in the making and the people Obama installed at CDC and WHO were supportive of it all….. political hacks.
      Great Post BTW… thanks

    4. I totally agree with you! They want to keep this going for the Control Factor ONLY! Their Climate Change has fallen on it’s face so it seems they will Continue to Control the People through this so called Virus! Look around you though, how many people are STILL wearing MASKS? Sometimes 2 Masks! Gloves and Taking unnecessary precautions for something that has been downgraded by the CDC as the FLU!!! Check it out if you don’t believe me. People out of FEAR will go to the extreme’s and force others to come in lockstep with them! Look at the attack on people with courage enough to NOT wear that mask! I went to my Dr. and he played the WHAT IF game on me! The person that took my blood asked if I’d gotten the vaccination and when I told her NO she said WHY? OMG I was shocked! If I lived my life by WHAT IF’S I would NEVER leave my house! I have NO FEAR! No FEAR at ALL!

      1. It just occurred to me today…July 29 2022.
        I’d assumed he was killed somehow, as I’m sure four cops were suicided.

        When Democrats use your corpse as fodder for their fully dishonest narrative, they will of course kill you as they did Ashli Babbitt,
        Roseanne Boyer,
        the two ‘heart attack victims” actually killed by flash bangs thrown at them by cops,
        the attempted murder of guy thrown off two story building,
        Victoria White beaten by DC Metro cops in tunnel…

        So I have no doubt they WOULD have killed more people for the sake of the narrative.

        But strokes sound like vax injury. So…maybe…

  2. The illegitimate puppet regime of The Dotard is setting new records for mendacity, Like His Fraudulency, who is a Chinese satrap pretending to be the front man for the Marxist Muslim from Mombasa pretending to be a moderate Catholic, this is a serial deception. This story was made up out of whole cloth to provide support for the narrative of murderous Trump supporters on the rampage in Washington and also to obscure the growing number of fatal vaccine complications. This will provide a pretext for purge trials and mandatory vaccination and domestic passports. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and his retinue of liars) delenda est!

    1. oh.. you mean a “Devout” Catholic.. nothing at all Catholic about the man… and the way the left regards religion, they twist it to agree with their agenda….. great post!!! I’m with you 100%

  3. The media lies period and thus is worthless…..and all of them who push the lies need dealt with….as well as their bosses.

    1. Globalist taking over the country trying to make us the One World Gov’t.
      We know eventually it will come as the BIBLE tells us that. When we don’t know but we are seeing the Signs now.
      President Trump was working to restore us to the One Nation under GOD and all Hell broke loose to bring him down. He was stopping GLOBALISM .
      None of their evil tricks had worked so being desperate to take over Freedom America they created a China Virus to bring people under Control making them fear for their Lives, etc. We are in a Spiritual War and the controlled Media keeps people scared so they buy into all the lies. Saran is the great Deceiver who comes to Deceive, Rob and Steal.
      More Signs of the Times that the BIBLE has told is about. Trust GOD, not mankind.

      1. funny how so many think all ya gotta do is tell St. Peter “sorry” and you walk right in……. twisting religion to accommodate their evil… I knew the nation was in trouble long before the education system decided to teach religion as literature…. it opened the door for these criminals to denigrate Jews and Christians while worshiping Islam.. read it myself on school site here in Georgia which of course they closed that ability….

  4. The fact that most of the news Media lie and refuse to report the true facts is criminal. But the DOJ does nothing about it, nor does the FCC. Justice is a commodity for the rich, the Monopolies, and the Elite, the Billionaires, etc. Poor folks, peons, serfs, servants, and slaves are not entitled to the truth or to Justice. This is a proven fact. Just look at how the super wealthy and the powerful politicians get away with many crimes, but the average citizens has to pay the penalty of being poor and having no political clout. How sad!

  5. The news media is the worst thing out there – they lie and when the truth is revealed it certainly is not ranted and raved about as the original story (lie) was. The average citizen pays much more in every way than those in power.

  6. The politicians, Gates, Fauci and deep state power mongers keep pushing for everyone to get vaccinated for COVID-19, this magical virus that just appeared and spread world wide and called a pandemic? Gates wants world population control or should I say, population reduction. Fauci’s link the lab where the virus was created and purposely released on the world for a specific purpose, has created havoc on the civilized world, but with some exceptions… Oh, let’s start with China, population: 1.4 billion, COVID-19 Reported Cases: 90,547, Deaths: 4,636; next let’s look at Russia, population: 144.3 million, COVID-19 Reported Cases: 4.7 million, Deaths: 107,103; finally USA, population: 331.0 million, COVID-19 Cases: 32.6 million, Deaths: 583,330. Just looking at these numbers ought to slap you upside the head… we know you can’t trust most of what is reported by China or Russia, but just looking at Chinas numbers should raise big Red Flags. China created and released this virus with the help of the Gates and Fauci’s of the world and were aided by liberal puppets in our government and the deep state, with one purpose… and if you can’t see it then I doubt you ever will!

    1. Damn Edwin!! I read your post, I look at the numbers, and it just seems to answer my age old curiosity as to how much (which isn’t much) anyone can believe the first thing the media reports on the “pandemic” when they start throwing these tally’s around.
      For the last year the numbers are reported to us, and they’re all over the place. Nothing seems uniform, everything seems to contradict everything else …. I’ve been thinking for too long that this thing was hyperbole on steroids.
      I’m having a very difficult time believing ANYTHING the media throws our way regarding this covid thing any longer. Look at the disparity of the numbers you stated above. Looks like the “ inventors” have the solution completely under control …. lol

      The numbers don’t add up….. they don’t make sense. Too many media lies and hoaxes …. it stinks out loud. This is just the flu being called a pandemic….. and looks to me like flu season is over. Just like Ms. Lynn, I have no fear here. None. It’s time to do away with the bacterial laden face panties. These stinky things just can’t be productive in any way. No vaccines for me either please, that goes for the flu as well.

  7. How many CO-VID deaths are really car accidents, heart attacks, cancer and other causes which the media has decided should be counted as CO-VID? There was a TV broadcast a month or so ago, stating that every death is counted as CO-VID because hospital collect additional funds from the government for every death counted as CO-VID. I’m so very tired of hearing numbers cannot be verified. The report was from the CDC and stated that approximately 5% of the ridiculous count is really CO-VID!

    How much longer is this country going to bow down to the Demarats and their false narrative? Let’s get rid of these ridiculous masks (I see people alone driving wearing a mask, WHY? Is the car going to give them CO-VID?)

    1. I would like to know who decided that hospitals should get extra money for covid deaths? If Chinese death rate is accurate that means less than 1% are virus caused. Of course when China released their bio weapon with the dual purpose of dominating world currency and causing as much damage to Gods children as possible. China is Satan’s Godless favorite Nation. Look next for the big push for a one world currency and Government. Once established Satan will be booted out of Heaven and deceive the world.

      1. yes I have a simular problem I have been reading deaths in the news papers across canada and there is mention of a cocid death

      2. Satan is not in heaven! He is roaming the earth deceiving people with lies, telling them to believe all the Covid Facts that our leaders are giving us. Our only hope is in asking God to forgive us. This can be done individually thru God’s Son……Jesus Christ! Wake up,America! God is willing to help!

    2. The Demarats are actually Cultural Marxism being revived to take total control of the world while needing to destroy America first.

      Their plan is to is to bring in The One World Government which will eventually bring in the AntiChrist who will Control all the World who will have to take the Mark in order to buy or sell. Understand what’s going on now. Pray and Trust GOD your Creator who is still in Control. We don’t know
      HIS plan for us but don’t buy the Lies we are being sold.
      There is a Quest for the Souls of mankind. Choose today who you will serve–GOD –who numbers our Days. Not mankind who through TECHNOLOGY now plays GOD and works to control us.

    3. that car mask wearing …. I heard someone on radio telling the host it was in case they got into an accident… how goof is that??? I see folks out on the street wearing a mask and shield and the closer one gets to downtown the mask wearing goes up….. the further one gets from the big city… it’s opposite

  8. Just like was published and then forgotten -that the officer died of a stroke , but then for the misinformation that he was beaten we lived through more nefarious political drama. This American is sick of this constant diatribe spewed by the political cabal in DC.

  9. Silly people! You expect the Blame Scream Pinocchio Media to tell the Truth about anything?

    The Media is just as complicit in this Mass Murder cover-up as the Democrat Party is. They KNOW this story about Officer Sicknick being killed with a fire extinguisher is false but they spread it anyway. They KNOW the TRUTH about Covid (Fauxvid) but continue to spread the Big Lie upon the orders of their Democrat Party Bosses.

    The Media is PAID to spread COMMUNIST propaganda now. And nothing else. But, tell that to their faces and they get indignant and even violent. Liars are like that, they hate being called our for who they really are.

  10. The cause of death was known not to be from a bashed in head from day one. For 3 months this lie was repeated just like “hands up don’t shoot” with M. Brown and used by media to twist the truth and empower Marxist, communist, democrap scum. Fake news media should be the number 1 target when civil war 2 starts.

  11. It was reported by Brian Sicknick’s brother that he had an underlying medical condition from when he was serving in the service overseas. The family indicated they did not want his death politically made as a spectacle. A lot of knew that he did not get hit with a fire extinguisher because the officer spoke to his brother the next day. At least the truth is out now that he died of natural causes. The democrats need to stop with their constant lies, especially Pelosi and her cronies.

  12. I have read AND RE-READ, the above comments SEVERAL times, and my thanks to all of the ‘posters’.
    I will reread again and give deep consideration to all of your viewpoints.
    I too am sick and tired of ALL of the self proclaimed “EXPERTS”, (read: News Media and Politicians) attempting to feed we ignorant ‘underlings’ their drivel and misdirection’s.
    Mankind has sent US to the Moon and returned us safely to Earth; and sent ‘our robots to other Planets as well as further into our Solar System and into outer space — YET, we believe all of the ‘crap’ we are spoon fed. SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE !!!

  13. It is sad sad sad and embarrasing for America when the idiots who stole the 2020 elections have no idea what they’re doing. They believe that their huge ridiculous amount of money is pushing their socialist agenda forward. The ignorance!!! They are pawns in Satan’s mind games. This is a known fact! Satan also thought he and his human minions had killed Jesus Christ. This ignorant crowd did not realize that God saved the world by having His Son die for the human race. That’s exactly what’s happening today. God Is Always In Control! For those of you who don’t believe. Open your eyes! The real Republicans and believers must come together and have a prayer vigil. Surround the white house, peacefully, and praise
    and sing songs of praise to God for He is still protecting His people. Money does not work for our Lord. Our Lord is above all materialism. Praise God Almighty and Adore the Living God. Amen!!! Satan has no authority, he trembles at the mention of the powerful name of Jesus Christ. God continue blessing all faithfuls. It’s embarrassing that the Supreme Court is not doing their due diligence in protecting the USA. These idiots should have been taken out of our white house and arrested considering they are NOT protecting us nor America.

    1. I agree with Nancy comment on the Supreme Court you have a Justice ( john Roberts ) for some reason has an agenda against Trump and its effecting the court. Look at his conduct when their was the issue of the election he was heard yelling rather then evaluate the merits of the complain to see if there was any violation of the Constitution which some Justices felt.

  14. The most terrifying thing here is how the facts have been so manipulated to benefit certain entities. The COVID numbers, the reasons for many riots, the real reasons for cause of many deaths. This police officer was violated in death for those same reasons. I just spoke to a man who believes in the numbers falsely given of COVID deaths, and who believes everyone has “a duty” to be vaccinated. It’s appalling! We have nothing or no one we can believe because there are so many evil people twisting the truth. Now the possibility that even those of us who refuse to be stuck with poison may still fall victim is beyond fear. And there’s nothing I can do about it but pray. I am.


  15. It is time to stop complaining and figure what to do about it.
    Ayn Rand in “Atlas Shrugged” book told us what she though could be done.

  16. No one has seen fit to address the fact that Flu virus is a Covid strain and most likely shows up on the Covid19 test as positive. That would explain the lack of flu cases and the abundance of Covid cases. The vaccine is going to turn out to be just like the ‘flu shot’, must be adapted to the mutation of the Covid19, which is already at Covid20 and Covid21. This virus is no worse, maybe not as bad as, the Flu. It can be destroyed in the body using low levels of low energy radioactive pharmaceutical drugs.

  17. There is not a single place on earth where masks appear even to have slowed the spread of the virus, which appears hell-bent on cutting through every population until the herd immunity threshold is met. None of this should have surprised us.

    How many people do you know who always wear their masks fully clamped to their faces like a respirator? Well, there are very few people who can afford to pass out after hours of oxygen deprivation. That, in a nutshell, is why mask mandates are useless against a virus, even before we examine the fact that the pores in the mask fibers are much larger than the virus itself.

    Stephen Petty, one of the most experienced certified industrial hygienists and exposure experts in the country, sent me the following chart based on new research on mask filtration (Drewnick, et al.). It demonstrates that if just 3.2% of the mask space is open, the efficacy of the mask goes down to zero!

  18. This is absolutely terrifying for anyone who has family members who have received the vaccine. I’m guessing there is nothing that can be done to test for this potential time bomb inside our loved ones. Even if there is no doctor would order those tests at this point. More people will have to die before they even begin to consider the problem. This whole thing stinks to high Heaven.

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