Heroic Good Guy Democrats Are Burning All the Books Again to Protect You

You had better hurry up and log onto Amazon to snatch up that last copy of “If I Ran the Zoo” by Dr. Seuss for $970.43. If you don’t have that much spare change handy, since you still don’t have that $2,000 stimulus check promised by Joe Biden, then you might have to settle for a copy of “And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street” for $550.00, “On Beyond Zebra!” for $768.57 or “Scrambled Eggs Super!” for the low-low price of $884.44.

The communist Democrat Party, sometimes referred to as SJW cancel culture pansies or just plain old commies for short, have decided that the beloved Dr. Seuss’ children’s books are too dangerous for children to read – and they’re here to help!

The commie witch hunters have identified another iconic cultural item that has had racism hiding within its pages for the past century: Dr. Seuss books. Virginia got the ball rolling on canceling Dr. Seuss this year, because that’s a state that knows a LOT about fighting racism. Just ask Governor Ralph Northam, who is a noted expert on Ku Klux Klan robes and the evils of wearing blackface.

March is the month when the annual Read Across America program happens in schools (remember those?). And March 2 is the late Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so Read Across America typically launches with a day of encouraging kids to read some Dr. Seuss books. The Loudon County Public Schools system in Virginia made the announcement last week that Dr. Seuss was pretty much a secret racist using secret racism symbols in his books that only Loudon County Public Schools administrators with their racism sniffing superpowers were able to detect.


Noted anti-racism expert Joe Biden, who has hairy legs that captivate black children (I’m taking his word on this), also piled onto the late Dr. Seuss. For the first time in many years, the presidential proclamation for Read Across America in 2021 notably excluded Dr. Seuss or any mention of his birthday.

Seems weird, right? Back when Michelle Obama was First Lady, the media was absolutely delighted that she read a Dr. Seuss book to some kids at a public library. It was their first visual proof that Michelle could read! But then when Melania Trump did the same thing just a few years later, it suddenly became “problematic.”

The foundation that oversees Dr. Seuss’ estate has announced that it will discontinue publishing six of the author’s books that are most guilty of containing invisible racism vapors within their pages. Among those titles are the ones fetching such ridiculous prices on Amazon right now, mentioned at the top of this article. The foundation, by the way, raked in $33 million in 2020 based on the royalties from Dr. Seuss books, which continue to sell copies in the millions in more than 100 countries.

Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel, of course, was a lefty prog who had massive creative talents at writing silly poetic verse and drawing captivating illustrations to accompany it. Leftwing communists are canceling the writings of amazing white authors these days and claiming that it’s due to “lack of representation.” How is a black person supposed to ever read a book if *gasp* every character in it is not black? The ultimate irony of canceling Dr. Seuss is that any child of any race could pick up a Dr. Seuss book and imagine themselves in the stories.

Dr. Seuss used colorful, nonsensical creatures to tell his stories in bright reds, blues, yellows, purples and greens. His stories were the most non-racist creations among children’s books that the world has ever seen, specifically because he didn’t put everyone into a designated race box. Dr. Seuss rarely used human characters of any race in his stories. (The little girl in “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” is the only human character in any of his books that I can remember off the top of my head.)

Book burners are never the heroic good guys. Not ever. They burn the books today because they have really bad intentions for you and your children in the future. Stop putting up with this, Americans! If your local school district is burning Dr. Seuss or any other beloved classics, you know what to do. Go to the next school board meeting and call them out on it. We outnumber these commies and they always back down if we put a scare into them. And then vote the bums out in the next local election.

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88 thoughts on “Heroic Good Guy Democrats Are Burning All the Books Again to Protect You”

  1. Dr Seuss ‘ books have been highly educational and the most non bigoted reading for children for decades ! This ridiculous attack by leftist book burners shows their mental and moral weakness .

    1. cancel culture started in the seventies with sambos resterants ! black people have choice to what they read,we have right to wright given to speak our mind but we donot have right to condem somone to limit somones speech of any one .freedom of speech,black,white, red ,yellow,blue , do not silence our words this is not nation or socihilist i am on of GODS children !

      1. I’m 79 years old. My favorite book, which I read over and over as a kid, was Little Black Sambo, and my favorite movie has always been Song of The South (I still sing the songs!). By the way, my COLOR is WHITE. My children and grandchildren loved Dr. Seuss. I wish that I still had the books. For all my grandchildren’s college graduations I give them “Oh The Places You Will Go.” Excellent book for college grads. I had better buy up the book for the ones who are yet to graduate. Might be taken off the shelf. Such a shame at what this country is becoming. G-d help us all.

        1. Omg ! I loved that book little black sambo when I was little ! Never gave it any thought except how much I would just read it over and over and enjoyed that book ! I am white too never saw color and enjoyed Dr Suess and read every book to my Son and it breaks my heart what is happening it’s just insane! People need to get over themselves

      2. Wow what a whopper of a false equivalence. Sambos was a name chosen in a different era where the public in this country didn’t see the people experiencing the mockery and the disrespect it caused as anything they had a justification to disapprove of. You mention the public’s disapproval of that name continuing on for that restaurant as if it is the same galaxy as these idiot Dumbocraps trying to get rid of books that ironically, are saying the same thing the Dumbocraps area claiming they represent. That we are more alike than different, and that by making up differences or making them all important while denying similarities we are destroying ourselves. Not sure how you don’t see why those two situations are not the same, but they soooo aren’t.

    2. Book burning was what the communist dictators did in Russia and are doing in China & N. Korea. In America it’s the self important imbecilic liberal democrat moron cancel culture special interest cabals (,that run D.C.) that are taking it upon them selves to decide what Americans want, don’t want , need , or don’t need. Statues torn down, cities burned down because some fool was “offended” by law enforcement taking out the criminal trash, police shot & killed by thugs, personal attacks, opening our borders to illegals, the American flag burnings, trying to shut down religion & now books. Soon what we can watch on T.V., it’s already happening in our education systems and media. Socialism/communism was voted into office by the fools that call themselves progressive democrats. Liberal ignorance is destroying the greatest nation on earth. Ignorance & complacency.

      1. Well said, Ken.
        My first thought on all this, there needs to be an uprising from the “right” to stop this devilish nonsense before the evil left destroy everything decent and of value.

      2. America is gonna die if we don’t vote these ignorant politicians out when is the American military gonna do to restore the power back to the right President

      3. Lets not forget about the book burnings in Germany during world war 2. Are we sure that our country is not going in this direction? Sometimes people who say the most vile things about others are themselves guilty of those acts.

      4. You are absolutely correct. My children loved Dr Seuss books, they learned to read reading His books.

      5. Don’t forget the Nazis in Hitlers 1930s Germany book burnings which included Bibles and all religious books.

      6. There is nothing I can add to what you posted, you stated my thoughts and feelings perfectly. The liberal voters have been brainwashed and dumb downed by the lazy, lying media. We all must speak out. I was canceled by my doctor and church because I refused to have BLM shoved in my face .

    3. According to The Constitution I have the RIGHT TO READ WHAT I CHOOSE. This is absolutely disgusting. If they are going to be able to do this then To Be United Equally all books that have completely no other races must be treated the SAME!!!

    4. History is no longer taught in schools, thus today most are unaware that Nazi’s burned, and banned books back in the 1930s for much the same reason Democrats are doing it today, to hide culture from the populace and thus control what people think and do. Totalitarianism getting a head start on ending freedoms

    5. I think that the Dem pare communist. They have lost what few marbles that they played with they can not. See.whst is educational and what is trash. Most of them read trash and say it is good. Hog wash

    6. The Demoncratic Socialists are banning Dr. Seuss books, but allowing New York schools to BRAINWASH KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN with their videos of DEAD BLACK CHILDREN and claiming that white policemen are killing them because of Racial Bias.

    7. Isn’t it nice to take a Magic TReehouse trip back to WW!! and see the Natzi’s burn books like the Bible. Now Dr. Seuss is being targeted! Wait a minute, this is not the 1940’s! This is the 21st Century!!! When are we going to learn from past mistakes so that we don’t keep on re and re repeating them???

    8. You are right, Dr. Seuss was a talented author and his approach to children’s literature was amazing!! Kids loved his books along with the illustrations. It is terrible that these books have been left off the reader’s list this year, but the book on drag queens is promoted by the liberal and gay community. Appalling and inappropriate for young children!!!!

    9. Mental and moral weakness? What are you talking about? One cannot be weak in something one does not have! To be mental and moral o e needs both a brain and a heart/feelings, and commies have neither! They are zombies, useful !D!OTS, as Lenin called them. They have self-canceled themselves out of any inteligente thinking a long time ago.

  2. And these are the idiots that ‘somebody’, not sure Who, voted to run Our country. Send em packing with their matches!

    1. Most of us ARE SURE who voted for them. THEY VOTED THEMSELVES IN BY STEALING THE 2020 ELECTION. Now the Demoncratic Socialist are showing their true colors more and more every day.

  3. Dr, Seuss’s books. The best books ever written for our children. What the ‘heck is wrong with you idiots!!!!

    1. Hotnike – That is what is wrong with them, they are all idiots. We are in a very sad state of affairs, and, sad to say, even religious leaders are part of this. I fear for my grandchildren (a couple of them are idiots, too).

  4. does this remind you of a history lesson with Hitler in Germany. Wake up people. We need to put GOD first and remember what HISTORY has taught us

  5. DrSuess was not a racist! He even wrote a series of books on anti racism clearly against racism!! This is just a ploy from the radical left to take away our individuality and go towards a tribal cultures. Everyone is the same on the inside No matter what your skin tone is!!! It’s our individuality that brings greatness to this country. They are try to destroy this!!!!!! Don’t let them fool you

  6. Idiots, along with stipid cancel culture!
    the sneetches…..what did they ever do anyone…..stars upon thars

    COME ON MAN! inciting riot over fabulous childrens’ books that teach actual lessons on fairness to kids…our children deserve to be brought up with dignity and respect yet we should not forget they are children…..

    Yertle the turtle was part of the downtrodden masses it’s true but when Yertles’ back was breaking from the tall pile of turtlles stacked upon him, he was in quite a quandry, yet a simple sneeze helped him and all the other subjects survive and even thrive….


  7. Did not this happen once before in Germany in the 40s. Do we not learn anything at all through history!!

    1. No, Ralph, you have to be able to read to learn anything from history. Or, you have to know and believe those that went before you. Democrats are VERY EVIL people.

    2. Ralph — we did learn something through our history — the communists learned how to take America down and true Americans apparently learned how to let them do it. The other thing people better have learned is how to revolt against this take-over by the communists before it is too late which it might already be. Every time someone yells “racism” every body else cowers in a corner in total fear that they might be called that instead of telling them to take their racism and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. True Americans better learn very quickly how to fight back or there will be camps set up with barbed wire all around them for the cowards who won’t or don’t dare to fight back. This is NOT about Dr Suess — it is about taking something American that is part of our history away and see if we rebel or not. Organizations like amazon,nike and all the rest of these cowardly businesses need to hang their heads in shame for caving in to someone like a washed-up dirtbag POS trouble maker like kaeper-jerk.

    3. True history is not taught in government schools any longer, only the leftist dogma. Unless the conservative people in this country rise up and stop being the silent majority will this madness stop.

    4. 1930s Germany. Yet another parallel with the Communo/Fascist Party now in control of this country and NAZI Germany.

    5. Its things like banning & burning books that starts the take over of a free society. If those pushing this idea had bothered to look at the man that wrote these delightful books they would find he was the least ‘racist’ person alive. He was a stanch liberal…….back when liberals actually stood for something. He strongly protested any type of racism back when idiots didn’t claim all these jackass things they are allowed to get away with today. LEAVE DR. SEUSS ALONE!! Even the ‘great’ Obama claimed that anything we needed to know & learn about how to deal with one another can be learned thru Dr. Seuss books. I think they are now looking a Disney’s Dumbo as being offensive! Get a life and try doing something about the burning & destroying of cities & the killing of innocent black children by black shooters in places like Chicago, NY, Baltimore and other demo run cities!!

  8. It is hard to believe that some people think this way. The left wants to cancel all culture and bring in socialism and communism to this country and destroy all Christians and try to take God out of our lives but I assure you that GOD is alive and still in control. When HE decides enough is enough then all will find out that our GOD is on HIS throne

    1. You just spoke a whole lot of truth in your comment!! God IS on HIS throne, and HIS timing is perfect! We will ALL be believers when HE acts! The signs of the times are unmistakable, and I, personally, am praying harder than ever for family and country!

      1. If this continues, the next step will be to burn Bibles because the Bible is God’s word and says that homosexual is an abomination.

      2. Karen, I have been praying so hard also but my mind keeps returning to,”God helps those who help themselves “. It might be time to stop being the polite conservative and take a firm stand and FIGHT for our country, our freedoms and especially our children!!!

    2. Mike, you’ve nailed the whole conversation, I’m so proud to meet you keep planting those seeds of truth so the Living Word will bless you all the days of your life.

  9. Everyone,
    Please, please, please! While we are all angered and frustrated by actions described in this article where the progressive left wing seeks to destroy our freedoms, we must peacefully and lawfully fight back with the main tool we have! That is our vote ! We must – more than ever – as if your life depended on it- make a concerted effort to educate ourselves on the issues and candidates positions on those issues before we give them our vote! Don’t give them the power to begin with!!!

    1. And then go up to a Dominion voting machine. Why vote when YOUR vote does not count. And, anyone can vote whether legally or not.

      1. I agree with your concern about having a safe voting system!!
        We must flood our federal and state legislators with emails and telephone messages demanding a safe and fair voting system! The more citizens get involved the better our chance of that happening. Sitting back and passively watching is not an option.

    2. MMaster — I’m afraid that your “do it peacefully” ship has sailed. There are way too many communists in our government and in high positions to do anything peacefully — should have learned that from the farce 2020 election which was COMPLETELY controlled by the communists while everyone else just let it happen— peacefully. It is very sad but I think your voting them out went down into the sewer when this past election was allowed to stand. Our congress,our white house our judicial system and our alphabet agencies are ALL under control of the communists which has been in the works for decades. Sorry but I don’t see a peaceful resolution to getting them out when a pedophile/tramp are allowed to run this country and the imbecile(or his handlers the deep state) is allowed to write at least 100 anti-American executive orders in 2 weeks and nobody stops him.

  10. Thats one of the things the nazi’s did. Burn the books. Another thing hitler did; sent his interior minister out, a man named Herman Goehring, to disband and defund Police. See any similarities? Looked and looked; reread then read again. Couldn’t find anything racist in Dr. Seuss.
    President Trump took down ISIS.
    Biden took down Dr Seuss and Mr Potato Head.

  11. this is awful I read these books to all five of my children and they were wonderful we nees to stop this madness

  12. Who exactly, by name and group, are banning books here? We need to confront these individuals

  13. Burning book? Which is burning book that teaches on this country and it HISTORY! These POLITICAN and leftist don’t like the history because it TRUE! Black people don’t like it because they think it RACIST AND HATE! Well sorry to tell you there is not a PUBLISHER LIVING TODAY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PAST! UNLESS they read the book from the past! You judge what you want to! But keep in mind you sow what you seek! Just as these BLM want REPARATIONS? For something that NOT ONE SOUL LIVING TODAY HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Better if they try to go to AFRICA Where it STARTED! HITLER ALSO BURN BOOK OF THE GERMANY HISTORY! BECAUSE HE WANTED SOCIALIST RULE IN THE COUNTRY! IT FAIL DURING WORLD WAR TWO! Our youth are dumb, who else go to college to push SOCIALISM? They have no idea or clue what SOCIALIST RULE is! So let give them the opportunity to see! That college degree will be WORTHLESS!

  14. democRATS are such good communists and their leader is a puppet that gets 10% to the big guy.

    Pull the string and I’ll wink at you, I’m your puppet
    I’ll do funny things if you want me to, I’m your puppet

    Wear your mask or I’ll call you names I’m a puppet.

  15. what they don’t understand is people are already getting sick of the People telling us what we can read. also we can only say what they think is proper. like the person said above, VOTE in 2 years and get these crazy people out of office before they do too much harm.

  16. America is gonna die if we don’t vote these ignorant politicians out when is the American military gonna do to restore the power back to the right President

  17. Bidden will destroy this country as we know it if continues on the path he has chosen all because he and his party hated Trump so much because he put America first. He was trying to make America to not be so dependent on other countries for the things we need.


  19. I think there were children presented in Cat in the Hat. And the ones with the name thing the Twins Thing 1 and 2

  20. I think it’s ironic how every major democratic city is in havoc or looting or plunder. They are ruining our great country. Maybe if cuomo and newsome get yanked out of office it will start a trend. I hope these dems learn something from this.

    1. The new stimulus bill has hundred of billions in it to bail out the failing Democrat states and cities so they can say look how successful we the dems are. All of us are being forced to pay the consequences of those areas electing morons

  21. who would have believed that so many of our fathers, brothers and members of our family gave their lives to save America in the 40’s . Now look what this generation is walking on the graves of those who gave All that you and i could enjoy life to it’s fullest . We will learn the hard way if we do nothing now. Yes God is on his Throne but we have to Ask his guidance in this , does your child not have to ask for your help when his or her life comes to a bump in the road . Well wake up America I think we have one Hell of a Bump, and we will All have to come to the Throne of Grace and Seek his guidance , or America as we knew it is gone, But wait i will quote to of my favorite people Regan and DJ Trump YOu Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet and We will have to Fight Like Hell in the name of FREEDOM. Right Now IT’S ALL IN THE NAME AMERICA or as cold war saying put you head between you knees and play like Hell.

  22. This is ridiculous Dr. Seuss is not racist and children enjoy reading and being read to about these books. People are going crazy over the littlest things and just nick-picking to keep us stirred up.

    1. We should be concerned about our most precious document taken from us God’s living word the Bible and not Dr. Seuss. If we as a people would have been obedient and taught and read as we were commanded we wouldn’t be in this situation. And if the Bible be completely destroyed but the truth burnt or sealed in our minds we could still pass his truth along.
      I just think we should realize that we have much more important things to be concerned about than Dr. Seuss. I’m not necessarily directing this to you, your reply box just happened to be handy.
      We can have the greatest of ideas and plans to stop this destruction but it will not matter if it’s not our heavenly Father’s plan. We must be heavily armed deeply in his word.
      God bless America if it’s your will dear Lord in the name of Jesus. Amen!

  23. My Children, Grand Children, and now Great Grand Children will be raised reading Dr. Suess, He s a great man, that writes on racial, not bigoted books, but the Left just can’t stand that. I think this is the reason he is being targeted. The race movement, such as it is, is not helping itself by doing this crap. They are turning non-blacks against them in droves. Keep it up and you won’t have anybody backing your movement. Sure won’t have me. Even blacks are calling people out on this, and I pray it stops before they kill it for all blacks. This is, or I should say, was not a racist country, but you are pushing it.

  24. Marx blamed the Capitalists. Hitler blamed the Jews. Remember the gulags? The concentration camps? Most people are not old enough to remember, but I do! Fear history is repeating itself. “Republicans need to be re- programmed” they say. Ban books like the “dangerous” Dr Seuss stories. Buckle your seat belts. We may be in for the fight of our lives!

  25. TO answer that persons question. YES it did happen thru the 1930-40’s. The first BIG event was called “KHRISTLE KNACHT’. My spelling in German is very bad. The NAZI’s where on a RAMPAGE as is our DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It was on the radio, all of the Newspaper’s had Front pages running. the story for days. In the German controlled cities and towns the Nazi party just went into every library, news paper store threw ALLLLLLL printed matter out into the street and torched everything. There were reports of people that tried to stop it were shot and left where they fell. SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM AT ITS VERY VERY BEST. ” HEIL HITLER”. That was the beginning of EVERYONE S Rapidly growing fear of the two most famous KILLING organizations in ALL of EUROPE. The Gestapo and the S.S.. the local police Departments had been reduced to Traffic and spying only. SOUND FAMILIAR? That started TOTAL CENSORSHIP. RADIO OWNERSHIP WAS ALSO Illegal If YOU WERE PERMITTED TO HAVE A RADIO ( you needed a permit from the Burgomasters’ office}. THERE WERE ONLY GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA BROADCASTS. IF you were caught listening to Foreign programs you could end up DEAD or taken to CONCENTRATION CAMPS and put to work in what was SLAVE CONDITIONS. To all you young folks who weren’t even born yet PLEASE find someone in their 90’s and politely ask them about it. If you are fortunate enough to know an elderly Jewish Family they will know the TRUE story. Y0ungsters, what I have just written back then would have been my death BELL RINGING.. GOD BLESS AMERICA for ALL HER FREEDOMS THAT WE ALL TAKE FOR GRANTED. STAND UP, LOOK UP AND THANK JESSUS THAT YOU DO LIVE AT THE MOMENT IN A COUNTRY THAT IS FREE. BUT FOR HOW LONG ONLY GOD AND THE SOCIALIST KNOW

  26. America and the world need to get the prize in their eyes. And that prize is just what their souls’ standings are. In the sight of the savior of these souls.
    I give no scriptures because we have had these manuscripts all along yet we care not to read them for ourselves but depend on someone else to comfort them.
    Whether buried under a thin layer of dust or somewhere among the storage boxes we just lack the hunger for the Lord’s truth.
    But I should have no worry’s about it because He (the Great I Am) is still on the throne and guess what, I read the back of the book and I know who Wins.
    In Jesus’s name, Amen!

  27. This has to stop we are not in Germany in the 1930’s These people have to be shut down there are the true domestic terrorists to start book burning and banning!

  28. First the statues; then the books; your freedom of all kinds comes next for the Socialists.

  29. I am 70 years old, and in all my time on planet Earth I have never heard such drivel and foolishness coming out of the mouths of the most racist people on the planet. I have to be less white? This is outright racism, fueled, managed and perpetuated by the out of control Progressive Socialist Mob in the Swamp (PSMS) and the liberal news media, their puppet and mouthpiece. Even at my age, I read some of Dr Seuss’s stories and read them tomy children. Never did any racial overtones stem or become evident in any of these very moral renditions on how people should behave. Maybe that’s the problem, it is shining the light on THEIR immoral and racist behavior and they know it. Isn’t that why they hate President Trump? He shined the spotlight on them! With these racist people in control of all three branches of our government, we are racing towards country that will erect statues and memorials of despots like Hitler. Every single piece of legislature they are trying to pass is exactly what Hitler and the Communist part did. However, instead of Jewish People, they are targeting with their bigotry, hate and racism, it is the “White American, who actually happens to be the majority of people in the USA, holding well paying jobs and paying taxes. SO, what book or author is next? Mark Twain, God? They are removing literature from our libraries at a rapid pace and must be burning/destroying them in a secret furnace, rather than out on the street. That’s is what evil does, it hides from the light until it gets a foothold on society. Book Burning in the town square is not so far away and lynching/beheading of those that do not follow their mantra will also be public. The only thing that is not in their wardrobe and should be, is the pointy white hooded robes.

  30. Dr Seuss books pulled because thy portray people in a way that is harmful or wrong. And the democrats along with the woke(broke) can portray people in a way that is harmful or wrong and it is ok. Books are bad and should be banned. political parties are the cats meow. Books teach the difference between good and bad!

  31. It is utterly ridiculous to ban Dr. Seuss books just because the far left wants to control everything and one way is to ban anything they think has any type of racist mention which is only in their own imagination and I do mean “imagination”! Only countries that want total control over their people do that such as China,Russia and the Hitler regime. when we start book burning we are entering dangerous territory. The far left has gone totally “Mad” and they need to be stopped, It is like they all entered the twilight zone at the same time and were brainwashed. Trump could see how they were all in the Swamp and that is why when one does not agree with them how they cry racism and want to deprogram all Trump supporters!! We need a lot of prayers and some sensibility in our country before it is too late!!! We need to take back control of the house and senate in 2022 if we are going to survive as a nation and have our children live in a country with the freedoms we were founded upon. Big Tech and big businesses are as much to blame when they follow in that same hysteria that the left is creating.

  32. I don’t read I look at the pictures. Ladies and gentlemen….I’m dumb
    AKA: Job killing Joe OBiden.

  33. I burned a Time magazine that had The Anti American Terrorist Barry Obama.
    When I get chance I’m burning the Joe Biden Time magazine. And if I ever see a book with the first man of the White House Michael Obama aka “Michelle “ I’m burning that mo fo.

  34. You guys can laugh, but they are fixing to turn our country into a 3rd world sh!t hole.
    Guns will be soon. Hope I’m wrong, but if it happens, please step up to the cause and fight.

  35. So many people have died fighting against what the left are now trying to do to the people of the USA. Our fathers and grandfathers our brothers, sisters, all gave blood to fight this same crap and I fear much more blood must flow now. We the people are in deep crap and must turn this around now.

  36. Book burning by Democrats isn’t something new that happened in 2021; statue removal is just the first step. First the statues, then the books, then ALL of your freedoms.

  37. Typical author from the democrats, create a cancel narrative to destroy all that does not totally agree with their thought. Has nothing to do with truths and reality. They are going to build what fools will follow. So seek truths or be a fool. Your choice.

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