How Democrats Are Planning to Cheat and How Patriots are Trying to Stop Them

Co-chair Lara Trump announced a few days ago that the RNC was going to have 100,000 trained poll watchers in precincts across the country on election night. Thousands of GOP attorneys would also be on standby to jump in the second that Democrats try any of their cheating shenanigans.

She also sent a clear message to anyone thinking of cheating in the 2024 election: “We will find you, we will track you down and we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.”


We know it’s a given that the Democrats are going to try to cheat in the 2024 election. And why wouldn’t they? We failed to hang any of them after the last time they did it. With no consequences for treason, you get more treason. Funny how that works.

The good news is that this time around, a lot of Americans are based and ready to rock and roll. We’re not letting the party of child genital mutilation and banning gas stoves destroy our country any further. Here are some promising examples.


You’ve probably heard by now that Donald Trump is surging in the polls in Virginia right now. That has never happened before. Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) has just signed an executive order that requires all state agencies in Virginia to ensure that the voter rolls are constantly updated and accurate.

Agencies are directed to put special attention into immediately removing dead people from the voter rolls. Youngkin has also directed an audit of the voter rolls dating back to 1960, to remove all the dead people.

This might seem like a small thing, but it is actually everything. Every mechanism that the Democrats use to cheat in elections, from stuffing ballot boxes to rigging voting machines, requires a dirty voter roll that is packed with non-existent voters.

As we’ve said many times, everyone knows the 2020 election was stolen. The only people who insist that it was not stolen are liars. Glenn Youngkin knows. He’ll never say it because he’s a little too wimpy, but he knows, and this is the proof that he knows. Donald Trump did not lose the state of Virginia in the 2020 election by 451,000 votes only to have the state turn around and elect Youngkin as governor the following year by 64,000 votes.

Donald Trump won the election in Virginia in 2020, but it was stolen because the state has a dirty voter roll that’s packed with ineligible and dead voters. Period.

Youngkin is following the model that Florida followed in 2022. Ron DeSantis did not magically grow a million new Republican voters between 2020 and 2022 so he could win the governor’s race in a landslide. DeSantis and the Florida legislature cleaned up their voter rolls and made it next to impossible to cheat in their elections.

It worked in Florida, and it will work in Virginia if they can get the voter rolls adequately purged in time for the election. With Virginia’s 13 electoral votes going to Donald Trump early in the evening this November, it changes the entire electoral map.

In other news, Joe Biden signed an executive order in 2021 directing every federal agency to spend money on get-out-the-vote drives for the Democrat Party. He ordered federal agencies to expand cheat-by-mail in any way they can.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner and eight other states filed an emergency amicus brief with the Supreme Court on May 28th to stop this obvious federal overreach. The Constitution specifically states that the manner of conducting elections is a plenary power reserved for the states. Joe Biden isn’t allowed to subvert federal agencies like this, or to spend non-appropriated funds, to take power away from the states.

In addition to the Constitution, there’s also the National Voter Registration Act and the Help America Vote Act. Neither one of those allows the Executive branch to designate federal agencies as voter registration agencies.

These are all significant steps at shoring up the 2024 election so that the Democrats cannot steal the presidency from Donald Trump again. We still have a lot of work to do, but these positive steps by the RNC and Governor Youngkin in particular are huge. With Virginia holding a clean and fair election this year, it changes the tenor of the whole race back in our favor.

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22 thoughts on “How Democrats Are Planning to Cheat and How Patriots are Trying to Stop Them”

  1. The Democrat thieves will still the election in November again. They must and they will. As long as you employ voting machines and not paper ballots they will manipulate the votes and the only thing they need is to have the numbers. In other words, the machine will count slightly more votes for the Democrats than for the Republicans. When that will made public, the suppression machine will kik in full power and nobody who will question the legitimacy of the votes will be allowed to do one single move or to have access to the voting equipment. The laying nedia will condemn those who question and label them insurrectionists and traitors to the constitution. Those who will try to submit alternate electors will end up in jail like it happened previously, and at time the thieves were not fully in power. Now , after four years they had the time to prepare and as we speak they set up cyber cells in Ukraine, Germany Venezuela and other places to intervene in the election process ans change the outcome of it in their favor. They are smart. They will win with a slim majority just to make it plausible. When people will ask how come the pools predicted Trump win and he lost the explanation will be that a small number of independent voters chose to save the democracy and voted for Biden. If you truly try to find out how real these people are you will end up in jail and your life destroyed forever. That is why they came up with the January 6th committee. That was a taste of what will happen to you if you there to question. Remember something which is kinda of odd. The Democrat thieves know that Biden is mentally unfit to win a next term but they behave like this is irrelevant. The only time you think that or behave like that is if you already know the outcome of the election . They know it already. They did that in 2020 and they know that now.
    If Biden show during this election again a mathematical impossibility and he gets the vote, the red states should not accept the outcome and proclaim the winner Mr. Trum. Those red states if they decide not to follow, they are free to accept the stolen election again if the people of these states are willing to let that happen. This outcome will be a lot better for the distant future than another four years of thives in power paving for a thousand year Reich and millions of patriots dead.

  2. It’stime for dual id to vote fingerprint and eye scan. We have a Democratic Party that will do anything they can to rig the election to the Democratic Party. We know they are the do nothing party. They are ruining America with high inflation, un[rotected borders, no justice for illegals murdering our citizens. It’s time for Citizens to demand fair and safe elections to get AMERICA back out of the hands of th socialist like Biden and his puppet master Obama

    1. Anne,

      Sounds good for a moment, until I realize that this would require that my eye-scan (retinal or iris) and fingerprints would already need to be on file with the federal government.
      NO!!!! NO! NO! NO! Terrible idea! Enough of my personal life is available to anyone who wishes to snoop on me. I don’t want my intimate identification info THAT easily available to an election official/hack.

  3. Biden made the demecrates a dirty ward.we need to go back to the old way of voteing no more computers to vote.

    1. No democrats made the democrats nasty they can only do to the children what they all agree on and the votes of the democrats show they are all into mutalation of children

  4. Who is keeping track of dominion and other machines counting votes??? They will cheat

  5. We the people see, to wonder why we still call the other party Democrats?There is nothing democratic about the democracy killing Communists.Communists is a better name today as they have walked away from America ,it’s laws and the people

  6. when you have voting machines you can pro-gram them to have who want to win

    1. Arkansas has been doing that for years. The judges are making millions. Voting is between 75 tp 98% apathy! People tell me all the judges are corrupt! One guy told me if they are running they are corrupt! The AG believes the machines are ok!

  7. You know there are other countries that are bigger than we are that don’t need machines to count their votes they do it by hand and they do it that night! SO, we can too, but it requires all the States to agreee to get rid of the machines! And it doesn’t have to be all at once, we just need a few brave States to say they have had enough and then law has to go through the State Legislatures and signed by the governor and then that State is ready to go! But we have to elect SOS’s and Gov’s and good STATE Legislatures! AND if a State doesn’t know how to get started then reach out! There are other State’s that have a blueprint that can be followed. BUT our first task is the election this Novemeber. WE have to vote and make sure that every one we know votes too! And if you can volunteer to be a poll worker. Not everyone can but that is ok as long as you VOTE! Have you heard President Trump say “Too Big to Rig”? He means if we have too many votes Biden (or whoever) can’t possible cheat or their will be too many votes!

  8. It’s hard to deal with cheaters. They are trained to subvert. They divide people to sow disorder while they are determined to win. Unless e are unified and have a common goal to defeat their schemes, they will win while we think we are wing and lowering our guards. Win loval elections and educate voters of the dangers of loosing our country forever ahead. Everyone of us need to rally around Trump for our final battle. Stop listening to MSM lies.
    Let’s pray and fight together for our beloved country. They win, we loose and it’s the end forever.

  9. Anyone who believes that at least 75% of Americans want to see 4 more years of the crap we have been seeing for the past 3 1/2 tears is completely delusional.

  10. Democrats can’t “WIN” without cheating…… Bring back one night, paper ballots, must have “ID” and Constitutional Right to vote! Only once and you must be a citizen of The U.S. and alive, no votes from the grave can be counted, anymore!!!!

  11. In Nebraska we use paper ballots. Douglas County has used optical scanners to count the paper ballots since 1976. For the 1976 Presidential Primary the ballots were hand counted and scanner counted with the exception of the votes for the delegates to the Republican National Convention which were only counted by the optical scanner. I was on the counting board for a couple elections in which we counted ballots at the polling place in a room separate from where the voting took place. The 1976 Nebraska Presidential Primary was my last time on the counting board. It was also the last time I worked for the Douglas County Election Commission on election day until the November, 2016 Presidential Election and have worked every election at my polling place since then with the exception of the Omaha city elections in 2017. This year’s May 14 Presidential Primary was the first requiring Photo ID’s to vote. Voters without a valid photo ID must vote provisionally and take a valid ID to their election commission office within 14 days of the election in order for their votes to be counted. Every voter at my precinct had a valid Photo ID to vote. There were 6 voters who voted provisionally for other reasons such as not re-registering after moving. Voters requesting an early voting ballot and lost it or it was damaged must vote provisionally and their votes will only be counted if the election commission does not receive a ballot from them and all of the paper work connected with provisional voting was done correctly and signed. All provisional voters must fill out a new voter registration form that is placed in the envelope along with their ballots. All provisional ballots are dropped into the ballot box in an envelope to separate them from the other ballots because they will only be counted if every thing is done correctly on the paperwork and if the those requesting an early voting ballot did not return their ballots either by mail or in a drop box for early voting ballots. These ballots must be received by the county election commission before 8 pm central time on election day. If a voter brings an early voting ballot to drop of at his or her polling place the voter is told to take it to a drop off box before 8 pm central time that day because we are not allowed to accept early voting ballots. The Douglas County Election Commissioner is a Republican and the Assistant Election Commissioner is a Democrat. State law requires that the Election Commissioner and Assistant Election Commissioner be of different political parties. Those who work at polling places for the election commission must be of at least 2 different political parties or registered as non partisan and one from each writes his or her initials on the bottom of the ballots. There must be 2 sets of initials on each ballot. The judges at the polling places double check the ballots to be sure that each ballots has the 2 sets of initials within the box for them. I believe that Nebraska does everything it can to insure the elections are fair. One man that I know told me once that at one election other man voted at his polling place that has the same name as him. This is possible since he has a very common name. I remember seeing in the list of eligible voters at my polling place 2 men listed with the same first and last name, but with a different middle name or middle initial. They have a very common last name. Even with an common last name it is possible for there to be 2 unrelated people with the same first and last name. I know that at one time there was another person in Omaha with the same first and last name as me that as far as I know is not a relative of mine. We have different middle names. The only known relative of mine with a name that is close to mine has a different spelling for both the first and last name. Stephen has an alternate spelling and we have two spellings of the family name because my grandfather changed the spelling. I have one cousin with the same first name as me but with a different last name as his father was a brother of my mother. All states must purge names of deceased voters and those who have moved and registered to vote for their new address. If this is not done and election fraud can take place especially if no voter ID is required. I think all states should require a photo ID to vote and I know most Nebraska voters feel this way also. In 2022 voters passed a ballot issue requiring the Nebraska Legislature pass a Voter ID law. Voter ID’s are now required in Nebraska because of a successful petition drive and the passage of the ballot issue in 2022. Liberals in the Nebraska Legislature would have prevented a vote for voter ID to take place through a filibuster had voters not forced the legislature to do this. Voters in Nebraska can undo bad laws passed by the legislature or pass laws the legislature will not pass through the petition process. The citizens in Nebraska are referred to as the 2nd house of our nation’s only unicameral state legislature when we use the petition process.

  12. I believe we need to get rid of voting machine,s
    and go with paper ballads machines can be rigged
    we need honest people working the pooling places
    and keep corrupt judges out of our pooling places

  13. Dems doing the corrupt practices must be jailed without a trial , and only legit votes counted. I believe we will need trusted people at all major election sites and their plans approved b4 the election.

  14. Heavy fines and jail time for anyone caught cheating also get out the pencil at polling places.


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