January 6 Protesters Receiving Blessedly Pitiful and Weak Sentences for “Insurrection”

Dozens of Trump supporters remain jailed in solitary confinement in Washington, DC. They are still routinely being denied direct access to legal counsel. They don’t have niceties like soap or toilet paper in their cells. They have to filter their water through their socks, in hopes that it won’t sicken them when they drink it. The media, the Democrat Party and many weak-willed elected Republicans have accused these people of the worst sort of crime: Insurrection. Yet nine months later, not a single person has been charged with “insurrection.” All we’ve seen so far are charges of misdemeanor trespassing, and briefly interrupting a meeting of the US Senate. And here’s a new one: “Pugnacious rhetoric.” Oh, dear me! Not pugnacious rhetoric!

US District Judge James Boasberg – an Obama appointee – sentenced one of the dangerous “insurrectionists” for his horrible crimes last week. Andrew Bennett was accused of driving from his home in Maryland to DC and then… calmly and peacefully walking into the US Capitol with a group of other likeminded people while not hurting anyone or breaking anything. To get the whole ordeal over with, Bennett pleaded guilty to a charge of misdemeanor trespassing.

Boasberg threw the book at Bennett, giving him the absolute maximum sentence that the law allows: Three months’ home confinement. Boasberg also took the time to scold Bennett for using “pugnacious rhetoric” while talking about the federal government in the run-up to the January 6 protest.

Fortunately for Andrew Bennett and the rest of us, pugnacious rhetoric is not actually a federal crime. It’s the opposite. You might recognize it by a couple of different terms that are used to describe pugnacious rhetoric: One is “free speech.” The other is “mean tweets.”


I’m rather a fan of pugnacious rhetoric. It has been used a lot over the years, even in presidential elections.

During the 1800 election between two dueling Founding Fathers – Thomas Jefferson and John Adams – the campaign got ugly. Jefferson paid a newspaper publisher to write that John Adams was “a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.”

The mainstream media hated Republican President Ulysses S. Grant (no surprise there). In 1868, the Detroit Free Press referred to Grant as “a man of vile habits, and no ideas;” “a twaddler and trimmer;” and “as brainless as his saddle.” The Cleveland Enquirer referred to Grant as “a drunken trowser-maker.” I’m not even sure what that means, but it’s definitely pugnacious rhetoric.

Lewis Cass was the Democrat candidate who lost to Zachary Taylor in 1848. The legendary newspaper publisher Horace Greeley referred to the losing candidate as “that pot-bellied, mutton-headed, cucumber-soled Cass.” It’s hard to imagine how America has lasted so long, with pugnacious rhetoric like that floating around. Cucumber-soled?

It’s too bad that a staunch liberal like Judge Boasberg can’t just come out and say what he really means: He hates the January 6 protesters because they frightened and embarrassed the elites with their free speech opinions about the 2020 election. Like all good liberals, Boasberg would love to strip away the free speech rights from people who disagree with his political party. But he can’t say that out loud, so he accused Andrew Bennett of “pugnacious rhetoric.”

Another rioter, Danielle Doyle, was sentenced to three months’ probation on a misdemeanor trespassing charge last week. US District Court Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump appointee, was presiding over her case. Instead of lecturing Ms. Doyle about any pugnacious rhetoric she might have used, Judge McFadden lit into the prosecutors:

“I think the U.S. attorney would have more credibility if it was even-handed in its concern about riots and mobs in this city.”

Ouch! I think he said the quiet part out loud there. No reasonable person could look at the Trump supporters locked in solitary confinement for nine months straight and think that this is equal application of the law. Nobody even went to jail last year when Black Lives Matter was burning churches and businesses to the ground in Washington, DC. The Justice Department didn’t use “shock and awe” tactics on BLM rioters. They didn’t use facial recognition software on social media channels to identify the perpetrators. They didn’t conduct pre-dawn raids with armored vehicles and SWAT teams at the homes of single moms who went to those protests.

The good news is that there’s only so much that a judge can do when sentencing someone for a misdemeanor trespassing charge, no matter how much they dislike a defendant’s pugnacious rhetoric. Two months’ home confinement, three months’ probation. That’s pretty weak, considering these Trump supporters were branded “insurrectionists.”

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32 thoughts on “January 6 Protesters Receiving Blessedly Pitiful and Weak Sentences for “Insurrection””

    1. We must realize that we are now living in a COMMUNIST country. This is what happens in communist countries, not the America we knew. It also proves that most of the Republicrat Party is also communist, because if they were not, we would have uprisings all over the country protesting fellow Americans being treated like sub-humans. This is what the example has been all about: to instill FEAR into anyone to dare protesting. Except black lives think they matter more, of course…..

      1. Yes, we are living in a communist country, well almost. “81 Million” Biden voters are to blame for this debacle.

      2. You are correct. They are trying to purge the ” White Race ” by injecting us with Covid vaccines. The Congress and their staff, USPS and the illegals don’t have to be vaccinated. Jan 6 “Peaceful Protesters ” have been jailed, with sub human conditions, and God knows what else is the Biden Admin going to impose on this country, next!
        Black Lives Matter are destroying our cities, but they are allowed to walk free.
        I blame any person who voted for any DemocRATS in the 2020 election, responsible for all of this chaos, insanity and the sate of our country. Obama, Soros, Pelosi and the rest of the swam have blood on their hands for all the chaos of Ashli Babbitt, the Border and the bad decisions that the Biden Admin has imposed on this country.

    2. Shouldn’t have served a day in prison. 9 months that’s appalling. But seeing as they unconstitutionally did it should have been TIME SERVED. Communist are taking over. We can’t let them push us around. We can’t forget the great & ultimate price that was paid for our freedoms. Take a stand. Can’t wait for Trump to be POTUS like he should have been. This would never have happened with him In office. That’s why they are trying so hard to keep him out of office. Trump 2024. MAGA!!!

    3. Why didn’t Harris use BLM donations to help bale the Jan 6 ?? Riot people out. Biden Harris, “Obama Soros” running our government. Just saw an article where Soros gave 80,000 dollars to a school board member. He is for indoctration and going after parents nor surprised Soros foundation involved. Prayers for our country.

  1. Unforgivable what these Dems have gotten away with. I pray they will be defeated. The Judges should be ashamed of what they are doing to America.

  2. This is all political bullshit and with the blessing of the FBI and capital police allowing this to happen, motioning the crowd inside, opening up barricades to allow them through. it is easy to see this was a set-up. There was no punishment for the riots, destruction, burnings, and beatings following the Floyd death and yet they punish those who went onto the capital property–even though the capital belongs to the people. No destruction nor anyone hurt but the one lady killed by the police–without cause.

    1. I can not believe this is happening on US soil in the first place and second, that the Federal Government is the aggressor! This is not the USA I was raised and educated in ! This is NOT the Federal Government of a FREE PEOPLE ! WE are not their “subjects” to be coerced and and forced to “conform” to THEIR mold !
      War is coming to OUR soil ! Likely pitting citizen against patriot….never thought I’d have to fight for freedom in the ” Land of the FREE” ! I plan on being on the right side of this! I still believe there are more of US than there is of THEM ! Shoulder to shoulder..lock in-load !

  3. All of those political prisoners should be treated like the rioters of the summer were, let out and forgotten about. The damage done by the blm, etal is real the political prisoners did nothing compared. Only the communist dems would treat conservatives like they have, the dems are real thugs.

  4. “Pugnacious rhetoric”? Get ready, people. The Obidma Communist Regime just signaled their next ploy.

    They are going to shut down “opposition” news sites and hunt down and arrest all the commentators that engage in “pugnacious rhetoric”. Like me.

    AND YOU!

    You’re laughing? Really? Who thought you could be clamped down in solitary for a YEAR for walking through a door held open by a smiling guard? Who knew you could be hunted down cross country for exercising your RIGHT to protest? Who knew you could be imprisoned for restraining a violently resisting felon who then died from a self-inflicted drug overdose? Who knew you could be patted on the back by government for rioting, looting, burning and murdering people while claiming it was “mostly peaceful”?

    Oh, yes! The ARRESTS are coming for those who who actually believe the US Constitution has the weight of law behind it today.

    I’ve been telling people to stop laughing for 40 years now. What good did it do?

    It has taken NINE MONTHS for “justice” to even begin for those people!!! In the mean time the Communist Left and their Media Mouthpieces have milked it for all it’s worth! Wait till they start on the rest of us!

  5. Finish proving 1/6 was a set up by Pelosi, AOC, FBI, etc. The videos ANTIFA captain John Sullivan showed even proved it was a set up. Then these victims should sue the socks off these political monsters and charge with TREASON. Throw the book at them when sentence.

    1. I agree with all of you. For the past few months I’ve had a “Free the Political Prisoners of 1/6” on the back of my car. I thought prisoners were supposed to be treated humanely by the Geneva Convention. Anyway, it was definitely a set up by Pelosi and her gang of thugs. No family visits, no council visits, not even congressmen were allowed to visit them, threatened with arrest for trespassing! Once the dust has settled, they should sue the regime who mistreated them for 9 months!

  6. Actually, there was punishment after the burn, loot, murder and antifa riots. The American public were punished, when a violent criminals family were, wrongfully, awarded millions of dollars of taxpayers money. Honesty and integrity were punished, when an innocent man was charged and convicted of the murder of a dickhead who overdosed himself.

  7. Arrested for what? These judge know they are violation the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE . But are afraid of those who are behind this! Doesn’t take a genius to see these people are just bait for what to come. Doesn’t matter which party you support, it all about WHO GOT THE POWER AND CONTROL OVER YOU! Then they will USE THE POWER TO DESTORY YOUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM AND LIBERTY! Gone for fools as well, one who keeps checking the democrats box at the polls! THESE ARE NOT THE DEMOCRAT YOU THINK ABOUT DURING THE 80’S! BUT ONES WHO WITNESS HOW CHINA, CUBA, RUSSIA, IRAN, AND OTHER COUNTRIES CONTROL THEIR PEOPLE! By taking away your RIGHTS! OR PUTTING YOU ON JAIL!

  8. The sentence does NOT fit the INFRACTION (if any). Equal justice under the law is required. If BLM & antifa scumbags had their charges dropped, the same should apply to any & all who were arrested for the Jan 6, demonstration. If a judge or government official violates the Constitution they have committed a FELONY.
    The real CRIMINALS are the Fumbling Bumbling Idiots & the judges. All who have violated the constitution, their oath of office & dereliction of duty.

  9. So. Take them from an illegal gulag, stand them in front if a gestapo judge and then kiss his ass,,this is straight out of 1939 Germany.

  10. Too many people are waiting around for someone to follow. We cannot wait until 2024, we won’t have any means to fight back that far ahead.
    We need to band together and DO SOMETHING. Talk isn’t worth much when we’re losing our freedoms ppl.

  11. The Obama-Biden Regime needed its “Reichstagsbrand” to get its “Ermächtigungsgesetz”. Let’s translate it:
    The fascist regime in Berlin needed an “Arson in Parliament” to get “Special Powers” and Concentration Camps.
    The neo-fascist regime in DC needed some “Staged Trouble” to get the same and turn Laws into One Direction.

  12. The January 6th break into the capitol was SET UP by the democrats three weeks before it happened. When the crowd of patriots moved to the front of the capitol the democrats moved antifa, BLM and fbi agents into the group and they are the people who were ordered to invade the capitol and they were followed by some very stupid patriots. In order to avoid being ensared into a democrat SET UP situation Do NOT Break Any Laws!

  13. Here’s what we need to do:
    Get President Trump back in the oval office where he should be now.
    Remove all of the morons now in the administration.
    Lock them all up and charge them with sedition, treason, fraud, election tampering, and/or blatant stupidity which ever is appropriate. None of them should be allowed to hold public office EVER again.

  14. I hear all of you and agree with most all of you BUT what can we do RIGHT NOW!!????? I am an 81 year old woman and I cannot think of anything I can do. I do not think we can wait until even 2022 – it very easily could be too late!! I can only hope and pray that the 2020 election can be overthrown and Biden and his satanic followers tried for treason and/or anything else an attorney can think of!! The Bible say – about God – “Although He tarries long , He never comes too late.” I believe the Bible and what God has said to us through it – even IF it is not 100% correct in every detail. Therefore, what I can do is PRAY and so can everyone else!!

  15. When Republicans again come back and take the government every day in jail for the “insurrection ” will be awarded a payment of $600.00 so Joe’s IRS people can investigate and take away the fortune they have.

  16. The treatment these “prisoners” are receiving sounds like “cruel and inhuman punishment” which is illegal. Whoever is responsible for this should be arrested and charged.

  17. I agree, the protesters shouldn’t get anything but TIME SERVED. It’s appalling how they are being treated.
    Yes, they’ll do anything to try and keep President Trump from running in 2024

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