Landmark Study Proves Carbon Emissions CANNOT Cause Global Warming

Earth at night, city lights from orbit. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

The theory of global warming is as phony as a Joe Biden body double, and it always has been. Setting aside the fact that the theory is a childishly transparent bastardization of the creation story from the book of Genesis in the Bible, global warming simply cannot account for how the contained atmosphere around our planet functions.

A new peer-reviewed study by a team of Polish physicists has proven that increased emissions of the much-dreaded carbon dioxide (CO2) cannot possibly impact global temperatures. In plain English, CO2 cannot and does not cause global warming.

Dr. Jan Kubicki led the team of physicists who conducted the study. The research is published in ScienceDirect under the title, “Climatic consequences of the process of saturation of radiation absorption in gases.” (Link below.)

The fake theory of global warming states that as more CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere, it causes heat to be trapped, thus causing the earth to get hotter and hotter. Eventually, sometime around 150 years from now, the earth will experience GLOBAL BOILING and we’ll all die and it will be all our fault.


There are only a handful of ways to stop this from happening such as blocking traffic to annoy commuters, or dumping cans of tomato soup on priceless works of art. You can also pay Al Gore to suck carbon out of the atmosphere with a magic vacuum cleaner and store it in massive underground vaults, which seems impractical. (Joe Biden spent $1.2 billion of your tax dollars on this idea last year.)

Dr. Kubicki’s research, however, proves that CO2 only blocks radiation (heat) at certain wavelengths. This means that the saturation effect kicks in at a certain point, in this case at about 300 parts per million (PPM) of CO2.

The saturation effect is a complicated scientific principle, but we’ll try to dumb it down so that even the slowest global warming believer can understand it. One example is to think of spring. If you compress the spring fully, it reaches the saturation level and it will only release a certain amount of force when you decompress it. It doesn’t matter if you figure out a way to put even more pressure on the spring. It’s still going to release the same amount of force.

Another example is to think of the insulation in your attic. You can keep stuffing your attic with more and more insulation, but at a certain point, it’s not going to give you any additional benefit. Once it reaches saturation, it’s already trapped as much heat as it possibly can.

The same thing applies to CO2, according to Dr. Kubicki’s research. Anything beyond 300 PPM of CO2 in the atmosphere cannot block any additional radiation (heat).

Beyond that, “the CO2 concentration can no longer cause any increase in temperature,” according to the study.

The current amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is around 418 PPM. CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have been as much as 20 times higher than that in the past, and GLOBAL BOILING did not occur.

The conclusion of the study is this: “As a result of saturation processes, emitted CO2 does not directly cause an increase in global temperature.”

The saturation effect is a dirty word to use around climatologists. When you mention it to them, they can feel their federal funding drying up, because they know it’s true. CO2 is not a “greenhouse gas,” and any effect that it was going to have on global temperatures has already been met.

Despite the science conclusively proving that global warming cannot occur from more CO2 in the atmosphere, many of our leaders are still brainwashed into thinking that global warming is real. Joe Biden really did spend $1.2 million on that crazy “carbon capture” idea last year, in which they’re going to spend billions more in trying to suck carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in giant underground vaults. Does everyone realize how crazy that sounds?

Biden also announced the creation of his new Climate Corps this week. The Climate Corps will be a new 20,000-strong force of armed federal climate cops who will harass and intimidate small businesses to save us all from the weather.

You can view Dr. Kubicki’s research, which conclusively proves that global warming is fake, HERE.

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23 thoughts on “Landmark Study Proves Carbon Emissions CANNOT Cause Global Warming”

  1. The chemtrails being sprayed in the upper atmosphere to the tune of 500 metric tons per day worldwide, supposedly to reflect the Sun’s light back into space and thus curtail global warming is actually doing the opposite. And it’s doing it on purpose by design. It is encapsulating the heat from the Sun much in the manner of a greenhouse glass. So the people that are screaming at us about global warming are creating it and it is always for a political agenda. I could explain it in great detail and mathematically but this isn’t a large enough venue. Also, the average schlep wouldn’t understand a thing about it. We have been so dumbed down that we are manageable like sheep.

    1. Those chemtrails a/k/a dimming chemicals also precipitate onto earth at twilight each day of spraying, polluting the earth’s surfaces (and the people / animals / crops that live there) with metal microparticles. Feeling a little asthmatic these days? Now you know why.

  2. This does not conform to the acceptable narrative . It goes against Michael Manns dogma, as well as Albert I’m a genius Gore. Maybe we should bring back good old fashion burning people at the steak, just until we can get peoples opinions straightened out. We don’t want Climate change belief hesitancy.

    1. Gore was smart enough to get $1 mil from the communist Pulitzer Prize Committee. Might be why Biden likes Gore somuch — Biden syndicate still waiting for their cut.

  3. I don’t understand the climate & global warming crap and don’t care. I just know that God is in charge of the atmosphere, the sun, the weather and the world, because He made it all. He knows every aspect of everything. He knows each person’s selfish heart too. He sees your thoughts and intentions. There is no mother nature only the Triune God. He is waiting with open arms for people to ask Him to come into their lives. There is no safer place in the universe except in His arms!!

  4. CO2 is required for plant life to exist. Oxygen breathing organizimes exhale carbon dioxide, plants, trees, bushes and all plant ground growth converts that carbon dioxide into oxygen. GOD knows what HE’S doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People instill fears in others and manipulate data for finacial gain for re-election purposes! If you believe in Global Warming and Climate Change? YOU ARE BEING USED…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And that would be correct. The problem cannot be Carbon emissions ALONE because global warming is an emergent phenomena stemming from complex adaptive systems. Such phenomena have more than one cause.

    Meaning, our societal conception of global warming is wrong, not our observance of the phenomena. The rapid development of “civilization” plays a LARGE role in amplifying the problem.

    One last thing, to claim something is “proven” scientifically demonstrates a misconception of how science works. Nothing is ever really proven, but merely supported or not supported by empirical evidence.

    When it comes to phenomena involving nonlinear systems, like Earth’s systems, such an analytical approach is actually very limited. Hence industrial society’s confusion understanding the dynamics of global warming.

  6. Hard to believe the actual idiots that think this crap think we are the idiots for not believing their stupidity!!! People with half a brain knows there is no such thing as global warming! So I guess that means the GWs have no brain. Kinda like the flat earthers!

  7. EARTH has been here for millions of years now and EARTH lives in cycles and their is no such thing as global warming or climate change. There’s four hundred trees for every human being that lives on EARTH .

    1. ‘THEY changed global warming to “Climate Change” because they can’t prove Global Warming, historic cycles contradict their theory with science. So they thought we’d buy the Global Warming crap but we know it’s a stupid hoax…..Climate change we have throughout the world yearly since God created HIS magnificent miracle, “IN THE BEGINNING”. Liberal Pagans can’t accept these CLEAR facts because they have bamboozled themselves too long and it’s just too painful for them to accept the fact that have screwed themselves with the ‘warming’ hoax so they are doing what the think of first, and are very good at, they lie and call it CHANGE to control us with fear and make money.

  8. I wish someone would tell me what the world would be like today if we didn’t have global warming. Would we still be in the ice age? Ever try to grow a garden on a sheet of ice. What would we have to eat? What would the animals have to eat? Would there be any animals? With the world population growing, what would have happened to our food supply without global warming. We need the longer growing seasons, without them, people would be starving all over the world. I know the politicians are working hard to come up with something more idiotic but haven’t so far. We need global warming. We could not live without it. All taxpayers money should be withheld from global warming spending. There are a lot more important things that we need the money for.

    1. Excellent, James! Global Warming is the partial trapping of Infrared & near IR radiation (heat) that’s reflected back towards outer space. Trapping is done by “greenhouse gasses” which are approx 70% clouds & (invisible) water vapor – highly variable – and the rest is mostly CO2 (1/25 of 1% currently of the atmosphere) & methane (1/10 of the amount of CO2). Methane (cow farts) dissipates well & does not build up. GW is what keeps average global temp of Earth at about 61 F… about 55 F warmer than it would be without GW. The fundamental physics of how much heat is trapped is well-understood and basically agreed upon by Alarmists and Deniers (like me). The big difference is the PROJECTIONS by Alarmists (“At this rate of warming…”). Those 10-yr PROJECTIONS since 1970 have always been wildly high. By about 2027, it should be apparent that the dire predictions for 2030 will be wrong (that it’ll be too late to save the planet – even if our tech is turned back to the Stone Age.) Empirical data – never in the past million years has there been temperature rising from increases in CO2 levels. There is a rough correlation the opposite way – that rising temps may be followed by periods of increased CO2. The small amt of temp increase (< 2F in past 100+ yrs, most of that was prior to 1940), is normal for this time of 10K yrs since last major Ice Age & 200 yrs since end of the last mini Ice Age – which Alarmists like to correlate to the start of the Industrial Revolution and atmospheric carbon was about a dangerously low 300 ppm. See Drs. Will Happer, John Christy, Richard Lindzen, Judith Curry and others for great explanations. Alarmists won't debate.

  9. I love how so many people lacking decades of experience in the sciences feel they can common sense their way to an understanding of climate change and Global Warming. Hell, most can’t even discern the difference between the two and just assume there is none ‍♂️.

    Would many of you allow someone without surgical knowledge and experience to cut you open? Is that something you can common sense your way through?

    The Earth, like the human body, is a diverse, inter-connected/dependent complex adaptive system with a developmental history that goes back billions of years. The scientific method is only a few hundred years old, the philosophy behind it a few thousand. With that comparison it should be obvious that these systems are beyond our conscious understanding and “control.”

    The reason we assume otherwise is because the foundation of “civilization”—the societal systems created by humanity alone—are built on the violent exploitation of Earth’s systems, particularly violence against other people. That thousands of years of conditioning, along with our investment in those systems blind us to that violence.

    In fact, the more beholden we are to our societal systems the less motivated we are to even think about this conflict. Not only does this drive our rapid socio-technological development and growth, but it teaches us to mistake our ability to manipulate Earth’s systems for the benefit and greed of society, as meaning we understand and have supremacy over those systems.

    That is far more than a lie, it is a delusion we are now coming to blows with due to the global environmental and ecological damages we’ve since caused, which are what drive Global Warming.

  10. Lot of smart post here! And lot of people who study true biology and science! It just a bunch of dumb people who don’t believe in GOD! That think MAN CAN CONTROL SOMETHING HE DID NOT CREATED FROM THE BEGINNING! Global warming, now climate change???? There no different in either! Just that GLOBAL WARMING WHEN BANKRUPTCY AND THE SAME PEOPLE NOW CALL IT CLIMATE CHANGE! Right AL GORE??? Do yourself a huge favor! STOP! And just study what GOD ONLY LET YOU KNOW! Read ECCLESIASTIC CHAPTER 3 verse 11 and 14th. This Chapter is call A TIME FOR EVERYTHING! And GOD DIDN’T GIVE MEN THE KNOWLEDGE TO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING HE DID!

    1. Really? No difference? Since when has the Earth had a global climate? The latter term is determined by the ecosystem, geography, and latitude of the area being examined.

      So no, there is most definitely a difference. And the hubris you describe as being a dismissal of God, could be an accurate description of the problem. So long as our conception of “God” isn’t coming from unexamined imperial sources which would include the Bible.

      Such imperial conditioning is what leads to our society’s violent exploitation of the Earth which I explain in more detail in a previous post—a large driving force responsible for Global Warming.

  11. You ever notice how these “climate change” fanatics never talk about the fact that the earth has been heating and cooling since God made it? They only seem to want to talk about the last few hundred years, like since the industrial revolution. They don’t want to talk about how the earth was a hot house when the dinosaurs roamed, or the ice ages we have had. Could we take better care of the earth? Sure. We could quit throwing so much garbage in our oceans, lakes and rivers. We could not cut down as much of our forests or pave over our fields. BUT, there is nothing that we are going to do to change the temperature! How arrogant are we that we think we have the power to do that? It is ludicrous! But that is what we (Humans) are, arrogant!

    1. You mean, I’m sure coincidentally, periods in Earth’s history when mammals didn’t exist? Not exactly following how that proves humans aren’t amplifying climate change.

      There’s no denying that a dynamic system like the Earth can change, but the rapid changes we’re seeing now has been traced to the rapid development of civilization. And since it’s the primacy of man that supposedly matters to the Christian god, then only the period when man has existed should be of importance in this discussion, correct?

      In fact, don’t most of you not even believe in evolution to begin with? Which is it?

      1. What rapid changes, the earth is now coming out of an ice age, which was a long time ago in our way of looking at time but in earth years it was like last week. Since the global warming people has started their dooms day rhetoric the earth’s temperature has changed a degree one way then dropped a degree the other. But if people actually studied science they would know man has nothing to do with these changes. Mother earth makes her own changes.

        1. Willie
          – Think of the earth more from the perspective of it being a living organism. For example, what happens to you when your temperature goes up by a degree or two?

  12. Aloha from Hawaii (the best climate!),
    I have published several dozen books on science, including the most comprehensive book on Climate Change in print: since it covers earth’s climate since the beginning of time. All the major climatologists were consulted on this book, and none agreed with modern “Climate Hysteria.” The Title of the book is:
    “CLIMATE CHANGE CRAZINESS EXPOSED! ‘Climate Change Facts & Falsehoods'” One question I usually ask “Climate Change Clucks” is: “Since the Sahara Desert was a forest 5,000 years ago, tell us what caused the change and what was the optimum temperature and CO2 level when it was a forest? They can’t answer any of the questions. (Changes in the angle of earth’s axis caused such then and since.) Thanks for your contributions against this dangerous false teaching. Aloha & Mahalo, Gerald N. Wright

  13. Gerald
    – No offense, but that perspective is both overly simplistic and reductive. Complex adaptive systems, like the Earth, can’t be understood by an empirical framework alone, like the scientific method. And that doesn’t even touch on its development stemming from an imperial industrial mindset, conditioning that requires the violent exploitation of the Earth.

  14. And still again weather changes from hot, cold, windy, rain and snow just like it has for the many periods that mankind has existed, but naturally occurring weather is what they want to control, and not their influence on supposed global warming issues that is ineffective as well as impractical for the Natural causes of the weather that effect us all!

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