Mark Cuban Ends National Anthem at Mavericks Games

The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made history this week—becoming the first U.S. pro sports team to end playing the national anthem before games. Monday’s home game offered the first opportunity for limited fans to return to the Dallas Airlines Center, with The Star-Spangled Banner strangely unsung as the game began.

The national anthem has become an increasingly divisive issue in recent years, starting with NFL quarterback Colin Kapernick’s kneeling as it played to protest discrimination. The NFL kneeling movement led to protests from many Americans refusing to watch games, with lowered attendance and decreased television viewership. This years Super Bowl viewership was the lowest in the last 15 years.

In 2020, kneeling during the playing of our national anthem extended into other sports. From the NBA to women’s soccer and even college sports, an increasing number of entire teams have kneeled during the anthem without a single person standing to honor the American flag.

When the NBA returned to the bubble in Orlando to complete the 2019-2020 season, many players and coaches joined in anthem kneeling prior to games. Apparently, Cuban has seen enough. Rather than watch ongoing division on the court and across the country, he has chosen to remove the tradition of the national anthem completely.

Is caving to anthem kneelers the best way to support America? Isn’t this the kind of cancel culture response the left has pressed for in recent years? Canceling the national anthem is not a unifying effort; it’s an accommodation to those who disrespect the nation.

What if Cuban had taken the opposite approach, proudly broadcasting The Star-Spangled Banner and requiring all players and team personnel to stand or face fines or suspension? This may not be in line with the “woke” attitude of many of today’s entitled NBA athletes, but it would send an entirely different message.

Instead of disrespecting those who died and dedicated their lives to provide the freedoms we enjoy, it would draw attention to the importance of America’s unique values. Whether a player likes it or not, the same freedoms he discredits through kneeling during the anthem is the same freedom a soldier died for against an enemy far from the comforts of an NBA stadium.

Naturally the decision to nix the playing of the national anthem drew some serious criticism:

Most Americans would never kneel at the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner. Why not? It’s a show of disrespect. For every person who has served in the armed forces or has had a loved one who served, the importance of the stars and stripes runs deep. If America indeed stands in need of unity, it should come together around the nation’s key traditions rather than against them. Standing together for the national anthem would be a good place to start.


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125 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Ends National Anthem at Mavericks Games”

        1. How do you propose to get them to stop killing each other and stop aborting so many babies, don’t you think 56% of all black pregnancy’s ending in abortion is violence’s.
          I still want to know why they feel only black lives matter? Look back in history before they change it and see how the Irish and Chinese were treated.

          1. So true and feel sorry fo the ignorance of people who can’t seethe realism and keep putting up with the pathetic views of so little and to hell with mark cuban and wish poor ness on him pathetic

      1. Being a good ‘sportsman’ in my mind is having respect for who YOU are and where you had the chance to become who you are. The national anthem and the flag represents the United States of American which was created as a christian nation but with the right to respect for all religions. I am Cherokee indian mixed with Irish, German and English heritage, currently living in French Polynesia but at my 84 years of age when I hear the US National anthem, I get chillbumps of pride. Those young men should be proud they have the chance to be born and raised in the greatest country of the world.

        1. May God Bless You Rose, for you have said all the right words at the right time. I think it but have a hard time putting those thoughts into words like you have done. I wish we lived close by each other, I would be running to your home to give you a BIG HUG!

          1. You are pathetic should be ashamed of yourself to disrespect the American flag the way he has you probably live in the USA and rip all the glory of living here but want to disrespect but it all stands for what a shame to be you

        2. Well said Rose – I feel the same way you do and it seems the National Anthem will be played overt Mark Cuban has to say – if he can’t respect our country go back to where he came from as he’s a disgrace. The footfall league has lost a lot of fans and with Mark’s advice would lose a lot more – most people who watch the games have respect for the sports and enjoy them.

        3. Dear Rose, that was beautifully said. I show respect to our Country and Flag. I have one flying 365 and light up, as does my neighbor which I can see now and it too has a light shining on it. Mark Cuban should be sent to a Civics class. They no longer teach Civics in high schools. I learned so much from that class. I’m 66 years old but I remember feeling proud then as I am now to be an American.
          I love you all in Christ. Hugs from California.

      2. while that may be true, there is nothing wrong with bringing a joyful song, even if Christian to an otherwise messed up event!!!! cuban is showing his ignorance and anti Americanism – the dums have no respect for the good things President Trump has done for this country! really, you should be the ones who leave this country America would be a better place without the dems

      3. Americans are not all Christians however this nation was founded, on the belief of everyone involved at the time that God and Jesus Christ were the reason for founding it. Mark Cuban is a godless worm who will burn in hell period unless he repents. Why doesn’t he go live in red china with all his sneaker hustling vertically and mentally dysfunctional compatriots. Hope when the pandemic is over he experiences a total boycott. God Bless America

      1. No, more than that – they’re godless, not very bright, maybe about the same as a rock and much more! I’m both retired Detective Supervisor in Narcotics w/ the LAPD, but I’m a retired major of the USMC. You have gathered personal hate from me & millions more like me and more than you want to know like me. Sled well.

      2. You put that very well. Can’t people just honor all the people who have given their lives for us. How can any one be so disrespectful.

    1. mark cuba will learn the hard way what it means to disrespect American values, he needs to do himself and all God loving Americans a favor and get out of America fast!

        1. I agree. Other countries have sports teams, true, but America is the only place they make big bucks – thanks to capitalism.
          Cannot understand why all these wealthy people are so in love with socialism! The rich get richer on the backs of the little guy who lives in poverty with no chance for anything better!

    2. Even Communists play their national anthem at games. So, what is wrong by playing the USA anthem. Cuban is another one who is trying to please the left. WE THE PEOPLE should boycott all games where the American anthem is ignored. Hit these leftists where it hurts–their pocketbooks! How about it?

    3. Well, guess what the NBA did this morning. They said “All Teams Will Play The National Anthem at The Beginning of the Game and both Teams Will Be Present, on the Court.”” Finally, some one with a set of balls.

  1. Just another example of the left disrespecting this country and all who fought and gave their lives for it. Cuban take your money that you earned in the greatest country on earth and please leave we don’t want you here.

    1. J ,I can not wait for China to call ALL of these people who hate our country back home to China,,, where they truly belong

      1. They rely on China, why do you think the players and the league never talk about how inhumane the Chinese Govis to it’s people.

  2. Our National anthem represents us…warts & all. Those who disrespect its playing, & our flag, are disrespecting all those who came before to make our country great. Yes, it includes people from every nationality & walk of life who bettered themselves & are our collective history.
    Former indentured servants, miners, slaves, slave owners, mill workers, maids….all woven together & represented by our Anthem & flag.
    Those who can’t/won’t see or understand, haven’t grasped what it means to be an American. They are “renters”, not owners of the Dream.

    1. Well said Brenda! Cuban can give all the money back that he has earned in this great country, because of people who believed in the National Anthem and our American Flag, he can shut the dallas scumbags down and move the F out of our great nation! As far as that goes, every pro athlete that kneels can give all thier money back and the the F out as well! Who wants or needs them! I did not watch one second of the NFL this year, or any other pro sports. I will watch the PGA, only true sport left!

      1. I agree David, it’s ironic how they made millions in a country that allowed hem to do it unhindered and now bash everything about it. BTW the pga is off my list also, they removed ALL their contests from Trump golf courses. Now I won’t watch them either/football baseball or basketball.

        1. Tbone188, I feel like you do. I was a big sports nut as my family called me for over 60years, but I’ve had enough with the kneeling crap. My father was in the Army during WW11, my high school sweet heart died in Vietnam and my cousin didn’t come home after after 9/11. I haven’t watched ANY sports especially the 49er’s and I was born in San Francisco. To hell with Mark Cuban, the Mavericks and Shark Tank and anyone who believes like him.

    2. Perfectly said. Awesome to read. The flag is not a racist symbol They need to find something else to symbolize their “feelings” not disrespecting the very people who keep us free.

  3. Colin Kaepernick is a complete communist, a disgrace to a US Marine veteran like myself, there were a million other ways this commie could have protested, but he had to chose to disrespect every patriot in the USA !, now he can spend his millions that he has received from NIKE to help spread his communist ideology that he endorses ,polluting the minds of young people in America, THIS Pro-china athlete should find a suitable residence in China where he belongs to oversee his plantation of the slave market he now owns, YES VUUKLE ,he could have went a different route instead of dividing our country ,what a national disgrace this so called man of china has become

    1. Mark Cuban is an idiot, I wish he would move out of the country. He is making a big mistake. And it is going to come back and bite hi. In the butt. WHAT AN IDIOT.

    2. Paul, I agree…and I think people everywhere should not buy Nike crap. I know I will never buy their garbage. They made A-hole Colin rich with our hard earned money buying Nike crap.. That idiot should get down on both knees and thank God he is living in America and earning the millions that he has. We lost hundreds of thousands of young men fighting to keep this country free, one was my 19 year old cousin helping to liberate Europe and is buried in Lorraine France never to come home to his family. My aunt and uncle could not be consoled after losing their oldest son and for What!!! So some A-hole can disrespect our flag and country… he is scum right out of the septic tank!! That Cuban guy can rot in the deepest pit of hell but then again that may be too good for him… put him in the septic tank for eternity where he crawled out of… and Kaepernick too!!!

  4. Nix basketball too first football now this no respect for America to hell with you I am a Vietnamese war veteran and I respect my country also being poor Native American I love my country u people bad as politicians

  5. If you refuse to show respect for your countries anthem and flag, you are no better than a mongrel dog. And should be kicked under the house.

  6. Mark Cuban is NOT a true American. Every true American needs to Stop watching his TV show and STOP watching the Mavericks. Mark Cuban only cares about himself and his money. To Hell with America.
    SHAME on you Mark Cuban. Now my wish is you Mark Cuban is for you to lose EVERYTHING!!

  7. Do you really think that fans will come back to buying tickets and/or watching sports again! Well your wrong! The National Anthem and saluting the American Flag are what made America what it was. Now a day, we have alot of cowards and little punk a$$ little children that will protest against our Nation. Take a knee when they hear our National Anthem, instead if going to where the problem is and helping them rebuild or help teach them a trade that will help them become responsible adults. They riot, loot and burn down their homes and stores. Democrate leaders say to let them vent, than have the nerve ro ask for money to rebuild. It’s time to grow up!

    1. Well said. It is in the BILLIONS to clean up after the Rioting, police being attached, police cars being burned, looting of businesses. Walking on highways preventing people to get where they need to be. What was the cause, low life criminals resisting arrest. The stupid mayors and governors told the police to BACK DOWN on the low life rioters. The mayors failed to protect the Americans from harm. They need to be thrown out of office. The media down played the riots. I guess the one building the Capitol was worth more than the millions of people that had to put up with WEEKS of violence in their neighborhoods. AND TO MARK CUBAN GO TO HELL.

  8. Mark Cuban is a COWARD AND A TREASONOUS TRAITOR !!!!! The American people needs to boycott his team and anyone else going to to watch a Maverick game is a Treasonous Traitor too!!! You can lose all of your money in bad decision and I pray you lose it all. You’re a satan worshipper and God will definitely show you. Your day is coming sooner than you think

  9. It is a slap in the face of all veterans. Mark Cuban took the easy way out. It takes guts to stand up for what you believe in.Our country was great, because the many were not afraid to do that. Also, it is not against the players’ rights, because this is their workplace. You do what the Boss says on his time. Still proud to be an American.

    1. If certain players don’t want the national anthem to be played, well they can easily be replaced with a player that wants the anthem to be played. Mark Cuban you took the easy way out. You are a weak person. It just shows you don’t care as long as you are making money. I wish you nothing but the worst going forward. What is wrong with the players that still want the anthem to be played, do they have a say? They are weak and scared.

  10. Way to go mark cuban you are an idiot and your making it easy for patriots to stay away from basketball. My hope is that you get what you deserve.

  11. Maybe I am wrong but I would Think most people attending these games would be hard-working, taxpaying, patriotic American citizens. this is just one more slap in the face. Even before the pandemic attendance was already down and many people were turning off televised games because of the unpatriotic actions of the players. Rich and entitled, pretty much giving the finger to all of us that are actually paying their salaries,…not a good look.

  12. I didn’t watch MLB, NFL, or the NBA this last season because of the asses who promote anti-Americanism. You, as a player want to take a knee?!, yes, take your knee. My money will never come your way again. Because of these imbeciles, professional sports are going to suffer more each year. As LeBron James kept opening his mouth last year, my passion for watching NBA games went right down the drain. Steph Curry, and Steve Kerr, the two, had to open their mouths and kill it for me as well. My advice to these “stars”, Do what you do and keep politics out of it. That is, shut up and play ball. That’s what you’re good at. Yeah Whoopi, saw you with the LeBron shirt on the other day… you’re cool too, lol. Moron!! It’s my opinion Mark Cuban is going to lose lots of money because of this decision, and deservedly so. What a smug bastard. Take your team over to China where they belong, and while you’re at it, move yourself over there. You’re not American. Bought and paid for by the CCP. It begs the question, was this really the correct move Mark? Let me answer that for you, idiot. NO

  13. Please folks please,” Quit going to the games and supporting them”. Boycott all games and when the funds stop coming in, they will no longer be able to pay them idiots.

    1. Totally agree. BOYCOTT Mark Cuban and all he represents, including removal from Shark Tank. Boycott the Mavericks.

      If he’s ashamed to support the foundations of America and bow to the unAmerican acts of the radical left, force him to leave the USA!!!!!

    2. Take mark Cuban off the show shark tank if the shown has any common sense. DON’T WATCH SHARK TANK. I really hate mark Cuban. Is this a part of cancel culture?

  14. Mark Cuban should move to a country where there is no freedom since he doesn’t believe in the national anthem. There were many lives given for his freedom so I agree he should leave America. People should not support him in anything that he does!

  15. Are you basketball fans who care about your country and if you don’t care about your country if you care about your children you better quit going to Mark Cuban’s games any of his games no matter where he’s at. Mark Cuban is an elitist Marxist if you can’t see all these billionaires that are clean together with the Democrat party they support and you are absent in the mind!

  16. Talk about falling down the rabbit hole. Here we have grown men being paid millions of dollars to play a child’s game and they have so many demands that go against the country that allows them to do so. I will never watch another basketball game. And I will probably not watch football anymore. If we all feel that way, and act accordingly, these guys will have to go out and get real jobs.

  17. Despicable, unamerican, and disrespectful of country, God, and the American people. Mark Cuban deserves whatever God has in store for him.

  18. “One nation under God”. That’s the line, isn’t it?
    So, I guess you could say that all these people that take a knee, “are really kneeling to God”? Maybe?
    Wow! Ironically interesting, isn’t it?
    Just for the record,” I kneel to pray, I stand to salute the Anthem”.
    I think they call it freedom of choice, don’t they?
    Just another Grateful American Patriot. Take care, and God Bless!

  19. All I can say is 1st thing that comes to mind “COMMUNIST” Hopefully people and firms have the guts to quit supporting Cuban and the Mavericks and that he and his team can go down the toilet where they belong.

    1. Cuban take you and your team to china. You make me sick, I don’t know who you think you are. You are a traitor.

  20. Hey my 12 year old twin boys looked at me said , you want to disrespect what our soldiershave done and then we won’t support the Mavs! “ Both of them told me they will not watch another Mavs game or buy or ask for anything that has Mavs on it. Then handed me their Mavs jerseys and said they don’t want them.
    Don’t tick off the kids that support your organization especially when they have had a Dad that serve and several uncles who serve and are still serving and that is not counting the grandfathers either

  21. My mother would say it’s a lowering of standards. I’m from the UK and they stopped playing the National Anthem in public places like cinemas, theatres years ago as the lazy British couldn’t be bothered to get up off their bottoms to stand up and patriotism was regarded as old fashioned. Now the same is happening in America as the schools have taught that equality, inclusion and diversity are the way forward.

  22. I know America. Lets all wake up! Stop supporting the NBA, NFL and Hollywood etc. This issue will go away very fast, by hurting their bank accounts. It is the only way!!

  23. cuban and his buddy o leary belong in a hole and all the people they call losers ,stupid and all the terrible things to make them feel insulted should walk by and throw dirt on them till the hole fills up. I feel sorry that they put their families in this position.

  24. Yep that’s what we need is another America hating unpatriotic president! Why don’t u just go to Arlington and spit on all the graves? Make sure to stop by and watch the changing of the guard at TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER! Hey MARK why don’t you just move to CHINA where your PRESIDENT resides? I only have 2 words for u F—-/y—

  25. burn the collectable cards ……..put them in the trash…..
    pigs who wallow in money made in this country have no right to disrespect …we need to get rid of the money these guys get…take the money out of the sports….!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bad influence on children watching these games….Use the Democratic/CCP censorship tactics to monitor sports games on tv…so kids can’t watch them.

  26. The Flag, Nation Anthem, and the 10s of thousands that lost their lives to defend it so you could become rich was wasted on you. To disrespect those who gave their all so you like spinless others can walk on this countries thousands of men and woman sacrifices is unforgivable.

  27. everyone should do like we did with the nfl boycott till the national anthem comes back. this includes military personnel it’s your choice but as a navy veteran i would not support someone who tells me they will not play the national anthem let them loose money. i did not fight in a war but was proud of serving my countrry and respecting the flag and national anthem what it stands for.

  28. It is my understanding that the way our National Anthem was butchered at the not-so-super bowl it would be better off not being heard. That being said — cuban has always been one big anti-American dirtbag A-hole so this is not surprising. One post here has it right — boycott whatever his show is(never watched it) and boycott the maverick games. Losing money is the only thing that hurts these despicable PsOS !!!! But I’m sure there are those people who will attend the games — no matter what. Pathetic !!!!!!

  29. Thanks to Mark Cuban, I will no longer go to a Maverick game or watch Shark Tank again. Anyone who disrespects our country, our heritage or our flag needs to move to another country that meets their needs. Socialism, communism or marxism. Our God is assisting with the rebirth of America and the Best Is Yet To Come. Amen

    1. I hope Cuban is going to be one of most hated men in America. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine waters are the most hated women in America. I could name a lot more

  30. Remember when the NBA coach publicly gave his support against China taking over Taiwan? They FIRED him why because he applied his first amendment right to his and may others opinion. THEN China threaten to cancel the NBA in China ?
    I CHALLENGE all patriot Americans to use their power of the people to stop supporting these traitors of our rights and country! Stop watching theirshows stop buying their products stop buying their stock stop supporting them in every possible way! Only WE THE PEOPLE can save our country THE time is NOW! Do not be weak be strong ban together
    TOGETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL! If they do not support our American values STOP supporting THEM. Turn of MSNBC / CNN and the rest or these lying traitors that want total destruction of our great country! Vote them out! Turn them off. Cancel them out. Start NOW! For our and our children’s future!
    GOD BLESS AMERICA! P.S if you don’t we all may end up in RE-EDUCATION CAMP. That’s what China does. I know you have heard people recommending this here. START NOW!

  31. I knee only to God and I stand for our flag. I love this country more than I can describe. Striking our National Anthem is more than just unAmerican, it is disrespectful to every soldier who put his or her boots on enemy soil to protect the rights of others. Not to mention all of the soldiers who gave all they had to give. Individuals who would spit on an American soldier’s grave rates a less than zero when it comes to their worth as an American. If this pisses you off, don’t watch Cuban’s team play ball. Don’t acknowledge him in any way. If other teams disrespect America, do the same for them. I, personally, boycott those who advertise through these teams, too. May God bless America and Americans who love and respect this nation!

  32. I love our flag -waving a flag for war mongers is something i protest-We maimed and killed a lolt of people for
    profit -the corporations don’t even support the wounded vets Chet Atkins has to do benefits for them-
    when were we attacked Pearl Harbor?- That was a snow job that FDR had programmed-9-1 an. inside demolition job where Bush and Cheny openly tease the aware public about WMD–Sell it slomewhere else but l,ets have the
    truth and do not cut me off because i disagree with you

  33. Maybe since elections are rigged and illegally forced upon us results where no investigations or court hearings are allowed after four years on endless investigations on Trump were, it is time to request succession and a group of states can continue as a free people separate from the self destruction of the new leftest Democratic Party of suppression and punishment of opponents. Texas and some bordering states would work. The national suicide path taken by the leftest government can self destroy without us. Let the democrats have their communist dictatorship and keep the federal agencies that are personal goons. They do not need to use the army to suppress a once free people.

  34. Quite watching! Don’t go to the games! If enough people do this there will be no money to pay his team. Problem solved!

  35. The simplest solution, is to move all NBA teams to China. Because of their infantile and “holier than thou” behavior, players are doing nothing more than driving fans and viewers away in droves.
    Let the teams be based and play in China. They have a fan (money) base over there, and let LaBoob and his fellow spoiled brats be “WOKE” over there. That way we won’t have to listen to their braying!

  36. I suggest that anyone who dishonores the flag be shipped off to Russia or China to live permanently…… get them there they should fly on airplanes such as have been used by the Armed Forces when our troups had to fight against other countries to protect our freedoms!

  37. Who cares what Mark Cuban thinks or does. He is nothing but an egotistical no talent dullard who made his money on the intelligence and backs of others. I cannot think of a more infamous unpopular person than him. If he were of fire I would not p-SS on him to put it out. He is not deserving of anyone’s time or attention.

  38. Looks like Cuban needs to be shot down more often. It’s apparent that it’s the players running the franchise, not ole Markie.
    Look how long he “stood his ground” when the Commissioner “corrected” him.
    Mark Cuban “figurehead” owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Go get em Markie!

  39. There time is coming. Let’s band together and squash these take their wealth for granted traitors. Shark Tank was a favorite view for me. It’s now off my list. Never did like his smug behavior. Bye Bye.

  40. Mark Cuban, I guess your name says it all. May all your investments fall into the toilet, may the Mavericks rot in the locker room, May your TV show be cancelled with no notice. Oh, may your dog bite your ankle nightly.

    No more of my money will go to any of your enterprises or businesses.

  41. Why not do both? Require everyone to stand for the National Anthem, and then have a minute time for any player to kneel to protest whatever they want.

    1. Your proposal would be more appropriate than any of the others in practice now. How could we get a movement started to make that happen in at least one venue of consequence?

  42. That’s one of the problem with America, It’s turned it’s back on god and will be punished for it.
    If American’s united and boycotted games with players taking a knee during the pre game or at anytime in the form of a protest they should be fired on the spot. People go to or watch games to get away from the problems of daily life, not to watch some overpaid butthead make a political statement. Where else but in America can grown men and women paly a Childs game and make millions? They should show appreciation to America for what they have. The American way of life has given them what they now have. As America becomes socialist may they suffer with the rest of America. Since when is being patriotic racism. Every thing is becoming racist. Remember it’s just sausage not Polish, German, on Italian sausage, other wise your being racist.

    1. This is how you show respect for the country that allowed you to become a Billionaire. SHAMEFUL, SHAMEFUL,
      SHAMEFUL! I always enjoyed and watched Shark Tank, Now I shall find something else to watch. Too bad your Shark Tank Colleges have to to suffer because of YOUR Disrespect for the Nation.
      Hide in Shame!


  43. yes this is true about him. I do not watch any of the games anymore , And I wish more people would do the same the rating would go down,


  45. If the American public wants to watch sports, let it be the only sport in America that displays the American Flag, Sings the National Anthem and says a prayer to God before each event begins. Any guesses which sport that might be? Just tune in to the “Cowboy Channel” and you will find out. This channel is dedicated to the America and the traditional western way of life. They support and live by time tested American values, faith in God, a solid work ethic, and have pride and respect for those who fought and died to give us the freedoms we value. As for pro ball players, they don’t appear to have more that two brain cells rubbing together and you can’t fix stupid. But as a culture, we can sure hurt their wallets by turning our back on any sport, agency, religion or any other identifiable group wanting to tear down everything we have worked for to suit their own personal agendas. From my point of view they can all go to hell since that is where they were from in the first place. And, sooner rather than later would be good!!! As a law biding American, all I can say is that the crap that has been and still is going on in our beloved country if our fault. We as a people have tolerated, ignored, compromised, complained and done nothing to stop it. Our police are told to stand down while looters burn business and steal everything in the store. We have simply taught the “bad actors” how to treat us. So here we sit. I wonder what future looters would think about before they decided to loot or not to loot if the police in the past had not stood down and instead had use what ever force was necessary (including lethal force) to stop the looters from getting away with arson and theft. Our country is headed in the direction of becoming either socialist, communist, or marxist or some mixture thereof. I’m old and I hope I’m dead before what WILL happen to this country does happen. It is up to the young folk to decide how they want to live. Under oppression or free. I choose free, how about you?

  46. Kick Mark Cuban out of this country – he should not benefit from the American way so he should not be
    allowed to live here .

  47. Heathen jackass!! I am saying my prayers again. I pray daily that ALL of the anti-Constitution politicians, their heathen corrupt corporate financiers (including the above), and their heathen corrupt censoring buddies in big media and big tech all suffer ruin and famine, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD… (“Blessed are the meek who shall inherit the earth…” Ministers need to preach this from the pulpit…Revelation is here folks….

  48. How incredibly sad, we all need to pray for our nation, and if a man like this is a Father we really need prayer for his children….we all need to boycott if we believe in our National Anthem, we need to stand and honor all the blood that was shed for our freedom, so as the constitution states we have free speech because of all that DIED…

    1. If Mr. Cuban’s middle name isn’t Fidel it should be. I wonder if the CCP would permit the suspension of their anthem in China? Do any red Chinese athletes ever take a knee? Do you suppose tovarich Putin would tolerate any of this? Don’t forget, we are the first, best, last and only truly free republic in history, scars, bumps, bruises and all. Either we keep it that way or watch the last flicker of the flame of liberty be snuffed out.

  49. Any person who buys a ticket to a Maverick game and sits their arse (be it white, black, brown, yellow, red) in the stands to make Mark Cuban richer is a traitor to America.

  50. Mark Cuban only cares about himself & his family! What a disgrace! Everyone in this country should respect our flag & our anthem. I will not be watching shark tank with him on it. He thinks he is all that & more! Pompous ass! He made all his money in the great country!

  51. You know he’s bowing down because he the millions he make. Fellow Blacks, you don’t have any other country but where you’re born. Just keep it safe by not destroying it


  53. To Hell with Cuban and his POS Basketball team.They all NEED to go broke and have to get real jobs like every other American.They are just a bunch if over grown kids playing a kids sport.If Mark Cuban don’t like America then he should get the Hell out and go to a country he does like if they will will even have him.He is a disgrace to this great country and everyone who served or is serving this great country in the military to give him the freedoms he does not deserve.

  54. Maybe the fans should stop supporting the team and see how long it takes for him to return to the national anthem and perhaps he never served in the military. Maybe the players should not show up for a game and see how long it takes to restore the natonal anthem. I will not watch any of their games.

  55. Maybe all those entitled players should think about where they would be today if they hadn’t grown up here in the USA. What kind of a lifestyle would you live if you were in Russia? Poor pro athletes we all cry for you!!!!

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