Nevada County Quietly Deletes 83% of Voters from Its 2020 Voter Rolls

A partial audit report for Maricopa County, Arizona has been handed over to the AZ state senate. They’re supposed to be receiving the full report within the next week. Expect an earth-shattering kaboom. Or a big false flag mass casualty event caused by the Biden regime to knock the audit results out of the headlines.

The funny thing about America today is that we have so many people around the country who are busy little bees who keep chugging away with publicly available data – and keep finding more and more “anomalies” from the 2020 election. Here’s a big one that a guy just uncovered in a county in Nevada.

A researcher named Cardiff Gerhardt dug through the voter rolls for Douglas County, Nevada. He used direct data from the Nevada Secretary of State’s website. Gerhardt discovered that in one voting district in Douglas County, there were 14,701 people who voted in the 2020 election. But today, there are suddenly only 2,477 voters living in that same district. It appears that the Nevada Secretary of State removed 12,224 people from the voter rolls sometime after the 2020 election.

Where’d all those people go? They voted in 2020. Or I should say: Their votes were counted in 2020.

Douglas County is a very pretty area. It’s on the Nevada-California border, right on the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe. So, it would seem very odd for 83.2% of the voting aged population to just suddenly move out of the area all at once, following the 2020 election. Douglas County is nothing like Afghanistan or Honduras. Why the sudden mass exodus?

Oh my gosh! Did they all die? Should we send a big sympathy card to the Douglas County survivors? I’ll bet it was COVID, huh?

The most likely answer, of course, is that massive voter fraud took place in that district in 2020, and the Secretary of State’s office is now “allegedly” covering their tracks. It looks like they pulled a State Farm Arena magic suitcase ballots stunt in Douglas County. Someone rammed the same batches of ballots – weighted heavily for Joe Biden – through the counting machines an extra 10 or 15 times when no one was looking.


Donald Trump won Douglas County handily over Joe Biden in the 2020 election – but “lost” the state of Nevada by roughly 30,000 votes. If Democrat precincts across the state of Nevada were fudging the numbers just a little bit in each one, it’s not hard to see how they could come up with the votes to erase Trump’s margin of victory just enough to pull it off.

Residents in Douglas County, Nevada are furious because this information has spread like wildfire locally. They want to recall some corrupt county officials there – but get this: In order to recall County officials, they need a petition that’s been signed by at least 25% of the people who voted in the most recent election. And Douglas County now only has 16.8% of the voters from the last election who still exist. It’s mathematically impossible for the citizens there to initiate a recall, after the Secretary of State purged 83.2% of the voters from the rolls!

Nevada was one of the states that stopped counting its votes at the exact same time as Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and others on election night. They sent the poll watchers home and claimed there wouldn’t be any more counting until the next day. And then Joe Biden ended up pulling off a statistically impossible “win” a few days later.

Remember, just two weeks ago a voter integrity group discovered that Nevada had more votes cast than actual registered voters in 15 of the state’s 17 counties. They found 15 counties where there were more ballots counted than the number of people who voted. That accounted for a vote discrepancy of 9,000 votes on election night – about one-third of Joe Biden’s fake margin of “victory.” With these 12,000 people disappearing off the Douglas County voter rolls after the election, that brings the total to 21,000 fishy votes in Nevada.

And these discrepancies were found by individuals and groups that are only looking at official numbers on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website! Imagine what they’d find if there is a real audit conducted in Nevada.

Which do you think sounds like the more likely scenario? Did 82% of the voters in Douglas County, Nevada die or move away from the area in the past nine months? Or did massive voter fraud take place on election night?

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64 thoughts on “Nevada County Quietly Deletes 83% of Voters from Its 2020 Voter Rolls”

      1. If an audit, an honest one , were done in every state, I would bet good money that it would prove enough massive voter fraud to prove that Biden did NOT win the election.

        1. TRUMP WON ELECTION 2020, I’ve known this all along!! SAD thing is True AMERICANS Knew this!! When they fought to AGANIST an AUDIT, that’s was the BIGGEST RED FLAG!! Remove the FRAUDULENT VOTED HOWDY DOODY and Reinstate the REAL ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP!! Absolutely without a doubt!!

        1. Why were the states against AUDITS?? If everything was done legally?? Only one reason why? Everything comes full circle and KARMA she will Kick those who HELPED DESTROY the U.S with This ” THORN ” “B-LIDEN ” that needs Plucked from that FRAUDULENT SEAT his Dead ass Sits in!!

    1. I knew all along they cheated!! He’s a blabbering…Bumbling mess!! He…(BIDEN)…is RUINING OUR COUNTRY…and making us the laughing stock of the world…while helping our enemies..bowing and cowing like a whipped puppy to the TALIBAN…no strength …DESPICABLE!!! I’m ASHAMED OF THIS MAN …they put in the highest office of the land knowing he’s not cognitive enough to spell his name…little alone be THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF!! REPULSIVE!!

      1. And if he is the “Commander in Chief” then he should be subject to a Court of Military Justice, tried on charges of treason, abdication of duty, stripped of command, at least imprisoned for life, and possibly subject to death sentence by firing squad.

        1. Well said. But—who is going to do this?? The Democrats have all the Power in Washington DC. Pelosi and her Taliban misfits.


      1. That really isn’t funny if you have ever seen aliens in real life they can do some really freaky sh_t! There’s a place where I live at that the aliens come to every night in their UFO, a huge triangle I saw it coming late one night and my son happened to be awake, he was 18 years old, I always saw the triangle every night but never saw the aliens until that night luckily he was with me because he would have never believed it if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes it was a really messed up night! As soon as he saw the aliens he said if I get butt raped by aliens tonight I’m going to kill you ! I laughed and said if I get butt raped by aliens tonight I want you to kill me my god look at how long their fingers are! He replied Oh sh_t you had to go there!

      2. Just for reference they had 3 fingers and a thumb the fingers were between 8 and 10 inches long and the thumb about 6 inches long!

        1. Depending on how much they are like humans if they were a lot like humans that would put the genetalia at between 10 and 20 inches long or close to being a 3rd leg for them!

    2. They should buy a small deserted Island somewhere in the middle of nowhere load it completely full with every single fraudster who stole the election from us and then once the last plane leaves the island fire a Trident 2 ICBM right in the center of it!

    3. I say let’s just take ’em out behind the barn and shoot ’em. They won’t do it again in another election. There is no cure for a cheater. Just shoot ’em and be done with it. I’ll chip in for the ammo.

    4. Massive voter fraud in many states is obvious! I watched the election and Trump won! After the polls closed thousands of votes for deranged Biden came in. I don’t suppose the democrats will ever admit to cheating. Hopefully when we vote in Nov. they won’t pull the cheat again. Make sure your voting ticket is legitimate and you have a proper pen. I plan on voting in person using my own pen

      1. You can almost bet there’ll be another lockdown before November. Newsom’s allowing them to print their own ballots. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD.

      1. File IMPEACHMENT and PRISON Lawsuits against ALL and Everyone of the DEPLORABLE and DERANGED SOCIALIST Party members in the HOUSE and the SENATE.

  1. Will this be the beginning of a larger investigation and announced publically to the voters?
    Or will this be swpt under the rug and not get media attention?
    What next steps will be taken to prove voter fraud?

    1. No it won’t because the evel sick courts have already said that even when you find out that the election was rigged it’s not gonna change anything do you understand what they are saying? They are saying that they have already taken steps to get rid of the USA. PROVE ME WRONG.

    2. Unless and until we get truly Constitutional representatives, chances are; it will just get swept under the rug and America will face it’s demise!!!
      This why it is soooo important that WE THE PEOPLE get involved in our local government.
      The GOP has not been a friend of the common man for many generations and far too many RINO’s and neo-cons have gotten voted into offices where they have been able to line their pockets at the expense of the common man. They have taken their lessons in crime from the democrats whom they have seen getting away with lying to the common man for over 100 years. Until WE THE PEOPLE finally take back the true “party of the people”/ the Republic; that B. Franklin stated was what this country was designed to be, we will stand on the precipice of destruction while the dems; progressives; and liberals finally undermine it and we tumble into oblivion!!!

      1. Omg. It is scary times! If the Republicans can take back the house in Nov. Pelosie will be gone and then we can impeach Biden and Harris for treason against the nation and for trying to destroy the Constitution!

  2. Nothing will be done, or government is so corrupt that they will cause another pandemic to take our eyes off of the fraud that has and will occur.

  3. The Democrats are just a bunch of thieves they know the only way they could win with that simple-minded idiot is still the election

    1. I didn’t vote for anyone but Donald Trump. So why is all of the lowlifes still in office??? Seams to me that all of the election was rigged in favor of the current person who is in office.

    2. Joseph A-hole stalin once said, “I don’t care who wins the election just let me count the votes.
      The communist democrats knew early on that they did not have a snowball chance in hell of winning the 2020 presidency. So the democrats devised the fraud scheme we the people have suffered. They rigged the courts. They conspired with dominion. They stuffed the ballots! They forced Republicans poll watchers out of the counting process. They cheated in many other ways to list in this text.
      This is High Treason…..!!!!

  4. Charge all top Democrats with Fraud, Treason, Corruption, etc. Remove them all, place them in Prison!! Turn DC back over to President Trump and Republicans!! A Presiden that obtained his Office through Fraud, should not be able to sit in office!! Nor should any of the others in that Party, Cabinet, etc!!

    Time to rectify the errors made in allowing them there!! Reverse the damage they have done to our country before it is too late!!

    God Bless America!! God Bless President Trump!!

    Oh, and Trump deserves a heartfelt apology from the Media, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They need to reinstate his accounts there!!! The Democrats would be better off confessing their corruption, etc. Save themselves further embarrassment, etc!!
    So they can possibly get an easier sentence.

    1. Not gonna happen unless we remove all of the corrupt judges from the courts and take back the justice system.

  5. You’re all blaming the Democrats. BUT WHERE IS THE GOP HIDING??!! They should be all over this but instead hide in dark corners quivering in fear while they SELL OUT the United States.

    They RACED to certify the election then scuttled off and disappeared! The only meaningful things they’ve involved themselves in have been to block recounts or hinder them in some way while their “leaders” claim the election was fair and honest.

    There is only ONE political party in this country now. The Republocrat or Demican Party. Both the same.

    THE most critical issue in this nation since the Civil War and the Republocrats have run away. What thoroughgoing SCUM!

    1. How about that phony Lindsay Graham? He’s one of the biggest liars and frausters in D.C. He’s more Demican than anyone I know of. Such a tool. Remember last year he was begging for donations for his re-election campaign? I refused to send him anything. Some of the candidates are very good (Jim Jordan) and others aren’t worth a hill of beans.

      1. And …. why does the Republican Party continue to support the re-elections of KNOWN RINOs like Murkowski and Romney? Are there no better candidates to back than them? I find that hard to believe.

        There is NO opposition to the on going destruction of the nation by the Democrats. Only a Big Dog and Pony Show by a mob of (R)s.

        We the People elected Trump and a considerable number of those (R)s voted to IMPEACH him. That was an open and obvious slap in the face by those we trusted with our fate.


  7. By the time all the investigations into the election are done, Biden/Kamala will be in office 4 yrs. Meaning nothing is gonna be done anyway! Which infuriates most of us true Americans! If the results went the other way ( For Trump) you damn well know He would have been impeached and gotten rid of by now! America is becoming more of a double standard country then it ever was, because of the Criminals running it. I believe most of the governing ( including some Judges) body of this country should lose their jobs!!! I don’t trust any of them and don’t believe any of them!!! “ God Bless America,” we need his intervention!!!

    1. So true!! We have lost the America that we loved. Look at all that is going on in the past couple of years. We have lost our free speech, we are censored in our opinions if we don’t “think” the left’s way. Bin-lin has destroyed our economy, destroyed our foreign relations, open our borders to terrorists and disease carriers. The list can go on but behind all of this someone is pulling his strings. He’s to stupid to be able to pull this off. We are becoming a banana republic!! Even the Taliban has stated they have more freedom than we do. Such a sad time for America.

  8. Speaking generally, while there may be exceptions to the following, it appears that Democrats are the overwhelming “party favorites” when it comes to voter/ election fraud. Considering the overall alienation of the American people to the increasingly Marxist ideology of the Democrat Party, fraud is apparently the only way that they can “win” a Presidential election. Furthermore, if they have to resort to fraud to “win” a premeditatedly rigged election, what’s to stop them from rigging the down-ballot Congressional race(s) for the Senate and House of Representatives, which could occur either simultaneously or two years hence during the “off-year” election(s)? The possibilities are endless!

  9. One thing I see missing in these comments. Our elections have been stolen for the last 25 years. The only difference from then to now is the stealing was so obvious that even the lowliest American can now see it was stolen.
    So now that it is out in the open, what can we do about it? If we go the route that Thomas Jefferson advocated we would end up in jail. But if we don’t, we end up with a Marxist Communist nation. So how can we have a rebellion without it really being an armed rebellion. That is the delima.
    Any suggestions? I am open.

    1. I continue to keep calling, writing, whatever I need to do to make sure the politicians I can contact are aware of my feelings. Some have sent me the generic thank you for your comments but nothing has changed. But if all Americans started calling, writing, camp out at their offices, they may start to get it. There are dozens of Jan 6th protesters still sitting in jail without due process. They haven’t been charged with anything other than trespassing and they are being tortured by the prison guards according to reports. I am from California and I can’t even contant Pelosi who is a United States Senator yet unless you live in her small district in California you can’t contact her. Funny, I think if you are serving the country, anyone living in the country should have access to your office. I will continue in my pursuit to keep writing to all government officials and I am hoping all Americans who believe in America will start to make their voices heard. If casting votes that are never counted, they have to start listening to calls and letters. We have to make our voices heard in Washington DC, your state legislators, local offices and the media. They can keep ignoring us but sooner or later, they will have to address the issues just as they are now dealing with world wide attention regarding Afghanistan. Write and call, write and call, write and call,

      1. Calling and/or writing your representative does little to no good. What needs to happen is public shaming.
        See them on the street; CONFRONT THEM! See them in church: CONFRONT THEM; See the in a store or restaurant; CONFRONT THEM!!! Ask the important questions as to why they are not fighting, or why did they support a bad bill; whatever, just make sure you do it in public and if possible record it.
        One of our group in Hillsdale Co. Mi did just that to Mike Shirkey who signed on to not allow open carry in our state capital. He bargained away our right as free citizens!!! That video went viral and he is still reeling from it.

      2. Well said. I’ve been doing the same thing but when I tell other people they need to make their voices heard, they just insist that it wouldn’t do any good. How lame is that? One voice can be ignored. Two voices might get noticed or be ignored. But thousands of voices demanding that something needs to be done as well as giving suggestions on what to do, this would not be ignored. Especially if our Congresspersons know that their jobs are on the line at the next election. We all need to remember that we elected then. We pay their salaries through our tax dollars. We are their bosses. We need to start acting like bosses or nothing is going to change.

    2. The Democrats want to see proof that election was stolen, well, we the voters would love to see proof that the election wasn’t stolen, after all it works both ways.

  10. America first agenda !! Anything less is treason ! I’m so sick of hearing about what the democraps are doing . We know all too well about the swamp scum , don’t WE ! I don’t want to hear it anymore . What I want to hear about now is who is going to jail. For some reason we’ve been told and seen with our own eyes about their crimes and sick policies. If heads don’t roll soon then guess what , 75 million Americans don’t have any say about this country and our kids and grand children will certainly pay the price. We are not a democracy anymore! Republicans need to get dirty now and shit them down . Do your job republicans because people are suffering now and it’s getting worse. Drain that f—-ing swamp or get the hell out of the way . God bless America!!!!!!!

    1. You can blame your liberal judges; most of whom are voted into office, and weak kneed GOP reps for not pushing back!!!

  11. The only way to get this fiasco straightened out is to force through local,state and federal recall of elected people along with term limits. Only then will we the people have the representative government that was
    Intended by our founding fathers. This will once and for all get rid of the old boys club! Tear down the graft dependant fake politicians and open up the way for people who really want to serve the people!

  12. All of the carreer politicians should be thrown out of office and not be allowed to run for any office on the state or federal level again. The carreer politicians ,LIKE BIDEN ,are only there for the pay check and what ever they can get under the table. Point… how can Biden. who worked for the government all his life, afford a 2 or 3 million dollar mansion INTERESTING. How OR WHY would another country hire Biden’s son, a drug addict with no qualifications,
    as a consultant to the oil and gas industry, OH! My bad the vice presidents son and in his own voice mail admitted he handed over to the big guy HIS FATHER THE VICE PRES. Half of what that country paid him. Biden the fake Pres.
    is a liar and thief he should be arrested tried and executed for being a traitor to this country.

  13. Some of the “Rich” who are Republican Conservatives (if there are any) should part from some of that wealth for the patriotic reason of showing America that the 2020 election results are fraudulent and the election should be declared by the powers to be (Congress or The Supreme Court) as “null and void” and has to be redone! AND because of what occurred over the length and breadth of the nation that in-person voter (2 pieces, one with picture) identification must be made mandatory, Voter registration verified and mailout bailouts will not be provided, period! The exception being well established need and identify for an “Absentee Ballot”!

    There is a dramatic need to preempt the upcoming blackout by our wonderfully biased news media concerning the results from Nevada and like findings in other state’s ballot counts by mailing fact sheets to every state Republican political office. Then that office must reproduce that fact sheet and create a mass distribution to every registere4d voter in the state, every registered voter. Hey “RC Rich” that is where you can spend some of that extravagant wealth you have. Help pay for the fact sheet reproduction and delivery costs.

    Thank you

  14. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would say it is about time we show the youth in this nation that cheaters never really win….and install President Trump back as President immediately. I have seen enough!! Most Americans are irate at the pussy footing around on this issue. Wrong is wrong! It is time to right the wrong and get on with letting an “adult” be in charge instead of the crazy, illegitimate, juvenile-delinquent-thinking, pretend president and administration. From what we have seen, no Dem should ever be seriously considered (nor Rino’s for that matter) for election again! Unless, of course one does not care about America’s future for our next generations.

  15. All of you need to go to this web page & sign what you will read there. Then, pay it forward to anyone & everyone you know. Here’s the link:

  16. The voter fraud was so well planned, that was the reason to remove Senator Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.
    History repeats itself, Bait and Switch. One only needs to look back at FDR’s final reelection. While on his near death bed the nomination went to Harry Truman for VP. Sidestepping FDR’s 3 term VP.
    Look it up! Bait and Switch Democratic Party.


  18. Hang the Voting Fraudster Criminals along with their Corrupt Politicians from a Trump Billboard saying “Trump Won” !

  19. TRUMP WON ELECTION 2020, I’ve known this all along!! SAD thing is True AMERICANS Knew this!! When they fought to AGANIST an AUDIT, that’s was the BIGGEST RED FLAG!! Remove the FRAUDULENT VOTED HOWDY DOODY and Reinstate the REAL ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  20. Arrest all who were involved with this 2020 voter fraud and remove all communist democrat CULT PARTY MEMBERS FROM ALL OFFICES!

  21. AMERICANS! Your future is in jeopardy !
    A brain addled buffoon without foresight is running our country ! He lies on camera !
    Has even one Democrat stepped up to mention Old Joes fitness for the Oval ?
    Our safety is in question? Democrats run from trouble Afghanistan says it all .
    Elderly in New York trusted Democrats. !
    Bomb victims trusted Democrats
    Americans in Afghanistan trusted Democrats I They had to learn the hard way .
    The Us voters trusted the Democrats and they were betrayed as we’ll..
    Betrayal by the Media the DOJ/FBI and 17 other intelligence office’s NSA DHS FEMA etc.
    The Taliban was just gifted 80 billion in weapons to kill for the Democrats !
    Ultimately the muzzles will point at Trump voters . The DNC will provide a kill list hacked from GOP forwarded by White House .!

  22. These military service people and Afghans would still be alive if not for these and other states fraud. For whoever participated in this you will pay one way or another. Either in this life or when you face God. You will burn in hell.

  23. You can almost bet there’ll be another lockdown before November. Newsom’s allowing them to print their own ballots. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD.

  24. Every honest soul in the nation knows that the 2020 Election is fraudulent. We have a fraudulent president. A fraudulent administration. A fraudulent Not-So-Supreme Court. All owned and ordered by the Elite. It will take a revolution of the largest proportion to arrest these traitors, prosecute them, and “process” them. But it is the only way to regain our freedom, our liberties, and our respect.

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