New Zealand Accuses CDC of Falsifying Evidence on Vaccine Baby Miscarriages

Dr. Anthony Fauci has now lied to the American people so many times – and flip-flopped on so many issues – that no rational person would take him seriously on anything. But he’s not the only liar involved in public health in the United States. Remember just one year ago, when Dr. Birx told everyone not to travel for Thanksgiving? And then she jumped on a flight to go attend a large family gathering for Thanksgiving? Good times.

But this problem is much worse than just the French Laundry-dining sort of hypocrisy that we’ve seen from so many people in charge. New Zealand scientists are accusing the CDC of flat-out lying about the fact that the COVID vaccines can cause pregnant women to have miscarriages.

And this isn’t the first time the CDC has been caught lying about the dangers of the shots. The CDC’s Immunization Safety Office released study results on September 3rd of this year stating that the mRNA COVID “vaccines” do not cause serious health effects. That’s weird…

Especially with all the news about the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) at the CDC, which has been showing all year long that the COVID shots have caused more serious health effects and way more deaths than all other vaccines combined in the last 30 to 40 years. But the Immunization Safety Office published a report saying the vaccines are totally safe just two months ago. They looked for increased incidence of all kinds of things, including myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, heart attacks, Bell’s palsy, appendicitis, seizures, hang nails, and what-nots.

No worries! The vaccines are totally safe and effective. That was the word from the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office as recently as September 3rd. Here’s the press release on those findings.

Except we all know this is a lie. Just last week, we reported on a Canadian MPP calling for a culpable homicide investigation into health officials in Canada, due to so many young men suddenly being hospitalized and/or dying from myocarditis after their second vaccine dose. Two fully vaxxed professional soccer players keeled over from heart attacks in Europe within the last week.

One of them, a 28-year-old player from Iceland, died on the soccer field but was fortunately resuscitated from chest compressions. And on Sunday, a fully vaccinated NFL referee here in the US pulled his car over on the freeway, put the emergency brake on, and died of a heart attack.


Heart problems among healthy, fully vaccinated people are through the roof and are making headlines every single day. The saddest stories are about young teenagers being hospitalized with myocarditis. Here is the story of a mom who was excited to get her healthy 14-year-old son vaccinated to protect him against a disease that posed no risk at all to him. She’ll be paying expensive medical bills for years to come now, in hopes of keeping him alive.

But the Vaccine Safety Division says this is not something that is happening. And now they’ve published an even bigger whopper of a lie, according to scientists in New Zealand.

The CDC Vaccine Safety Division published a report earlier this year showing that it’s totally safe for pregnant women to get the vaccines. The report stated that women who were vaccinated during the first 20 weeks of gestation – the first half of a pregnancy – showed zero increased chance of spontaneous abortion. That sounds really promising, right? “Will this medicine kill my unborn baby?” sounds like a very important question to answer for the public. So important that maybe they should have studied that before trying to force everyone to get the shot, right?

A lot of women, including ESPN reporter Allison Williams, have been fired from their jobs for refusing the vaccines because no one could answer that question. But the CDC now says it’s fine! The vaccines don’t cause miscarriages. Pipe down, Trumpers!

Scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand decided to do some science and see if that could replicate that study. And they noticed something strange.

The Vaccine Safety Division at the CDC said women in the first 20 weeks of gestation were at no increased risk of miscarriage after being vaccinated. But in the data sets within that study, all of the women were vaccinated during the second half of pregnancy – during weeks 21 to 40.

This is so evil that it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around. The Vaccine Safety Division – which is supposed to study the safety of vaccines for the public – lied about their data inputs and therefore willfully lied to the public about the outcome of the study. They said the vaccines are safe for pregnant women during the first 20 weeks of gestation, while not actually studying any pregnant women in the first 20 weeks of gestation.

The University of Auckland scientists replicated the study using women who were actually in their first 20 weeks of pregnancy. They found that these women were 7 to 8 times more likely to have a miscarriage. Here’s the proof.

If they’re willing to lie to pregnant women about how dangerous these shots are for their babies – is there anything about which these people would not lie to us?

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68 thoughts on “New Zealand Accuses CDC of Falsifying Evidence on Vaccine Baby Miscarriages”

  1. The whole world needs the whole TRUTH about COVID AND COVID Vaccines NOW before anyone else suffers or dies from all this guesswork and these vaccines.

      1. The Bible says what you sow, you will reap!!! Biden’s punishment is right around the corner. He will spend eternity in hell 4 not repenting for what he’s doing 2 this country, his greed (Ukraine) deal, his asultery with Jill!!! All that sin should have been a tip off 2 the American voters. But no…the American ostrich voter kept their heads in the sand all the while complaining about their STUPID voting decision!!! God gave us critical thinking skills 4 a reason!!! NOT BLAMING OTHERS!!!

        1. You are basically correct in what you say; but . . . Hell is not for eternity; that is, souls writhing in torment for endless ages. This is misconstrued: it is! eternal in the sense that once the condemned are dead; they are dead forever and will never be brought back to life. Remember this! Death is only eternal when the Eternal One says it is; the rest of us have a chance of living again. Not as spirits but physical beings much as we now are; except our bodies will be immortal and proof against sickness and death. Forever.

          1. Seems like you believe what you WANT to believe, and then try to get others to believe it. You may be doing them a HUGE dis-service.

        2. Just once could we hear the truth. Maybe the CDC and NIH and the Federal Government should have been REQUIRED to pay for every single person who has hD adverse effects from the vaccines.

        3. I would really rather he would start making payments while he is still alive so we can be sure he does not escape his sins!

      2. Totally true Tim!!! Unfortunately the corrupt DEMONrat party will continue you their immoral , perverted corruption and crimes against humanity.
        I guarantee you none of the elites have actually taken the jab, except maybe bungling Biden which would account for his mental and physical state.
        Everything they do is illegal immoral and illegitimate including the fraud in the Oval Office.
        Our government that has turned communist must be cleaned out, and that will take a supernatural move of God!
        My prayer daily!!
        He’s in complete control always!

        1. One thing to ponder . . . when we DO! see a picture of some well known person getting “the shot”; how do we know that it’s actually “the shot!” and not just an injection of saline solution? I am increasingly convinced that all of this pandemic is not natural nor accidental; but a deliberate attempt to reduce world population. The Elites have this theory that Nirvana will only come when the world’s population is no more than five hundred million. Which means “billions” of humans must die. And what better way than a series of ‘accidentally-contrived diseases’ as well as ‘the cures for said diseases? Makes one think.

        2. Hi just dropping a line. We as citizens by constitutional law. Have the right to demand the resignation of the politicians in Washington and the the government to vacate their jobs and step down from power. Don’t believe me. Research it yourself. I have been promoting this on social media and no one has ever replied
          And now I’m band off all social media.
          For waking the sheep of America how evil the government is. And the swamp.
          So my conclusions are that either the public is to dumb and apathetic. To diversified. In education. Race and religion. I call it wonton ignorant apathetic anti American public. Why when I as a citizen calls for action that is
          Long overdue . Now I consider the public
          To be the anti American enemies of the truth. And lazy . Have a nice enslavement.

        1. It’s best not to take the va x- esp with this unanswered and “lied-about” stories going round. we prayed so hard for a family baby to be born healthy, and not be aborted. he lived, thank God, but was kind of small . God answered those prayers, praise Him.
          but they (the elites) and the so-called scientists controlled by govt – will not tell the whole truth – of the people who’ve died from the vax – been seriously impaired (many young men and young people esp.)

          And the so-called scientists in the WH will not tell that there are preventatives availalb.e
          Everyone should be taking plenty of Vit D-3, Vit C, Zinc, Apple Pectin, and get hold of some Iver.M. perhaps through Frontline Dr.s. kind of expensive – but nothing compared to hospital care. don’t go to hospitals. get plenty of sleep. also now some hosp. will give monoclodial treatment – outside the hosp. – be sure to get this right away if you get virus.

          pray for your and our country – only God can fix this. God must be giving people a time to repent. He is a patient God –
          The elites are never telling truth. God help us all.

          1. Hi the corona virus is no more contagious than a sever flu. Furthermore the corona virus is a glorified flu virus. And yes real vitamin c
            Will kill all viruses dead on contact. But most vitamin c is chemically manufactured using corn . That doesn’t
            Do sh.t . And it’s fake. That’s why you
            See people with the flu and colds with 10000 milligrams of vitamin c and they walking around sick. Now I have had no
            Flu or colds for forty years. Using the vitamin c therapy and works like a charm. The cdc and nih and government and and pharmaceuticals
            Companies are all lying. Out of their mouths and you know why because of the failure in medical industrial complex has lost decades of victims to
            Medical enlightenment. And self sufficiency. Of the public sector. So we see medical malpractices running amuck for the COVID bucks. Have a nice

      3. The entire group of so called experts are liars and murderers. They want total control over the people. The deaths are on them, but they have no conscience so the murders will continue.

      4. Have you noticed that 80% of Americans
        That are dead from COVID are whites. In America. This virus was created to kill off
        Whites but their are others that will die to
        CRT . Is one brainwashing system. Another is thuggism . Gang members. And race mongering.

    1. Joe Biden aught to be held liable for all the deaths that have occurred during his reign of terror. He is a pathological liar with no morals or ethics, at all. I can’t wait for his heart attach, his granddaughter’s miscarriage, his grandson’s heart condition that will keep him from any and all physical activity.
      Joe, do the nation a favor, something you can do for the first time in public service, RESIGN.

      1. He needs 2 B impeached just like they tried 2 do 2 Trump 4 no reason!!! Only there is good reason to do 2 Biden!!!

      2. I agree with you 100%, but how do we know they people in the administration, and relatives, actually got the vaccine and not some concoction of safe ingredients.

        1. I don’t believe any of them got the shot… Whitehouse & it’s staff are exempt from the vaccine mandate. Biden was probably given a Vitamin B-12 shot.

      3. if biden resigns, caramel will take over with Nancy Pelosi as Vice President . that’s an even worse combination. I don’t know what the answer is for this country.

        1. Vote red next Nov. Then impeach both Biden and Harris and the new speaker of the house will be a republican and an American.

          1. Their will be no impeachment when trump is president again. And fauci will not go to jail none of them do . Here is their famous excuse. He got elected out of office . Or I don’t recall killing people.
            Or that is not available to comment on.
            Pass the blame on each other. To commit crimes against Americans. Just us and not them. Transparency is a disclosure of lies. And deception.

      4. I don’t believe they really took the shot. If so why are so many of them testing positive! Like Psaki she is out sick right now! What’s really going on?

        1. I agree, the elites are liars of the first degree. Anyone can put a needle to their arm. This entire swamp government should be in rivers.

        2. the truth is that you CAN GET the virus even if vaxxed – we know of several friends which have gotten the disease even tho. vaxxed – and some have died.
          Take the preventatives Vit D-3 Vit C Zinc, Apple Pectin (and I heard Vit K too) and get hold of some Iver.M. – we know couple folks who are taking the horse Iver. and doing fine. it’s a matter of judging how much you weigh – and get the Monoclodial treatment right away if you get sick.

        3. What’s really going on, is the vaccines don’t work on a high percentage of people. The Vaccinated are the SPREADERS to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.
          I refused the FLU shot for years and years, only took one or two because I was a hospice volunteer and wanted to see patients. We have no real information on any vaccines the Government is pushing, FLU OR COVID.
          BEWARE, how can we trust a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT?

          1. The Kiwi government knew this was a risk, they’re just deflecting the blame (Not that the CDC isn’t lying it’s collective arse off about the Coolie Cootie shots Safety and Efficacy to everyone). New Z’s government is just as schitty and Authoritarian as ours is, with the current Regime in control.

            Never Vote for a Liberal. Liberals fit with the Democrat’s because of their collective Hive Minds.

        4. Because the vaccine doesn’t protect you from the virus or keep you from spreading it. Thye lie about everything and media goes along with it….

        5. What I understand about the shot is that the majority of people that are vaccinated are in fact getting covid and most are dying from it. Covid and spike proteins lower and kill your immune system so you will get sick and sicker! I also read the spike protein has 30-50 variants on it, so guess who are giving out the variants??? Not the UNVAXXED but the vaxxed . The other new news is that Pfizer changed the ingredient in kids shot, removed the heart inflammation ingredient and put in a KNOWN CARCINOGEN, NO TESTING and NO DATA and FDA LET IT SLIDE AGAIN!!!!!

    2. Especially our CHILDREN!! There is absolutely NO REASON to enforce this poison on our babies. At this point 80+% have a natural immunity as they’ve had the Rona and symptoms were so mild most didn’t even know they had it. Grown “vaxed” (it’s not a vax) adults worried about a child giving them Covid have to be the most selfish human beings on the face of this planet to want ti give children poison to protect themselves when children don’t spread the virus. That’s been documented in multiple reliable studies. Yet ignored. Just like those with natural immunity post covid- ignored!! Children have natural defenses in their nasopharyngeal membranes that block the virus. Injecting a mRNA protein into their bloodstream will kill their immune systems if it doesn’t kill them first … this is Evil!!

      1. The shot is a bioweapon not a vaccine. It does not produce immunity and that is their definition of a vaccine, you can still get it and can still spread it. It might be called a therapeutic because it may make you less sick… MAY???? It MAY ALSO KILL or DISABLE YOU!!!!!

    3. I have the feeling that China will do anything to kill us off. I think they are
      Playing Russian Rulette by injecting certain vaccines to kill. The Democrats fall tight in with this.You don’t see many people in same areas that die,etc. but
      The vacs are mixed into certain orders. China and Dems are one and the same. They made these viruses. They make no excuse to wanting to kill us.

    4. They are all for abortion so why wouldn’t they want them to miss carry? That is the easy way out. These people are evil to the core. You can’t trust anyone anymore.

  2. funny thing. over a year ago when sports were being shut down at all level, i asked my brain-dead (former) leftist friends, “now think. have you heard of one sports figure anywhere who has died from covid?” and they would say “well no, but…” now we have sports figures dying from the vaccine. only 300 school children in the nation have died from covid. if i am doing my math right they have a 1 in 20,000 chance of dying from covid. look up these figures before they are altered, by the way. and what honest scientists and governments are likely to find is children have a higher risk from the vaccines than from covid.

    1. Thanks for posting this data. Seems like the true data is out there, but not being disseminated to us by the CDC, etc. Getting hard to believe them, NIH/NIAH, FBI, CIA. There were enough bad actors operating in them during the Trump yrs, and he was having to defend himself constantly. Now these crooks are coming out of the woodwork.
      This Admin is totally ignoring the science, too, such as ignoring antibody /immunity levels. What they doing to destroy careers, ability to make a living, is criminal. And not just taking their jobs, but often pensions, denying unemployment, benefits, sometimes mortgages/loans (? Reason?), giving military dishonorable discharges and denying VA benefits and retirements. Etc. Even those getting their own testing of antibody level and proving it’s better than a vaccinated person’s, are shown the door, with as many kicks as they can give them.

      1. COVID was perfert for the Communist/Democrats in their quest to have a “New World Order”. With COVID they created a reason to expouse “hate, fear,and envy”. The Commidem leaders have all read Karl Marx’s COMMUNIST MANIFESTO,and they are going all-in on applying it now. Marx also says that you cannot have a successful transformation to “social totalitarianism” without a violent revolution. You can see how Mainstream Media and the government agencies are using “hate, envy,and fear” to push us into that revolution. My only hope is that we win the revolution and return to freedom and capitolism.

  3. It’s not covid that will kill you,but once vaccinated on top of covid…that’s when you die. The CDC,FBI,CIA,NSA AND ESPECIALLY JOE BIDEN are all lieing. And if you think that was a vaxine shot that Biden and any other public servant did in front of a camera… I have a bridge to sell you,because you are part of the moronic majority!


    1. Lying is just part of the Communist/democrats’ operating paln. They all believe that “the means justify the ends”,so anything is ok, if it leads to the transformation to a “New World Order”.

  5. there are many studies showing danger from these vaccines……with actual covid china virus cases seem to be disappearing, why would the brandon administration continue with this vaccine mandate? that is one sick power-control freak!

  6. Democrats are responsible for the pandemic. I went to a democrats funeral last week(family) not one person was wearing a mask???????????

  7. WOW, another nation is calling out the United States CDC, amazing! These folks have been lying to the United States Citizen for almost two years now. The CDC along with our current Illegitimate President, multiple Democratic Governors and many other Health Officials should probably be prosecuted for murder. IF any citizen lied in the manner these folks have lied that citizen or citizens would be prosecuted for murder. Why the Mandates to get Vaccinated, is there another reason? Has any American researched the thoughts and beliefs of the President’s Advisor, Dr. Zeke Emanuel concerning depopulation of the United States? He advocates STOPPING TREATMENT for certain illnesses in people over 50 years of age to lower the expenses to Medicare. This in my opinion is a form of Genocide! If you have never read any of his works it might be a good time to do some research.
    Second opinion concerns the CDC’s lies, IF these Vaccines have such horrid side effects why does the CDC make these side effects hard to find on their Website? Why will the head of the CDC not respond to the number of CDC employees that are UNVACCINATED and why or how can LAB WORKERS work from home instead of the LAB? She did answer that the employees are still drawing taxpayer paid paychecks and working from home, DO THEY HAVE LABS IN THEIR HOMES?
    Third opinion is WHY ARE THE UNITED STATES CITIZEN and the Worlds population being lied to? This SARS-COVID VIRUS CANNOT BE ERADICATED it is here to stay so why not tell the truth? The VACCINE does not prevent a person from getting the COVID VIRUS why is the Government not telling the truth? Texas, Florida and other Republican States are open for business with NO MANDATES, NO MASKING, ETC. and no flood of COVID PATIENTS so again why is the Government not telling the TRUTH? So why the push for 100% Vaccination, is there another reason?
    Final opinion is a little off subject, BUT WHERE HAVE JOURNALIST GONE? They should be demanding answers to why so many DOCTORS, NURSES, FIRST RESPONDER, ETC. refuse the JAB! What do they know that the general public does not and why is there NO INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST anymore to get the TRUTH TO THE PUBLIC?

    1. I want to know why illegal aliens from turdworld countries, with all kinds of diseases, can crawl in, in the middle of the night, like cokkroches, and they not only don’t have to get the death , but don’t even get tested. Some are actually frothing at the mouth, and they all wind up in red states. Until Resident Joey Poopy Pants Bribems, infects, er, I mean, injects the poison into EVERY SINGLE illegal alien, I don’t want to hear one word about me being unvaxxed and unclean.

      1. I agree but here is the underlying truth
        The reason they opened the border is to
        Water down the citizens job market with
        Cheap labor and keep supplying drugs to Americans and keep the wages flatlined
        Against whites so our future is destroyed
        At the social behest of public whites and government run by whites hating whites.
        I have no sympathy for this country that
        Has robbed me of everything I ever owned
        Including my citizenship that is now worth
        As much as a used condom. Here is the white American motto screw your fellow
        Whites and feel sorry for your enemies.
        Put the enemies first and hate whites first
        Like I have been told all my life what are you complaining about you as a poor white
        Americans got nothing coming. I’m glad you all are having fun with your new found
        Communist country called. Ussa. Stands for United socialist states of America . And you all gonna love it. Have a nice communist party.

      2. Hi . Well here is living proof that we don’t want to know why . Cause Americans are racist against Americans. And think that being politically correct. Is overrunning America with foreigners that are profest
        Enemies of Americans that are white the non whites in America are now the majority of voters in America. And they are all white Americans enemies. Just wait until
        The civil war breaks out in America. You apathetic whites will find out how much
        The foreigners want to kill all whites on the planet. Now this country has decimated the whites in America. While paying for the
        Foreigners guns drugs and livelihood for
        A vote. This is the biggest gang country on earth.

  8. Joe Biden has NO cognitive ability. The handlers are guilty of demented adult abuse. No I do not like Joe Biden but I have seen mental decline at first hand. Abuse is when the victim is manipulated by cognitive people. Jill Biden, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, Klien- Chief of staff, D. Axlerod, Pelosi, Schumer, Graham, Waters. OAC, Pressley, Omar, Tailib, Busch, Milley, Austin, Blinkin, Garland. Just a few of the abusers.

    1. Has anyone heard of acting we all do it.
      Oh look he can’t read a teleprompter.
      He’s a cognitive mess. Not true . That’s what
      Politicians want you to believe. Reality is
      The politicians got Americans in wandering
      At the beast called America. The harlot of planet earth. While they confound Americans to war against Americans.

  9. It is now clear that the frenzied determination of the regime of The Dotard and The Round-heeled Mongrel to force every living American to have the “vaccine”, and an equally maniacal effort to ban or forestall any other treatment or prevention for the coronavirus (if it really exists) is not because the jab is effective and safe. The regime, and the Chicoms and globalists who control it, could care less about health or disease and simply want every citizen to be full of an experimental serum that is no more a “vaccine” in the usual sense than poison gas or cigarette smoke are. The purpose of the jab is threefold: to prolong the plandemic panic so that the destruction of the American spirit can be completed and a sanitary dictatorship established; to reduce the population radically and make most of the survivors infertile, so as to ameliorate global warming; and to introduce into the bodies of survivors foreign DNA that will change people. neurotoxins that will sedate people and nanotechnology that will link humans to artificial intelligence algorithms that will control people.

    1. Hi but truth is 80% of military in America are
      Whites. War kills off the whites baby boomers and the government of America lovers of killing whites in America.

  10. This is incredibly upsetting because I believe it yo be true. I’m sick of being called names, discriminated against, and having our constitutional rights taking from us. Then their is the indoctrination of our children with CRT in schools, the amount of cover ups of girls being raped by transgender males in school barrooms, children being injected without parent permission, etc.., it’s a disgusting truth. Unfortunately I think the only way to stop this is to permanently remove these individuals that are destroying all of us. If we don’t do it soon it will be too late and the 100 thousands of illegals will soon put number American citizens. Americans, do not give up your guns. You are going to need them!

    1. Hi truth is the white Americans are complaining about whites having guns to protect them selves but how many times have you heard anything about the foreigners and minorities rights to have guns
      None. Or the hundreds of millions of gang members that are paid to oppress the poor
      Whites. With the threat of death.

  11. It is becoming EVIDENT that these vaccines are causing more problems than they are supposed to be solving.
    Since they all seem to still be listed as unproven experimental status and actually using all the citizens of the world as their testing grounds. The proof of this is that the governments are making these mandatory, if the vaccines were solid, like smallpox, polio, etc. then people would not have to be forced by government mandates to take the vaccine.

  12. The CDC & FDA can never be trusted, There managements teams are in bed with & heavily invested in Big Pharma. The CDC is a private corporation that is corrupted by the Pharma industry. Any one that goes to the CDC or FDA for Information will be LIED to. Their advice is DEMONIC & corrupt as well. Do your own OBJECTIVE RESEARCH the info is out there & available from RELIABLE, TRUTHFUL sources. ( other than the corrupt CDC & FDA).

  13. well of course the CDC has been lying about the covid data and the vaccines.

    you don;t need me to prove it. you already know. What is the effectiveness of the vaccine? the CDC director, Fauci and biden have said it is highly effective; even said 99% at one point. So what is the effectiveness.

    Between the CDC, the pharma companies, and the FDA we have been told 99%,, 97%, 95%, 75%,60%, 50%, and 40%. now we are told it drops to 20%, in the 40% who the vaccine works on, after 6 months. So if the CDC isn’t lying why don;t you know the effectivity percentage of a drug the democrats are forcing you to get?

    Is the covid vaccine safe? the CDC and FDA started out tracking the side effects of the vaccines back in 2020 and early 2021. magically all information about the side effects disappeared right before biden ordered his illegal mandates. So is the vaccine safe? Biden and the CDC director said they are. the surgeon general said they are. can any of them prove it was data? no.

    So here is the list of side effects: collapsed veins, blood clots, never damage, lung damage, enlarged heart. and inflamed joints.

    The ER’s all over america say the number of covid cases is dropping fast. however the number of people in the ER is raising almost to capacity. the doctors are talking about a mystery set of symptoms that they do not know where they are coming from or why in such large numbers. The symptoms being reported are: collapsed veins, blood clots, never damage, lung damage, enlarged heart. and inflamed joints. sounds familiar doesn’t it!

    Several doctors are saying these symptoms are so severe they expect to start seeing massive numbers of deaths by January. there is the thing folks the covid deaths were mostly not covid deaths. they were pneumonia, bronchitis, flu’s, colds, allergies, lung disease, heart disease and anything else congestive. we know that because the death rate did not go up. So covid was a fraud,

    However teh covid shot deaths will be covid shot deaths and they will increase the death rate. Before the CDC stopped tracking side effects they said 2% will get side effect. the UK says it is more like 10%. that means 3 to 15 million based on current vaccinate numbers.

    you want to see a health care crisis? well there you go.

    1. Hi I agree . But here is another example of
      Mass murder by a government. Do you know
      That this government has stockpiles of head loppers and blades in fema camps plus saran gas by the train car loads waiting to slaughter millions of Americans not foreigners but whites. And finish the replacement of whites in America with foreigners which is 70% all the government politicians and foreigners are getting ready to get rid of the 30% . By executing the whites why do you see how they all including
      Whites are working so hard to alienate the whites out of America. And society.

  14. I think you are very right, it is another case of Big Pharma paying them to lie. I have a feeling if they work at the CDC they give them stock, and the same probably goes for Dr. Fauci too.

  15. The CDC & FDA are criminally Corrupt organizations. The CDC is a private Corp. These two agencies have violated many Federal laws including (but not limited to) 18 USC 2339 C., 18 USC 2331, Section 802 of the Patriot act. 18 USC 1001, 15 USC 1-3, 15 USC 8, 21 CFR 50.24 . Their Covid Campaign of Terror has enriched both agencies & many if not all of their managers, including Fauci. U.S. supreme court decision in 1934 stated ” Emergencies do NOT create power” (290 US 398 425-426 1934) No mandate can trump the Constitution.
    21 CFR 50.24 States: It is UNLAWFUL to conduct medical research ( even in an emergency) without an independent Institutional Review board, APPROVED protocol, INCLUDING INFORMED CONSENT FREE OF COERCION. ( threatening the loss of job/livelihood is coercion) The CDC & FDA need to be held accountable for their crimes, market manipulation & malfeasance.


    1. Hi yes trump is a better president. Here is the downside. Trump will pick up the vaccine
      Campaign just like Biden . Only trump will be more subtle about forceful mandates. But still arrives to the same action . And if trump
      Does get elected he will not shut the border
      Down only do the invasion legally. If I am president I would once and for all put an end
      To immigration. Permanently. New immigration law. You as a foreigner can visit
      America. But can’t stay . No more green cards no more h1 visas . No more guest workers. And a national hotline that is called
      Threatening foreigners against Americans.
      Protection agency. To protect Americans taxpayers from gangs and politicians and
      Corporations and no more selling Americans
      Land to foreigners. If you want to buy land in America you have to be a citizen.

  17. Impeach the government politicians now .
    To late why you lazy traitors called Americans don’t want to give up your lively
    Hoods or your convenience for overthrowing
    This chicksh.t government.

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