PA Lawmakers Sue Joe Biden & Governor Shapiro for Election Violations

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA. 12th July 2023. Joe Biden Remarks after NATO SUMMIT 2023.

A large group of Pennsylvania state representatives has filed a federal lawsuit against Joe Biden, Gov. Josh Shapiro (D-PA), and the Pennsylvania Department of State for violating election laws. This should be a slam-dunk legal case if they can get a ruling on it prior to the 2024 election.

Joe Biden, Gov. Shapiro, and the PA Department of State have taken countless unconstitutional actions by rewriting election laws in Pennsylvania without any input from the state legislature. That’s a clear violation of the Constitution and it needs to be stopped.

State governors, secretaries of state, the US Congress, and presidents have no authority under the Constitution to tell states how to conduct their federal elections. That was wisely left up to state legislatures by the Founding Fathers.

The Constitution gives state legislatures plenary authority to write election laws for their individual states. Any other branch of government that makes changes to a state’s election laws, without the approval of that state’s legislature, is in violation of the Constitution.

Here are just a few of the legal violations that the Pennsylvania state lawmakers are asking the federal courts to overturn.


Shortly after the 2020 election was stolen and Joe Biden was illegitimately installed in the White House, he issued an executive order that required every federal agency to come up with a plan to “increase voter registration and participation.” The federal agencies went hog-wild with this.

In response, the Department of Health and Human Services is inventing ways for medical clinics to register patients to vote. DHHS is supposed to be focused on things like public health, not registering people to vote.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) instructed more than 3,000 public housing authorities across the country to conduct voter registration drives in 1.2 million low-income apartment units.

The Department of Agriculture introduced a new program that spends taxpayer dollars to conduct voter registration.

The Department of Education sent money to college campuses to pay for voter registration drives, and also paid students who worked on the drives.

The nice thing about this aspect of the lawsuit is that if the court sides with the plaintiffs, it will shut down Joe Biden’s whole-of-government approach to election interference, which will impact all 50 states. Voter registration and participation is not a congressionally authorized duty of any federal agency. It’s no wonder inflation is so out of control when they’re printing money for the Department of Agriculture to work on voter registration drives.

More specific to Pennsylvania, Gov. Shapiro issued an executive order a few months ago. That order allows automatic voter registration to anyone who obtains a driver’s license. The order was a total usurpation of the legislature’s authority to write Pennsylvania election laws.

Democrats love these “motor voter” laws because they know that it’s a way for illegal aliens to register to vote. As soon as an illegal alien commits identity theft against an America, the first thing they do is go get a driver’s license. These people are already criminals, so let’s not pretend that they won’t be morally flexible about helping the Democrat Party cheat in elections.

The Pennsylvania Department of State has also committed multiple violations by giving to counties that make changes to election regulations and procedures. This is a big part of how secretaries of state helped to steal the 2020 election in places like Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Without any authority to do so, they made mass mail-in voting the new rule.

In recent months, the PA Dept. of State has ordered one county to register voter applicants even after they provide an invalid ID. That’s a total violation of Pennsylvania state law. It confuses county election officials, because they now have two sets of instructions. The law passed by the legislature says that the information on a person’s driver license and social security number have to match the person registering to vote. The order from the Dept. of State says, “Whatever. It’s all good. Register everyone!”

Far too many secretaries of state were overjoyed with their newfound “COVID powers” in 2020 and changed far too many election laws. This lawsuit is a good step in the right direction to restoring the proper constitutional authority with state legislatures when it comes to writing election laws.

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27 thoughts on “PA Lawmakers Sue Joe Biden & Governor Shapiro for Election Violations”

  1. President Trump was correct in his assertions that there’s massive corruption in the election process. If we don’t do something about this, democrats will ILLEGALLY win every election. Watch what Biden does this year regarding illegal immigrants voting in the 2024 Presidential election. He’s a devil.

    1. Well you are very correct on what is happening with the illegals someone is definitely filling out voters registration cards for mail out ballots for them they are getting free everything housing medical food and cash card that refills every month for 3800-5800 they are getting driver’s license social security cards and to anyone thinking they are not registering them for a Mail ballots you are a fucking fool

    2. How very typical of this group of dems and more like a group of bullies. If we can’t win with the rules we have then we will make rules that we are guaranteed to win with and we will laugh at you as you lay on the ground crying from the loss.

    3. Exactly. Biden will allow every illegal who came across our southern border to vote in the next presidential election. This cannot be allowed.

  2. that is why there is open borders offer them everything free our vets are homeless and they put illegals up in hotels

    1. This is so sad that our country and states laws are being swept under the rug.
      Shame on these corrupted politicians.

  3. Why did they wait so long to file this suit? Chances are nothing will happen before the 2024 election. It’s going to be near impossible to fix all of the election fraud in this country and the Supreme Court is no help. I really miss the country we once were.

  4. Are we really going to let this senile pervert
    get away with winning another election illegally? Something needs to be done to guarantee only US citizens are voting. He has already run our country into the ground. Do we deserve to have him in office again? I think not.
    Do whatever is necessary to make sure this does not happen again.

    1. Biden must be stopped asap. He is an liar and is so dirty, all of his family and close friends are scaming to take over our country.

  5. They ignored over 400 sworn statements of election irregularities immediately after the 2020 election, not to mention 2000 mules and hiding behind plywood and pulling suspicious suitcases from under tables after sending home Republican poll watchers. Only now are there demonstrations of how easily Dominion voting machines can be hacked. This will not follow the norms of so many corrupt politicians not being held accountable for their illegal actions if it accutually holds JB and our corrupt bureaus accountable and make necessary changes for a fair election.

    1. Totally agree, it’s like America became a 3rd world country where dictators rule the land and taxpayers are in submission to their destruction for life. Next only Democrats will be allowed in the voting lines…Repent and Pray for “GODs will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” soon and take action against this corruption, if not Biden/Obama will be in charge until GOD comes to end this world.

  6. Should have brought this suit years ago. Hopefully it’ll get heard before 2024 election.
    Our country is at stake. Biden has run it into the ground, another 4yrs of him will complete the destruction. Definately he’s been worst “president ” ever. Biden is as corrupt as they come. TRUMP 2024. MAGA!!!!

  7. Only through Our Lord Jesus Christ can we be spared the Tribulations that await this Country for being involved in the destruction and deaths of tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians by the very actions of this evil corrupt dictator that has taken us all down to the pits of hell with his illegitimate government regime!!!

  8. Our courts systems let us down in 2020 when they said almost every election fraud case had no standing and didn’t allow them to go to trial, But you notice they are allowed to file suit against Trump for anything they want because the Democrats and DOJ pushes for it.I would like to know how our votes being stolen have no legal standing but a hear say rape cases from 1990’s is allowed into court with no proof of when or when and they find no guilty but allowed damages to be ruled for someone fighting against made up charges put against them by a lair. I don’t trust the judicial system anymore to rule by laws and not the he bias d judges political leanings or by fear of the Democrats terrorists groups that harassment of judges and juries to get the ruling that is he corupt Democrats want, just as those police were railroaded in the Floyd over dose.

    1. Very well said. The media and all the corrupt talking heads insist that voting irregularities were proven false in court. Not true! As is pointed out, “no standing” over and over again! What BS! It seems no one has standing in America, with the exception of the cheats!

  9. What’s taking place today leads to what was foretold in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible. The Apostle John was told by the Angel of the Lord what would take place in the last days before our Savior comes again. The Angel explained about the mark of the beast and that the beast would have power over the earth before our Lord puts an end to it all. I see this as one of those signs leading up to that moment. Israel is being attacked and criticized for defending themselves. The Lord made it clear that a raiment of these people will be here when our Savior comes again. Those who are currently in power will be held accountable before the Lord on how they have treated others who they were suppose to represent. I have asked the Lord this; “if Trump is innocent as well as his family, please help them and protect them.” If Trump becomes our President again, it will be by the voice of the citizens of the United States and by the grace of Almighty God. Remember people, be sure to go to the polls on election day. Laws must be set up in every State that their must be one day voting, as well as submitting our vote on paper ballots to be hand counted. Every poll must be monitored until the count is completed and everyone who votes must show their ID as well as proof of citizenship. Whatever happens in 2024, please remember one thing; God is in control and no wicked politician can interfere with that. God is the final Judge. His Judgement Day is His final court.

  10. YES, YES, YES!!! So glad this is being addressed at the national level and hopefully, the natural flow will be to go after EACH lawbreaker on the state level. They knew they were breaking the law and didn’t care (the end justifies the means, right?). Those are the same people who are happy Trump is on trial because he wanted to be sure 2020 election was fair in asking for recounts (he knew a lot of cheating was happening). THEY are the ones who should be on trial b/c in reality, THEY were breaking the law in an attempt to steal the election. So, they need to be held accountable for their crimes.

  11. I am glad this is being found out now nothing’s going to happen between now and November you know the Democrats are going to cover it up or try to but their BS is out in the open and something else we need to discuss if they manage to get Trump thrown off more blue states ballot 10 red States need to start throwing Joe Biden off the ballot also in their states we got to teach these Democrats you do not screw around with American peoples elections not anymore they are the one who wants to get rid of our democracy by bringing fake indictments against Trump if they take him off the balance they think that the Republic was not show up at the polls to vote I’m urgent every Republican Democrat or independent I don’t care what your beliefs are you got to teach the Democrats no more and vote Trump what they are doing is a crime upon itself kind of put an innocent man in jail before the election what country do we live in I thought we lived in America but I guess not I don’t know what country Joe Biden thinks he’s in but he’s not in America maybe he’s in China that is what they do in China throw their opponents in jail to never be seen or heard from again but if you live in a blue State and Donald Trump’s name is not on the 2024 ballot then write him in cuz we cannot count on the Supreme Court if it goes that far I don’t trust any other the Republican Justice anymore they are starting to become corrupt irresponsible low life acoward Democrat supporters we cannot count on them to overturn and put Trump back on the ballot but like I said if that happens then the red States also need to remove Joe Biden cuz he is the one who has committed treason against America because in his own words he said he has told her secrets that’s treason. But like I said the American people needs to teach the Democrats a lesson they do not mess around with our democracy and our rights to vote and choose who we won’t representing America. God Bless America and let’s make America great again vote Trump

  12. The republicans game all of these claims about election fraud and the like by the z democrats, supposedly with good documentation but NOTHING EVER COMES OF IT. If we have correct and proper documentation the republicans should institute suit immediately. The democrats are the only ones to get their cases on the docket. WHY? Unfortunately I believe the republicans are too divided so nothing ever gets done or moves forward. Not so with the democrats.

  13. Remember, until election integrity is guaranteed, we cannot expect positive change.
    So far, I have not seen progress in that area, aside from a few discoveries of corruption that many of us were already well aware of.
    As we get closer to November, and I witness what isn’t being accomplished, a sense of hopelessness has set in.
    Please pray for Divine intervention.

  14. All of the proof was known on 1/6/2020. The puppeteers knew what they were doing when they took Biden out of his basement. Just look at the mess they have made of this country and the hell that they have put Donald Trump through. Heathen Democrats have taken control of this country with their underhanded schemes. There is nothing that normal citizens can do. The Democrats have control of all branches of Government and the military. Unless Almighty God intervenes, we have had it.

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