President Biden Rewards George Soros with Illegal Gift for Helping Him ‘Get’ Trump

Democrat megadonor, George Soros, might be singlehandedly keeping the leftist party in power – and it’s safe to say he’s being rewarded quite nicely for doing so.

The foreign-born billionaire, in case you’re not familiar, is about as anti-Trump and anti-American as they get. He has vocally expressed a desire to “radically transform” America and through his powerful Open Society Foundation, has been succeeding over the last decade.

The leftist has installed District Attorneys in major cities all across America and his network effectively controls whether or not laws are actually enforced on a local level.

One of those DAs installed by Soros and his pile of cash? Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg – the same guy who just spearheaded Trump’s soviet style show trial which led to his guilty verdict.

There’s no doubt about it, Soros is doing his part to help the Democrats rig the 2024 election.

But what’s in it for him?


Soros has been trying to take over America’s second-largest radio network, Audacy, and in exchange for his service to the Democratic party, Joe Biden seems to be helping him do just that.

The radical billionaire’s investment firm Soros Fund Management bought up $400 million of debt in Audacy  earlier this year. With 220 stations nationwide and an audience of 165 million monthly listeners, the network is home to some of the biggest voices in conservative media – such as Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Dana Loesch.

Now, America has laws to prevent foreign entities from swooping in and buying up our media (to prevent this exact kind of thing from happening) but Biden intends to help Soros circumvent those laws,

The FCC currently states that foreign ownership of US radio stations cannot exceed 25 percent. Soros’ stake in the company currently amounts to 40 percent.

In order to skirt the FCC regulation, Soros Fund Management filed for an exemption to the rule and Biden is trying to use his power to let Soros bypass FCC rules.

Naturally, this set off some alarms within our government – at least among those who are not trying to hand over America to foreign entities like Biden is.

FCC Commissioner Brandon Carr asserted that the FCC “should not create a special Soros shortcut.”

“When it comes to a broadcast station acquisition of this size and magnitude – hundreds of radio stations across more than 45 markets – the FCC needs to run its full and normal review process,” Carr added. “The FCC should not be skipping steps or waiving required agency processes.”

“The FCC should not be skipping steps or waiving required agency processes.”

Soros’ investment firm has already gained significant control over America’s media.

In 2022, it brokered both Univision’s $60 million sale and made a major cash investment into Crooked Media, a prominent liberal podcast network. Just last year he also managed to acquire far-left outlet Vice Media for $400 million following the company’s bankruptcy.

If this trend continues, Soros will eventually own the majority of American media and he will MOST CERTAINLY use it to censor conservative thought, which is, perhaps why Biden is in bed with the foreign national.

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49 thoughts on “President Biden Rewards George Soros with Illegal Gift for Helping Him ‘Get’ Trump”

  1. Soros is a bastard with no loyalty to America! He made his fortune in this country & now he wants to bring it down with his filthy crooked, corrupt hands. He should be thrown out of the United States!!! This is a man who turned in his own people to the Nazis to be slaughtered. He’s the definition of a TRAITOR!!!

    1. This is why our public schools are not teaching history. Soros was one of Hitlers Brown Uniform Kids. Obama had a Brown Uniform Kids program in Chicago. How far back does Obama and Soros go? Did Soros help Obama with his education and Community organizer in Chicago? Community organizer, WW1, WW11 all over again. Prayers for our Country and the world.

      1. Yep and people are too uneducated to look at history and without the TRUE knowledge we are doomed to repeat it.,

    2. Soros should be removed from this country.Just like they did napoleon And he should never be allowed to return.And that goes for his son too.He has been trying to destroy America for a very long time.And the democrats and the rinos are all bought and owned. Keep in mind that he was the Who started grooming obama when he was in college to take over america. Wake up people know what you’re voting for when you go and vote in 24.Because these people do not have america or the american people first and foremost.

      1. You are so right!! Soros has trained his sons to do what he does; he learned well from Hitler’s Brown Shirts…..turn in your parents, turn in your neighbors, and turn in, especially, the Jews, which he is one and he turned all the Jews & people who spoke out against Hitler over to the SS!! I thought we weren’t supposed to allow Nazis into USA post WW2…..the Jewish Mossad spent years tracking them down all over; why didn’t they grab that ugly old wart?!! Democrat Jackasses were lined up to kiss his wrinkled old posterior! (that’s like the kissing of the ring of the emperor) I figured old Joe was selling us out to our resident Nazi-traitor-to-his-people….he’ll do anything for a buck) Please people DO NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN…I’M BEGGING YOU!!!

      2. His own country of Hungary wil not let him in so what that say about us IT CALLED STUPID.

      3. We Need to send ALL the Illegals back. The Dems are giving the social security numbers so they can Vote,
        This was the Dems plan all along. Illegals to cancel out the Republicans Vote. This way they will win again. Cheating like 2020. Anyone that doesn’t believe they cheated in 2020 should do more research on-line.
        Check out Michigan and the burner phones, gift cards , xtra ballots. It was Investigated and turned over to the DOJ and they buried it ! Soro’s and family Need to be Kicked Out of our Country and Never be allowed back !
        Wake Up people and see what is going on !!

      1. Again, absolutely %, VOTE Trump and set this Country back on a path of common sense governing. We’ve had nearly four years of a Mindless Clown who has tried to DESTROY AMERICA, like Obama. Think about an America First Agenda.

      2. Soros is a terrorist instilling division, fear, intimidation for political effect. Use the patriot acts to seize his ass-ets. But too many Republicans have been Epsteined, to do their jobs.

    3. What is wrong with America,to let filth like this even be in this country without jailing him along with his brain depleted puppet Biden

      1. Because we are stupid and the Dems grab ahold of anything for power they could care less about America Obama hataes this country but continues to get richer hes always been a radical pot smoking dude.

    4. Its time to start investigating and prosecuting Biden and others for skating by the laws. Biden went around SCOTUS and decided he was going to bail out student loan recipients, he has decided to d o nothing at he border and jeopardizing the security of the country and others. This is all with the help of Soros. It appears to look deeply into Soros doings. You can bet that they will turn up allot of crimes. That is if Biden does not try to block them.

  2. Russia had a bounty on Soros ! He tried to destroy them , is why he came to America He is wanted dead or alive there. $25 million,dead or alive ! Could someone do the job ? Why are they giving him money to destroy our country? Jane Patrick!

    1. Why do you think Obama is so rich? Paid off by Soros. Soros should be deported back to home country that has a bounty of him. Was Soros son and Hunter involved in Foreign countries when Obama was president? God Bless America.
      Trump 2020-2024

      1. Soros grew up in Hungary. He is not from Russia. Although his family was Jewish, his father reported Jews who lived in Hugarny to the Nazis. That is why he and family were allowed to go to England instead of being transported to concerntration camps.

        1. Hungary has banned him and warrants for his arrest. So do India and Thailand, countries he also attacked. Then he went after the Bank of England and tried to destroy Great Britain, so not welcome there. Has purchased island group so he can flee there if necessary/no extradition. Russia also is after him, and frankly, all these countries are welcome to him. He and his son, who has “toured” the WH over 20 times just in last few months, need to be ousted, purchases taken away, and treated as treasonous monsters they are. They get pleasure in destroying people and countries. Very evil, sick people. We need to get him and his family OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND OUR LAND AND BUSINESSES. Destroying America is the current jewel in the crown for them, and of course Obamas and Bidens are of same mindset of destroying America and Americans.

  3. Soros should be taken out, if it is God’s will,you know America has been unrepentant over the deaths of millions of babies, and allowing the queer movement to thrive. We are a backsliding sinful nation and maybe the Lord is allowing these last days activities against our country?

    1. They say that his son Alex is just as Evil and heartless. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer also loves George Soros and son. ! There are many picture’s of them All together. TREASON charges need to be enforced and cuffs are a Must.

      1. Son Alex currently dating Hillary’s aide from 2016 campaign
        The Middle Eastern crooked one. Maybe she can help Alex and evil papa to gain help in Middke East to attack America.

  4. Soros will never own the majority of American media. The right wing Sinclair Broadcast Group already owns the majority of American media.

  5. Biden helping Soros bypass the laws is a prime reason why Biden should be impeached and removed from office. Biden is doing everything he can to make this a socialist country, all while preaching democracy, what a hipocrit!

    1. Biden is not running the country.Obama is running the country with his cronies.And he is in soros pocket. Sore Rose owns him.He groomed him for presidency to take over And destroy this country.The only reason why it didn’t happen under obama Was because he didn’t control the house and the senate the reason Why it didn’t happen sooner was because Trump got elected in two thousand sixteen Otherwise This country would have been gone a long time ago.We got a reprieve under him That’s why we need him back because this is the plan For america under this regime another four years Of biden Obama And destruction of america

    2. Biden and Soros need to be held accountable. A monopoly of the airwaves let alone by a foreign entity needs to be stopped. Vote Biden out office before he achieves his party’s goal of destroying out country.

    3. He wants to make it a collapsed country so China can take us over. Soros and son will have some compound here, plus the islands they bought so Soros can lean back and congratulate himself on what a wonderful life he’s had destroying countries. Evil glee. He and Biden and Obama and buddies should be tried for treason.

  6. And! George Soros and son are band from other countries! I read a story a few years ago that George Soros was a guard under Hitler and guarded the ovens?. And he’s obos second father and related to Killary Clinton and Adam shit? Republicans officials better wake up before it’s too late. Up Hold the Constitutional Law’s implementations on TREASONOUS ACTS committed against America and American’s Security and Now. Terrorists in America’s government. Arrest is a must! Gitmo is empty sense demorats empty it. How running Afghanistan and coming to America. Obo and George left their terrorist groups $60billion of America’s equipment and Weaponry. Freeze All Assets of the corrupted treasonous administration and Rinos. Destroying America……..

  7. Boy! I didn’t know Soon was so cruel and evil! He fits right in with the demoncrats.

  8. I believe America is and should be for all that come here legally. I also strongly believe that no naturalized citizens should be allowed to hold federal office of any kind, even high position hired in government. The law of no foreign entity owning more than 25% of any media is along the same lines. I wish I knew if that includes any corporation owned more than 25% by a foreign entity owning any more than 25% of any media is in the law. America must be represented I. Federal by natural born Americans and not any naturalized individual they do not have Americas best interests at heart. It’s that simply

  9. sr. soros is dead!!! and his son picked up daddys cause!!!, he is even worse than his dad! he needs to be in getmo , and if any other family member should be there too, ALL should be completely broke , not even enough money for a piece of gum!!! live on the streets and see how the other half has to live because of them!!!

    1. Daddy Soro’s is NOT Dead . But at his age his son took over for him. They ALL Need Deported or Jailed !
      Obama let him in because Soro’s owns him !! Owns OS’Biden Now too, O = Obama and S =Soro’s. The OS’Biden has been my name for him since he took office , Illegally !!

      There is an article with Dems names that IF Trump were to Win. They will make sure None of his fixes for our country goes thru !!

  10. Again, absolutely 100 %, VOTE Trump and set this Country back on a path of common sense governing. We’ve had nearly four years of a Mindless Clown who has tried to DESTROY AMERICA, like Obama. Think about an America First Agenda.

  11. One can tell by the election ad that Joe Biden has on TV now that he is driven by evil, rather than American election ethics as we have seen it in the past in the era of Bush, Kennedy, Eisenhower, etc. It is so questionable as to why George Soros wants to kill our country with his voyage into Marxism. So many countries have fallen that have become taken over with communism, socialism, and Marxism. The country of Venezuela has become socialistic and they are laughing at us right now and warning us not to become like they are. Let us pray that our country will go back to the way our country was designed to be , a democracy governed by the Constitution drawn up by our founding fathers coming here for religious freedom. Amen Sharon.

  12. Forget “ personalities” and realize what is happening to our country! How can anyone vote for Biden after what he has done “our” democracy!!!!

  13. How much proof do you need to see how Corrupt Biden is, and his work to destroy America. Democrats are not for the American people.

  14. george and his family and his money should be banned from this country. he has been trying to destroy this country for years as far as i am concern he is not a us citizen and he should mind his own f en business.

  15. Soros should be arrested for treason for going against OUR COUNTRY….The man is still a NAZI at heart and only wants the same power Hitler had….He is a threat to the U.S.A. and should be arrested and all Property’s plus any accounts over seas and in foreign banks seized also….Strip his empire entirely and deport his ass and his family to Russia….They want him for being a Nazi whom they have a bitter hatred for….

  16. I read all of the proceeding comments and I am encouraged that we have great Americans who aren’t fooled by what Biden and his minions keep peddling about our country and lying to us as though we are all brain dead! Soros, Obama, and the Clinton’s have been chummy for years, it should explain a lot as to why we are seeing our country under attack as they use Biden’s term to finally drag us as fast as they can into Socialism. They want our Constitution gone, our civil rights are being threatened everyday and our country is in a weak period as a result…we have got to vote, if we don’t we will certainly be in trouble because we are still seeing the Democrats are cheeting in anyway that they can. We need President Trump back in Washington because we need to clean house big time, and I mean arrests and trials for those who have been traitors. It is time. I have taught school for years, I will not return this year as I am at retirement, but my heart will always be we our precious students who I saw struggle with covid, the cost of living rising and worrying about how their parents could cope, the woke issues were awful. Thank you for all of your thoughts above mine, God bless our country!

  17. Soro’s Money needs to be frozen as well as any of his Shell companies! He financed the whole Antifa and BLM movement with NO penalty! Any of his left wing buddies who he’s funding aka Alvin Bragg should be disqualified and dismissed.
    He’s the AntiChrist!
    And his followers need to be jailed

  18. That’s how this government works thanks to Obama. Only problem is once you enlist the help of one then all the devils come with a handout to them also. You know the I’ll help get rid of your problem but then you have to do this for me. So one devil turns into hundreds that get collected on when time is right. Realize how fast Obiden has used illegal processes to get laws broke for their purpose and then blame President Trump for it. Really Obiden you all are going to have to face your evil creators on your own because we are tired of you making all of us pay for your evil deeds. It appears more and more so called big dogs are doing Obiden dirty work for them then they can start taking over our country and not over a period of time either this has all happened in the past 25 years. Why do you think they have to stop President Trump at any cost. Even rhinos have relied on these big dogs to fix their problems also and demand they deliver on q. They didn’t like President Trump wouldn’t play ball with them. If anyone says he doesn’t care about Americans and America just ask your self did he ever sell us out for Power and privilege? No he fought for us even as he was attacked at ever turn. Tell me who attacks their opponents if their opponents lost? No one but democrats. To many people like Soros, Ukrainian President and China is going to collect from all the traitors and those who committed treason and very well should be punished for doing so. Time for Americans to run our government like it was meant to do. Obiden has ruined our country for personal gains at our expense. Time we got back to running our country like it is suppose to be run. New government, new rules, new laws, new priorities, new protections for Americans and right to free speech and free to debate issues and where every single Americans vote counts the way they wanted to vote and for who. Remember Soros has become rich from government’s around world needing dirty work done for them so we have been funding him for years thanks to our own government and idiots running our country. Wasted our money to do this to us Americans. President Trump has been right on everything hasn’t he? If this goes through before November then Americans need to find another radio station because I know they will lose people in the business cause they will refuse to work for Soros. This man has had issues like Gates and Fauci and others thinking they are Gods and tell us how we have to obey them. Not.

  19. Soros, Zuckerberg, Obama’s, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, Clinton’s, just to name a FEW, should be investigated on how they got their Millions from “serving our country” !!! Their assets should be confiscated & put back into our country, then solid-real prison time for them all. I really hope this country can eliminate the polls tampering this election by Russia, China, & the rich jerks like Soros !!!!

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