Scientists: Actually, Vaccine mRNA Stays in the Body a Long Time, Causes Harm

The CDC was making some pretty remarkable statements about the coronavirus “vaccines” up until last month. That was when they quietly took a bunch of their guidance down off their website, which was a tacit admission that the agency had been completely wrong about everything about COVID and the shots for a year and a half. Oops. No biggie.

For example, there’s now no differentiation between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, according to the CDC. Both classes of people – vaxed and unvaxed – can get COVID. The CDC also removed its statement that the mRNA from the shots does not stay in the body long, and that the spike proteins are harmless. Because it does stay in the body. And it is harmful.

You could have been banned from social media for saying that just a few weeks ago. The mainstream media was also towing the party line on this issue. Reuters ran a “fact check” with this headline all last year and this year:

“There is no proof that spike proteins created in response to mRNA vaccines are harmful to the body, scientists have told Reuters.”

Take that, fact deniers!

Saying that there is “no proof” of something doesn’t mean that it does not exist. I don’t have any proof here on my desk that Russia exists, but I’m pretty sure it does. Mostly sure. Maybe. But there’s no proof!

Well, now there is proof that the spike protein is harmful to the body, so Reuters might want to revisit that fact check sometime soon.


A patient in Japan received their first Pfizer shot and then just a few days later, suddenly broke out in ugly, painful lesions all over the body. Rather than do what American scientists and doctors do in this situation – chant “Safe and effective!” while ignoring the patient – Japanese doctors decided to do something known as “practicing medicine.” They set out to determine why an otherwise healthy 64-year-old suddenly broke out in lesions just a few days after getting the shot.

The patient was diagnosed with a really nasty case of reactivated varicella-zoster virus, otherwise known as chickenpox. They tried treating him with valacyclovir, which is normally effective against the herpes virus that causes chickenpox, but it didn’t work. They had to triple the dosage. This patient had a case of Ultra Chickenpox or something. It was that bad.

But why?

The doctors hypothesized that just maybe the spike protein from the COVID shot had messed this patient’s immune system up. So, they biopsied some of the lesions.

You’ve probably already guessed what they found. The patient’s system was overloaded with spike proteins. The spike proteins were in every lesion on the patient’s body. While the vaccines are supposed to trigger the body to make spike proteins, we were always told that the shots could not possibly do something like this. The spike proteins were just supposed to be one more tool in the immune system, like a few extra T-cells specifically targeted to attack the coronavirus. But that’s not how the mRNA works in all people.

Germany’s Health Ministry announced this summer that 1 in 5,000 people who received the shot likely suffered a serious vaccine injury. If that’s the real rate of vaccine injury (and we don’t know that it is yet), then that would mean more than 52,000 Americans received serious injuries from the shots. That’s a ton of people when compared to all other vaccines combined.

We’re still in the early stages of even figuring out what sort of harm the shots are going to do long-term. We simply don’t know. NO ONE KNOWS. But the fact-checkers and the CDC continuously made dubious claims about the shots for almost two years straight. Some people are injured by the shots and the problem resolves itself in a couple of days. Others are not so lucky.

Steve Kirsch has now compiled compelling evidence that if the shots are going to kill someone, it happens at the five-month mark after the second shot. That’s the point when vaccine recipients are most likely going to die, if the shot is going to kill them. That’s probably good news if you’ve taken the shot and made it past the five-month mark. But we still don’t know what these shots are going to do to people long-term. That should have more patients, doctors and scientists worried.

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26 thoughts on “Scientists: Actually, Vaccine mRNA Stays in the Body a Long Time, Causes Harm”

  1. And yet, in NM, here we go again pretending that the vaccine & boosters are “LIFESAVERS” even pushing to have babies vaccinated with NO opposing info even offered in the news media. Most of the undereducated population is buying it tooth and nail with people harassing others to get “vaccinated”. So tired of it!

    1. Don’t say “uneducated”, please! Both my Sister’s are highly educated, one is a psychologist, and the other has her Masters in her medical field. They both ran out and got the jab as quickly as possible. I retired after many years in the. Mortgage business, and I refused to get it, along with two of my kids! In my experience, it’s the more highly educated that push the vaccine, and have proudly received it. By the way, my psychologist Sister had to take an early retirement, after suffering debilitating side effects 2 days after getting the 1st shot!

      1. The CDC’s trying to thin the herd out. That includes your children’s long term future,you a fool if you or your children take the vax.

      2. Absolutely correct it is the educated who ran out and got their poison shots. My sister and brother are both highly educated (nurse and dentist) both ran out and got their shots and they were pushing me to go out and get shot. I was blessed and was able to retire early, after many years working for a big corporation in HR and was not in the first group of eligible victims and there was just something that kept telling me to wait and not get the shot. I am healthy without any underlying medical conditions, who exercises regularly and eats healthy so I did not get the shot! I am so glad I listened to my inner voice.

      3. It’s more about being foolish to trust any government entity. The government can never be trusted. My family is full of fools, but all educated beyond high school. I’m the only pure blood left. Fools don’t investigate, they just follow and listen. Sheep! My brother in law unfortunately was one. He had a bad liver and decided to get the poison. He died within 6 months after that. He was fully expected to live with good diet and care for many years. The jab is poision.

      4. We had the same problem. We all refused the shot – that is all except one daughter. She has a PharmD degree – that is a Doctor of Pharmacy. She believes ALL the propagana she hears even in the hospital where she works. The rest of us have -and will – refused to be injected with the COVID poison. We have managed to stockpile a supply of recommended drugs and we all have made each other promise not to put us in a hospital should we get COVID. We feel safer at home. By the way – not one person in the family has gotten COVID. However, my daughter’s husband, who is fully vaxxed, has terminal pancreatic cancer.

    2. In many nations they are banning the vaccines, even to the extent of threatening doctors who give them. They are told they will be held as accomplices to murder should anyone die from it. The International Courts of Brussels declared that all nations should do this. The UK, from what I understand, has been the first to have the documents filed against the doctors/medical field. I believe we will soon be seeing the second Nuremburg trials held. I pray so for the sake of humanity.

    3. The sheep will always exist. Lots of people, in January 2020 when the poison first came out, got the shot with no real info out there other than the lies of safety that we now know from our illegitimate evil government. This would be the first responders and medical professionals. Unfortunately, my wife was a first responder. Now she runs out of energy when we hike. Never happened before. Retired fire fighter now and still extremely fit. No reason why she is getting tired like she is other than the poison jab. Convinced of that.

  2. I am a veteran who was exposed to agent orange and have all of the problems associated with it. Since taking the Moderna Vaccine my syncope has spiked and i just pass out. For 60 years this has never happened. It started less than 1 month after the second dose.

  3. 5 months after 2d dose, wife was diagnosed with colon cancer, sSurgery immediate, 6 inches of colon removed. This after having colonoscopy a few years ago with not even polyps detected! I believe Pfizer mRMA Vacine triggered the colon cancer. She is now being treated with infusion to activate her immune system to fight four additional lessions in lungs, liver and pancreas!
    E C Olivares, Monroe, VA.

  4. I buried my brother(or you yours) this year murdered by the vile democrats manufactured bioweapon known as Covid….Gain of Function research funded by democrats then discontinued for optic purpose because of dangers of that type of research only to be continued in Obama era by fauci and a bio lab Eco Health alliance research center funding it! How many more have to die… democrats do not care if your rep/dem vaxxed/unvaxxed they are after all of us whether you comply with their way of life they have planned for you or not. I buried my Brother this year…..Don’t let the next be yours…Stop the democrats! Vote them all out from office for life as they done to my brother’s life… for life!

  5. I have a master’s degree (educated) and chose not to take the vaccine as many southerners (and others) have chosen not to do. Something did not feel right about a vaccine that was killing the animals it was tested on. Plus it was explicit that the government or the manufacturers could not be sued for any side effects from the vaccine. The death rates were less than 1% but individuals were fear mongered into taking this terrible vaccine. I now have a thirty-something nephew in the service who now has heart trouble after takingbeing made to take it. Two older folks I know got dementia shortly after getting it. Too much proof that it’s bad. I got Covid in 2020 but it was like a bad case of the flu. Very sick and lost weight and hair but no lasting effects from the sickness. Praise God!

  6. Sheeple that line up for free crap have been brainwashed & indoctrinated into believing lies, so they won’t do any research themselves or take a, wait & see approach. NOTHING is free ! The cost of the free jab is being a human guinea pig.

    1. Especially for babies. People were lining up for the first days of the child vaccines, unproven, experimental. Making their own children guinea pigs. How sad. And don’t forget the evil aspect of the manufacturers. Telling lie after lie, when they knew it was dangerous.

  7. It’s the brainwashing of the earths population. People don’t take the time to find the truth. They believe in what the Government an MSM tell them. There is no way their Government or MSM would ever lie. Well guess what many have died an many more will die from this illegal jab. Hopefully the truth will be exposed before it’s to late. Early diagnosis and therapeutics could have saved 85% of death’s. A very dark World agenda.

  8. I chose to wait and see how the “test pilots” made out with the vaccine. Although, my partner & daughter received the vaccine as soon as the VA was offering it. Shortly after their 2nd vaccination I came down with Bells Palsy & ended up in the hospital. Now, a year and a half later anytime I am near a vaccinated person my Bells Palsy flairs up. A Dr told me it was in my head. When I wear my mask my Bells stays pretty quiet but the minute I remove it and either of them are in the room it triggers my Bells. Same happens when I go into a store without a mask. Has anyone else that is not vaccinated experienced the same problem. Not necessarily Bells Palsy but other medical symptoms that are unexplainable. I heard of one post menopausal lady that will have hot flashes and menstrual bleeding when she is near a vaccinated person.

  9. It’s best to understand that whatever DemocRats say, an opposite effect will happen. They lie through their teeth and on paper. Never trust them, the media or the government, EVER!

    1. Dem politicians: If the mouth is moving there is 95% chance they are lying, or twisting the truth backwards.

  10. Last Oct I came down with shingles 5 1/2 months after my last Pfizer shot. I was 75 with no pre-existing conditions. I know there were some studies done out of St Louis that showed 9 out of about 350 people came down with shingles.

  11. from the start, I have thought that this man-made plague was going to be unstoppable and so far I have been proven right it changes too fast to be natural and I believe the first stories that came out about it b being made in a lab in Canada

  12. Our species has evolved not with modern medicine but with the flora in the environment . Thus it is the herbs that one must take to maintain good health . Some would say visit your local vegetable market and or your local health food store .lt is interesting as a child my Sunday school teacher said that God has given is all we need to get through life and we do not need vaccinations . Today l am 87 years old and read in the news that people in who refuse to take the vaccination out series of shots will lose their jobs or be discharged from the armed service .

  13. My sister was a chemist in BigPharma for decades. She refused to get the jab and even retired early to get out of the industry once Covid was released. She said vaccines and other medicines typically go through years of testing before being approved by the FDA for widespread use. BigPharma, Uncle Sam and WHO did clinical trials on much of the world’s population and, by and large, the medical community towed the party line.

    Most everyone in my family has had Covid. Interestingly, the vaxed have had it more often than the unvaxed. I pray there are no long-lasting effects from the vaccine for my vaxed family and friends. This has been a terrible experiment on mankind.

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