Shocking: Hunter Biden Reportedly Advising His Dad on China Matters

Joe Biden has been president for about two weeks, and it already looks really bad. The very first thing he did in office was try to expand the powers of the president and infringe on individual liberties. It is literally his top priority. Meanwhile, foreign adversaries are taking military action against our allies, and Biden just looks the other way. It’s no wonder that Joe gets along with China so well. He sees them as a role model for the dictatorship he would like to run.

You could write a dissertation on Chinese aggression of late. It’s especially true since they released the coronavirus to the world, which President Biden has also tried to ban us from saying. They clearly had a plan to harm nations around the world and capitalize on the chaos, and that is exactly what they have done. They are starting a hot war with India that the rest of the world is ignoring. They sank fishing boats all over the Pacific, and only Australia has said a word about it. They destroyed the autonomy of Hong Kong and essentially annexed it. The nations of the world pretend like it didn’t happen. Now, they are turning their eye to Taiwan, and anyone who knows more than five minutes’ worth of history can understand why.

President Trump did a good job of arming Taiwan and reminding China that we are an ally of the island nation. China has wanted to conquer Taiwan for decades, and it is the United States that has prevented that tragedy from occurring. Now, Biden is in charge, and it doesn’t look good for our allies of the last 40 years. Joe has been caught taking advice from his son, Hunter. The advice is to “not have a strong response to China’s breaches of Taiwan air defense zone.”


Since Joe took office, China has breached Taiwanese air space almost a dozen times. It’s a test to see if the new president will uphold our previous agreements. We can already see where this is going. Joe doesn’t have the will to hold China at bay. In fact, he’s rooting for China, and his son is the primary reason why.

You might remember that Hunter Biden’s laptop was left at a repair shop and information from it was leaked. The media pretends like this never happened, but from that laptop, we were able to confirm long-held suspicions. Hunter Biden spent more than a decade brokering illegal deals with the Chinese government. He has made over a hundred million dollars doing it, and Joe Biden’s brother, Jim, was also part of the corrupt dealings.

The Biden family spent all eight of the Obama years selling power and influence for cold hard cash. They even bankrupted Chinese firms with their insatiable greed, but the Chinese government was happy to pay. The CCP was getting what they really wanted — influence over American politics.

Soon it won’t be Hong Kong or Taiwan China tries to conquer and take over…it will be us.


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212 thoughts on “Shocking: Hunter Biden Reportedly Advising His Dad on China Matters”

    1. Face it the Biden Mafia is the beginning of a world war. As America’s economy is destroyed. and the dollar is no longer the currency of choice China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. are well underway to winning the money war.
      The currency of choice will be the Chinese Yuan. Our Miltary will be second to China who is already partners with Russia to accomplish this. Wake up America look at the world as it is. All over Africa. China controls major countries through the use of funds The final push by China Russia, North Korea, and Iran. are well underway to winning.

      1. What is sad is NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, we have NO FBI DOJ or HOMELAND SECURITY that has the BALLS to report the truth. There is NO FREE SPEECH

          1. Well, when our supposed leaders step aside and turn a blind eye to corruption at our country’s highest level these are the kinds of things that will happen. If the people that are suppose to be our leaders would do the right thing snd get rid of the cancer that is destroying our country we could continue to drain the swamp and MAGA. But it better happen soon or it will be too late. Greed at the highest levels of our government is the main problem. This may sound a little corny but someone once put these words into a song. THINK OF YOUR FELLOW MAN, LEND HIM A HELPING HAND. PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART!

          2. Some very ignorant and naive people did indeed vote for creepy Joe but most of the votes were fabricated, from deceased individuals or just plain altered to make it look like they were for creepy China Joe. I know a lot of people and none of them voted for this douchebag.

          3. Even dead people voted for Biden and when they could some people voted multiple times for Joey & what’s her name the VP

          4. Think they have buyers remorse. Anyone we know who voted for Biden has gone silent all of a sudden!

          5. SOME!!! A whole lot of citizens voted for the Commie-in-Chief and a lot of dead people as well plus the Dominion system helped just a tad bit, so stating that “some ” voted for Biden is a huge misrepresentation.

          6. “And some American people had the balls to vote Biden.”

            Betty, the people who voted for Biden didn’t use their brains!

          7. Betty — I think that is the scariest part of this whole thing. We actually have American voters stupid and ignorant enough to vote for this pedophile dirtbag and his criminal party.

          8. More like were just stupid enough to vote corrupt Joe Biden, or should I say corrupt enough to steal the election for China Joe?

          9. Hunter Biden Has Sex with is Daughter crazy Evil Family because that’s why there all getting a Stimulus checks guess money Talks I’ve never Had one Don’t want there Dirty Money

          10. They were pretty dumd to vote for biden they knew ahead of time what they were going to do.

          11. my concern, did they hate Our President that much, I did warn my friends that voted for
            him,. that we would see poverty, and war. and it on the fringe. God help us all.

            I hope they all realize what they contributed to. with this administration……..

        1. Exactly. Congress is corrupt, DOJ is corrupt, election fraud is ignored, Biden is a slave and minion to his owners, Pelosi is a ranting demented Mussolini, Schumer is a Stalin emulator and media is the epitome of historical precedents where foreign powers look to control media before they take over. The Dem supporters have been turned into robots responding to Pavlovian triggers. We are in deep trouble.

          1. You hit the nail on the head! Yet, how do we begin to overthrow this Democratic government to get out of this mess. People thought Trump was stupid and a loud mouth but hey, he has kept China at bay. We need a strong leader to stand up to these Dems socialist ways. America is about to go down the tubes

        2. Joe Bien is a dictator& has to be stopped. Also , Hunter Biden, Obama , Clinton,Kerry & others should be arrested.

          1. and don’t forget Pelosi and Ms Watters! Talk about Trump inciting riots… These two are leading the mobs!

          2. Joe Biden aka big guy and family made billions off China at expense of we the people. Impeach him

          3. But when the bullets start to fly who will stand till it is over. Nobody everybody will not have the balls to fight these people in power are going to be the down fall of AMERICA. The comerades will come at night and steal all your rights wait and see after you are on your knees don’t look for help. Because all the people that could have helped will be DEAD LOCKED UP OR GONE, AND YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN. Stand around with your head hanging down because now when we could have won our country back nobody will come to the fight. Home of the BRAVE ha ha land of the free I pissed away 3 years of my life for nothing I guess..Stand up and die or wait on your knees while they take everything away from you.

        3. All I can say is if any of the people who voted for Biden start crying now about how things are going now in our COUNTRY is remind them THEY VOTED FOR HIM and let them be the first to bear the brunt first

          1. I know and why isn’t someone trying to finish investi Hunter Biden tie in to China and also his daddy, Joe Biden. He needs to be removed out of office asap. What is it that the American people can’t see and that includes the Democrats. Joe Biden is going to allow China , Russia, Iran and North Korea to take our beautiful country away from us. How sad is this. Trump would be our legal president now if Biden and his managers didn’t have the election rigged. Everyone knows this. And those judges that wouldn’t hear what they had to say. Everything about that election had a dead cat in it. Please God Help us in our time of corruption and lies. Protect us from harm.

        4. They are all power hungry lying snakes under Dictator Biden. What is the recourse……….no FBI or Cia OR EVEN anyone is congress etc……Write and call your congressman and senator. Express your concerns.

          1. I agree with you Kay, and Linda S. because both of you aren’t fooled by those who are in control . I can’t understand how those of us who supported our President Donald J. Trump ,let this fraudulent election slip away. I thought that our Constitution states that” WE THE PEOPLE” establishes that it’s the people of these United States that grant power to the government.

          1. Unfortunately there will soon come a day where we Americans will have to make what should be an easy decision . The time will come for us to defend our freedoms for our children and grandchildren alike. It pains me to think of this day yet we know its coming and must join our fellow Americans in taking our beloved country back from these anti American commie theives . Its truly the unfortunate only option to this evil. Our founders knew that this could happen and granted the second amendment to ensure our ability to confront such evil. May god bless America and those who love her the way she is.

      2. This should not come as a shock to all Americans. Perhaps this is why the Democratic Fraud across the country has so many Americans shaking their heads that friends and relatives voted for someone whose only goal is to destroy this country. They voted because the media and left wing politicians hatred for Donald Trump knows no bounds. Did he win this election fair and square?, millions would say absolutely not. Advice, you reap what you sow, the”dictator “ you said was Trump has now proved himself to be Joe Biden. A has been politician who could not win even one debate. Christians who thought he wouldn’t be so bad are now seeing the results of a man who has no idea the immorality of abortion.

      3. Biden needs to be investigated and put away for sabatage and very high crimes and putting America in grave danger. Get rid of him.

        1. I read where FBI Wary new about this corruption before the election, but said nothing. Another corrupt
          person. And the FBI too. The FBI needs to weed out the corrupt ones.

      4. Are all you Biden voters happy now with how he is ruining our country? You all made a disastrous decision by voting for Biden,even you deceased people that voted Biden.

        1. very soon, it will be hard to find Biden Voters who will admit they actually voted for Biden. It’s difficult for people to admit they were stupid and so easily fooled voting for this corrupt, career long, do nothing Politician.

          It was just so easy to blame Trump for all the ills in the world…….the Democrats are still trying, with their second bogus impeachment, and that is simply because they want to keep the focus off all of their destructive “executive orders”…………always remember the Democrats do not want to GOVERN……..they want to RULE…your votes don’t mean anything, nor do your wishes…… Stalin infamous said ” You cannot lose when you count the votes”……….and in this country, when you have more votes cast in 6 States than you have registered voters, then the Vote was factually Illicit.

      5. I tried to warn everyone that would read my posts when I was on Twitter and Facebook..but then they censored me because I wrote so much of the details of the corruption in the Biden family..Hunter best friend and partner is in jail due to his selling of Indian Bonds that didn’t e it’s and made Millions of Dollars….for the Biden family..Bidens are hateful bigoted racist and anti Semitic..Joe voted as a senator to stop busing of blacks and voted against integration of schools and voted against any monies for Israel..Biden is making this presidency a duplicate of obummmma regime which he started with socialism communism…USA is in ver deep nuclear trouble because of the Biden/obummmmas sale of uranium to China and Iran and Russia fir Billions of Dollars for they’re own piggy banks and let’s not forget how Biden admired soliemani who developed the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers

        1. Unfortunately the first ones that should go are the most powerful, Botox Nancy, Ugly Max Waters, Gutless Schumer, Loser Eric Sprewell, Clayton, and others. It would be better to empty Congress both sides are have an election and they could not be on the ballot. That would be great.

          1. Great idea
            11 But, I am afraid that will not happen. We can pray for this and hope that it is God’s will and be ready to defend our ideas whenever and where ever possible. Be brave all believers in the Constitution!!!


    3. I can’t understand how the left can ignore what Biden & Son are doing with China holding the reins I think there should be a term limit in the house & age limit on President’s.. the house old folks are just riding a gravy train while the blue collar & retired folks are suffering & welfare people who get everything free are kicking back crying for more free stuff..oh & what’s this they don’t have access to WiFi just watch when the call the police they all have cellphones to record as they stand back & estimates how much they will get for the law suit they’re filing..the rich folk in the house haven’t a clue what’s really going on in their own state my husband & I lived & worked as blue collar in Philly we were the slaves wake up American oh by the way I’m white & dam proud of it

      1. The problem is that the conservative is the only one agreeing with it. The HATE for Trump is so bad that people can’t see the forest for the trees.
        According to this writer, if you have been following, has said that the insurrection act is in place. And that the reason Trump hasn’t made a move is because there was credible evidence that there was a threat of a bio attack of mass destruction, and until that has been solved and/or until the threat has been eradicated he’s in Florida – allegedly still running the country – I’ve read where now and up until March 20, 2021 anything could happen. God knows it better happen soon, otherwise it may be too late. God bless us and God bless the USA.

        1. I truly hope he is !! I don’t know if our country can wait till March 20th !! With all that Biden is doing . He called for unity and he was going to work with republicans as well as democrats, B.S. !!! He will not even meet with any of them !! All he is doing is seek and destroy anything President Trump doing for the good of our country !! Biden is a evil evil man !!

    4. I can not believe that the Republicans are not investigating the Hunter Biden situation. If it was the Trump family the Dems would be meeting behind closed doors thinking about impeachment. Republicans Wake Up.
      Act don’t React.

      1. Hunter Biden’s laptop is another case of “Hillary lost 30,000 emails and purposely “washed” and “destroyed” hardware beyond recognizable recovery”. He left the laptop at a repair shop and the owner of the shop read some of Hunter’s correspondence, became alarmed at the contents. He sent the laptop to the FBI who has had it for over a year (and kept it undercover to protect Biden). Instead, the shop owner closed his shop under death threats to himself and his family (wonder where they came from?). Luckily for him he copied the hard drive before giving the laptop to the FBI. The story goes on….Hunter Biden received $1.5 billion from the Chinese for pay to play opportunity with Joe (for a measly 10% for the “Big Guy”). It will never hit daylight now but Hunter has run the same scam with severl other countries Ukraine, Russia, etc.. according to various sources.

      1. NO to ARMS TO ARMS it is time to really drain the swamp today not tomorrow today .Damn there are more of us then the ASSHOLES in D.C. We just have to get off our asses and move before we can’t…….

    5. I thought Joe said he would not have any of his relatives working in the White House. I guess the issue of Ivanka and Jared working for free in the White House is a mute point.

    6. It’s true and why won’t anyone do anything about it and I thought he said his family will not be involved in any government doings I just don’t understand and will it ever stop

    7. Clearly, his dealings with China (“Kina”) in the long term shows, that Hunter Biden was and most likely still is a “Foreign Agent” for the Chinees. When will President Biden reign-in his son? He better of He will loose out big-time in the political arena. The Democratic Party can afford to allow this to continue?

    8. This is discusting to think people voted this moron into office wait i can’t velieve people let them steal this election i hope people who support this moron get exactly what’s coming to them the damn FBI and homeland security and the DOJ need to stepup and put a stop to this all they need to do is start coming clean and stop being liars and have Biden rem9ved from office for fraud he is not the rightful president Trump is at least Trump cared for his country and the citizens and kept china inline


        1. Always wondered why Soros is still here. Because he pays all the crooks like Biden Hillary Pelosi Schumer et al. Pays them with taxpayer money. He’s disgusting.

    1. All Christians an Patriots need to ask GOD to take control of China’s actions . This cannot be allowed to happen .

      1. Guess only God can save us now from the results of the outcome if our corrupt elections, as no one has the will to address the cheating at home, let alone VaChinese aggression… elections have consequences, and subsequently, the fat lady has sung

    1. That’s what President Trump was always calling for, thumbprint, photo ID and any other form of ID. And absolutely no mail-in ballots, only on request and absentee.

      1. The democrats are bad for Americans they work for china Iran illegals they are crooks and traitor should be in jail Adam,Pelosi,Chuck,Mitch,and four or five more should be line up and hang like terrorist. Biden and is son in jail.

        1. Yep red knees mattress back & The senile Alzheimers Dementia afflicted old man, not ure joe could handle the crack & hoes his son must be advising him on

    2. I kept putting comments up for the whole time before voting was going to start that we needed a thump print on every single vote so this illegal form of voting they did would not happen I am still angry that the demonrats got away with their rigged voting machine.

    3. Great idea! Gotcha you fraudulent piece of crap! How much jail time and fine? 10 years and $50K sounds about right, eh?

  1. See that big toilet over there? The one with the red handle and the words on the lid: “Insert USofA here”? There is a group of the CCP getting ready to push the handle!!!

  2. Require all Bidens to have a TRUMPprint on them to serve as their prison ID. Such corrupt scum now leading our nation!


      1. I’ll probably be arrested or even shot for this- my opinion, but I love my country and can’t stand by idle and not say or do anything. I find the events going on in this country are Appauling, and UnBelieveable!
        Covid Virus Death
        Injections,”killing more people than the virus hoax itself!”
        Believable-Chinese Invasion planned here since 1963!
        All or Some Parts of our
        US Government are Complicate!
        Biden has been taking Billions in side from China, Russia through the Ukraine. They aided Our current government to overthrow,the election results by printing over 5 million fake ballots. this Covid hoax brought fear to American citizens to force mail in ballots. for fear of Covid! To aid in
        Stealing the Election! They
        Shutdown our pipelines to use foreign oil, and destroy our robust economy.They sent organizations
        To attack our citizens and our countries capital called Antifa and BLM! These people must be stopped along with Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Warren, Adam Shiff, and many more that helped vote to impeach President Trump as a coupe de ta- to overthrow and seize control of our government and destroy our way of life. They are guilty of so many crimes-
        Claiming Trump Supporters attacked our US Capital to further insure their grip on the United States! They are
        Shutting down the US Economy, to bankruptcy our country, Putting millions of people out of work,and shutting down US Businesses. They’re
        Allowing 11 million illegals to have full immunity from any crimes they have been involved in,and giving them full citizenship and benefits to live and work here. So they can steal our jobs, and also so the Democrats can keep power in elections. Biden plans to pack all parts of government including but not limited to the US Supreme Court, to keep themselves in power,and be able to make any communist laws they want and eliminate our constitution!
        This is the start of Communism, we cannot wait any longer to stop it, We the People cannot allow these fake leaders that stolen our government to continue with their attack on our government, or our people, or allow it to go unimpeaded!
        We must start carrying arms to protect ourselves at all times, we have to stop the illegals from coming into our country and arrest the current illegals until we have a firm grip on our country!
        We need our honest politicians to step up with a serious plan to halt what is going on in our magnificent country! We need to call our military to arms,and have martial law in place. So we can put all these crooked criminal politicians in jail, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.
        We need to Stop the Death Shots immediately, and the mask wearing hoax. and put our True America loving President back in office, where he belongs!
        Everyone who has military in their family should plan on supporting our True President Donald Trump! Everyone knows he won the election and fraud was used to steal it in every way possible!
        We need him to call all our military and volunteers to arms, to support martial law under the leadership of our President Trump!
        I know everyone is afraid as am I, but we cannot allow this insurrection to go on! This is our country
        “We the People” have to stand by our true leader:
        President Trump and our military to support him fully, to take back what has been stolen from us! I hope and pray everyday for our country to pull together, we need newly elected bi partisan leadership based on honesty, integrity, and love of our country!
        our history, should not be attacked, erased, and our freedoms promised to us from our founding fathers should be enforced, and protected. the United States Constitution must be protected at all costs, Our borders, and our walls should be finished and protected! Our people voted for Trump for protection from open borders, from illegals breaking into our country. We the People will always allow applications for citizenship, above all else our rights to live in a republic of democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of religion, the rights to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves from tyranny from even our own government. They are trying to take that which they swore an oath to protect!
        When do we put a stop to this? We need our leaders to step forward and pull our people together, we will protect the honest politicians or what is left of them! No more big government!
        1 rep from each state, 8 year term limits, no more free reign to write laws or give themselves raises unless first voted on “by the people” and for the people!”
        We the People will all pledge allegiance to our flag and always stand proudly to make that pledge if possible! No kneeling to use our flag that so many have died for as a stage for injustices. Our constitution will be protected!
        Our Government is currently involved in a larger scheme to take over the whole world using a plan by conspirators called the Cabal.these people must be caught, arrested and held until such time they can be held accountable for their crimes against our great nation! There will be No (N.W.O.)
        New World Order!
        We should be calling for a retake of our government soon by force if necessary to put military in power until “we the people”are back in charge of our own government!
        Please pray with me? Heavenly Father, please help our People, Friends,Allies, take back our great Country, to keep her safe from the evil that has taken hold, and return her to the great God loving People who have fought for peace all around the world. Please in Jesus name help our people to stop the Tyranny Lies, Scandles, Scams in our country from its evildoers and help bring long lasting peace and prosperity back to our nation. Amen pledge of Allegiance and Morning Prayer should be re-instituted in our schools! If anyone doesn’t want to pray, they may stand in silence.
        God Bless America Clem Badeau
        Please if you care,
        Share everywhere possible!

        1. Well said and I feel the same way. I didn’t serve this country to be another communist country. Me and I know many other Veterans would agree with you. It’s way past time to through the socialist in Washington to be punished for what they are doing,lawfully and with all the power of of the people to be heard. We are the people of the greatest country in the world,we should fight now in our own country for freedom and our other God given constitutional rights. President Trump was right when he said the entire Swamp,Pelosi,Biden,Harris and so on should be brought to justice(and don’t forget the Clintons)! I pledge alliance to the flag,I honor it and I respect it. God bless America,we need you NOW!

          1. I’m 72,, ready, willing and able. What’s the plan?? There’s gotta be a plan.. people want to know. What can we do besides talk??

        2. From what I have read on line, President Trump wanted to enact the Sedition Act which would have placed the government under temporary military control so that they could round-up and arrest all those involved in the conspiracy to overthrow the Constitutional Republic and charge them with High Treason against the United States. That would have included Obama, the Clinton’s, and just about every ,ember of Congress, many judges and justices and lesser government officials. They would have all been charged with HIGH TREASON as well as with other crimes, and sent to GITMO where they would have been put on trial before a military tribunal. President Trump would have had to issue the order BEFORE noon on inauguration day, because after 12 noon he would no-longer be president and would not have the power and authority to do it. But, according to an article I read last week, the top brass at the Pentagon advised Trump NOT to do it, claiming it would cause chaos in the U.S. and lead to a civil war. They supposedly told Trump that if he did issue the order, they would refuse to obey it. Also, according to the same article, just about everyone of the Generals on the Joint Chief of Staff are “NEVER TRUMPERS”, and by doing what they did, and violating their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, makes co-conspirators and aiders and abettors in the crime of HIGH TREASON. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it, but since the Biden/Harris administration was illegally declared the winners of the election, and since the members of Congress, with malice of forethought, as well as members of the judicial system (judges and justices) chose to ignore and disregard all of the evidence of election fraud, ballot and ballot counting machine tampering, including eye witness testimony and security camera video evidence of fraud, the moment Congress declared Biden/Harris the winners, it made our entire government illegal and therefore NULL and VOID. The entire government, all three branches, and every department and government agency are now corrupt to the core. ANY and ALL laws, statutes, rules, regulations, decrees or executive orders, appointments or treaties, emanating from this administration are unconstitutional. WE the PEOPLE are NOT obligated to obey ANY unconstitutional law;

          “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” – – – – Marbury vs, Madison. 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174. 176, (1803)
          “An unconstitutional act is not law, it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protections; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” – – – – Norton vs. Shelby County, 118 US 425 p. 442
          The general rule is an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. “No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” – – – – 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256

          1. You are exactly right Rev! The biggest problem with your thoughts are that there are very few if any judges, including our “Supreme” Court, that has enough hair on their asses to uphold our constitution. If any of them did, we wouldn’t be so far along in this huge, bought and paid for, MESS!!

        3. You are RIGHTS! But I blame Trump for this! Don’t jump to conclusions! I have wish since September Trump would declared MARTIAL LAW! HE REFUSED TO! Because the military general would not back him! And everyone of them were put in place by OBAMA! Personal Trump should had FIRED THEM THE FIRST DAY! JUST AS OBAMA FIRED EVERY ONE OF BUSH GENERAL! But he didn’t! I am sure he learn his lesson! Never trust any POLITICAN or military general who was under the former president! Even CIA WAS TURN INTO MUSLIM CONVERT UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF John Brennan! Who himself was a Muslim! FBI WAS TOLD TO STAND DOWN ON ANYTHING OBAMA DID! DOJ was a joke! Everyone of them who serve as leader were PANTYWAIST FOOL! TO BE HONEST WITH YOU IT GOING TO TAKE A FEW OUTSIDE GENERAL TO TURN AGAINST THOSE IN DC! AND OUR TROOPS BACKING THEM! THOSE NATIONAL GUARD should just when home! DEMOCRAT show these don’t give a rat butt about them! Because ANTIFA IS THEIR ARMY! SO IS CHINA!

      2. Biden FAMILY CRIME CARTEL has done immeasurable damage to this country with DEMORAT assistance. There will be wars ahead.

    1. Amen brother POLOSI and the rest of those jerks need to be investigated and put in jail for life it was straight out TREASON

      1. Put in jail… Obama, Clinton, and the other tratiors need to be put in Gitmo IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for the rest of their lives so no one gets to hear their venom anymore and they won’t have an audience! That would be pure Hell for Obama…

      2. True! But not prison! Six feet under! This has been going on since Bill Clinton was president! Breaking every CONSTITUTION LAW TO PUT THEIR CANDIDATE IN PLACE! Only problem we have is those PANTYWAIST REPUBLICAN WILL NOT DO ANYTHING! IT GOING TO TAKE THE MILITARY TURNING AGAINST THEM. WITH THE PEOPLE BACKING THEM!

    2. If Veggie Joe is such a good “church going man”, why won’t some bishops, including the one in his diocese, refuse to offer him communion. Now, that it’s coming out about his sexual abuse, found written in his daughters diary, plus all the other accusations from aides, the Secret Service and others. Why is this man Leader of the free world, instead of in prison orange?
      Those that hid those accusations like the media, and the Dems themselves, should be held complicit, and charged with “aiding and abetting” a criminal.
      Hunter, should have been charged, tried and put in prison for his actions long ago.
      But just wait; with his penchant for, crack, cocaine and booze, it won’t be long before he O.Ds with the money that China gave him

    3. Good Catholic church going man that supports abortions up to the ninth month! Bravo Biden, you’re now a baby killer! Biden will rot in hell forever, my only wish is that we could see him rot there now! Quite frankly, I don’t know how any doctor who performs these LATE abortions can call themselves healers and isn’t it in their oath, “Do No Harm” ???????? Disgusting pieces of shit!

  4. No big surprise that Hunter Biden is now bending the ear of his father when it comes to any deal-making with China. After all Hunter has a vested interest, as does his father. And just for the record… China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus! There I said it, now what?

  5. I warned about these very problems with China long before now. Americans need to read: World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor at Amazon Book and eBay. The contents are explosively illuminating and all Americans and citizens of the world need to read this expose’ before it is banned, which effort is already underway.

  6. Clues joe, I did knew hunter Biden is part the government, that what the United States come to. A person telling the president what an do. What position dos hunter Biden have? And government going after trump what a joke. The show go’s ON

  7. They both belong in JAIL and NOT in the White House. He and his son are as corrupt as corrupt can be and as a matter of fact, the whole family is corrupt and they too belong in JAIL YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get him the HELL out of the White House and IMPEACH him and NOT Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can you say “A Convenient Catholic”? Only Calls upon or States his or her Religion when “Convenient” or when it
    is needed to make some sort of Impression……………………………………..

  9. Unfortunately it would appear that the media and half the US citizens simply don’t care about the usa or our traditions anymore. We have just put the biggest swamp creatures in charge of our beloved country and are going to be forced to watch her fail. At some point we will need to take her back and oust these swamp creatures for good. The longer we wait the worse things will become. Biden and company are much worse than the China virus.

    1. Wait until the bombing start coming! These leftists and Liberal on West coast will be the first to get hit!

      1. I hope they wait until I sell my house and move to North Carolina! I’m leaving this corrupt state of CA – I’m a sixth generation Californian and with the liberals they have destroyed a once beautiful state. Just look at Piglosi’s district in San Francisco…a pig sty! Then there LA so many homeless people and trash on the streets and highways. Maybe they’ll hit Portland and Seattle first and rid the cities of Antifa! Tell me again Biden, Antifa is only an idea?

  10. Why do we continue to bitch about what is going on .As it gets worse we do nothing . When will it stop when we let them have full control.

      1. The ones that can stop this madness are the people.. what the hell are we waiting for..All we need is leadership with a plan.. beware of infiltraters

  11. Of course stealing the election was a shit show…. now this. 2 more weeks of this illegitimate farce of an administration and we’re doomed.
    These HACKS. need to be removed from” power”……. now

    John Roberts didn’t want riots……. hey there Stupid……. how’s about a civil war with a world war looming, asshole?!!

  12. With Biden so mentally debilitated mentally that his son and Harris have to tell him what to do, isn’t that enough to prove incompetence and give cause for him to be removed?
    There is a protocol for doing exactly this, and where are the Tepublicans, and why are they not acting on this?

  13. Biden does not have the mental capacity to be in charge of our Country. So disgusting and corrupt what he has and is doing.

  14. People do care, there’s information coming to lite that democrats could be responsible for this China virus.

    1. Obama, at the advice of Fauci (who makes more than the president?) gave the Wuhan Institute of Virology $3,600,000 US taxpayer dollars to “study” the indigenous strain of coronavirus found in Wuhan. It was later proven by 2 Nobel Laureate scientists (a virologist and an epidemiologist) that the strain contained a man-made link to combine SARS and MERS (both of which are coronaviruses). Yes, Obama unleashed this upon us and got exceedingly rich while undermining America.

  15. With Mitch McConnell leading the Blind Swamp Rats in the Republican Party, we are in BIG trouble. As long as he is allowed to remain in his exalted position, nothing constructive or positive will be done. There are only one or two Senators in either political party who have the gumption God gave a goose. The only thing any of them are good at doing is begging for more donations to throw at the many problems our country has more than its share of. Speaking of which, the Dizzy Democrats do nothing constructive. Their #1 Priority is the total destruction of America, from within.

    1. So right on C. Chatterton! My biggest question is: What happens when they lose all their freedoms? Are they going to move to a remote island?

      1. Oh I forgot to mention. What would happen if we all stopped paying our taxes? Hummmmmm? I suppose they will just keep on printing monopoly money right? We have a choice when we vote (unless there is fraud) to elect our representatives. We should really tell them how we think of them when we refuse to be taxed without proper representation, right? I say we need to start a grass-roots movement and hold back paying taxes this year. Now that’s power! What are they going to do put us ALL IN JAIL? Hell, they don’t even put the rioters in jail.

  16. Discusting and disgraceful talk about dictators very sad. Trump did his thing for us citizens now joe wipes them out. Open boarders. God help us. And please stop paying other countries bills. We need to pay ours. Of course Trump didn’t care pay your own share

  17. We have a child molester as a president and now we have a thief that’s going to consult the president on his China affairs I think it’s all a bunch of hooey they all should just rot in hell

    1. They will Ray. We have the super power because we have God!! Don’t worry, they’ll pay for the crap they’re doing. Life here is short, but eternity is never ending and hell is hot. If that’s what they want, more power to them. They deserve whatever end they are working so hard to come to!

  18. None of them can be trusted. Every time we turn around another Republican is showing their true colors stabbing not only our President but also his 74 million supporters. Yet they’re still after our money. But they will get no more money here. I’ve turned off the faucet.

  19. This “illegally elected” puppet president must be removed before our COUNTRY is sold out to the COMMUNIST DICTATOR(s) of the world and we become nothing but another slave country.

  20. Let’s start the impeachment process w/ Pelosi & her recent insider trading by buying 1.25 million wort of Tesla stock one day before China Joe declared that all federal vehicles would be electric!

    1. Been Doing alot of reading, Do the Democunts Realize President Trump Never took a pay check? But Swamprats Nancy n Mad Maxs Daughters Are Making Lots of OUR money For Doing Nothing? Oh And Dont Say A word About The Queen Of the Swamp Nancy CUNTLOSI, Ya get in trouble Or deleted By Her Baby Swamp Daughter!!

  21. It is time for a second American revolution!! This shift has to stop now!!

    Remember Obummer’s words caught on a hot mic, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to really fuck things up”!!!

    It’s time for real Americans to take a stand.

  22. why is it that biden can do all the crooked deals he wants to and all the executive orders he shouldnt be allowed to give and get by with it and if a republican says anything about it the democommies start cryng and want to take it to court. get rid of these communist liberals and put a real leader back in the whitehouse like president trump.

    1. I agree 100% with your comment!! Corrupt Biden did not win the election was stolen from Trump the rightful President should be in charge nor the corrupt Biden is nothing but a damn crook!!!! America you need to demand he resign ASAP!!!

  23. Obama’s pet project–the shovel ready jobs of the “deep state” are busy misdirecting and betraying the American populace while the Biden’s continue the same criminal syndicate that made the Clinton’s famous. All I can say to comfort myself is GOD is in control and HIS will be done. These narcissistic criminals will answer for every crime against the American people. Their repayment will be in a lake of fire.
    Anathema Maranatha

  24. – 2055 murdered yesterday by His Fraudulency and his round-heeled mongrel accomplice, as Modadishu Mandy used to say about Donald Trump.
    – This is the lowest any country has fallen since Caligula made his horse a consul. A degenerate dishonorably discharged crackhead pedophile bribe-taker who impregnated strippers and seduced his dead brother’s widow is China’s viceroy in America, controlling an illegitimate demented puppet president sequestered behind 25,000 troops and more barbed wire than at Auschwitz after a stolen election. The Reichstag Fire operation that Schmuck Schumer and Nazi Pelosi arranged for Antifa and Burn Loot Murder to stage on January 6 was not an “insurrection”. The insurrection is coming, and not a moment too soon.
    – Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElection. #FuckBiden. #Resist.

  25. If the same accusations that have been confirmed about Hunter Biden were laid at the feet of the Trump Children, the media would be having a verbal climax.

  26. Mark my word — if biden is in office long enough, he will not only have his drug addicted, corrupt, traitorous son in his cabinet but his corrupt brother and most likely any of his corrupt family members. A criminal surrounds himself with other criminals to form a barrier so no one can see what’s really happening. I am not a person who panics or afraid and I have survived one war and will fight tp preserve our country — but if we allow the demoRAT party to stay in power — we will be fighting that war against not only our own government,law enforcement and military but against the likes of biden’s buddies the chinese, iran and perhaps russia. This is not a joke people — we are in serious jeopardy from these clowns.

  27. I don’t care about your religious affiliation but here is something to consider… God says Israel is the “apple of his eye”. He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. President Trump blessed Israel and America flourished! Biden hates Israel and we will be losing God’s blessings. When you take God out of the equation you get the ugly deep spiraling into the dark pit we are headed down now. America, repent and ask for God’s mercy once again!

  28. I am so sorry for our Nation that the idiot democraps and their “conspiring outside Country influences” have taken over our govt and now punching each American in the face and stealing our monies to pay off their other Country contacts like the CCP. How have we Americans let this happen?

    Both Biddyboy biden and his highly perverted son “Hunter the Hunchback” have been playing with the CCP since Biddy was V.P. under Barack, THE WORST PRESIDENT IN OUR U.S. HISTORY. Well, bho, you can move over from that title because Biddyboy biden now wears that crown of shame. Neither Biddyboy nor his son Humpback Hunter, know what damage they both have done and continue to be wrecking Crews for the DDD’s (DamnDeludedDemocraps).

    The only answer to S L O W D E S T R U C T I O N of the U.S. is removing Biddyboy and his twisted family from our White House. Either he is removed for being INCOMPETENT — unable to perform his job due to dementia and confused thoughts — or Americans may have to take him out of there by force via a Civil War — which is always a HUGE POSSIBILITY.



    1. Fighting for the freedoms of our children and grandchildren is worth whatever may be lost. We are a nation born free with God given rights and that is most certainly worth fighting for. These commies can’t get all of us and wars always unfourantly have casualties. We as Americans know this all to well and yet are always the first on the battlefield when necessary.

  29. Someone is getting inching to pull a trigger! I’m sure there are a bunch of SNIPER WHO WANT TO TAKE ACTION! Time is upon us and we will hear about it! God save America! Because these Democrat politican and republican has sold out the country!

  30. Does anyone know what we can do to stop this nonsense???
    I can’t believe they are getting by with stealing the election and destroying our country!!

  31. FIGHT BACK BY HURTING THEIR POCKETBOOK. Don’t buy anything from China. Buy 2nd hand if you have to have that product. We CAN hurt China in the pocket as they make stuff not to last and count on NEW SALES, which by the way is made by SLAVE AND CHILD LABOR! THIS WILL HURT THEIR ECONOMY! Biden IS a born Liar and always has been. No one will EVER convince me that he got more votes than any other POTUS!! You might not agree with everything Trump said, but his WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WAS REAL!! HIS HEART IS FOR AMERICA AND HE ACCOMPLISHED MORE N LESS THAN 4 YEARS THAN ANY OTHER POTUS AND NEVER TOOK A PAYCHECK!! President’s HAVE to pay out of their own pocket EVERY MEAL THEY EAT UNLESS IT IS A DIGNETARY DINNER ETC. LOOK IT UP!! THEY PAY FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL DRY CLEANERS ETC.!! TRUMP NEVER SCREWED US!! THAT IS ALL CREEPY JOE AND CAMEL TOE HARRIS IS DOING! Biden will have US in a WAR before 2 years!! But SHE will be POTUS before then. WHO is writing all these Exec Orders, it’s not her or Joe? Think about WHO IS REALLY PULLING THE PUPPET STRINGS? OBAMA’S 3RD TERM? SUSAN RICE? I hope and pray we can make it to 2022 to VOTE TO TAKE OVER HOUSE AND SENATE, THROW PELOSI OUT, PUT SOME IN PRISON WHERE THEY BELONG!

  32. Let me correct the spelling: Biden’s a DICKTATOR! With only potato spuds for brains…and those goes for Harris as well.

  33. Biden is an airhead and is ready to keal over when he stands for to long a time . he is sick and should be removed . BUT if that happens look what we would be stuck with Harris , the president , AND Pelosi the vice president oh my how the country will trun to pudding then OR to Pelosi’s mind ICE CREAM

  34. The time has come, Biden is sending our money overseas, bankrupting America, destroying our national security, weakening the US by destroying jobs, basically betraying every US citizen. I think that is called treason. These politicians are elected to represent and serve us not to rule us. It is time to take it back at all costs and if it means bloodshed, then so be it. They had better hide behind those walls in Washington and never go home again because it will never be safe for them.


  36. Biden has lowered my respect for the USA he certainly is a greedy man ,a corrupt politician ,and has severe mental problems, yet you Americans put him in Office,by foul means,the crooks in Democratic Party are as bad, God help the world. From a retired Redcoat.

  37. The current problems point in 2 directions. the chinese communist party with control over
    biden and the FBI. the FBI have become the equivalent of the German GESTOPO They killed kennedy and now they are killing the USA.

  38. Think Manchurian Candidate, 40+ years in the making. Now realize you have already been Slaves Without Chains for many years. Now there is no longer any doubt. The Media, and Big Tech, have a Monopoly, and they are Lord and Master. They sent Trump packing, and installed their puppet Joe Biden. Chin Lo never holds his chin up high, and neither will we. Slaves just work all day and pay the bills.

  39. Too late to vent your spleen. It should be common knowledge that many Democrats blind sheep led by a very dangerous group of Shepard’s. They can’t see can’t hear and can’t speak! They follow blindly unable to think for themselves!

  40. I just read that Biden did not anyone in his family having anything to do with his job which I thought was a great Idea seeing he had enough crooks in the White house already, but again Joe liar, liar pants on fire, now Hunter is telling you what you should do!?!? Please someone impeach him, Harris & as many Democrats as you can, there isn’t a word out of their mouths that is true!! Hurry before they destroy this country!

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