So Much for “Return to Normal” Under Biden: You Are Now a “Public Enemy”

Taking a cue from the Communist Party in China, Beijing Biden has announced that an occupying army of thousands of National Guard troops will remain stationed in Washington, DC for the remainder of 2021. Do you think the people in charge sense their own illegitimacy and fragility?

We’ve never received an explanation as to why the troops were there in the first place and none of the intelligence agencies have identified a specific threat. The media swore up and down that the election of Beijing Biden and Democrats gaining control of Congress would bring a “return to normalcy” to America. So far, it’s been anything but normal.

Think of the worst possible reason you can imagine for keeping several thousand soldiers on the streets in DC… and that reason is probably correct. I guess the silver lining is that now we know just how frightened they are of the voters.

In a bit of news that received almost no news coverage last week, Republicans picked up another seat in the US House of Representatives. Let that sink in for just a moment. It took until February 5, 2021—three full months after the November election—for a House race to conclude in the courts. Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) had to appeal the election results up to the New York Supreme Court, which finally ruled that she was the winner over incumbent Democrat Rep. Anthony Brindisi. The outcome of that election was only decided because there was an audit of the votes in Tenney’s district. Just sayin’!

So, Rep. Tenney was sworn in as the newest member of Congress last Thursday. Members of Congress are typically allowed to bring family members to watch when they take their oath of office. But the number of guests inside the Capitol is limited right now, with coronavirus being the excuse. Anyway, Rep. Tenney chose to have her son come and watch her being sworn in.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) denied that request. She refused to allow Rep. Tenney’s adult son to attend the ceremony, on the grounds that he is a dangerous security threat.


Wait, what?

Who is Rep. Tenney’s son? Is he some QAnon blogger or a member of the Proud Boys? Does he read Breitbart News (or this website)? Does he have an NRA card? Does he own a hat with buffalo horns on it?!

Actually, Congresswoman Tenney’s adult son is an officer in the US Navy. The guy attended the US Naval Academy and received one of the finest military educations still available in America. He’s served his country since roughly 2013. Right before he deployed to Iraq in 2017, President Donald Trump personally called him to wish him well.

Tenney’s son likely has a fairly high-level security clearance at this point in his career. He’s also been vetted by the military to a level of much more scrutiny than the average person will ever go through. Yet Nancy Pelosi has branded this US Navy officer a security threat to the very same Congress that Tenney’s son has a sworn oath to defend.

This goes far beyond the normal political pettiness that we’ve all come to expect from the Democrat Party. This is ominous.

If a US naval officer is being branded a security threat and is not allowed to enter Congress just to watch his own mother’s swearing-in ceremony, what do you suppose the people in charge think about you? Especially if you own a MAGA hat or have a Trump sign in your yard.

As a side note, America just made another historic first thanks to the amazing presidency of Donald J. Trump. From February 9, 2020 until February 9, 2021, there were no flag-draped US coffins flown back from Afghanistan to America. For the first time since the war in Afghanistan began, we had a full year go by with no American troops being killed over there. Thank you, President Trump! How long do you suppose it will be before those coffins start arriving again, under “Return to Normal” Biden?

But back to our main point: The Democrat Party has now gone full communist. Americans on the right need to brace themselves, because we are now branded as domestic terrorists by a government in DC that is hiding behind thousands of well-armed troops. If they can brand a US Naval officer as a security threat, they can certainly do it to you.

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188 thoughts on “So Much for “Return to Normal” Under Biden: You Are Now a “Public Enemy””

  1. The Democratic party will never unite the US because they are not capable of anything but corruption. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING makes any sense as to how they got into office other than what we already know and that is THEY STOLE THIS ELECTION! THE American people will receive justice…it’s only a matter of time. OUR ALMIGHTY GOD IS AT THE HELM AND HE WILL RIGHT THIS WRONG! STAND STRONG AMERICA!!

      1. What promises? To ruin the country. Biden should be impeached . You might not like Trump but you should love his government for securing our country.
        We never had it so good.

    1. I agree! This is so deep, so entrenched, only God can mastermind our nation’s deliverance, and I have every confidence that in His perfect timing and because of His love and yet unfulfilled purposes for His country that HE founded, He will do just that! Patience! Wait on the Lord. It will be huge! The unraveling has already begin…

        1. Sorry, Alma, it’s not temporary. You are now witnessing the effect the Federal Dept. of Un-Education has had on kids that went to a public government school. Two generations (Carter rammed through the Federal Dept. of Un-Education in 1980) have been brainwashed and are now voters. Kids graduate unable write their own name, can’t read, do simple math, or think. In addition, they have been brainwashed into thinking socialism is a good thing. Parents, please get your kids out of the cesspool called public education.

          1. Ollie,you’ve reason but not in your first conclusion. Remember that NEGATIVISM now doesn’t help anyone but the same criminal aleft,THINK ABOUT IT. WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN! & OUR America First movement with President Trump is more alive than ever before! Of course WE WILL TAKE BACK OUR NATION!

          2. Ollie my congratulations to you because you spoke the absolute truth! This actually started with the common core put in place back in the schools to have all education across the United States. You still have it in the school system today. Back at the end of the second world war, our troops returned and this began a time of prosperity. People began to prosper. Colleges were infused with communists and socialist professors. Today China and Russia pure millions into our colleges, ( they are supposed to report this to the government and some do in part and others just plain do not and the government doesn’t follow through to verify). and with that some socialist and communist programs found there way into the curriculum and so began the age we are experiencing today. What you are taught stays with you and we now are reaping what has been sowed and now see the results today of the past that are still influencing our education systems. Basically three or four generations involved. Not all by into it, and Christians should definitely know this IF THE TRUTH IS TAUGHT IN LINE WITH THE SCRPTURES! But The Word tells of a time like this. Roans 1: 18-32, 2nd Peter 2: all and @nd Peter 3: all. and then even more.

          1. The only person who is a security threat is the evil bitch herself….what a terrible shame that she wouldn’t let Rep. Tenny’s son attend her swearing in…an American soldier is a security threat??? That old drunken hag should be behind bars…and her cronnies with her. She will get hers someday…because what you do toothers will come back to you… can’t wait to see that hag get hers.

          2. Its time they all get out all the Evil is them. They cause all the Americans problems, And they stole and done treason and there all Traders. And they don’ t do anything for Americans or our Country.
            There far to old and this was not a lifelong jobs. There the ones who won’ t close all borders from letting more Evil doers in. And its time to let George Soros and Sons and families but Black list from our Country for good. May our God Do his power and Rid all the haters from our government and our Country. And all Demercrates and the Republicans who are Demercrates all should be Sued and put out now. With all the rest of these Socialist and Communist. We must have a Country the True American Children who has the rights to our Freedom of our Country. God is and he will help the people who loves him. Amen

          3. –ugly old hag who has been vindictive ever since she lost the part of the witch in the Wizard of Oz that ruined her cinema career. The reasons given for her rejection were, too ugly, too mean, too plain stupid, and no one would pay to see that movie with her in it. And in real life she is living her part. Check your drive-way lately?

          4. That’s true. You can’t work with demorat socialist snakes. If they take control of the government, within 10 years we will be a 3rd World country. ALL countries who espoused socialism have ended up with the masses in poverty, rationing, and little education. Of course, the leaders live in luxury. I get sick of politicians and fake news people throwing around the word “democracy”, which is one of the worst forms of government. The majority rules, with no protection for the minority. Nowhere will you find the word in any of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.

        2. We the People – If anyone wants to continue to support Donald J. Trump – I am coming out with an embroidered ball cap – It’s on a beige hat showing the likeness of President Trump – On top of his likeness is the word, “Patriot.” Below his likeness is the phrase, “We the People.” Any interest go to my Facebook page and select PuzzlePicsbySteve. smhomier/Facebook – Thanks for your consideration.

        3. Until we fight back and civil war begins to get our country back we are doomed, why are all these troops stationed around the White House for the rest of 2021?, was hy are we wearing masks when these assholes just let 11,000 illegals into the country without checking them this regime is bullshit and destroying our country and trying to nullify 2nd amendment? Wake up America


        1. We need her to get her head examined. If she is that hateful and a d all she wants is revenge, she should be locked up in jail or mental institution.

          1. Most appropriate would be mental institution except that she might escape and return to the fence protected capitol building, so my vote is jail.

      2. Not unless we get the last election straighten out . Guess you haven’t read all the new election laws they are fixing to put in place

          1. You have made a good point, but absentee ballots are ok. Covid- caused mass mailings by Democratic States are the problems. Need to go back to mechanical “in person” voting machines.

          1. I agree with you I’m a Army Retired First Sergeant P , but I have friends that are retired Chiefs and believe on the Democratic sector can you explain, please

      1. Those two think they are GOD. Pelosi is a witch. Her own daughter said it she will eat u alive. Sleepy Joe should go back in his cellar. Between him and Harris our country will be another venezuela with 2years.or less.

    2. There is no way the U.S. Citizens have to tolerate Pelosi’s own selfish, stench of dictator ways ! The proof that dereliction of duty has been obvious for years is now violating her sworn oath too represent U.S.A.’s Citizens Constitutional Freedom & Rights ! The pelosi stench of abused power commands her removal from congress !

      1. I don’t know how, but someone must know how she can be removed – permanently (and please don’t read anything untoward in that comment). She is a walking disgrace to humanity – isn’t there someone out there who can do something to rid us of this ‘cancer’

        1. The Military is in control and they have the goods on all of these evil anti-American criminals. They will go down and hard.


    3. When is that bitch of a woman going to be dragged down and institutionalized for insanity???
      Pelosi is useless and acts like an old senile woman ranting and carrying on with a tantrum like an unruly child. Her work is done ! All she does now is make a fool of herself and uses the COMMUNIST playbook to do her work!!!! Someone needs to escort that feeble botox infected woman out of office, maybe hit her over the head with the gravel, it might help her??

      1. I keep a list of people without whom the world would be better off. Guess who’s at the top? (Hint: Female Democrat from the California nut farm)

    4. Remember, all the IDIOTIC DUMB O RATS know how to do is CHEAT,Moron Pedofile Joe and the Ho still think they won, They need to be taken down, all the Dumb O Rats, from top to BOTTOM.

    5. You are so right. Nothing Pelosi says or does should surprise anyone. She is a monster and a threat to American society. Notice I said AMERICAN society. Democrats no longer believe in the America I grew up in.

    6. Don’t you know that the dems think they are god there are many examples her is one. They think they can change the earth’s climate now only the real God can do this and he did when he created earth. These dems-gods are merely stupid people that somehow got voted into office perhaps by theft. Ok they can’t fix our power grid which is possible but the cant they are fake they are lying cheating criminals. Let’s vote them all out and watch the vote counting very closely cause they will cheat

    7. It is said that when God wants to punish the people he allows corrupt & stupid leaders to take positions of power!
      I think the Devil has done this?

    8. PELOSI that old dried up gin rummie has been needs to go.She has rode the gravy train a long time get off go home and shut the F U. I feel sorry for all of you SOB’S in D.C. when you leave and go home to talk to WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. 2022 ain’t far off we will get shed of the swamp if not before soon after 2024. And you can take that to the bank.

    9. It is totally shameful that in the USA we have come to this. Where is the law? Why do these people keep breaking it with NO CONSEQUENCES? Most know they stole the election but yet again no charges. How really deep is the Deep State? We are being taken over and no one is doing anything. What next do the people have to take action, because it is apparent no one else in authority is? This cannot continue. America WAKE UP. I love my country but it is being threatened. Our freedoms as we know them are also threatened. God Bless America.

    10. I thinkbsometjing should bedone about the Democrats, why are we letting this to continue, i mean cant we the pople put a stop to this act of treasion and empeach these fools,the people putthem there wycant we take them out?

    11. The troops do not belong in Washington, DC at the capitol. Why are they there so long? What its the democrats afraid of? The troops have a more important mission that to stay there. Are they still having to sleep in the garage? If so, send them back home NOW.

      1. The Troops are there to keep the prisoners in DC. DC is the new GITMO, the other GITMO is full. Could be as many as 60% of Congress going to prison.

    12. I agree, with you. How they got into office is from lying, cheating, stealing & fraud. President Trump got us back Alive & Well, Then Biden & the Idiots(Democrats) want to take everything away from us. That Stupid AOC wants 90% of our pay, what the hell are we going to live on??? I couldn’t live in a ditch on 10%. She doesn’t belong in Congress anymore that Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, & all the other Democrats that want o make this a Socialist Country. Send the Illegals back to their own Country get rid of the Sanctuary Cities, why are we feeding them & supporting them??? Build that Wall, get the Pipeline built, WE ARE AMERICANS & CAN’T GET NOTHING, WE HAVE TO WORK. DO NOT GIVE THEM OUR SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY, WE AMERICANS PAID INTO IT, & IT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS. GOD BLESS AMERICA

      1. Barbara:

        You are 100% right on all counts.
        HOW DO WE GET RID OF COMRADES BIDEN, Schumer, pelosi, AOC? We need to organize the People who love the country and, with them, lead a country-wide protest … to start with, short of a civil
        war against the communism they are shoving down our throats. We must unite against the communist China Biden, hope that we will soon discover the nature of Biden’s love affair with communist China and why is he trying so hard to annihilate the most beautiful country of the world.

    13. The self-appointed Queen (witch) of Congress needs to be IMPEACHED now! She continues to do whatever cruel things she wants to do, answering to NO ONE, but never abiding by any rules herself! This has gone on for the 45 YEARS she has been there, pushing everyone under the threat of her demonically cruel thumb! What she did to our President Trump ordering his two bogus impeachment’s, and blaming the whole insurrection violence on him, that SHE arranged, and all the other horrible, unnecessary things she did to him and others like this, have to STOP NOW!! This deranged demon from HELL has nothing but black hatred and extreme prejudice in her heart, and we don’t need people like her in our Congress! She’s 80 years old and probably has brain deteriorating syndrome. Bills need to be created to IMPEACH the witch NOW!

    14. Nancy Pelosi needs to be censured by the congress. I think being the speaker has gone to her head and raising the gavel is probably her biggest joy. She should retire and go back home to San Francisco and clean up her city

    15. I want so much to believe that, I really do and I also know that God’s will happens according to HIS time line , however, the DemonRats are changing OUR COUNTRY fast , daily , right before OUR EYES!!!!!
      From the second they succeeded in stealing the 2020 election ( AND EVERY HONEST PERSON KNOWS THAT!)
      They have continually chipped away at the CONSTITUTION ever so slowly……
      Will OUR GLORIOUS NATION still be here when God decides it’s time for Him to step in?????

    16. Amen to that. Our Lord is in charge. I just cannot believe a bunch of murderers, atheist, non-believers, America hating. Fools are in charge of our lives. Keep the Faith. We shall overcome

    17. This lady needs to be seen by the
      she has a mental problem that can not be prognosticated, let her be judge by a professional Doctor as long as she is not under the influence of illegals’ liquors or drugs

    18. They never intended to unite the country. just take over as n a coup. The citizens will be subject to their destructive and dangerous policies until the government changes in 4 years (or maybe 8) or at least in time for John Kerry’s end of the world in 9 years. Enjoy what you have now; it could all be gone tomorrow.

    19. God is working on the evil in this Country one by one exposing all-Governor of NY and Calif. Next will be the other Governors and Mayors who failed our Country, then it’s time to move on up to the people at the top in the Demarcate Party. Finally the truth about the fraud and illegal president election of Biden/Harris. Trump is my president he will always be for the American people. God has and will continue working in him. Amen

    20. We must do something NOW. We can’t wait for Jesus to come to remove Biden the traitor from office.
      If we don’t do something NOW, the next thing we’ll see is the Chinese communist army knocking on our doors.
      Why is our military backing Biden? Why are they not seeing he is a traitor and a danger to the republic? Why aren’t they protecting the country from Beijing Biden?
      At war for the survival of the republic!

    21. I am with you in that!!!!!! Our G-d is all powerful and He is just!! Justice will prevail, He is still on His throne and He sees all things!! This Democratic corruption is unbelievable, the majority of voters were pushed aside for the power these idiots craved! What a bunch of greedy people!!! I am baffled at the nerve these guys possess!! May Our G-d return soon!!! By the way….Trump is still my President!! Bidden and Harris ARE not legit …:-(

    22. Oh everything the DemoCommunist Party does makes perfect sense, once you understand how thoroughly devoid of morals, decency, and honor they truly are.
      You don’t expect criminals who encourage chaos, rioting, destruction and murder, who plotted and stole a national election, and who twice tried to impeach the President on entirely false, spurious charges to start playing by the rules anywhere at anything, do you?

    23. Prov 6:30 Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;
      31But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.
      I believe God. The Democrats stoled a Presidential election, so I believe from the verses above God will give back THIS election & make the Democrats LOSE the next seven elections.
      Anybody willing to claim this with me?

    1. May the Almighty Lord of Hosts have mercy on the United States of America and send the Commander of the Celestial Militias Archangel Saint Michael to defend us from attacks by the Evil One and his legions of demons and their puppets, the fallen ones who fancy themselves the mother of Tarzan, when they’re not even a distant cousin of the Cheeta, ten times removed!

    2. “Terrible”, is an understatement for Pelosi’s instigated treason destroying all U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights !

    3. Agreed. Just when I think Nancy Pelosi couldn’t sink any lower, this…… Despicable! EVERY Republican and Democrat member of Congress should be denouncing this insane, disrespectful and shameful act!!! Where are their voices? SPEAK UP! DO THE RIGHT THING!

  2. Does feel like a communist take over going on since biden and the Sorryass democrats got in the Whitehouse. It won’t work!

    1. I could not agree more !! This was done just for spite and Pelosi is such a evil heartless old witch that needs to be throwed out and tried for treason!!! She is the one behind what happened at the capital, why do you think she didn’t want to testify ? That old b*tch was afraid she would be found out !! She has got to go !!!!

      1. Tammy : I agree with You on Pelosi , too. I said it when I first saw that happening that day ….that SHE and her favorite Dems were behind that attack !! Really a desperate OLD Witch, like the Witch of Endor ! Treasonous Ones should All have the Death Penalty ! It was done before in my Generation with a man and his wife as Communist Spies ! I am 84 but remember it when that happened .

      2. Tammy, I couldn’t agree with you more in that this witch set up the Jan 6th debacle. Now she’s implementing a 911 type inquiry to find out who did it!!! She’s an evil wretch who should be taken down.

    2. All this Socialist Nazi Leader Pelosi who now has become a Communist has to be removed ! These evil thing playing out in DC is why we need the Convention of States to bring this insanity to its knees .

        1. I totally agree with Jack also! We need to get rid of Pelosi, Waters, Booker, A0C ( just a stupid b*tch), Omar, Presley, and Tahlib. Oh I forgot one, crusty old Bernie!! They all need to go!

  3. That woman is pure evil she is hateful and just a nasty person how she keeps getting elected is beyond me she has never done anything for her constituents or the American people she has become really rich off of the backs of the tax payers and forgotten it’s we the people not we the elite

    1. Yes, it is WE THE PEOPLE, but the elite have taken over because WE allowed them to. There is so much power in so many areas of our lives that the left has usurped, bit by bit, one piece of legislation at a time, over the years because WE THE PEOPLE allowed them to, either out of pure ignorance of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, as well as the Declaration of Independence, OR, because We lack the collective WILL and Courage to rise up, with more than mere lip service, to let them know that enough is enough and WE will not allow them another inch, show them that we mean it. The next piece of garbage that will be heading our way, is that Bill Gates is now pushing for European governments start making it mandatory that their citizens eat “artificial” meat as a means to protect the environment. Does anyone honestly believe that Bill Gates and his family, along with the rest of the elites, are going to eat artificial meat? When are we the people going to wake up and DEMAND that those we elect START TO FOLLOW AND OBEY the Constitution and their oaths of office? It is high time that WE THE PEOPLE learn the enumerated powers (also called expressed powers, explicit powers or delegated powers) of the United States Congress. They are the ONLY POWERS granted to the federal government of the United States. Most of these powers are listed in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. Congress may exercise the powers that the Constitution grants it, subject to the individual rights listed in the Bill of Rights. Also, the Constitution expresses various other limitations on Congress, such as the one expressed by the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The Federalist Papers. are the writings of the framers of the Constitution which explain exactly what they meant when creating the Constitution (their “original intent”). To day, the Democrats have made out the Constitution to mean whatever they and their US Supreme Court sycophants say it means. WE had better wake-up and fast, because it is almost too late.


    3. Robert G…….. in CA the voter fraud is absolutely the best this nation can muster. If it wasn’t for that, and that alone, this bitch would’ve been out the door eons ago.

  4. Yes we are in real trouble of losing our beloved Country. Our elected Republican officials don’t get off their butts and join together to win back or rights, we will not have any. The ones who voted to impeach my beloved president and have caused great harm to this administration along with most of the Democratic Congress need to find new jobs. Washington DC has been turn into a protected military zone because they a afraid of the people who voted for them. This alone tells you of a captured government not of the people’s choice.
    We need to do everything possible to vote these peopl out making all those stupid decisions that have been done during this new administration. Even the Democratic voters can not be so stupid as to not see their great mistake now. At least I hope not!
    We need to get a ten limit for Congress, this must be demanded by the people of the United States for Congressional members will not as we have seen in the past. A age limit of 65 to serve as mandatory retirement.
    This is some of the things I feel and have to speak out at this time. I’m not happy with our Republican Party right now because I feel that we are not united to make America Great but make themselves great.

  5. Pelosi speaks of the “enemy within”.

    As far as I’m concerned, she IS the country’s biggest threat to national security. Her and her “ band of gypsys”!

    The “elite” Dems ……. a word I despise using, as in my world, “elite” means cream of the crop, best of the best etc …… they’re the cabal that’s going to bring this nation into ruins and devastation.

    Pelosi needs a mental facility to coddle her at this point

  6. elections are bought ! not voted.
    whole system is corrupt
    campaign fund banks need to be created -every candidate gets same budget, same attention, same ad space etc where this money is doled out once all the candidates are picked,which should be done by uniting a party message and agreed upon by internal party voting way before ; back to grassroots methods, town halks, county, state,etc,to finding their best representative overall


    I think history will repeat-human nature – lust for power and money , complete lack of moral compass
    usa is already over and china will be the world owner, wait 4 more years and see

    ever see a working joe run? they dont have time or money

  7. What unity? This is SOCIALIST! This national guard need to go home! And stop letting these Democrat politican control them! So be it if it your little bit check! You got a family who need you more than these Democrat politican! They are doing the same thing CHINA COMMUNIST DID TO TAKE CONTROL OF CHINA! JUST LIKE CHINA BIDEN WANT TO MAKE US HELPLESS TO PROTECT OURSELVES.

    1. Pathetic that dem leaders need special security from their own created treasonous ways that destroy U.S.A.’s Constitutional Freedom, Rights & Liberty ! The U.S.A. used to execute traitors especially wannabe dictators ! A war declared on attacking enemies was mandatory, now enemy dem leaders destroy U.S. Freedom & Rights !

  8. Tenney’s son should sue that bitch pelosi for Slander and defamation of character and she should be immediately removed from her position and Congress.

    1. Always remember that face on her as she ripped up Pres. Trump’s State of the Union address! That was the TRUE Pelosi! He did live in her ugly head!

  9. This is further evidence that Nazi Pelosi and Bribeme intend to purge, vet and transform the United States military into an instrument of domestic political repression. The plandemic arranged by Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, Gates and Schwab and the Chicoms, supplemented by democrat-organized and Soros-paid riots, provided the opportunity to steal the election and install the mechanism of dictatorship. The January 6 Reichstag Fire at the Capitol allowed the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy to start the engine of repression. Now we will have an open-ended police state, strengthened from time to time by crackdowns on account of “racism” and “global warming”. The illegitimate Chinese puppet regime thinks it has repressed and will now profit from an “insurrection”, but the cucks, kooks and communists haven’t seen anything yet. Down with the dictatrorship! Biden delendum est!

  10. I agree! This is so deep, so entrenched, only God can mastermind our nation’s deliverance, and I have every confidence that in His perfect timing and because of His love and yet unfulfilled purposes for His country that HE founded, He will do just that! Patience! Wait on the Lord. It will be huge! The unraveling has already begin…

  11. Definitions differ. Some say Piglosi is a bitch, others say she is a witch. But whatever we all know she is hateful, vengeful, mean spirited, and will lie, and deny. Other than that, she is a pretty good person. Ouch that hurt. Hope I don’t get lock jaw form having said it!

  12. WHAT DOES IT TAKE?? Go Back to when there was this kind of tyranny in this country, WHAT HAPPENED! WHAT NEEDED TO HAPPEN. I am SO DISCUSTED with part of(small) that they need someone else thinking for them. How can Everyone not See that these,on left& RINOS, are in it for power, money, the Fact they Think they are smarter than the Dumbest person,Because I think the Average Law abiding, Patriotic, America LOVING, Life Liberty ,Pursuit of Happiness, WORK FOR WHAT I CAN ACHIEVE, Earn my way, RUN MY OWN LIFE, Do what is right & Best for me AMERICANS don’t need that ilk, I’m smarter, so I should make decisions for you. You True Politicians that are& want to be in your positions TO SERVE, PROTECT, America, the people,and THE MOST AMAZEING, IMPORTANT DOCUMENT iN HISTORY OF A NATION, THE CONSTITUTION. You Pols. need to stop these people in office now BEFORE THERE IS BLOODSHED, let me be CLEAR!! I & no Person , at least TRUE AMERICAN, wants this to happen but if you can’t see or FEEL that coming, your really not paying attention or you live in a cloud and THINK it is not going to happen to me. STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!

  13. Alright people it gone to far! Make up your mind NOW! PELOSI JUST BAN A NEW CONGRESS MEMBER SON FROM HER SWORN IN! BECAUSE HE A MILITARY OFFICER! Calling him the ENEMY OF AMERICA!!!! That when to far!!! Write your dam state governor and DEMAND THEM TO PULL THE NATIONAL GUARD OUT OF WASHINGTON DC! Our troops are NOT THE ENEMY OF AMERICA! BUT THE HOUSE SPEAKER PELOSI IS! Why do I get the feeling OBAMA IS MAKING THESE RULE ?

  14. I am very concerned about the administration that is in charge fir they are passing Executive Orders and are not doing the United states justice . Get over your obsession of finding dirt on president Trump. He is out of office what you wanted. Let it go and get to the business you need to be taking care of Covid vaccines , Antifa, BLM, the CHOP in Seattle, Washington plus getting the Big Tech under control , economy plus a lot more that Biden has screwed up by Executive Orders . Let it go and get to important issues at hand!!!!!

  15. One point nine TRILLION dollars. First order of business pay all those blue states that allowed the election fraud. Does anyone actually know how much money that is, who is going to keep track of where that money goes, does anyone know where all the past stimulus money went. Is it any wonder how Obama bought 3 or four houses for tens of millions of dollars after eight years in DC. He must have made some really good investments with his stimulus money. Joe and Nancy and Chuck are all part of the same crime family and they are just tools for the gang that is running DC.

    1. Hey Stephen Brown…… your question on where the last stimulus money went……$31,000,000 went into the pockets of prisoners in CA!! That’s a lot of money to keep from those who actually need it…… I heard the dinner bill with drinks at the ”French Laundry” came to about $20,000…..12,000 for the alcohol alone. I’ll bet Nancy’s nephew siphoned off some of that prisons money and acted like the big dick he is and paid up for all. This is one messed up country anymore. Hey Nancy …… DIE please you wretched pig

  16. She is a crazy bitch. Democrats what unity but where were they the last four years? We will not achieve unity as a nation until our leaders stop the hatred and quit making everything about race.

  17. What I truly don’t understand, is how she and the others like her, keep getting away with this. Seriously, when is all the corruption going to stop. It saddens me so to think of the United States as they are now because it is so different from when I grew up.

  18. This has got to STOP!! Pelosi has got to be impeached because she as well as Biden are UNSTABLE! THIS IS NOT A COMMINIST COUNTRY! Next the National DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AT THE CAPITAL BLDG ANY Longer! TALK about a WASTE of tax payer $$$ & keeping these men outside in the cold is Ludacris!

  19. Imagine the fear and guilt ALL these dems feel every day if their lives. Imagine constantly looking over your shoulder waiting for something bad to happen because of your daily actions. The evil the dems do is the cause for the barriers, razor wire and troops now surrounding the Capitol. Shame on them. But shame on US for letting them get away with it. Just sayin’.

  20. Pelosi’s denial was “chicken poop”! However, could this way of auditing be the way to go in ALL elections, to eliminate another “election theft”! BTW, To Mrs./Miss Tenney, congratulations on your win! Now make sure they pay your back pay, that Brindisi repays his money he received and that everything Brindisi voted on, if anything, is struck down and you vote your way, as the rightful Senator!!


  22. Nothing bothers that evil woman. She’s the most hateful woman in the country. Her days coming. Karma will get her sooner or later.

  23. I’m thinking if someone(Hello repubs –wake up) actually stood up to this dementia/alcohol ladened witch hag — it might just start turning things around. Tenny should have brought her son in — no matter what the hag wanted — and if they stopped him at the door — let the fight begin. Sooner or later — the fight against pure communism has to start and it has to start with the repubs/Conservatives telling this witch hag to **** in her hat. And to all you weak kneed people hoping our Lord will take care of this — ever here the phrase “God helps those who help themselves”. It has to start with us !!!! We put these dirtbags in office — it is up to us to get them out.

  24. Pelosi and Company are raging lunatics that are all in need of removal from Office and Imprisonment for Treason. They have betrayed the Flag, The Veterans, our Country, and the Taxpayers. This new so called Democratic Party is nothing more than a China controlled Communist Party that will bring our Nation completely to it’s knees within a year .

  25. It is due to the treasonous as in their betrayal of upholding the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based generals within “Our (i.e.) We The People,” which should be amended to read “Only The Patriotic People,” if the people in charge of our military were loyal to the oath they took those National Guardsman would be put to preforming duties of far more value.

  26. A World War against Globalists, Revolutionary War against their loyal marionette politicians, and a Civil War must immediately be waged unless what few of us are still capable of any rational thought are completely enslaved there is no other option.

    There have been far too many programmed through drugs and Indoctrination to believe that those loyal marionette politicians for the Globalists that under the control of prior mentioned politicians life will be playtime from birth to grave and there is absolutely no cure for the symtoms of such an intense form of psychosis other than total annihilation.

  27. Do these democrat creatures have no shame? I would expect that kind of behavior from an undisciplined two-year-old but I think the madame peelosi is a slight bit older. And like harris said: they will never stop. Of course, she was speaking about Republicans but she was projecting again as democrats do all of the time.

  28. Oh, it’s back to NORMAL . . . for a Josef Stalinist REGIME, This is what happens when there is PARANOIA run AMOK, knowing that the U.S. Citizen is NOT being represented in WASHINGTON. We are NOT Socialists, and they KNOW it! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  29. I can’t believe Nancy Pelosi (aka Peloser) refused to let Congresswoman Tenny’s son in to witness her take the oath!!! Where were all the spineless members of Congress that let her get away with that????? A full member of our U.S. Navy had to stand in the hallway while his mother was taking the oath?? How disgraceful. Removal from office needs to happen now!! Can’t believe California’s district that she is from is still voting for her for offic e… what does she do for them?? Oh, wait she has that gift most of us wouldn’t think of — cheating!! She has the soul of the devil — she is one of several already in the Congress. President Trump did what we voted him to do – drain the swamp and this is what we ended up exposing — she is part of the muck and sediment that is left at the bottom, with many other that have been mentioned in the previous comments. Get rid of them all !! vote them out before they do more damage. Accountability.

    1. At least pedophile joe Biden wasn’t able to molest another congressmans kid in the White House ! And by the way Biden’s first wife committed suicide with their kids when she drove in front of a semi where the DUNN The driver was sober unlike what dementia joe said !!!! Joes life is one big lie!!!!!

  30. That woman should be thrown out of the world!!!!!! She is the nastiest bully that has ever existed….. Mean, vindictive and yucky…….

  31. A single person, a navy officer for 13 yrs, I am sure is capable of overcoming all the Capital police and attack the members of the House of Representatives. And he will do it by hand because Pelosi installed metal detectors that have to be walked through to gain admittance. Does Pelosi not understand the voters are much smarter than that. We know this is all to play a political game. Very few people still believe Pelosi as she has lied to us so many times. She has wasted millions on fake impeachments for the political steam she thinks it is giving her. Yet Democrats are leaving the party at record numbers. Wake up and start doing what is right and expected of you. Before long you will only have Chinese in the Democratic party. This all so unnecessary and sad. I used to be a proud Democrat. Now I want nothing to do with a crooked, dishonest, cheating party.

  32. What is it that makes the Dems think that if an insurrection occurs the troops being held there against their will won’t immediately join the insurrectionists against the illegitimate pretenders now occupying the White House? The Dems have treated them badly booting them out of hotels and forcing them to live in the Capitol garage. They’ve called them White supremacists and other nasty things. Why on earth would these troops defend these disgusting subhuman beings?

  33. Why do you think Biden wants to open the boarders? They want to pollute the states that are Republican, with as many outside people as possible. He wants to kill us off by putting these disease infested people among us. Spread COVID19 as much as possible in the states that aren’t Democrat. Then the ones that come in and don’t die will be forever grateful for stinky Biden and there will be nothing but Democrats! If ALL the Republicans don’t get a set of balls and fight for their country, then it’s going to be lost to the devils of the Democrat party. Our Christian country will become a HELL HOLE!! CHRISTIANS will be slaughtered. I pray the LORD will not let it get that far!

  34. Congress has taken away our religious freedom and have greatly harmed children and now Pelosi gets away with this. She needs to be impeached. This is going to be a long 4 years. 2022 should see some significant change.

  35. Can we move on now that Trump is a private citizen? The democrats continue to make moves to antagonize republicans as it continues to the democratic buildup. We need a hard-nosed understanding of the democrats fact of life, a media imbalance. Republicans need a clear sighted approach to the economic, media and technological foundations of national pride and power. We can do it!

  36. So who gave Pelosi the Presidency that she thinks she is in control of? She has taken extreme measures to insure that the failure of this USA is eminent. Her own behavior has more than proven that. It will be a miracle if we do not lose this USA to Pelosi and her gang of rino and Dems that are cutting the throats of all Americans and America itself with her hatred for us and her love for the New World Order and Soros. Soros must be paying her off good for her to turn against this USA. She needs to be impeached more than anyone in our government official status does, she definitely does.

  37. I certainly agree with you all, we need to load them all(Democrats) on board of c13 aircraft and fly them out over the Ocean and dump them all out without life rafts.

  38. The comments have all the correct descriptions of Nasty Piglosi that it is an evil, gay, transgender, anti-American that will do and say anything against Americans. They left out that Nasty is too ugly to describe. And brain dead to boat.

  39. Really disgusting that Claudia Tennys son couldn’t witness his Moms swearing in. I’m not surprised though. It’s exactly what any nasty, heartless, deplorable old witch would do if only to make herself feel more important. Maybe one of these days she will hit herself on the head with that gavel of hers and provide us with a good laugh!!!!

  40. If I were her son I would sue Nutty Nancy for defamation of character. If I were the congresswoman herself I’d bring a complaint to the ethics committee. This was just petty vindictiveness on Pelosi’s part. I just saw a news clip about Rush Limbaugh dyeing . It was when he received the Presidential Freedom Medal at the SOTU Address. Behind PRESIDENT Trump Nancy was just shuffling the pages of the SOTU and didn’t clap, stand, or even look up at him to give him the honor the medal, as well as the man, deserved. As you recall, she tore up that speech when it was over. A big deal was made about how she violated federal law and should be punished but no, the weak republicans didn’t follow through as they don’t so many times. I’m disgusted with the party I have been a member of for 58 years and have been loyal to. I hope PRESIDENT Trump does start a new party. I’ll join it. BTW, I capitalize PRESIDENT before his name because he is still MY PRESIDENT.

  41. Wow & the Dems. think we will like them more when EVIL, VILE,, HATEFUL, LIARS like Nancy & the rest of them act like UGLY BULLIES!

  42. Nancy Hell is hot and for eternity, You will have to answer for all the EVIL that you have done to this country and the harm you have done to its people.

  43. God said “My People Perish for Lack Of Knowledge” . These Evil People control the Media. The average person has no clue as to what is going on, and they Vote based on the lies the Media tells them. They were told that Donald Trump was bad for the past four years without one shred of truth behind it. Bad for what, loving his country and putting America First. Nothing can be done until the truth gets out, but the Media adores these evil people and covers up every single evil thing they do. Money talks and they have plenty of it, millionaire actors support them and are constantly spewing hate. We must peacefully and prayerfully quit supporting them, turn off their TV shows, and don’t pay one dime to watch one of their movies. Why do any of us ever watch the Academy Awards. These people live in the darkness created by their egos, pray that the light of God shines through and brings salvation. Don’t watch channels that support the lies of the mainstream media. Our nation has become immoral , even many of our Churches fail to talk about sin and how it separates us from God. Think about it, presently Right is Wrong, and Wrong is Right, why else would anyone vote for a person who believes it is okay to murder an unborn child in the last stages of a pregnancy? Years ago they would have called such an act Human Sacrifice. We want to cast blame and spew hatred towards people who voted the way that they did, but we must first take into consideration how we too have failed, if we search our hearts we all know we have fallen short in some way. God has called upon us to save lost souls, first save the person give them the knowledge they lack then their vote will follow. Pray for the light of God to shine trough the darkness and expose those who live in it for what they have done. I want to hate Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of them, but God does not work on hateful thoughts. I can hate what she does, but must love her anyway. She is rotten to the core and I doubt if her soul is redeemable that lies with God. I do know the she has been blinded, deluded, and eaten alive by her love for power and money and that she has done terrible things to keep it. I do know that Hell is Forever and life here on Earth is only temporary. Truly I should feel sorry for anyone who is on the path that will take them there. Let her and all the rest of them that are so afraid of us surround themselves with Guards if they want to. They are too lost to know that it is not us the should be afraid of, but the wrath of God. I to am terrified of what I am seeing . Trust and Rest That God has a plan for us. Remain prayerful , it may not seem like it but God is still in Control. Let’s not let these hateful people turn us hateful, then they truly will have won. Remember Fear and Hate are two of the biggest tools in the Devil’s Arsenal , just look what happened when the fear of a disease came into play and how far it has taken us.

  44. Let’s get it straight, he is sworn to defend the Constitution, not the Congress from all enemies foreign and domestic. Now you know why he is a security threat.

  45. Firstly, REMOVE THAT OLD SENILE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!! You can trace most of these issues straight back to her. Pelosi is TOO OLD AND SENILE TO BE MAKING ANY DECISIONS FOR A BODY OF GOVERNMENT. .G E T. R I D. O F. P E L O S I and the majority of what is wrong with this country will go away. She is the instigator of HATE for everyone but herself. Bet if she ever looked into her eyes in a mirror, she would end up hating herself too.

    Pelosi is no longer a viable person in Congress and must be removed physically from her position. If anyone doubts how “insane” she has become, have her speak to a psychiatrist and they will confirm that diagnosis.

    PELOSI MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE ALONG WITH ALL THOSE DEMOCRATS THAT HAVE BERN INFECTED BY HER CONTAGIOUS “HATE”! Remove that faction from our House of Representatives and you will see a very different America! A more positive one will only happen if BiddyBoy is removed from our Oval Office for good and President Trump is reinstated as our U.S. President again — where he “rightfully” belongs!

    So what’s holding you back Americans? Those denizens of the swamp know “we know” they are there illegally, that’s why all the National Guardsmen and multiple layers of fencing. Now what are we going to do about it?

  46. Pelosi is a sick person and a very poor leader of an important unit of our elected government sh is largely detrimental to her party and those it represents. It is past the time she needs to be relieved from her responsibility as a representative. Her action here is a continuing embarrassment to those she “leads” and represents.

  47. Hmmm…Until Biden, we became energy independent, handled the COVID 19 catastrophe with pure leadership, gave us a much better economy, Backed out of the programs that were so unfair to the U.S., and continually expressed his Love for this Country. Mr. Trump would have already called each and every Governor in the south who were affected by the snowstorms to find out what the needs are. Biden is so into himself along with his cronies, who cares others are suffering! I’m so disgusted with the lack of response from the Republicans right now. WHERE ARE THEIR VOICES??? WHERE IS THEIR OUTRAGE??? We called our Rep to find out the reason Tenny’s son could not attend/witness her mother’s swearing in to the House of Representatives . The person my husband talked to said it was DUE TO COVID???? I guess when “Maskless” Nancy Pelosi going to a “closed” Salon to get her hair done, or all these Governors, Congressman, Senators taking “vacations” & going out to Restaurants, when the rest of us are told to stay home tells me that it should be “no worry” for him to attend the sweating in ceremony — or are we on the “Deplorable” list and don’t have those same rights as the Dem Groupees.. America, WAKE UP before it is too late. 4 years will be just long enough to “Make America Ugly” with all the destruction that is going on. GOD BLESS AMERICA – LAND THAT WE LOVE!

  48. A US Naval Officer is a domestic threat? If this were a Republican doing this. it would be all over the media. Pelosi is an angry witch. I don’t usually wish bad things on another person, but boy is she making me rethink that position.

    1. Alice
      She is an old crone who hates Trump with a passion. She claims to be a Catholic, and says she prays for Pesident Trump when he was in office Do think that was BS? Do you think a Naval Officer with High security clearance is a threat? He only wanted to see his Mother swarn in, but nasty Nancy doesn’t like Republicans. So her son would not be allowed in. She set the security screening in motion, and fined 2 Republicans 5,000.00 each , but she herself went through, and not the screening machine. Double standard!

  49. Skank Piglousy did this as pay back to the Marines, as the Marine Commandant told her “We don’t work for you” when she asked him to send the marines to DC for Beijing Biden’s
    inauguration. .
    General David Berger supposedly told PIGLOUSY “Marines only take orders from the President not the speaker of the house” That shut down Piglousy’s KAREN mode.
    Berger went on to say:
    ” Don’t lecture me on Patriotism madam speaker, I served this country with distinction for FORTY years, I spilled blood for our Nation, what have you done as a self serving elected politician, what have YOU done for your country, Donald J. Trump is still the President- commander & chief, I abide by the Constitution, as written, NOT your interpretation, if you want us to help
    combat his supporters, I suggest you get him on the phone & tell him that. If he orders me to,
    I will. Otherwise I suggest you you listen really hard to the words escaping your cracked,
    poisonous lips, they are tantamount to TREASON. WE don’t work for YOU” !

    SEMPER FI ( words politicians can not understand)

  50. Since when did Pelosi become President and Commander-In-Chief of our military? She needs to retire to her rocker. A serving Naval Officer is branded a security rick by the Speaker, but what about Rep. Schiff, Rep Swalwell, and Rep Feinstein, the last two had close working relationships with Chinese Spies and nothing happened to them, and Schiff, he leaked classified information, again, nothing happened to him. All three should have been sent home in disgrace. Funny thing, they all are from the same state. Why is Pelosi posing as the Commander-In Chief and keeping troops in Washington, DC. She need help.

  51. So true – Proud Marine here – but one that is tired of the talk – the waiting and the total disrespect of our Nation by this administration and its communist agenda – lol I am only one man – my “Vote” didn’t amount to chit as it was supposed to – I swore an Oath to this country that has no ending date and I am sitting 63 miles from our boarder at this very moment- And I come from N.H. lol – I intend to “grab” me a lill piece of real estate out here by the Rio Grand and do a lol little fishing – as an American citizen it is my duty to protect our country – I swore a Oath to GOD and county to do the same and I intend to take as much as I can from their pockets with anything coming across within my reach lol – I hear there are others out here also – so time for talking is over – time for waiting for them to strip me of all my rights is not a happening thing – I bleed for this country – I carry scares that I live with day and night fighting for what was right and justified by this Great Nation – And I am NOT going to sit by and watch what I sacrificed my well being for to be torn apart by a communist regime- I am gladly going to lay it on the line again at my age now and try to do something cause all anyone is doing is talking – how can you tell a Democrat is lieing? – there lips are moving – more of you Americans need to DO something your talking is not working – the boarder is going to get worse you all know that – those with the ability – come on out and do some “fishing”

  52. It would be great if you had your facts right. He’s not hiding in the White House in dc behind thousands of soldiers. He’s filiming his self in castle rock productions White House in Culver City Ca. He won’t be president long all of you are still sheep for thinking he is our current president.

  53. Read the “Third Reich” and see how hitler made his grab on Germany….. looks like piglosi, scummer, shiff for brains, pervert joe, camel hair, obummer, and the rest of the swamp people got their lessons…. but you if you know history…hitler ended up dead with a bullet in his head, mussolini, ended up hung by his feet and beaten into hamburger by the partisans. These people will not succeed when our boys come marching in!! Mark my words… I hope I live long enough to see them get their just desserts. The only drawback is that innocent lives will be wasted…. God help us get rid of the evil swamp.

  54. You have made a good point, but absentee ballots are ok. Covid- caused mass mailings by Democratic States are the problems. Need to go back to mechanical “in person” voting machines.

  55. Pelosi is a communist, the daughter of a known communist. She needs removed from power. It is what her daddy dreamed of when she was born, a little girl who rose to power and took control of a nation. Remove her NOW.
    We’re already suffering the consequences of her being in the Seat she has occupied and now we are about to suffer more.

  56. The democrats are proving their socialist and communist attitudes to be on top and stay on top no matter what they have to do or how much they have to lie. In my opinion I still think the election was rigged. And I did serve in the military for almost eight years.

  57. I believe in Karma! Pelosi is a spiteful hateful person I cant believe she is still speaker of the house her party will turn on her

    1. You said. Actually I was just reading this incredulous report, and told my husband that she’s getting a lot of bad Karma coming her way. That is absurd!

  58. Hey there my fellow Patriots,
    I can honestly express that PEEEEEEELOOOOSIE has had her head up her A– so long,she smells like EL TORO PO0-POO!! Once Trump returns and he will,the first thing he’ll accomplish is re-aligning w/ Congress by running&defeating this ol’ Hag that is soooo overdue for exstinction! He’ll make an outstanding Speaker of the House w/dignity,empathy & patriotism which will restore professionalism to this position while she decomposes!
    He can then launch his sites for re_election which millions will embrace him.God bless him & family as well as “r” Great U S of A!!
    Very Cordially,Spec. Forces,Nam’67-70 Martin Gannon

    1. Why California keeps electing her, I do not understand. Or is it possible the voting is rigged? It certainly would not be the first time. You can go back to LBJ. He stole his first congressional election.

  59. I remember from the “Hippie Era” just how much the left hated the military. Now that the hippies are old, that hatred has only intensified. It will be obvious when the coffins start coming in again.

  60. I agree with everyone, but the biggest travesty left out of all the comments is the fact that the supreme court would not allow the truth to be told that proves the election was stolen. They were probably afraid of what that would do to the country if it got out officially as fact. Sort of like the OJ Simpson trial, they knew he was guilty but knew the country would burn down if they found him guilty in court, so it was best and safer for the country to get him acquitted.

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