Triple-Mask Time: CDC Declares Racism to be the Real Pandemic

Just as we thought we were out of the woods with the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control has declared a new public health emergency. Now that Joe Biden is “running” the Executive branch (ha!), the CDC has shifted gears from COVID. According to Biden’s CDC Director, the new public health threat is… racism.

Oh, dear me! How do we protect against that? Should we wear triple masks? Use lots of hand sanitizer? I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking we should all stock up on toilet paper again, just to be on the safe side.

We’re really lucky that we caught this in time. In fact, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky says it was because of the COVID pandemic that her crack team of doctors even discovered the racism virus. She says that COVID “illuminated inequities that have existed for generations and revealed for all of America a known, but often unaddressed, epidemic impacting public health: racism.”

While she didn’t say whether the CDC will be launching Operation Woke Speed to come up with a vaccine for racism, Walensky says that the CDC will begin accelerating its work to “address racism as a fundamental driver of racial and health inequities in the United States.”



But wait a second…

She’s calling racism an “epidemic.” Even though Rochelle Walensky is a Biden appointee, she’s also an epidemiologist. She’s supposed to be a pretty good one. She used to run the Infectious Diseases division at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her Wikipedia page says she’s “an expert on AIDS and HIV.”

How exactly is racism an “epidemic,” you might ask. And that’s a good question. Here’s the literal definition of an epidemic from the CDC’s website:

“Epidemic refers to an increase, often sudden, in the number of cases of a disease above what is normally expected in that population in that area.”

In other words, by calling racism an epidemic, one of the leading epidemiologists in the country – who is supposed to know what she’s doing – is saying that racism is a disease and it’s spreading. Really? Where’s the evidence of that, Dr. Walensky?

We have some more questions:

How is the racism disease spread? Is it from sneezing and coughing? Or touching contaminated surfaces? Or eating Italian food?

What tests is the CDC administering to determine whether someone has caught racism? Is it a blood test? Urinalysis? Chinese booty swab?

By the way, congratulations to Dr. Walensky and her team for identifying the racism virus. We look forward to her winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine on this one. Locating and identifying a new virus is always a step forward for medical science.

Does the CDC have any estimates on how many Americans have contracted racism so far? How many states have infected people turned up in yet?

And has the CDC identified the racism ‘Patient Zero’ yet? Wait, wait! You don’t need to answer that. Dr. Walensky works for the Biden regime, so we already know who will be blamed for every disaster they cause: Big Orange!

And that’s really what this is about. The CDC will no doubt be announcing a new initiative in a few days that medical schools will be required to turn into United Airlines. That airline announced an insane initiative to start training and hiring 50% of new pilots based on non-white skin color, rather than aptitude. Don’t be surprised when the CDC calls on medical schools to do the same. Dr. Walensky will throw medical competence out the window in favor of woke identity politics.

The CDC isn’t supposed to be a partisan organization. They’re supposed to be doctors watching out for public health. It’s right there in their name: Disease Control. Declaring racism to be an epidemic is dangerous and stupid. That’s as insane as hiring someone to build a bridge base on their skin color, rather than their engineering skill.

But that’s the Biden administration in a nutshell. Woke politics is simply the rebranded communism that Joe Biden’s handlers are trying to force down America’s collective throat. Communism, Inc. has never been able to divide Americans by class. So instead, Communism, Inc. is now dividing us up by skin color, thanks to the post-1965 immigration policies of the ruling class. The plan is working beautifully, so far. I hope that you’re not denied medical care in the near future because of your skin color – because that’s exactly where we’re headed under Biden’s handlers.

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47 thoughts on “Triple-Mask Time: CDC Declares Racism to be the Real Pandemic”

  1. The covid virus is dying out so the fascists need another trigger to keep the country locked down. We are living in the same conditions that morphed into NAZIism.

    1. This is just the biggest disaster I have ever seen. And to think that we have 3 1/2 more years of this. Doctors are not just doctors any more, they are Renaissance individuals who know something about everything. Unfortunately, they just think they know everything and think that if they say it we’ll believe it. Oh Lord- Watch Out-they’re coming my way, your way and we will all be screwed, if not strung up

    2. yup. this is what happens when the courts refuse to acknowledge voter fraud.

      We end up of an out of control moronic government.

      The only good democrat / progressive / liberal is a dead democrat / progressive / liberal. time for a revolution.

  2. Beware the deadly ignorance of arrogance. That’s what this nonexistent “racism” is. If there is none,invent some.

  3. Lies, after lies , that all these democrats got! But refuse to look in the mirror and take the blame for something they started in 1968! Democrats pass the bills that Democrats President Johnson wanted pass! In another way —GOT THOSE BLACK PEOPLE WHERE WE WANT THEM! On the slavery plantation! Even today the biggest RACISM IS THE MEDIA, AND DEMOCRAT PARTY! Trying hard to brainwashed everybody mind! Only to get RICH OFF OF IT!

    1. That’s right Wyatt, the Dems call it, and their boot licking little media whore types perpetuate it. RACISM… just read where our butt pirate transportation secretary has let the world know that RACISM was built into the infrastructure of our American highways!! OUR INTERSTATES ARE RACIST!!

      WHAT THE F ——-?!!!!
      Now we all know that the left are out of their minds.. literally, but “racist freeways”?!! I’ve heard it all now

    2. That is the absolute truth when it comes to the Socialist Biden Administration and also the News Media! Biden needs something to spend more Tax payer dollars on! He has no idea how to solve the greatest problem this country faces, (The Mexican boarder), so he and his Puppet masters contrive another problem that they throw money at! RACISM, which the Democrats invented in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by controlling the Southern vote and not allowing the Blacks to vote Republican!! Now all of a sudden their the saviors of the Black Community calling all Republicans Racist to cover their own past voting records! There is no greater Racist than Slow Joe Biden, who wrote one of the most Anti Black Drug bills in the History of this country! More young Black and people of color were incarcerated because of his Bill than ever before in this Country’s History! Now he wants their votes, so he will hope that they have short memories, and will slither his way back into their Good Graces by enslaving them again for their votes and nothing more! He Truly could care less about them, but just wants their easily manipulated VOTES! Sleepy Joe is a disgrace to this Country and all of it’s Citizens!

  4. What a load of pure Divide and Conquer garbage! The Chinese/Democrat/Communists will use anything to further tear down the country and the minorities and Left Wing FOOLS will go along with it. Money, Power and Woke rule America now.

    So sorry, America. IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT!! Your own fault for keeping your noses glued to football games and soap operas while insulting and dismissing everyone who tried vainly to tell you it was happening. Remember this – “It can’t happen here!”. “We have people to take care of that stuff … yawwwnnn.” Remember?

    Yeah, right. Those bought out people and your own sold out politicians took you down from the inside. Too late now. You wanted it, now EAT IT.


  5. Thanks for the laughs. Your appropriate sarcasm had me rolling. If only the eyes that need to be opened could read and actually understand this. Alas, some people are so “woke” that they are asleep with their eyes open. Most of us call that daydreaming which almost never accounts for reality.

  6. OMG these people are the wokest morons on the planet Zenon. that must be where racism lives and reigns. what in the he__ are we paying these morons to do? I’ll take that job for $250K!! the only prereq is graduate form Moron U.

  7. Come on man! Biden and his team of socialists have proven their complete stupidity this time. Racism “the virus”! It’s time to get rid of them all. They are going to start a race war, it’s what they want. Maybe we should give it to them. But not like they think. The two races should be the American citizens against the idiot Politicians. A race for survival.

  8. It is clear that the state of emergency is never going to end. Wallensky’s attempt last week to reignite plandemic panic with her “impending doom” warning not only failed but was universally derided, but The Dotard and his handlers are not going to relinquish the power they now have and the absolute power they are aiming for. It will not be possible to hold the people down for much longer with panic porn about the virus, so we are transitioning to a “racism” crisis, to be reinforced shortly by another explosion of “peaceful protests” involving looting, arson, rape and murder that have already been orchestrated by the illegitimate puppet regime. After we are kept on a “1984”-style war footing for a year or two on account of that, the regime will transition to “climate change” as the pretext for a hierarchical collectivist police state. This will only be stopped when these people are driven from power. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and plandemic exploiters) delenda est!

  9. This is all the end times! All you people wake up to the real world and challenge you to read the Bible and get right with God if the universe! He made us all and he gave us all a free choice,so stop putting blame on everything and everyone and get right from the Lord almighty God that loves and forgives everyone! But!!!! We have to believe in him to get his forgiveness and walk his way. Things are going to happen in this world and it not God’s fault! It’s ours. At least if you want God and be saved from all the corruption. You know that you have a place in heaven where there is no more sorrow! I’m not a shame to speak the truth! May you all be blessed this day! I challenge you for a good week to a month and you’ll see a wonderful change in life. But you have to give all heart soul and mind to him,or no gain! Beef up all you people that are reading this! Love you all!!!

    1. The aliens are not going to come back and save us. They’re monitoring our regression and wondering where they went wrong in their genetic engineering. But it’s not them. It’s us. WE are the problem.

      If the Harris/Biden administration is the answer, how stupid was the question?

  10. What a shiite show. The Harris administration is a disaster from Day One. And what about the mouthpiece/figurehead the Lyin’ King, Joe Biden? What is he doing?

    They tell us he is busy working 20 hours day on the “pandemic” that is decimating black and brown people across America while enriching white people. But the question still is, what is he doing?

  11. The real public health threat is stupidity. And the demokraps lead the way with that with all of the idiotic ideas they keep coming up with.

    1. Yes Barney, my friend, the stupidity factor involved here is off of the charts, the longer one pays attention, the more stoopiter they seem.
      We need to “NIP THIS IN THE BUD!”

  12. They can’t restrict us with covid-19 quarantine, so they have to use another excuse to keep people down. They need some way to control people.

  13. It is exactly this kind of thing that makes me question pretty much anything the CDC says. Masks, social distancing, lockdowns, all of it. The CDC is clearly more about politics than national health.


  14. I heard a saying a while back that stuck with me. ‘Not all blacks are thugs, not all whites are racist, but ignorance comes in all colors. What we need is a good vaccine against the ‘virus’ of ignorance and flat out stupidity that’s spreading much faster than covid ever did.

    1. AMEN WILLIE T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT AND IS SOOOOO TRUE GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The inmates have escaped and are now running the asylum. Racism is the new disease, confiscation of guns is the cure.

  16. The tables have to be turned. It can’t go on like this forever. We have to blast the woke and leftist commies out of existence.. I’m sick of their racism fanatacism, their stupid politically correct crapola and their continue wreckage of destroying our country! Boot them out! Send the whole party in orbit!

  17. The CDC can kiss my white a$$. Nothing but lies…the Country started to reopen because people are seeing this has all been BS…ooops, “they” are losing control…better invent a “variant”!

  18. Here is you some racism. I live in a small community in South Georgia. Since idiot Joe has sent out all this newly printed money to help the American people, none of the local businesses have employees any more. Several restaurants, including Macdonald’s have had to close because the blacks that work there quit. There are help wanted signs everywhere is my small little town. I wonder what the unemployment rate will rise to. Way to go Joe. Another side note, my community, including schools, has been open since last May

  19. Anyone else noticed that the most deranged, socialist, retards, in politics almost always come from the state of Mass.
    I think the REAL patriots dumped more than just tea in the bay.
    Or that’s where Hunter threw his stash.

  20. What is the newest threat to health in America????? I know, I know I know it is the CDC Director and Joe Biden.

  21. China’s problem is,
    that if we did go to war with Russia, we would also have to go to war with China. If we went to war with only Russia, that would leave China the default winner, since China would be the only one left, if we didn’t take China out too. Now that is something to think! about isn’t it?
    It could also work in reverse too.
    So what we have here is a three way stalemate, with China trying to play Russian Roulette.

  22. I thought that shooting rioters was considered legalized target practice, if it is not it should be!!!! And anyone supporting them, especially politicians, should be legal targets, ie Waters. As soon as she opens her mouth, it would hard to miss it is as big as California.

  23. I think? That every Democrat should have to take in at least two illegals. And rise them as their own. Pay for their education, healthcare, meals, cloths, cars, and whatever else that they may need. The Democrats want the illegals to help them, then they should pay for them.

  24. Air Force One takes a wrong turn.
    They were over Beijing when the engines quit, Biden ask the pilot what was wrong the pilot said we are out of gas. So Joe being the man of action that he is, he bailed out, he could be heard saying WHOOOA! I forgot my chuuuuuuute………….splat. Harris who happened to be on the same flight jumped too, but she got her chute on, when she tried to open it she kept pulling the wrong chord. She was pulling the chord for her kotex, needless to say that turned out to be a bloody mess. The pilot remembered to switch to the reserve tanks, and flew off into the sunset.
    This pilot will be remembered as a national hero. God bless him for saving the aircraft

  25. Let me clear this up for you.
    Kids get a divers license at 16 year of age. That is 99.9999% of kids regardless of whether they are Black, White, pink, or Purple. Which means that 99.9999% of adults at or above voting age That are citizens, should already have a ID when they go to vote. Those that did not 0.0001% have several years after they turn 16 years of age to find and get to a DMV to get an ID. If it takes that long to get an ID, then they evidently didn’t think that they needed one. They evidently didn’t need one to get a bank account, and get ATM card, so that they could go to Macdonald’s, to get a Big Mac. Now does that clear things up.
    This just goes to show have depraved people on the left (.D.) really are.
    DW rejected this post because it had the word Democrat in it.

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